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I've taken over the world. There is now a universal currency, no more import and export restrictions, no more borders in the world, no more criminals hiding in distant countries, no more untouchable crime lords, no more discrimination from your country of origin, no more wars, no more people fighting for immigration, and no more conflicts of international law.

Yet you come here with intent to bring about my death, do you really want to take all this away from people?

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Right. Taking over the world from now on.

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>There is now a universal currency
So you're giving all the economies, both strong and weak, the same currency? Remember the whole "Eurozone" deal?
>no more import and export restrictions
So all local enterprises went broke and got bought out by larger entities from wealthier former states?
>no more borders in the world
So people don't have to avoid law enforcement when smuggle illegal shit anymore, they just take it wherever they want?
>no more criminals hiding in distant countries
Removing of the "country" part doesn't remove the "distant" part.
>no more untouchable crime lords
There's a lot more to their untouchability than just borders
>no more discrimination from your country of origin
Lack of nation states doesn't remove nationalism moron.
>no more wars
Only separatist terrorism.
>no more people fighting for immigration
You mean immigrants aren't foreigners anymore according to the law. In other words, everyone who can afford and their mother are now escaping their shitholes and overpopulating the wealthy regions, right?
>no more conflicts of international law
Just a massive legal clusterfuck as everything shifts into a uniform system that somehow has to cover the diversity of all the world's population.

I wonder how you even made it so far.

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Also, for someone running the world, you're terribly reliant on my conscience, aren't you?

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You know, this whole appealing to my better nature thing and trying to dissuade me from killing you, we're not so different, I just want justice, and so on would have been way more effective had you done it before I had to murder my way through thirty thousand of your men.
At this point, I can't really spare you without truly making their sacrifices pointless.

And we wouldn't want that, would we?

Anyway, I don't really see how what good you might have put in place couldn't survive you being murdered. Hell, it might even strengthen those, Since now, when I step into your role as despot, I can talk about honoring your sacrifice and following some impossible ideal. Only a handful of people will know what a cunt you truly were, and that will be ignored for the sake of the national mythos.

You're the founding father of a new era, congratulations. I'll build a statue in your honor.

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