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What would you choose?

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Echo. In the cold and deep I shall forge my throne.

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The one that doesn't look like that WoW concept artist designed him

Oh wait, they all do!

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Spectre. Can't touch this.

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Phantom, as it's close to my normal psyche.

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>Feed on emotion


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Widow or Whisper are both good choices that wouldn't result in much of a change. Bonus points due to finding both of them kind of hot.

Think I'll go with Widow.

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>finding both of them kind of hot
>kind of hot

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Mirage or Spectre.

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It's actually
>feeds on raw emotion and mental energies
maybe he meant reserved rather than emotionless

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why no happy/party symbiont OP? does this really needs to be so dark and edgy?

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Why does it seem like some of these are objectively better than others? Like, say, the Efreet to the Nightmare.

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Because they're tagers from CthulhuTech.

I'd pick none of them, since they aren't operating under eldritch guyver rules for the purposes of this thread.

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Feed off the fear and such of others. Sonic resonator if it tries to feed on me.

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Much like people, not all monsters are equal. Sometimes you can generate intense heat and flame at whim, and sometimes you have a good sense of smell.

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Come at me bro. I'm 100% accepting to my new form on Day 1 of the transformation. That automatically gives me a leg up.

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But seriously, the range here is rather limited...

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Can you disable the auras at will?
If no, Mirage/Shadow. If yes, Efreet all the way.

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None of them have sexual organs. What's the point ?

Since I have no choice not to be transformed, shadow.

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Because, in the game, you pay more points to acquire Efreet and Nightmare, but here they're being presented as equivalent options.

OP dum.

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>What would you choose?


Teleport past barriers that should have stopped me.
Quietly wait for my target to be alone.
Use paralytic poison to make them helpless.
Enact horrible scenes from fetish doujins.

It would be so fantastic. The only bad part is that they wouldn't be able to scream, but I could perhaps kidnap them and take them to a cabin in the woods or something.

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Because it's the rape game. (I.e. CTech)
Because there are tiers of Tagers.
Widow is rare.
Nightmare and vampire are exceptional.
Efreeti is exceptional and rare.
The rest are common and unimpressive.

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Efreet for me.

I can finally become the Flamelurker!

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>fire elemental being
>immune to explosives
but most explosives kill through the force of the blast or through shrapnel tearing you up, not by fire

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I'm confused.
Normally in these sorts of things, I choose the options that let me be a minion master/tactical genius, or barring that the rapiest option.
But none of these have genetalia. But they come from CthulhuTech, a rapeity rape rape game of rape and also I've heard furries.
Should I just choose Mirage and go around tentacleraping everything?

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>Be calm, thoughtful guy
>Become Whisper
>Woooohohohohoooo! I can FLYYYYYYYY!
>Whisper parasite unsiatisfied with overwhelming glee.

>"So, interested in doing some assassinations for us?"
>Nope. Don't care. Can fly.
>"Care to be a part of our psychologically tormented grimdark conspiracy?"
>No thanks, I've got a job. A normal one. And when my shift's over, I just fly around.
>"Are you even SLIGHTLY grimdark about the alien parasite in your body?"
>The one that rewards me for thinking and lets me fly? Nope, we cool.

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I would be a Shadow, because that's how I am.

I don't like not having an energy weapon, but poisoned needles are ok.

Invisibility and teleportation are god-tier combined, though, that's neat.

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Wait so I'm supposed to pick the one that's most like me, or the one I'd want, but with fear of not having the right emotions? I'm kinda fuzzy here.

Though I'm proud and self righteous, so I think I got a badass fire elemental I get to turn into for a day at a time or something.

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Alternate art / mutations.

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Originals without the text.

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Fuck yeah, Mirage!

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>Wait so I'm supposed to pick the one that's most like me, or the one I'd want, but with fear of not having the right emotions? I'm kinda fuzzy here.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

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Plus fire weapon immunity, wewt.

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Nightmare. Vampire would be okay but not everybody actually has blood.

Being a neck snapping unkillable badass is gonna be fun.

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>needs genitals
>doesn't get off from hurting people

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Widow, so I can teach that faggot dropout New Yorker nerd who the real fucking Spider Man is.

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>not everybody actually has blood.

What planet do you live on?

Regardless, Nightmare is pretty boss.

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The Shadow is nice too though

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I think it means emotionless. You have the starve the fucker.

Shadow over here. Just because I'm a loudmouth online doesn't mean I'm like that IRL.

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A planet where suddenly everyone who frequents /tg/ has rapetentacles.
>needs to inflict pain on others to compensate for nodick
>doesn't get off on assaulting people with your tendrilcocks while illusioned up to look like one of their parental figures

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>Fire Elemental Paladin
COME, BROTHERS! We shall scorch the evil out of every single wicked soul.

Even if we have to turn the planet into a charred husk to do it.

>I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

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Efreets dont have blood...

See where I am gong with this?

Yeah, Nightmares and Talented Shadows are death to face. A Spec Ops with Shadow abilities is one of if not THE most dangerous possibility.

So Im going with something hard to kill.

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Hey, all you need to do is recruit some Spectres to hang around you, and your auras will cancel eachother out.
Or cause any nearby materials to explode.

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>Starve the alien.
>Results in ghost.
Makes sense.

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I would finally have an outlet for bottled up anger. I figure 24 hours of wrecking everything once a month would be enough to keep me chill the rest of the time.

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>Up to 24 hours at a time voluntarily
>Not able to return to human form until you sate the symbiote
I'm confused. Can you turn into it involuntarily? Can you stay in the form longer if you have the willpower to deny the symbiote its emotion?

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Aura that burns and incinerates anything, right?
I figure I'll be too much of a bitch for most of the others to take down, besides the Nightmares that can muscles past it and regen.

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That's not how anger works. The more you give into it, the more you feel inclined to give into it again. You're going to quickly find yourself in a recurring pattern of "something slightly irritating happens, better kill and destroy everyone who doesn't worship me"

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Efreet: The beacon of hope standing against the grim darkness.

The Few. The Proud. The Efreet.

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I can deal with that also.

In real life, I am a very angry person trapped in the body of a very calm person.

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I choose phantom. One of my problems in life is I am WAY TOO LAZY, and having an aggressive little motherfucker in my spine telling me to get up and throw some rocks will help me immensely.

Also, it's one of the two that can regenerate, and I don't think I would choose a nightmare.

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Efreet Bros Unite!

>> No.21020061

>while illusioned up to look like one of their parental figures

Fuck, you win this one.

>> No.21020066

Patient / Cautious: That's me.
Teleport and Invisibility is insane.
Paralytic needles also have lots of utility.

Question: Can my spines be fired, or are they exclusively melee?

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I really hope my phantomness regenerates burn damage.

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this, efreets and spectres need to travel in pairs or else you risk harming innocents. not to mention the awesome buddy cop shenanigans that can develop

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Efreets why are you trying to kill all your fellow symbiotites. We need to come together, and kill the nightmares and vampires cause those fuckers will ruin everything. I know I'm only a mirage but come on we have to stay together.

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One's a self-righteous crusader trapped in the body of a raging inferno. The other's a cold-hearted psychopath ghost. Together they fight lovecraftian abominations from beyond the stars!

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Rolled 8

Fuck it, I can't decide. Rolling for it!

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Neat, the first vampire.

>> No.21020190


This will be an enriching experience!

>> No.21020192

tune in this saturday at 9:30/8:30 central

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Mutants! Can't you see? The true enemy is humanity! We must work together to ensure the survival of our species. The new, genetically superior species!

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Not on my watch fucker, prepare to be righteously incinerated.

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>> No.21020251

Shadow, easy choice. No-one will even know I have a symbiont, it's powerful and useful, and its emotional nature isn't likely to force me to do anything overly violent or stupid.

I'll keep it satisfied, of course. But I can be smart about it.

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Yes, let our anthem rock the streets.


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Mirage seems pretty cool, but I'm beginning to regret my choice since the Efreetbros got together.

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keep your actions free of evil and my passionate brothers will do you know harm

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Hey, Force Diversity is important, and Mirage was my backup choice.
Ain't nothing wrong with you.

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Fine we'll leave humanity alone. Except for the whispers that look like mothman. You fuckers hang around bridges. And all Efreets you should focusnon the nightmares and vampires, out of all the.symbiotes those two forms most dangerous

>> No.21020323

>High Pressure Water Beam
I think we have a hard counter to our Efreet bros.
Bitches don't know about my land sharks.

>> No.21020345

Why would you even condone harming other symbiotes? You're a monster.

>> No.21020349

Two things:
I'm gonna go with Shadow, fuck year teleporting, invisible, and poison.

And what is this rapey cthulhutech thing?

>> No.21020376

Think about it, do you think they wouldn't hesitate to harm you

>> No.21020384

Hyperbole mostly.

>> No.21020396

The primary reason most people site for hating the game is that there is an in-universe cannon cult in a single supplement who's end goal is to capture human stock and set up rape camps for the purposes of creating monstrous human hybrids.

Also, the core mechanic system just doesn't work in a consistent manner. Some call it dramatic. Most call it bad design.

And as if that isn't enough, the game is actually three completely separate games in the same universe that are utterly incompatible with one another.

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Specter tager best tager.

>> No.21020407

No paranoia and fear? Because I am super jumpy and constantly feel like I'm being watched.
Though I guess my secretiveness and various quirks might make me a Widow.

>> No.21020410

Wait... what game are we playing again?

>> No.21020435


Flame paladins righting all wrongs.

>> No.21020480

Anybody in NH want to start a traveling freakshow. Peoplenwould pay a lot of money to see this kind of stuff.

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To quote an anon or two from the other day:

Honestly, CTech was a GREAT concept executed awfully, and that makes me sad. For one, using the actual Mythos names was a mistake since they played fast and loose with them. They should have just had "Totally-not-Hastur" and such, like the Nazzadi are "Totally-not-Zentraedi", the Tagers are "Totally-not-the-Guyver", and the Engels are "Totally-not-Evangelion-units".
Honestly, the setting is theoretically saveable with some work (namely, cutting out all the weird creepy piss forest shit), and then just run it in a different system (Eclipse Phase might work but I'm not familiar with it). They have some really neat ideas, but they just completely dropped the ball with them.

Cthulhutech is neat, but it can't decide what it is. It's three games; one is anime Dark Heresy, one is about awesome mutants, and one is basically Evangelion. The Cthulhu Mythos is mostly name-dropping. The rules are shit.

It has a mech fighting game, a SUPERMECHA fighting game, a future call of cthulhu investigators type game, a power armor delat squad soldiers game, and a magical power armor superhero mutant game.

None of which combine all that well. Or at all in some cases.

And none of which are super well designed or balanced. Most of them are good at best. But all use the game crippling dice mechanic mentioned above.

The game lends itself best as a narrative style game, but most of the kinds of players it attracts all want to be big damn heroes in the spot light.

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>> No.21020514

Well, frankly, I'm offended that you would find others so barbaric just because they have the capability to be a horrifying raging murdermachine, it's just rude.
Speaking, of course, as a Vampire.

>> No.21020537

>Spectre in background holding a gun.
Now there's a downside to some of these I hadn't considered. And a huge upside for the four armed, super sight, and flying guys.

Gonna have to be a Whisper. Just hope I'm not hunted by any vampires...

>> No.21020540

>None of which combine all that well. Or at all in some cases.

I'm pretty sure I remember the book actually saying this itself, something along the lines of if you don't want some of your PCs getting utterly destroyed be prepared for stretches of some of your party not doing anything useful if you decide to mix the various power levels.

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Well, a group of bad guys doesn't seem like something to flip tables over. But a badly made game does suck, since there were apparently some good parts to it.

>> No.21020594

One of the Nightmare guys. I worship Khorne.

And I hunt smug pilot lights. Any Shadows want to hook up?

>> No.21020599

Fine, all vampires and nightmares that prove that they can handle it are home free. We'll just kill the ones that go rampages. There problem solved.

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And now I have an idea

A game run by one (Or More) GMs, in which the players are competing as men and women infused with a psychological parasite that feeds on powerful emotions and memories.

Party up. Hunt the other players. Try to find out what did this to you. Do what the fuck ever man. You have superpowers now, and an ever growing desire to feed.

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>Sudden realization that I forgot to actually expand on the topic, and merely parroted the OP



>> No.21020619

Agreed. Most people seem to get upset about it "forcing rape related themes on the party" when to the best of my knowledge that stuff is completely absent from the core fluff. I guess it is just the audacity of the writers to:
A) Reduce Lovecraft to concrete definable horrors.
B) Even conceive of a rape machine.
C) Not give /tg/ credit for coming up with it first.

>> No.21020629

JoJo's bizarre Cthulutech.

>> No.21020650

Come my Echo brothers! Our kind was not meant for this world. We shall leave it in peace and got to conquer the untamed depths. Perhaps one day, when they are ready, the humans will find their way into our realms. And we shall welcome them with open arms.

>> No.21020676

You make out like it would be easy.

Fellow Nightmares, shall we extend a hand of alliance with the Vamps to annhilate the lulz killers?

>> No.21020683

CthulhuTech is bad and you should all feel bad about enjoying one of the worst parts of the setting.

>> No.21020696

I respectfully disagree.

>> No.21020697

What about other kinds who can't handle it? I'm just saying, you ought to be fair.

>> No.21020726

Pretty sure that Nightmares are neigh invincible. Like the only thing you can do is try to disable it and then contain it. If any fragment of their hatred remains the symbiote will come back stronger and full of more hate. Or maybe just burn it continuously until it can't regenerate anymore Roy Mustang style.

>> No.21020740

Efreet. Because the beings of Smokeless Fire will stand with humanity and keep back the darkness.

>> No.21020750


Nightmares aren't that tough at all. Have you even played the game?

>> No.21020759

Having said this, I think we need to diversify our crusader ranks a bit. The easiest way to take down a Nightmare might be some paralyzing or numbing poison from some of our craftier allies. of course, those Nightmares have a lot of eyes and might be hard to sneak up on. Without invisibility anyways.

Nope, just going on pure conjecture.

>> No.21020765

Well fine, we'll incapacitate them. It would be easier than killing them, though it's going to be bitch finding a place to keep them until they come to.

>> No.21020771

About that...

>> No.21020784


As far as Tagers go the toughest non-meta is the Efreet. Meta-wise, the outright hardest to kill is the Revenant.

>> No.21020875

High tier:
Efreet, Vampire, Nightmare, Shadow

Medium Tier:
Spectre, Mirage, Whisper, Widow

Low Tier:
Phantom, Echo

>> No.21020907

Mirage, dude. Energy blasts are cool.

>> No.21020922

>Agression and independence are probably my strongest character traits.

Phantoms form up.

We're gonna have a little fun.

Vampires and Efreet are fucking OP

>> No.21020925

OhShitNiggerWhatAreYouDoing Tier:
Playing Cthulhutech

>> No.21020944

Shadow here. I would be a thief.

>> No.21020956


>> No.21020985

Each tager has a Metamorphosis form it can reach when the symbiote and the host become fully integrated. they are pictured here:

Revenant is the Wraith's evolved form I believe. If I recall it is something like a Lich in that it just discorporates temporarily when it dies.

>> No.21021005


Meta'd form of the Spectre. And yes, it's nigh impossible to kill and will reform within 10 minutes unless you splatter it all into a thin paste or burn it all away

>> No.21021044


Can the Metamorphosis change back? Or are you stuck like that?

>> No.21021075


You're stuck like that. Though most Tagers don't even make it long enough to become Meta'd, and the Metas don't last particularly long either.

>> No.21021084

As far as I know the process is not reversible and comes about by willingly giving in to the symbiotes desires or exerting your will so strongly over it that it succumbs to yours.
The price you pay is the loss of your humanity. You and the symbiote truly become one being. You can still take a human guise but even then some signs of your supernatural origin show.

>> No.21021119


Ok, so the Human Guise is still an option.

The latter sounds cool...the former not so much. It sounds like that is the only real way to 'Win' as a Tager over time.

>> No.21021151


Oh no, you still die. It just takes longer.

>> No.21021170


Yeah, according to the lore due to inherent compatibility issues with the symbiotes and the human mind the sanity of the host slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) erodes. Some, such as Nightmares, more quickly than others. The very process of becoming a tager kills the majority of the candidates outright as the symbiote just consumes them all at once.

The symbiotes are actually always there with you, they just exist in a higher dimension and "downshift" to superimpose themselves onto your being during times when the host is willing to provide sustenance.

>> No.21021238

Was going to say Mirage or Shadow but after reading the thread now it sounds like Efreet would be the wisest option given the choice. For both functional and social reasons.

>> No.21021296

Why do people always say they don't believe all the rape in CTech? The Deep Ones explicitly set up rape/breeding camps. Human cultists constantly kidnap people for use in underground sex clubs. The Horned Ones (Shub-Niggurath's furry children) literally rape the PC's in a published adventure. Shub-Niggurath is summoned with the mass-sacrifice of infants conceived by rape. They is a literal rape machine that rapes people to death to generate mana.

That being said, Widows and Vampires are cool.

>> No.21021345 [SPOILER] 

All from the same splat book still if I recall. And aside from the one thing with the Esoteric Order of Dagon, all of it is part of their weird ass interpretation of Shub Niggurath... Which I doubt anyone would defend. Though I would love to see someone try to play devil's advocate on this one.

Pic related. The horrible spawn of the black goat with a thousand young.

>> No.21021346


Not just a rape machine, a TENTACLE rape machine. And they always enjoy it by the end.

All things considered, the rape in CTech is completely unfair and tasteless - just like all of the premade adventures. They're shit. The PCs are unable to accomplish jack or shit in them.

Fuck this game.

>> No.21021389

Well, it is a good setting if you forget about the rape.

>> No.21021392

>the rape in CTech is completely unfair and tasteless

hahah. when is rape anything but that?

>> No.21021396

Well, to be fair, the designers wanted to inspire a sense of hopelessness and futility in the players. Every victory is supposed to be hard fought and come at a huge cost and barely be even worth the effort expended. Of course, they still executed it really badly... Like everything else in the books.

>> No.21021429


There's a fine line between hopelessness and just grinding the player's faces into the dirt with "lolyou'reknockedoutandgetnosavesagainstit, roll to avoid enjoying the rape".

It's like beating up kittens for enjoyment. It's only fun if you're a sadistic fuck.

(I should know, I've been GMing a game of this shit for three years)

>> No.21021455

Sounds like fun to me. You shut off that aura and Ill take them out.

>> No.21021462

Oh. I... I didn't realize.

Have you considered group therapy?

It can be hard admitting that it happened at first but that's the first step on the road to recovery, friend anon.

>> No.21021470

>Okay let's see this
>These are all pretty neat
>Wait, what.
>Echo.. Amphibious

I have a huge boner for aquatics. If I could I would make a campaign based on Aquaria. Or at least close to it. That game blew my fucking mind.

>> No.21021483

Have you ever looked at the RPG blue planet? Might be worth checking out. I think it might even be over on /rs/.

>> No.21021513





>> No.21021547

Sure are a lot of rape threads on /tg/ lately...

Let me guess, you all got into role-playing when your weird uncle invited you down into his dungeon to play with his dragon.

>> No.21021627

Widow. Time to be spider-man.

>> No.21021638


First thing I saw from Blue Planet's players guide.


>> No.21021647


Time to be Mysterio

>> No.21021684

Interesting premise OP, but I would like to request a continuation of sorts.

Add in the metamorphosis changes, so we know what heights of power we can aspire to.
Add in the Dhonoids or however they're spelled, for the greater options and so we can know our enemy.

>> No.21022120

>The Horned Ones (Shub-Niggurath's furry children) literally rape the PC's in a published adventure.

That is hilarious.

I hope whoever wrote it lost his house.

>> No.21022131

This is a good idea and one of the only useful things to come out of CTech.

There are some pretty great rage threads about those fucking things.

>> No.21022190


Will be sure to do so next time I'm on.

I'll edit the intro for clarity as well.

>> No.21023252

What I've got so far. Will continue and clean it up in the morning.

>> No.21023290

Phantom is the closest to my personality, so I'd turn into one of those.

>I've never played CTech

>> No.21023292

Much better, though I'd add a line or arrow or something to make it absolutely clear that one leads into another, else people who don't know may try to go from Shadow to Revenant or something.

>> No.21023297

....total inertial control for the Wraith?
Oh my.
THAT is interesting.

>> No.21023320

Version number tucked away in the corner or under the explanation or something, the rest of the board will thank you for it when people who didn't follow the thread put up older ones and such.

>> No.21023327

>Gain complete control over the forces of inertia

Well that's fucking OP.

>Throw item with zero inertia
>Convert item into having infinite inertia while it is in flight
>It is physically impossible to stop it now

Well, good thing I chose Phantom before I read that post.

>> No.21023354

It could be anything from accelerating someone away from you up to 120 mph (or yourself) to stopping bullets dead in their tracks. Also, the wraith can never be moved under any circumstances unless it wills it. I'm pretty sure those are the actual in game examples of it's uses too.

>> No.21023372

Since you have total control of inertia you can also stop all of the enemies doing anything.

You make all of their red blood cells have infinite inertia, for example. That way they can't be accelerated and therefore they can't be pumped.
Instant death.

>> No.21023396

This is my roll of quarters.
It's parking meter money, and occasionally also a spray of FTL bullets.

Mirage to Memory is pretty badass too, though.
Forgotten forever as soon as you're no longer viewed?
Oh my.

>> No.21023400


It's inertia control only extends to itself and the area immediately around it. Still OP though.

>> No.21023413


I had a new favorite after reading the updated chart. Or did I? I can't seem to recall...

>> No.21023414


It's not actually complete control over inertia, OP made a huge fucking mistake saying that.

It's actually a nearly worthless power unless somebody collides into you at over 100 MPH.

>> No.21023421

>>Efreet, grab my mandibles!

>> No.21023427

>Throw handful of sand at the ground
>It has zero inertia at time of throwing
>It therefore leaves your hand infintessimally close to c
>You give it infinite inertia when it's just out of your hand
>It will now completely obliterate the Earth

>> No.21023440


Hardly. The only actual effect it has is: you cannot be moved unless you're knocked out, and stuff that runs into you at high velocities takes more damage than you take. That's it.

>> No.21023458

Wait wait.
Are you thinking of a Ctech that doesn't have the "horned ones", aka furrys that will fuck you and someone will get pregnant no matter what?
The same ctech where one of the main eldritch antagonist goals it to get more deep ones, so they made rape camps?
Are you thinking of a better, less shitty game?

>> No.21023462

That's too bad.
Tager-missiles would high speed fun.

>> No.21023477


I blame the writers for not being able to come up with more creative abilities for their creatures.

>> No.21023595

>Wear a Superman costume
>Superman with tentacles

>> No.21024901

...an apocalyptic wargame played on the board with these things rebelling aganist humanity would be cool.

>> No.21024950

Assuming these things are handed out and we'll have to battle...Efreet, since he'll be the hardest to kill of with contemporary weaponry.

>> No.21024955

Maybe Echo or Shadow. The one that I could keep hidden from my everyday life the easiest, I suppose...

>> No.21024959

Echo... silly me, I meant 'whisper'

>> No.21025054

Efreet is perfect for me. I'm arrogant, self-righteous and proud. Somehow, people still like me. Anyhow, become Efreet, become superhero. Why, you ask? Well, I can kill all the baddies. Also, later become Inferno (because, seriously, I want to live for as long as I can) and blast the shit out of evil. Efreet 4 lyfe

>> No.21025070

>Wants to live as long as possible
>Fighting evil

Conflict of interest, if you ask me.

>> No.21025234

>I don't fit with any of these combos

Well shit, guess I fight the elder gods as just a man who can know he is free.

>> No.21025813

I'd have to go with the Echo because I actually have a mouth I can bite people with! That and being able to swim to get out of harms way is never a bad deal either

>> No.21025857

Tentacle rape in 3...2...1...

>> No.21026089

Nightmare, because if I'm going to be visibly half-monster after a while I might as well fully indulge the monstrous parts of me. Oh, and if the tentacles can be shot from my hands/arms I'm going to run around yelling, "STARS!"

>> No.21026186

>loves Cthulhu
>sees Efreet
Stopped thinking right there. I may not be *so* full of myself but I'm always in for some JUSTICE SMASH AND BROTHERHOOD FISTS AND ALL CAPS GLORY.

>> No.21026248

I choose none.
Xeno mutants? That's EXTRA HERETICAL

>> No.21026555


>> No.21027708

I'm still gonna go with Phantom, even if the inertia control in my eventual Wraith form only lets me stand up to say, a Nightmare/Torment's rape charge better.

Wait a minute. When two objects collide, they're hitting EACH OTHER. Which means, even when I'M hitting something, THEY are still hitting ME! So really the inertia control power WOULD allow me to basically turn myself into a projectile weapon!

Add on my arm shifting power and use it to make a big spike on one end of my bullet form and I'm essentially Lagann!


>> No.21027740

It's time for manly combining!

Choo Choo!

This rape train has no breaks.

>> No.21028018

I'm thinking Echo, but...the hell is a water beam?

>> No.21028060

>> No.21028101

search on youtube "Metal Gear Ray" and "Plesioth"
wooly shark is pretty cool, but I personally prefer airborne than anphibian. I'll go with Vampire...

>> No.21028107

Memory-all the fun of tentacle rape with none of the horrors of long-term commitment.

>> No.21028125




>> No.21028131

That's some Amnesia level shit right there. Torture someone, then make them forget they were ever tortured so that you can do it again.

>> No.21028170

Oh. Mite b cool. Echo it is.

>> No.21028227

I suppose shadow goes well with my personality the most, widow and efreet too. I'm not sure how this "other half" would react to me and my psyche.

How would one of these beings react to its host having a mental illness?

>> No.21028303

Yesss...yesss...we must consume, corru-oh ssssweet merciful fuck WHAT ISSSS WRONG WITH YOU OH GODSSS WHY AAAAAAAHHHHH

>> No.21028321


Do your hips even move on their own?

>> No.21028447


And for everyone throwing a fit over the rape in CTech, I ask you: which is worse? CTech or FATAL?

>> No.21028528

dude what

>> No.21028579

Phantom here.

>> No.21028653

I remember reading that Phantoms had some king of OP black hole beam hidden somewhere. is that correct?
also, apart powers what are the physical capabilities of each one f those guys? I mean, some look like crabs, some like a a raw burger...ain't easy tell how much fast or physically strong they are.
or their size

>> No.21028696

I'd probably pick Vampire, and then move to somewhere that doesn't matter, like Sweden, or Holland. Give it a test period, see if I can depopulate a first world country in less than a year. If I can, then I go to the CIA and see if they're hiring. They'll probably have dozens of hybrids working for them by then, but I'll have murder-seniority.

>> No.21028708

They have an extradimensional compartment inside of their chests they they can drag beings into with their tentacles to destroy them.

Most of these guys are a fair bit above human ability in just about all areas. Some are just even more exceptional in certain areas.

>> No.21028713

>having to choose between love of flying or love of water
>small wing Flying is calm and analytical
+10 Whisper
>Water is short-tempered and impulsive
-50 Echo
>Big wing flying is sadistic and bloodthirsty
-1000 Vampire

Looks like I'm with this guy >>21019264

>Whisper: Ugh, why do I put up with this jackass? Oh right, delicious emotion...

>> No.21028723

>Not becoming vengeance.
>Not becoming the night.
>Not becoming Batman.

>> No.21028738

Torn between Specter, Mirage, and Shadow.

That said, version number on the image please op.

>> No.21028755

I'm looking towards sustainability here. I like hurting people, I like flying, and I especially like being invincible. I figure me and vamps are probably on the same page here. Similar minds will probably integrate more seamlessly.

>> No.21028770

>become a memory.
>run around in the night killing criminals
>any by-passers will remember nothing of the vigilantism
>You will be known as Kira as no one knows how the people die.
>Law suit
>Today was a bad day.

>> No.21028776

I feel like you're embracing the problem a bit too quickly.

>> No.21028781


I can have fluffy moth wings? Yay!

>> No.21028785

Shadow all the bloody way. I'm all about being cautious and blind-siding someone is the easiest way to achieve victory.

What I'd doo with it, though... probably find others who'd want to use our abilities for decent purposes or start a little murder-spree of people and organizations that I feel are fucking things up for everyone.

PETA, Zeitgeist, and portions of the US government would be the first to feel my sting!

>> No.21028816 [SPOILER] 

I would pick both Spectre(Specter?) and Vampire.

It will require balance of all emotions and require a powerful soul.

In the end though...I will achieve what I strive for. These "Symbiotes" will submit to my will and in turn become a part of my very being.

>> No.21028822


>> No.21028825

I'm all about the decent purposes but a murder spree?
Why kill somebody when you can ruin their lives?
You can teleport short distances, steal important documents, make yourself invisible and plant fake evidence.
We are talking Watergate for every president you don't like.

>> No.21028851

You know what they say...
It's better to burn out than to fade away. Clancy Brown ladies and gentlemen, what a guy.

>> No.21028855


>> No.21028885

>The Dream
>Can see thoughts, dreams and emotions
>Can identify every politician with ignoble intentions with a glance
>every scientist with a political agenda
>every crooked cop
>every criminal
>every sleazebag and general scum on the planet

So... I'll mark the targets, you guys take them out?

>> No.21028907

/tg/: turning mutant horrors into the heros this world deserves, even at the loss of their sanity.

>> No.21028926

We discard our own happy endings to ensure others get their own.

>> No.21028986

Pfffft hahaha!
As if.
If we ever did manage to get these abilities I say about 5% of us would actually be good the rest of us would either go mad, go evil or just try to live a normal life with what we will soon learn is a disability.

>> No.21028991

You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.
For people with power, there are no happy endings.

>> No.21028999

For the Whisper what are Flash Impulses? Are they really good reflexes/instincts?

>> No.21029000

Well I'm glad something good has come out of ctech.

>> No.21029004

Challenge accepted, motherfucker.

>> No.21029023

You mean the filename that is replaced by a string of numbers when anyone goes to save it? It's one thing to assume people are competent, another to hope it, and a third to blindly count on it.
Little number in the corner, not that hard.

>> No.21029032

It is not for power that we became Efreeti, fire touched.

It is to become the warding fire that fights back the darkness.
That is our way, and that is our fate.

>> No.21029034

Actually, they are flash bombs. It can create little balls of energy that burst into blinding light.

But it has lightning reflexes too.

>> No.21029058

Mirage digivolves into dream?
This please.

>> No.21029062

Spectrebro here. You have my sword.

>> No.21029087

...please chill out friend.

>> No.21029115

Rolled 2

Rolling, because I don't give a fuck, they're all pretty cool. What are these from, anyway? Ctech?

>> No.21029143

Yep. you rolled the hotheaded, lone wolf protagonist. congratulations!

>> No.21029176


Will add the descriptions, resize images, and clean it up later.

Also adding version numbers now.

>> No.21029182

I am chill, I'm just asking for a tiny bit of effort to help keep things organized. I save all these sorts of things, the island, the mage war, the old one gifts etc. And it is a pain in the ass when people have eight or nine different versions and start arguing about which one is the current, or most balanced, or 'best' etc. I've got the version saved, but all it takes is a few who don't, or who only saw the first half of the thread, and it all goes to pot.

That said, Echo/Impulse and I attempt to live like a king among the deep ones, perhaps via conquest since I doubt diplomacy will work well.

>> No.21029214

Love you Op, keep up the good work.

>> No.21029217

Widow sounds fun. I'll be amazing at parkour stuff and I can stick stuff to other stuff!

>"There's my important documents!"
>"Oh no, why can't I lift them off this table?"

>> No.21029249

Honestly, I'd probably end up as a Widow or perhaps a Mirage. But I'm certainly not meticulous and am more secretive then guarded. The early ablities aren't quite as powerful as say, the vampires' or efreets', but holy hell, good luck going against a horror.

"And along came a spider..."

>> No.21029271

>> No.21029289

That seems interesting stuff to kill

>> No.21029291

It is worth noting that the Widow's legs are actually retractable and only grow out of the creature when needed. I would assume the same is true of the Horror just with a lot more limbs. And since you can by that point use your abilities while also in human form...

>> No.21029324

none of these are very appealing or inspiring to me. usually when we do one of these things, I pick one and I'm all like, FUCK YEAH X MASTER RACE, but that isn't the case here. maybe if the art was better/of higher resolution, it'd be different.

sorry. I'm just not very rapey.

>> No.21029331

Widows will fit everyone browsing this place to a certain degree. so probably they'll end up being more numerous than we suspect.

>> No.21029353

In the fluff Widows are a rare symbiote expression though.

Nightmares and Vampires are exceptionally difficult to bind with.
Widows are rare.
Efreet are both.

>> No.21029369

>straight to rape


>> No.21029391


Why, cause he was my favorite summon in the FF series and because of him, I got this thing for fire. I mean I fucking love fire

>> No.21029403

Ah. its true that the secretive and eccentric are pretty common traits around here though.
anyhow, at this point I'm tempted to read those dreaded manuals.

>> No.21029406

Rolled 64


>> No.21029409

I bet you do.

>> No.21029430

You'll be sorely disappointed. And then super stoked. And then disappointed again. It's a mixed bag. Just don't feel like you have to use everything and don't be afraid to alter it to be the game you want it to be. Because it sorely needs it.

It's kind of what I always imagined a /tg/ designed game would be like. Goes in so many different directions at once with different cool ideas that it loses all cohesion. And /tg/ is way better at fluff than actual rules...

>> No.21029445

I fucking love fire

>> No.21029468

Maybe a bit, but I'm sure plenty of others have emotions more dominant that better fit other symbiotes. Echos, Nightmares, and Vampires would certainly be common among 4chan browsers; and from what I know of /tg/ as well as what's be discussed so far in this thread, there will certainly be plenty of Efreets.

>> No.21029471


If you love it so much then why don't you marry it?

Can I be your Best Man?

>> No.21029474

>chill bro
>can slink away from any confrontation
>good at observing
>free consentacles

>> No.21029478

That's one of Onyx's bitches form Odin's Spere.

>> No.21029485

I'd be hard pressed to marry fire

>> No.21029500

phantom or shadow

>> No.21029502

Some men just want to watch the world burn...

I foresee lots of well-meaning Efreets causing more damage than they actually prevent or slowly being corrupted into an utterly black and white morality.

>> No.21029517

Fire IS beautiful. Both in appearance and in concept.
The idea of an all-consuming inferno, changing everything it touches. Nearly impossible to tame yet a great source of power if contained

That said, I prefer water. The raging tempest on the surface and the calm, uncaring, suffocating depths below. Pleasant and calm or completely unforgiving in anger. Engulfing and crushing...

>> No.21029526

>mfw I am introverted and anti social.
>mfw I am a widow
>mfw I am spiderman, I can do anything a spider can!

>> No.21029530

you can do that with glue too.

>> No.21029556

Phantom for armored knight.

>> No.21029586



>> No.21029600

Have you SEEN cthulhutech's deep ones?

>> No.21029607

Some men just want to watch the world stick.

>> No.21029610


I'm with you, Shadowbros.

No secret shall be safe. Especially once we hit Phantasm and can take any form we want, too. Sure, we're not as powerful directly as some of the other symbionts... but you can't kill us if you can't find us.

>> No.21029612

Evil genius.

>> No.21029621

Have you seen what a tager can do to powered armor?

That said, deep ones may be fugly, but aside from that and some old one worship, they have all the benefits of something like an underwater elf race.
Besides, I think some eugenics could lead to monster-girl deep ones.

>> No.21029623

I'll take the form of me. I think I'm pretty hot even if the girls don't.

>> No.21029630


>> No.21029637


>> No.21029662

Efreet here, any free Spectre wants to be my buddy cop?

>> No.21029683

Why stop there, though?

I'm not even talking about fetish-y reasons. You could impersonate ANYONE PERFECTLY. Or anyTHING, really, according to that description. In between that, invisibility, and teleportation, there's not a cell that can hold you, not a door that can stop you, not a wall that can keep you in or out of where you want to go. They can't catch you if they don't know who or what you are.

>> No.21029722

Why I want to DM a campaign in this setting?
If i only had time...

>> No.21029734

We shall be the ghosts that guard the gate.
Staring inward to hell, we proclaim with one voice,
"You cannot move us, you cannot pass us, you cannot escape!
We are more than mere phantoms and wraiths,

>> No.21029809

Glue Widow here. Who wants to join my villainous team? It'll be called The Sticky Syndicate!

Don't smite on me silly Efreeti!

>> No.21029828

Gamefinder has a post about a game much like this.

>> No.21029839

I'm not smiling at you, I'm smiling at YOU DEATH.

>> No.21029844

>Have you seen what a tager can do to powered armor?
no. why, you mean our beasties can take down a power armor?
...how? metal is harder than flesh, you know.

>> No.21029846

And what sort of villainy will you be committing?

>> No.21029905


I shall glue various valuble objects to SURFACES so that their owners may NEVER OBTAIN THEM! See your mouse? It's glued to your MOUSE MAT!

>> No.21029925

What we have isn't entirely flesh, it is a mockery of flesh made with a being from a higher dimension. Lore wise, dimensional fuckery and magical enhancement make us nigh bulletproof, able to shrug off and heal from missle strikes, and able to tear tanks open with our talons. Mechanically(derp), we do hybrid damage, so we bypass that annoying 50/1 scale up thing that ctech does with its stupid damage and hp values.

>> No.21029939

>implying a Tager's Vitality-scale attacks can hurt armored Integrity-scale targets
>laughing Desolate Ones.jpeg

>> No.21029942

Y'know, I'm pretty fucked-up anyway so putting that to constructive use is entirely okay.
Giant fire-god of madness is still better then just being crazy and useless.
I was never going to have a happy ending anyway.

>> No.21029948

I believe this is the one he was referring to:
Also has his own thread here:

>> No.21029982

Oh god, a group of eccentric spider tagers, sitting in a dark sewer. And then a guy gets lost one night of community service.
>'Of all the rotten luck, where am ?...'
>'WELCOME! TO THE STICKY SYNDICATE! Complimentary spider-silk top hat and cane?'

That said, Widow all the way. I'd much rather stay in the dark corners of the Earth, awaiting the day that a wayward traveller stumbles into my grotto.

>> No.21029987

>I'm the law


>> No.21030006


>> No.21030024

but i use a trackpad

>> No.21030033

So what happens if someone was a psychic before a symbiote bonded with them? I know that's a /huge/ umbrella term, but let's say mostly telepathic? What about an empath though?

>> No.21030037

In the darkest night shines the brightest light

>> No.21030042

Then you're already screwed.

>> No.21030067

In universe, where there ARE psychics, it kills the host instantly as a psychic mind can't cohabitate with a Tag'e Symbiont. Tagers also can't use magic due to their natural mana being consumed by the parasite.

>> No.21030073


A trackpad that is GLUED TO YOUR MOUSE, which is currently GLUED TO YOUR MOUSE PAD!

>> No.21030075

From fire comes light, and from light righteousness.

>> No.21030084

symbiote eats them alive and goes home, no stacking.

>> No.21030139


>> No.21030158

no evil shall escape our sight!
Let those who worship evil's might, beware our power -- Efreet's light!

>> No.21030183

Efreet corps unite!

>> No.21030201

For those we cherish, we die in glory

>> No.21030218

But there can be good in darkness as well.
We are the shade that offers comfort to a weary species.
A shroud to blanket yourself with when the monsters come out at night.
We are the gloom that shields man from the terrors beyond.
Together, mankind need fear no evil, for they have both Light AND Darkness to protect them!

>> No.21030222

I feel like the Efreet are taking a Space Marine mentality to this. Except that their powers are all originating from Chaos and they are being corrupted by it.

>> No.21030226

Efreets, you are self-righteous and proud not necessarily good or "the hero Gotham deserves"
I don't wanna be a party pooper, but... why not evil?

>> No.21030240

>self righteous
>implying those aren't automatically THE HERO GOTHAM DESERVES and the one it gets.

>> No.21030256

>Implying that it's not about what's right IT'S ABOUT WHAT'S FAIR

>> No.21030265

>implying proud=arrogance
>implying righteousness= zealousness
you're being retarded again anon.

>> No.21030280

Why there isn't no "satisfaction" or "altruism" symbiont?

>> No.21030282


Sure, why not. Just... don't go insane on me, man. I don't want to be alone in this.

>> No.21030292

I see it more like Ghost Rider.
They're taking a power born from evil and forcing it on it's head to be a tool for good.
Also fire.
(I know there's the whole "angel got corrupted" thing to it, but aside from that...)

>> No.21030298

Because if you are satisfied or altruistic towards the soul devouring alien symbiotic it will take that as an invitation to just dive right in and consume you utterly.

>> No.21030303

Because I'd rather use what little time I have left before the alien inside me destroys my mind to help someone? If this is anything like the Lovecraft universe, Humanity is kinda fucked. I'd like to due my part to unfuck them.

And I ask you something as well. Why not good?

>> No.21030316

No, I mean, what if you are chill guy/benevolent man, what form should you take?

>> No.21030329

Rolled 4

What he's saying is it doesn't matter, you're just giving the symbiont a body, then. Have fun being dead-but-not-quite.

>> No.21030341

It occurs to me that the Efreets would probably all burn brightly and then burn out within the first few months of the infection... Then the world left behind will truly be a darker place.

A few more might pop up every now and again but they'd either be newly infected or if they survived this long then they probably were struggling against the self-righteousness of the symbiont anyways.

>> No.21030349

Ok, and you wheren't supposed to be the emotionless one?
Also who drives?

>> No.21030354

Prepare for sticky!
And make it tricky!
To connect the world with devastation,
To unite all objects within our nation!
To denounce the evils of non stick pans,
To extend our webbing to all our fans!
Sticky Syndicate shall treat or trick!
Surrender now or prepare to stick!
Damn, we're slick!

>> No.21030377

I hate spiders...

>> No.21030395

The human is according to popular theory "homo economicus" the self-serving logical human.
Helping another person is considered a good act but it is just as self serving as getting your pay check at the end of the month. You feel better about yourself when you do something "good" which is why no good intentional act is 100% selfless and therefor "Überswell!!!"
It may just be me but I'd rather be self-serving in and be open about it instead of telling people I'm humane and "just doing a good act for society"
I'm not saying that I don't do "good stuff." I just don't go all Good Samaritan about it and admit that the red cross money collection I did earlier today was partially to make myself feel better about myself and to give a good impression to my betters.
Everything we do is self-serving in some way. Why not just indulge in this self-service and embrace selfishness if you have the power to get away with it?

>> No.21030422

Because one of the highest forms of self serving is ensuring a good life for your offspring.
Making the world a better place serves this cause.

Making the world a better place is a selfish act.

>> No.21030425

I'm actually a Shadow man, myself. I get what the Efreet mean to do, but I'd rather hold onto myslef a tad longer and not be so destructive.

>> No.21030449

And that kind of selfishness is the kind that matters. The kind we need.

>> No.21030452

That's my point. Everyone is selfish, even when they are not.

>> No.21030453

>implying we'll be so reckless
you're just buttdevasteted that we're going to stop your evil intent.

>> No.21030549

Reading Cthulhutech right now (got only the basic book and the companion, the only ones that have come out in Spain). Taking notes with interest for a possible "alternate setting" game. Thank you all very much.

Of course, I will either never get around to GMing Cthulhutech, or end up GMing some weird "Cthulhutech-as-Borderlands" game. Probably the former.

>> No.21030586

We're just worried about how subtle you'll be about it.
And when the big evils are dealt with, will you turn your gaze towards the lesser evils?
Power corrupts, slippery slope and all that...
We'd rather not have to take out our efreetibros.

>> No.21030595

I never said my aims weren't selfish. But even if being 'good' is self-serving, it's still good. And why are the good guys the majority, if being a self-serving bad guy is so much fun?

>> No.21030606

Don't worry, the goons already did a cliff notes on the game.

>> No.21030654


Thanks, but I'll pass. I'm enjoying the readm, since 1) All the questionable parts of the setting are limited to a certain book which hasn't come out in Spain, and 2) I'm a Spaniard, so I don't share your proclivity to get your panties in a bunch whenever the word "rape" appears in an RPG book.

Okay, I know I sound like an asshole, so let me summarize it like this: I don't share the hate, I don't see reason enough to hate it, and I think I'll enjoy GMing it. Of course, I'm not much of a Lovecraftian purist, but on the other hand, I'm not too much of a purist about anything at all.

>> No.21030682

Weird day on 4chan I guess.

>> No.21030702

>limited to a certain book

From one of the modules in the core rule book.

>What’s in the Crates? ...Inside each of the crates are small cells containing young girls between fourteen and twenty-two. In preparation for a powerful upcoming ritual, these girls have been violently and repeatedly raped and are all in some early stage of pregnancy (four months is the longest). They are from all over the country and missing persons reports can confirm their identities...

>> No.21030827

Also, what if this 'good is just selfish' mindset is an excuse to not try as hard to be good?

>> No.21030928

Then economical theory in practice is useless and our world will crumble in less than three decades.
(The theory I used here is based off of economical sociology)

>> No.21030980

It's not an excuse, it's a fact.
We could interpret it as "Being good is just as selfish as being Evil, so why bother being good" but that falls into the trap that selfishness==bad.

It's just a statement, it doesn't change the fact that good is good and bad is bad, it just explains that the primary drive for both the good guy and the bad guy is the same at an elementary level.

It DOES show that true altruism is impossible but it doesn't affect the wish to act altruistically.

If anything, it's an excuse for acting good.
For a social being, like humans, being perceived as good is always more advantageous than being perceived as bad. Because you get the empathic response of happiness when you help an other being AND you get the love and admiration of your fellows.

Evil characters are usually either caricatures and evil for the sake of evil or short-sighted and stupid, preferring short-term gains to long-term gains.
'Evil' people are always short-sighted.

This, btw, is why Lex Luthor is the best villain in comics. He's smart, beloved by the populace, he plans long-term and he's only really evil if we accept superman as the ultimate good.
Basically, Lex Luthor is a paladin antagonist to a paladin protagonist.

>> No.21030993

I once made an impulse that I believe was able to get from Florida to London in under 7 hours and NOTHING the Disciples of Dagon had could catch him. Granted he would stop and kill any deep ones he saw because his daughter had been taken by deep ones. He was one badass Nazzadi... Damn, now I want to play Ctech again.

>> No.21031167

It seems a bit far-fetched to say there hasn't been a single truly good person in all of human history. We're pretty damn weird.

If good isn't really good, but selfish, and selfish isn't bad, then what is bad?

>> No.21031234

Bad is when your dog takes some food off your table when you aren't looking.
Bad is when your daughter is crying because your son pulled her in her hair.
Bad is senseless killing for the sake of killing
Evil is when someone eats the last cookie right in front of you.

>> No.21031303

depends on your school of morality.
I adhere to utilitarianism were a bad or evil act is an act that causes more total suffering than happiness.

Selfishness is a drive, a reason for acting, the act must however be judged solely on its effects, not the intentions or the cause to do it.

Selfish acts are not by definition bad or good. And selfishness is not by definition good or bad.
Selfish acts are acts done out of selfish motivations. These acts can be deemed good or bad but the reason for them can only be deemed valid or invalid.

Sry for repeating the same things in different ways, I get like that when I get philosophical to ensure that I get the right meaning across.

>> No.21031398

S'alright, man. Helped me to understand.

>> No.21033168

Remember when we were talking about alien parasites and superpowers? Man those were good times.

>> No.21033220

Well, the thread seems to have pretty much run its course. I'm sure something similar will pop up in a new thread if enough people enjoyed it.

>> No.21033229

well if we can get more information on the opposition, we might start thinking about how to fight them with our relative strengths.

>> No.21033283

I'd like to see that; I really would!
See, I came up with this tazer whip move to put my electric blast power to work and I wanna see how it would work on some nasties.

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