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>Dat feelign when Geedubs might just reuse BL cover art for their codexes now

Is this good or bad?

>> No.20994985

Mite b cool

>> No.20994986

Here's the cover of the new Eldar codex.

>> No.20995161

>not using this version

>> No.20995186

Could be worse

>> No.20995223

don't particularly give a shit. the new codex format is nice.

>> No.20995997

I'd say good. Most BL cover art recently has been pretty good. GW has been reusing art for decades so it'll hardly be new.

>> No.20996385

>Most BL cover art recently has been pretty good
True except for that computer-generated vidya look they use for the Horus Heresy books. Shit sucks, yo.

>> No.20998182

Bad. Needs more new arts.

>> No.20998417

Blood Gorgon's cover would be awesome for CSM codex

I mean, why do we even bother with the Black Legion

>> No.20999032

You expect every single piece of art in every book GW publishes to have never been used before?

>> No.20999060

For $83, I expect the new codexes to not only have new art for the cover, but have 3D effects and scratch-n-sniff as well.

And what are they going to do when they need to do the Tau codex? They don't have any books for them to steal the cover off

>> No.20999061

I think he expects at least the bloody cover of a new army book - especially the first army book of its edition - to have art created specifically for it. Since, you know, that's what GW has been doing up till now.

>> No.20999071

You forgetting Kais and his pile of skulls?

>> No.20999080

There's a sticky, lets use it, eh?

>> No.20999216

Theres nothing wrong with re-using good artwork.

>> No.20999239

UseD. They don't do that anymore.

Unless you think this is shitty Poser art.

>> No.20999253

Too old and dated.

Better go with the newest Cover. It has the bonus of featuring the HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!

>> No.20999450

If the next IG codex has Cain on it, I will seriously consider getting it

>> No.20999568

I'll get it twice if it has cain and jurgen in it

>> No.21000108

No, I actually like seeing some old art in the book, but I would like the cover art to be new at least.

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