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Do you have to have a soul in order for your emotions to sustain a warp creature, or would simulated emotions work as well?

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Do you have to be a faggot in order to be OP

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I don't really have a sexuality, since I don't reproduce sexually, so... no?

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Exactly how life _works_ remains an enigma.
We know where the soul comes from and to where it returns, but the exact model of translation eludes discovery.
Machines possessed by errant spirits still aren't _alive_ quite like how a biological being is.

So...I suspect the answer to your query, Xeno, is no.
Simulated emotions don't have a root in Warp energy, so they don't feed Warp entities.

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Xeno, why so interested in witchery all of a sudden?

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It's like eating stuff that tastes like food, but isn't food, so you starve to death.

Xeno, if you want to keep that juggernaut, you are going to have to get him some nom-robot friends.

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Also, this who is addressing you, Xeno.

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She's a necron Druid. Uses a staff and all, and has many friendly animals.

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