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equipment thread.
General equipment!

You gain more points for unusual looking stuff

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An Armour! Made of Coin!

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A double head axe!

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an armour made out of....greek!

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shields are never posted

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Woah. Those are real?

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Certainly. Just don't expect to see them used for fighting with any frequency worth mentioning.

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Of course bro.

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That Crimean one sure looked utilitarian... I guess it's similar to having an arming spike on the back, except then it's just another slightly smaller axe-head. The really obnoxiously huge ones are definitely mythological but... I dunno. Do we have any records of their use?

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I disagree, for example the indo-persian tabar was a cavalry axe, used in war, and some of them were double head ones. Also if I remember well Polybius speaked about the north-Iberian tribes (like the basque or the Cantabrian) using double head axes (bipene).

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moar shields please

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These dudes clothes

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>introduced by Portuguese

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>>21056754 That Crimean one sure looked utilitarian...

To the best of my knowledge that would be one of the rather rare exceptions. But there's certainly room in Central Asia to fit a lot of stuff I've never heard of. The Minoan ones seem to be religious symbols and sacrificial objects, though I don't know where they come from shape-wise. IIRC there's some similar ones around old Persia or so.

There's also the double-bit axe here. I'm not sure what it's for. Everyday use, fighting, ceremony, some mix thereof? Found in Scandinavia, but so was the khopesh next to it, so it may have been made pretty damn far away (IIRC the case specifically highlighted to long trade route of the bronze age).

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>This thing almost looks like the blade is attached by a hinge or something.

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Okay bro.

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The North-Iberian bit is rather new to me, but for the tabar, isn't the double bit ones quite rare? Digging around in my folders I certainly seem to have a shortage of pictures of them at least. These (Ottoman?) ones may be about it. (This is, hopefully, your cue to bury me in pictures of them...)

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I might be that it turns into a socket instead of a tang, which is then hidden from us by the rattan wrap. These Taiwanese aboriginal "machetes" have sockets for handles, easy to turn into polearms if you want to.

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are those sum' Hussite shields?

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Are numbers 1 and 3 in sheathes? Or just wood?

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Well, they are pretty rare (images are way to scarce, so no, I will not bury you in them) but RamDao posted about them
I think >>21056830
it's some type of panabas from the philippines.
Probably, but I'm not sure.

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The matchlock rifle was introduced to the Japanese by the Portugese; the design with the concealed sword was of Japanese origin.

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That's a sexy crossbow.

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1 and 3 are the sheaths, nothing in them, 2 and 4 are the machetes. (Though looking at it I may be misremembering things, it might be only the top one which has a socket grip.)

Left one's a bit too young for the Hussite wars at least, while the right one misses on both date and place form what I can see. The pavise saw use all over the place.

>>21056950 Well, they are pretty rare
So, as I said, not with any real frequency...

>>I think >>21056830 it's some type of panabas from the philippines.
That one's a panabas, yes. http://www.arscives.com/historysteel/philippines.swords.htm

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>>21056962 the design with the concealed sword was of Japanese origin.

Are we entirely certain that bit (as applied to teppo at least) didn't originate with the Franklin Mint company, USA?

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Agreeing with this guy.
Most "hidden" weapons are revised farm tools.
Also, china had the biggest boner for cleverly hidden weapons.
Japan just mostly stuck with traditions, till reality slapped them across the face.
Then they'd incorporate said reality into their traditions.

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Chinese rattan shield, that's cool. Do you know of metal shields used be the Chinese? I swear I read about them, but I'm unable to get some pictures of them.

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I've heard of those those. Large, pavise-like things. Relatively early period from what I've understood, Sui, Song dynasty or so? I'll put down a question mark at whether they tended to be metal, where sometimes metal, or perhaps were only very rarely metal but have ended up metal in modern day movies...

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Probably the later (and being made with a plate of metal upon a wood structure, not full metal) but well, chinese ancient movies or the serie of the three Kingdoms doesn't seem a good resource of reliable armours (and weapons rarely).

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Fuck yeah AFRICA!

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anyone got any cool pouches/bags?

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get on my level

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Okay brah.

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Why would I lower myself?

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post pouches

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I still don't get this sword.

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wtf is this shit

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Sorry bro, I'm searching and I don't have any. This it's more for the larp guys, like Esh-Esh or the hungarian territory.
Probably an execution sword.
An armour. Made to hunt bears. And don't be eaten be a bear or some slav hobo.

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It's armour worn while hunting bears in Russia.

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What period? Was the idea you would prey upon a bear's natural instinct to give you a big hug?

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That makes sense.
I want to make a executioner character who uses one of these stubby greatsword things used for noble executions.
His motivation would either be PTSD from being executioner or some kind of Judge Dredd complex.

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Take this, exaggerate for ceremonial/fashion purpose?

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I just like maces.
I need more images of non-ball-on-stick maces.
Those iron-bar Oni clubs are damn sexy, but what I REALLY want is some kind of disguised-as-a-sword mace. Totally ripping of a character from a book, but it was a shallow enough character I'm OK with expanding on it.

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Probably near the 19 century, I'm not sure. Doesn't seem ancient.
Well, execution swords are cool, but normally very bad at combat (a lot of inertia), and depends of the culture they are very different (I prefer the Hindu influenced, but the one you posted it's pretty cool).

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Nobility or not seems to have depended a lot of location. The Germans may have tended to go for the sword regardless of social status, whereas the English considered the axe the default even for a queen.

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I'm afraid I don't have anything better than, say, this to offer there.

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Disguised as sword? I will search.

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Appreciate it.
In the meantime, legendary Islamic sword wielded by Mohammed's nephew.

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Zulfiqar are some weird shit...
Searching in my mace folder, and nothing. Perhaps Km have something.

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>>21057536 but what I REALLY want is some kind of disguised-as-a-sword mace

So a sword blunt enough to make a single-flanged mace by and large? I think you could probably do that with pretty much any sword, though narrow blades would lend itself to it better than wider ones, as the thicker edges may end up turning the latter into something of an I-beam in cross section. The changes to mass distribution and such would probably be too subtle to be visible in photos or drawings by and large.

Pic: khopesh form the grave (I assume) of Usermaatra Setepenra Meyramun Ramses II. Probably ceremonial, given the somewhat less than razor sharp edge.

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Yeah, I imagined it as a blunt sword.
Like a square cross-section.

Sawn-off and pistol-grip rifle, for when you need the stopping power in compact form, but don't want to kill EVERYONE in the room.

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>Not lighting everyone on fire with the flash from it

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This one it's a pretty good idea, add a spike and you have a very early poleaxe.

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>From the creators of horse-dick...

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Maybe, but it's less lethal than getting shredded by shot.

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>>21057601 In the meantime, a sword inspired by a legendary Islamic sword wielded by Mohammed's nephew.

Slightly adjusted there. We find various takes on this themes throughout the Islamic world.

As for the zulfiqar itself, the myths for its origins go from Mohammed taking it in combat, to it being created by God himself a thousand years before the rest of creation, the tip being split by His gaze as he looked it over and a drop of sweat falling from it (which ended up in creation and being to source/origin/ancestor of all edged tools), and finally being delivered to Mohammed by Gabriel.

After that the stories seem to converge upon Mohammed giving it to Ali at the battle of Uhud and asking him to go prod generous amounts of buttocks with it,a s the rest of the army wasn't delivering as he'd wish in that regard. Ali then got down to business with such zeal and success that Mohammed exclaimed "Fatah ella Ali, saif ella Zulfiqar!" A strict translation thereof may end up as something like "There is no brave youth except Ali and there is no sword which renders service except Zulfiqar.", but it wouldn't surprise me if a more reaosnable rendering in English would be "There's no hero like Ali, there's no sword like Zulfiqar!"

Given Ali's status within Shia Islam, this has become a rather popular battlecry for that branch. Wheter the Zulfiqar has been lost without trace, or if it's sitting safe and sound in the al-Jafr collection also seems to be a matter for some debate.

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This is why I come to /tg/
I can't find this stuff anywhere, at least not without added propaganda.

Prosthetic arm made for a German knight.
He used a zwiehander.

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>I'm kawaii?

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It's the feet which make it.

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So many waves.

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It's like the lovechild of a katar and a kris.
Usually it's pistols who fuck weapons.

>> No.21057937

Perhaps it's a keris blade with a kattar handle.

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That's what I call a great-sword.

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"I tend to flail around wildly so i'd like a weapon that will fuck people up no matter which side i trike with."
"Ah, i have just the thing!"

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also I have parkinsons

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Oh flamberge, u so pretty


Seriously, that wavy blade is just mesmerizing.

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I wonder how much a training flamberge blade would cost, they must be awesome for binding.

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One of my fellow instructors got a blunt/buttontip flamberge blade for his 1630's swept hilt from Darkwood armoury. Pricey as hell, but the bind IS like fucking velcro, and the ride throws any incoming blade way way way off.

They were not just for show. Here is a review of one (pic related)

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A Gae Bulg! Havn't seen one of those since i read Sláine. Amazing weapon, wish there was someone alive who could use it properly..

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here is something extra for medieval prosthetic arms

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>You gain more points for unusual looking stuff

What do I win?

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Our love and understanding?

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also KM, here is pic about a russian chainmail, property of the late Boris Godunov.
The text on the chains are something like "God is with us, who could be against us?" or something along those lines

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A hole in the face/hallucinations from ingesting gunpowder and lead.

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That's a fuckton of work.

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For one man, maybe. For a factory, hardly.
You charge a fuckton extra, maybe market it as magic.

>> No.21059174

as most high end armor. But you had to show people how rich you were.
Or you could just flip off everyone on your tombstone...

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I are the ornatest.

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one pouch for you

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I take it the text it the texture I see on the larger rings? Quite neat indeed. Stamped I take it?

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son I'm dissapointed

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Bitch my flintlock is dragons.

>> No.21059325

probably stamped, I have no info about it.

but there was a certainly Ivan Grigorievich Virodkov (military engineer, died 1564) who had a similar armor
>made of alternating stamped and riveted rings.
>The stamped rings are inscribed on both sides one side: "God is with us, no one against" the other: "Mother of God be with us" the riveted rings are all inscribed with his name.

although I don't have pic from that

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Or sacred.
Funeral shit it's weird man.

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One thousand, five hundred and seventeen diamond,s coming right up!

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bitch, please

>> No.21059367

Comes with Gangsta sights.
They go on the side.

Blessed-by-God is a kind of magic.

>> No.21059379


I'm surprised they didn't use rubies to spell out 'thug lyfe'.

>> No.21059391

if you say so, but I find pewter badges just as interesting

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Your dragon has bested me, good sir.

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>> No.21059435

So not it's the turn of the owl with a giant penis and the walking vagina, no?

>> No.21059486

good grief, why would I ever post something like that?

>> No.21059502

That would be crass.

>> No.21059521

My fingers ache just thinking about loading that thing. Christ.
Also >>WHY.jpg
What purpose does 100 9mm rounds hold? The world's most protracted attempt at Suicide?!

>> No.21059565

Home defence when you're a really bad shot?
Maybe you could put it in an automatic pistol?
I don't know guns, but I know crazy.
With a little modification, you could make it into an infinity symbol and get unlimited ammo.

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what the fuck am I looking at

that has to be a troll by the artist

>> No.21059678

>Not appreciating such a fine and well-designed firearm

>> No.21059716

It has components of every gun, therefore it must be the Platonic Ideal of Gun.

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>> No.21060379

I live in England, so naturally I've been to a few castles - I remember when I saw my first real life weapon, a claymore in the halls of Conway Castle, it was probably about as big as the one in this picture

> A 7ft bronze sword.
> I was only about 9 years old
> mfw

>> No.21060416

Confirmed for being just for show.

>> No.21060459

Or the mistake of a 9-year-old
Some of us chose to leave him with the memory.

>> No.21060729

Some preservative coatings can leave the blade a matte yellow. (Some, well, olive oil from what I've understood.) The tulwar here for example is pretty much guaranteed to be steel, despite its colour.

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>> No.21060817

too many weapons in this thread

>> No.21060990

well, we have less than 20 images to change that

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>> No.21061060

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You look like a protocol droid

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>> No.21061224

>> No.21061242

>> No.21061268

I'd have a hard time taking my liege seriously if they wore that.

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>> No.21061287

I don't know exactly what this is...but I want it.

>> No.21061303

that's because you are just a lowly peasant. Also that time pants weren't really invented so people in skirts and hoses were pretty much normal

>> No.21061336

a box with various equipments for a scribe, among other things

>> No.21061338

Now this is fisting!

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>> No.21061384

>> No.21061436

>> No.21061439

>buy sword because everyone else was and why the fuck not
>realize I have no idea what it is

So is this a good place to ask what exactly this is or should I go be retarded somewhere else?

Don't worry, I cleaned it after taking the picture with my shitty phone camera.

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>> No.21061476

Looks like a sushi knife.

Also you're an idiot with more money than sense.

>> No.21061498

well it's not a sword.
Apart from that I have no idea, most likely it's some kind of eastern stuff, maybe chinese or japanes. Some kind of dagger variant probably. I'm sure KM will know

>> No.21061509

Thanks! ~♥

>> No.21061530

Yeah, I really wasn't sure what to call it. Blade is about a foot long if that makes any difference.

>> No.21061536

Looks like a Chinese dadao of some sorts (or a spinoff?), or a Vietnamese sibling to it.

>> No.21061541

and image limit reached

>> No.21061558

It looks like a fucked up tanto

Looks like he's right on this one

>> No.21061567

Tangental thread: >>21058837

>> No.21061641

Support for the China/Vietnam dadao-sibling trail:
The first pic is a Chinese or Vietnamese blade of similar size to his that I saw at an auction a few years back. The second pic shows a few Chinese dadaos. To me it looks very much like all of these are in the same family.

>> No.21061716

What pisses me off is that I knew the name of this thing, it's the same knife they used as a base for the weapon "orcish sword" on the videogame ragnarok online.

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