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So would GW let them do a gay Space Marine love story?

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Oh sweet, a love story worse than twilight and it's set in 40k!

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>every 40k romance fanfiction ever.jpg

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I don't get it.

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It would be good to see the Dark Angels as the focus of a game for a change.

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THQ is the publisher for Relic. Relic makes 40k games.

EA buys THQ, publishes Mass Erect 4: Space Marines

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THQ makes the 40k games.
EA has been on a bit of a kick on making gay romance options in games recently.

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They hired the cam whore to make BF4 more feminist friendly.

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>EA buys THQ, publishes Mass Erect 4: Space Marines
>EA has been on a bit of a kick on making gay romance options in games recently.

Ah, was missing this park. Ok.


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I'd actually be ok with a game that uses ME's mechanics in the 40k universe. Maybe replace Paragon and Renegade with a single Heresy meter that fills up the more heretical things you do like using xeno weapons.

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No. No.

It hurts to live now if this deal goes through.

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>Relic does a kickstarter
>Uses a new version of the DoW2 engine
>Set on a world that's been at war for 200 years
>You are an Imperial Guard
>Rush the enemy with hundreds of AI and players around you
>Orkz firing every where
>Men being cut down in the dozens
>Leap into a pit
>Sit there breathing and panicing
>Noise stops
>You look outside the foxhole
>Warboss walks up to you and stabs you
>Look down and see your hands covered in red
>Look back up
>He's laughing
>Tank round straight to the face
>Hear hundreds of guns open up
>Hear screaming
>You fall to the ground and watch the thousands of Orkz near you be cut down
>You get back up
>Take out your knife and charge towards an Ork
>Screams "I'm an Imperial Guardsmen, and we die standing!"
>Screen goes black

Made by Relic Entertainment and Tripwire Studios

And this will never happen

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>call of duty: scripted event boogaloo; no protagonist survives
No thanks.

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>is the game

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fuck. fuuuck. FUCK! FUUUCK! Not only do they destroy Bioware, now they have to kill THQ? Goddamn it all to the fucking void. I seriously beleive there is as little hope left in the video game industry. Seriously, everything is going to be owned by those cow-fuckers EA. I just give up. I loved you bioware. I loved you THQ. But no more. I forsake the game industry, and if there's any hope left, it's Valve. Like goddamn, I hate EA with every fiber of my mortal and immortal self.

>thank you for listening to my rant. I'll show myself out.

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How is EA buying out THQ, aren't they broke as fuck?

And does THQ own Relic?

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Rolled 1, 3 = 4

Fuck you OP, I actually tried to find this. You trolled me good, because GOD DAMN do I not want EA's dead studio bodycount to grow.

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Well now you know you should be buying THQ games before they die.

Their stock is at $3.

They are having a sale for a reason.

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THQ is god damn dead

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I like EA

I dotn get their hate

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>Implying EA couldn't buy out GW in a heartbeat if it really wanted to.

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Rolled 3, 3 = 6

Oh, I did. Bought DoW2 with both expansions and ALL of the DLC. Fuck, why did they bet it all on that shitty tablet peripheral?

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Go to /v/ more.

You'll understand then.

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So you don't mind getting fucked over by them? You dont mind them treating their customers like shit? Or making potentially good games shit? You don't mind that they killed off so many good game studios?

You stupid.

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Rolled 2, 3 = 5

>implying implications

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Terrible, terrible decisions mostly. Like pushing Mass Effect 3 out 90% done. Like the godawful Dead Space 3 with co op stupidity. The godawful trailers for Dead Space which pandered to the worst views on gaming.

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Well I dont know any of that since I just play their sport games

Calm down bros!

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>You don't mind that they killed off so many good game studios?

>He thinks Bioware was any good

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Rolled 5, 1 = 6

They absorb and kill every studio you once loved and held dear.

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>not a good game studio until they got EAten

Troubled waters, these, the Seven Seas of /v/.

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I'm actually fairly moderate. Some people make out EA is going to rape the industry to death, but the simple truth is they're just stupid, and completely disconnected from the people they make money off of

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>implying any MMO is good

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But I like Battlefield 3

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Studios Closed

1998: Original HQ in San Mateo, California - moved to Redwood City
2000: EA Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland - established in 1996 as part of Origin
2001: Kesmai (known also as GameStorm); acquired in 1999
2001: Bullfrog Productions in Surrey, England - acquired in 1995
2002: EA Seattle in Seattle, Washington - formerly Manley & Associates, acquired in 1996
2003: Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada - acquired in 1998
2003: EA Pacific (known for a time as Westwood Pacific) in Irvine, California - formerly part of Virgin Interactive, acquired with Westwood in 1998
2004: Origin Systems in Austin, Texas - acquired in 1992
2004: Maxis in Walnut Creek, California - acquired in 1997, moved to Redwood City
2006: DICE Canada in London, Ontario (created Battlefield 2: Special Forces expansion, Battlefield Vietnam, and all BF2 patches). Acquired DICE fully October 2, 2006; closed DICE Canada studio hours later.
2007: EA Japan in Tokyo, Japan - closed due to consolidation; moved under EA Partners model
2007: EA UK in Chertsey, United Kingdom, relocated to Guildford
2007: EA Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. Closed due to failure to meet profit targets.

Found that list on the webs

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DICE was in my fucking city
I'm a computer programmer

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Half of those are EA's own and the other half I have no idea who they are aside from DICE and Maxis

I swear ea haters are like JB haters. Sure they're not very good but you act like they raped your mother

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"I don't know who they are so they must be shit"

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It's like you never gamed in the middle to late 90s.

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"I dont know one out of HUNDREDS of game companies!"

Someone has their jimmies rustled!

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EA and THQ have both been Games Workshop's go-to corporations.

Though I'm not sure if the relationship with EA is very good after the failure of Warhammer Online

...then again, who's to say they went through with the whole thing just to simultaneously milk/hype the franchise? The initial boom of game purchases and monthly fee money must have given them a net positive, and as long as they have that then maybe Games Workshops views EA as a good idea.

One has to admit, though. Games Workshop and EA as companies seem rather... identical.

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Well of course you don't know them, they've been dead for a while now.

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True, but when it comes to games for 40k, they leave it to Relic and Relic does a great fucking job.

Their engines are technical marvels and they are very stable. They support the PC and they know to stay away from GFWL now.

Just wish Space Marine had dedicated servers.

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>They support the PC

Until they killed modding in DoW2

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EA is more likely to throw their 40k properties in the gutter and focus on Company of Heroes, or more likely, realign those assets from THQ/Relic to other studios and groups. Also you can probably expect the old guard from Relic or THQ to be let go or leave on their own. So anyone who did work on their 40k games will probably be moving on to other things.

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God I hope that doesn't happen. I'm a console kid and even I've considered upgrading my computer to play Company of Heroes 2.

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Uhhh not they didn't.


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>The [FUN TITLE] market dried up because we're insufferable fuckstains and gave it zero support? Ah well. Shitcan it, back to making [CASH COW PRODUCT].

A ceiling-high stack of sports games and Space Marine factions agree with you.

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You really are the worst common denominator. Please, kill yourself.

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Yes, they are broke.

No, no one in these threads cares, because Bioware/EA Hate is the circlejerk bandwagon that never fucking dies.

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And why should /tg/ care?

ffs, traditional games is becoming the fallback market for those completely fed up with the state of video gaming, so the only people here who'd have reason to care REALLY don't care.

Just go buy GURPS or Rogue Trader or whatever, convince your disillusioned friends to do the same, and leave these varyingly shitty companies to die when everything goes full mobile. Quit dwelling on what used to be and grow up.

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they effectivly killed it when they made you have to download and install out of game; 16 is a high number for the elite chat.

stable my ass; no lasguns for GM heavy weapon teams because we couldn't be bothered to put a programmer on the bug fix team. i suppose it's not really that bad, they are generally stable but certainly not "technical marvles"

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>Don't know of the creators of dungeon keeper, theme park and theme hospital
>Don't know of the creators of command and conquer and red alert
>Don't know of the creators of wing commander and system shock
>Don't know of the creators of every fucking sim game from SimAnt to SimCity

Seriously, if you played games in the 90s, you'd know at least 2 of them by name.

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EA and GW does seem like a match made in hell.

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I agree with >>21033300

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Because it's depressing to watch a greedy behemoth trample all over a huge thing. What if GW and Wizards of the Coast would buy up a lot of studios for the IP's, shut down the studios and hand the IP's to some random team that have no idea what made it good.

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Because it's depressing to watch a huge greedy behemoth trample all over a good thing. What if GW and Wizards of the Coast would buy up a lot of studios for the IP's, shut down the studios and hand the IP's to some random team that have no idea what made it good.

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I imagine the only reason why PP has not been bought up by Wizards is the fact it is privately owned.

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Wait, EA is making a Love Can Bloom game?

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>I dotn get their hate

They buy studios that used to make good games, and they invariably stop making good games after being purchased by EA.

>> No.21034279


Then you throw up your hands, shed your tears, and then move on with your life to greener pastures without looking back since even a backward glance is too much support.

Something /tg admittingly isn't good at but /v/ is completely incapable of.

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It reminds me of the changes done to Star Wars Galaxies.

I tried playing the Emulator, but that place is like a goddamn cult, people act like they're in a safe bubble in the past, they just can't let go.

>> No.21034305

I know. I just think the industry has lost a lot of its integrity.

>> No.21034321

Like with VtM: Bloodlines

>> No.21034335

>EA buys out THQ

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

>> No.21034403

What EA is doing to videogaming is like what if all mainstream settings used the same d20 system.

>> No.21034437

Sounds ideal. I hate learning new systems.

>> No.21034440

But d20 is good, and all the competitors are laughable examples of poor design, anon.

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>every 40k ever.jpg

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Rolled 87

EA's slogan has changed from 'Challenge Everything' to 'At least we're better than Activision, right guys? Guys...?'

>> No.21034611

They also want to railroad everything and ideally not having the player actually being challenge.

>> No.21034623

And everything is run by a Whizzard, except his magical realm is filled with gay sex and tumblr style social justice.

>> No.21034673

I don't fear the gay seeing as I have the option of saying no. I'm more offended that NPC's sexuallity changes to cater to the player characters whims (just like in real life, right?).

>> No.21034700

>I don't fear the gay seeing as I have the option of saying no.
>I have the option of saying no.
Not to furries.
>I'm more offended that NPC's sexuallity changes to cater to the player characters whims
Yeah, that always bugged me much more than the gay, but everyone being Shepsexual or Wardensexual isn't as fun to joke about.

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Rolled 32

Well to be fair, I've always considered Kaiden to be a faggot.

>> No.21034744

At least Shepherd gets along on a reputation system with his mixed sexuallity crew while everyone just lust for Hawk regardless of the characters gender.

>> No.21034802

This bothered me also. Everyone and their mother being bisexual actually strikes me as unrealistic, and I'm bisexual myself. Or maybe because I'm bisexual myself. It would actually be refreshing at this point to find a companion who just went 'nigga you gay' when you make your approach, because that's what happens like two thirds of the time in reality. I guess Zaeed probably would've. In story form.

Though I think there was a bit of this in the Dragon Age 2 dlc character, though I never got him because loldlc.

>> No.21034830

>video games

At this point in time, video games have become dull, repetitive, and uninspired. It's always some variation on 'shoot these guys, kill those guys, pretend your choices matter, and tell a story for the casuals'.

Why do you think traditional role-playing games are having a resurgence in popularity? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. I can buy a hardcover RPG book (or two) for the same price as a game. In a month's time, I am bored with the video game, and do not want to play it anymore. With the RPG book, I have YEARS of possible plots, adventures and characters.

Fuck video games.

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>Implying Zaeed wasn't prison gay, and didn't rape a Krogan while serving 12 at Rikers to show dominance over the cell block

>> No.21034837

Apparently Garrus thinks its a joke if you flirt with him as a dude and they have that STRONG INDEPENDENT LESBIAN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN in ME3 as well.

>> No.21034848

"That takes me back..."

>> No.21034857

>traditional games

At this point in time, traditional games have become dull, repetitive, and uninspired. It's always some variation on 'loot these guys, kill those guys, pretend your choices matter, and tell a story for the casuals'.

Why do you think videogame role-playing games are having a resurgence in popularity? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. I can buy a videogame (or two) for the same price as a single 40K mini. In a month's time, I am bored with the mini, and do not want to paint it anymore. With the RPG, I have YEARS of possible fun, adventures and characters.

Fuck traditional games.

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Can this wait? I gotta do some calibrations.

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Rolled 94

I didn't like the ME3-only love interests, they struck me too much like 'The world is ending, I gotta fuck SOMEONE!'

>> No.21034893

They're also talk to someone 4 times and fall in love.

It's literally 15 minutes of dialogue.

>> No.21034909

Yea STEEEEEVE and traynor were definitely lacking.

>> No.21034951

Rolled 87

This guy again, one thing I DID like about ME3 was the cameos by characters from the previous game, especially Grunt. He wasn't as plot-critical as say Mordin or Garrus, but his appearance, ESPECIALLY if you had him loyal in ME2, made me smile.

>> No.21034963

Best character in all of Mass Effect.

He dead a hero and never lived long enough to see himself become the villain.

>> No.21034979

I hate to admit it, but EA and GW are made for each other. I totally expect a Rogue Trader trilogy to replace Mass Effect.

>> No.21034997

True. Shame we got stuck with the /fit/ guy instead of Grunt as a squadmate so new players would have someone to relate too.

>> No.21035009

>implying EA could pull off the Magnificent Bastardry required for a proper RT
Their idea of smooth talking is “Maybe I could take payment in kisses”

>> No.21035013

> Perhaps later. Trying to determine how scale itch got onto Normandy, sexually transmitted disease only carried by varren. Implications... unpleasant.

>> No.21035034

Rolled 97

Eh, James served his purpose, he wasn't too interesting a character, but he was far from toxic.

>> No.21035044

Commander Shepard: You're awfully anxious to get Samara out of your district.
Detective Anaya: My bosses want me to detain her. They're worried she'll cause some kind of cross-species incident. But her Justicar Code won't let her be taken into custody. If I try it, she'll have to kill me. I have no interest in dying, so if you lure her away with some big noble cause before I have to carry out my orders, I'm thrilled to help you.
Commander Shepard: Your superiors are sending you to certain death for no good reason. You have a right to disobey.
Prof. Mordin Solus: Good to know, given the number of times we're ordered into hazardous situations. Twice a day, on average.

>> No.21035055

Rolled 6

His Shadow Broker file is comedy fucking gold.

>> No.21035056


I never implied they would do it right.

>> No.21035069

Yeah, but Grunt would have been so much better.

>> No.21035077

Rolled 20

I think he was saying that EA's Bioware would fuck it up.

>> No.21035087

Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.

>> No.21035115

Mass Effect 3 might have had the worst ending ever but I'll be damned if Mordin's death wasn't one of the saddest feels in all of vidya.

Live long and prosper Mordin.

>> No.21035130

One of the most retarded scenes in the game, barring the last 5 minutes.

Same with Tali vas DING DONG CLIFFU

Besides, Mordin is just a recycling of Kang the Mad and Kang was infinitely better.

>> No.21035132

Rolled 58

No doubt about that.

While we're on the subject of companions, what's everyone's thoughts Javik? Personally I found it hilarious that the Protheans were Imperialist Racist Space Jamaicans.

>> No.21035152

Have you checked out the extended cut? It really did make the ending(s) much better. It also answered a bunch of questions that the original one raised, like why did Joker puss out and how did your squad members that you took with you to Earth get back to the Normandy.

>> No.21035164

No it didn't.

>> No.21035172

>what's everyone's thoughts Javik?
Horrifically lore-raping.
>It really did make the ending(s) much better.
No it didn't, it just expanded on how retarded they were and managed to retcon even more lore with nothing more than a picture. That was a bit impressive, though, I must admit.

>> No.21035180

>implying I didn't shoot him

>> No.21035184

It did jack shit to the endings. Hell it even made it more stupid with the normandy pick up.

>> No.21035200


that gif makes me all kinds of sad

>> No.21035201

Yes it did, that's not even arguable, it made it objectively better simply due to the fact that the original ending was barely an ending at all.

>> No.21035205

>implying I wouldn't fucking love one Space Marine going to town on another while screaming FOR THE EMPEROR

>> No.21035219

It made the ending more complete, not better.

>> No.21035234

Or in the case of synthesis even worse.

>> No.21035237

No it didn't.

It polished an ending that was broken from the start. The purpose of mass effect was a set of choices that effected each other through the series.

In ME3 they just become a number that has no influence other than red, green, and blue endings. There was no point of playing the first and second game.

Mass effect went bad when they decided to make everything about humanity and make a reaper out of humans for a boss.

>> No.21035270

>Mass effect went bad when EA took over and casualized ME2 to appeal to tumblr whores and remove that glorious space opera vibe that made ME1 so great

>> No.21035285

>There was no point of playing the first and second game.

Except for, you know, if you didn't that results in two entire species dying off no matter what.

>> No.21035296

The best part of Mass Effect 1 was that it wasn't about Earth, or Humanity. We were just a group part of a larger whole.

Which got retconned anyways.

>> No.21035305

And it has no effect on the ending.

Or with the extended cut it changes a couple of slides

>> No.21035331

I think this picture right here sums up why ME1 was great and the rest sucked. Sure, the Uncharted Worlds were formulaic and pretty damn boring at times, but there was still heart there. There was a real gem hiding under all the randomly pregenerated terrain and copypasta missions, it just needed to be expanded on and polished out.

Instead, EA replaces it with goddamn fucking probes.

>> No.21035355

Were you expecting an hour long full motion ending video that tells you what happened to every single person Shepard ever knew, met, or was ever within 20 feet of? If you want a game that's more cutscene than game you can always pick up a copy of MGS4.

>> No.21035377

Well. Yea, I was expecting something like that, and yea I did play MGS4.

It was fun

>> No.21035416

I would expect something at least as in-depth as Jade Empire and I didn't even get that.

>> No.21035437

I expect nothing and I was still disappointed.

Massively disappointed

>> No.21035503

>tfw EA buys Bioware for the Mass Effect IP and gets to have creative control of the originally PC exclusive Dragon Age IP as a bonus
>half of the people working for Bioware has since left the company and been replaced by people EA thinks is more ideal
>one of the founders just resigned a while ago because he no longer finds any joy in his line of work

>> No.21035544

Both of the founders actually.

>> No.21035576

I expected they would had come up with a better end in a 5 year timeframe instead of thinking about it for two days and decide it was profound.

>> No.21035605

That is so sad.

EA has to be a psychick vampire that feeds on disapointment and regret.

>> No.21035618

You forget that the original writer was canned after the first game. Any overarching plot he had planned was then replaced with HFY and daddy issues.

>> No.21035641


To a certain extent, Bioware is truly a victim. "Fool me once, shame on you"; and the only blatant hint of EA's debauchery is the rotting corpse of what was once the glorious Ultima franchise. But now, EA has become leprous and all its acquired companies are falling off one by one.

>> No.21035675

only a fool would sell his company to EA

>> No.21035693

2nd game.

He co-wrote ME2.

>> No.21035720

>the only blatant hint of EA's debauchery is the rotting corpse of what was once the glorious Ultima franchise

All of these have been reduced to corpses by EA. Bioware was to be no different.

>> No.21035732

Ah yes, "co-wrote". We have dismissed these claims.

Seriously, though, he had next to nothing to do with ME2's plot. In the original version of ME2, you started the game playing as Legion and rescuing Shepard from the clutches of Cerberus.

>> No.21035750


At the time Bioware was acquired, Origin is the only noteworthy one, nobody today remembers Sierra, and Command and Conquer wasn't completely humiliated yet. However, the decision of the original Bioware staff to become loyal stooges of the empire is entirely their fault. But hey, at least those doctors can go back to making medical software like they wanted.

>> No.21035751

Necro/Bioware is now in charge of Ultima.

>> No.21035759

Except for the book that completely disproved that theory.

>> No.21035760

>nobody today remembers Sierra

>> No.21035763


Ultima is dead.
Isn't it?

>> No.21035777

Origin would not be so bad if they fixed it checking with windows to see if windows thinks it has an internet connection before performing it's own ping test. But this will never happen as that would require EA to admit they didn't know what the fuck they were doing when they coded it.

>> No.21035791

EA would make a great enemy for a campaign.

>> No.21035805

You didn't know?


>> No.21035814

Before EA
After EA

>> No.21035816


He's talking about the original Origin Systems that created the Ultima WRPG franchise.
Didn't know that?
Don't worry, "core gamers" don't either.

>> No.21035817

Origin the company they murdered, not Origin the spyware.
For real. Eldritch abominations have nothing on the depths that EAs evil reaches so easily.

>> No.21035820

>this is the sixth time we have destroyed a game studio, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it

>> No.21035836


Goddamn them. Goddamn all of them. The sooner the NFL takes away their exclusivity contract, the better.

>> No.21035847

Mother of god, it's like a trainwreck being involved in a plane crash.

>> No.21035854

Lord British is now Lady British.

I'm sorry...

>> No.21035879

EA isn't evil, they just keep on making horribly stupid decisions, Robert Kotick however, is the videogame world's equivalent of Hitler.

>> No.21035899

No. Kotick is a Lawful Evil. He's the Doctor Doom of vidya.

EA is a mindless, savage beast consuming anything in its path that it can.

>> No.21035931


EA is really the free market. It's not intentionally malevolent and acquiring studios just to shit on people that play video games. It's really just free market capitalism at work.

>> No.21035938

So its chaotic evil vs lawful evil?

>> No.21035943

The man even LOOKS evil

>> No.21035957

I would love an open-world Rogue Trader video game like Skyrim or Fallout.

>> No.21035964


Kotick is there because we need a villain. EA is there because it went power hungry.

I can respect Kotaku because he's a cunning genius.

>> No.21035975

And one of the potential love interests is an Ork Warboss

>> No.21035994

He was the only one to come back alive.

>> No.21035995



>> No.21036002


Not like some have a choice. Publicly traded companies get bought up easily whether they want to or not. Private companies are harder for them to get to. They've been trying to buy Valve for a while now, offering 1 billion recently.

>> No.21036024


They've been running out of money lately. Their sports games and the last of their trilogy sequel games will give them another couple of years, but they're obviously desperate to acquire new IPs.

>> No.21036030

Gaben makes more than EA does.

He even said that Valve would split before EA bought them up.

>> No.21036034

Activision don't deny customer complaints and openly accuse complaining customers of being entitled spoiled children.

Personally I think customers are in the right to complain if a publisher publishes a half-finished product.

>> No.21036045

Like with the removal of a map because the picture frame in the bathroom mentions Allah.

>> No.21036050


Activision is actually somewhat competent.

>> No.21036150

Yeah, if they are stupid they hide it better then EA who has the craving to justify anything they do. Just by shutting their piehole they make EA look antagonising.

>> No.21036176


I'll give them that.

They don't turn out hundreds of half-baked COD and WOW clones every year.
They just update WOW and COD and carry on.

They've got their market and they can keep on trucking for all I care.
More power to 'em. I'm not interested myself.

EA is about 60% of all releases these days and they're 95% complete horseshit.
They've destroyed and abused so many good people and wasted such talent.
My hate is eternal.

Sticking your name on Gaymer con does not gain you back points in my book.
It's an insult to Gaymer Con and discredits it.

>> No.21036216


Eventually the entire video game industry will be EA and Activision...

In the grim darkness of the 4th playstation, there is only FPS

>> No.21036228



>> No.21036244


Not you again. Fuck off with your cockteasing and 2 million target bonuses already. At least the guys for Planetary Annihilation just shut the fuck up.

>> No.21036249

Also Capcom and Square Enix.

Still waiting for Capcom to buy From Software and turn the Demon's/Dark Souls series in to a Noblebright anime tropes game with on disc DLC.

>> No.21036281

>implying anyone wants to buy THQ
They don't actually have any good IPs, just good licenses.

>> No.21036282


>implying NAMCO Bandai would ever let go of From Software

Squeenix as a developer is going on a long journey to learn how to get back to being the hero video gamers need. But surprisingly enough they've been a god tier publisher and are only showing signs of getting better at funding other developers.

Meanwhile CAPCOM is sinking its own ship.

>> No.21036300


>> No.21036307

On the subject of NAMCO Bandai, does anyone else hate that copyright law makes it an impossible dream for Super Robot Wars or Another Century's Episode to ever get official English releases?

>> No.21036312

Anyone else find it hilarious that Squareenix has been publishing some amazing games over the last few years but the games that they've been developing have been not so great?

>> No.21036326

Except for the Biodrones now flocking to it.

>> No.21036333


If it wasn't the copyright law, it would be the dozens of companies demanding royalties. It was never going to happen, and Japan doesn't have any intention of learning how to internationalize after 30 years.

>> No.21036377

Awww, but the first video seemed so charming.

>> No.21036406

Well, their domestic market is what counts for them. Isn't Japan still like where 1/3 of all game sales are made?

>> No.21036448


The problem with ME3 was the rail roading, just like a bad PnP game.

We had the illusion of choices, but in the end we were forced into the "Right" path that our GM (EA) wanted us to take for the sake of their glorious story, that we should be ever thankful we got to be a part of.

Admittedly it's a lot harder to offer the level of involvement PnP games give you in Videah, but in ME3 they didn't even try, hell even Silent Hill had 5 endings depending on one or two choices that you made during the game play.

That would have been enough I think, a fail ending, a medium ending, a Geth ending, a Quarrian ending, and a God tier ending, that required you to have made good decisions in ME1 to achieve.

The rest of the game was very enjoyable, but the ending was worse than many other endings, in less involved games.

>> No.21036450

Because EA cares more about sales and statistics than making good games.

>> No.21036465


Pretty much. But things would be a lot better if they learned how to go the extra mile, instead of handing their IPs all over the place to some Western publishers that lasts all of five years.

>> No.21036475

The free market is made up of people, it's not a Leviathan. EA makes horrible decisions, it's a fact.

>> No.21036478

So how's that been working out for them?

>> No.21036503

What the fuck. I know this is EA, still, fucking hell.
I want a timemachine and go back in time to shakehand with EA's founder(s).

>> No.21036516

Being out of touch with the west of today it seems like the logical option and once in a while it will pay off. But yeah, in the process we are left without that cultural exchange.

>> No.21036529

>go back in time to shakehand with EA's founder(s).
You realize that will just create an alternate universe where they don't exist right? One that you won't get to experience personally?

>> No.21036533

I hate to say it, but blowing up the setting was no way to end ME3

>> No.21036551

Well atleast I saved one universe from EA.
inb4 a Japanese gaming company become the new EA in that alternate universe

>> No.21036591

YOU will become the new EA in that universe. The circle cannot be broken, there must always be a Shit King.

>> No.21036597

>mfw this isn't /v/

Jesus christ what am i doing.

>> No.21036598


Well, duh.

It was lazy, ill thought out, and left a bajillion plot holes that were NOT covered up by the extended ending.

It was just... bad.

>> No.21036610

This is kind of off-topic, but mark hamill did have a continuing career in voice-acting after the films. He's voiced many great characters in cartoons and videogames across the years, and has worked on more projects than Harrison Ford. Look it up on Imdb sometime, I guarantee you'll recognise at least ten of his roles.

>> No.21036622

He's also had a very successful stage career.

>> No.21036624

I don't think that is ever any good way to end any setting.

Mass Effect wont be over until EA decides it is.

Look forward to another MMO that will waste everyones time.

>> No.21036633

Voice acting doesn't pay nearly as well or carry as much prestige however.

>> No.21036639

This is why

>> No.21036641

I don't know, sometimes everything is just too FUBAR to save any of it. After sitting through ME2 and ME3, I wanted it all to just go away, too.

>> No.21036655

What's the thing they're signing, though?

>> No.21036665

Their hunger for souls will never be sated.

>> No.21036670

It's a joke. They are probably just looking at the script.

>> No.21036671

Well if they're looking at twelve year olds of fucking course they're gonna think it's kiddy. What the fuck to twelve year olds know?

>> No.21036698

I will become the evil I wish to destroy? What a tweeest.
EA is retarded. Absolutely retarded.

>> No.21036702

>Trusting 12 year olds
You fucking idiots, EA. Twelve-year-olds are asshats who want to seem "mature", so they immediately unleash the hate on anything that isn't "ZOMG SOOPURR GRIMDARK SO MAHCHORE!!1!1one!" because they don't realize it simply reveals their LACK of maturity.

>> No.21036725

I rather look forward to how well adjusted that generation is going to become.

>> No.21036751

I can't wait until they're all in their 20s and I can say "Son, see this? You ruined it" and they'll be old enough to understand.

>> No.21036756

The US military is going to have waves and waves of disAdventure Time Season 4 Episode 1bosable grunts in about six years.

>> No.21036767

Draft them into the military. Let see them live out their fantasy.

>> No.21036778

I never played me3, I was pirating it but cancelled my download after the debacle with the 'homophobia' damage control and the bot petition. What did the extended cut change?

>> No.21036792

>Implying those codkiddie fuckwits won't invariably fuck up horridly
The military needs penal regiments. Fuck Leavenworth, you fuck up you serve your time on the line, until you die. No pay, no benefits, no snivel gear, no leave, just barely enough meals to keep them operating, and guaranteed death in battle.
Trust me, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., those kiddos would not be able to hack it. The modern soldier carries more weight than a knight in full plate did.

>> No.21036864

Aren't the average weight of your standard military pack about 41kg or around that? Oh, also
>The military needs penal regiments
Best idea.

>> No.21036887

RIP Chincreadibles you had charm

>> No.21036953

>Aren't the average weight of your standard military pack about 41kg or around that?
Here, read this. Keep in mind, 1lb is equal to 0.453592kg.

>> No.21037000

>"Back in my days games didn't have this artificial looking family movie crap, son. Back then gaming was mature and had a heart and no artificial challenge horseshit. Your generations lack of taste has brought ruin upon what used to be my hobby."

>> No.21037013

And then your dad yells at you for being a pussy that grew up with save files instead of codes.

>> No.21037025

Oh my, I missed four more kg. Thank you.

>> No.21037039

Best part? My best friend is a Surveyor in the Army. He has to carry ALL THAT SHIT, PLUS the surveying gear. And he's not a combat MOS. I weep for the Army of ten years from now.

>> No.21037063


It explained some shit. Gave you more insight into what happened after, although it didn't really help.

They kept that pasty fucking faggot kid in though. I bought the N7 edition, and I have never felt I wasted so much money.

>> No.21037114

Wow, your friend must be all muscle by now.
>I weep for the Army of ten years from now.
Well there's those research into exoskeleton for soldiers, though that just mean soldiers have to carry even more stuff than before.

>> No.21037140

> waves and waves of disAdventure Time Season 4 Episode 1bosable grunts

>> No.21037155

Because, as we all know, knights were more or less unable to move at all in armour, and had to be wheeled around on a cart by servants

>> No.21037175

They did sit on horses. And they were a lot more fit than the average cowadooty kid.

>> No.21037188


The armour itself is ok, its roughly twice the weight of the modern day body armour, standing at 20-25 kg.

However you are not supposed to carry an additional 20-25 kg on your back.

That is unless you are a larpfag who has no car and has to rely on his own foot-mobile.

>> No.21037189

They also sprinted, wrestled, and dodged in full armor.

>> No.21037191

Actually, he's just wiry as fuck. I mean yeah, it's all muscle, but he's not built like Manimal or anything.
I didn't say that bro, I'm well aware of how highly mobile knights were, but that's because they were in good shape. Your average codkiddie is either a toothpick or a landwhale.

>> No.21037232

That fucking tablet.
Goddamnit, THQ.
Also, while Darksiders 2 is getting some decent reviews and some sales heat, betting on that over DoW3 or SM2.

>> No.21037260

I've been playing DC again and just the basic "Fleet of Foot only activates when you're looking at the unit" and "unit zones out instead of firing at target in range and sight until click on AGAIN" bugs are stupidly basic.

>> No.21037276

I'd buy it.

>> No.21037292


I don't get the jo-
>Mass Effect 3


>> No.21037318

>>Dark Souls


>> No.21037496

Could be that the bone thing only works on healthy bones. You can't have the best tank armour around, but if the tank hull is made of rotten timber, it's not gonna hold together as well.

But yeah, bad writing hands down, no escaping that.

>> No.21037523

And there's the fact that that shit is a Shepard specific upgrade, Joker hasn't had billions of dollars worth of proprietary prototype cybernetics installed in him.

>> No.21037544

PSA, this was on /v/ earlier and is faked (though it's kinda obvious just from looking at it.)

Carry on, gentlemen.

>> No.21037587


Oh god thank jesus

I was actually getting worried there.

EA getting their hands on Company of Heroes and Dawn of War is my worst nightmare.


>> No.21037603


It never dies because it's been justified enough to fuel the hate for centuries after the ghosts of EA have faded.

>> No.21037616

>Khornate Marine romance quest
I'd throw down 10 bucks just to see how that went.

>> No.21037621

Even if it was a real Kotaku article it's obviously bullshit.

>> No.21037629

Necron romance is actually viable now.

>> No.21037645


>distinct lack of hits
i wonder how much rage this article might have caused if it was real?

>> No.21037715

*cue Agnus Dei"
"No one's left. Everything's gone. Kharak is burning."
> Goodbye my dreams for a good Homeworld 3 ;_;

>> No.21038397


Remember back when used to have those awesome Homeworld threads here on /tg/?

>> No.21038458

After the turn that gameplay and storytelling took from the originals to HW2, maybe it's for the best. Especially since RTS are low in demand and stripped of complexity to reach a larger audience.

>> No.21038474

Rolled 55

Anyone else think the kid in ME3 looked like that little faggot from Heavy Rain?

>> No.21038574

But guys...

Mass effect 1 sucked and Bioware was never good on its own.

>> No.21038691

Sorry, but RTS always have been the dumber younger brother of real, turn-based strategy games, stripped of complexities to facilitate arcade elements like speed of reaction.

Anyway, I don't give a flying fuck either way, Spehs Marheens are already incredibly homoerotic so it would stand to reason far more than adding normal romance option for chicks. And if EA makes shit games, it's because vidyagaming is full of retards that buy that shit and thus deserve every single anal raping they get from EA.

>> No.21039064

Boy, will they be disappointed with Avellone's romances.

>> No.21039073

I pledged for a collector's edition.
I'm pumped.

>> No.21039316

But DOOM is a cool guy.

>> No.21039365

Implying anyone would sell.

>> No.21039374

EA did make RA3: Everything stands still unless you explicitly tell them to move, and everything has activated abilities, the game.

C&C3 was awesome, and then THAT happened.

>> No.21039402

This has been in the pipes for a while. EA must have noticed that more people were getting interested in the 40k franchise.

They live off franchises, every time they acquire one they run it into the ground and once they've ringed enough money out of it they dump it.

Since Dawn of War was so successful they took notice to 40k.

Cue the flagging interest in Star Wars games, THQ suddenly end up in serious financial trouble and now here comes EA to the rescue!

How fortuitous indeed.

>> No.21039477

Nothing is sacred to Capcom except Street Fighter. They have no idea how to please the western market so absorbing From Software and ruining Demon's/Dark Souls is perfectly logical to them. Expect cameos by new Dante and Frank West.

>> No.21039491

Company of Heroes is a million times better, just saying.

>> No.21039519


Yeah but EA doesn't care. All they care about is the prospect of a dozen SPESS MUHREEN action shooters until the money dries up and they throw Relic under a bus.

>> No.21039538

Thank you merciful emperor, THANK YOU.

I know I'm late to the party, but the EC was internally flawed because that fucking kid was still there with no explanation of where the fuck he comes from.

Hell, now I think about it, ME3 is based on a gigantic plothole, the crucible should not even exist based on what we heard in ME1.
fuck, as if I needed more proof that Casey hasn't even played ME1

>> No.21039547

1. This isn't actually happening
2. Buying THQ wouldn't give EA access to 40k, as THQ doesn't own it.

Also if anyone wanted to buy THQ they should have done it when their stock was under a dollar, they're dropped form their five-and-change they were at before the Darksiders release down to $3.84 as of yesterday's closing.

>> No.21039560

Capcom haven't even ruined a franchise yet unless you mean RE which would be silly.

>> No.21039600

Chaos with Slaanesh removed will become Russian Nazis in space, Tyranids will become very Chaos mobs without strategy, Orks will get a full grimdark treatment to be a more credible threat, Tau is now Space Marine love interest with feet instead of hooves, the Imperium is now grimdark America, Sisters of Battle together with Eldar is now pure waifus for Space Marines, Imperial Guard that now look only like American soldiers is only there to die for dramatic effect, Necrons are Chaos units and all gothic design is removed in favor of an edgy Mass Effect looking design.

>> No.21039633

Whats this about EA and romances? I havent seen them put romances into any games.

>> No.21039641


Are you describing an imagined EA treatment of 40k or the /tg/ treatment of 40k?

>> No.21039651

You're kidding, right?
Read through the start of the thread for examples

>> No.21039653


>> No.21039663

Sounds like you guys don't know who Bioware is. That's pretty much all.

>> No.21039705

We know who they are and that EA has sucked the will to live out of it.

>> No.21039881

Megaman and Lost Planet.

>> No.21040530

Devil May Cry

>> No.21040642

I thought I left /v/

I guess I was wrong

>> No.21040737

said while smacking the side of a cogitator engine with a monkey wrench

>> No.21040749


The fuck? Don't support Mojang? Is /v/ a bunch of raging fucktards or something?

>> No.21040756

Sleep tight Westwood.

>> No.21040780

pleb detected


>Is /v/ a bunch of raging fucktards


>> No.21040813


They're like the worst of /g/ and /b/ in one shitty package.

>> No.21040816


>> No.21040872

It's hard to agree with EA's methods and philosophy.

>> No.21040901

A lot of people hate obsidian all of a sudden cause of the kickstarter.

>> No.21040903


Explain and edumacate me. I got Minecraft on the cheap when it was in alpha, i can mod the shit out of it and i've never had to shell out for it since. I enjoy it now and then and put it down. So. Why am i a pleb? For liking something you don't like? I feel you won't be able to justify yourself without resorting to insulting me, but i hope you try.

>> No.21040942

>I got Minecraft on the cheap when it was in alpha...i've never had to shell out for it since.

so you're not supporting mojang. good to know

>> No.21040955


I disagree. I gave them money when they wern't rolling in it for a game in alpha with an uncertain future. But apparently that isn't supporting.

>> No.21040973

it's not actively supporting, no.

>> No.21040985

Well..i could buy minecraft a second time? So a second question. Why is it in the category with devs who are fucking awful?

>> No.21040987


>buy game
Oh you're only supporting him once, good for le you

>pirate game

Fuck off troll

>> No.21040991


Why is LucasArts both in "RIP" and "Do Not Support"?

>> No.21041000


>> No.21041019

I hope that the power of the Emperor strikes this down.

>> No.21041024

Because /v/ doesn't like Notch and probably expected MC to evolve a lot more.

>> No.21041027

Resident Evil.
Street Fighter.

>> No.21041095

Former EA Exec Joins THQ - IGN --- July 23, 2012

THQ has hired Ron Moravek as executive vice president of production. Moravek will report directly to THQ president Jason Rubin and has been hired as part of an initiative to “embrace new strategic business models, digitally connected experiences, and a more focused, high-quality game slate.”

>> No.21041233


Oh hell fucking no, fuck those incompetent idiots. Under no condition should they be allowed to touch the DoW games.

>> No.21043855

>EA buys THQ
>new sims expansion comes out: the Sims: Spess Mahreens!
>fill a house with primarchs
>Horus "No, Sanguinius should have been the warmaster. His is the superior form!"
>Sanguinius, "No Horus, yours is the superior!"
>"Kiss me you fool!"

>> No.21043957

RIP LucasArts are the guys that that brought you stuff like Space Quest, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango...

Current LucasArts made such masterpieces as Force Unleashed

>> No.21044320

>should support Paradox
>all that jewish DLC

>> No.21044330

pretty sure it's out of date. Volition milked the DLC train as well.

>> No.21044335

It used to be a different company than it is now.

>> No.21045573

Why on earth is my thread still up?

>> No.21048440

/tg/ loves troll threads.

>> No.21049988

>mfw I have no face when you made OP pic to troll /v/ and are amazed to see it used by someone else to troll /tg/

>> No.21050834

ITT: People who have no idea how business works bitch and complain as their niche franchises are bought out by successful companies.

Making video games is a business. You need to make your game reach as many target audiences as possible or else you will not recoup the money. And businesses are all about profit.

Here's hoping the damn indies will be the next-generation of game development.

>> No.21050888

>Here's hoping the damn indies will be the next-generation of game development.
Oh lawd.
Oh please go ask /v/ what they think about indie games. Because surely Fez will save the industry.

>> No.21051026

The thing that amazes me is that PopCap actually fell for it.

>> No.21051051

Maybe there will finally be an EHR program that isn't a horrendously overpriced slowass unusable piece of dogshit.

Unlikely though.

>> No.21051151

At this point the american anime industry has so consolidated I don't think even that would be much of a barrier. Bandai just hates America.

>> No.21051169

When I was 12 I liked RIFTS and Xanth novels.

>> No.21051256

They did that because they're afraid they'll be up shit creek if they lose the GW license.

Which is also why Relic's next game is Company of Heroes 2.

>> No.21051346

Paradox is probably the only publisher that puts out games that actually takes risks though. Without Paradox the strategy games genre would be pretty much Firaxis only.

>> No.21054209

Wasn't EA in the shitter after being declared America's WORST business?

>> No.21054708

The thing about Crusader Kings 2 and DLC, is that its an experiment in a new method of expansion. Before CK2, they'd put out a few big expansions over a period of a couple years, and people with the expansion cant play multiplayer with people without it. In the DLC model, they make DLC with the equivalent of some of the expansion's content, meaning a shorter development time, and they patch all the content into everyone's game, and the DLC is just there to unlock it, meaning everyone can play with each other as long as theyre fully patched, without having to buy features they don't want, and also funds further development

(run on sentences!)

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