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Imperial Guard

Do you find heavy weapon teams to be worth it? Or are they too squishy and expensive for something that infantry platoons can do

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I don't think so. Infantry platoons can do the same job, but not as well for the points. Heavy weapons teams are more focused. If you just used infantry platoons you'd be wasting all those lasguns you paid the points for every time your lascannon shot at a tank.

They are squishy, but all guardsmen are. Thats just the way it is.

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Most people roll with a couple of them (2-3), they are squishy like the other guy said, though they have two wounds apiece and can pack a nasty punch if you get the right weapon and set them up correctly. So yes they are worth it.

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I usually only run 1 autocannon HWT, but lately I've been splitting it up into the infantry squads so I don't have to overkill 1 target when I shoot. And most of the time what I'm shooting at is out of lasgun range so the shots aren't wasted. And when it's inside 24" every shot counts so I usually have everything fire at 1 target. Plus, not taking the HWT means 1 less killpoint in my very killpoint-heavy army.

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Just wondering, can you stick them into a chimera?
So, give one of your infantry squads a dedicated chimera, then have them disembark and have your HWP squad embark - they are suddenly not so squishy.
I don't think you can issue bring it down! to HWP squads in chimeras, though.

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I'm not sure about regular ones but I run plasma vets with a autocannon in a chimera . That was you have 3x plasma guns , 1x autocannon, 1x multilaser and 1x heavy bolter in a mobile scoring AV12 model.

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Sabre Weapon Batteries are the new Heavy Weapon Squads in this crazy Flyer world of ours. All the weapon options are Twin-linked, it is WH40k approved, and all ptions have Skyfire and Interceptor. Welcome to the future. I am scratch-building some.

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They're squishy but cheap, but the cheapest way to get tons of heavy weapons on the table, and that's awesome.

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Sabre weapons battery are a example of rules writing at its finest. Why the hell would anyone ever pay 10 points more to have a Stubber, if it is worse than the standard heavy bolter?

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3 Twin-Linked S5 AP4 shots vs. 6 Twin-Linked S4 AP6 shots.

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You get two of them?

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"two twin-linked"
How is this not clear?

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Yeah two twin linked vs a single twin linked Bolter I know that's what I was trying to say.

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I just did the math: The Heavy Bolter and the Stubbers are identical when shooting at AV10, but the heavy bolter can possibly threaten AV11, is AP4 and cheaper.

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How about at mowing meat bags?

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The stubbers are better at slicing up infantry that isn't 4+ save.

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Yeah, remember you're playing IG - you already have anti-light infantry out the wazoo with templates and massed lasgun fire, multilasers etc. The 40 points you spend on an immobile platform can almost get you another infantry squad, which is more dakka and can score.

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What i'm saying is that the stubber platform, while looking cool as hell, is an expensive option for something the army should already be doing. Getting autocannons or even the lascannon adds anti-air, something necessary.

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How about "they threw that in there to see what people make of it"? Or "let's see if those idiots are paying attention, we're not gonna build their army for them."
Why are you even complaining? It's one-half of a line on a page. You're not really paying for the useless options.

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I'm not complaining, I'm pointing out that they are a subpar choice. I'm not >>21012942 , I'm just trying to analyze the options we have.

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I'd buy quad stubber sabre as a quad-gun, if it wasn't so darn expensive.

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I'm looking forward to adding a couple of them to my SOB via allies.

Not sure if any Guard HQ is worth the effort...but a few guard can't hurt my long range punch.

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The Lord Comisssar's LD bubble is good for pretty much any army - he and the primaris psyker are the two go-to ally HQs.

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I believe the Commissar was errata'd to be Imperial Guard only.

Still...the Primaris could be ok. Not sure where I'd stick him...but a Pyromancer one could do ok in one of my Dominion squads.

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Ah, I always forget about that. Still, he's cheap, and you could even have him be your warlord and stick him in the back babysitting your heavy weapon teams so you don't lose that VP for a dead warlord.

But I think the Primaris is a better choice, albiet a little unfluffy for a Witch Hunter force :P

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Bah. It's hate the WITCH, not the Pysker. Faith and Fire, for all it's (Many) issues wins a few points with me for actually making that point. They watch over psykers...but it is the witch that is the enemy, not them.

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48" range HWT's are best because you sit outside the 36" and very rapid 24" range weapons that remove them.

So this means Autocannons naturally are best. If you run troops and a lot of them (where lasguns mean something)... I suggest they have heavy bolters, to try and not waste those other guns in infantry squads.

IMO though, take Chimeras instead of Heavy Bolters. Each HWT you add to a infantry squad, you remove 4 lasguns from the army. 10 points in dudes means 2 guardsmen, and you replace two lasguns doing the 'upgrade'. When most of the unit uses lasguns... So grenade launcher/plasma gun, throwing a frag grenade, shooting lasguns and being cheap and effective with your numbers is best IMO.

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9 Nurgle Obliterators in 1k points.
18 Nurgle Obliterators in 2k points.
Asshole or no? Instant death would be inflicted by str10 only.

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According to the rules, they take up two slots in a transport per team. So, yes, you can.

I want to see if I can cart them around in valkyries to any good effect. It's cribbed from old cold war tactics for anti-tank missile teams, so it COULD work.

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Comparing teams with platoons ... wtf?

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Is it reasonable to field and infantry platoon with just laz-guns?

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That's witch-talk what that is!

In Blind there's a group that believes all psykers should be murdered and only the useful ones (astropaths, navigators) turned into lobotomized servitor units.

They believe only the Emperor has the right to be both psyker and sapient, and that humans and psykers are merely two sides of his holy being, one being sapient and the other sapient. Neither can be both.

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which Imperial Armour are they listed in? i can't seem to find them

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exactly the one i didn't think to check.. thanks!

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