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Games / movies / etc you wish had good tabletop campaign settings.

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I am not Mr. Rage...I just REALLY love that game...

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how would that work? what would the classes be

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Ahoy, me matey. Got some Classes For yah.

Pirate -> Pirate Captain -> Pirate God
Wench -> Best Wench -> Da Wenchest
Moon -> MoonMoon -> MoonStone McMoonCannon

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I suppose everyone knows the ENTIRE main cast of that game managed to get into Valkyria Chronicles right?

It's not even subtle, it's basically flat out stated that this is the case.
Hell, Vyse and Aika are actually really good examples of their classes as well.

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I think Suikoden would be a pretty great setting, with some interesting character options.

The concept of the True Runes of Power, which are the gods of the setting, responsible for both magic and existence itself that choose mortal champions to wield them only to consume their souls in the process. Knight Class Gunners of the Howling Voice Guild, a legendary assassin group that specialises in fire arms. Time travellers that become embroiled Doctor Who like in the most cataclysmic events in the setting's history. Wizard Lords, bitter rivals that battle and die -before- they are born. Magic cannons that can either kill you or accidentally transform you into a slavering abomination.

All kinds of crazy shit.

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Guilty Gear tabletop, when?

I'm surprised they never brought out a Guilty Gear Tactics like game, considering the back story involves a great deal of warfare.

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the world is plenty big enough

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I can only dream.

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Did anyone finish this yet?

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A wheel of Time rpg, one unique to the setting and not just a D20 supplement like the other one, would actually be pretty cool. Say what you will about the books, the setting would make a great rpg-verse. So long as you set it before the events of the book series.

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we made it to the Alpha stage and gave up because the project lead vanished and overall the system needed A LOT of work and revamping

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It would be a caster-supremacy setting to the max. D&D 3.5 would look balanced by comparison.

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Not really. Pre-books Aes Sedai are weak enough that they can't solo armies and male wizards have the obvious draw back of going insane and being hunted by all of society.

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I would love to see the Odin Sphere campaign.

World going to hell
Abscencence of hope
You fighting in background to heroes and them doing their best.
I just want a game where you have the whole atmosphere of going out in the blaze of glory.

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Also the three oaths would limit the usefulness of any Aes Sedai characters. Can't kill someone with magic unless its in the last extreme of self defence. Can't magically compel people to fawn all over you and tell them your secrets. Can't even lie, which would be interesting from an rp perspective.

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I've got a Homebrew setting based roughly off Skies of Arcadia. Nowhere near presentable ATM, and the airship rules need a tone of work.

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All of my want.

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Dammit and it looked like such a nice system for those of us that don't want to use BESM or GURPS.

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And the cool thing is each country has its own organizations that are inherently unique. There's no 'pan-national' force or group. Even demi-humans have a great deal of variance from continent to continent. A Scarlet Moon dwarf is very different from a Falenan dwarf, and Islander Elves are different from their grassland cousins.

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Exploiting the letter of the oaths is standard practice. Moraine could fry hundreds of shadowspawn with a thought, and keep on doing it for hours, and she was merely above-average.

A PC is going to plant themselves in front of a cavalry charge and self-defend their way through the whole army.

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maybe one day it will be revived, there doesn't seem to be any lack of friends of justice on /tg/

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> and she was merely above-average.

No she wasn't. By the standards of the protagonists she was, but she was also considered one of the strongest channelers the Tower had produced in a generation. She was unusually strong for her time. She just wasn't much compared to Egwene/Elayne/Nynaeve, who were all described as monstrously powerful in comparison.

You are letting the events and unusual aspects of the books cloud the history of the setting, forgetting that by the standards of the world they are not the norm.

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My issue with Valkyria Chronicles has always been the fact that I know Raita is primarily a hentai artist, and that I recognize a few characters as having appeared in Raita's pronz books.

Also, could run a Valkyria Chronicles game fairly easily with most non-narrative rps, provided the system's inherent lethality isn't on the level of DH or shadowrun.

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D-did it g-get a forum/wiki ? As in, can a friendly fa/tg/uy look at them notes and see what he can do ?

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Someone tried to think up a rocket knight homebrew a little while ago but it was hard to translate effectively into the tabletop. A shame, its a cool idea.

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I think I could start wargaming if there were a Nippon Ichi minis game.

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all the relevant threads are on the /tg/ archive

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Currently working on one with the CoC system where the players are Ghostbusters but featured in a world that is Inhumanoids/The Real Ghostbusters.

I have no idea how my party will react if it ever comes up

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This. Something based on a war of Sci-fi vs fantasy.

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not just the game.

too bad they were killed off almost immediately after showing up. Also too bad that they were the only reason I even watched that show.

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You know you would play it.

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Dark Souls. Brutal encounters all the way.

Alternatively, Children of Eden. No, I have no idea how it would work.

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Hell yeah I would.

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>dat feel when lost my Skies of Arcadia disc

what's the state of Gamecube emulation these days? Will it run on Dolphin if I get an iso?

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I've been wanting to run game in it for ages just can't think of any fitting system for it ;_:

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Honor, Family, Tradition, and Donuts.

Or, you know, any lucha fighting game in general. Mutants and Masterminds might be able to handle it if you're going for completely crazy stuff (like Mucha Lucha), but I haven't found a system that can really handle the style of combat properly for a more serious lucha game.

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Oh fuck I loved those guys.

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Yeah the magic would be pretty hard to manage with the fact that your smoke can only do one thing.

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I would love a campaign set on EDN-III. Getting to choose your class and faction, assembling a merc team and facing off against NEVEC, Akrid, or whatever other threat the DM thinks of. It could be something as trivial as raiding an Akrid den for just a little more T-ENG for your town, or as much as taking down a NEVEC fortress because fuck those guys.

And if it doesn't have giant boss fights and ridiculous vehicles, you are doing it oh so wrong.

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you're welcome.

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Well was thinking about using Unknown Armies. Replacing charges with fatigue or running them as avatars. Learning to use smoke in different ways and if you having to appease demons every year.

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Nausicaa, that is all.

I've also dreamed of a Crusader-Kings based or SMAC based Nausicaa strategic game, where the main direction of technological advance is backwards....

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Franken Fran. Possibly in WoD. Or Nechronica.

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And yes, I've tried to put Nausicaa into my tabletop game, but only badly.

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Would be interesting to play a contractor. Remuneration would be be an interesting mechanic for using your power, and roleplaying an evolving doll would be interesting. Also, a mere mortal does stand a chance. Hei was "The Black Reaper" BEFORE he got his powers after all. So you wouldn't have to be a contractor/doll, it'd just help. And going into the gate would/could cause all kinds of shenanigans.

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I want a Getter Robo rpg. I might end up making my own.

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Use Unknown Armies it's magic system is the same as renumeration from DtB.

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Front Mission. Seriously; that game was fucking awesome.

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>you wish had good tabletop campaign settings

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Fuck smoke shenanigans, 12" of solid steel is all you need.

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the last quote shouldn't be there, my herp

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40k is an amazing setting.

See that? I just liked something you didn't like. You'd be surprised how often these situations arise in our world.

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Goddammit what I wouldn't give for a Nausicaa game.

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Because I just got finished watching it, and they already have the classes built into the show.
It was meh, felt rushed. Needed more episodes in between. Not dragon ball Z more, but more.

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I pre-ordered the two book compilation set of Nausicaa. The one with all the world notes. Gonna try to knock together a game with it.

>mocking anspidT

Yes, captcha, I will mock anspidT right to his stupid face.

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Ys. Of course, I don't think it would translate well to tabletop.

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Now I wonder if there's a rule system that'd be good for running a Xenogears game. Mechs, magic, conspiracy, it was a great game/setting.

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Muchas gracias, mi amigo, but is the system any good? I don't have $15 to spend, just to find out that it's shit.


I think the problem with a TWEWY tabletop would be that people try to replicate the mechanics too much, when they simply wouldn't translate that well. The best idea would be to take the concept of the games, take some city, and have a new guy running his own games, and since you're no longer confined to the game's mechanics, you can use a variety of systems.

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So it means blue...huh. Well, reading that one. S'alright so far, though whoever plays the scripture-memorizing class wil be in for wordswordswords.

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Read manga, It is GORGEOUS and anime looses a lot of charm

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I pretended that Vyse was the leader of the team and Welkin was just some faggot. GOTY

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Shaman King.

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But Welkin's funny to me; his character design is pretty much Raita's Mahou Shoujo protag, but with longer hair.

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A Monster Hunter game could be cool. Not sure how it'd go, but it could be cool.

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I'd play this. But I reckon it would have to be run I system that only the GM has any vague grasp of.

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This would be cool.

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mag nigga.
watching that right now.

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Seems like there'd be a WoD system you could use for that,

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Megaman Legends

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Read some of it already, but thanks, I'll need to keep up
pic related. Also, on top of Shaman King, Persona3/4 and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure should be workable in the same manner.

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I fucking love medabots. one of the early episode has a hilarious moment where Medabee, who's voiced by a black-sounding VA, gets lured into a trap by some watermelon.

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That's more a japanese-bug joke than it is a racist joke, but nice catch nonetheless.
+1 for Medarpg. Metabots? What should we call it

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Og, I know; herculese beetles love them some waddamelin.

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Can't we just use the regular name?

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Agreed, I sometimes start jonesen to play a front mission game.

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The Lost Room, it deserves so much more.

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SUCH a great series. Definitely deserves more treatment.

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metal gear solid

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>I am not only person that saw it and wanted to run an Delta Green like game with it.

Rejoicing ensues

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Wakfu. Be hard to do right I think but incredibly fun to play.

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Clock Tower.

It would be neat.

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This, so very much.

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but that is prettty much GURPS:High-Tech & Gun-Fu

Also a game about FOX-HOUND/COBRA like unit would be awesome.

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ran that before. It was awesome

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It's a crying shame that there isn't even remotely a good system for running fighting game characters.
Because the Justice Gakuen universe hits a lot of right notes between goofy and high stakes that would make for a good campaign universe.
really, most capcom games do. Street Fighter, Megaman, Shantae, Resident Evil...
Also note that literally every attempt anyone has made to, officially or unofficially, make a game out of any of these has failed hard.

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Rogue Trader exists; your argument is invalid
(Navigator, Rogue Trader, Arch-Militant. Drachma is clearly a Voidmaster, Enrique's a Seneschal, and Gilder is another Rogue Trader. Christ, there's even an evil expansionist Empire, what more could you want.)

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>Resident Evil
>that god-awful atrocious over-arching story
>good universe
nigga wat.
Not saying a RE tabletop wouldn't have potential, just, goddamn, I'd rather use any other setting in existence rather than try to write out a coherent world guide to RE.

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Oh man, Cat G fights would be the fucking tits on tabletop.

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A One Piece game would be insane

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I'm only familiar with the original, but I guess mutant dinosaurs in space could be cool too.

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mah swashbuckler

I think balancing Devil Fruits would be the most challenging aspect. But MAN the stuff you could do would be too cool.

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>So how big is it?
>About 300m tall. Spiny. Generally angry.
>And we have one of those awesome robot things, right?
>Yeeeeah...the snowmobile kind.
>Okay. How many shots in the plasma cannon?
>It's anchor time motherfuckers.

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>I roll to loot its face and party
>Dammit, Greg, you cant just loot and party on everything!
>I'm playing a Vagabundo, its what my character would do!

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>Ghost in the Shell
>Darker than Black

Sure I can use an existing system and write up chargen guidelines for either one, but I want to give all my money to an awesome licensed project! Too bad Japan cannot into that.

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If you enjoyed this awesome game you are automatically mah nigga.

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You play as the apes.

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LoK is possibly my favorite game series of all time. Despite it's horrifically complex time travel where Raziel is forced to die three times plot they somehow manage to make it all coherent and rich. There's also an established Geography (at least for Kain's fledgling days) to Nosgoth as well as all kinds of crazy shit people can kill with, from flaying people alive with a ninja star to essentially tossing a singularity at them. Plus there's the whole plot with Kain's second reawakening and the weird steampunk revolution in Meridian caused by Raziel creating paradox.

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Any chance you could link this. Do very much want, but can't seem to find it.

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Check out Burn Legend. It's a system hack for Exalted second edition made to emulate fighting games. If nothing else it's be a good base to build off of.

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There's actually a tabletop game of gears.

Boardgame though

>> No.21035463

can you give us some details/highlights?

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This is too amazing, but I have no idea what you're talking about, and my google-fu is weak. Sauce please?

>> No.21036192

Final Fantasy XI/V

>> No.21036316

Lost Planet 2.
One faction in the game is called the Vagabundos. They do two things and only two things.

Take stuff and fiesta time.

>> No.21036378

Lost planet 2.
Snow planet, fuck huge critters that bleed heat energy, and snow pirates.


This is the kind of awesomeness these pirates get up to.

>> No.21036382

also skip to about 2:30

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Yes to Skies of Arcadia, Valkyria Chronicles, FLCL and FF11.
>oh fuck I smell like weeaboo, get it off getitofffffff
NCIS, Burn Notice, the Venture Bros., and Archer.
Also Monty Python, but... I don't... think that would work. Ever, or at all.

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I don't know why, but I feel like this could be a lot of fun with the right people.

>> No.21036643

Because eating souls for experience, the ability of a character to turn into a weapon, but somehow remain as a viable player, and BIG COOL SYMMETRY sound like they'd be badass with some bross.

>> No.21036682

Muv-Luv: Alternative. I want to run this, but I can't see any good system.

>> No.21036708

Of course the system would have to use only d8s. Because 8 has perfect symmetry, you see.

>> No.21036737

Macross. Fucking Macross. I wanna fly a fucking Valkyrie god dammit!

>> No.21036764

The seductive power of 8.
(Bobobo-bobobobo reference. I'd post a pic, but I suck too much as a human being)

>> No.21036795

>League of Legends
The lore is pretty good and would allow for this cool, "War is looming" type setting.

The lore is patchy but the stuff that is there is good, it would allow for several play styles, part rogue trader, part exploration, and part combat and dominate.
You could help push the sand rakers off our world!

>Judge Dredd
I know it has that old school one, but i'd love to see a re-make, if that idea generates rage in your heart then pretend I said ABC warrior/Nemesis the warlock.

Termight is the best grimdark ever!

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>> No.21036878

On the subject of 2,000 AD stuff:
>Rogue Trooper
You know you'd love it, /tg/.
>Glimmer Rats
Good god this shit is some glorious grimdark.
>Strontium Dog
Mutant bounty hunters and weird-as-fuck-even-by-the-standards-of-2000-AD plots? Sign me up.

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A Zone of the Enders game where you play as one of the sides in the martian revolution would be awesome.

For BAHRAM, it's that revolutionary spirit fighting for freedom, then partway through you get equipped with unique Orbital Frames instead of refitted LEVs. And eventually Vascillia county is "free", but Colonel Nohman is pushing to "liberate" the rest of Mars - whether they like it or not.

On the Earth side, you're a soldier stationed on Mars dealing with the revolution, and later if you survive the initial deployment of Orbital Frames and drones you start fighting from the shadows, doing what you can to hurt BAHRAM.

Basically you'd be like Ken, Taper, Viola, Dingo before the games, maybe Leo in the second. Not one of the Zero Shift macgines like Anubis/Jehuty, but a badass in your own way.

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>> No.21036943

I have to admit the combat was more engaging, but it did so at the cost of weapon customization. The plot and characters actually got worse, for god's sake.
3rd Birthday managed to sink even lower, though, so it's certainly not the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.21036954

I could dig it.


>> No.21036961

I'm pretty sure Mongoose Games(I know, I know) just put out a new set of Judge Dredd rules. Unless they're the old ones, in which case I don't care because they're pretty damn good.

>> No.21036977

Ghost in the Shell COULD be done in Shadowrun.

For example, our GM made us take on a group like Section 9.

>> No.21037010

Biggest issue with doing GitS in Shadowrun is that the Essence system conflicts with GitS SEVERELY.
Personally though, if I was gonna do a tabletop based on Shirow's stuff I'd wanna do Appleseed (WHICH HE NEEDS TO FUCKING FINISH! I KNOW ABOUT THE NOTES AND SHIT BEING LOST IN A FLOOD, BUT I STILL WANT AN ENDING GOD DAMMIT!).

>> No.21037019

I would use the Riddle of Steel to run it.

You have no idea how such a seemingly simple thing to run is so hard to get players interested in.

>> No.21037038

>that pic
>implying it is physically possible to rock harder than Garrus

>> No.21037059


The story. Of hunting down NMCs cross the world.

>> No.21037074

>I haven't read Appleseed
There's a REASON he's named after one of the Hecatonkheires of Greek myth.
Educate yourself, plebeian:

>> No.21037085

I second. What are some good systems for giant robots?

>> No.21037123

Sonic the Hedgehog. NO WAIT PLEASE HERE ME OUT:

There's already an emphasis on teams, you and the other players make a team of original characters that mix traits like Speed, Muscle, Skill, and Chaos. Character creation allows you to spend points on natural talents such as flight and dig. Species are cosmetic, as foxes can fly with the help of two tails and echidnas can glide on dreadlocks.

>> No.21037164

Yeah that could rock.

>> No.21037167

There's Giant Guardian Generation, but that applies to super robots as much as "real" mechs like ZOE or Gundam.

>> No.21037169

>Species are cosmetic
So they're even more of a special snowflake now?

>> No.21037176

Wait, you mean dreads DON'T let you glide?
>Real Robot

>> No.21037192

In Super Robot Wars, mechs are divided into two classes: "super" robots (Getter Robo, etc.) and "real" robots (Gundam, etc.). The main difference is the size and schematics between them.

>> No.21037199

Which was Gurren Lagann?

>> No.21037203

Hear. It's late.

That's the way it's always been. Would you ever consider a hedgehog fast?

>> No.21037207

No one said characters specifically had to separate into teams, although it's true that certain characters seem to gravitate together. That said, what would the setting of a Sonic game be? Angel Island? Mobius? Modern civilization?

>> No.21037215

For that matter, what of humans? Would they all work for GUN (whatever that organization is) or would they try and hang with Sonic and co.?

>> No.21037217

Avatar: the Last Airbender

>> No.21037221

Before things got super ridiculous, I'm pretty sure Gurren Lagann counted as a super robot.

>> No.21037228

>weapon customization
It's worth stressing the point that Parasite Eve was not a game about silly pseudo-science mitochondria monsters or dead sisters resurrecting as world-ending demons, or what have you... It was a game about one police officer's never-ending quest to make the perfect gun and body armor by meticulously smithing and combining every weapon she finds.

Everything else that happens in Parasite Eve 1 is just padding in between finding a new, worthy weapon, and fusing it's strength into your unstoppable grenade launching, rapid fire, super pistol.

>> No.21037231

after hanging out with stoners and hearing them plot for an hour on how to score some weed and steal some beer, while having 5 roomates in a hotel room sized apartment, half of them with UA tests with their POs the next day... this is exactly how i see stoners

they came back with cases of beer and some pot after going out with no money, then started drinking gallons of water to try and dilute it all out

>> No.21037250

No, really no. Sonic the Hedgehog has never had unified setting or even aesthetic, and this is from someone who used to write FANFICTION for the goddamn thing. I've tried.

MAYBE you could use the comics, but even then they're incredibly inconsistent.

>> No.21037280

>grenade launching
>not the superior buckshot mod
Plebian. Did you even play the game?
What gun gave you the alpha strike ability? You don't even know. Fucking casuals need to stay out of my games.
Next you won't be able to tell me where the Holy Win is from, or what it gave you.

>> No.21037286

Sonic Heroes split the bulk of the cast up into teams of three, each having a speed, strength, and flight type. The comic further pushes the idea of different teams with squads of Freedom Fighters scattered throughout the world. Of course this isn't anything special or exclusive to the setting, I'm just saying that it wouldn't be hard to fit the team in the setting.
Mobius would probably be the best, since it tries to include most game canon and is already teeming with OCs.

>> No.21037301

don't know much about it, but yea, thought some tweaking of that Channelers or whatever series

also been all over the recent gab threads about making Borderlands into something. match the fast and furious style of fighting, simple open-ended creation, and loads of random guns, you're gold

>> No.21037306

I'm completely familiar with the difference between Super Robots and Real Robots, more so than you clearly. It's not about size, it's about power. If it's basically a giant robot superhero, it's Super. If it's more of a weapons system, it's Real. ZOE falls into one of those "Hard to call" areas, but the fact that in ZOE 2 you get a miniature version of an Urenbeck Catapult giving it super speed, which pushes the setting towards Super to me. Wait, has ZOE made it into an SRW game? If so, disregard what I've said and go with their classification.

>> No.21037307

Welp. Got me there on all points except actually playing the game.. Which I did, I just didn't bother to go through it again or doing the secret ultra tower thing to get the good stuff.

>> No.21037323

>>21037250 has a point though: there's no real unified setting or storyline to tie the games together, since the games are relatively episodic. Plus, I'm a bit averse to using the Archie setting precisely because there's so many OCs, and because not everyone follows the comics (like myself).

>> No.21037338

It would have to be the comics, unless you want to play a table top platformer.

>> No.21037349

You don't have to follow the comics to know Robotnik bad, everyone else good.

>> No.21037384

Yeah, but no one is addressed as "Freedom Fighters." It's just Sonic and co. out to ruin Eggman's day because he's trying to take over the world (again).

>> No.21037392

FUCK yeah! (I also enjoyed the second one, though... I understand why other people did not.)

>> No.21037410

I would love to play Avatar Tuner in any setting. Mostly due to liking idea of playing somebody that slowly realizes that he is becoming an embodiment of random deity and the fact that you get experience by eating your delicious enemies.

Would just like to play any Shin Megami Tensei games as in the end only thing different between games is fluffing on how and who casts spells and what happens with earned experience

>> No.21037435

i'm surprised no one has said mass effect yet.

>> No.21037644

Ridiculous yet reasonable powers, seven clearly defined power types give seven clearly defined classes, no character would be too outrageous or too normal. Weapons vary from fists to spears to cake to flutes to gas. Shit load of equipment available. Insane creatures. Already has some video game RPGs. The show is made of factions fighting eachother. A LOT of the gameplay choices would be based on if you use crap from the future arc or not. Most importantly, it is completely reasonable to wear suits into battle.

>> No.21037825

bumping this thread in hopes that more people will post stuff while I sleep

>> No.21037850

mah hybrid

>> No.21037856

Shit would get mad cray

>> No.21037891

Radiata Stories

Breaking Bad: Season 5, the quest to find a new headquarters, build a new lab, and forge a criminal empire. Parts of that season are goddam begging for a game.

RPG set in the Demon Souls world.

Mass Effect tabletop

Fallen London tabletop (they say they are working on it)

>> No.21037902

I don't even know what system you could use to run this. Maybe GURPS. Or just re-fluff Rifts, as much as I hate to say it.

>> No.21037926

>Radiata Stories

Don't forget the custom feat that lets you substitute unarmed attacks for search checks and intimidate checks.

Jokes aside, I'd really like to see a setting that could run Ar tonelico well (and by 'well' I mean keeping all the awesome lore and worldbuilding and not the creepy waifu harem shit).

>> No.21037933

You can make HxH setting in GURPS in few hours most.

>> No.21037962

No. Go read these, then we talk.

>> No.21037963

I bet Popful Mail would make for a really fun inspiration for a D&D game. There's nothing that spectacular about it, the world itself isn't very huge, but thematically it's just overall really enjoyable. Like Slayers, but more silly. Sometimes silly is good.

>> No.21037970

>Like Slayers, but more silly.
Is, is that possible?

>> No.21038000

Fuck unified settings, just base it on the cartoon (the serious one, not the silly one). Far and away the best Sonic-related thing ever produced.

>> No.21038013

I made it even, but nobody i know is interested in playing it.

>> No.21038024


>> No.21038058

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from sharing it you know. There is even gentle encouragement from me.
Also i can't think of anybody that wouldn't want to play an space elf imperialist oppressors or human collaborator.

>> No.21038061

Slayers was sometimes serious. Popful Mail is never serious.

If you've never played it, and you like platformers, I'd highly recommend it (the Sega-CD version).

>> No.21038087

I've always wanted to either play in/run a game in the Freelancer universe.

>> No.21038112

Would have loved it a whole lot more if they could have gone the grandia 2/3 route and done away with random encounters altogether. At the very least, reduce them to the point where you can move for at least two or three minutes between encounters. Taking ten steps between encounters is a bit much.

>> No.21038119

You. Awesome.

Also, pic related. The original Unreal would be kickass. Ship graveyards, a psychic yet primitive native population, and a technological hive species? Not to mention the mix of medieval and futuristic architecture and the potential for UMS encounters, and you have yourself a campaign.

>> No.21038128

I've always thought that, once you move past the fanservice, Queen's Blade actually has a really amazing setting.

>> No.21038133

>no patriots

What the fuck you guys?

>> No.21038149

Metal Wolf Chaos and Ninja Blade actually take place in the same universe. Michal Wilson Senior beats the shit out of a Ninja.

>> No.21038161

I've wanted to play in a combined universe SMT game forever. Throw everyone together, and you even have the three basic classes: Physically strong Avatar Tuners, magically strong Person Users, and skill monkey versatility Demon Tamers.

>> No.21038166

Sakura Wars would make a great RPG setting. Or hell, maybe even a great miniatures wargame. Or both. It has steampunk. It has mechs. It has magic. It has demons. It has cute girls.

>> No.21038186

>tfw I have no idea what an Avatar Tuner is
>tfw I still need to beat Persona 3
Thanks for reminding me, /tg/

>> No.21038201

I want to mix bits of Power Rangers, Call of Cthulhu and Evangelion into a single game. Would mainly be Power Rangers, with the players being dragged into saving the world from cosmic monstrosities and fighting off cults who want to end the world with bitchin megazord battles. if anyone can give me a system for said game i would be most happy.

>> No.21038204


>> No.21038207

I know you could probably just use another system for this but I wanted to mention it. It's just that....FUCK I love this game.

>> No.21038249

Reals generally use understood[by the setting] technology, as spurious [20m humanoid biped is a terrible fucking shape for a 15 ton walker, let alone any combat vehicle. Yes, even for those directly controlled by direct neural interface] as this tech may be. They're built and designed for implementation with military mindsets. Usually they're made dodgy ranged attackers because if you can't be sure you'll just shrug off incoming rounds, cover, stealth and range are good ideas just like they are in real life.

Supers throw in an extra layer of Handwavium, and tend to be [sometimes literally, as we all know from our favorite robot-lion drill-tank bomber train] powered by courage and other emotions. Not that "reals" don't do it often too, but in Supers its assumed in the design, rather than some unexpected plot-moment. Their weapons also tend towards the even-less-sensical, like rust tornadoes or firing off green or pink beams of evolution-radiation or transforming into giant flaming birds that phase through things while causing fatal damage.

Then there's those that straddle the line; like mass-produced 'super types' like the Grungust, "reals" that really aren't like the later gundams [with that much plot-armour...] or Dis-Astranagant, or 'reals' forced to 'ascend' to the ridiculousness of their larger bretheren like the Alt-Riese.

>> No.21038260

I would rather go with:
Avatar Tuner - Can cast only one type of magic and buffs/debuffs/physical but it becomes stronger quicker and you have to live according to way of that god unless you want your powers to lose strength.

Persona users - have two Personas to represent their character, can't be taken away your persona evolves based on player roleplaying development of character.

Demon Negotiator - You can convince demons to join you, That would depend on what other demons you have, your alignment their character and charisma with your team sometimes helping out and having their own skills to help out. You would of course be able to bribe/scare away encounters. /d/M would get rules for having a close relationship with a chosen demon and what would be result of it

Avatar Tuner is from Digital Devil Saga. It is exactly what it says you are an avatar of a god and more you are in tune with them the stronger you become.

>> No.21038292

Anyone know when the next version of GGG is coming out? there's apparently a lot of stuff that was being playtested last month, including improvements to those poor missile weapons...

>> No.21038348


ooohh rogue trooper would be awesome, especially if the players were GI's,
dat resurrection system.

Although I'd wanna play as a Nort

>> No.21038407

I imagine Summoners would have different methods of contracting demons: Stoic traditionalists using the Raido Kuzonoha method. Amateurs throwing the demon summoning program onto any type of device they can get their hands on (Cell phones, Game systems, laptops), professionals having specialized hardware, government types make use of Demonicas.

Then you have people like the Demi-Fiend, who I've actually forgotten what the deal with was.

>> No.21038589

I wish it had done well enough in its initial airing for Sci-Fi to have picked it up as a full serious. I would have watched the SHIT out of that.

Eh, if you want a more GitS feel it would be pretty simple to just homebrew out magic and essence and go from there.

>> No.21038640

A lenghty thread of settings you wanna see in a campaign
And no Samurai Jack?

Here, fixed that for y'all. It's my dream.

>> No.21038648

/tg/ needs to get this done.

I mean come on, it's perfect. Heroes drawn from all through time to fight a single enemy, and get home safe. You could have a French Musketeer, a Teutonic Knight, a Greek Hoplite, and a Shaolin Monk, all kicking robot ass together. And it would be awesome.

>> No.21038672

Is this an english release of this super deluxe Japanese edition of Nausicaa? It's like coffee-table book size.

BTW, the Nausicaa manga is a masterpiece. Seriously, one of the top comic books ever created. The anime is only a faint shadow in comparison.

>> No.21038708

Because if one guy actually manages to go back to his time and thwart Aku, everything that came after that will not happen, including other PCs.

I could actually see the game more along the lines of multiple heroes trying to defeat Aku while simultaneously trying to fuck over everyone else.

>> No.21038737

back in about 1996 I tried making a board game of the air battles in Nausicaa. I got as far as cataloging and making scans of all the airships seen in the manga. I think I still have those files if /tg/ is interested?

>> No.21038764

What about Overture?

>> No.21038770


>> No.21038883

I want to Rumble in the dust of 20XX.

>> No.21038943

>> No.21039291

He is half demon due to Lucifer shenanigans hence his title so he pretty much just talks to demons and with his magnetic personality and loads of bribery makes them join him.

I would like to see Avatar Tuners be a demon boogeyman "If you don't act properly you will get eaten by scary avatars"
Persona users be bunch of hippys always searching for the new ways to expand their mind. And demon summoners being the most common type some people just by coincidence meeting up with minor demon and try to survive together with them also there

On theme:

I would love to have a game in Blind Man's Bluff basically 90's Russia. You have an utter and complete hellhole with mob ruling everything corrupt cops everywhere and absolutely no hope that it will get better and then having ridiculous pink mohawk hijinks.

>> No.21039393

I played the ever loving shit out of this game when I was a kid. Had a character in the seventies and I made an RPG a game about skill when I was able to switch out my weapons so fast in combat that I could adapt to any enemy and situation. I would LOOOOVE to homebrew something with this, sadly my group of friends are currently in deep with a campaign I am not personally infatuated with...

>> No.21039658

Orbital Frames at least have every aspect explained by the unobtainium (Metatron).

Vector Trap: small pocket of compressed space that can be used for storage.
Armor: Metatron armor/chassis self-repairs as long as there is sufficient reserves (your health bar is your spares)
Zero Shift/Urenbeck Catapult: by compressing a tunnel of space you can send an object at relativistic speeds without inertial effects.

Part of why I'd say avoid Zero Shift in a game is that well, there's only two machines capable of it in canon by the end of the current games, and it'd be kind of game-breaking.

>> No.21039692

Aawwwwww shiiiiiit.

Chrono TriggeRPG would be glorious.


>> No.21039788

Medabots, eh? I think it could work.

Crib the basic combat system from Dark Heresy (roll under your stat to hit, get a single reaction to dodge or parry, localized damage). Damage on a specific body part gives penalties to rolls with that body part (i.e. if your gun arm is hit, you take penalties to hitting). Point buy system of buying bot parts with various trade-offs... could work.

>> No.21039821

I've actually just started a Pathfinder campaign that is pretty much Monster Hunter. But a little bit more dinosaur.

>> No.21040858

>That ship customization.

>> No.21044564

I'd play the shit out of it. Fun fact, the studio that made it? That's their first non-ecchi game. Yeah.

>> No.21044573

I wish this game was about navigating gondolas through the canals of a terraformed Mars.

>> No.21044600

As if finding a good generic mecha game capable of the power level wasn't enough, it needs to be able to track three-dimensional movement too.

>> No.21044678

Pixiv Fantasia being adapted into a full-blown RP setting would be pretty neat.

>> No.21044693

Are you me?

I was actually thinking of doing something similar.

>> No.21044720

No mention of Etrian Odyssey?

>> No.21044809

Anime gore that is not immediately guro? Wow, is this official artwork?

>> No.21044864

>Little kids
>Gore and murder
I don't know, it would be right up /tg/'s alley.

>> No.21045148

It was Platinum Games, wasn't it? Unless you're counting Bayonetta I don't think they've ever made an ecchi game.

>> No.21045186

Nope, even though Etrian Odyssey has some fairly graphic descriptions of violence at times, the game itself doesn't show any blood.

That picture is however an accurate depiction of how difficult it is. It's a very challenging series.

>> No.21045482

Thief: The Dark project.

Industrial revolution without guns intrigues me

>> No.21046177

You. You have fine taste.

>> No.21046413

>> No.21046466

Valkyria Chronicles

>> No.21047008

You, sir, are a wonderful person. I too would play this.

>> No.21047089

Pixiv Fantasia is one of the coolest things ever. I wish we had enough drawfags to pull off something like this on /tg/, but I doubt it.

>> No.21047139

awww shiiit


>> No.21047338


Aww shit i want to play a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure so bad dude.

>> No.21047353

>> No.21047388

[spoilers]I'm writing it up for Traveller. Toughest part is ship layouts that make sense, I must have torn out half my notebook by now.[/spoilers]

>> No.21047481

I would play the shit out of all of these. Pic related, too.

>> No.21047935

this, so much of this.

>> No.21048018


Aka FUCK THE CHILDREN! the setting

>> No.21048036

In Leonard's case, quite literally so.

Poor Seere.

>> No.21048185


>> No.21049665

Use singular for spoiler tags. Like this

>> No.21049830



One of the unofficial "free' campaigns the guy is building for this that reads:

"A currently unnamed Tokyo Highschool teenage Demon Hunting Game: Those of you who know me PERSONAlly know that's I'm a huge fan of certain console Japanese RPGs. This rules hack will be written by myself and two friends that share the same deep, PERSONAl love for these series."

>> No.21050606

>mfw the new one sucked

>> No.21050618

Haven't watched AO yet, planning to marathon the whole thing. Was it really that bad?

>> No.21050692

Not so much as bad as incredibly mediocre.
I had a really hard time trying to convince myself to watch more episodes.

>> No.21051316

It is more concentrated compared to original so less fillers and less character development it does have IMO better story, music and slightly worse action.

>> No.21051974

Darker Than Black...

God I wish this existed...Maybe it could be done in Enter The Shadowside?

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