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So I got a rather good question for all the warhammer 40k people. Who would win the milky way in this situation:
All the thyranids in the universe arrive in the milky way and begin attacking everyone
All the necrons awaken and want to kill everything
All the chaos gods unite to take over the galaxy
The emperor dies and is instantly reincarnated to his former glory
All the Orcs unite another a super WAAGGH
and fight together
The elders reincarnate some of their gods and gain massive power
The Tau get caught in another warp storm and are given another 2000 years to advance. The storm happens over all their planets and they can still communicate

So one huge battle royal with everyone at their full power. Also several dimensional rifts happen and open up to horrible dimensional creatures that ravaged the imperium.
Who would win?

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according to one of the old rulebooks (4th i think) orks would win if they were united

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If the nid hive fleet sizes are accurate the total number of nids would blanket a large portion of the galaxy. This would devolve into a 3 way clusterfuck of nids, orks with spores heightened to hyper agressive growth by the nids dicking with the biospheres and Necrons going "TEA AND LIFE FORCE FOR EVERYONE!". Google hive fleet maps, they are about as long as the milky way and a good fraction as wide. And theres like 4 of the fuckers.

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So even with all the chaos forces coming together to fight, and with the emperor awakening chaos and the imperium would still be underpowered?

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Extremely so. Which irritates the shit out of me because Chaos is supposed to be the ultimate villain of 40k.

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The really interesting part is it'd boil down to all the nid vs all the orks

The result of this would be a truly fucking monster of a race. Think of a race of Orks where warbosses are the gretchen or what tyranids would make out of constant warfare for thousands of years. Also Daemons until only orks and nids remain. As far as I know the warp is born of emotion of which the nids have none so if they win good bye warp. If orks win I imagine only Korn would be left, maybe, i don't know

2000 years later Tau with tech comparable to the golden age of man show up. They'd kick as and then die super bad though because it'd be 3-4 sectors vs the entire universe of murder

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Well, by extrapolation, there are approx 3 galaxies of nids. Each one came from a different direction, so logically, from a different galaxy.

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That really underlines the entire problem with Tau. They are too damn small to do anything.

Hopefully they expanded huge in the next codex. I'm sure that'll lead to a lot of imperial butthurt but it'd actually make them worth something to the setting as a whole. They are an interesting faction in my opinion but when it comes down to it they just can't really DO anything.

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Rediscovery of an STC is probably more important than the emps coming back.

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if it doesn't end up being a final showdown between ork and nid

how do you guys think the Necron would go out?

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Ok rules change a little, the chaos gods can now enter the milky way on planets to help fight.
So chaos gods fight now

Also how come the necrons don't pose much of a threat?

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To Orks. Because Necrons run on logic, and Orks are the antithesis to logic.

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orks win, hands down
gork and mork are da biggest of the chaos gods

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Nids would win from just shear numbers. The amount of genestealers that would infiltrate the universe alone would wipe out everyone.

Tau advancing for another 2000 years would probably have a way to not get killed but wouldn't have the number to fight the nids. I could see Tau 2000years later just jumping though 7th dimensional wormholes to find exact replicas of their universe sans the nids.

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I don't think the Necrons would lose so much as wait it out. They've waited this long, what's another couple millennia until the tyranid eat all the orks and move on?

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Let's change it a bit how about for Necrons The Silent King reactivates the command program so all Necrons are united under him (probably lychguard style loyalty) and in doing so also reactivates all tombs. That way its the same as the other major groups.

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Still not the same. Hell, I thought we were including this originally.
They still die horribly if they don't hide. And if any come looking for them(like Orks could resist looting 'Cron tech), they're boned.

>nogethis supe
No, captcha, you're still wrong.

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Lets add even more all their gods including the void dragon and what not are awakened as well

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Look, here's the thing.

The real big reason.

The Necrons will never win because of this.

The Imperium will never win because of this.

Nor the Tau, the Eldar.

Here's the reason.

You ready?

There are hundreds of thousand of nids for every 1 anything that can be brought to bear against them. It would literally take all the other forces to work together in order to actually defeat the nids full force. They control multiple galaxies.

Even the Orks have bad odds. They have the only winning shot, but it's not a good one.

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Isn't the whole reason that Chaos hasn't won because Tzeentch wants the game to continue?

Wouldn't superior planning and knowledge working *for* Chaos instead of for itself give them a huge advantage?

Not to mention diseases Nurgal could cultivate, plagues that would run rampant even through the Tyranid fleets and Orc Hordes?

Wouldn't Nurgal and Tzeentch combined be able to make mind altering plagues that put factions against eachother, thus doing Chaos work? And if the Tyranids are so close together, it could just mean that diseases would run through them even faster.

Of course, if this wouldn't work please tell me why, I know more about Fantasy then 40K

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Why is Chaos being tossed out of this fight? The Imperium and the Tau would fall. The Eldar and Dark Eldar would just wait in the Webway if the threat was dire enough.

Chaos forces would just chill in the Warp gathering strength and waiting it out as well. Daemons and some followers of Chaos don't die, they just return to the Warp. I understand there just aren't enough to do anything to the massive Nid/Ork hordes though. But Chaos wouldn't completely fall.

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I don't think the necrons have the numbers to fight the hive fleet even with the tomb worlds.

The way I see it Tau, Eldar and Necrons have the best technology but the least numbers. Humans have moderate tech and large numbers. Nids and Orks have the largest numbers but the worst tech.

So in a even fight tau, eldar, or necrons would win. But with the the number of Nids in the hive fleet I think the necrons, eldar and tau combined would run out of energy before they killed them all. They couldn't shoot at enough places fast enough and would just be out swarmed. It wouldn't matter to the nids because they could just eat the biomass of their fallen and be just as good as new.

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>Isn't the whole reason that Chaos hasn't won because Tzeentch wants the game to continue?
>implying that's going to change when shit gets real
Tzeentch is one stubborn motherfucker.

because without any emotions to feed Chaos, Chaos will die. They'll get nothing from the eldar if they're in the webway, they don't get 'crons or tau anyway, leaving really the Imperium left, and once they're dead, Chaos is too.

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>And if any come looking for them(like Orks could resist looting 'Cron tech), they're boned.

Please educate me on this, but isn't Necron tech based on living, really pissed metal?
Wouldn't any trukk or piece of dakka made with Necrodermis eventually wake up and fuck up the orks royally?

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if gods are allowed then it would be orks all they way!
Gork and Mork would go suplex the hive mind

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Dat's half da fun!

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There was another thread floating around about the apparent immunity of the Nid hoard to Nurgals gifts.
Plus imagine what would happen to the warp if the Nids controlled the entire galaxy. the "Shadow in the warp" would cover everything.
I dont even know what that would do.

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Forgot about chaos. Depends how MUCH chaos can get in reality without running out of ambient warp juice to sustain the armies.

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I think Chaos would be self-sustaining, really. There's plenty of cultists and chaos spehss mehrens to fuel the Warp with emotions, and there's plenty of stuff in there that can patch them up if they die, and extend their lifespans.

Maybe they'd take quite a blow if the Imperium suddenly disappears, but they wouldn't die out entirely.

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the premise says that people work together.

Also, doesn't the Warp already have its own vast population of humanbeings (which should be safe, dunno if the Nids would go into the Eye of Terror). And perhaps Tzeentch could find a way to keep them out.

They could expand and absorb even more worlds into Chaos, allowing them to feed. And, funny enough they would help the Imperium survive, partially by converting worlds to Chaos.

And if the Gods were allowed to walk on the materium? Oh dear Lord... although I wouldn't agree with that. Not enough energy to support them, except perhaps on worlds they took over

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the thing is I don't see the orkz being a contender. They just would not win against the Nids and in this situation the Toasterbots would just hit the big red universe go bang button.

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Old fluff is that the warp and the beings within it are fueled by the emotions of the beings in the galaxy. If the nid's, the shadow in the warp invade in enough numbers the immaterium and materium are cut off from one another and chaos dies.

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The problem is, anyone can go INTO the warp (as a fact, most do often in order to travel) and kill those humans

Every human and eldar killed (and tau, but hardly) weakens all of the warp, chaos, gods, and ect.

If all the orks and all the nids showed up, large portions of humanity and craftworlds would be gone. Suddenly the might that is chaos is not so mighty.

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>The Tau get caught in another warp storm and are given another 2000 years to advance. The storm happens over all their planets and they can still communicate
I couldn't begin to guess what we real-world humans will come up with in that time frame, and we (presumably) don't live in a universe with psychic powers and FTL travel and terrifying threats to keep us focused. It's pretty much magic; they could be as powerful as the plot demands, so it all comes down to who is writing the plot.

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does the Shadow in the Warp have any effects on whatever the Orkz are working with?

would it fuck up their tech?

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Chaos gods walking in the materium would be fucking bizarre. Nurgle has a cauldron whose contents are bigger than all the oceans of all the world of man. You could probably figure out a rough size based off of that. But probably "fuckhuge."

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>Chaos gods walking in the materium would be fucking bizarre. Nurgle has a cauldron whose contents are bigger than all the oceans of all the world of man. You could probably figure out a rough size based off of that. But probably "fuckhuge."

Possibly. Depends on how exactly Ork belief makes their weapons work. Being creations of the Old ones they might work through something other than the warp.

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> Chaos Gods hop into the Materium and repeal the huge Hive Fleets using comically oversized fly-swatters, slippers and bug zappers

Why isn't this a thing yet?

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I put that as one of the game changers
Chaos gods can fight

I don't know why no one has said anything about the emperor being revived helping with anything

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All "invasions" into the Eye of Terror have been completely doomed massacres, and that is on a good day.

Entering a realm where the gods control the horizontal and the vertical to make war on their domain is as beyond insane as a plan can get.

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First off, Gork and Mork aren't Chaos Gods

Second, the Chaos Gods are the most powerful beings in the Warp.

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I don't think the Tyranid CAN go into the Warp, because of their Shadow of the Warp power.

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Harlequins. Because this is hilariously fucked up.

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Orks. It'd end in an eternal stalemate between the tyranids and orks which is a biological dead end for the tyranids and a glorious golden age for the orks.

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I'm pretty sure Gork and Mork are the most powerful beings in the warp, they're just too busy beating the shit out of each other to get serious about galactic conquest. Kind of like the orks themselves.

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Nope. The Chaos Gods are the most powerful.

Gork and Mork, like the Eldar Gods, must be just rogue aspects of the Chaos Gods.

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but it would not be a stalemate. Nids Reproduce faster. you endgame is busted wide open.

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A single small tendril of a hive fleet wrecked an Empire of Orks.

That fight has showned that the Nids can utterly dominate the Orks in battle. There won't be no stalemate between the Orks and the Nids.

The Tyranids are winning it all.

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The Imperium recovering a Standard Template Constructor would be a VERY big game changer; all of a sudden all the resources of the Imperium could be churning out stuff ten times better than anything they have now, and the average Guardsman could be as well armed as a Space Marine.

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Not sure why everyone is counting the Emperor out. With god tier scientist/psyker back in command shit would get done.

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It really strains my imagination to consider Gork and Mork anything other than aspects of Khorne, considering:

1- The chaos gods are the most powerful (or is it just "the most dangerous?") denizens of the Warp... which says something about Gork and Mork, unless they are not Warp denizens. Although silly, maybe there's a waaagh dimension, which is also, obviously, where Sisters of Battle get their powers.

2- Khorne gains power from every death inflicted by a sentient upon another sentient, hence why he is by far the strongest of the chaos gods.

3- The ork attitude on life is "casual murder is fun."

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>The Octarius war contines to escalate. Recent reports indicate that the Tyranid Swarmlord has joined the assault on the Orks of Octarius. Kryptman's plan to have both xenos species destroy each other at first appeared to be successful. However, his plan backfired. Orks from lightyears around are flocking to Octarius, and are growing bigger and stronger on their diet of conflict. And every Ork devoured gives more biomass to the growing Tyranid swarm, which is constantly learning and adapting new ways to defeat their foes. Kryptman started a series of events that is making both sides stronger. Whichever race wins the war will emerge stronger than before.
Yeah, cool. Clearly the orks are incapable of operating on the same level as the tyranid master-race.

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Long story short, because Gork and Mork are warp reflections of the characteristic of "ork". Orks don't kill things out of rage or hate, but because orks are made for fightin' an' winnin'.

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How about you read up on the details of the War?

The Tyranids went 5 rounds with the Orks and won each time. The crippled Tendril grew from small remnants into a Hive Fleet that is threatening the whole sector.

The Nids devoured all major Ork Worlds in that Empire and only the Capital World remains. It got so worse that the Eldar and Space Marines are scrambling to fight the Nids in that sector and stop them from devouring more Biomass.

It make matters worse, the Swarmlord has spawned to finish off the last Orkish World. It is Over!

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You're right, winning the opening parts of the war, then getting stuck in a stalemate once the other side started digging their heels in. What a glorious and one sided victory. Fact of the matter is orks and tyranids are very unstoppable force/immovable object.

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The Kryptmann gambit may still be of...some good use. All 'nids coming out of the Octarius war, if the 'nids win, will be extremelly geared towards killing orks, and nothing else.

A potentially evolutionary dead-end when it encounters non-orks.

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It has no bearing on the emotional state of the killer whether the kill feeds Khorne or not, is the thing. Callous orbital bombardment (thanks, inquisition) and snipering is just as good. If only "pissed off melee dudes" fed Khorne, he'd be weaker than Slaanesh, but he is the dominant chaos power because he feeds off all killing.

>> No.21038244

what Stalemate? the Imperium and Eldar are making an effort to bail the orkz out. unless you mean retreating is digging your heels in?

>> No.21038253

The Warp is made of emotion, it's not the physical universe. He's fed by emotion and psychic energy, not by some muppet beating some other muppet over the head with a powerfist.

>> No.21038259

I don't see as a stalemate. The Orks couldn't stop the advance of the Nids nor could they stop them from devouring a ridiculous amount of Biomass.

The Orks are currently making their last stand on their last major world, and other parts of the fleet has moved on to Imperial Territory. This all indicates that the Nids are winning and that there isn't or wasn't any form of stalemate.

The only stalemate exists in the head of Ork fans who can't handle the fact that they are LOSING!

>> No.21038262

and every sentient being killed during war ect feeds Khorne in some way.

>> No.21038265

I always saw that stuff about Cassandra Kryptmann's gambit failing as an in-universe commentary, reflecting the Inquisitor's continued bad press.

He's basically got what he wanted, and more - rather than just destroying one Ork Empire, the war is now attracting Orks from nearby space, reducing their threat to the Imperium.

>> No.21038274

Never really thought of it that way. A big war will attract more orks, but that's not a bad thing.

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Well, besides the fact that I play Word Bearers and only have a cursory interest in orks, nothing indicates that the tyranids are winning other than the teary-eyed fapping of tyranid players. Fluff says that the orks are keeping up just fine. Deal with it.

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>The only stalemate exists in the head of Ork fans who can't handle the fact that they are LOSING!
BINGO. As a Tau player even with the extra 2k years to advance we will still get our scrawny Grey asses handed to us and I accept that BECAUSE Tau and Orkz are the same in the fact they will never win anything major like this.

>> No.21038289

The Nids born from the conflict are crawling out and are heading to Imperial worlds.

He might saved the Imperials from the Orks, but he replaced them with tons of Nids!

Good trade, don't you think?

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All the Tyranids? Shit son, you gotta cut that down to give everyone a chance.

Orks and Necrons are the only ones who even stand a chance. Necrons because they are the straight antithesis of what the 'Nids are good at fighting and will put up an epic battle of Flesh vs Machine. Orks because they are fucking retarded and don't really fir the universe and have literal magic bullshit powers, however their method of reproduction and fighting style plays right into what the 'Nids are going to be the best at fighting against.

Give Humanity a thousand years under the Emperor to unite and MAYBE they stand a chance. That is a very large MAYBE, provided they are given the powers of PLOT and copious amounts of GRIMDARK to fuel their war effort.

Chaos, with a thousand years united, stands an even lesser chance, mostly because they will have to fight the Imperium to gain the manpower in the would of the Material before they can even dream of fighting the 'Nids.

Tau flatly don't and never will have the numbers to make any sort of impact against anything.

Eldar don't have clear enough parameters, and will lose because of the few bodies. Maybe at the absolute height of their empire could they have posed a credible threat to a full Tyranid incursion.

Honestly, everything measures up against the Tyranids and the Necrons are really the only ones I can see winning given your parameters, Go go Space Tomb Lords.

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What's your opinion on >>21038014?

>> No.21038305

Old fluff says that. New fluff? Nah.

I suggest you read it and update your fluff, buddy.

Then you deal with it!

>> No.21038313

What about the fully united and STC'd up Imperium teaming up with Eldar and Tau?

>> No.21038315

>Old fluff.
>Book that came out in Febuary of this year is old.

>> No.21038323

The chaos gods were stipulated to be willing to throw their all into it, which is essentially an automatic win condition. The forces in the eye of Terror could be given unlimited amount of time to build up, as even time is under the control of the chaos gods, and giving them only favorable god gifts? We are talking about, at a minimum, arbitrarily large armies and fleets of chaos champions with any amount of gear. They have no need to raid the Imperium for manpower, why would they?

>> No.21038330

There's still that whole "million to one" numerical advantage thing.

>> No.21038338

I mean, at the Golden Age of Humanity they probably would have been able to send the Tyranids shipping, but the fact is that the Imperium only has manpower and half-remembered shades of technology that even then only remembers what might have been during the Golden Age.

Even with the stupidly powerful current Imperium that is still mostly winning even though it can't get its shit together, the Tyranids are an OH FUCK DAMN level of threat.

Orks are fucking dumb, and the way they reproduce and fight basically feeds the 'Nids, but hand it to GW to give their joke of a race some contrived way of winning.

Chaos is the most major threat to HUMANITY. They always will be. Unfortunately, the Chaos gods are simply not powerful enough in the Material plane to be much of a threat to anything not as heavily invested in the Warp as Humanity.

Necrons are the final bastion, as they fight and are basically equipped perfectly to fight the Tyranids.

>> No.21038339

fine the continuation of that fluff then. if you wanna go full assburgers about it.

>> No.21038344


Shadow of the warp affects Warp Communication by drowning it out through sheer volume of nid psychic chatter.

Why does everyone have this wrong idea in their heads that its some kind of anti-warp field?

>> No.21038360

I thought Modern Necrons were a lot less powerful then Oldcrons?

Also if the Emperor came back couldn't he fix the webway portal on Terra and just have the Imperium migrate to new lands in the webway?

>> No.21038363

During the Great Crusade the Imperium was kicking the shit out of Orks galaxy wide until the Heresy.

>> No.21038366

Maybe if Mankind manages to stabilize its Psykers properly.

>Orks are fucking dumb, and the way they reproduce and fight basically feeds the 'Nids, but hand it to GW to give their joke of a race some contrived way of winning.
> Orkz
> Dumb
Please, no.
Orkz are simply too afressive for strategy, but they aren't dumb.

>> No.21038369

An STC would basically be a game-changer for the entire galaxy, what with being straight from the Golden Age of Humanity.

Tau are once again completely fucking useless seeing as there are so numerically few of them and their only possible advantage (useful tech) is negated completely by a human possessed STC.

Eldar are slightly more useful because of their mastery of Warp sorcery and battle planning.

Still, humans with an STC fucks over the entire balance of everything in the galaxy.

Humans + Emperor + STC + 1000 years to prepare is the only thing that gives the Imperium an even noticeable chance.

>> No.21038372

>Why does everyone have this wrong idea in their heads that its some kind of anti-warp field?
Its the same reason Orkz players think the waaaargh is full blown timelord of bullshit powers.

>> No.21038383

Of course it would, because they ONLY LOSE ALL THE TIME.
And this gets grating after a while.

>> No.21038396

>Also if the Emperor came back couldn't he fix the webway portal on Terra and just have the Imperium migrate to new lands in the webway?

I'm pretty sure that moron Magnus damaged a lot of very hard to acquire components when he tried to be a hero. It would probably take decades for the Emperor to locate or build the needed parts. Maybe he could negotiate with the Eldar?

>> No.21038401

>Spells Waaagh! with an r.
>Clearly knows their shit.

>> No.21038405

How does that makes sense at all? The Chaos Gods are RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL in the Warp. Not so much in the Material plane, which is what the Tyranids occupy almost exclusively.

Chaos can tell the laws of physics to go fuck themselves to a certain degree, but "unlimited matter" is not one of those things. Chaos can stretch conservation of energy to an extent, but their fighting force would have to come from converted beings of the Material plane. Deamons are extremely less powerful when operating outside the warp.

I'm not discounting them, but the fight between them and the 'Nids would be Apples vs Oranges. I wouldn't even know how that would be fought.

I'll need some confirmation that Time, on a Universal scale, is subject to the whims of Chaos.

>> No.21038410

Oldcron were at the threat level of the Nids. A danger that could destroy and enslave the galaxy should it awaken.

The Newcrons are bickering fractured kingdoms. Simply another faction in the setting fighting for survival and conquest.

>> No.21038413


How would Emperor negotiations with the Eldar even work?

Other than the Emps rescuing Eldrad, sitting down with him over some tea and saying to him: "Yes, you were right ok? Here's your 50 bucks..."

>> No.21038416

oh the irony

>> No.21038420

>I'm pretty sure that moron Magnus damaged a lot of very hard to acquire components when he tried to be a hero. It would probably take decades for the Emperor to locate or build the needed parts. Maybe he could negotiate with the Eldar?
It'd be interesting to see what Big E's opinion after 11 Millenia of internment will be in regards to most of his previous doctrines.

I mean... he's said to have gotten stronger due to worship, right?
That, and he's bound to have seen a lot that he previously didn't pay attention to as a corporeal being during all that time...

>> No.21038421

clearly cares about the most boring race in a boring game.

>> No.21038422

>Misuses irony.
>That's actually the canon spelling.

>> No.21038424

Exactly that.

And the Tau can tag along as cheerleaders.

>> No.21038430

Arright smart guy, source for both claims.

>> No.21038436

> emps negotiates with Eldar
> gets accused of Heresy
My sides!

>> No.21038438

Macha would finally get laid. That's how.

>> No.21038439

To clarify, when I say dumb I refer to their existence as a race within 40k canon.

>> No.21038448

Are you sure the Tau lose all the time?

They won in Taros. I remember.

>> No.21038449


I find it ironic that the shitty fanon surrounding Nicole Oliver's characters posits one of them as a desperate virgin and the other as a nymphomaniac.

Despite the fact that the lady herself has way more sex appeal than either of them.

>> No.21038451

Ehh, I assume that the parameters being consistent, the Newcrons would be artificially united to fight the threat. In fact, the way he speaks he seems to be referring to the Oldcrons in the scenario.

>> No.21038452

> I·ro·ny: noun, plural i·ro·nies. "The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend. "

>> No.21038459

>be lying jerks to humans for millenia
>tell humans that their best and brightest is a traitor
>actually expect them to believe you

He only told the Emperor because he knew one day he'd get the chance to say I told you so.

That Eldrad. What a dick.

>> No.21038460

Yeah, but that would only happen if Chaos decided to cooperate.
Oh shit.

>> No.21038466

>To clarify, when I say dumb I refer to their existence as a race within 40k canon.
Care to elaborate on that?
Are you that person that seems to think that Chaos is the msot interesting WH40k faction?

>> No.21038468

Point conceded.
Quoting only the first definition of a word fools no-one.

>> No.21038469

No I mean the Imperium.
New Tau faction?
New Necron army list?
New Ork units?
And so on. It would be nice if for once, the new armies wailed on each other and not just the imperium.

>> No.21038478


Imperium is the biggest presence in the verse. Of course every new codex is gonna feature clashes.

>> No.21038481

Care to show the class which meaning of the word relates to how you used it?

>> No.21038482

No, that would be me.

And I still think that If they remove all the crappy Xeno races or toned them down and kept 40K between the Imperium and Chaos, It would be a great setting.

>> No.21038492

>5. an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

>> No.21038504

Christ no. Chaos is a cool, eldritch villain. I like the Imperium as a diverse setting the most. IG is my most favoritest faction, space marines can go fuck themselves.

Still waiting for the next gritty Band of Brothers-esque story of a Guard battalion as they travel around losing and gaining members.

Orks just don't fit the setting of GRIMDARK. I get that the whole DARKNESS thing is supposed to be an over the top joke, but I LIKE grittiness. Orks are just fucking jarring whenever they show up.

They're silly and comedic, something I don't feel has a place in the setting I prefer.

But hey,

>> No.21038506

There was definitely Ork-Tau violence in the last greenskin codex. Da Kunningest Plan or something.

>> No.21038508

That would be if my pointing out of your failure to spell Waaagh! correctly directly caused me to err in my own spelling. Which it did not. Please try again. You're thinking of coincidence.

>> No.21038513

The tyranids will probably win this contest hands down.

If some of the old fluff is to be believed, the tyranids already had 12 GALAXIES worth of biomass, with all the resources, rare nutrients and metals for their bodies, and countless forms of evolutionary apex predators to choose from.

If OP's decision to combine all tyranids in the universe, the tyranid forces can overwhelm every single world in the Milky Way and some of them will still have to wait in line just to get here

Tyranids have so much advantage in resources, numbers and adaptations. And thats not counting the effect(or processing power) of a Hive Mind composed by 12 galaxies worth of tyranids

>> No.21038525

There were trillions of immortals in the war of the ancients, let alone necron warriors. Sure, the war dwindled their numbers greatly, but there would still be a quite a few billion immortals left.
How many would it take to truly take on the tyranids?
Lets also not forget all the unused tech- the necrons made world sized machines to conquer the Old Ones (see world engine), and focused the destructive power of stars into weapons of extreme potency (see Aether Orb). They may not be as great as they one were, but they certainly could deal with a threat like the Tyranids for a time, as engagements with the Tyranids would only favour them. Necrons that are too damaged to self repair are often teleported back to a tomb world via a monolith, leaving the bugs nothing to digest.
>TL;DR in a straight up fight nothing for tyranids to nom so no dice.

>> No.21038528

>That would be if my pointing out of your failure to spell Waaagh! correctly directly caused me to err in my own spelling.
Uh, no. "Guy who thinks he knows how to spell a word, actually makes a different mistake" qualifies as "an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected".

>> No.21038536

Of course.
It just gets grating after a while, when every codex is mostly "look at how we are at killing the worthless Imperial Guard!".

Or perhaps I'm just wrong. Either way, it would be nice to see things going the Imperium's way for once.

>> No.21038540


Read an Imperium codex.

>> No.21038545

IF I had messed it up while correcting you, it would have been because I am an idiot, not because I was correcting you. For it to be ironic the direct cause would have had to have been the direct precursor. What you're thinking of is a humourous coincidence. But enough of this, I'm late for my hourly wank.

>> No.21038549

6/10 could have ranked higher.

>> No.21038552

With the colossal presence of the Hive Mind, they would completely block out Chaos in the galaxy and would also block out the Astronomican, fucking the Imperium royally even before fighting, eldar would probably die from the sheer terror from the shadow invading their minds, Orks have lost the advantage of numbers, the tau, well who gives a fuck about the tau? The rest of the xenos scum native to the milky way are stomped

dunno about lolcrons

>> No.21038558

All this thread does is making me realise how shit the 40k setting is compared to FB.

>> No.21038563

>For it to be ironic the direct cause would have had to have been the direct precursor.
Nothing in your source mentions this. The definition fits this use. As far as I can tell, you're just making shit up.

>> No.21038564

see that is Ironic since he has been wanking on for about 20 minutes now.

>> No.21038570

Why dont you start a WHFB thread?

>> No.21038571

The setting was never meant to cover all races at their peak duking it out.
The setting has become a mixed bag of piss because a lot of stuff contradicts itself.
Why? Because no one would buy a race that is declared the worst by the fluff in it's own codex.

>> No.21038577


>> No.21038581

>The tyranids will probably win this contest hands down.

This. I'm an Imperialfag who loves the idea of the cataclysmic battle against chaos and so on, really pleased with the way fluff seems to be going in the new edition. However, GW kind of pushed itself into a corner, because the 'nids are (seemingly?) FAR more threatening than Chaos. Chaos are warped insane humans who turn man's own weapons against them, but the 'nids are endless waves of hyper evolved killing machines pushed to the pinnacle of destructive power by an all controlling hivemind that very well may be a lovecraftian horror from beyond time.

Nature you scary.

>> No.21038582

At least it isn't boring generic tolkien clone.

>> No.21038606

>Elves are pretty and perfect.
>Dwarves have beards and are gruff scotsmen.
>Halflings are drunks.
>Goblins infest once proud dwarven city located under mountain.
>Wasteland where the greatest evil in the world dwells.
Not like Tolkien at all.

>> No.21038608

I have to agree though, Fantasy fluff is a lot more contained than the 40k fluff, which is why I disliked it greatly for a few years.
I picked up Necrons after playing dark crusade because they were the best big bad IMO, but alas their evil shade has been pissed on to make them closer to table top, rather than making them play more like the old fluff( which would have been awesome, but we can't all have nice things). I've been playing wood elves and orcs and goblins in WHFB, simply because they're the best WYSIWYG in comparison to the fluff (ex. special characters, but who uses those?)

>> No.21038612

GW can give the Nids the Newcron treatment.

Give them personality, ambitions, and other Agenda. A group of Hive Tyrants rebel against the Hive Mind and shatter it to pieces, and then the Hive Tyrants go on their separate ways and seek their own way.

The Tyranids being not united would lower their threat factor and give their fans the individuality they always wanted.

>> No.21038616
File: 26 KB, 184x208, 1348419048078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They profane the very name of life

>> No.21038621

>letting wardian fluff take hold

>> No.21038624

So the advantages of every race so far is like this:

>12 galaxies worth of biomass
>highly adaptable, plus bonus on pre-existing adaptations from other galaxies
>noms biomass both from their corpses and other races
>Extreme power the Hive Mind will become at that many tyranids

>teleports out when near death, so hard to really fucking kill
>Star Gods can be used to reach MASSIVE shit
>Insane materium-bending tech that makes the Death Star look like a sharpened stick
>Tech that may or may not have the capability of turning gods into pokemon and sharding the buggers

>Unified WAAAAGH! can boost ork-magic-bullshit to unprecedented levels
>perfect enviroment for orks, they would actually flourish
>all the foightin will further boost the growth and strenght of the orks

>United forces of Chaos thats not actually fucking around can cause major shit
>Extreme power and unpredictability of the combined might of ALL CHAOS GODS
>Technically cant die, just goes back to the Warp
>Ability(maybe) to corrupt other factions\

>Reborn Emps
>Stabilized psykers
>All the STCs would bring humanity back to its Golden Age
>If they manage to recreate the Iron Men sans the "kill all" bug, they would become really fucking powerful

Eldar/Dark Eldar
>Can hide in the Webway
>Reincarnation of their Gods will be a massive boon

>Highly advanced tech
>2000+ years of development makes them too unpredicatable to scale

This is turning out to be a massive 5-way battle between the Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, Imperium and Chaos.
Cant see the eldars or tau making any difference though

And what about that race that annihalated all life after the war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr?

>> No.21038626

So what? Ward is an excellent writer.

>> No.21038630

>The Tyranids being not united would lower their threat factor and give their fans the individuality they always wanted.
I like that idea, even if it's a bit overdone.
I know. I hate the nids, I think they're the most boring, bland race in the game, and I play IMPERIAL GUARD.

>> No.21038637

Silence, hypocrite

Your very namesake is a Wardian Invention.

>> No.21038649

>And what about that race that annihalated all life after the war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr?

Enslavers. They're still around, the Inquisition shits it's pants when they have to deal with them. Modus operandi is basically, DETECT ENSLAVER, LAUNCH CYCLONIC TORPEDOES, NO ONE SAW ANYTHING.

>> No.21038660

I've never heard of these. Someone please explain.

>> No.21038662

New Crons are currently trying to find new organic bodies to move the minds of their race into. (Kinda like what the Great Race do but that's not here or their.)

If the universe is lifeless new crons are going to be PISSED because it means they could never find a suitable life form to revive their race with.

So the New Crons would join the other races in fighting the Nids back, because it's in their interest.

>> No.21038667

The Enslavers aren't mentioned in the new Codex.

It was the Eldar race that forced the Necrons to sleep.

>> No.21038668

What's to stop them from becoming Cronids?

>> No.21038677

Frankly, there are just far too many variables to consider for such an epic-scale war, but it'll be safe to assume that the final Grand Battle Royal will be between Tyranids, Necrons and Orks, assuming of course the Imperium or Chaos didnt pull some giant Project Fuck-the-Galaxy hullabalu.

What? So are Enslavers retconned? Also
>cyclonic torpedoes
The Inquisition just exterminatus anything with an enslaver on it? damn

>> No.21038684

Gork, Mork and Emprah are individually stronger than the ruinous powers combined, and older too for that matter

Chaos is the Great Enemy because mankind and eldar are bound to it, not because they're the most powerful

Hell, Khorne is relatively young in 40k

>> No.21038698

M-Matt? Is that you?

>> No.21038702
File: 33 KB, 632x160, Time is meaningless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gork, Mork and Emprah are individually stronger than the ruinous powers combined, and older too for that matter

Don't lie. The Chaos Gods are the oldest beings in the galaxy and the most powerful in the Warp.

>> No.21038709

>The Inquisition just exterminatus anything with an enslaver on it? damn

Unless they can stop them in the very most initial stage of the infestations, yeah. They're that fucking dangerous. The enslavers wiped out large portions of the sentient races in the galaxy in it's early history. Do not fuck with enslavers.

>> No.21038719

According to Chaos fluff. According to the SM 'dex everyone who's not a cum-stain of Girlyman feels deep shame that they're not good enough to be AHTRAHMEHREENS!

>> No.21038720

Retconned or had their role reduced.

Old Fluff Enslavers killed nearly everyone and forced the C'tan and Necrons to slumber.

In the New fluff, the Eldar were numerous and were powerful enough to chase the Necrons to their tombs. This wouldn't have happened if the Enslavers were around.

>> No.21038727


Slaanesh is the only one younger than the Emperor. But also "No time in the warp" so it's older too.

>> No.21038730

In the war in heaven fluff yes, they're still one of the most dangerous warp spawned threats in the CURRENT imperium.

>> No.21038736

Humans are apparently not suitable enough hosts for the Crons. They are picking buggers. O___o

>> No.21038748

Emps psychic being is hyper charged from ten thousand years of trillions of worshipers praying in his name, along with being sacrificed the psychic essence of thousands of psykers every day for the same amount of time. Remember, it's the Emperor in his shattered state right now that not only keeps the warpgate on Terra closed, but shields mankind from Chaos simply permeating the whole material universe.

>> No.21038759

It's too bad he's not a god, huh?

>> No.21038769
File: 473 KB, 861x1084, 1344763021855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5th paragraph, Gork and Mork give no fucks about Emps or Chaos


>And yet has never existed

>> No.21038777

Is that some RT fluff? Really dude?

>> No.21038785

>He sensed other powers subtly trying to oppose him, and laughed as their attempts to restrain his crude, irresistible purpose

>> No.21038795

Not yet...
>wake up jack

>> No.21038800
File: 455 KB, 858x1032, 1344763055276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, forgot image

>> No.21038805

>implying RT fluff is not the trufluff
>ecombem jewish

>> No.21038812
File: 406 KB, 725x1021, 1344763089611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21038814

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you'll find in current fluff Gork and Mork outdate mr. I-Like-To-Think-I'm-A-God-But-My-One-Weakness-Is-Lightning-Claws.

>> No.21038818

>The Emperor bent his thoughts to the task

Emprah, broest of bros

>> No.21038827

It's not.

I, for one, would ignore all fluff from an era where Marines sniffed farts and the Sisters were marine busting Cops.

>> No.21038852
File: 40 KB, 290x432, 1340349363220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha nice, stick it to him

>> No.21038855
File: 325 KB, 900x857, 1337219920347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait up, I'll find the Emps fluff too

Well, chaosfags, do you feel the warp overtaking you?

>> No.21038859

It...is a good pain.

>> No.21038869

Before the old ones fucked about with everything and everyone to fight the Necrontyr The Warp was Paradise. No chaos, No Daemons, No Nightmarish Eldritch abominations, Paradise. But when the Old Ones started playing with "Fisher Price - My first genetic engineering set" and creating a major influx of Psyker races the sheer emotion and Psychic essence threw the warp into turmoil, creating all the fucked up shit we know and hate today, the first of which before Chaos was The Enslavers, who subconsciously used the untrained Psykers heads as portals into the Matterium so they could eat and kill everything in their path, like Daemons but weirder, "the arrival of these Warp entities brought the final downfall of the Old Ones reign as their own creations fell victim to the command of the Enslavers. Breaching the Immaterium in epidemic numbers, the Enslavers would take what was left of the galaxy whilst the C'tan retreated to ride out the storm. Thus, the galaxy became a wasteland until the psyker swarm died off and allowed the galaxy to emerge with new life" - Lexicanum

>> No.21038884

>All the Orcs unite another a super WAAGGH and fight together
>All the thyranids in the universe arrive in the milky way and begin attacking everyone
One of these.
Emps coming in second.

>> No.21038890


The power of the Ward complies you to ignore it.

>> No.21038893

I think it's cute you think the Imperial High Lords wouldn't perform a coup rather than submit to the Emperor. Daemons are coming second, fo sho.

>> No.21038895


>> No.21038898

That's ok, I have a 3+ Ward Save.

>> No.21038900

It would be hilarious if a faction of the ecclesiarchy denies the reborn Emps as a trickery of Chaos

>> No.21038907

Faction of? Come on, the worst thing that could possibly happen to the Imperial government is the return of the golden boy.

>> No.21038910

You just brrought outfated fluff into the debate.

What next? You will bring up the Sensei?

>> No.21038915

They'd have a hell of a time of it. The High Lords have been taken out by men far less capable than Big E in the past.

>> No.21038916

S-so that's how it is...Takada-sensei already has someone he likes...

>> No.21038918

point taken, but surely some of the priests of the Imperial Cult would be all over the place just to venerate the Emps

>> No.21038920

Konrad was killed by a single assassin. I bet the Imperial Assassins can take the Emperor.

>> No.21038925

Unless they sided with the traitor legions...

>> No.21038926

Ask the Word Bearers what the Emperor does to people who worship him as a god.

>> No.21038939

If I recall my fluff correctlty, he let the assassin kill him

>> No.21038948

Yeah, he was matyring himself to prove to the Emperor that he was just as bad.

>> No.21038949
File: 370 KB, 1085x1402, Emp01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Powers of Chaos began to grow even before the Emperor's time, but did not achieve full power until many thousands of years later. During the Emperor's youth and early life the Chaos powers were insufficiently strong to disturb the natural harmonies of the warp


You just brought shit typing and grammar into the debate.

What next? You'll actually have something to back up your argument?

>> No.21038956

well, obviously. they would be replaced.

assume Emps is back and supercharged with psykers and religion, even. nothing's gonna stop him uniting humanity.

>> No.21038962

So, Matt, what codex are you working on right now? Please don't say orks, I really don't want to end up with meganobz with 8 toughness and 9 wounds. Also, under current fluff, Khorne reached full maturity during Earth's middle ages. He made Ghenghis Khan a Daemon Prince.

>> No.21038967

>What next? You'll actually have something to back up your argument?

The newer fluff that says the Chaos Gods always existed and that they are the most powerful beings in the warp.

Heck, even good old Khaine was revealed to be a part of both Khorne and Slaanesh.

>> No.21038976

>Heck, even good old Khaine was revealed to be a part of both Khorne and Slaanesh.

When did this shit happen?

>> No.21038982

In the dark grimness of the far future.

>> No.21038988
File: 180 KB, 643x829, Khaine'sShattering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Fall of the Eldar.

>> No.21038992
File: 573 KB, 973x1340, Emp07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Driven by the force of all his rage and pain and hatred the Emperor wills Horus's death. He senses the forces of Chaos retreat, disengaging themselves from their pawn.
>the forces of Chaos retreat
>Lol Chaos Almighty

>Pointing out things I dont like with old fluff
>He must be Matt.
>No Matt, you are the Matt

>Also, under current fluff, Khorne reached full maturity during Earth's middle ages
Well, that makes Emps about 9k older than Khorne

>> No.21039015

Current fluff, he was born in the 8th millenium. Be honest with me, have you read ANY of the fluff since second ed?

>> No.21039088

>>Also, under current fluff, Khorne reached full maturity during Earth's middle ages

>Well, that makes Emps about 9k older than Khorne

So how long does it take for unknowable daemon gods to reach maturity?

>> No.21039100

Since Ugg first hit Thog with his club.

>> No.21039106

So if horus didnt go emo and lets assume none of the other primarchs did either, would the imperium stand a chance (no more technological stagnation fuck yes)?

>> No.21039133

No, cause the universe's only hope against the tyranids are the orks.

>> No.21039151
File: 23 KB, 220x220, 2493349-1293621052349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ollanius pius getting retconned still pisses me off

>> No.21039162

Had the Great Crusade continued for 10,000 more years humanity may well have outnumbered the Orks

>> No.21039165

as long as the gap between the first stimulus and the larger Birth Contractions of the second stimulus
The first time someone got ill to the Black death - Nurgle
The First time someone created something to the Rennaisance - Tzeentch
The first time someone killed someone/Got Angry - Khorne
The First time someone enjoyed something to the Fall of the Eldar - Slannesh

>> No.21039170

The dude is back.

But he isn't a normal Guardsman. He is now an Immortal Highlander dude.


>> No.21039172

Yeah, which'd be nice until the humans ran out of reinforcements. Orks don't have that problem.

>> No.21039188

i structured that incredibly wrong
The first time someone got ill until the the Black death rolled around - Nurgle
The First time someone created something Until the great Rennaisance - Tzeentch
The first time someone killed someone/Got Angry until the Mongol Invasion - Khorne
The First time someone enjoyed something until the Fall of the Eldar - Slannesh

>> No.21039191

you know I acknowledge your opinion, but you are still wrong.

>> No.21039192
File: 9 KB, 251x176, 1314562415192s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21039200

But you also have to remember that if the great crusade did continue for another 10 millenia they would be cruising around in the webway with super advanced tech. Hell humanity might even be friends with the eldar, banging space slut elves.

>> No.21039201

Yes but it was the concept of a Normal Guardsmen standing against something he knew to be incredibly and unfathomably more powerful than himself and still giving his life to the good of the Emperor

>> No.21039211

Which would be great, but they'd eventually be ground down. Orks breed almost as well, if not as well, as tyranids. And you can't slow them down by killing their queens. Plus orks get tougher the longer a war goes on, humans run out of materials, food and morale.

>> No.21039228


Send sneaky bugs to kill Warbosses




Destroy the Orkish factories


Its like you didn't read Nid vs Ork fluff

>> No.21039231

Ah, I think we have our problem. We've slightly deviated from OPs hypothetical

The hypothetical here is that if the imperium had never stagnated and continued as it was for 10k years, it would have steamrollered the remaining Orks before they had time to put up a united front.

>> No.21039257

Hell they still could if they stopped being retarded. If just one primarch was found/woke up and said to the mechanicus to stop being retarded the imperium would suddenly get shitloads of new technologies. Even in its now crippled state the imperium could develop new weapons. Or that one magos dude who is searching for the device containing all of the stc blueprints could find what he is looking for.

>> No.21039269

If they do that, the Iron Men will return.

>> No.21039275

>Orks don't give a fuck if you kill the warboss, the next biggest nob just steps up.
>Good luck poisoning the entire orkish travelling eco-system.
>So you're saying tyranids are going to win the war by winning the war? Awesome.
>Ork v. 'nid fluff never goes anywhere, everytime it comes up outside of a codex it ends up in a genetic arms race as is the case with Octarius.

>> No.21039280

They could just not create the iron men or they could improve them in some way.

>> No.21039288

> Orks breed almost as well, if not as well, as tyranids.
> if not as well, as tyranids.

niggah you just went full Ogryn

Ork Spores take quite a while to grow and need certain conditions. Nids have things that wander about crapping out more.

>> No.21039293

Well, the Lion is still alive. I doubt Corax, Vulkan, Khan, or Russ will ever return.
I hope Lion comes back in the new DA codex.

>> No.21039295

Please dont insult Ogryns. Ogryns are badass.

>> No.21039298

I have to quibble with this point here
>Orks don't give a fuck if you kill the warboss, the next biggest nob just steps up.

It heavily depends on the circumstances.
If there isn't one clear second in command, the whole secondary command structure can devolve into a colossal cluster fuck as the clan chiefs kill each other, leading the majoirty of Orks leaderless

>> No.21039304

Sanguinius will reform himself out of enough Blood Angels slashing their wrists. This is why the Chapter becomes more emo as time goes on.

>> No.21039318

Conditions? Zogwart matured inside an Imperial town. And yeah, they take a while, but the only problem with that is the initial wait for the first crop of new boyz. After that you've got a steady stream of boyz comin' in ta krump dem bug fings.

>> No.21039322

So do space marines poop?

>> No.21039330

Part of the Waaagh! field is that it lets orks instinctively tell which ork is "da biggest" in any given area. No warboss worth his salt would have a designated second in command, that's a good way to get coup'd.

>> No.21039333

If Space Wolves don't piss I don't want to live on this planet.

>> No.21039334

They are dumb, though. Remember that story where Greiss asks Nork to get the med-kit?

>> No.21039341

>>Orks don't give a fuck if you kill the warboss, the next biggest nob just steps up.

Didn't help Orks on Ghorala. The Orks descended into chaotic infighting and lost.

>Good luck poisoning the entire orkish travelling eco-system.

If left unmolested. The Nids venom bugs will poison the entire world with toxins and gasses.

The Orks are not immune to poison, as I recall.

>>So you're saying tyranids are going to win the war by winning the war? Awesome.

Orks need a lot of materials to win a war unless you think the Waaagh effect will spawn weapons and ammo for the Orks outta thin air. The Nids need just one resource and the Orks are giving them plenty of it.

In a resource attrition war, The Nids win.

>>Ork v. 'nid fluff never goes anywhere, everytime it comes up outside of a codex it ends up in a genetic arms race as is the case with Octarius.

Planetstrike and the Nid Codex has shown the Nids to be wining and that the Orks are thrown into defending their last stronghold.

It is safe to assume the nids are winning because they are WINNING!

>> No.21039343
File: 2.78 MB, 1906x925, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Underestimating the Orks

>> No.21039351

When I say clear second in command, I just mean a fuckhueg nob that is clearly bigger and orkier than the others, but not quite as big or orky as the warboss.

and the waagh field isn't infallible either.
Otherwise they wouldn't need to beat the shit out of each other to confirm it.

>> No.21039352

No, john, chaos was overpowered, but has now become childrens toys.
They were never awesome.

>> No.21039353

Maybe there are two hatches on the power armor for shitting and pissing. I would imagine space marines would urinate while yelling something along the lines of "IN THE EMPERORS NAME WE ARE THE ANGELS OF DEATH NO MERCY NO RETREAT!!!".

>> No.21039359

Its worse.

The Nids phage cells attack and breakdown Ork spores. Granted the Strong Spores will survive and grow into stronger Orks, but that will leave the Orks outnumbered in the end.

>> No.21039377

Something to consider - the WAAAAGH! field gets stronger as the horde grows. Every single Ork under one banner would be an unprecedented amount of power...

>> No.21039379

>Oi gitz! why is you grots not krumpin' the enemy?
>Some Git nicked all our wartrukks Boss!
>WOT!?!? 'OO could have nicked all our shineys right under our no...
>Says 'ere that it was gifted, wat da zog does that mean boss?
>it means BLOODY MAGPIES!!!!!

>> No.21039384

Whatever you say, sweetheart.

>> No.21039392


>> No.21039396
File: 141 KB, 500x753, NidbutcheringOrks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OF COURSE, It is whatever I say.

Because I am always right and the NIDZ ARE STRONG!

>> No.21039398

Fuck, wrong one.

>> No.21039404
File: 13 KB, 280x245, Tau2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm siding with the Tau here.
As much as I love orks (and would like them to win. Biased opinion) the Tau already have Railguns that shred through most things like it's made of wet toiletpaper.

They got to this kind of technology within only 6k years.
They got a relatively strong grip on their empire.

Pretty sure they can make something that easily goes straight through an entire planet if they get another couple of thousand years.

Although taking their Culture and believes in consideration I doubt they'd really go all out in a Battle Royal. Turtling like crazy.

ALSO KROOT, they will probably get some 2k evolution and technology going on as well. Anything the Tau has in passiveness will probably be well compensated by kroot onslaught.

>> No.21039410
File: 50 KB, 400x300, 017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought so, but put put it like that and:

>> No.21039413

The tau cant win anything as long as they dont expand a fuckload.

>> No.21039414

tidf pls go.

>> No.21039415

Really? Will all 10 tau warriors lead the galaxy to redemption?

>> No.21039425

>underestimating technology in Sci-fi
Yes actually.

>> No.21039429
File: 132 KB, 353x530, Fire Warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21039431

I agree that would probably be their undoing. Still I think they have a solid chance.

>> No.21039441

This has always been my favorite piece of 40k art actually.

Before I knew anything about the Tau I saw this picture and was like "Holy Shit, who are those guys?"

I imagined they were like a race of Unreal Tournament robots.

>> No.21039448

And then chaos wins because all 10 of them are now disciples of Khorne.

>> No.21039454

All the Tau would need to to actually is invent a field that confuses the hive fleets away from their planets.

Considering the Eldar have done it before I don't doubt the Tau could in time completely hide their worlds from the Tyranids, or anyone else for that matter.

Expansion would be another problem altogether.

>> No.21039463

Wasnt there a piece of fluff that had one inquisitor say something like : We calculated that if Tyranids attack in full force we would had to mobilise EVERYONE to have a chance of beating them back. So if curent Empire has a slight chance against them then Empire with Emperor and ,lets say 300-500 years prep time, would have good chance. With Emperor in charge diplomacy would be ok again so Impire-Eldar-Tau alliance would be exptected...hell maybe even with Necrons added (if nothing I belive that they would agree on non agression pact until the orks/tyranids/chaos are dealt with)

>> No.21039478

Fuck you all. The Ultramarines will win singlehanded. And Draigo can come too. And Mephiston. And some deep-striking landraiders too.

>> No.21039481

Didn't the Tau fleet beat a tendril or a splinter hive fleet without a single loss on their side?

>> No.21039483

Oh Chaos is going to win anyway.

Even if all the Nids ate EVERYTHING there's going to be daemons flooding out of the Eye to kill them and considering they have no biomass to feed the Nids on and the emotional power fed back into the warp from battle, Chaos just has to power out, kill some nids and respawn forever.

The Nid's shadow in the warp doesn't stop psychic powers or daemons as some people claim or you'd never see them fighting.

>> No.21039484

If the empire had the IMMORTAL GOD EMPEROR PRAISED BE HIS HOLY NAME and 500 years they could easily win just by creating new technologies and the emperor generally unfucking the imperium.

>> No.21039492

Nooo, I don't think so. That doesn't sound like GW at all, in fact Tau have become something of a GW whipping boy of late.

>> No.21039500

Why not? We let one of the C'Tan hang out on Mars after all.

>> No.21039508

Until the new Ward-written tau 'dex comes out.

>> No.21039509

Yes yes.

Its written in the Shadowsun entry in the Tau Codex. I remember!

>> No.21039523
File: 122 KB, 561x599, O'Shaserra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Against the Tyranids, she led several devastating raids that disrupted the alien command and control structure so thoroughly that the Tau armada was able to scatter and destroy an entire splinter fleet without the loss of a single vessel.

>> No.21039530

Necron tech>>>>>>>>Tau tech
Necron numbers>>>>>>>Tau numbers
So yeah. We dont know could Necrons win, but Tau? Tau would stomp everyone.

>> No.21039543

So you basically say that necron tech is superior to tau tech and that necron numbers are superior to tau numbers, yet you conclude by saying that the tau would stomp everyone. I dont get it.

>> No.21039552

Sarcasm on the internet is a difficult thing.

>> No.21039574

Except the premise of the thread gives Tau an extra 2000 years development time.

>> No.21039580

I was talking about his logic. Necrons have superior tech and numbers but wouldnt win but he says that Tau (that in 2000 years could only dream to reach Necron level tech) would somehow win

>> No.21039583
File: 357 KB, 729x628, 1343101722788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the tau can't get any shit done by themselves, all their tech is retro-engineering of a fallen mechanicus ship.
Source: none i don't remember were i've read it.

Also pic related , this is what would happen in another warpstorm.

>> No.21039591

A reminder.

In millions of years the Necrons couldn't develop fast FTL and are forced to use the webway or suffer ISOLATION!

>> No.21039596

Even with 2000 years Necron tech >> Tau tech. But lets be generous and give them Necron tech = Tau tech. Then we would have same problem. Huge Necrons would fall but tiny Tau would somehow win?

>> No.21039604


All Tau tech is theirs. They developed their own unique warpdrives from investigating an alien wreckage near their home system.

Why do you lie?

>> No.21039607

Only race that I have heared of that has non warp related FTL is Slaugh...or something like that (those worm people infiltrators)

>> No.21039614

Rail guns are not theirs...it was made by space dwarfs

>> No.21039615

Then Worms are more advanced than Necrons when it comes to space travel.

>> No.21039628

I think you mean Ion Cannons not railguns.

People think they got those from the stone dwarf aliens. Still They never give the source.

>> No.21039639

Especially if the original person has no idea of how sarcasm works

>> No.21039642

It's not they simply can't sense the warp , so what do they do? they bounce on the surface of the warp like humans did before having psykers.

Also they have no tech on their own , they just adapt what they find to their strategies, but as anyone else , they are very stagnant on tech.

>> No.21039648

Seeing as I wasn't that anon, and understood it, I would say that they have at least a passing knowledge. It could have been more clear, to be sure.

>> No.21039669

>they are very stagnant on tech.

That goes against their fluff. It says they are dynamic, progressive, and all that junk. Inventing new stuff every passing year.

>> No.21039687

>>21038513 If some of the old fluff is to be believed, the tyranids already had 12 GALAXIES worth of biomass

All the galaxies (and there are more than 12) between the Milky Way and Andromeda are far smaller, micro-galaxies.

The Tyranids are now coming for the big boys in the Milky Way, after clearing out their own (relatively) small neighbourhood.

>> No.21039706

progressive? how? when they have a society based on casts wich sterilizes every xeno race they that converts to their doctrine.

>> No.21039709
File: 21 KB, 272x299, 1312449140041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21039712
File: 109 KB, 903x475, Tau Lecture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What we have is three seperate battles;

The Eldar reawakening their gods (at full strength), and the Emperor waking is bad news for the Warp. It's also armageddon time for the Imperium of man.

The Eldar activate Ynnead and got to war with Slannesh in order to remove the curse from their species. The Emperor awake (and at full power) means the Astronomicon is fixed and he's capable of dealing with the warp portal on earth. The big fight between Chaos, Traitor Marines and Dark Eldar versus Eldar and The entire Imperium begins, and this time the forces of Order have an edge. The slow death of chaos domination could end due to this, and The Imperium could end up with a webway. Slannesh could actually be destroyed here, though it's likely something with a similar MO will replace it. (It just won't be the curse of the Eldar anymore).

Maybe. If the Eldar don't dick over the Imperium, which they will.

Net result is likely to be a weaker Chaos pantheon, a weaker Imperium (though one with hope) and a race of Eldar recovering from a war of unity.

Meanwhile; Necrons, Orks and Tyranids fight another battle, mostly at the fringes of the galaxy.

As for the Tau? They make hay while the sun shines, dominating weaker Imperial colonies and forcing unallied races into their Empire.

Pic relevant to all the usual bullshit that people spout about the Tau.

>> No.21039733

Aye, that is mst likely true, even more so considering that the Milky Way's many barren planets has already been seeded by the differents factions.
However, we cant say for sure that the tyranids did come from biomass-sparse galaxies.

And considering 40k's hard-on for the absurd, the bugs probably come from rich galaxies

>> No.21039745

Biased and closed mind, pls go.

>> No.21039750

So it comes to who wins the Chaos battle and who wins the Tyranid invasion battle?

So Orks versus Eldar? With the Orks winning. And then the Tau versus Orks, with the Tau winning as they've got better tech.

>> No.21039751


>> No.21039754
File: 65 KB, 463x480, 1343561668432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well IMO, if the Big E. awakens it will be as a god in the warp, letting all the daemons flow trought reality , destroying the imperium but at the same time his power will destroy the chaos god and bring peace in the immaterium, basicly creating heaven for all the humans souls, mean while as far as i've heard the god of death of the eldar will awake when pretty much all of the eldar will be dead , meaning that it will defeat slaneesh and bring the eldar back to their immortal cycle of reincanation , for the rest, the tau without the protections of the imperium will get slaughtered left and right by orks,nids,crons, with these last 3 contending for the last man standing in the physical galaxy.

Pic related about the first part.

>> No.21039757

Bit harsh. The Tau will stay out of the big fight until there's a clear winner, then get involved. They have no reason to join in the brawl

>> No.21039777

A cogent and well reasoned argument there. You must be chief debate lecturer at the university of asshat.

>> No.21039789

Joke's on you, by the time their hay is harvested they also invested the entire galaxies with a virus that makes everybody deadly allergic to all sorts of hay.


>> No.21039793
File: 1.29 MB, 1260x1714, Nightbringer 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meaning that it will defeat slaneesh and bring the eldar back to their immortal cycle of reincanation


The Nightbringer took that away, not Slaanesh.

>> No.21039797

What I read was "simply being realistic in this completely retarded fictional war, in that the tau are an EXTREMELY small faction, smaller than some individual chaos legions, and realising that they could never win doesn't mesh with my personal viewpoint."

>> No.21039827

Pffffft, the tau are an absolutely shit tier faction as far as overall galactic power goes. A united ork race has a very good chance of taking top spot. And that's just the orks we know about, for all we know there could be orks in a much greater area than just the milky way.

>> No.21039830

I read biased instead of realistic.

>> No.21039837

is that new or old? because i remember reading that the eldars do not reincarnate anymore because they cannot enter the warp, because they would be consumed by slaneesh , and that's why they keep the dead in the spirit stones as long as slaneesh will live and thus, they cannot reincarnate.

>> No.21039849

The tau are absolutely minute compared to every other faction. That's canon sadly, chum.

>> No.21039866

Ah, put 2000 years of planning time. And they hate orks. So they could have developed the 'no more orks' button.

They're more likely to ignore the huge fight and exploit the mess to there advantage. They're a young race, they can wait it out.

>> No.21039879

Pretty old.

>> No.21039882

Biased and closed minded, pls go

>> No.21039890

That's not really a good selling point

>> No.21039897
File: 508 KB, 1894x748, Compare and Contrast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, sorry bub, the tau are insignificant.

>> No.21039898

Do you mean a race of squat humanoids?

>> No.21039908

Tyranids. They're pretty much everything else in the entire universe.

>> No.21039925

Tau are probably best hiding until the dust clears.

>> No.21039926

>implying tolkein dwarves weren't jews

>> No.21039932

>Implying the races of 40k are so peace-loving and kind that they wouldn't just crush the tau planets as soon as they got there.

>> No.21039977

Who's hotter? Eldar women or Slaaneshi cultists?

>> No.21039982
File: 104 KB, 645x726, Tyra-Banks_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know who wins in the end.

The race that has the best selling models.

According to Google, the most successful model is...

Tyra Banks. Clear winner.

>> No.21039992

That photo makes me feel strange...

>> No.21040007

Oh fuck, I just realized tau is a spore race
Imperium is the Grox

>> No.21041961

The thinking behind that little change was to make Necrons sound less like the true victors of 40k already and more on the level of everyone else.
>Well, they can't die, they have superior tech to everyone else.
>That doesn't sound too fair, knock them down a peg
>Okay, they have crappy logistics
>Wait, that contradic-
>Fuck it I'm the boss around here

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