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>Only worshiping 1 Chaos god

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>Following Chaos Undecided

Heretic you just went full Retard

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>implying more than one of the chaos gods are worth worshiping

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>Implying anything but mono-Nurgle lists are going to be winning games this edition

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well, Nurgle lists with allied daemons (for Epidemicus) sound pretty promissing too (as long a you can keep the lardass out of opponents fire)

>that 3+ FnP everywhere

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Implying it isn't all part of the plan

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I...I don't know why I find Cultist-chan with hipster glasses hot.

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>that 3+ FnP that ignores power weapons everywhere


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Fairly Easy to do if you set him neck deep in 18 to 20 plague bearers.

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I think there is room for some Slaanesh lists in there to boot. Sit and Shoot Noise Marines focus firing down targets of the number 2 Slaanesh power.

Paired with big groups of cultists to either sit on objectives or run towards other objectives and I think you've got a fairly solid list.

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Enjoy your damnation and rape.

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>implying slaanesh isn't the top god on the tabletop now

Did you idiots even read the new chaos dex?

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except for maybe initiative 5 FNP marines that go first and reroll first round misses against half the marine bloated armies in the game, with their I5 power sword champ that just cuts down bitches and challenges and hulks out into a free DP.

24 point plague marines are good as fuck but 15 point I5 FNP marines ain't nothin to fuck with.

especially when you've got a fleet rending DP or an outflanking chaos lord with a skalathrax.

nurgle is good, but slaanesh won this book.

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I'm trying to figure out what you're saying here.

Of course FnP ignores power weapons, its how it works now.

Or are you suggesting you don't get FnP against power weapons?

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What do you think about tossing Fabulous Bill in that list to boost them to S5 and Fearless as well?

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ITT: people who can't see the glory of chaos undivided, AKA 120 CSM charging the ennemy with sword and stuff.

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I read that Icon of Excess is fucking expensive for a 5+ FNP on T4 models, Blastmasters require 10-man squads to take, they have no HQ options that won't die like bitches, and they don't get glorious T5 Obliterators.

On the other hand Plague Marines got cheaper per-squad since they don't pay for Champs anymore, Nurgle Bike-Lords are the new Daemon Prince, and T5 Oblits.

Nurgle is still king.

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Theres a difference between serving Choas Undividied, and switching your allegiances between gods.
If you do the latter, they get pissed at you and turn you into a fury.

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I think the strength of a Slaanesh list lies mostly in shooting, not so much in close combat.

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>turned into a furry
Then serve the emperor.

I seriously need my eyes checked if I read fury as furry

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Take it from the experience, I've stopped questioning WHY do I find certain things hot long time ago, it's better that way.

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not a fan of special characters, but Fabulous Bile did get way more fucking fabulous.

the fact that enhanced warriors no longer cost points or randomly die at the start of the game and give your opponent VPs is pretty bossy.

Luscious the Pimpternal got a little hotter too.

The real winner in terms of special characters is the dark horse Huron Blackheart.

That nigger gets the best warlord trait, has a 33% chance of being a divination caster every turn, has a S6 AP3 rerolling melee, an S5 AP2 backup for terminators, a heavy flamer, and the obligatory 4+ invulnerable save.

He's cheap as fuck, he does everything, and he makes your army better without having to buy a shit ton of extra guns to convert into Abbadon chosen.

dude's a fucking swiss army knife.

I'm personally one of those people who thinks playing with special characters isn't cool though, but I won't deny that having Fabsy and Huron won't just immediately make your army's dicks grow another 2 inches. Because they will.

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Don't forget his heavy flamer.
Am I the only person who thinks a HQ with a heavy flamer is awesome?

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>Implying people within the world are aware of this and won't think they got the balls to pick and choose their patron without anything going wrong, ever. It's not like they had any problems sticking it to The Man (aka. the Imperium and the Emperor) either.
>Implying Undivided gets as much love from the gods as dedicated cultists, shit like Kharn and Lucius living beyond death without daemonhood to protect them.
>Implying there's some extra benefit of becoming an Undivided DP over a dedicated DP or that's it's easier or something.

Undivided is the Objectivist choice, where you are your own master and the world is open to you, but you also have nothing to fall back to and while the idea of having a shot at becoming a DP by your own right might be appealing, statistics are pretty clear against your chances.

But hey, it never stops people from playing the lottery either.

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'course not

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>Fabulous Bile
>5 squad of 20 CSM with Pistol and CCW, Veterans, Gift of Mutation and Power Maul
You can escape 10 CSM, but can you escape 100 CSM, some of them Enhanced and Infiltrating?

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You can have any infantry squad infiltrating. Even Terminators.
>no rule against it, apparently

It doesn't have to be troops.

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And when you ascend, you don't owe any god anything, and so can't be pressed into a CSM army, and can have as many bitches as you want.

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>Huron Blackheart kicks ass
>Still not as fabulous as Fabulous Bile
I'm gonna go with Bile on this one. The guy is a fashionable one-man Fab 5 whose field of expertise just happens to be mad science and who operates on a galactic level. Huron may be fine and all but he's got nothing on Bile in terms of pure cultivated image.

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There exists a slightly larger picture without text.

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Infiltrating Termies are a thing since 4 years now. And you know what? I don't care, because this army isn't about winning, it's about drinking the guy's tears when he gets outnumbered by MEQ.

Infiltrating, Fearless, Melee-focused MEQ.

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noise marines got bad. Salvo isn't good.

the strength of the slaanesh list is no longer sonic weapons, its the fact that you can make your whole god damn army have FNP.

Salvo weapons behave like rapid fire weapons, meaning that sonic blasters can no longer double tap at 24" and then charge. Now they double tap at 12" and don't charge. The strongest part about being a noise marine was that you were better than a vanilla marine in every conceivable way- You BP+CCW with a storm bolter, more firepower when you -did- stand still, the doom siren made marines cry, and everyone was faster than a normal marine. they were a step up from a nilla marine in every possible way.

Now that they're salvo, they're no longer the HOLY SHIT NO BRAINER cult marine they used to be.

the strength of slaanesh is in the whole army getting FNP, the demon prince getting fleet and rending, the ability to go first with everything in melee, and the best in class psychic powers. Even the power that buffs sonic weapons is good by itself, without even buffing sonic weapons.

Nurgle is good on the merit of plague marines, who remain the best cult marines that only got better.

certain units are also obvious choices for MoN- obliterators are naturally default to MoN. No brainer.

Nurgle bike lords are also expensive. the bike lord himself will be around ~160-180 depending on wargear, but more importantly, he needs a squad of bikes to go with for look out sir wounds.

A flying DP with a black mace will probably cause just as much carnage and be just as resilient, provided you aren't a retard and don't leave him where skyfire weapons or rail guns can get him. (The DP's smash rule overrules the black mace's AP4)

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The only thing that has ever made me feel the slightest interest in Slaanesh is pic related.

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Where does it say DP's are pressed into anything?

Plenty of fluff of dedicated DP's running their own shit, having their own planets and bitches, messing with mortals or, if they feel like it, joining their brothers on the battlefield.

In Codex: Chaos Daemons it says some DPs choose to shed their mortal coil completely and merge with their patron deities, becoming lieutenants to GDs.

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Huron is 160 and Fabs is 165.

they cost about as much as any nurgle bike lord or kitted out sorcerer. There's absolutely no competition for points, you don't have to pick. You can easily fit both of them into a 1500-2000 point list and run your opponent over with 60 infiltrating I5 FNP marines and still have points left over to put another 60 marines in your own deployment zone.

haters can just eat shit. What space marine army isn't going to get raped by 60 I5 rerolling FNP marines with potential turn 1 charges?

granted, that's why I think special characters are lame. Because seriously, why wouldn't you do that army? Its balls deep.

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6 noise marines with 5 sonic blasters = 127
Last edition 5 sonic blaster marines =125

Noise marines are cheaper. The champ issue with BP/CCW wargear exchange is the problem for now. The firepower got a tad cheaper and some psychic power is nice with it. If you don't get that power, pick the base one that gives blindness to the target, which in itself is a decent shooting attack with AP4. (remember you can always exchange what you rolled for the prime power)

Also a sorcerer with mark of slaanesh gets initiative 5 to use his force weapon like a classic sorcerer would. When they had initiative 5 base. Unless you want cultist troops, you'll need that lord though to make noise marines troops. Not that a certain burning brand of skalathrax couldn't synergize the army with a 12" flame template.

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4 years?

>Bitches don't know about mah 4th ed. infiltrating terminator armour Scout Sergeants.

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>Worshiping Chaos.
>Not our holy God-Emperor.

So, how's Cadia?

My guardbros holding well, or are we really losing out?

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Didn't Power Armor and Terminator Armor specifically block Infiltrate back then?

>> No.21060127

Well first off you can't charge on Turn 1 if you Infiltrate, so they will run forward then eat an entire army worth of shooting at point-blank, and possibly be counter-assaulted.

>> No.21060153

You can, just not if you went first. And, clearly, if you face an army able to wipe 60 marines off the table in a turn, you shouldn't have deployed in the first place.

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I do remember people always trying to argue against it, but never having any solid piece of evidence beyond "big bulky armour infiltrating silenty is bullshit". Funny, since in the Real World(tm) there's tanks that are used for reconnaissance. If a tank can slip past enemy lines undetected, so can a suit of terminator armour.

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They don't need to wipe 60 marines in one turn. They just need to wipe out enough that you won't be able to accomplish much after you cross no-mans land.

Considering they can't accomplish much in the first place being a horde of T4 dudes with very few special weapons, that isn't hard.

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Well, no. Recon Tanks are specifically designed for that shit. And they don't do commando strike, which is what Infiltrate means. Terminator armor is fucking heavy, slow and unpractical.

And this has no bearing on rules, by the way.

Most armies have trouble dealing with 180 orks (really dealing with them, not timing them out). I don't think they would fare well against 100/120 Marines, especially not with Infiltrate putting early pressure.

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100 marine 1500 point army would be hilarious.

>> No.21060326

>>21060298 < this.
On top of that, people have trouble killing orks despite the fact that most things that you hit an Ork with will kill it. Marines, not so much.

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Cromwell during WW2. It was used for armoured reconnaissance just as well as regular combat.

There's plenty of other normal tanks that were used to do recon without being specifically built for it. Some didn't even get any extra special stuff for them.

But my whole point is that saying something's shit for infiltrating enemy lines because it's not a tiny asian ninja is bullshit.

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Ok, they probably won't kill all 100 marines, but whats the endgame? How do you actually intend to win games?

It can't deal with Armored lists, like, at all.

How will you deal with a bunch of Tyranid MCs with Iron Arm?

How do you intend do score the all-important First Blood point when they can just play keep-away until they focus-fire a mob down?

How would you prevent small squads in transports from driving past you to take your objectives, other than dedicating an entire mob to camping uselessly in your backfield?

The list just has too many glaring weaknesses. You'll win against idiots who try to fight you head-on but smart opponents will just outmaneuver you and prevent you from assaulting anything meaningful until turn 2/3, shooting you all the while.

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I prefer to not have special characters, but given the choice I'd pick Bile over Huron any day. He's just so... Fabulous!

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>cant deal with armored lists
Swarm it with krak grenades.
Outside of a Land Raider what vehicle ever has more than 12 on its arse armour?
And nobody takes Land Raiders because Land Raiders are gay.

>> No.21060570

Raider, Monolith, Flyers(not av14 but you get it), oh crap what am I forgetting. Oh AV13 walkers are krak-less, siege dread and the daemons defiler, forgot names...

Lots of shit kraks can't crack.

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The difference is that an Ork costs half of what a no-upgrades CSM costs, are Fearless in mobs above 10, and hide a Powerklaw nob.

So a mob of 100 Orks is roughly point-equivalent to a mob of 30-40 CSM.

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Monoliths and Necron units with Quantum Shielding. Also, good luck hitting all those flyers in CC.

>> No.21060677

Problem is, tanks can just drive away if they feel threatened. Footsloggers can't catch a tank unless it lets you catch it, unless you're very lucky on your Assault distance.

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I've never understand the fascination of Nurgle. They're so unaesthetic/aesthetically displeasing. Maybe that's the point, but why would you want to field an UGLY army in a hobby that's mainly about appearances?

I don't like Khorne either but at least I know where Khorne players are coming from.

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>How do you actually intend to win games?
By having 100 scoring dudes, mainly.
Frak Grenades. Won't do much, but at least it can wreck what it catch.

>How do you intend do score the all-important First Blood point when they can just play keep-away until they focus-fire a mob down?
By making them panic and do mistakes, through numbers and Infiltrate. It won't work twice, I know.

>How would you prevent small squads in transports from driving past you to take your objectives
By putting my objectives to the ennemy. And filling the table with enough dudes to make any attempt at blitzkrieg hard.

>The list just has too many glaring weaknesses.
I know that. It's a list I did in 20s top, it can't be perfect (or even good). But I'm pretty confident that, if you were to just show up at a tournament with, you wouldn't do bad by sheer virtue of being so anti-meta.

No, the difference is that most anti-horde comes in AP4 flavor and doesn't do shit to marines. Plus, that list has 3 Fearless unit and Ld9/10 for the rest.

Quantum Shielding doesn't do shit against CC and most flyers (basically all but the Heldrake) can't really damage a MEQ horde.

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...d-does anyone have it?

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>thinks Fran is hot for her body and not for her personality

Get a load of this guy.

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>experiencing intense pain and suffering in exchange for...

>the exciting chance to become a pawn for some uncaring authority, which is what you already were

>just now you get more tentacles growing out of your face

Seems like a sweet deal

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believing the 4 chaos "gods" are actually gods and not champions of chaos itself

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By the way, to improve that list :
- getting 4 squad down to 10 dudes (the Infiltrating S5 Fearless must stay 20-strong)
- adding unmarked Bikers and/or Nurgle Spawns for Tank hunting and CC pressure
- adding Autocannon Havocs for more tank hunting and Air covering in cases of Heldrakes

Improve the early game pressure greatly, while not sacrifying much in terms of resistance or objective grabbing.

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>attracted to Fran's personality
Oh no.

Get away from my babies.

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Clearly you haven't read about the Carnival of Chaos (not surprising, few 40k players have).

Nurgle is a jolly god who loves his subjects oh so very, very much. Loves them to death. And he especially loves it when they wallow in their sadness. Nurgle's followers are like the demon pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean, just bound by rotten luck and slowly withering away, fusing with their surroundings, until there's nothing left.

Stagnation, sadness and the world's tiniest violin.

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I'm just gonna run Huron and Kharn. Both are a measly 160 pts to rape. Kharn and 20 Berzerkers infiltrated right in your face. KILLMAIMBURN.

Khorne is still champ. Love the big red bastard.

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> Everyone not realizing Chaos is just the ID trying to destroy Platos Republic.

>> No.21063418


I don't understand that sentence?

If you were trying to promote raw chaos through confusion good job.

>> No.21063442


Some kind of Star Wars reference combined with Plato and psychology, I take it.

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20 Plaguebearers makes him the 21st

>> No.21065625

Basically, the secret "I WANT IT NOW" part of our minds.
>"It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learned from our study of the Dreamwork and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, and most of that is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations.... It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organization, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle."

Plato's Republic
The wikipedia article isn't particularly helpful. Basically, a state ruled by a philosopher king(s) - men who have achieved true awareness and almost objectivity in morality. They're fair and utilitarian.
It is easier to explain it a philosopher king as a king who has escaped Plato's metaphorical cave:

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10 CSM close combat weapons on every man I5 feels no pain in a rhino before extra equipment. After weapons it comes out to 60~ more points than a SW/BA/SM tac squad and you are getting what you pay for.

That's just their shit troop.... Look at noise marines.. Chase nerds out of cover all day long... Look at slaanesh bikers t5 FnP I5 for 25.t a model. Nurdgle gets T6 and what... Fear? Hahaaaa

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