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You are a Magical Girl, you've spent the better part of four hours listening to your former partner talk about the parts of your life that you've forgotten about entirely.

Well, no, not forgotten entirely. You remember some bits - some really tiny, specific ones that seemed so out of context that at first you'd thought they were something you dreamed about and dismissed them as nothing more than visions brought about by bad hangovers.

It is a rather strange experience, though. To hear about yourself, doing things. Killing.

You remember...something happening, in an office building, somewhere, that had made you so angry that you saw the entire world blur gently around you, losing all color, while ice mercury seemed to slowly fill your veins, coursing through a heart that beat just a little too slowly, a little too calmly.

You remember Kyoko, still with both her eyes, cheerfully visiting you everyday in the Silent Room, during your isolation from the rest of the Officio, despite getting into a heated argument with Sayaka each time she did. She always brought Pocky, and fed you herself while you hung from the cold, freezing chains.

And you remember the first time Mami made pancakes for you.

No one forgets their first time. Especially not something as magical as that.

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It is currently night time, in Siberia. You and your former partner, Valnikov Kharn, are currently eating bear steak under an impressively-clear night sky, in the front courtyard of the Officio's heavily-fortified and heavily-guarded Research and Development base. Your subordinate is currently sleeping off her injuries in your room, and your arms dealer is probably doing the same, with the two Petes keeping her company.

Kharn had just finished recounting her first encounter of you, and the events that brought it about. It's...certainly been informative. The killing spree wasn't so surprising - you'd have done it regardless of how many there were, or what consequences would befall you if you did. No one gets to talk about Tomoe Mami like that and live to see the next sunrise.

Learning about Malal, well, it's slightly disconcerting. Sure, you could see yourself hanging out with someone like her, even if you sounded completely like the murderous autist. But even as Kharn described her, described how the both of you seemed to get along reasonably well - nothing comes up in your mind about her. Try as you might, you are unable to remember how her voice sounded as she taught you what drink to order in a wet bar if you're not in a hurry to get wasted. You cannot, for the life of you, even recall a single thing about the Culexus that seemed like quite the capable aide to a Warmaster like Kharn. A capable aide, and a good friend, one that you probably would find handy watching your back.

How? How could you just forget someone like that?

You are still asking yourself that question when Kharn finally seemed to take notice of your silence. The grill in front of you is now empty of steaks, the coals smoldering as they are left to cool.


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Kharn's soldiers had lined up earlier beside the grill to get their share - and it was interesting, at least, to watch your former partner attend to her grizzled, hardened lot, like a doting, large-chested older sister would to her younger brothers.

And the soldiers seemed to behave as such, loudly and raucously joking and laughing with their comrades, but turning bashful, almost shy, when it came for Kharn to fill their plates. She greeted them all by name, in the middle of attending to the grill and telling you her tales. She had started telling you about how she had gladly led you and Malal into the Third Warmaster's trap when the line had finally dwindled to nothing.

"Murderface?" Your former partner asks you from her own folding chair, a plate of chili sauce-soaked bear steak on her lap, her black armored legs crossed demurely on top of each other. You turn slightly to acknowledge her, and you watch as she spears a slice of the bear steak with her fork - the utensil wielded delicately and mesmerizingly by brutal claws.

Briefly, you wonder how it would feel like having your heart torn out with those things.

"Comrade Murderface, are you still alive?" Kharn asks again, brow furrowing as she brandishes the loaded fork at you. "You have been much too quiet, even after I have finished telling you my tale. Are you in awe of my storytelling skills, or did you fall asleep?" A chuckle. "Or...is it that you have a question for me? I am sure you have, by that look on your face. You are free to ask anything you wish."


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You glance down at your own plate of bear steak - the meat is surprisingly tender, and whatever Kharn had done to the meat, it's countenanced the rather cloying sweetness of it. You take another bite, chewing slowly as you consider how to respond. Kharn's no Mami when it comes to cooking, but it's certainly palatable.

You wash down the morsel of roasted predator with a swig of cold vodka, the bottle open and placed on the ice-packed cement beside your own chair.

How do you respond? What do you ask?

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Let her decide what we're asking and what she answers.

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Back to Chiaki!

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Just curious guys
Did Chiaki knew Kharn knew Pinkie?

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It's ... perfect!

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"And the axes now?"
I'd really rather not have to kill Kharn and Mami for their Golden Weapons.

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Yeah, so far three things I want to ask about.
1: Malal.
2: Pinky.
3: The axes.

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"You could have glossed over on how you managed to beat Ahriman, you could have left out the part where you were talking to someone only you could see. Why did you keep those in?"

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I want to ask her if she ever told anyone else about Pinky, but the more in-character question would be
"Why? Why am I still here, while Malal is gone? Why do I deserve to live, while someone like that, someone who had their arms ripped out protecting me, doesn't?
And why the fuck can't I remember?"

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>spend the last 10 minutes staring at your twitter and eating cashew nuts

we need to know more about Malal and the part where she got the axes.

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Ask her about the girl with the pink hair and her own golden weapons

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That's not really in character though.

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Learning more about Malal seems prudent over Pinky and the axes but if it's possible to ask in sequence, that'd be awesome.

Having absolutely no memory of her seems strange. Either Kharn made her up or maybe she was erased from existance with only Kharn remembering her. Maybe Malal's own anti-magic properties backfired and snuffed her out.

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Or maybe booze and painkillers.

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"You tried to boink Mami? I'm not sure how I feel about this."


"Where are the axes now? Have you ever seen that pink-haired girl again?

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Credits to nicehatguy.

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>"You tried to boink Mami? I'm not sure how I feel about this."
Jealous perhaps?

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Please never stop making these.

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Malal first, we might find something that jogs our memory

Then why she explained it all so vividly, surely there were things she could have glossed over like talking to pinky as a painting and getting the golden axes. After all people with those weapons seem to end up fighting each other

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I have a few more ideas lying around, just waiting for time to edit them.

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She might have glossed over her... Conquests maybe

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>You are a Magical Girl, <brief recollection of the last thread>

><Sentence that corrects something said in the first sentence>

Every fucking thread.

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Nah Kharn doesn't hide her accomplishments so even if we had asked she wouldn't have stopped

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Also, ask first about Malal (is she live or dead, has she thoughts wihtin her head), and then about Pinky, and the golden weapons.

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>That's...as close as you'll get to seeing an assignment being reported. No one can make something like that disappear like Kyuubey - for all you know he sent his Culexus squad to wipe a few minds clean of what they saw that night, the poor bastards. You've heard that some of them actually have enough mastery over their abilities that they can affect human minds, too, not just Magical Girls.

It seems like Culexus can effect minds with their null power. So, whatever scrubbed our minds is centred around Malal so it is likely she is doing it.


Well If I were to take a guess, I suppose the original Homura is sending instructions to Malal about what to do with her 'native' copy every-time she rewinds tim. In the last cycle Murderface didn't go with the plan and tried to face pinky by herself. Homura decided to try to expunge the Murderface persona from her 'native' copy by erasing memories of the time spent with Kharn.

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Have a Best Girl edit in the meantime.

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Ask: "How's Malal now?"

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I feel like it would work better with full-on Sunless Eyes and black fingernails.

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Malal is dead. Kharn told us.
She also told us it was our fault.

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And she refuses to talk to us about it.

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While we are sober at least

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This man is most likely right.

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Guess what that means!

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Did she? I don't recall exactly how the scene went, but didn't she say that she had given Malal a painless death and not to worry about it because it wasn't our fault?

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I think we gave Malai a painless death.

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Ahhh.... we got lots of things so do.
I doubt Iori would appreciate us calling her in the middle of the night while drunk

Well we need to show Kharn the 'How to make alcohol go directly into our soul' trick

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We already have vodka so we are getting started on that

>> No.20999828

Considering how things went the last time we did it...

>> No.20999835

Ask what she did with the golden Gorefather & Gorechild.

>> No.20999839

Hey drunken "I'm sorry will you forgive me" calls are what make the best plot go ahead

And yes we need to show Kharn the magic of getting soul drunk

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You seem to have posted an irrelevant image. Was that intentional or did you mean to post something else?
Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

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Can we get drunk and tearfully mourn those we love? Including Malai, from her stories, although we do not recall her?

>> No.20999868


A toast to absent friends seems approbate

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Well technically she is still a magical girl and this is technically crossover fan fiction

So it could be relevant

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Ahhhhh an entire officio of strike witches!
Well they would be called strike girls or something like that here.

>> No.20999892


And none of them will wear pants?

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I suppose this is appropriate then.


>> No.20999911

Another thought has struck me!

I really wonder what kind of witches Culexus produce? Because Malal turning into a witch and us killling her could fit into the whole "Giving Malai a painless death" thing

>> No.20999920

Well, if OP is looking to add new characters to the story in the future, I wouldn't mind seeing some Strike Witches as Puella Magi.

Hint hint, Deculture.

Hint hint.

>> No.20999928

plz no

>> No.20999931


What sort of wish would grant the Puella Magi flight I wonder.

>> No.20999941

Strike girls working for the officio as air support for when witches get out of hand?

A fallen officio who are witches that use human forms to try and spread grief?

Ther way works and either way could be cool

>> No.20999943


I wish that pants no longer existed

>> No.20999965

While waiting for Deculture, an illustration that I had forgotten to share on the threads.

>> No.20999970

I want to be free or something along those lines.

>> No.20999972

Or a group of girls who fought witches in the past who all did a Kharn and prevented witchifying in exchanges for their legs becoming flesh metal airplanes

>> No.20999976

It's funnier if you listen to the Japanese.
Mahou Shoujo = Magical Girl
Majou = Witch
So the clue that Mahou Shoujo -> Majou was in the wording.

Go, Strike Bitches!

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>>20999597 >>20999610

"Malal?" Kharn echoes as she leans back on her seat, clawed hand reaching out towards the vodka bottle in your hand. Wordlessly, you pass it to her, and she takes a long, healthy pull from it, her breath misting in the cold winter air as she exhales.

"I was hoping talking about her would jog your memory some, at least, but I suppose we must take it one day at a time, yes?" Your former partner smiles as she hands the bottle back. Your fingers briefly brushing against her fleshmetal claws as you take it from her.

"Well, what is there to know about Malal?" Kharn shrugs, although her voice changes the slightest bit. "She was my best friend, and I would like to think she was yours, too. You certainly got along well enough. She was a very good aide, as I am sure you have inferred. Consider that your first lesson, Murderface, on Warmastering."

Kharn points at you with her fork. "A Warmaster is nothing without her aide. She does everything else so you can focus on being a Warmaster. She carries your standard, she handles all annoying paperwork and logistics - and if she is good enough, she can make you look like a hero even if you are...well, us." The russian Magical Girl laughs, a coarse sound. "So make sure to pick yours with care."

A cough. "There are more things that need to be said about Malal, but let us leave that for another day. I have read that those with amnesia, they should not be rushed into remembering, yes? But there is time, a lot of time to tell. Do not worry." She nods to herself. "Yes. Everything is under control."

A moment more, and she considers your question. "Ah, about...Pinky, is that what you call her? She has many names. Faust is the name she gave me, so that is what I told Kyuubey. Erebus and Ahriman, they call her the Blessed Lady."


>> No.20999987


yay someone brought that up!
Something tells me that the whole series was inspired by that wordplay.

The things Japanese get up to....

>> No.20999989


Kharn glances towards you. "Some say she is a delusion of Magical Girls becoming sick, Kyuubey maintains that she is a Witch that has transcended beyond what we normally encounter. That she has become a god, or something."

She laughs, again. "I am finding it hard to believe, even now. But what do you call someone like her? A monster? Or perhaps, the Devil herself?"

A moment of silence, before your former partner speaks once more. "I told you about her because I feel that you should know. Looking at you, Murderface...you have met her, already, and multiple times. Beware of her and her honeyed words, and her gifts. And speaking of her gifts, Gorechild and Gorefather are in the vault, along with your other toys. They have been there ever since I came here."

You take another swig from the vodka bottle. Belatedly, you realize that you've basically traded indirect kisses with your former partner and Warmaster, but you're not too concerned about that at the moment.

How do you respond?

>> No.20999993

y not

Well, in the original series, they all can fly to begin with, but not in this canon apparently. As for the wish, "I wish I could fly", for one, or "I wish I was free...

But they don't necessarily need to be air fighters, or even to fly. I was just thinking that adapting the characters of SW to Megucanon could be fun.

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"I think I might I be alittle bit scared...

>> No.21000010


"Well then, I suppose we should have a toast to absent friends!" Now is a good time to show the alcohol-soul trick.

>> No.21000026

"Fucking furball lied to me. Said he'd never seen anything like my gold weapon.
If he says 'well axes aren't like guns, are they?' I'm going to fucking shoot him."

>> No.21000028

Homura in Warmaster mode?

See 8:50

"That's soft of you. Too soft!! Softer than the softest sofa at the soft sofa store!!"

>> No.21000029


"How do my eyes look?"

>> No.21000031

What became of the third after we finished up there?
And is there anyone else we met that I might run into as warmaster

>> No.21000040

"So, what's this stuff about blondes tasting better?"

>> No.21000044

"So what happened to the Third? Was Ahriman working alone? The Tenth is making moves now, apparently; the Puella whose skull you took today works for him."

Now would also be a good time to show Kharn the alcohol trick with our Soulgems before we run out of vodka.

>> No.21000045

Everyone knows that Sayaka witches out every timeline

>> No.21000058


Thank her for the story and ask about her turning back into a magical girl after witching out. If she confided that bit of information in her story, I want to know more about it.

Also a toast is in order.

To the past and to the future. To friends now gone.

>> No.21000060

We must know the secret

Also soul gem drinking, we might run out of vodka soon if we don't show her

>> No.21000064


Heh. Now enjoy Sayaka's 'good' end.

>> No.21000067

Too be fair, the tenth is only trying to get back Midori, who defected from him. Trying to keep employees in line is fairly reasonable, not that we're giving Midori back.

>> No.21000077


That is something that is worrying. Either Jyuubey has some way of tracking Midori despite her contract/wish being overwritten, or he already had Mirai in the area for a separate mission when we confronted her. Using the whole Midori incident could merely be a cover-up for whatever Mirai was really doing in the middle of nowhere.

This is ignoring the probable fact that all the Incubators are working toward a common goal, and these squabbles mean less than nothing to them in the end.

>> No.21000087


You know, I've thought about that for a while.
This place has had a sadistic bear problem for a while. So.... could that mean that Wakaba Mirai has been coming to and from this place for a while.

>> No.21000105

Needs more Kyoko being undressed by Sayaka, so she can wear the seifuku

>> No.21000115

And so... have we already done it?

>> No.21000122

I think Pinky was my girlfriend who one-shotted Walpurgeist.

>> No.21000132

"...Did I really say that thing about forbidden love?"

>> No.21000134

True. As >>21000077 posted, trying to get Midori back could just be a cover like trying to get revenge for the 3 squads of girls Murderface killed.
Gorefather and Gorechild were stored here as soon as Kharn was sent here, so Mirai could have been trying to break in and grab the Golden Weapons under orders from yet another Gold Weapon wielding Warmaster. Or the 10th Incubator has a scheme of his own.
We need Kharn to tell us what happened to the 3rd Incubator, if anyone managed to tie his involvement to Ahriman's actions.

>> No.21000143

Oh, we were supposed to respond her talking about pinky.

"I don't really know what she is, but she is dangerous. Who knows how many people have sacrificed others to her exchange for power?"

>> No.21000150


i guess Malal's death and Kharn being sent off to siberia are related, with us being the horrible cause?
we will get to find out at a later date.

i suggest that if we survive this corruption treatment and after we become a full warmaster that we could try to make Siberia a little bit more comfortable for the people stationed there.
even Souji, he has been an ass to us ever since we got here but at least he is honest about it.

>> No.21000151

Seconding drinking to beloved friends later.

Agreed too to explain QB's treachery.

>> No.21000167

>Kyoko being undressed


>> No.21000174


Or Mariai could be scouting out for a Pleiades Saint raid. And now that we have captured Marai plans to attack the facility could be accelerated in hopes to get the saint back.

I got an idea.
Misaka is going to be upset that she missed the opportunity to hunt bears using Tiny Pete and thanks to us there are not going to be any bears around here for a while (if ever).

We could tell her that we think the base might be attacked and she should prep Tiny Pete for base defence. It doesn't matter if we are right nor not, it will give her something to do for the month we are out.

>> No.21000194

Do try and get your names under control. It was quite hard to understand what you were trying to say.

>> No.21000202

Oh, there's something else to discuss.

Kharn just told us she witched out and willed herself back.

>> No.21000222


I actually think that Wakaba Mirai could still be useful to us. From the Mangos and from what Midori told us about them the Saints are pretty close.
So there will be more of them after us after we supposedly killed Mirai. That`s way we should keep her gem and not destroy it, simply as a bargaining chip if more of them should show up.

Other than that, we were pretty lucky that only one of the Saints showed up, since their strenght is pretty much based on their coordinated Group-Attacks.

Anyway, without Timestop Murderface is pretty much fucked should two or more Saints show up after Mirai.

>> No.21000238


Heh, I found something on danbooru which asks. What if half the cast were gender-blended.

Having Male!Madoka does make Homura's commitment to save Madoka a bit more endearing. And having Male!Kyoko does shine a new light on 'Why do you keep looking at Kyousuke? You got me."

However Male!Mami doesn't work

>> No.21000248

Yes. And?

She Valnikov motherfucking Kharn

>> No.21000269

Ok, I'll try again.
Mariai could be scouting out for a Pleiades saint raid. Her capture could mean that the saints could bring forwards their plans to raid in attempt to rescue marai.

We should talk to Misaka and get Tiny Pete to prepare for a base defence. it doesn't matter if we are right. It would give her something to do.

>> No.21000274


Eh. Nothing wrong with Mani.

>> No.21000289


>> No.21000295

Her name is Mirai. Not Marai or Mariai.

>> No.21000318

Guys, what if Iori is Faust?!?

>> No.21000327

Uh, you mean Yayoi?
Because Yayoi is the one that got raped and killed herself. Iori is kind of slightly still alive. Just a little.
At least she was the last time we checked.

>> No.21000332


You mean Yayoi.

And that idea is terrifying.

>> No.21000336

She will destroy the whole world with "Kosmos,Cosmos"

>> No.21000341

Here's what i have on Kharn.
I suppose they do sort of make better parting shots, though.

>Apparently, we need to inform Kharn that Souji said she has nice... Mamis.

>We also seem to have forgotten to share Mami's greetings with Kharn

>> No.21000361

QB has found girls to contract

Bonus cosplay: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/1111073/
My warmaster can't be that cute

>> No.21000427

Hibiki as Kyouko fits far too well

>> No.21000430


How about a Meguca instead that would actually be a threat?

>> No.21000444


What would the girls wish for?
Has no idea because never watched K-ON

>> No.21000445

It was specifically in post #20479617
>"It is better to find out now, than later, eh? Ah, but do not worry, she died a peaceful death. Painless. I made sure of it."

>> No.21000452

I have a sort of desire to see the katawa shoujo girls as meguca now

Just since we had the references to it in thread and the katawa yandere threads makes me think it would fit perfectly

Rin as a callidus
Lily as an eversor
Hanako as a culexus
Emi as an eversor
Shizune as a vindicare

What would misha be?

>> No.21000461


"Ah, yes. The Third Incubator." It's here that Kharn seems to frown as she carves another slice from what remains of her own steak - spearing it with her fork but pushing it around her plate, seemingly contemplative. "I was there in Kyuubey's Office, a day after we killed his Warmaster. You were not there, you were still recovering, along with Malal. In retrospect, that in itself is a good thing, I suppose..." She lifts the loaded fork to her mouth and chews delicately. "You would have seen me in a very angry mood."

As soon as she finishes chewing, it's then that your former partner tells you about how Kyuubey had asked her to witness the call he made to his brother. What showed up on the massive screens in front of you was...well, someone similar to Kyuubey, in all respects, except this one had blue eyes rather than crimson.

The meeting began cordially enough, both Incubators greeting each other and talking about the weather, the economy, and how their businesses were faring. Kharn had noted here that Kyuubey seemed particularly boastful about QB Heavy Industries' recent acquisitions, while Sanbey seemed to be rather eager about business process outsourcing. It was like listening to two businessmen do lunch; dry, boring, and completely obsessed about the bottom line.

It's only after a few minutes that Kyuubey then breached the subject of the entire incident, the events that lead up to you, Kharn and Malal killing off his Warmaster and her retinue. A hundred Magical girls, not counting the ones you yourself slaughtered.

"He simply shrugged, Murderface." Kharn says, taking another swig from the vodka bottle the both of you have been doing your best to kill.


>> No.21000462


>> No.21000463

Eversor, duh.

>> No.21000464


"Shrugged and said that he had no idea what Ahriman had done, or what had transpired. He said that he could not have cared less about his Magical Girl division; he had declared them already an autonomous section of his organization, free to do what they wanted. He had no knowledge that the previous Warmaster had been killed by Ahriman, or that Ahriman had declared herself Warmaster. He was much too busy organizing...the business side of his Officio. All he cared about was new contracts, new business, and that the girls would deposit grief seeds as necessary."

As she went on, Kharn describes to you how Kyuubey seemed unsurprised at this, and took his brother's explanation well enough. He did, however, posit that if Sanbey didn't need the other girls, then what if Kyuubey took them off his hands?

"You should have seen that damn Incubator's eyes light up when Kyuubey suggested that." Kharn spits out a piece of bear bone, wincing. "Couldn't have said yes fast enough. He said that he was getting annoyed at them, at how they seemed to always look for his approval at everything, even after their wishes. The mere smell alone of a Magical Girl sickened him."

And with that, the Ninth Officio gained eight hundred or so new recruits, all of their contracts transferred to Kyuubey's. SANY was also integrated into the company soon after. The agreement was Sanbey would stop contracting girls, but instead get a fraction of the spent Grief Seeds that Kyuubey also got.

"I was expecting a bloody war, a full mobilization," Kharn sighs, clearly wistful. "It would have been fun, you know? Tearing up Mitakihara in a proper war. It would have been glorious, I think. But Incubators are so annoyingly reasonable and businesslike, sometimes I am thinking that they have stopped being aliens and became something worse!"


>> No.21000470


It's certainly a strange way to end a bloody confrontation like that, but at the same time, you can't help but think of it as logical, especially when the Incubators are concerned.

You take another swig of vodka, closing your eyes as the warmth of the drink settles nicely in your belly.

"Hnn, by the way. I am sure you have more questions to ask, Murderface." Kharn suddenly speaks up. "But if you are wanting to call home, then tell me. Unfortunately, smartphone reception here is not very good, so we have to use other means." She grins at you, clearly teasing. "I am sure there are many back home that want to hear your voice again, even if it had just been a few days."

[]Ask another question.
[]Accept her offer. There are some people you'd want to talk to...

>> No.21000485

>[]Accept her offer. There are some people you'd want to talk to...
See if we can get mami to pass a message to Iori, with the explanation that we are used to dealing with A) saints and b) people nearly as broken as we are so telling her ourself would probably start a war or something

>> No.21000491

Wait, the 3rd just ditched his magical girl division? What the hell?
Aren't Incubators all about getting magical girls and collecting despair to fight off entropy? What happened to this timeline?

>> No.21000492

Accept her offer

Teach her about soul gem drinking on the way and mention other stimuli seem to also have an effect

>> No.21000498

They became businessmen instead of anti entropy aliens

At least the third did, maybe he figured entropy was being stalled enough that the others coud handle it

>> No.21000513

A lesbian

>> No.21000514


>Incubator apathy

Sounds more or less appropriate for aliens that just don't really care. Seems odd that QB seems to put more care and thought than his brethren into what he's doing as far as his MG operations go.

>> No.21000517


Sanbey has gone native, has be gained mental disorders?

>[X]Accept her offer. There are some people you'd want to talk to...

I suppose we should do this. I doubt that kharn is going to tell us much more at this point.
Call Mami first and ask her about Iori. If Iori has become 'magical Iori' it wont be a shock to us when we are taking to her.

... thinking about it. What time is it? (in game)

>> No.21000520

[x]Accept her offer. There are some people you'd want to talk to...
First, we call Kyuubei, and call him a dickfaced lying douchebag.
Then hang up on him and call Mami, and tell her we might be out for a few months, and ask her to tell Sayaka and Kyoko. Also ask her if bringing them both on as our aides seems like a good idea. Who was her aide, anyway?
And then call Iori and apologise for being a bitch, and tell her about the procedure.

>> No.21000526

She is always a lesbian but what type is the question

>> No.21000536

[x]Accept her offer. There are some people you'd want to talk to...
There is the possibility that our trip here could take much longer than expected.

>> No.21000548

But what's an emotionless alien going to do with a business on Earth? They're purely logic beings to the point of sociopathy, but what would he gain from running businesses?
It doesn't really seem like they need to eat (aside from disposing of dead incubators) or would otherwise need money, let alone Earth money. My only guess in the desire for power, but they pretty much have that in controlling magical girls.

>> No.21000551

Mami probably didn't have one since she never got to full warmaster

I think that between them they would make one normal aide but getting Mami would be better

>> No.21000564

Man, there's already three strike witches based quests. And one more that involves them, no matter how much people might not like MSQ.

>> No.21000573


>And then call Iori and apologise for being a bitch, and tell her about the procedure.

..Is there actually a limit to how much a retard you can be?

Godamnit, I wish I could hate you waifu-shipping faggots to death.

>> No.21000591

We want to avoid her becoming a magical girl and being a massive fucking headache for ourselves, doing that would solve the problem

Quit overreacting you faggot

>> No.21000612


She isn't going to potentially become a MG because we were a bitch to her. She's going to potentially become a MG because she obsesses over Chiaki and she either wants approval and/or to get her attention. It's best if we let things lie, or ask Mami for advice on how to handle this.

>> No.21000613


This isn't a problem that we have, at this point, since we've basically pushed her away and into the waiting arms of garcia.

>> No.21000638

Accept her offer to call and ask the following question:

"Kharn, do I know someone named Kaname Madoka? That name is on my phone and I don't know where it came from. "

>> No.21000642

You know we never checked to make sure that worked. There's absolutely no indication that things have worked out as you think they have; in fact, things could have gotten far worse.

>> No.21000651

Fabiola still owes us a favor for taking out Lance Kilgore. I say we get her to set up Iori and Garcia together. We can apologize to Iori once we've returned, when the two of have made some progress as a couple, so she won't fall back in love with us.

>> No.21000655

Iori and her potential to make a stupid contract should be treated delicately. We should seek to defuse the situation and probably distance ourselves from her. That said, making her despair and then disappearing for a long period of time would set her up for making a wish like Matsuda would love her or something.
Getting her stabilized with Gracia seems like the safest course of action, it keeps her happy and away from Kyubei and it gets her out of our life.

>> No.21000656

it's only been a day or two

>> No.21000662


[x] Call Mami and Kyoko, ask for any Updates, ignore Iori, if we give her the cold shoulder she will get it into her head that we are not interested in her.

[x] When Midori wakes up, tell her that she should call her parents too, to not make them worry.

>> No.21000681


I want to be a magical spinster....

>> No.21000684

That's a point, have Midori's parents been relocated yet? They might be targeted.

>> No.21000704


Have Mami, Kyouko and Sayaka keep alert for Peliades shenannigans. Given we just ganked one of them, they might retaliate back home.

Better to have our best people keeping their eyes open for trouble than not at all.

>> No.21000751

..Ah, that reminds me, with the Flashback and everything we have forgotten hat we shozld think about that to do with Midori when she wakes up.

She pretty much confessed to us before the fight Mirai.
Should we adress that or wait until she does so herself?

>> No.21000760

This assumes that she even likes Garcia. Sure, he's in love with the idol-Iori, but will he feel the same about the real Iori?

I think that you're all assuming this to go too smoothly and to even work at all, when there's not enough evidence that it could work.

>> No.21000772

I think we should ask her to do some soul searching while we're out, then tell us whether she feels the same when we wake up

>> No.21000776

Or in giving her the cold shoulder we push her to contract so that we notice her

We need to walk a fine line between telling her to piss off and getting her to stay friendly

Remember the whole issue with her came because we were the only person she felt she could trust and we had people wanting to waifu her, wanting to keep her close to avoid her going meguca and witching or going meguca and bad ending us so if we do just drop her like a sack of bricks it will have repercussions

>> No.21000787

[x] Ask about axes, say we need them to take Pinky on a date

>> No.21000791

I know I should recognize more characters there but all I can recognize right now are Yuki and Homura

>> No.21000808

Its still better then doting on her and sending her the wrong signals.
I acutally think that we should make pretty clear to her that we don`t want her in our live and that she should not get involved with us nor Magical Girls in general. The best would be for her to forget everything she saw and try to live a normal life.

This is the best course of action of course there is always the chance that she will act like the retarded brat that she is, but at least that isn`t our fault then because we tried to keep her away from all of this.

>> No.21000810


It amuses me that there are people simultaneously arguing that we should keep Midori, our slightly obsessive fangirl at a distance, because being a huge fan isn't a sound basis for wanting to be in a relationship, while attempting to hook up Iori with Garcia, her slightly obsessive fanboy.

>> No.21000815

They seemed to be getting along just fine from what we've seen. Besides, she was all over Chiaki despite her being, you know, her, only because she needed someone to latch onto to avoid drowning. A young gentleman who can treat her right seems like the perfect match for Minase, especially after all the heartache we caused her.

Also, Mami thinks it's the right thing to do.

>> No.21000822

We need to friendzone her. We should stay civil and polite, but we really do need to make it clear that we have no plans to reciprocate her feelings. Like you said, dumping her is just going to make things worse, but if we start coddling her again then it will just go back to step 1 and we'll always be worrying about her contracting or getting killed.

Unfortunately, I do not think Chiaki possesses the social skills required to do this, so we're fucked. If we do it through a middleman then it won't have the same effect.

>> No.21000826


No. That is a fucking stupid idea.

That way leads despair, and despair way leads Meguca. We provide such support and friendship, FRIENDSHIP, NOT FUCKIN', as is required. We do not cut her off. That will result in her doing stupid, stupid shit.

>> No.21000833

She gets along fine with him but that doesn't mean she will hook up with him

There is a difference between liking someone and loving someone

>> No.21000834

I think it's more like Midori's already a magical girl and thus is already a lost cause while Iori is a mundane human with a future. Garcia is just the means to friendzone Iori.

>> No.21000836


Some talking points for Midori that were brought up in the previous threads, assuming that we have to do the one-month treatment:

>Hardcore introspection and soul searching to decide whether she is in love with her notion of Murder Mayumi or not.

>Flesh of Fallen Angels thing and Pinky's special attentions. Jealous goddess with malevolent yet loving feelings = bad news.

>Golden Weapons for dummies.

>> No.21000841


Mami also thought encouraging Iori's crush on us, and warning Kirika of her impending retirement were the right things to do.

I'm jus' sayin', she does not have the best track record here.

>> No.21000848

Friend zoning her would be effective but trying to see murderface doing it would be hilarious.

>> No.21000869

By the numbers she has had more good ideas than bad ideas

The problem is Mami will always go for the everyone ends up happy option which doesn't always work

>> No.21000871

It amuses you because you are an idiot.

If Chiaki ever gets close to someone it should, in fact, be a Magical Girl. One that knows about all the stuff that comes with it, thats why from simply practical point of view Midori is a better choice.
What amuses me is that you are to stupid to either see the difference between them and to spot the difference between a crush and an obsession.

Then again, I`m on /tg/ and I don`t really expect a person to know how girls work..

>> No.21000878

>Its still better then doting on her and sending her the wrong signals.
So give her the Full Murderface Experience, just like we did with Midori, and see if she stays or not.

May I point out something that I had forgotten about but remembered when I went back through the archives; Iori can already see QB without a Contract. He actually made mention of it being odd, back when we retired Kirika. Maybe Iori is closer to contracting that we thought.

>> No.21000887

The point went right over your head, didn't it? Do read his post again with an open mind. He is actually on your side.

>> No.21000894


this is entirely why it needs to be done

"I uh.... umm I kinda wanted mo-"

>> No.21000914

...Are you retarded? Have you ever tried to be in a friendship with someone who is in love with you? Do you even know how fucking selfish and stupid that is?

I`m really sorry, that you can`t into relationships, anon, but cutting her off, at least for now and hope she will get over us is the right thing to do. After some time - not two days, mind you - if she seems to be doing alright, THEN we can try to be friends.

Holy shit, /tg/, why are you so fucking awful at relationships?

>> No.21000922

>Holy shit, /tg/, why are you so fucking awful at relationships?

Becuase we want to fuck everything and everyone without givign a fuck

>> No.21000923

Murderface, we're out of whiskey
no pancake batter
We're out
P-P-PAN..... *sobs*

>> No.21000924

>So give her the Full Murderface Experience

But Midori is a magical girl, she can handle herself in dire situations, as shown earlier when she held onto Chiaki as she went black eyed. Iori is a normal girl, who has gone through some hardships recently. She does not have the means of coping with the 'Murderface Experience'. We can keep her friendly at a distance, but subjecting her to more trauma just to see if she could handle it is not a good thing to do. What if she does stay? It'll just make things worse, we'll be saddled with a clingy idol who can't protect herself.

>> No.21000928

I don't know, why are your friends social lepers who can't take no for an answer?

>> No.21000934

She realized those were mistakes and approved of Chiaki distancing herself from Minase after that. She's not perfect but that doesn't mean we should dismiss everything she says either. she's still a much better people person that we are.

Basically, this. We support Iori as a friend, and nothing more.

>> No.21000972

Gentlemen, let us not discuss how to deal with Iori. She's a can of worms that has been unfortunately opened. And by who, do you ask?

By none other than Mami Tomoe, vindicare and secretary of the Ninth that tries to help others with good intentions and always backfiring.

Gentlemen, how do we eliminate Mami?

>> No.21000975

Wow, sure is edgy in here.

Must be really nice to automatically stop loving or liking someone because they said that they don`t see you that way.
Since this is how humans work, amirite?

>> No.21000978

That's not funny, don't joke about such things.

>> No.21000983


>> No.21000991

Ugggg.... all the Iori arguments.
I only decided to read the [email protected] wiki when the Kharn arc started and this Iori does seem to act differently compared to her canon form.
Well then again, I suppose she has had to grow out of her attitude.

>> No.21000998


>> No.21001001


i knew someone was going to post that eventually, great stuff.

>> No.21001005


We acknowledge that while she has our best interests at heart and though we will always be grateful for all that she's done for us, we ask her gently not to play matchmaker for us anymore?

>> No.21001010


my good sir, i quite like your style.

>> No.21001022

Pretty much all of the characters in this quest don't act like their canon forms.
They're inspired at best. Not that that is a problem.

>> No.21001031

>That voice

>> No.21001036


No it isn't.
I don't think either /tg/ nor Chiaki would be able to stand canon!Iori

>> No.21001066

I seriously love you Nicehatguy
Full homo

>> No.21001077

...But we can`t stand this Iori either.

>> No.21001097

I... I... Oh my. Lewd thoughts.

>> No.21001106


well, MGNQ Iori was fine until the Kilgore incident. With some caution, we might be able to go back to how it was before, I hope.


Aaawww, you're gonna make me blush.

>> No.21001109


>> No.21001127

Honestly, she was probably fine until overhearing Midori's orgasm when we licked her Soulgem.

>> No.21001139

>>homura turned into the PC
>>no madoka to save
>>no memories
May as well be the PC, murderface is as far removed from homura as homer simpson from rodger mayers.

>> No.21001158

It was in part that and in part our not talking to her for hours after the event then her hearing Midori orgasmisng over our phone while she was losing it over our safety and thought we took off to screw someone instead of her which was a large part of why she got so shitty at us

>> No.21001169

"Damn it, minigun, you're a loose cannon. Turn in your badge and cop."

>> No.21001172

There is a reason for that and there are things implying that this is part of Homura in her constant train of time loops that lead to PMMM

>> No.21001192


Or after.
I'm convinced that this happens after PMMM, failing your persional objective which you sacfificed EVERYTHING for does make a good case for Homura to turn into a broken magical girl.
However there is the whole "Why are there still witches?"

>> No.21001224

>>Why are there still witches?

Because Homura did something that drove Madoka into despair, turning her from Madokami into Faust.

>> No.21001236

Makes a lot of sense in that context.

>> No.21001248

>>21000485 >>21000492 >>21000520

"Heh. Yes, that is what I thought you would say." Kharn says as she slips out of her folding chair, in a movement that is almost unnatural in its smoothness and grace. "It is only prudent, of course, to tell them that you have arrived and are safe and sound. You do not want them to worry." It's then that she claps her brutally-clawed hands, the sharp impact of metal upon metal cracking across the courtyard. "Sergei! Nikolai! Please clean up after us, yes? The Warmaster has important business to attend to!"

The soldiers that had gathered around a bonfire at the other end of the courtyard cheer at this, and Kharn smiles before placing her plate on her vacated chair. You clamber out of your own chair yourself, if a bit clumsily - for a folding affair, it was comfortable and getting a bit hard to get out of, but certainly nothing close to the lovingly-upholstered piece of heaven you've left back home.

You let out a small groan as you manage to get back at your feet, both new and old pains and aches flaring up, reminding you of just how close you've come to death today. You make a small note to get some painkillers inside of you later. You leave your own plate where Kharn had left hers, while taking the half-empty bottle of vodka with you.

The journey to the 'Communications Room' as Kharn had introduced it is a short one; it seems to be in a floor between the surface and the subterranean living quarters of the R&D base. It is a rather...antiquated room, full of bulky machinery that seems to be hooked up to each other, and there's a slight static buzz in the air that makes your teeth itch as Kharn flicks a couple of switches on.


>> No.21001253


In the center of a room is a rather comfortable-looking chair facing a large, towering screen. You recognize it immediately as one similar to Kyuubey's personal chair at the Officio. It's only after a few moments that you finally realize that this was to be the Incubator's own control hub, for the off-chance that he would actually visit. The fact that the chair itself had rather archaic-looking keyboards built into its armrests seemed to support your idea.

You ask Kharn if your suspicions are true, and she makes a pleased, impressed grunt.

"Ah, you are very observant, yes? You are correct, this was formerly made to accommodate the Incubator in the times when he would visit. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he has never visited for too long, usually it is just an ocular inspection. Besides, him and Souji regularly converse on his laptop." Kharn mimes typing on an invisible with both clawed hands, a curiously amusing gesture. "Sometimes, they get into arguments, but mostly about stupid things."

"In any case, communication console is already switched on. Take seat there." Kharn gently ushers you onto the commanding leather chair. "On right armrest is letter keypad, on left is numbers. Just input the number you want, and press send. Call will automatically connect. Could be whoever you want, really." It's then that Kharn giggles. "Ah, I remember pranking Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake with this one. She manages a bar in her spare time, in America, you see. Prank calls are something she hates."

You nod. That seems easy enough. And pranking? That's surprising. You'd never have taken Kharn to be the sort to do that.

"Is harmless fun." Kharn shrugs, still grinning. "It gets boring here sometimes."

>> No.21001257


You glance towards the towering black screen in front of you, before looking down at the numerical keypad, your fingers poised over the keys.

Who do you call?

[]Tomoe Mami
[]Minase Iori
[]Sayaka Miki
[]Sakura Kyoko

>> No.21001263

homura never promised madoka to remember, infact up untill her wish she was willing do die with her never knowing any wiser as long as she never contracted.

>> No.21001266

>[]Tomoe Mami

>> No.21001269

>"Sometimes, they get into arguments, but mostly about stupid things."

"Souji, least of all my blondes, come to bed."

"I can't. Something is wrong on the internet."

>> No.21001271


Tomoe Mami.



Also, ask how is Iori doing and ask her to pass on a message that we might end up being stuck here for a month.

>> No.21001278

[x]Tomoe Mami
Let her know we arrived safely, how is Iori.

>> No.21001301

[x] mami because... mami?
[x] kyoko because bro?
[x] sayaka because.. bitch?

>> No.21001313

And we punched a dude for her. He took it pretty well.

>> No.21001315

After checking in with Mami, we really should call QB and let him know that one of the 10th's MG's was snooping around the R&D base.
He's already identified the Tenth as a rogue Incubator, one who may not be playing by the rules the Incubators set up for themselves, and is trying to hunt him down.
This might light a fire under that mutant cat's ass to put more resources into finding Jyuubei and removing him permanently.

>> No.21001317

call mami

>> No.21001318


Call Kyouko. We need more Kyouko.

>> No.21001319

Mami, Kyouko, maybe QB, maybe Iori.

>> No.21001320

Call in this order
>[x]Tomoe Mami
>[x]Minase Iori
>[x]Sakura Kyoko

I wonder if we should try Madoka's number again?

>> No.21001322

Oh right! Yeah, tell her mission accomplished.

We need to get that hat for her. We must ask Kharn where we can get one.

>> No.21001325

Mami first
Ask her to see about her, Kyouko and Sayaka working for us as aides / secretary / enforcers and check on how Iori is

We will call her ourself to say we might be out for a month and to spend some time with Mami since she does worry about her

Then call Kyouko and tell her we might be out for a month, she will pass it on to Sayaka and we avoid talking to her

Finally call coobie and call him a lying asshole then hang up

>> No.21001330

[X] Tomoe Mami

>> No.21001332


Let's do this one.

>> No.21001348


We should probably also ask her if she KNEW that people had been making porn of us.

Because that is slightly distressing.

>> No.21001351


>time zone antics?

i believe we should personally inform our tiny tiny circle of friends and Kyuubey that we will be staying in Siberia for an extended time, but having Mami announce it to the rest is the next best thing.

we should try to call them all up at least once, not to sure about Iori at this time because i know fuck all about how to handle this.

i am all for calling QB a lying asshole but he will just wave it off with that perfect alien logic...

>> No.21001354


Sayaka doesn't deserve a call from us. She only get a good bye if she is in the same room as Kyouko

>> No.21001357

>[x] Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake. Really what other choice is there.

[x] Kyuubey. He knew about the golden weapons before we came along. He's a bitch, we should tell him that.
[x] Mami. As one of the few people who care about us she should know that we're safe.
[x] Kyoko. We just gained +1 bro. We should probably catch up with her. And Sayaka will probably be with her, so two birds with one stone?
[x] Iori. Bad End prevention begin. Seriously she's going to make a contract then become a witch and kill us. That is a bad thing.

>> No.21001358

Obviously we should call Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake

>> No.21001364



No, fuck you, people.

>> No.21001371

I guess that Coobie is just going to mentioned that he thought that the 10th's ability to track Midori would have worn off before we got to Siberia.

>> No.21001374

Call all the people, with Mami, Kyouko and QB first. We should try giving Madoka and ??? another call, too.

>> No.21001391

Don't be a fag and don't splice commas.

[X] Totally Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake.

>> No.21001421

Being a fag is trying to avoid all contact

Not being a fag is trying to set things to go by our rules so we can get past all this shit

>> No.21001422

First, because she's the most fun
Next because if we just disappear for a month she's going to contract with Kyubey and that'll be a gigantic fucking pain in the neck, and
Last because it'd be polite to talk to her, but the others are more necessary.

Souji will keep Kyubey up to date, and Kyouko will talk to Sayaka if anything needs saying.

>> No.21001426

What lie did QB tell?
He might have known about the Golden Weapons, but it's not like he said he'd never seen them before. What lie exactly did he tell?

>> No.21001428

Why not? How is not talking to her going to help?

>> No.21001439

Wouldn't it be better to phone Mami before Iori so we can see ask how Iori is before we just phone her? We left on a pretty sour note so it would be good to know what to expect.

>> No.21001441

Actually, I'd rather get Mami's take on Iori's status first to determine if we should talk with her now or not.

>> No.21001442

>[x]Tomoe Mami

If there's anyone we can call to get a feel on the situation on the home front, it would be her.

Prepare for disappointment and/or chewing out followed by a bout of Chiaki explaining an extremely improbable (yet completely true) sequence of events if she's got Iori's side of the story, though.

>> No.21001444

Plus, he knowingly sent us here to talk to someone he knew encountered them. I doubt he was being particularly malicious or hiding anything we wouldn't have found out at his choice.

>> No.21001450


heh, that's what I have been saying.
If the worst has happened, and Iori has become magical Iori at least it won't take us by surprise when we talk to her.

>> No.21001452


We can just have Mami or somebody pass on the message that we're staying in Siberia for a while and have them make sure she doesn't contract.

>> No.21001462

It was more a lie of omission.

>Here QB look at these weird golden weapons, do you know what they are?
>AH well, I will definitely have to look into this.
>I think they drive anyone who uses them insane.
>Well why don't you carry one around and see how it works out for you.

A lie of omission is still a lie.

>> No.21001472

That... is a good point. We should switch the order of those last two.

I hope we have time today for three phone calls...

"You never asked."

>> No.21001481

That wouldn't be as effective as saying it to her ourself

We need to start taking control of the situation sooner rather than later

>> No.21001487

Except that from the flashbacks, he may have found out about Faust (which he already said he knew about and told us about when we brought up Pinky for the first time), none of the flashbacks had either of the Golden Weapon wielders telling QB about getting them from Faust.

>> No.21001490

Oh boy, this argument again. We weren't cleared to know that information, most likely. Simple omission is not a lie of omission.

>> No.21001497


In the Mami flashback QB was discussing eye colour and soul gem purity before sending her on a witch hunt.

>> No.21001498

Kharn just told us that she explained it to him

>> No.21001522


The only person in our list that we left on bad terms with was Iori. I think if we have any hope of patching things with her, we need to do it now, directly and not through Mami. Before we sleep for a month and give her all the time in the world to worry and do something stupid. She deserves that much.

That said, I don't mind calling Mami first and getting advice. That's part of what screwed us the first time, not testing the waters first.

>> No.21001532

I just think it becomes a bit more serious the more lives it puts on the line. As far as we know as Chiaki, at any point while wielding those weapons we could have completely lost it. Killing at least one other magical girl depending on the mission and possibly dying ourselves.

From the point of alien logic QB didn't do anything wrong, or from a rules lawyer standpoint either. But from where Chiaki is I can imagine more than a few hurt feelings for those omissions.

>> No.21001547


If we make the right choices and work hard everything will turn out OK guys!

>> No.21001558 [SPOILER] 


Yea, I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.21001577

What a lovely party, I wish to join such a party~

>> No.21001585

At least we are all together still in that event

That is the second worst trollface picture I have ever seen

>> No.21001618

It's possible. Not likely, not probable, but possible.

>> No.21001635

Also, you know, it might not be a bad idea to visit Pinky once the calls are done, if only to say hi and prevent her from flipping out and start killing people out of jealousy like she nearly did in the plane...

>> No.21001644

So the Third's only interested in making dolla dolla yens? I guess we should call him Juubey

>> No.21001652

>[X] Mami
Let her know what's going on, ask for advice on Iori and Warmastering.
>[X] Iori
Tell her what's going on re: We'll be away longer than expected
>[X] Kyuubey
FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING CATFACE BASTARD! Please forward us mission records of Sakura Kyouko so we can assess her capability as a potential aide.

>> No.21001658


Call her "Madoka Kaname" and see her reaction.
The first name isn't important as she already called herself that, but the last name is.
We best do it where she isn't going to kill anybody if she reacts poorly.

>> No.21001664


You don't think we're going to just jump ahead once we sleep, are you? No, we'll have plenty to discuss with Pinky as she stalks us in our dreams...

>> No.21001675

Cute Witches doing despair[/things]

As if Chiaki doesn't hurt feelings by breathing?

Besides, getting cut up is excellent bonding opportunity. Scars are moe~ And why are you proud enough about fixing her to namefag about it?

>> No.21001677

While we wait for Deculture to post, enjoy a little story of mine, please:

http://sharetext.org/avtR - | Take It Easy |

It'll be best if we see her before then, to grease the wheel of affection.

>> No.21001686


Why should we patch things with her, beyond making sure that she doesn't do something stupid?

It will be better for all involved parties if she forgets all about us and just gets on with her life.

>> No.21001689

Either that or we will have a Midori 'flashback' as we end up accidentally controlling her body.
Or a 'journey to the centre of the mind' where we meet the murderface persona or the real Homura.

>> No.21001692

Because I namefag about everything.

>> No.21001700

Oh yea, that story.
I wonder if Kyouko is going to be panting when she picks up the phone/

>> No.21001722

>>21001266 >>21001271 >>21001442

You make your decision, and punch in Tomoe Mami's number by rote memory alone. She'd probably want an update on the message she asked you to send the pilot, as well as tell her how you're doing in Siberia. Yes, that would only be proper - you can't have her worrying herself sick over you, after all. Your personal goddess of pancakes and fortune deserves just more than that.

The screen in front of you hums as the call initiates; the sound of the other end of the line ringing a bit scratchy, but otherwise audible and clear. Mami picks up at the fourth ring, and the words [SOUND ONLY] in rather sinister-looking crimson typeface glow into existence on the screen's surface, imposing and almost warning-like.

Pity. A friendly face that wasn't Kharn's would be nice about now.

"Hello?" Mami's voice comes on, breathy, hurried. As if you'd caught her in the middle of something. "Chiaki-san? Is this you? The number's unlisted, I didn't know who it was at first." Another moment. "Are you...are you calling from Siberia? Did you arrive there safely? Is Misaka-chan and Midori-chan alright? Have you eaten already?"

You try to answer Mami's barrage of questions as best as you can while glancing towards Kharn pointedly, who seems to be listening in rapt attention to the blonde's warm voice. She finally seems to notice, her cheeks reddening, and your former partner excuses herself, embarrassed. "Will be waiting outside, take your time," the ex-Warmaster whispers, before tiptoeing out of the room, gently closing the door behind her with a click.

"...Oh, I see. Well, it's good that you got there safely. I'm not really a fan of flying myself, to be honest. I'd rather drive if I wanted to get anywhere." A small giggle. "But yes, I'm glad you got there without any worries. I heard it was quite the rough flight."


>> No.21001724


no reason not to give her a curtisy call like were doing for our other frienemies.

>> No.21001736


Well, it wasn't really rough, but the smiling pink demon in your nightmares did drop by and visit for a chat(You don't tell her this, of course), so it may as well be considered that.

You tell her instead that you've followed her request to the letter.

"...Thank you, Chiaki-san." Another stifled giggle. "I'm sorry if I had to make you do that. I know, it seems a bit cruel, but I believe he really needed that. I could've done it myself, but..."

You momentarily imagine Mami punching someone out, before shaking your head. Impossible. Mami's not the sort.

You tell her that it was your pleasure to do so, and she giggles again. "Thank you, Chiaki-san. I promise not to give you too many of those weird requests, but I'm glad to know I can count on you, even when you're about to become Warmaster." It's then that her voice turns a bit cheeky. "Don't forget us little people when you're famous, Chiaki-san!"

How do you respond?

>> No.21001746

Rolled 19


>> No.21001749

>forgetting Mami

Absolutely Not

>> No.21001751

"Mami, I could never forget you. Probably not Kyouko, either. Sayaka, maybe. How are things back home?"

>> No.21001752





>> No.21001754

I agree.

The reasonable thing would be to get her out of our life, but noooo, the Waifu-Hurrdurr-Crew will tell you THAT WENEED TO PROTECT HE UNTIL THE END OF TIME! BECAUSE.

No seriously, its mindboggling how people actually believe that getting a "normal" girl into our world is the right thing to do. It`s beyond retarded. It`s like you people never played CoC.

Just get it into your fucking heads: KEEPING. HER. AROUND. US. IS. NOT. THE.SANE.AND.MERCIFUL.THING.TO.DO.

And for god`s sake don`t update her on how things are on our progression! This things are fuking taboo to Non-Megucas.

>> No.21001756


Say something like
"No amount of fame is going to make me forget about you"

>> No.21001763


leave out the orgasm line, just make Kyoko say 'give me yours' or something, the orgasm line cheapens the moment and humour

>> No.21001771

Egads you're right.


>> No.21001774


>> No.21001775


To be fair, I am saying we need to protect her too, and I am of the opinion that getting involved in a relationship with her would be fucking stupid.

I am convinced that we need to protect her because, in case you had forgotten, we are being paid to do so.

>> No.21001776

Rolled 9

Mami, did you know there was a porn comic of me circulating the offices?

>> No.21001783


How's It looking there, in Mitakihara?

>> No.21001785


but you are bigger than me? (in more ways than one)

ask her how things are going on her end, have there been any remarkable events?

finally tell her about our prolonged absence.

>> No.21001790


"Mami, I could never forget you. Probably not Kyouko, either or Syaka...... well... Sayaka"

>> No.21001794

Oh boy, its TINFOIL-HAT-Time again..

>> No.21001797

"I'd never forget you, Mami."
Ask her how's everything on her end, Iori, and that we might be gone for a month.

>> No.21001804


>> No.21001814

"You're the only thing I'll never forget. By the way, WHY THE FUCK WAS I CHOSEN TO BE WARMASTER?!"

>> No.21001819

You honestly think it will be that easy?
The girl was fucking obsessed with us to the point that she had her company hire us to protect her without our knowledge

Ignoring her just makes one more meguca / witch with issues that is coming for us

And she is already marked because she has interacted with us nd has been seen in our company, the only way to avoid her dying horribly and it being all our fault or witching out and it being all our fault is to sort the shit with her out on our terms

>> No.21001830

Mami is like the big sister / object of desire / mother figure for the entire officio

There is no way she doesn't know about the porn and probably showed it to a few girls.

>> No.21001835

WELL, if it's that bad, then we may as well just shoot her and be done with it.

Let's perhaps try the non-psychotic option first for once, okay?

>> No.21001845

Yes, but the asking of the question and the response will be HILARIOUS

>> No.21001850

Knowing Mami she probably spread the porn around in hopes that it would help us make friends or something equally disastrous.

>> No.21001856

>Having a crush on someone = Obession

Yeah, I won`t even bother to answer to the rest of the shit you wrote, that makes it quite obvious that you are either a troll or a dumbass who doesn`t know what the fuck he is talking about.

>> No.21001861

Wait, what are you saying is the non-psychotic option?

I'm just... not sure.

>> No.21001863

That's why I am for the "call her and sort shit out on our terms" side which was what I thought I said clearly enough

>> No.21001872


To be fair, she masturbated to us, in our presence.

That is not exactly normal behaviour.

>> No.21001876


we've been choosing non-psychotic for too long with only that fun sword incident to tide us over.


>> No.21001880

Rolled 3

maybe mami knows how to do the tongue thing?

>> No.21001883


"I'll remember you, Mami."

Ask how everyone's doing. We asked her to help keep Iori from flipping out and doing something stupid so an update on that would be good.

Also mention that the trip might be extended for over a month due to circumstances.

>> No.21001890


>all our fault

At this point, after everything she's seen if she still choses to do something as fucking stupid as throwing her life away on a magical girl contract, she brought it on herself. We bear no responsibility at all.

>> No.21001891


it would be hilarious if she just heard bits of info about the series but never really knew that it was something lewd and that she has been promoting it to some of the newer members so they had something to start conversations with.

>> No.21001896

I would love to see how you rationalize her behaviour as just a crush

She was obsessed there were very clear indications for the whole time she was living in murderfaces apartment

>> No.21001898

MF:I'll always remember you pancakes...

MT: ...

MF: ...what?

>> No.21001901

The First part is sarcasm.

The second , non-psycho option is talk, or more specifically, "set shit strait but Get her the fuck out of our life as smoothly as possible".

>> No.21001913

True but it won't be seen that way by the characters and or murderface and it will be put back on us

>> No.21001933

She's a horny teenager with a crush, admittedly on the unhealthy side of the scale, but NOT full-blown obsession.

It WILL become obsession if we keep stringing her along. But she's not completely loopy just yet.

>> No.21001938

It's still one more psychotic magical girl/witch that we'll end up having to deal with should Iori completely lose it. It would be far more prudent to diffuse the situation before that happens, letting her down gently and getting her out of Matsuda's life is probably the best way to do that.

>> No.21001946

Or shooting her. Whatever works.

>> No.21001956

>Expecting a girl with a crush on someone not to act retarded

It`s like you are trying to provoke me into telling you that you probably never even dated someone before..

>> No.21001963

That would work, but that would probably piss off Mami, Garcia & his murder maids, and a bunch of other people which leads to more problems. It's the nuclear option really, a last resort.

>> No.21001972

So if we shoot her with a Davy Crockett, it's a Double-Nuclear option?

>> No.21001978


make sweet sweet love to her, then once she's peacefully asleep BLAM! headshot.

we could even use are new assistant to mindwarp up the sexings before we kill her the irony of this would be great.

>> No.21001982

Nuking Mitakihara would solve a lot of problems really. How does a soul gem react to radiation?

>> No.21001987

Well, yeah, but how long would we have to dig through the shield before it spit that out.

I say this to you after many years of being warped by 4chan: even by my standards, that's kinda twisted.

>> No.21001994


Probably perfectly fine.

The massive explosion would likely shatter it though.

>> No.21002011


Its nice to be appreciated.

>> No.21002018

>Nuclear option
>With actual nukes
Never change, /tg/

>> No.21002040


This begs the question, why don't magical girls carry their soul gems in armored containers?

>> No.21002051

"Sufficient" armouring is bulky and impractical?

>> No.21002060

If that's what you consider normal behaviour for someone when they are attracted to a person then I have some bad news for you

>> No.21002067

Soul Gems need to be within 100 (feet or meters, can't remember) for the body to work. Plus some materials could block the gem's "control frequency".
That said, putting the gem on under a set of Kevlar body armor seems like something that would be standard use if the girls knew that they were basically liches that needed to protect their phylacteries.

>> No.21002073

Because, when in MG form, the soul is worn as a brooch, which makes armouring impossible, and when in "normal" form, they wear it as a ring.

>> No.21002077 [SPOILER] 

>Besides, getting cut up is excellent bonding opportunity. Scars are moe~
I have to agree on this one. Still, can't really see it getting majority vote.

>> No.21002081


Because Witches use shaping combat, and the majority of Magical Girls are capable of tearing through steel with their bare hands.

>> No.21002084


have we tried puting our gem in the shield?

>> No.21002094


>> No.21002095


I'm guessing it's part of the transformation to place the gem somewhere stupidly visible and only incubators can really move the position or something.

>> No.21002096

When they transform and are actively being magical, it's usually stuck to them somewhere. Ours, for instance, is on the back of our hand, and a half-inch titanium glove would probably impair our ability to shoot dudes.

Other than that, it's usually in ring form, which is fairly small and durable.

>> No.21002097

I think that would kill whoever we did it to given out shield seems to act like a bag of holding

>> No.21002100

Most Hormonal Teenage girls are psychotic lunatics.

They do stupid, petty shit like Iori did *all the damn time*

>> No.21002102


No. Nonono.

That is a terrible, terrible idea.

If our body becomes inoperable, WHO IS GOING TO GET IT BACK OUT?

Test with Midori's.

>> No.21002106

I don't think we have, but we're not quite certain on how our bag of holding works. Worse case scenario the shield blocks the control frequencies, turning off our powers and losing the gem in some pocket dimension.
We should probably test it first with something more disposable, like Kyubei.

>> No.21002108

No. Let's add this to our bucket list of things to never fucking do oh my god what is your problem.

>> No.21002113

Why waste our green minion? Loyal minions are hard to come by.

We're about to be Warmaster, sate our scientific curiosity on the new recruits

>> No.21002116


The "inventory" is an unknown and probably more than control distance from us, if it's even in this dimension. Let's not try any "portable hole inside the bag of holding" experiments.

>> No.21002120

>>21001751 >>21001783 >>21001883

Mami may have been surprised at the tinge of desperate reasurrance at your still-deadpan, slightly-hoarse voice, as she somewhat stumbles on her reply. "I-I was just kidding, Chiaki-san! I know you won't forget us, you're much too kind for that! Besides, you never forgot our names even when you were still having problems remembering your own name, so I'm not worried at all! I'm sure you'll make a great Warmaster, just remember not to be shy to ask us for help if you need it. Kyoko-chan, Sayaka-chan and I will be behind you one hundred percent!"

...You're certainly glad for her being in your corner, like Kyoko is, but Sayaka...well, you're not too sure about that. You thank her still, however, but not before asking her what really got you chosen as a viable Warmaster candidate. Sure, you managed to get through three missions without...screwing up too much, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you'd be a great leader, right?

"You're selling yourself much too short, Chiaki-san!" Mami chides you, and you hear the rustle of cloth in the background. "It's not just the popular vote that counts! There are recommendations from the other rank leaders, feedback from previous clientele, how well you've been doing in Kyuubey's monthly performance reviews...everything, really! Although..." A moment's silence. "...I do wonder. Kumatora-san, if you remember her, was talking about this manga that seemed to feature you, of all things. Would you happen to know anything about that, Chiaki-san?"

More cloth rustling. "Oh, and things are quiet over here, if you're wondering. Nothing to report, really. Although Iori-chan did call me, earlier, to ask if there were any good restaurants around Mitakihara I could recommend. She said something about a date?"

How do you respond?

>> No.21002123

Not in my experience but I don't live in America where the entire population are lunatics so maybe that's why

>> No.21002131


we should try it on Midori gem.

>> No.21002136


We're not wasting her. Her gem has been in our shield before. We got it back out and gave it back to her.

We just don't know if she's been CONSCIOUS while it has been in our shield before.

Which is something to test.

>> No.21002137

Rolled 20

Oh thank god, she's getting over us. Girl like that really doesn't need to get drawn into this shit.

as for the manga.... I have heard of it. Please confiscate any copies you find of it, the new recruits do not need to read about their warmaster's hips moving on their own

>> No.21002140


We already tried it on Midori's soul gem, back when we just recruited her. She was fine as long as we stuck close to her.

>> No.21002142

A date? If she is going out with Garcia then it is good, she should keep away from me

>> No.21002143

I'm sorry your country is boring :(

We recommend some bars in a good-natured but misguided show of friendship, of course.

>> No.21002146

Tell her that won't work on me.

However a little party... with more... friends. Would be fine

>> No.21002149


Tell us everything you know about what is going on with Iori. Leave no detail out.

>> No.21002151

Ignore pangs in heart.
"Good for her. She should get back to her life after being stuck in our crazy meatgrinder world. Say, I may be stuck here for a while, do you think it would be okay if I called her to say so, or do you think that'd just cause more problems?"

We're the new Warmaster, let's use our personnel.

>> No.21002155

Uh no we didn't
We kept the gem on our person not in the shield

The inventory is different than the massive expanse of guns, whiskey bottles and painkillers that is our shield

>> No.21002162

>How do you respond?
Well, she recovered fast.
Good for her I guess.

And I heard about that manga but I think you should ask Midori about it. She seems to know it quite well.

>> No.21002164

Neither do I. Teenage girls have been completely insane in every damn country I've visited.

>> No.21002173

I don't actually think that there's any booze in the shield. If there was, then why would we have suffered human interaction to go to bars for required alcohol?

>> No.21002175


>> No.21002180 [SPOILER] 


>"This manga that seemed to feature you, of all things. Would you happen to know anything about that, Chiaki-san?"

No, Looks like I will have to investigate that when I get back.

>Nothing to report, really. Although Iori-chan did call me, earlier, to ask if there were any good restaurants around Mitakihara I could recommend. She said something about a date?"

"I am glad that she is moving on. Has she been.... offered a contract?"

>> No.21002182

I just love this
See now Midori explains her drawing porn of us to other people

>> No.21002192

"The Manga, well, it's best not to encourage at at work. It's mostly porn."

"As for Iori, good. If she's hooking up with that Garcia boy, that makes things better fro everyone. Be sure to point her somewhere nice."

>> No.21002200

It Iori is going on a date, it seems like she's more or less forgotten about us. It would probably be best to leave her be and not call her so she can just move on rather than open old wounds.
We should probably play dumb about the manga, getting Mami involved in that will just end in tears. Plus we know it's spread over the office so attempts to confiscate it probably won't work too well. If anything, it will just cause the Barbra Streisand Effect, where attempts to remove something only cause it to get more publicity.

>> No.21002201

we could try it bear girl once we finish introgating her ass. which better not be any of this nicey nice shit, were borrowing kharns torture knives.

also lori is now dating oriko calling it now.

>> No.21002204

>And I heard about that manga but I think you should ask Midori about it. She seems to know it quite well.

A thousand times this.

>> No.21002209


Midori's lesbian por swayed the popular vote in our favor. It's going to be so awkward when we return and everybody recognized Miracle Midori hanging with Murder Mayumi.

Also, Iori trying to move on with her life? Fantastic.

"Manga? I have no idea what you're talking about. "

Recommend a bar and tell her to pass on our apologies to Iori.

>> No.21002210

Hitlist Updated.

No, no, wait, we're about to have access to a whole officio's worth of Culexes.
Mind-wipe list updated.

>> No.21002211

Amnesia and the inability to summon things at will from our shield

Also it is probably all empty whiskey bottles and painkiller packs not full ones.
Murderface would probably have tossed them in there sometimes rather than find a bin

>> No.21002220

Shit that's one thing we can't forget to ask Kharn for

Ushanka for Kyouko

>> No.21002221


This date thing might not be that great. For all we know Iori is just setting up "What I will do when I wish for Chiaki to love me

>> No.21002234

Sadly in character murderface has no idea about that so we can just march blindly towards doom in this scenario

>> No.21002243

We should ask who the date is with, what if we just assume it's Garcia but in actual fact it's someone after Iori? That'd be fucking terrible to come back to.

>> No.21002256

We can ask if she's been offered a contract. AND WE SHOULD.

>> No.21002257



well that's great, very small chance that it is not with Garcia though.
Midori's parents had a good place right? although that might not work so well if Kyuubey moved them elsewhere.

by the sound of it Mami seemed very busy, i do hope we didn't call at an inopportune time.

Manga? nope not a thing.

>> No.21002260


Or maybe she's imprinted on Mami. She's known her ALMOST as long as us, after all.

>> No.21002262


Ask Mami to elaborate on the details of the date. Who is Iori presumably seeing?

>> No.21002265


You know, I just thought of something.

The cooling system for the electronics in a bunch of different MiGs uses pure ethanol as coolant.

>> No.21002267

Definitely this. Interns exist to be trolled.

>> No.21002272


>she's doing it to make us jealous.
>we look into it she thinks its working.
>we don't look in it Oriko orchestrating.


>> No.21002280

>and you hear the rustle of cloth in the background
>More cloth rustling.

Noohohohohoh...! Imma cry!

[x] This

Though I want it coupled with: "..Is there someone else with you, right now?"

>> No.21002287


have we tried drinking drain-o or pinesol yet are bodies are stronger then they should be and we could magic away the damage anyway..

>> No.21002288

Rolled 13

...are you suggesting we use the fighter wing to get drunk?

>> No.21002299

>"Matsuda-sempai, Kyubey wants you to... Where did that jet come from, and why are you sucking on it's... nose cone?"

>> No.21002302

"Mami, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about in regards to the manga. But if such a think did exist I would be happy to give signings on special occasions.

So, about Iori and her planned date. She hasn't been contacted by Kyubey recently, correct? And if so she has rejected any offers for being a magical girl I hope.

I'm happy for her going on a date. Who's she planning a date with, is he or she a nice person? If they hurt her you will beat them to death for me, right?"

>> No.21002305


why not just go straight for the jetfuel?

>> No.21002309


Hey, we got enough alcohol on the base without resorting to stuff like that.

Do you really think Russians would want to work without their vodka?

>> No.21002310

"It gives an impression of me that I would rather not have the office hold."

"I hope she's going out with the Garcia boy. Is she still staying with him?
"I may be here longer than expected, maybe a month or so. Could you tell her? Or should I call her directly?"

>> No.21002313

Ah, forgot my pic.


>> No.21002316

I like this. Adding support for this response.

>> No.21002324



"Further, the MiG-25 famously used a considerable amount of pure alcohol (500 litres) for cooling, hydraulic and de-icing systems, for its heat-resistant qualities. It wasn't called the "Flying Restaurant" for nothing."

>> No.21002327

We already tried mouthwash, and resolved that so long as we have ACTUAL liquor to drink, we will not attempt to drink liquor-substitute ever again.

>> No.21002358

Guys... Why am I the only one who is curious about who is there with Mami right now?

>> No.21002362



worst idea ever but at least we learned something from it.

>> No.21002365

>Pure Ethanol.
>Times five planes.

>> No.21002368


that's different its designed to stop people from drinking it as an alcohol substitute where as household cleaners and jetfuel...

>> No.21002381

I'm trying not to think about it. Just ignore it and everything will go okay.

>> No.21002389

We still have Midori

Mami is miles out of our league anyway.

>> No.21002399


Uncomfortably, we are not married to Mami. If she wants to sleep with someone, then we really can't stop her.

>> No.21002402


Nah, we got MiG-21s.

>> No.21002408

I assumed It's Mami being being nervous.

But now that I think about It...

>> No.21002413

and midori can look exactly like mami.

Do you think midori could mimic say... monstergirls?

>> No.21002418

Man, you're dull.

How about Iori being in there?

>> No.21002425

Oh get down from your barricades. Mami was lost to us before the battle was even conceived in the mind of the waifu war god.

>> No.21002430

It's just Mami laying in bed as we talk to her. That's all it is. We just called at an inconvenient hour, and she's being courteous and kind as she always is and accommodating our timezone difference waking her up from her sleep. Because she was sleeping. Yeah.

>> No.21002431

"Hehehe... I never figured you would enjoy that, Matsuda-sempai!" Midori laughed. Confusion, amusement, and hesitation mingled together into some monster that made you regret ever asking her to turn into Alice.

>> No.21002437


We could announce that we are going to call Iori. If Mami tries to stop us, then our suspisions will be confirmed

>> No.21002438

...I was thinking of a scylla or lamia but that works too

>> No.21002447

Of course if Iori has switched her obsession from Murderface to Mami, she's still in danger of contracting. Thankfully, it is no longer OUR problem and Mami's probably better at handling misguided affections then we are.

>> No.21002449

Kamchatka and a lot of Siberia is on a similar timezone to Japan.

>> No.21002461

It is late at night I thought
It wasn't early when Kharn started her huge story and it took her a few hours to finish it

>> No.21002475

I am aware that Mami is completly out of league, hell I even think that out our Harem she would be the second worst choice after Iori, simply because Mami is way more than a crush.
To Chiaki she is probably the only thing akin to..well.. close family. She is Mom, Dad and big Sister all fused into one, so while Chiaki may have a crush on her and adore her, I think that we shouldn`t act on it.

Mami is Mami, thats all there is to it.

That said, I`m still curious though who it is beside her!

>> No.21002477


Sorry, Mami.

Mami whose main fear, and thing which causes her to despair, is being left alone? Better at managing misguided affection towards her?

Admittedly, she did friendzone Kharn, but that was at a time when she already (apparently) had a romantic partner.

>> No.21002485

Kharn gave us huge story
because she has huge.. well... claws for hands
rip and tear!

>> No.21002489

>Mami laying in bed

>> No.21002498

Just raping away... Oh wait. That was a doujinshi.

>> No.21002508

If anything, it means she'll probably reciprocate Iori's feels if only so she won't be alone.
...Of course in the anime Mami was the one who got Madoka and Sayaka to contract so she wouldn't be alone as a magical girl.

>> No.21002513

>No drills


>> No.21002526


We should try to pick up some -25s on the way out. Also maybe some newer stuff.

Actually, we should make a point to go 'shopping' for hardware before we leave.

>> No.21002552

Alice IS a Lamia, though.

>> No.21002554

Here, happy now?

>> No.21002570

>>21002151 >>21002162

A date? You blink slowly at the screen in front of you, the red font on the black surface blurring slightly. Iori was asking Mami for restaurant recommendations for a date?

You blink again as you glance down at your left hand - it's trembling, slightly. You pull it towards your lap and clasp it with your other. Biting on your lip momentarily to gather your thoughts, let this surprising tidbit of information sink in.

"Well, I didn't really ask if it was for a date, but it certainly seemed that way. I gave her recommendations to that lobster place in the Upper District, that's always a nice place to eat, not too high-class, but good food." A pause. "Chiaki-san? Is something the matter? You're breathing kind of heavily...or is that the static? I know reception isn't really good over there..."

You mumble something out just as you shake your head, before loudly clearing your throat. You're fine, you tell her. Just probably a cloud or something interrupting the signal. If Iori's dating, then...that's a good thing, right? It's best all around, really, if she found someone else a bit more stable - both financially and mentally - than you, someone who could provide her whatever she wants or needs. Someone who doesn't constantly try to one-up herself on trying to kill every last brain cell in her head with an overdose of painkillers, bad moonshine and Kong. Someone who can give her a safe home to come home to, not a dingy apartment that smells of gun oil and stale alcohol.

Someone who's not you, put simply enough. No one deserves having to put up with you for too long. Mami already does, and that's enough. No need to burden anyone else.

It's the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do. The right thing.


>> No.21002571

>implying she doesn't just magic her hair into shape

I mean, I would.

>> No.21002580


"Hmm, I see. Well, I'm glad you think that way, Chiaki-san. You're right, it's the best all around." Mami's voice is cheerful, seeing as she isn't exactly privy to your train of thought, only the bits you say. "She's got a future of her own, despite the things that've been happening left and right. With any luck, that Garcia boy and her friends will get her back on her feet soon enough. And no, Chiaki-san, I don't believe she's been contracted, that would be just silly. Kyuubey wouldn't do such a thing, not to someone like her."

...Yeah. Garcia. You resist the temptation to growl out the name, but instead you take a swig from the vodka bottle you've brought into the room with you.

The right thing.

At least you don't have to worry about Kyuubey suddenly announcing Iori as his latest recruit.

More rustling of cloth in the background. You try to ignore it as you deny any and all knowledge about a certain manga featuring you. Well, you've heard about it, but that's only what you know. You have a suspicion your latest subordinate would have an idea about it, however.

"Oh? Midori-chan? Hmm. Well, I suppose I can ask her about it when you get back. I heard a few of the girls in the cafeteria talking about how it's going to be adapted into an after-dark anime soon, by a popular anime studio, no less."

...Right. An anime. Yes. You have no idea.

"Is there anything else, Chiaki-san?"

How do you respond?

>> No.21002584

But she had the drills before becoming a magical girl.

>> No.21002586

I always thought it was less so ronery and more holy shit we need more magical girls to sort all this shit out

Especially with how the series went after Mami lost her head

>> No.21002590


>> No.21002609

>it's going to be adapted into an after-dark anime soon, by a popular anime studio, no less."
Spray Alcohol over the screen.

We need to kill that production

>> No.21002613

"Is there someone else with you right now? I heard some rustling. "

>> No.21002617

Yes, but AFTER becoming magical...

Especially with that ribbon bullshit she can pull off.

>> No.21002619

Wow, Chiaki really has the feels for Iori.
Say that's all and now give Iori a call.

>> No.21002627

First anon gives in to his jealous curiosity.

>> No.21002630

It's just the sound of chiaki's jimmies

>> No.21002631


You guys think we should ask her advice on Midori and the situation we are currently in?

>> No.21002635

No. Chiaki just decided that Iori moving on is a good thing. No sense in torturing oneself.

>> No.21002639

"I need the name and address of the anime production agency.
Also some heavy ordinance."

>> No.21002641

Well, she's trying to convince herself that she's decided this.

>> No.21002646

We do need to ACTUALLY TELL HER that we may be held up a few months because of complications with the gold stuffs.

>> No.21002649

Wouldn't they need Midori to agree to it and she would get part of the money from it?

If so I think she might be better off than she thought

>> No.21002655

Oh, yea.
Forgot that.

>> No.21002659

Ask Mami if she could let Iori know that our trip is likely to be extended to a month, maybe even longer, or if we should call her ourselves.

>> No.21002661


Or at least get Mami to pass the message along.

>> No.21002662

This, along with >>21002646

>> No.21002672

Dangit, Deculture, no more Iori, we have nothing that would make Chiaki like her this much.
Is Murderface the kind of person that falls for every girl with a nice smile an big eyes? Even Kumatora has more than Iori and I don't even like Kumatora.
Just Sayin'

>> No.21002676

>"Oh? Midori-chan? Hmm. Well, I suppose I can ask her about it when you get back. I heard a few of the girls in the cafeteria talking about how it's going to be adapted into an after-dark anime soon, by a popular anime studio, no less."


[x] Storm into Midori`s Room
[x] Kick door open
[x] Silence Siscon-Kun with a Dropkick
[x] Drag out Midori out of the bed
[x] Have a serious talk with her about this

>> No.21002693


Mention that this trip to Siberia might be extended to a month, rather than a two or three days.

>> No.21002699

We can green-light the anime on a few conditions.

One, Midori is to receive royalties on all profits.
Two, she is to use a percentage of those profits on buying us good, high-quality booze.

>> No.21002701

Is it? Having Iori in love with Chiaki for all the wrong reasons was something that she didn't want. But does Chiaki really want Iori out of her life? Or is it just another in a long list of regrets and mistakes that seemed like good ideas at the time?

>> No.21002702

"I don't know how long I'm going to be gone, it could just be for the length of standard training, but things might arise to make it take a much longer, months longer. Please make sure everyone knows so they don't worry about me.

Kharn told me the story of 'Girl A'. Well, in between her getting distracted by talking about blondes she told me. I want you to know that I would happily kill as many squads of Eversors as it took to keep you safe. You saved me and I don't even remember it half the time, I'm sorry for that.

When, or if, I finally become Warmaster I am going to need aides. I was thinking about Kyouko as a candidate for this position but I wanted your input on this decision."

>> No.21002706

I think this is more Murderface not realizing how much she actually cared for the annoying bitch when she could rationalize it as just doing her job protecting Iori.

>> No.21002711

>we have nothing that would make Chiaki like her this much.
Sure we do. She was the first girl to show an Interest in us. That's a thing that can get under a person's skin.

>> No.21002715


>adapted into an after-dark anime

it just keeps getting worse.

sounds like we called while she was busy, we will try to not do that next time.


it is for the best.
but it sure as hell doesn't feel good.

>> No.21002742

Certainly the latter, but what are you gonna do?

>> No.21002743

She's the first person outside of Mami that actually tried to be nice to Chiaki, who helped start her on this road to self-improvement that Chiaki is on.
Without her, Chiaki would still be Murderface, and Sayaka would be right in hating our guts.

>> No.21002745


I don't see any way to have Iori in our life without something going horribly wrong.

Being in our life is a one-way ticket to pain and suffering and death, generally speaking.

>> No.21002752


I vote for this too, but maybe phrased in a more nonchalant way.

More like "So how are you? Anything planned for tonight?"

>> No.21002756

I refuse to believe It's a first.
Chiaki has other people who like her plus she's really popular in the Officio

>> No.21002764

Guys. This one hits all the important points. Read it.

>> No.21002765


Bring up the whole potential month-long absence before it gets forgotten. Make some effort to thank her for things forgotten that Kharn told us about. Then make note to have a pleasant talk with Midori about certain things after we finish using the phone.

>> No.21002772


She's the first person to show an interest in us which is so blatant that it cannot be ignored.

Partially because it was pretty blatant, partially because we were being paid to spend all of our time in close proximity to her, so we couldn't just ignore it.

>> No.21002779

Voting for this.

>> No.21002782



>> No.21002784

Being friends is fine. She doesn't need to be out of our lives, she just needs to be able to cope without relying on us or being in a situation where she could be turned into a target.

So long as we maintain at least the public appearance of a cold bitch who'd put a bullet through even Mami over failing to complete a job, things will be fine. Note, we don't actually have to act like that, we just need people to think we do.

>> No.21002786

Okay, first to take in Interest in her in close proximity. And there's a reason I capitalized the I. Mami & Kyouko's friendship is an entirely different kettle of interesting fish.

Also, Murderface is intimidating as FUCK to the other Officio girls.

>> No.21002809

All of this.

>> No.21002842

What about Kumatora? And how much older Iori is from Misaka? Chiaki experienced both admiration and love already.
Iori has nothing to make Chiaki care this much. I'm not saying she should disregard her but this?
Two days of pouting, masturbation session, pretty dress and that's It?
My suspension of disbelief sense refuses to accept that so easily

>> No.21002861


I don't think you understand. For one thing, we already have a lot of enemies, and we're certain to make more once we become Warmaster.

Compared to most of our friends, Iori would make for a juicy, defenseless target.

>> No.21002880


She was with us a week or two. There was a while between the first bodyguarding gig and the Kilgore thing.

>> No.21002881

Well, yeah. That's where the second part comes in. No use taking hostages against us if people think we're apt to just kill the hostages too.

>> No.21002896

We also spend a week with her.

>It has been an entire week since Kirika Kure's retirement.

>The week itself had mostly been uneventful. With Iori having purchased your services, you've been taken off the duty rotation - as such, you didn't need to check in every day with Kyuubey to find out if you were to be assigned someplace else. Iori and Mami seemed to have hit it off pretty well, and they've been going out nearly every day.

>> No.21002904

Different type of love ( if you can really call Misaka and Mirderface's relationship that ) which is more like siblings
and admiration =/= love, Kumatora we have seen idolizes Murderface and we respect that she still likes us even after we trained her but we don't get any lesbian lust waves coming from her on the homudar so she is either running silent or doesn't actually want to bang Murderface

>> No.21002906

I think the main problem is that a bunch of waifu fags wanted to romance her at first so Deculture put in Matsuda's feelings for Iori. Thankfully, it seems everyone has more or less come to their senses and realized what a terrible idea romance is in a noir.
The faster we and Iori move on, the better.

>> No.21002916


Which works great until someone calls your bluff.

>> No.21002929

Okay, two weeks of pouting and pretty dresses.
And apparently she was mostly out. Enough for little sister treatment but not this >>21002570

>> No.21002946

>what a terrible idea romance is in a noir.
So why don't we just put a bullet in our Soulgem, like was suggested? If everything is going to go badly, if there's no use in trying to go for a better life, and if every romance is doomed to failure, why not just end it instead of prolonging the inevitable?

>> No.21002947

Like an insane murderous golden weapon wielding magical girl who doesn't particularly care if she butchers a few hundred people to get our attention?

Actually it is a great idea, it gives the protagonist something to lose and makes the descent into darkness all the better
I think Deculture put it in there to bait people and to cause this situation

>> No.21002952


To be fair, it's been a pretty eventful two weeks.

>> No.21002971


Because all life is just prolonging the inevitable. Our profession just makes us acutely aware of it, is all.

Also, no pancakes in hell.

>> No.21002974

I feel like it's worth pointing out that regardless of our feelings, Murderface seems to care quite a lot about Iori. We're not determining whether there's a romance, we're determining whether Chiaki tries to cut ties to keep her safe or not.

>> No.21002993

For someone emotionally starved as murderface? Not really

The closest she had until that two weeks was Mami being warm and motherly towards her, having someone go full on true rabu? Enough to screw her up more than she realizes emotionally

>> No.21003012


At this point "Keeping her safe" means keeping her AWAY.

At this point, given Pinky's interest in us, her being guarded by Mami, Kyouko and Sayaka puts her at a MARKEDLY lower level of risk than being guarded by us.

>> No.21003028

That is correct but trying to get rid of her completely is just asking for her to contract and wish for us to love her and while Kyuubey won't contract someone with a future we have had no indication about any other incubators being as discerning

>> No.21003033

And, as was pointed out, this is a Noir story and so the pancakes are going to go away.

>> No.21003036

I vote for cutting ties.

Chiaki herself is aware of that that she is a walking desaster waiting to happen.
Despite all of that Idol-Shit Iori is still a somewhat normal girl. We should keep her out of it for her own good.
Even a Friendship with someone who is so much down the rabbit-hole like Chiaki seems like a bad idea to me, and somehow I`m sure that Chiaki knows this too.

>> No.21003047

Don't you fucking dare suggest that.

Anything but the pancakes.

>> No.21003063

I agree with both of you on a logical level, but is it worth being miserable? Clearly we all need to live in the Blessed Lady's Golden Yuri Land together, as sisters in madness.

Mami can come too.

>> No.21003065

That would work but remember how hurt she seemed when we said we considered her an employer and not a friend?
We cut ties completely and bad things will happen

>> No.21003068

... So what should we do.
Make Midori into Iori's replacement and keep telling her to use the Iori disguise every-time we sleep together?

>> No.21003081

As long as Iori is stable and obsessing over someone else, I suggest cutting all ties and moving on. If Iori still in danger of contracting over something stupid, we should keep her at a distance and try to carefully friendzone her. Then cut all ties later after she's been stabilized.

Capcha: hellated accuracy
I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound good.

>> No.21003094

Anything but this, if we were to get into a relationship or fuckbuddies with Midori then it would be the ultimate bitch move to ask her to be someone else. How many people actually want rabu with Iori?

>> No.21003100

>the pancakes are going to go away
See >>21000983

>> No.21003117

I was joking.

I am not sure about cutting ties like that but I suppose we should attempt to give her a push and try to get her to restart her life.

>> No.21003123

No, she'll ask who we want her to be and then we can say that what we want most in the world is already right in front of us. We then reach our arms around her.

Finally we grab the whisky that was right behind her and take a swig.

>> No.21003129

>implying that wouldn't ruin Midori, who has a history of being unloved and desperately wanting an emotional connection with someone to the point of writing self-insert porn where her magical ability was to make people care about her

>> No.21003146

Oh god that is fucking brilliant and something we need to do if we end up in that situation

>> No.21003150

I'd gift you an Internet, but I'm all out.

>> No.21003153

This sounds like something Zio could write.

>> No.21003167

Or you.
You do horrible things to the characters often enough

>> No.21003169

>if we were to get into a relationship or fuckbuddies with Midori then it would be the ultimate bitch move to ask her to be someone else.

There might be one "costume performance" of sorts we could ask her for without regrets. Miracle Midori

>> No.21003174


>"I love you too, Mr. Kong!"


>"I love you too!"

>> No.21003194

We're gonna be famous! Famous for LEWD!

>> No.21003196

>inb4: next morning we are awoken by Midori disguising herself as anthropomorphic whisky bottle

>> No.21003200

Or we could always ask her to have bigger boobs.
Maybe a dick too when we are really drunk.

>> No.21003213


>> No.21003221

would she actually feel the sensations from any extra parts? I mean it is just an illusion. might as well use a strap on

>> No.21003238

No, bad anon, take this to /d/'s submissive shapeshifter girlfriend quest(TM). yes there is such thing

>> No.21003240

>>21002613 >>21002646 >>21002702

You give the now almost-empty bottle of vodka a healthy pull before you trust yourself to talk once more. Trying to ignore the burning in your chest, you tell Mami that you're not too sure how long you'll be staying in Siberia, and there might be the possibility that it would take you months before you're able to get home. If that should happen, could you trust her to make sure that everyone knows, so people won't start to wonder?

"Of course, Chiaki-san. Leave it to me." Mami's voice is bright, cheerful, warm like a plate of freshly-cooked pancakes dripping with syrup and butter. "I'll make sure everyone who needs to know does so."

You thank her for that, and go on to tell her how you've been catching up with the Betrayer lately. You tell her that you'd gladly slaughter as many squads of Eversors to keep her safe. She's saved you enough times that you don't even remember any of it, and you apologize for that.

A moment of silence, before a pleased, if hesitant smile colors Mami's voice. "I'm...no, Chiaki-san, you don't have to thank me. You needed rescuing. You would have done the same for me - and you did, albeit in a rather roundabout and really...bloody way." A sigh. "Of course, I'm...I'm not saying I'm alright with what you did, back then, but...thank you, too, Chiaki-san. You really go out of your way to intimidate people, but you're just a softy underneath, aren't you?"

A softy. First time you've been called that, by Mami of all people. But sure. Why not.


>> No.21003241

D-d-drink me, sempai!

>> No.21003242

And then do Pic related when she at least expecting it.

>> No.21003245

The only other person we know who likes us like that is an adorable witch version of Madoka that wants us dead and has possibly supplanted Coobie as the Satan figure.

>> No.21003251


You bring up the subject of aides after a few moments, and how you're going to need aides when all is said and done. You drop Kyoko's name as one of your prospects, and Mami seems surprised at this. Surprised, but not at all displeased.

"Kyoko-chan? That's...that's actually a good choice, Chiaki-san!" Mami nods, agreeing quickly. "Kyoko-chan's great with handling people, both in and out of combat! She's not too good with paperwork, though, so you'll have to look at getting another aide for that...o-oh, and I'd clear it with Sayaka-chan too, just in case. You're the Warmaster, of course, you don't need to, but it's a nice thing to do."

Yes. Of course. You'll consider it. You let out the breath you've been holding, and glance down at the hands on your lap.

Your left hand's stopped trembling, at least.

Some more rustling, and it's loud enough that you cannot ignore it any longer. You ask Mami, then, with your usual tact and subtlety, if you called at a bad time.

"W-what? I...um..." Mami is clearly taken aback by this. "N-no, of course not, Chiaki-san! I'm not sleeping with anyone! N-not at the moment!"

If she says so. It's just that you heard some rustling, so maybe--

>> No.21003252

This guy gets it.

>> No.21003258


"I'm telling you it's nothing, Chiaki-san. Please believe me, alright?" There it was. That tiny note in Mami's voice that, while still pleasant, told you that you had better stop this line of questioning, or there will be words. Not that she meant any harm by it - just that Mami had always been a private person. She would share anything with you, give you anything you wanted from her, but she would never allow anyone to get into her own affairs if she didn't want them to at the first place. And you respected that.

Like you will do, right now.

"If there's nothing else, then, Chiaki-san?"

You let out a sigh and say that you don't have anything. Only that you miss her.

You are sober enough, at least, to leave out 'and your pancakes'.

Mami's voice softens at that. "I miss you too, Chiaki-san. Please, take care of yourself. I'll be waiting for you until you get back. Until then, please take care of Misaka-chan and Midori-chan, okay? Oh, and please say hello to Kharn for me, and thank her for taking care of you!"

You will. She says goodbye, and the connection is severed.

Who do you call next?


>> No.21003261

This. But with rustled jimmy questioning about the rustling.

>> No.21003270


>> No.21003273

[x] eyepatch

>> No.21003279

Kyouko. Perhaps a Kyouko with glasses?

>> No.21003284


>"I'm telling you it's nothing, Chiaki-san. Please believe me, alright?" There it was. That tiny note in Mami's voice that, while still pleasant, told you that you had better stop this line of questioning, or there will be words.


Ok, the big base breaker question, who do we call next.


I vote.


>> No.21003285


[x] Kyoko

>> No.21003288


To be perfectly honest, it would seem that Chiaki is still in the process of figuring out what the hell is underneath all of the booze and drugs and painkillers and guns and professionalism.

>> No.21003297

Might as well get things over with and tell her it is good she has moved on from us because we are really a terrible person to be attracted to

>> No.21003315


We need to talk to Kyouko about a few things, especially the idea of her being our aide, but before we do that we really REALLY need to talk to Sayaka about that. I'd rather not blindside Sayaka on this one, it'd make her mad and justifiably so.

>> No.21003317


>[x] Kyoko

We need to see if we can actually get a line out to her after what we told Sayaka.

>> No.21003325

You funny guy. I like you.

>> No.21003331

>[X] Kyouko
"I heard you're moonlighting as a butler now."

>> No.21003332

Call Broko

>> No.21003336

"Chiaki you are drunk."

>> No.21003341

Kyoko and then Kyubei.
Kyoko should probably be given forewarning that she may be recruited as Warmaster's Aide and that she should probably clear it with Sayaka. She'll probably want the job as she'll be able to get more grief seeds for Sayaka without darkening her own gem all that much.
Kyubei should be yelled at and questioned about the Golden Weapons and what else he's hiding from us.
Don't call Iori, she's moving on, let her do so in peace.

>> No.21003343

There are quests on /d/?

>> No.21003347


Iori is a big, big can of worms...Let's take it easy with Kyoko.

>> No.21003353

[X]Kyoko, and let's ask her what kind of present to give to Sayaka, as a peace offering of sorts. Also ask if she did anything interesting with her Soul Gem lately. Out of the blue, of course.

>> No.21003356

[X] Kyoubro. We need someone to hold all our feels before we get to Iori or Coobie.

>> No.21003359


i am interested in this
for science

>> No.21003364

We still need to tell him about one of the 10th's agents being here.

>> No.21003365

so if kyoko is our aide, what's midori's position? secretary? Spy? bed warmer?

>> No.21003375

>I'm not sleeping with anyone! N-not at the moment!
>Not at the moment

Of course not. She's on the phone. Sounds like SOMEBODY has been taking lessons from Kyuubey.

On that note, let's call Kyuubey.

>> No.21003376


>> No.21003377

Secretary I suppose, and bed warmer if she still likes Chiaki later.

>> No.21003379

Secretary/minion/bed warmer
Basically warmasters bitch

>> No.21003380


>> No.21003384

All of the above if possible.

Though we need to assess her ability for paperwork to determine if she can cover that aspect or if we need to bring someone else in.

>> No.21003396


Midori's area of competence is in intel. We should use her as such. She'll be our spymaster.

>> No.21003399

Count this as an anyone but her vote

>> No.21003427


M-Mami is lying to us, i-isn`t she?
I mean.. Its alright i-if she doesn`t want to talk about it or something b-but lying to us about it?
That`s a bit much..

>> No.21003442

She's not lying. She specifically said she wasn't sleeping with anyone at the moment. Because we interrupted her with our phonecall and she had to stop.

>> No.21003444

Alright, usual thing! Most voted action next thread!

Thank you for everyone's participation, and comments are always appreciated. I hope you liked this one!

>> No.21003445

It can't be helped anon, we have to respect her need for privacy. As long as she's happy, it's okay.

>> No.21003447


In a previous thread, it was suggested that there would be several ideal people in Chiaki's cabinet:

Kyouko - for the regular aide stuff (excluding paperwork) and social skills.

Mami - for advice and pancakes and additional PR.

Sayaka - since taking Kyouko alone would lead to more unneeded animosity. Plus, she respects but doesn't like Chiaki; she might be able to give us blunt and honest and unbiased feedback/criticism. She may also serve as a reasonable representative of what the Officio thinks about something as a whole.

Midori - for spywork, subterfuge, paperwork (and any aide stuff that Kyouko can't or won't handle). Once we get a feel for her capabilities (har), more possibilities will open up.

>> No.21003457

If Mami wants to get her smash on, we should let her.

Unless she's getting her smash on with our pancakes. Or possibly Iori.

>> No.21003458

Shoo. First, it's not quest thread per se, just sort of "first person point of view running story with pictures". Second - such depravities are far beyond scope of this thread and I don'dtwant to ruin Deculture's good work by possible derails.

If you REALLY insist on finding out more, look up "lemonfont"

>> No.21003465

Thanks for the thrend.
Get a good rest.

>> No.21003471

How do we buy drones here? Like, quadrotor drones with missiles and SMGs?

>> No.21003475

B-but she lied to us...
Mami lied to us.

>> No.21003477

Thanks for the quest, Deculture!

>> No.21003494

She was precisely honest! She wasn't sleeping with anyone, at that moment.

>> No.21003495



ease into the subject of taking her as an aide that is the most important topic, ask if Sayaka is enjoying the picture we sent her.

>> No.21003502

Still a lie by omission. Mami's been spending too much time with Kyubei.

>> No.21003505

Mami's so bad at lying it barely counts.

By the way it's Pinky.

>> No.21003515


>> No.21003517


>> No.21003522


finally free from your magic writing!

now i can sleep!

goodnight gentlemen.

>> No.21003524

On the subject of Mami, i was pondering the other day, pondering who i hadn't been horrible to yet. And then i realized...

Also, Deculture:
>Not having start of next thread being Chiaki shaking a barely conscious Midori like a ragdoll, wailing "I don't want to have sex with you on teeeveeeeeeee!"

>> No.21003526

So why are we calling Kyoko to ask her to be our aide when Mami told us we should clear it with Sayaka?

>> No.21003528

You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir.

>> No.21003529


I would be okay with that. I really would.


Mami deserves to be happy. Right?

It's. It's fine. We're fine. She deserves to be happy.

>> No.21003530

>D-d-drink me, sempai!

this works till we find out there is no actual booze, then the song of pain begins

>> No.21003535

Let's ask how well did it go, and cement our new "friendship". We want her to trust us enough if Kyouko is going to be our aide.

And I doubt Kyouko would be able to answer after getting some serious soulgem action.

>> No.21003542

Can't we just brotalk with our bro? Besides, we don't have to answer to Sayaka. Maybe she should learn to do some goddamn paperwork and they can be our aides together.

>> No.21003543

We have Midori. We can just pretend her soft breasts are Mami's.

>> No.21003552


>not sleeping with someone
>sleeping with something

ahahaha i did not want to think about that but if i must, i will gladly share it with everyone!

>> No.21003560

I think that would derail the next thread before it even started if we did that

>> No.21003566

Ah. Lemonfont. That says all I need to know. More than I wanted to know, to be precise.

>> No.21003568

But there is some liquid inside.
Maybe she can give the illusion of whiskey flavour.
Of course then she take the risk of severe dehydration.

>> No.21003576

It's not like I don't know what you're saying but it sounds more like watersports to me.

>> No.21003577

> Chiaki shaking a barely conscious Midori like a ragdoll, wailing "I don't want to have sex with you on teeeveeeeeeee!"
"O-of course, sempai, just tell me where it's fine for you."

>> No.21003582

It`s all right, anon. I know how you feel. I mean.. she probably is happy. So its alright.

..But then why does it hurt so that she lied to us?

>> No.21003587


There are whiskey flavoured lubes, you know.

>> No.21003602

Magical bro time

Thanks for the quest as usual.
Thread has been archived:

>> No.21003610


>> No.21003635


You think I'm making this shit up?


I know this for, um... Reasons.

>> No.21003639

Yes we could just talk, but people are already suggesting that we talk to her about becoming our aide.
And Mami was telling us to talk to Sayaka about it so that there isn't as much friction, trying to prevent another problem from becoming a larger one.

>> No.21003640

That mutant space cat bastard is mogumoguing our Mumi!

>> No.21003664

Haha wow.

>they also sell bacon lube

>> No.21003670


>> No.21003676

Oh, no, I'm aware. But it's not something we NEED to worry about until we get back. It's a good idea to talk with her now, it's just not urgent. And you're right about the Sayaka thing, but if Kyoko's the best choice then we really don't need her approval. We're not trying to cuckold Sayaka, anyway.

And we should suggest she learn to do paperwork. Because it'd be better to have someone more experienced and combat-capable. Midori is utility and subterfuge.

>> No.21003737


Probably just as well they don't do pancake flavour too.

They would need crowbars to separate us from Midori's crotch.

>> No.21003748

we can always issue orders in morse code humming

>> No.21003779


Yeahuh, that's just going to translate over into morse code squeaks and moans. Too much signal loss.

>> No.21003794

low moan = dot
high moan = dash

>> No.21003818

And "Sempai!" = stop.

>> No.21003830

We'll need to use the tongue thing to be that precise.

BTW, do we know if Karn know about the doujin?

>> No.21003856


Probably not. First one came out around the time she went to Siberia, if I'm remembering right, and she has not struck me as the type to avidly follow Comiket releases.

Too busy being lewd at/with/to attractive blonde magical girls.

>> No.21003867

Or weird nerds that get into silly discussions over the internet.

>> No.21003880


Black hair and green hair? Not even gonna show up on the radar.

>> No.21003964


She owns all of the ones with Mami.

>> No.21004019

I don't think we're giving enough thought to the 10th's agents, though.
Mirai was out there, waiting for us, on the same day that we arrived at the R&D lab. That is dangerously close to our own arrival. And that she was that close to the facility can't be a coincidence. Either the location of the facility is compromised, or Jyuubei can still track Midori.
We really need to bring this up to QB.

>> No.21004039

And we will. Later.

>> No.21004040

The base has had the bear problem for some time, which implies that Mirai's been here for a while. But why would she be out here if Midori only just arrived? Seems like a cover up and the 10th is planning something and only using Midori's defection as a cover.

>> No.21004078

I said that the day we fought her. But nobody cared.

>> No.21004089


>> No.21004094

Mirai is still alive, though currently bodyless. We can always interrogate her and try to contact Jyubei.

>> No.21004192

That or the Bears just got big and organized all of a sudden due to random radiation.


Oh who am I kidding? It most likely was Mirai.

>> No.21004366

There was that skier's body we found, too.
Kind of suspicious, for there to be a lone skier, all the way out here in Siberia.

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