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So what are the possible upsides of being a were rat? We ended shortly after my PC got infected in Pathfinder.

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You can summon swarm of rats?

You can commune with the rat king?

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Freya now shows interest in you

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Able to squeeze through gaps that a humanoid your size really shouldn't be?

Assuming were-rats have the same compressible bone structure regular ones do.

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Your teeth are strong and you can smell better

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Honestly, there are none.

Turns out at least one disease is a disease!

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He can probably bite through iron bars, squeeze through tighter spaces, and climb a lot better.

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You couldn't be more wrong. Just about anything other that prionic diseases can be used for something else. AIDs? Sex repellent. Plague? People repellent. Womb Fever? Baby repellent. It's all a mater of how you look at things.

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It'll take a while to gnaw through. Also, enjoy your buck grease, you lonely OP.

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>Get bitten by a wererat
>Struggle with internal battle of wills between yourself and the beast within
>Obtain dominance after realizing that it's a goddamned glorified mouse
>Become an upstanding member of normal society
>Run a grassroots campaign to become president of your refreshingly modern medieval fantasy country
>Accomplish your goal by age twenty-five
>Succumb to baser instincts
>Ratify everything that crosses your desk

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I'd favor slow ability to no ability. Also the buck grease would be easy to deal with as long as he eats more soy and maybe steals some Dawn dish soap.

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Ability to turn into small, inconspicuous, agile, surprisingly strong and tough for its size creature? Nah, proboably no upsides at all.


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You will go crazy every 4-5 days

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>rat ass

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> THREE COPPERS for a bowl of STEW?! Where is your garbage bin?

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Also, you are cute in the rat-form.

Also, ability to scare females. Imagine if BBEG is actually "Big Bad Enemy Girl"

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>playing a Wererat in Pathfinder
>not playing a Wererat in oWoD

Son I am...

>playing Pathfinder at all

... VERY disappoint

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Wait, is OP's pic a bear fighting a werebear? Or just two bears and one got polymorphed? Or two werebears?

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Hoho, you will sure become a little more...scheming

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It would be if it was under his control.

At least transforming into a rat doesn't have the same moral quandaries as a bloodthirsty wolf. He doesn't have to go OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE after each full moon.

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Well, at night during the full moon you have a heightened chance of TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

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Harder to keep confined to ensure the disease doesn't spread, though.

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>hey guys lets have a furry thread XD

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>Hey guys let's give a shit about a furry thread even though almost half of /tg/ is furry

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>half of /tg/ is furry

>posting furry shit is against the rules, and is only allowed on /b/


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And that's why you should kill yourself than be were.

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Fine, no furry then

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Fuck you guys.

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As many monstergirl threads, xenophilia threads, and technophilia topics get posted here each week it's pretty clear that a large portion of /tg/ is furries.

Posting anthropomorphics is against the rules, that specifically applies to human-like animals. This is a human that is turning into an animal like state, which is different. Think weredragon versus dragonborn (which should also be banned if we want to continue following the rules verbatim).

This discussion, while having some connections to furry material, is no where near /b/ discussion and you sir are an asshole for suggesting so. Hell, even if everyone here posted non-stop regular animal rat porn, it would still be better than the best thread on /b/ currently. Why is that? Because the discussion here is intelligible and interesting.


Best estimates are probably closer to 1/3rd.

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This is an establishment which is at most built on top the ravaged corpses of furries.
Not from them.

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What class is your character OP?
The advantages for a rogue are obvious but I'm sure we can think some shit up for any other class.

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I'm the party priest

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> Banning dragonborn
Best. Suggestion. Ever.

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Well....shit. Pray in a squeaky voice?

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How oddly appropriate. You can now literally be as quite as a church mouse when sneaking.

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The funny thing is that this thread is almost entirely without furry content, it's almost as though people on this thread AREN'T trying to get off with this thread!

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The rules specifically state anthropomorphic (furry).

Furry is the type of anthro shit banned.

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You are bear

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The Dex boost is nice.
Involuntary change plus the healing along with that is handy in a pinch.

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Come on guys since when did /tg/ react so stupidly to trolls saying anthro=furry.

We are supposed to take threads like this and either keep them on the original track or set them on better tracks.

As such...Anthro-Character art thread go!

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What's wrong with dragonborn?

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Prehensile tail is a pretty good one.

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What kind of were are we talking here cause there is a few?

Does the character just stay human sized but gain some rat like traits (tail, teeth, nose, ears...), do they actually become smaller, do they become bigger? I mean some were stuff the increase in size and strength isn't even linked to the creature they turn into, it is just a general part of "animalistic human".

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Ah shit, I remember that movie

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I don't have any "rat people" pictures ... this is about as close as I can get.

Anyone else play Guild Wars 2?
The Skritt race are pretty awesome, they are kinda like neutral Skaven.

They aren't exactly good or evil and can be swayed either way, but they have a weird kind of intelligence a little bit like Orc/ks waaagh power.

1 Skritt on it's own is pretty fucking dumb by human standards, a dozen together are a bit smarter, a whole pile of them and you've got a fairly simplistic but effective tribal level entity that can pull off ambushes and build/repair basic tech from "shinies" they "borrow".

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Appologies for using GeeDubya comparisons for the explanation by the way, just trying to give similarities that many people here should kinda get.

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So what are the ferrets like in Mouse Guard? I know the humans equivalent are the mice.

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Weasel rather than ferrets, not a huge difference though.

The Weasels are pretty similar to the Mice in terms of being humanlike, they have a territory to the south of the mouse lands and are pretty aggressive sometimes raiding into the mouse lands.

Other animals in the world while being intelligent and sometimes being able to speak keep their fully animal forms and haven't developed societies in a human sense.

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Bugger lost my picture.

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The hell's on his left arm?

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