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How would the Decepticons/Autobots fare in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium?

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Decently enough. They would hit a wall when they'd encounter Necrons though.

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Interesting question. I'm guessing poorly, they seem a bit weak relative to 40k. And that's saying nothing of decepticons falling to chaos or autobots being on imperiums shitlist for being xenotech AI no matter how nice they act.

But I'm hardly a 40k expert.

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Autobots would probably befriend the Tau.

Decepticons might even ally with the Necrons, seeing how they are more autonomous now.

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This shit writes itself

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The Junkions would befriend Orks. Because they both love junk, axes, and huge spikey vehicles.

The Decepticons would probably ally with the Iron Warriors. Although they'd dislike the organic/metallic fusions of the Forge of Souls.

Starscream would end up with the Dark Eldar.

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>Necrons and Decepticons sharing technologies

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i like that shit

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Well, beast wars dinobot would probably go chaos, as an actor allusion for some amount of time.

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>transformer discovered on Mars where the sleeping void dragon is supposed to be


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>Tomb Stalkers that can transform
>Decepticons with Gauss weaponry

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Now I want to see some Chaos Decepticons

I'm guess they'd mostly go to Tzeentch and Khorne.

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AdMech would probably ignore the Imperium bigshots and ally with the Autobots.

They can't hide their techboner, after all.

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I did think that Nemeroth from the Space Marine game did a great Frank Welker impression.

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/r/ing predacons arise dragon

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Are there any that would go with Nurgle or Slaanesh? I can't think of any...

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You kidding they'd be hailing Optimus Prime as the second coming of the Omnissiah.

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Drawfaggotry of this is required. The mental image is hilarious.

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What series are we talking here?
80s cartoon or the glorious War For/ Fall Of Cybertron series?

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Lets see. Megatron wouldn't go Chaos at all. Megatron bows before no one.

This instantly cuts a lot of the Decepticons out of the recruiting pool for Chaos. Starscream would probably be the exception and go for Tzeentech.

Now assuming for whatever reason Megatron went Chaos Undivided. We could see the Crons splitting like thus:

Soundwave and Shockwave: Both Tzeenetch.
The Constructicons either Khorne or Nurgle.
The Combaitcons: Khorne. Maybe undivided.
The Insecticons....probably Nurgle to be honest.
The rest would go Undivided with probably a few Khorne worshippers in there.

Ultimately its a moot point however as the Crons follows Megatron who would never bow to any "god."

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They both fit. The overall personalities didn't change that much.

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Nurgle would have Blot, Skalor and Finback.
All ugly, and putrescent decepticons.

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Yeah. I mean, when the Autobots prove they have souls (physical souls), and they worship a machine god... Prime will be a landraider by the end of the day.

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Then the admech gets a hold of the transformation technology and suddenly we have Leman russes that turn into block-smashing robots.

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I know you like your universe and plot, but I'm going to prepare you for what will inevitably happen when you post anything about any aspect of any franchise being superior to 40k: someone is going to call you wrong because or 40k fanwank reasons.

Specifically, they're going to say the decepticons don't need to bow to chaos, as they'll just be corrupted by it because that's how 40k works, regardless of whatever defenses the decepticons may have.

I know nothing about transformers, but I have a fair knowledge of /tg/ to be certain about my claims.

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Well the subject of religion with the transformers has always been dubious. Often showing up in expanded universe media based entirely on the "till all are one" line from the movie.
Which really for the autobots was more about cybertronian unity. That they would keep fighting until the day there were no autobots or decepticons. Only cybertronians.

The closest thing to a "god" in the classic canon is Vector Sigma. The AI/Machine located in the heart of Cybertron that gave all transformers life. While the transformers all revere it to some extent it is more respect than worship.

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Well when you combine settings there's room for a lot of freaky shit to happen. Unity of the decepticons when gods are involved isn't a given.

Actually... if decepticons did start falling to chaos (and they probably would) it might lead to megatron trying to resist and regain control it via help from necrons somehow. Then this happens: >>21030869

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Aye the corruption thing would be the only way it would get its hooks in.
Actually....Malal would probably fit Megatron and Co more than anything else.

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Why would the Decepticons even be there? To harvest the energy of Sol?

That's easier said than done.

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>The closest thing to a "god" in the classic canon is Vector Sigma.

Do you even into comics?

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I'm curious as to your reasoning behind the Constructicons going to Nurgle. The Insecticons make sense, while the Combaticons would DEFINITELY go to Khorne.

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Comics are expanded universe stuff and have been redone like what five times now?

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>Constructicons going to Nurgle
They're already green!

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I'm sure the 80s Decepticons would fair pretty damn well considering the amount of extremely powerful weaponry they created over the course of 4 series.

Also, the warp gates. A method of teleportation which doesn't require a journey through the Warp and only a reasonable amount of energy/energon would put either of the transformer factions at a travel advantage.

And, what if, just what if, some head masters and/or target masters got an ork or necron, with standard weaponry, as their weapon or head?

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But as with all 40K tech it is inclined towards darkly comical malfunctions.
The drivers of these new transforming tanks have to perfectly transition between several uncomfortable poses to avoid having their limbs ripped off by passing gears and pistons as the tank changes forms.

>Henry ineedock
Well yeah having flexible tentacles rather than an endoskeleton would make some of those movements easier captcha.

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The Transformers have been shown to be suceptible to mental, physical, and spiritual corruption by monstrous gods from beyond reality. (Like when they went up against Cthulhu)

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Don't forget the rites of transformation.

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... Fair point.

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Have you seen the ending of Fall Of Cybertron?

Perfect lead into this.
Basically Decepticons and Autobots get pulled into a wormhole with no knowing whats on the other side.
Along with them came their ships:

The Decepticons is a massive warship with a huge Decepticon war force. Also the ship is made out of parts of robo Godzilla (Trypticon).

The Autobot's ship, the Ark, is a last ditch transport filled with Autobot refugees and Autobots in stasis.

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I don't really see Optimus getting along with anything related to the Emperor, simply because he hates killing without reason.

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Not... so much.

The comics actually came first. (Although, ironically, the first origin story in the comic had them evolve from naturally occuring gears and levers. No, seriously)

Of course, the very first origin story (predating even the comics) was remarkably obscure and only came to light years later.

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Well the constructicons just don't really have that "RAHHH BLOOOD!" edge to them. Sure they're a violent as fuck bunch but ultimately they like to build shit. I can see them favouring the slow crumbling and decay of Nurgle as a sort of inverse to their usual way of thinking. The corruption of Chaos so to speak.

The Combaticons would probably be undivided. Not all of them are viciously bloodthirsty. Swindle, Onslaught and Vortex aren't the Khornate type. While Brawl and Blast Off most certainly are. Now if they were corrupted as Bruticus then you have total Khorne superbeing on your hands. Otherwise I see undivided or split loyalties.

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So does the Emperor. I'm pretty sure that the Emps might actually speak to Optimus like he did to Jaq, explaining that the state of the Imperium is a necessity for survival.

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Transformers: Infestation 2. Sequel to the Transformers: Hearts of Steel series.

The Autobots team up with Nikola Tesla to fight the forces of cthulhu and his possessed zombie transformers.

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Sorry, which ones were the Combaticons? Were they the road/car themed ones, with the purple and black lorry guy as the leader?

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Those were the Stunticons. Combaticons were the military vehicles and a space shuttle.

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Really, Prime's Autobots would probably go with the Tau. Knowing Grimlock and how much he loves fighting though, he would probably take his dissidents ("His dissidents" being "the other Dinobots") and galavant about the galaxy until he joined up with either the Imperium, the orks, or Khorne. Probably the orks.

>continued hiskra

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, Captcha, but if hiskra is some Cybertronian synonym for war, then yes, he would be in it for the continued hiskra.

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If you can shoehorn one of each into a different chaos god and have them be undivided as a whole, that would be neat. Awkward, but neat.

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However, you do raise a good point. Optimus Prime wouldn't like the Tau either, since his motto is "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings", and the Tau remove freedom as much as the Imperium does.

On the other hand, Megatron's "Peace Through Tyranny" would go well with nearly anyone.

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Those were the Stunticons. Probably Slaanesh, because meh.

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The Combaticons are a group who are comprised of military vehicles. They're quite the "no nonsense we are professionals" sorts.

You're thinking of the Stunticons who are decepticons who transform into normal road vehicles. They're all heavy Slaneesh types I'd wager barring their leader who is definitely Khorne material.

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>Optimus Prime: Rogue Trader

>> No.21031235

>Emps and Optimus meet
>The meeting takes weeks, with no one else in there with them
>The Eternity Gate opens
>Emperor has transferred his presence into the chassis of Optimus and fused with his personality

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Nah their combined form is heavy Khorne.
All the combiners combined forms are a bit thick and violent.
Even the Autobots best one: Superion the combined Aerialbots could only think of two things at once. Crush decepticons and save humans. Generally in that order.

All the combiners are thus Khorne.

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Oh god, Grimlock would either love the orks, or hate them. Probably finds Snakebites, and smash them into working for him. Especially after gets painted green, and turns his alt-mode into a Squiggoth.

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I dunno, the Stunticons don't really fall under any god exclusively. Breakdown and Dead End in particular don't really fit in anywhere.

Defensor, Computron, Liokaiser, and Predaking would disagree.

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>G.I. Joe
>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


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Nah, I can see Motormaster as Slaaneshi. Carnage, destruction, devastation. All beautiful in the eyes of Motormaster, and perfection for his master, Slaanesh.

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Being big dumb brutes doesn't mean they all fall to Khorne.

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>Emperor Prime
>"Roll out, Astartes"

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"Optimus, we've detected a vessel translating in-system! Should we raise shields?"

"Not yet, Ratchet. We must first appear willing to negotiate; if we raise shields, they may take it as a gesture of hostility."

"I'll give 'em a gesture 'a hostility."

"Easy, Ironhide. Bumblebee, raise them on the comms."

"Right away, Optimus!"

"Unknown vessel, this is the Autobot ship classified as the Ark, and I am its commanding officer, Optimus Prime. We are here on a mission of peace and goodwill, and we are willing to speak with you regarding manners of trade and diploma--"


"... Ratchet, raise shields."

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Okay, Megatron would probably take over a tomb world. Crush its Phaeron, take command of the Necron Legions, and turn into a Monolith or similar.

Soundwave would act as his Cryptek.

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>All the combiners are thus Khorne.


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Bravo. I could hear it in their voices.

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Is a noted exception due to the Predacons all actually liking each other and getting along flawlessly.


Breastforce. Nuff said.


Yes but he's slow as fuck as they literally debate each action.


He loves humans.
Too much.

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>bad end

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How long would Unicron last in the grim darkness of the future?
Assuming he has a handful/small army of Decepticon loyalists/cultists and some robots he has created with him, but not a very large one.

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Well, he is a god embodied in a planetary form, whose blood corrupts anything it touches.

I could see him doing okay.

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I don't know much about 40k, but the first word that popped into my head here was "Malal"

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Well, he eats planets, so the Imperium would probably think he's some sort of Tyranid super-weapon.

>> No.21031379


Probably very well at least initially. I mean you could see how well he moved in robot form. He'd easily tear apart an unprepared fleet group.
But once a sserious force rallied to defeat him he'd be fucked pretty quickly.

>> No.21031380


If I remember correctly, he would do very well, since nothing can destroy him except the Matrix of Leadership. However, there's probably some eldar or necron voodoo magic in existence that would do him in just as well.

... Or, he's the Imperium's Darkest Hour, and Big E decides to wake up right when he's about to nom Holy Terra. Cue cheesy 80s powermetal as the Emperor transforms Holy Terra and fistfights Unicron to the death.

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That actually sounds like something straight out of 40K

>> No.21031390

Pretty well for himself. His influence probably wouldn't extend too far simply due to low manpower, but he's invulnerable to anything other than the Matrix or Primus, can convert and empower virtually anything, and his heralds tend to be demigods themselves.

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That Rogue Trader sounds a lot like Star Trek. Well, untill the orks appear.

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This thread is amazing.

>> No.21031423


While only the Matrix of Leadership can full on destroy him, how much physical damage would the other armies be able to inflict?
The Autobots were able to casually just drive a ship through his eye, and it was obvious it hurt like fuck, so is it possible that someone could render his body incapable of battle, even if his spirit is still alive?

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Yeah Unicron and Primus are two mysterious planet sized machines. Nobody really knows who made them or why. Or why they're so opposed.
On the one hand you have Primus who turned himself into cybertron and is a force for good.
Then you have Unicron who also turns into a planet and is a force for evil.
Primus is generally passive preferring to act through the cybertronians while Unicron is very active,

>> No.21031445

Armies? Jack and shit. Fleets? Not much, even the planet-killing weapons would be swatted out of the sky by him.

>> No.21031449

The question here is, how much more powerful is Unicron going to be after he's been eating a few worlds full of 40k tech? To say nothing of some craftworlds.

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Orks meet the Junkions.

"Wotz all dis den? Who'z dese gitz?"

"Greetings, we are the junkions, so says Wreck-Gar!"

"... Dese Gitz iz giant kanz! Let's loot 'em!"

*both charge while screaming "'ERE WE GO!" at fall volume*

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They could probably just whittle his body down to nothing eventually, but then I imagine he would be free to find another metallic planet to convert into his new body. It might take a few years, granted, but he would just keep coming back. If I remember correctly, that's how he gained his planet form in the first place: Primus trapped himself and Unicron in big-ass asteroids, and they just learned how to manipulate their physical forms as time passed.

>> No.21031474


Well even when the Matrix blew him to pieces he was still alive and very powerful. Starscream's ghost was able to communicate with him and go on to possess a number of decepticons and make them help him to repair unicron.
And Unicron despite not being even mostly repaired was able to give starscream a new body by just zapping him with eyebeams.

>> No.21031475

Yes, it is possible. But if you do that, he just folds up into planet mode, starts leaking corruptive Amolgis(?) and/or Dark Energon all over the place, and sends his heralds and armies out on crusades to rebuild his body. He'd basically be giant robot planet bizarro-Emperor.

>> No.21031491

According to some origin stories, Unicron is actually imprisoned in his metal form, he learned how to alter it to make it his body, but when freed, he'd be far, far more dangerous... kind of like a full power C'tan.

Wait, god like entity, imprisoned in an artificial world.

Unicron is Tsaga'Noga, the Outsider!

>> No.21031495

Probably not much, I mean he did make Megatron, an already ridiculously powerful machine, even more powerful, and that's just something he can do whenever he wants.

>> No.21031523


>> No.21031527

I'm pretty sure 40k is at a higher standard of tech. Power-wise anyway, in terms of technical know how the transformers would probably multiply it.

>> No.21031542

They're both about the same general area with crazy outliers on either side.

>> No.21031549

Could I have a little background info on who Tsaga'Noga is?

>> No.21031550

Compared to most transformers, maybe, but Unicron is way beyond most Transformers, the only things he probably can't do, are the more esoteric technologies, that 40k says it has, but that there's no evidence of it actually having, because using any of that crap would fuck up the setting.

>> No.21031554

Wait till the transformers begin scanning these newfound tech!

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>> No.21031569


>Ultra Magnus

>> No.21031595

The Outsider. He's a C'tan who went mad when he started eating the other C'tan and their souls lived on in him.
He got imprisoned in a dyson sphere on the edge of the galaxy, which is noted as something deliberately ignored by the Tyranids.

>> No.21031623

Oh come on, Shockwave will join the greater good. Look at his head, his love of logic. He'd try and take over the Tau through LOGIC and SCIENCE.

>> No.21031635

the implication of this that nobody seems to notice is that the nids have DEALT WITH ENTITIES SIMILAR TO THIS ONE TRAPPED IN DYSON SPHERES BEFORE.

Or at least, got their shit wrecked by a dyson sphere so hard it left a lasting evolutionary impression.

What was the thing that fucked the nids in the past?

>> No.21031646

So who's calling Hasbro and Games Workshop?

>> No.21031654

>“It was as silent as the void, and to look upon it was to know terror. It drifted above us with slow, liquid grace, and its gaze caused madness and despair wherever it fell. Those it came near took their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence.”
>Morillia q, Harlequin Shadowseer.

>Scraps of information gleaned from the infinity circuits of Eldar craftworlds hint at a great war for ascendancy between the C’tan. The nomadic Harlequins have a legend, recounted barely once every century, about the lunacy of the Outsider. They tell the tale of when the Laughing God tricked the Outsider into eating its brothers; the C’tan’s unceasing thirst for ascendancy ensured success. But fragments of its victims lingered, twisting like shards of glass within its essence, slowly but steadily driving it insane and forcing it into exile. The mocking amusement of the Laughing God earned it the eternal enmity of the Outsider, and the Harlequins whisper that one dark night it shall return.

>> No.21031673

>the Laughing God
And who hell was that, pray tell?

>> No.21031686


Not me, I'm too busy painting my Fall of Cybertron classes to have necron color schemes.

>> No.21031698

I haven't played that in a while.
I will now go paint my Decepticons black and green.

>> No.21031708

For the love of god, post pics when you're done.

>> No.21031720

>> No.21031723


Good man.


"Eldrad! Look! It's Unicron!"

>> No.21031724

fund it

>> No.21031730

Eldar God. Trickster, dancer of souls, and all round jerk.

Only God to survive the birth of Slaanesh whole and free. And best hope for everyone.

Seriously a jerk.

>> No.21031738

Cegorach, one of the deities of the Eldar race (apparently their gods had physical forms during the war against the C'tan). Tricksy bastard.

>> No.21031756

Now I want to see the opening of the Transformers movie, but replacing Linthone with Ulthwe.

>> No.21031790

Quintessons take command of Tyranids, become merged with them.

>> No.21031794


"Just as planned."


>> No.21031807


Shit, I wanna see the whole goddamn movie redone now.

"Abaddon must be stopped. No matter the cost."

"You have nothing to fear! I have already crushed Marneus Calgar with my bare hands!"
"You exaggerate."
"The point is he's dead! And the Light of the Emperor died with him!"


>> No.21031828

"Arise, Draigo Prime"

*Stan Bush starts playing*

>> No.21031854


All to pave the way for an empty sector of space that would one day turn into a busy Imperial commute, just so he could then draw the attention of the orks to that commute, cause it to get clogged up in the ensuing Waaagh! and causing a single member of the Administratum to be late to work so he would miss that morning's complimentary donuts.

Goddammit Eldrad.

>> No.21031859


Personally I don't see Calgar as Prime material. Except obviously as the worst Prime. Rodimus...

Perhaps the chapter master of the Salamanders? One of the chapters that actually likes people and aren't dicks.

>> No.21031862

Wait, would that make Kharne starscream? He is the everpresent Betrayer, who no one actually seems to expect to betray them?

>> No.21031863



>> No.21031895


"Well, now that Abaddon has, how shall we say... departed... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"

>> No.21031929

Not ambitious enough. Kharn just teamkills and he's perfectly happy where he is. He's not Starscream at all.

>> No.21031934

>He is the everpresent Betrayer, who no one actually seems to expect to betray them?

He hasn't betrayed Khorne, that's for sure.

>> No.21031939


You're so wrong its hilarious.

Primus up in this motherfucker. And his brother Unicron.


Well as Word of God explicitly states that his only weakness is the Matrix of Leadership and the essence of Primus within..... pretty good.

>> No.21031964

By George kimosabes your smashed up, blotto friend, soon like brand new with ninety day warranty all iciban parts and labor is!

>> No.21031985


Yes, though he doesn't as much want your place as to kill you.

But in spite of that Chaos Marines take him along.

>> No.21032002


Sale must end, hurry hurry hurry! Rush right on down and test drive latest model, with no obligations! New improved space hulk is sleek, sexy import, with turbo handling!

>> No.21032018


But is it protected fire and rain for up to five years?
And is satisfaction guaranteed?

>> No.21032042


Satisfaction... guaranteed.


>> No.21032073

Actually when you get right down to it, the transformers backstory is near TA levels of Grimdark. Depending on the universe, they started a civil war over civil rights and the caste system that probably started back when the dinosaurs were ruling the Earth, to the point where the two factions drained their home world of practically its entire energy supply and rendered it uninhabitable for themselves.

And when they looked up from happily shanking each other over an issue that was no longer remotely relevant and probably hadn't been from a few centuries after the Great War started, and realized they were at the point where they were fueling their war effort with what were basically scavenged AA batteries? Both sides scrounge up a starship, and head to the nearest planet so they can rape it's energy reserves and finally win the war. And in the process they managed to fuck up and crash into the Earth, getting put in stasis lock for four million years. And when they get woken back up they go right back to fighting their genocidal war, despite the fact that there's probably less then a thousand of their entire race in existence at that point.

>> No.21032099


Not only that but prior to this they'd already fucked off into the universe to fight their war elsewhere.

>> No.21032123

The Autobots are abominable intelligence.
Not going to happen.

>> No.21032161

Abominable Intelligence is intelligence without a soul. Sparks=souls.

>> No.21032299

Perfect lead into the 40K-verse:


>> No.21032357


"After eons of conflict I finally see the truth of your words Megatron."

An eon is equal to a billion years assuming it is not being used in the vague sense.
Lets assume the literal sense is being used here.
Eons of conflict. So minimum two billion years of constant war.

Now that is a war.

>> No.21032382

>the Emperor hates killing without reason
>kills the shit out of thousands of different species of xenos in the Crusade because fuck those guys
Are you fucking joking?

>> No.21032441

They're living xenotech.
That would be the foulest of abominations to the AdMech.

>> No.21032453

Nah, it is merely exagerating.

It's only around 5 Million, rather than Billion.

>> No.21032495

Their god is pretty much analagous to the Machine God. I could see the Admech believing Primus is the Omnissiah.

Certainly more likely than the Void Dragon.

>> No.21032502


That is still an absurdly long amount of time. And remember the war continues with the absence of prime and megatron.

>> No.21032512

Calgar is a nice guy by all accounts, and a fantastic leader.
He's a good candidate.

>> No.21032600

So fucking what?
Do you REALLY think they care what the giant alien robots worship? It's CLEARLY not THEIR Machine God, because THEIR Machine God isn't tainted by the worship of filthy xenos

The Warnings of the Cult Mechanicus

The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.
The soul is the conscience of sentience.
A soul can be bestowed only by the Omnissiah.
The Soulless sentience (i.e. Necrons) is the enemy of all.
The knowledge of the ancients stands beyond question.
The Machine Spirit guards the knowledge of the Ancients.
Flesh is fallible, but ritual honours the Machine Spirit.
To break with ritual is to break with faith.

Read a book.

>> No.21032625

Yeah. It was just 5 million years for the planet to completely run out of all energy. Then the war went off world.

>> No.21032685

It would cause a schism. But yeah, given the Mechanicum might have been influenced by the C'tan and Necrons, I could see them falling in love with Binary Bonding, and turning into Land Raider engines and shit. Becoming truely one with the machine, without the taint of sorcery.

>> No.21032708

Well NOTHING will be recognised by all of the Mechanicus as the Omnissiah. Not even the Emperor was/is.
The very fact the Omnissiah's requirements are so loose allows them to be fulfilled by almost anything, depending on the Tech Priest in question, and their belief in the Machine God and his Omnissiah.

>> No.21032760

That's also the vilest of tech-heresy.
There is already technology in 40k that can upload you into an AI, but the AIs that come out of it are invariably evil, and thus it's tech-heresy of the worst sort.
>The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.
Rule numero uno. The Omnissiah isn't going to have an alien origin, and they'll kill you for suggesting he does.

>> No.21032796

Not become an AI.
They LITERALLY become an engine.
Or a knight-titan's head.
Or a gun.

And yeah, the alien tech thing would be a problem. I mean, tech priests never ignore that first rule because of their love of tech, or lie about a piece of technology's origins. That'd be wrong.

(And they could get round it by claiming that as creations of the Machine God, they're divine, not xenos.)

>> No.21032850

>tech priests never ignore that first rule because of their love of tech, or lie about a piece of technology's origins. That'd be wrong.
Not the main body of the Adeptus, no.
Those people are known as maleteks at best. The ones having actual dealings with aliens (like, say, giant alien robots) are known as hereteks.
Neither of these are seen very favorably with the Mechanicus.

And what you're suggesting already happens in fluff. Some techpriests get fused into machines they especially love.

>> No.21032906

Actually they do.

Not so much with xenotech, but because of the whole "everything that must be holy comes from an STC" thing, a lot of new technology is disguised as "newly rediscovered" secrets.

Kind of like how religious knowledge was "rediscovered" throughout history to justify theological restructuring.

>> No.21032941

Oh, sure, they design a whole lotta new shit and pretend they "found" it.
But xenotech is almost invariably censured. The guys who study it are looking for weaknesses. The guys who wanna reverse-engineer it are called maleteks and nobody likes those guys.
They aren't hereteks, but they still aren't liked.

>> No.21033167


Still, if nothing else, they'll probably want to get their mits on the Matrix. An artifact of concentrated knowledge, which grants godlike powers to its bearer when controlled, and can grant life?

Hello Mechanicus attempts at reverse engineering.

Also, needs more crossover art.

>> No.21034419

Someone please draw this

>> No.21034550


God, how I hate the whole "Unicron = Cybertronian Devil" faggotry.

I prefer Unicron as he was: a giant, amoral, robotic planet that devours everything in his path and gives absolutely no fucks. Kinda like Marvel's Galactus.

>> No.21034580

Unicron has always been Transformers' Satan.

>> No.21034585


Forgot link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzNsOGt3bHk

>> No.21034607


>DoYouEvenTF: The Movie?



>> No.21034634

I saw that and even then he was basically their Satan.

>> No.21034683

You'd think old megatron would have at least heard of him before, though.

>> No.21034697

God damn those games are awesome, and Megatron's VA is amazing, Fred Tatasciore really gave that role his all.

>> No.21034698


"Although Unicron himself did not appear again, his origin in the animated series was later revealed. Unicron was created near the beginning of the universe by the diminutive genius known as Primacron, who intended for him to devour all life in the universe, leaving a blank slate that Primacron could use as he saw fit. However, Unicron turned upon Primacron, deciding that he would rule the universe and subsequently setting out to achieve that goal."

>> No.21034721


Info on Primacron: http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Primacron

>> No.21034786

Nigga do you even multiversal singularity?

>> No.21036061

He killed only xenos who posed a threat to humanity.

>> No.21036279

Peter Cullen: In the grim darkness of the far future...there is only


>> No.21036881

Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

>> No.21040197

This thread is gold.

>> No.21040242

>Cue cheesy 80s powermetal
What's that, someone insulted my 80's powermetal!? This will not stand!


>> No.21040263

>"Eldrad! Look! It's Unicron!"
Oh god I read it in the voice.

>> No.21040336

Fuck, why Unicron voice so fucking good.

>> No.21040344


I have to admit, while I consider pretty much all of the G1 cartoon + Beast Wars (and maybe Beast Machines) as the best/true canon of Transformers, I have always tried to pretend the Primacron episode does not exist.


>> No.21040364

We all did, anon.
We all did.

>> No.21040372

Orson Welles.

His last role.

I have taken a liking to the G1 comic too, gotta download more of that.

>> No.21040377


Orson Welles.

>> No.21040538

What's the comic series about? Is it a sequel to the cartoon? Seperate canon?

I've only read a small collection book of the G1 comics. It was a storyline about Grimlock taking over control of the Autobots via brute force or something. Also, I remember humans being a lot more bad ass, by making a millitary unit called T.R.A.P. or something.

>> No.21040635

G1 comics were their own canon.

Like a different version of events. In which Shockwave kicks all the ass in the world/

>> No.21040660

Man. All this "Transformers clearly falling to Chaos" stuff.

Got some news for you chap that don't know Transformers had been dealing with Specifically Chaos, Gods, and yes - even "Magic" for some time now.

Unicron. The taint of Angolmois, Xal, Primus (The Machine Spirit!), the demi-god Liege Maximo. The Corrupted Matrix for a time. The (G2) Swarm for a time. That chuthlu nonsense from IDW. D-Void. Tronatron, the Reapers. IDW's Nova Prime and the "Dead universe," Fuck anything else I missed from the Marvel comics?
Vox debatedly - I personally don't like the vox as anything god like.

Gods and corrupt are not a new aspects to the Transformers in any continuity. There many storys of corruption and redemption probably just as much as 40k.

TLDR: Transformers aren't better or worse off with Wrap chaos. They are on PAR with 40k.

>> No.21040680

Lets pick. The TransTechs canon. There now everything is canon.

For those that don't know. The TransTechs is a melting point of multiverse for Transformers. So any TF canon is solid here.

>> No.21040712

Unicron becomes a new Chaos God.
All the decepticons follow him now.
Then >>21031235
happens, and the war begins again.

>> No.21040740


Again? AGAIN!?

Jeez. Optimus merges with any slut on the street.

>> No.21040762

Really, when it comes to the comics, I prefer the modern IDW stuff.

It was pretty decent for a while, took a steep nose dive, but is now fucking awesome (and some previous bits were awesome).

You see, right now in the comics, the War's over. The Autobots won, officially. And now they've got to deal with rebuilding their planet, dealing with the decepticon prisoners, and the swarm of Neutrals who've returned to Cybertron and are severely pissed off at the Autobots for wrecking their world.
Bumblebee's in charge, Optimus Prime's retired and been exiled from Cybertron, and Starscream may just be their best chance for peace.

And then there's the people who left with Rodimus in search for the ancient heroes of Cybertron. The team consists of Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, the guy who helped start the entire war, your fan character, someone who slept through the great war, an undead ancient transformer who has to keep reminding people he's not a Decepticon, an amnesiac who may just be a war criminal, and the most unlucky shot in the galaxy.

And they are made AWESOME.

>> No.21040775

Oh, also a guy with a Briefcase.

>> No.21040788


Well he looks like a smart guy. Lets up that shit up!

>> No.21040894

Another good comic series in the same continuity is "Last Stand of the Wreckers".

The Wreckers are basicly an Autobot adventuring party. In that they're heavily violent, have a high death rate, and are utterly screwed up.
Their mission is a suicide mission, to go into the highest Security Autobot prison, which has been taken over by an utterly insane Decepticon, and they're there to recover something.

It doesn't go well.

>> No.21040922

>Shockwave outfitted with blastmasters and loyal to Slaanesh

>> No.21040986

I dunno. Soundwave I could see for Slaanesh, even Starscream.

Shockwave would have to be Tzeentch. Logic, science, and eyes.
Plus he's made horrific combinations of organic creatures and transformers.

>> No.21040988

TF Fan here. Man. You 40k fans have been rather stand up on this one I think.

Just read most of this thread and instead of getting the "LOOOL NOTHING WINS VS 40K" You guys have been more along the lines of "We'll beat you here, we'll lose here, and here, but win in this aspect" And mostly this devolving into a deity discussion between pantheons.

Over all: hats off to you TG. This is what I like to think TG is about. A methodological thought out discussion over nonsense subjects.

>> No.21040990

If you count beast wars stuff you could probably get a Slaanesh worshiper with Tarantulas. Although, he is mentioned to be a Unicron worshiper in some parts of beast wars, so that may cause some problems.

>> No.21041028


I personally think many of the Beastwar characters would fall to Khrone or Slaanesh.

At first glance I think Tarantulas would follow Tzeenetch but he indulges himself in several areas WAY too much. So yes. Slaanesh.

>> No.21041062

I think it also helps that us Transformers fans arn't as "we'd win everything", as some other fandoms are.

With neither side being in a game of one upmanship, we're able to focus more on how things would fit together.

>> No.21041074

That actually makes Unicron's eating of planets make sense. Instead of eating other C'tan, the metal prison only allows him to eat physical things and he likes planets the best.

>> No.21041091

sorry, just had to link this thread

>> No.21041211

I like to think that is actually how you distinguish a learned 40k fan from someone who knows nothing about the universe.

40k is mid to high tier at best, largely thanks to the science magic of the Necrons.

>> No.21041379

Well in a fight such as this I think technology will pretty much cross over between all factions.

Transformers will scan and adapt, and the 40Ks will Pillage, Reverse engineer... or maybe rogue trader will get TF tech by other methods.

>> No.21041465

Scanning a Macrocannon.

Or oh god, a full battleship transformer.

>> No.21041524

Metroplex, Trypticon, Omega Supreme, and maybe Fortress Maximus and Skorponok could probably do that.

>> No.21041575


>> No.21041580

Those are just the named ones too. There are plenty of unnamed "Large Scale" ones out there.

What kinda "Attack Fighters" does 40k have if any?

>> No.21041613

Depends. The Navy has dedicated strike craft for both in-atmosphere and space battles, while most other races have ones that can do both.

>> No.21041754


I'un remember saying cheesy 80's powermetal was a BAD thing.

>> No.21041769

In just one continuity. (G1)

Fortress Maximus and Skorponok vary in size between Large Transformer to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross depending on the series.

>> No.21041781


Agreed, wholeheartedly. Threads like these are what make me love /tg/ so much.

>> No.21041876

>Doom Scythes are supersonic fighter aircraft used by the Necrons. Unlike most of the forces employed by the Necrons, Doom Scythes can function in a highly independent manner and contain an advanced android brain as a pilot which is capable of simulating billions of possible strategies in the span of a few nanoseconds, making them formidable dogfighters.

>> No.21041879


>> No.21041884

Rolled 25

I know Tau have the Piranhas

>> No.21041934


While I'm thinking of it, is there a Transformers d20? Or is there a d20 system that would be reasonably simple to convert to work for a Transformers setting? I'm thinking War for/ Fall of Cybertron era, since Earth would be tricky to make interesting.

>> No.21041938

So can transformers, but that's neither here nor there. I was asking because I remember seeing a 40k vs X thread and a universal statement in it seem to be:
>That battles in the 40k universe are truly fought in space. Planets are only fought over for resources, since they are easily destroyed. The real battles will be in the open vacuum of space.

Man I'd love to see an animation of this fight.

>> No.21041955


>> No.21041988

> Chaos Corrupted Optimus Prime

>> No.21042050


Yessss. This will do nicely. Thank you, Anon.


My personal favorite.

>> No.21042084

How would Transformers react to the Living Metal used by the Necrons?

>> No.21042098


Does this have everything required, or is it missing a few important parts?

>> No.21042128


British Firepower!

>> No.21042171

Probably not care in the slightly. Living Metal Beings is the normal in most transformers universes. Organic beings are the obscure and rare ones.

So they'd look at a the Nercrons and go "Oh perfectly normal" then look at a Tyranid "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

>> No.21042325

I meant react in the case of "OH GOD I AM COVERED IN THIS STUFF" rather than just seeing it.

>> No.21042403



Oh, right. That happened.

>> No.21042516

>and Starscream may just be their best chance for peace.
Say what?

>> No.21042526

That looks more like an add-on to the game, rather than the rules itself.

>> No.21042555

Well, Starscream's seen the Decepticon army fall, his treachery has come to nothing... He figured, why not being honest?

So yeah, he's trying to get the Autobots to hold free elections. And is actually likely to get elected as leader.

He's popular with the neutrals.

>> No.21042583

Rolled 60

In no way can this end badly!

>> No.21042675

Fuck the autobots and the decepticons.

Meet my Rogue Trader.

>> No.21042707

Your reasoning is illogical!

>> No.21042765

>Shockwave not having a huge rack.
I mean really. Even normal shockwave has better tits than the fembots!

>> No.21042779

Commander O'shovah V.S. Optimus Prime 0.o

>> No.21042825

Dude that's not a trasformer that's a female

>> No.21042984

Transformers can be female.

>> No.21043058

yeah but a robot female is awesome, a girl female is boring

>> No.21043194


>Implying like 50% of the Decepticon forces aren't jets with similar performance, but the ability to transform into a giant robot when they need to.

>> No.21044091

I suppose it comes down to numbers at that point.

How many Transformers are there?

>> No.21044165


Honestly, it depends on the universe and the time period. Are we talking Trans-tech? Where theres billions or trillions of them running around since they never had a Great War. Or are we using Animated or Prime, where theres maybe a dozen 'bots between both teams (not counting the vehicons in Prime).

>> No.21044243

>Starscream would end up with the Dark Eldar.
Starscream would end up with some human faction, it's canon that he is actually quite fond of us.

>> No.21044263

Would he be fond of Imperium humans?

I don't think the Autobots would want anything to do with the Imperium, either.

>> No.21046494


I consider the entire G1 cartoon series canon. I'm neutral about BW/BM and I pretend I never heard the whole "Unicron = Satan" mess.

>> No.21046801

Starscream I can see falling for Tzeentch. He's always plotting to make himself leader of the Decepticons. He's kicked even Megatron's ass a few times in G1 IIRC.

>> No.21047255

Bah, with transformers, you don't have to pick and choose.

They're all canon, in different universes. You just pick a universe to care about.

I mean, I like the G1 cartoon, the IDW comics, the Devil's Due crossover series, the War Within stuff, the Cybertron toyline, the WFC/FoC games, the Prime cartoon, my favourite origin stories involves the quintessons and "The birth of planet saybertron".

Trying to make them into a single canon is boring, why bother? I can like several different stories with the same or similar characters.

>> No.21047559

atta boy, now you're thinking with multiverses

>> No.21048252


Whats the source on that image.

>> No.21048675

Good show sir. Yes indeed.

If you can't stand your entire universe being rebooted and rewritten than Transformers is not the series for you. If you are such a person you should try a more stable franchise like.... Marvel.
(That's satire by the way.)

>> No.21048857

some quick google searching (because I was also curious) reveals that it's the IDW comic series, issue #23

Seems like it's a two-parter, starting with #22


>> No.21049375

I can't believe that this hadn't been posted here yet.

>> No.21049512


>> No.21049806

>Unicron's out for his morning strole
>Happens upon an Imperial World
>Eats it
>Happily continues on
>Imperial Warships show up
>"Oh Fuck, it's the Necrons again"
>Prepare to Exterminatus
>Exterminatus singes Unicron's eyebrows
>He transforms
>Space Marines Deepstrike
>He slaps the shit out of the Imperial Ships
>Hires Megatron for cleaning duty

And that's how the Astral Knights lost their chapter.

>> No.21049820




>> No.21049856

I'm sick of all these threads going "how would (book/tv show/movie etc) fare in THE GRIM DARKNESS OF ONLY WAR FAULTY KAIIIIIII"

You can't compare, stupid. They're not meant to exist side by side, faggot. die of cancer.

40kfags are bronies before there ever was bronies. That's right. You are bronies. Worse than bronies, because I can see a brony coming. 40kfags almost look normal.

>> No.21049872

What about pre-fall pre-quarantine Cybertron?

That's gotta have at least 100 times more bots running around with all kinds of ships and shit.

>> No.21049929

we love you too

>> No.21049951

not to mention the one currently under megs's control turns into mechagodzilla
he gets all the cool toys

>> No.21049959

Pre-civil war in most continuities there are many more transformers. Aside from the few that get lost and stranded on earth, in so many universes, the Cybertronians have normally been able to keep their war-ships, planetary strong holds, and technologies.

It's little vague what you are asking.

>> No.21049964

most people compare their shit to 40k as a way of showing how much better their favored setting is.

Warhammer is like the D&D of wargaming. Even the wargamer neckbeards who don't play it (or even like it) are at least aware of it.

>> No.21052817

Transformers Infestation 2.
A sequel to Transformers Hearts of Steel (But not to Transformers Infestation)

>> No.21056762

>The Autobots team up with Nikola Tesla to fight the forces of cthulhu and his possessed zombie transformers.

>> No.21056784

Yeah. Because versus threads always involve 40k, right?

GTFO questfag. All this memetic hate started when people bitched about quests, so questfags would go HURR 40K IS GAY, DISREGARD THATS WHAT THE BOARD WAS MADE FOR AND NOT MY ANIME HAREM QUESTS

>> No.21056806

It's in the pic. Like, at the top. Even has the fucking issue number right there,

>> No.21056855



See this? That's why no one likes 40k fans. So you were the origin of the board? Big fucking deal, champ. /tg/ has moved on, there are more RPGs and strategy games, and if you all left... I'm not saying it wouldn't be a hard blow to the community, but it would survive.

You're not as integral to /tg/ as you like to think you are. No one is.

>> No.21056937

someone seems mad

eitherway i enjoyed this thread. good posts were had.

>> No.21058410

Posting what other crossover art I have (not much)

>> No.21058426

>> No.21058472

Okay, all the other bits seem to have been posted, so instead, have a flying robot shark performing haiku, while Jazz plays guitar.

>> No.21058651

Basic Autobot/Decepticon 42 points

5 2 5 4 2 4 2 10 4+

Weapons: Lascannon

Can morph into an AV 9 vehcile and move 12 inches a turn. Turn must be spent in vehicle mode, or robot mode, not both

>> No.21058794

Wouldn't it make more sense to have them as walkers who shift into vehicles?

Cars as Troops, Tanks as Heavy Support, and Flyers as Fast Attack.

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