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>A gift held by many as both a curse and a blessing, the recipient's body is twisted and mutated until they come to resemble that of one of the myriad lesser daemons of the warp, such as the dreaded Ebon Geist, the mournful Dispayre, or the savage Manripper. The character's very nature becomes melded with the warp and his perception of the material universe fades while that of the unreal beyond is magnified a thousand-fold.
>The character gains the Fear 4 (Terrifying) and Warp Instability Traits. If the character is ever banished to the warp, the GM will have to determine the length of time he is banished for and the conditions of his return. If not dedcated to one of the Chaos Powers, his appearance mutates to resenble a hideous, bestial fiend.

>Khorne: The character assumes something of the appearance and nature of a Bloodletter. He gains the Brutal Charge Trait.
>Slaanesh: The character's body and soul mutates so that it comes to resemble that of a Daemonette. The character gains the Unnatural Agility (+2) Trait.
>Nurgle: The character changes so that he appears to be a Plaguebearer. The character gains the Undying Trait.
>Tzeentch: The character's form twists so that it resembles a Horror. The character gains the Blessing of Tzeentch. This counts as a force field with a protection rating of 20, but it cannot be overloaded (see page 178).

Congratulations, Champion of Chaos! For your loyal service to the Prince of Excess, you get to be the little girl.

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>not posting the whole .gif that pic is from

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I require pictures of the other 4 forms.

Ladies only please.

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Sorry, I didn't have it. But now I do so, thanks.

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Can Daemonettes still wear powered armor?

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Likely so.
A female guardsman wears the armor of a terminator lord i think.

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I would assume so, though it would probably need modifications to account for things like a Khornate daemon's hooves.

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Is that supposed to be a particular inquisitor or reference a story?

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Who is that artist, and why does he/she do so much TF

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I think it may have been associated with some /tg/ writefaggotry many years ago.

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Dunno who the artist is, but I'd assume transformation is his or her fetish.

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>not knowing who Naga is

Fucking newfags.

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so wait, if this is only pseudo and not true daemonhood, why do you get banished to the warp instead of killed, even with the same return rules?

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This is from Black Crusade, right?

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You don't get the Daemonic toughness bonus, or poison/disease immunities (unless you serve Nurgle) of true daemons.

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awesome idea. i wanted fr a long time write a story about a fusion about a demonette and a dark elf.
maybe dear oldfag youstop being a hater and give us links?

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>Coming for years
>See this and other pics by the artist multiple time
>Still didn't know how it was
Calm your anuses bro, there are worse things then new friends

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