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Since last nights thread turned into a bitch feast let's have real Warhammer General.

What army do you play?
What's your list?
Thoughts and hopes for any new updates?
Any pics of your army you would like to share?

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i wanna start tombkings but am broke ... many sads

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Fantasy Space Marines.

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They're are a pretty slow army but they have good magic and once they get in your face they fuck your shit up.

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yeh when i have some cash i shall start them up ill be going against the gfs lizardmen mostly. I stuggle to see a reliable anvil though ... this is my only worry.

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In Warhammer Fantasy, I have a 2000 pt Empire army, and and a 2500 pt Skaven Army.
In 40K, I have a 1500 - 2000 pt Ork army, and I'm starting a Blood Angel army, AND a Chaos Army. In other words, I'm going to be broke for a while.

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Fuckign chaos warriors, so powerful

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watch as marauders get nerfed to shit next month

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I have about 3,000pts of wood elves and a tiny bit less of Beastmen.

I haven't really played since the advent of 8th; mostly because I moved and left a lot of each army behind me. Then I started Warmachine...and, well. Ya.

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For 40k I have a Chaos Spess Mehreens army (working on buying some new shit when I get money), a DE army (needs some tweaking as all my lists I've made are horrible; and 6th ed makes them way different to play), and a few things for an Eldar army (gonna be a while before my sights are set on them).
Fantasy I have Dark Elves, Skaven, and a box of Saurus Warriors. Might switch Lizardmen for Chaos depending on how the new WoC turns out. I like Lizardmen, but something about them just sorta turns me off; and I want a devastating CC army.

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Dont worry, WE are terribad in 8th

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So I hear. From what I understand there's only one effective army build they can do, which isn't very effective due to model points costs.

Beastmen, I hear, are a bit one-dimensional but still potentially effective. Not top-tier, but decent.

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Currently sitting on ~2500 points of Lizardmen plus a few riderless Cold Ones a friend gave me to convert into cavalry. Usually I focus on the old standby of two blocks of Saurus, with a Slann and his Temple Guard bringing up the rear, then Salamanders and Skinks on the flanks. It works pretty well, especially with Lore of Light letting my normally Initiative 1 troops rip the shit out of characters and elite infantry on a charge.

Only thing I'm really looking for in an update is for Priests to get access to some new lores. Sure, Comet-spam is fun, but it's really all they're good for at this point aside from playing scroll-caddy.

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I have about 2k of the old Tomb Kings but no one to play with ;___; consequently they aren't even close to getting finished any time soon

oh why did I have to buy them just before my firendly neighborhood gaming club disbanded oh why ;____;

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Beastmen are decent

except their rare monsters which are terribad

But hey they get a bonus +1 to Lore of Beasts which is A BEAST

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I feel you, bro. I had the worst time of it finding people to play with. Then one day, it turns out an old co-worker of mine plays, and so does a friend of his. Now we play every Thursday.

Best advice would be to just look at your friends and think, "Who here is a nerd?" Odds are, you'll find somebody.

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I'm the guy who has a box of saurus warriors and kinda wanted to switch to Chaos. How do Lizardmen play/do you enjoy them?

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After talking to /tg/ about its viability (which /tg/ concurred was "you'll lose, but that's fun"), I bought a Wood Elf army that I have yet to play or paint very much of. It's trees--nothing but trees. Not a single elf is in the army, just dryads, branchwraiths, treekin and treemen. I look at it, some times, and feel happy.

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Fantasy: 2500 pts in Empire and another 2000 in Tomb Kings (still painting)

40k: 1000-2000 pts in Grey Knights, and 1000pts Chaos Marines (Word Bearers)

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Lizardmen have the 2nd best (and arguably the 1st) troops in the game. Only Warriors of Chaos are better... But are expensive....

They have Kroxigors, 3A's, S4(+2S GW) so S6. 4+ Armour Save. Thunderstomp. I have 18 of these, run them 6x3.... And since 6 = Horde and Horde = Extra Rank bonus, Monstrous Infantry can use up to 3A in combat. So.... 54 Strength 6 attacks, then an additional 6 thunderstomp hits.

I have a huge Lizardmen army, but not finished... Too ill... Yeah... I do like showing off the list *resists temptation*.

Also, general question to all:

Tehenhauin has a dagger.... It says something along the lines of "Gives +1S and on the turn he charges" Now, if I go as "rules as written" that would mean to me, he gets +1S and then when he charges, another +1S. However, I'm sure it's a mistake and means only when he charges....

But, would it be considered bad form if you went with rules as written?

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Right, the 275 pt gorgon/cygor/jabberslythe fiasco. If only GW would just apologize and reduce points costs...they could even call it a print error and we could all just play along with it.

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Love the shit out of them, personally. They can take a little getting used to, because while their line infantry is ungodly in terms of survivability (on a good day, most armies' basic infantry will get three to five of them on a charge), at movement 4 and initiative 1 they are slow as shit. Their war machine stand-ins are strange in that they need to get up close and personal with the enemy to work, and that at least one of them is sometimes more effective on a charge than at range. They also get some cool monstrous mounts, but I am the poor and thus have no experience with those.

Where they really kick ass, though, is magic, thanks to the Slann Mage Priests. Imagine a level 4 wizard with Loremaster and free dice on every spell he casts, who can foist off his first miscast on an enemy wizard, and has the ability to use other wizards in the army to shoot around corners. That is what Slann are like when you only give them the bare-bones upgrades. After that, you can do shit like put them in the back ranks of a bunker unit so they can fire out of combat, make them incorporeal, give them a 1+ ward save against magic, the list goes on. It's absolute madness and I love it.

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I ran smaller armies like this back in 7th and it was a lot of fun. Every now and then I think you might be able to pull off a win, and man I bet it'll feel fantastic.

If there are buildings on the field, fill 'em with dryads. Otherwise keep them in terrain so they'll have steadfast.

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>play lizardmen

Burnt Corpses, Burnt Corpses everywhere

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I knew the Slann were absolute god-tier; but ti almost seemed like every list NEEDS a Slann because they're so good.

Which of the warmachines/monsters are good? I don't know out of the salamander and the razordons which is better; and I have no fucking idea how to go about outfitting a Stegadon/which Stegadon to use.

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Slann are pretty much an auto-include, in my experience. Though you can get away with a more combat-oriented lord, if you're so inclined. Saurus Old-Bloods, in particular on carnosaurs, are rape-tier; and Skink Priests, for all their limitations, are decent enough wizards.

Personally I favor Salamanders, just on account of the flame template (I play against horde armies pretty frequently, so YMMV). Razordons have their uses, primarily blocking up charge lanes with a wall of needles; but since charging them is suicide few people ever bother, so they're sort of damned by their greatest strength.

As for the Steggie, I got nothing. As I said, I'm the poor, and my last bit of gaming budget went into my salamanders. Though I do hear much about how cheesy the Engine of the Gods is.

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>skink priests

Enjoy your T2 brah.

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It's that or a Slann, so if you're not digging the latter, you're stuck with the former. But as I said, they're not so bad. They're cheap enough, and two or three of them can lay down enough buffs and/or comets to keep things interesting.

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Considering starting a fantasy army. Note that I am clueless on lore, gameplay, everything really.
The armies that interest me are Lizardmen, Beastmen, and Chaos Warriors. Which of these is the most fun?

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Hey man. I play Lizardmen and have a pretty big army. I don't have the numbers, but it's a lot.

To give an example, I have 3 Slann, all the SC, x2 Priests, x1 Saurus on Cold One, x1 Saurus on Foot, x1 BSB, something like 140 Saurus Warriors.... 4 Stegadons, 3 Razordons, 3 Salamanders.... So on, so forth (If I could find my list I'd post it).

Anyway, Engine of the Gods is good. However it takes up a Hero slot due to the Priest on it. But, it's brilliant because Slann can 'cast' spells through Skink Priests, so if an enemy is out of range of the Slann, but is in range if the Skink was casting, the Slann take control of the Skink and cast through him.

If not, go with Blow Pipes. While the current codex does not say it, the FAQ Update for 8th informed that the Stegadon with Giant Bow get "Slow to Reload" which means you can't move and shoot or do stand and shoot any more.

In terms of Razordons and Salamanders.... Salamanders are really, really good in 8th. However, I have a soft spot for Razordons, they get to do D6 shots per shooting phase (roll for each Razordon) and if they are charged, they do a Stand and Shoot but at 2D6, possible 12 shots for the charging unit to get through, and since they usually go in groups of 3, that's 36 shots. At strength 4 (I think) not many things survive that.

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So apart from Bretonnians being old as shit and cavalry not being the end all be all in 8th, what would be the best way to start an army?

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wait for Fireforge to release their foot sergeants for cheap men at arms

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Currently reconstructing my Vampire Counts army. I sold a bunch of things when the last edition came out to get the new delicious minis.

Sold old fugly skeletons to get the new ones, sold the old crappy Black Knights to get the new ones, sold old crappy vampires to get the new ones, etc.

I'm also repainting old stuff, like my zombies. I have 40 at this moment, but I'm going to rebase them and make fillers to get up to 60. And I'm going to buy another 60 from Mantic.

Right now I'm painting Vlad, and I recently finished this gem right here. Shit is so cash for my undead on the table.

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Forgot pic, derp.

>> No.21042866

That's really cool.

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Fantasy: warriors of chaos
40k: grey knights (henchmen)

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I play beastmen, so I can tell you a bit about them.

First of all, most fantasy armies, Beasts included, are most competitive built around large infantry blocks support by a lvl 4 and a BSB.

This is great for Beastmen; their special rule, primal fury, is a leadership test and as such is re-rollable in the BSB bubble. Primal fury is essentially just hatred, but ALL THE TIME and not just the first round of combat. So gors, ungor, and bestigors are all pretty brutal with a BSB nearby.

Beasts are pretty darn good at magic, but not the best. They can use the shard of a herdstone to grow a herdstone on the table, and any wizard model nearby gets a bonus to spellcasting. They have an innate +1 to the lore of beasts, as well, so they can drop wyssan's all over the place.

That's pretty much what's effective in the beastmen army; otherwise the rest is chaff or...bad. Ungor raiders, harpies, razorgor, and chariots are good chaff. The rare choices are all bad.

Minotaurs are good if heavily invested in; the "minobus." This is usually some minotaur heroes and/or lords in a large unit of minotaurs. Unfortuantely, minotaurs are quite overpriced compared to a lot of units in other armies, so they're argued over quite a bit.

Oh! And centigors! Also overpriced, but also fun. They're mostly only effective when Ghorros, a special character which makes them a core choice, is taken. They have a drunken rule which is rolled for in the beginning of the game; it determines various benefits they may have such as re-rolling primal fury, +1 to movement, or some other thing. Sorry, it's been a while.

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Large blocks of Men-at-Arms, followed by plenty of Knights. Knights still do pretty well in 8th, I think it's over stressed how bad they are. Not to mention some blocks of archers.

But, since I refuse to buy the Bret codex until it's updated, I am not too sure what is best.....

40?! 60?! I think you need to triple those and add them together! 300 Zombies is around enough. 3 mass hordes. Pic related.

>> No.21042974

Holy crap.

>> No.21043115

Yup. 140 sexy zombies. But I say three groups of 100 is enough. Just make sure you don't use them against Lizardmen... Salamanders will enjoy burning them all.

I still remember the "Korpse King" build against low Initiative army. 2 Corpse Carts, Lv.4 Necromancer and lots of sexy zombies. Oh and Skellywellytons.

I do love Henrich and Krell. Shame I play Lizardmen (as stated earlier).

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Is mino spam still viable?

>> No.21043474

Not in the MSU way it was in 7th ed. Instead you're going to want to use one large unit of minotaurs with at least one hero, but probably two. This protects you from the whole initiative order, always strike back thing that you didn't have to worry about before.

Unfortunately, Ogres are better than Minotaurs. So if you want to focus on monstrous infantry you'd probably be better off with them.

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Starting an Ogre Kingdoms army. Pic related is my current project. I just need to finish the Gnoblar for his base and then pic up some matte spray varnish before I do the base.

>> No.21043598

Looking good so far, bro. I'd maybe put a quick wash over the metal bits, but beyond that it's looking good.

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I got Island of Blood but I really want to do either DE or WE. Is there any way to convert my HE from Island of Blood to either of those?

>> No.21043682

I think I've seen HE converted to WE before. The seaguard and swordmasters could be eternal guard, archers as glade guard. The griffon could probably be converted into a great eagle. Actually I think I saw that done somewhere. Maybe on asrai?

>> No.21043701

thanks. I might use some Nuln Oil over the hooks and stuff. It's what I use on all my swords and gutplates. Seems to do the trick

>> No.21043743

Not unless you're good at sculpting.

>> No.21043843


I found it for you.

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I have some lizardmens... not enough to play competitively. I've a stegadon, a priest, and two regiments worth of skinks.

uhhh that's about it.

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Invest in a Saurus unit or two. The boxes come with 16 models, but if you're opponent's cool with it you can always make a ring formation with them and proxy as 25. Trust me, those scaly gits are worth it.

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this guy again, I should clarify. I've got a painted set of Ogres and my almost done butcher. I've also got an Ogre Battalion box sitting here waiting.

>haven't played a game yet
>LGS is doing a Warhammer weekend the weekend of Nov 3
>about 3ish weeks to put together and paint an entire battalion box to have enough for a passable army with a Slaughtermaster lord
>retarded work hours means I have precious little time to get it all done


My biggest fear? I show up and every other person plays 40k

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>Warhammer Empire
Mah nigga!

I used to go there all the time. Then I discovered 4chan and /tg/. Such a cool place, I loved the summer campaign they had.

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A relative newb starting a Warriors of Chaos army here

Only starting off with a small force for now, thinking a block or two of Warriors with halberds, shields and MoK, and maybe some Knights (not sure how to run them).

I don't really know what else might be useful at low points, and I'm not sure what HQ to take either

Any advice for me /tg/?

>> No.21044179

take a horde of marauders with great weapons, chaos knights are overpriced for what they can do in 8th ed. also a new army book or whit dwarf update is expected sometime before christmas.

>> No.21044249

Wait a moment for new Armybook (arriving next month).
But knights and warriors should be good start anyway, whatever will they look like in new book.

>> No.21047695

I'm new to fantasy, any advice for starting my army? I was considering an Elf one since those are pretty cheap.

>> No.21047763

I wanna play fantasy. Thinking either lizards, ogres, or vamp counts.

>> No.21047819

Go Wood Elves. They are currently the best army in 8th.

>> No.21047836

Bullshit troll.
The meta is the 8th is run to the middle of the board and slam units into each other. That's why I hate this edition, no tactic in crashing hoarded units together.

>> No.21047872

Do Bretonnians even have more than one list? Its knights.
I hope that we actually get a update.... It's been a whole decade since the last one.
Nooo... not at all....

>> No.21048035

I kinda like Wood Elves, are they good? How do I play them?

>> No.21048172

Serious question. Have wood elves ever had a good edition?

I think the last I played was...5th. They've always been kinda meh. Still love 'em though.

>> No.21048625

That's cause only bros play Wood Elves

>> No.21048708

Speaking of wood elves

>> No.21048734

Are you serious? WE were the most hated, over-powered army in 6th edition, weren't they? Not game breaking like DoC in the last year of 7th, but pretty bad.

>> No.21048988



I really haven't kept up with the meta.

>> No.21049006




>> No.21049163


>Asrai don't surf!

Man, shoulda stuck around.

>> No.21049211

Shooty empire FTW!!

>> No.21049571

How's Empire doing this edition?

>> No.21049593


Lvl 4 wizard
X2-3 40 halberd blocks
x3 cannons

And some extra shit

>> No.21049616

no stroid overfed chicked?

>> No.21049670

Well Demi Gryphs are decent support

but griffons? No one ever uses mounted monsters!

>> No.21049954

There are no such things as bad armies, there are only people who don't want to play on hard mode.

>> No.21050214


>> No.21050276

Looks fucking boss.

This is where unit fillers would make the army look a whole lot better. I reckon >>21042808 would make some pretty cool unit fillers.

I'll see if I can get my zombie unit filler up. It's at a really early stage, but it might make sense.

>> No.21050285

hey /tg, what are some good ideas for a 1500 pt. vamp count army hmmmm? I wann start playin. g

want to use ringwraith models as black knights

>> No.21050356

I had some spare Swordsmen of Hoeth, think it would be acceptable to paint them wood elf colors and run them as count-as Eternal Guard?

>> No.21050365

Go for it, those look cool!

>> No.21050374

>want to use ringwraith models as black knights
Scale's a bit off. They'll be tiny compared to the rest of the army.

Awesome models, but just so you're forewarned.

>> No.21050438

I use the tomb stones from the zombie sprues on 25mm bases, generally 2 stones per base in a randomised 4x4 grid pattern and then have zombie hands and bodies etc in varying stages of rising from the ground.

Gets you 4 zombies made from just spare parts to place amongst the rest of the unit (I generally keep them at the back to make it look like an even flow from graveyard to standing in combat.

LOTR models are smaller than WHFB from memory, skeles are pretty convertible anyway. As to a 1500 point army that depends on your tastes as a gamer but make sure you go magic heavy and you'll have trouble losing.

>> No.21050627

Started Ogre Kingdoms recently, 1000-1500 pts small army (Battalion and mournfang cavalry) Converted one of the ogres as a ''pit fighter'' bruiser, might convert more to ''pit fighters'' and field them as maneaters with a Tyrant when i get it this week.

>> No.21050648

What version Swordmasters? Eternal Guard are best run in pretty big units.

We obviously think alike, but maybe you meant 40mm bases? I've found that plasicard is easy to find in the right thickness that allows you to have a model below the ground level as in the photo. It's a terrible photo and pretty bad execution of the idea, but the theory seems to be solid.

>> No.21050668

I love the focus that you've put into your bedspread.

Nah, man. Looks like it could look cool.

>> No.21050747

Oh, Eliunedar. Those oranges, those reds, love them to bits, they look gorgeous on you, darling, but they are SO last season.

>Eternal Problems for Eternal Guard.

>> No.21050766

i love my bed, so comfty... and yeah i need to get better a decent camera, but still i like how it turned out the ''pit fighter'' , needs some few additions to the base to make it look more like a pit fighting arena tho

>> No.21050814


Holy shit, I didn't even know you could upload pdfs to 4chan. Kick ass.

>> No.21050878

Yeah 40mm, sorry about that. I see where you are going with the plasticard but it seems like more effort than is required (unless you are trying to save on buying spare bases etc) all I do is simply file the torso/arm/leg (I have one where a zombies legs are out of the ground and everyone has a laugh at that) to a flat area which is easily glued and any inconsistencies will be hidden by the flock/dirt whatever you choose.

I don't have my portable HDD with me otherwise I'd upload a picture sorry. It will have to wait until next WHFB general.

>> No.21050960

I haven't played in Warhammer since back in 7th edition.

I play Dwarfs, and I been meaning to get back to playing again, but Dwarfs should be getting an update soon, since they haven't been in a while. This makes me hesitant because they're going to get new minis and rules, so I think I'll wait for that.

I've always had a soft spot for Orcs, so maybe I could make a mini army of them in the interim.

Tangentially related, since I haven't been following wargaming for a while, what was the consensus about the new Necrons? They always had some Egyptian flair, what with all the obelisks and such, but now they look full on Imhotep and his band of Space Tomb Kings.

>> No.21051109


Looks cool though, not gonna lie. Been thinking of doing a custom ogre army once I finish with my current guys. Kinda want to get a pirate maneater to use as a Tyrant and then make a fleet of pirate themed ogres. Should be fun. I was thinking of using Ogres exclusively, since heavily armored Ironguts wouldn't fair well on the high seas, and plenty of Leadbelchers

>> No.21051135

I wonder, has anybody here witnessed a Vampire Count Army, with Lv.4 High Necromancer (forgot the name) Corpse Carts and loads of zombies and skeletons.... versus a Tomb Kings army with Lv.4 High Lich Priest with hoards of Skeletons and such...

Basically, ever see two Tar Pit armies battle each other? It's something I'd want to see. No time limit, destruction of all units on the field must be achieved before victory.

>> No.21051166

as a guy who has been wanting to dip into Dwarves, do they still have the Anvil of Doom? I tried to download their army book, but apparently got an older one. There was a whole thing about the Anvil of Doom basically being their only way of doing anything magical, but I don't see it on the website anywhere.

Regardless I was thinking of building a shooty army with lots of siege weapons

>> No.21051167

Strange, it said my comment was spam... so I deleted stuff and it let it through, I didn't mention our Spiritual Liege, so I dunno what it blocked. Anybody know?

I basically said I believe TK would win as long as they kept their BSB, TK and Heirophant alive (that's the case in all battles with TK) and would win due to superior hard hitters and magic buffs.

If the VC could summon enough zombies and skeletons, they could wear down the units.....

>> No.21051196

>Anvil of Doom
It's changed now, in 4th Edition it used to be a mobile thing, now it comes under the Special Character "Thorek Ironbrow". Check under HQ's, it'll be there. Pic related.


Link is there if you're lazy :D

>> No.21051238

ah, well I did see that guy, but I didn't know what was up since I had the wrong book. Does it function the same way? is this guy pretty popular for Dwarf armies, or is it more usual to just forego magic entirely?

>> No.21051282

I've always been a VC player. I know lots of stupid teenagers play them because "hurr imma vampur lord" - but I don't care, VC are awesome. I've always been a sucker for anything undead, especially armies.

And when the new VC codex arrived my dick almost melted in my pants.
>Mortis Engines
It's so cheesy that it's just awesome.

>> No.21051391

The Anvil of Doom is a character upgrade to a Runelord, costing 175pts. You can find the rules for it in the FAQ on the Games Workshop web site.

Key things to remember about the Anvil itself - The Anvil crew uses the best Weapon Skill, Armor Save, and Ward Save available to any member of the crew. It grants an additional Dispel Die in the Magic Phase. The Anvil and it's crew are Unbreakable.

During the Shooting Phase, the Anvil has three options, which can be used at regular or Ancient power. Regular power runes only have a 1 in 6 chance of misfiring. Ancient Power misfires on a three or less.

Rune of Wrath And Ruin - This rune is best used in the early turns of the game, as the enemy advances towards your rear-deployed lines. On a successful cast, it causes 1d6 S4 hits on the enemy, and most importantly slows their movement rate by half for the next turn. Don't forget to round *up* on that - something with M5 gets slowed to M3, not M2.5.

Rune of Oath and Honor - This rune is best used in the middle turns of the game, when the enemy is close, or when you need to quickly deal with a large ambushing threat or a flying monster that manages to survive your artillery. Successfully using this rune allows one of your non-Gyrocopter units to make a move in the shooting phase, which can be a march or Charge. So, during the movement phase, you can orient yourself properly or approach an enemy unit, and then surprise them with a charge in the shooting phase. If you time things out correctly, you can use your shooting to soften the target unit up a bit before charging in.

Rune of Hearth And Home - The least used of our runes, given the BSB's ability to provide the same benefit automatically. Allows us to reroll failed fear and terror tests until the following turn.

>> No.21051536

neat. I think I might pick up a master engineer and see how I like painting the guys.

As one more question, there are like 3 or 4 choices of engineers. Which is best?

>> No.21051547

My apologies for my bad camera skills, also...

i love the pirate maneater model, i find it funny the gnoblar is disguised as a parrot and an army of pirate ogres seems like fun

>> No.21051559

Dohohohohohoo good one made me chuckle

>> No.21051836

Well, I don't play Dwarves, I'm just really into helping people... But, since you're going to be using the Engineer to buff your artillery (He can entrench one which makes it gain Heavy Cover). They are fantastic for shooty lists.... Anyway, you've got two choices, go with an Engineer with Great Weapon, so if your artillery is charged, he can do some damage to the chargers. Second is getting either Brace of Pistols or Handgun Engineer and trying to shoot the opponent down and have some backup troops to help or something.

One war machine that is within 3" of a Master Engineer receives the following benefits:
• A Bolt Thrower may use his BS.
• A Grudge Thrower may re-roll the Artillery dice.
• A Cannon can re-roll the first artillery dice used.

So, just make your preferred artillery piece one of those, entrench it and stay within 3" and you'll keep it buffed. If you use the ranged weapon choice (since everybody gets hand weapons) he can shoot as well as buff the machine (he couldn't in 7th, it was one or the other). But, as I said, a GW will help if they are charged... I dunno if he gets the Heavy Cover bonus if he is right next to your entrenched artillery..... If he is, going ranged would be cool... If not, go GW... but yeah. I'm not sure. If you're doing a full shooty list, I don't expect you'll have too much problem with charging units... As long as you put them on hills or in cover, you should be laughing.

>> No.21051880

And the Mortis Engines are not the only OP thing in their arsenal! (I'm not hating, I'm just saying they do!) Which are the Hexwraiths. Insane units. Wonder how many you could field....

>> No.21052005

Yeah, spare bases are just an added expense that I would like to bypass if possible, but mainly it's because I think the below ground effect should turn out to be really effective.

I've tried sculpting a hand to give a "thumbs up" expression but I need to up my skills a bit first.

>> No.21052097

started painting my beastmen, came up with a scheme i like for my gors, and promptly forgot how to do it. so i've spent the last 4 hours trying to replicate shit sucks

>> No.21052304

wow those looks awesome. what do they do? fluff?

>> No.21052307

OOOF!! That pic gave me a boner. I <3 pikemen, especially when they hold their sticks properly. A shame there will never be proper rules for pikes in this edition.

A spear can only please me so far.

>> No.21052423

Just getting back into Warhammer with some High Elves I got for cheap a few years back (I sold my beloved Warriors of Chaos a while back).

I got to play a couple 1000pt. games with the friend that bought the WoC- lost the first game due to three miscasts in a row and poor deployment, and won the second because of lore of METAL, mostly. We should be playing again soon at 1500pt. Might squeeze a Dragon Mage in to try it out.

I'm mostly using the Elves until I can justify buying a different army with more appealing aesthetics. I like the way they play, but I can barely motivate myself to assemble/paint because I just hate all their spindly bits, hearts, penis helms, robes... pretty much everything but the dragons, swordmasters, and white lions. Anyone have any tips for playing the Elves or paint schemes that aren't so blue and white?

Pic is me lazily trying out colors on archers (I like the green, personally) and the already painted dragon I got with the army.

>> No.21053054

New for 8th edition, weaker black knights with great weapons and an interesting advantage: they're ethereal! They will attract a TON of magic during your opponents turn and don't have any protection against that, so beware. Otherwise, they work exactly like Screamers of Tzeentch, allowing you to zig-zag them through unengaged units dishing out S5 flaming, magical attacks that ignore armour saves per Hexwraith. Best used to ruin an expensive (preferably slow) unit's day. Just remember that in order for them to march you'll need your general nearby, so be careful with enemy reserves if you send them on their own: they'll likely die from combat resolution unless supported. Basically, against armies like Dwarves and magic weak armies, they can destroy them. If you don't know, Ethereal means they can only be hurt with magic/magic weapons... They are like Superman, immune to everything but magic. You basically charge "over" units, which hurts them, and they take no damage back.

Hexwraiths are born in the very depths of the Underworld, their only goal to hunt down those who have cheated death. They share many similarities with Cairn Wraiths, and their scythe-like weapons are just as deadly (if not more-so). Because of their incorporeal forms, a Hexwraith can simply shimmer between worlds, their scythes re-materialising inside the bodies of their foes. Armour is no protection against these cackling Undead monstrosities - they will run down their victims swiftly and violently and claim their souls for the afterlife.

>> No.21053163

I just came.

>> No.21053321

Play chaos dwarves
I must have about 3500 pts? 2 magma cannon, 2 rocket launchers, hellcannon, 25+ infernal guard handweapons, 25+ infernal guard blunderbuss, 120 hobgoblins to convert, 6 bull centaur, taur'ruk, 3 daemonsmiths on foot, sorceror prophet on bale taurus, sp on lammassu, 2 k'daii destroyers, 2 infernal castellans, three k'daii fireborn.

The book is just new- and has been pretty successful in the right hands. The only problem is that it tends to be monobuild (until you learn to use other units i think), and people cry dirty cheese if you take a destroyer. Thats why i am building two. I havheard that after forgeworld finish the destroyer they may not make any more models for the range- i think that is fine, its a great army for converting things.

No photos really i am still work in progress. I've made some sweet conversions so far, a classy lammasu, some hobgob wolf khan's, a destroyer as a giant bull centaur built from a soul grinder, another built from an 8 inch iron monger toy, and scored some resin hobgoblin cast heads to conver onto skaven bodies for slaves.. Going to make kdaii from bloodcrushers, with flaming bull heads, planning to l.e.d and clear resin them. They will come last. So it's a great hobbyist army.

Oh found wip pics of lammy



>> No.21053447

Started an ogre army over a year ago, I've still not finished painting it all yet, I get distracted way too easily. Only got 4 more ogres and two butchers left to paint though so I'm sure if I actually bothered I could get it done reasonably quickly

>> No.21053570

Although the pic is a tad blurry that looks prety sweet.

Also I just fucking love the Stonehorn (or the Thundertusk for that matter). Such a sweet model.

>> No.21053785

I realise now why I like those helmets and that colour scheme.

If you go with the green then the red of the dragon (if you're not going to strip and repaint in your own colours) could either contrast really nicely or make the army look like Christmas Elves.

Go with the green, keep the red dragon, emphasize the Christmas and paint them chocolate.

We always got chocolate elves for Christmas.

And Lego.

Good times.

>> No.21054181

The IoB ones

>> No.21054334


Depends how you go about it and how far you want to take it.
As they are, they look similar to the old Glade Riders with the helmet plumes. The armour is so slightly too much, but compared to some of the old Eternal Guard, it's within ascetic reason. The two-handed swords are a little off, since they are "Great Weapons", but the rules state that Eternal Guard are armed with all manner of weapons but always count as two hand weapons if in base-to-base contact, extra rank as in spears. I'm sure you know all that... anyway...

If your sculpting ability allows it, give them a leafy cloak. One step further would be to cut off the blades from the two handed-swords, extend the handle, replace blade/place a blade on each end.

Main problem is that they have too many HE aspects to them and they'd look like an allied HE unit, something that personally is in bad taste considering how dickish the HEs are. Cut out one or two of those HE aspects and with a WE colour scheme, you'd be golden.

>> No.21054707

Could I kit bash some riders with guard to get Ethernal's?

>> No.21054738

I play vampire counts

My list is still iffy at the moment

Need some help

>> No.21054886

Yeah, I guess you could. But at some level it might be more sensible to sell what you're not going to use at put that money towards actual Eternals. Kit bashing the (presumably) Elysian Riders from IoB? That's a lot of work, it might not be terrible hard if you're going to cover up almost all of the lower half of the models with cloaks to hide wacky legs, but it's still a lot of work. I'd really say that there would be an easier way to get a unit of Eternals.

These are the old WE Spearmen. They were listed as "Glade Guard", or "Spearmen". I'm pretty sure that all of mine are Marauder, but this is from 1998 Citadel catalogue (Stuff of Legends site). The last four ones in cloaks do look really good (I'm pretty sure I have a few that aren't there, but I could be mistaken. Probably just the command group I'm thinking of). They are good models. And generally they go for really cheap second hand. Since they're metal, they'll generally be in really good nick and a breeze to strip with acetone. Maybe give it a thought.

>> No.21054896


>> No.21054904

Get as much magicks as possible
Spend min on core
Graveguard and black knights for specials
vargulfs or terrorgeists for rares

>> No.21057613


Is the new book confirmed? I've been too distracted by my Chaos 40k - I had no idea my fantasy Chaos were getting new stuff as well. Anyone want to summarize the rumors for me?

>> No.21057662


Not many NEW units it seems. Mainly filling out all the missing shit from 7th

Just more cavalry (juggers I hear)

>Release Date:
Coming in a number of waves.
First wave without the book. (WD update)
First wave (as predicted) November.
Next wave February/March.

Skull crushers
2 Finecast characters
One new one and one old favorite.

>On topic so not to get in trouble (and also to boost my rating) I'll add plastic dragon ogres to this WoC release wave I'll also add generic plastic chaos lord clam pack (feel my rating soar!! Lol)

>> No.21057769


I hope the army doesn't change too much. Love me some warriors, and I would sadface if that had to change. $10 says they're going to change the tzeentch thing so it can't stack with the parry save, because that's just such a no-brainer.

I had an idea a while ago which I though was interesting for the Mark of Khorne and the Mark of Tzeentch - each unit with a MoK counts as a wizard for the purposes of dispel die and the units with the MoT count as wizards for generating power die.

Not overpowering, but would definetly give a khornate force resistance to magic, and tzeentch some magic batteries. could be fun. Thoughts?

>> No.21058226

>each unit with a MoK counts as a wizard for the purposes of dispel die and the units with the MoT count as wizards for generating power die.

Hordes of Chaos and Beasts of Chaos says hi, they want their marks back

>> No.21058917


I know right?!? I fucking loved playing Hordes - that shit was cash, even though I got shot to hell against my friend's artillery train of nuln (goddamn helblaster volley gun)

>> No.21060890

Sweet, today I got a Fantasy rulebook from a friend. I have about $200 to get my started, what should I get? Don't need to worry about army book; my FLGS have multiple store copies of each to use but I will get my own when I can.

>> No.21061497

I was thinking Brits or Elves.

>> No.21062162

What type of elves?

>> No.21062194

So I wanna start playing Fantasy. Should I get isle of blood? I do like dem Skavens.

>> No.21062521

That seems good. Be warned, it's a horde army so you'll be spending a lot of money.

>> No.21063042

The only thing that I can think of when deciding about Skaven is that they are generally a Horde army. All those slaves, you'll be slaving away painting and spending a lot on little points.

I kinda like the ascetic of Skaven, but the copious amount of painting and comparative price pushes them into the "can't be fucked" category for me.

>> No.21063535

Now that you put it like that, a lego high elf army WOULD be awesome.

All the wood elves in this thread actually lead me to a color scheme similar to attached pic. I'll see if I can get the dragon (and painted chariot) to mesh with the rest because I somehow feel stripping that dragon would be a disservice to the nice fellow I bought them from. If I can get another dragon for cheap, I would rather do one up my own way, plus Double Dragon.

>> No.21063833

I don't actively play Brets, but I think I have been interested in them enough to suggest that if I was doing Brets under those conditions, and only buying new:

Easy Mode:
$105 Bret Battalion, $26 Bretonnian Damsel with Sword, $35 Knights of the Realm, $56 Trebuchet. $222 from the GW site = $200 elsewhere. ~1700 points. Requires a model or two to be given some attention, namely getting a BSB out of the KotR. Not hard.

Not Very Hard Mode:
Unit Filler the Men at Arms up to 7 Ranks of 5 files using two unit fillers 60mm^2 and 60mm x 40mm.
Could do something similar with the Archers, but I wouldn't put yourself out.
Convert 2-3 Knights of the Realm to Pegasus Knights.
Convert 1 Command Group from KotR to Lord, BSB, Paladin.
Should push you to 2000 points at a stretch.

>> No.21063985

I reckon that scheme would fit well with the Dragon. It looks like a really nicely painted Dragon. Having it a little different could happily fit with the story of the army, a neighbouring HE lord is supporting your army, possibly bringing a small detachment of (...something?) too if you can replicate his painting style.

>> No.21064495

Wood Elves. Same conditions as >>21063833

$70 2 boxes Dryads:
- 3 units of 8 Dryads. (288 points)
$105 3 Boxes Glade Guard:
- 1 unit of 20 GG. (240 points)
- 2 units of 10 GG. (240 points)
- 1 BSB. (~100 points)
- Hero with Hail of Doom Arrow (~105 points)
- 6 Waywatchers (144 points).
$14 Spell Singer
- Singer or Weaver. (150/250 points.)
$11 Beer.

$200. 1250-1500 points.

>> No.21064636

Thanks for the help dudes, get yourselves a beer too!

>> No.21064828

Tempted to advise dropping a box of Dryads and picking up another box of Glade Guard. For that points level I'd want 4 units of GG and 2 units of Dryads.

>> No.21067598

Won't he lack CC power?

>> No.21067973

Depends on the board. Dryads are steadfast if a majority are in forests, but in general if he wants CC staying power then he's pretty much stuck with Eternal Guard (out of price range) or Treekin/Treeman (price as well, not to mention that a 10 point magic banner, that everyone takes for dealing with Regen even if they aren't up against Trees, can obliterate the I3 or I2 Trees). Nah, it's a decent start to an army and GG/WW are surprisingly effective. Fucking hard to win with, constantly moving and dodging... guerrilla warfare with stupidly large (for guerrilla warfare) units is not easy.

>> No.21067986

>Dryads are steadfast if a majority are in forests
As in: How big are the forests? How many forests are on the board? Are you playing with Mysterious Terrain, because half(?) of the time those forest are really, really bad for us.

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