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Fohr Kayoss

Waht ees the neehyu mehta gehm?

>tl;cr what's the new plague marine, obliterator and lash prince list?

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Forgefiend spam. Pic related.

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More seriously, though, it's hard to say. There's not much that stands out as "mass this unit to win." But a lot of stuff is still pretty good. Plague+Oblits is still gonna happen. Daemon Princes? Maybe not as much.

I'd also expect to see huge cultist mobs(perhaps taken as zombies) with Slaaneshi shooting/Daemon Engine fire support. The MURDER SWORD is probably going to start showing up in a lot of lists, too, being basically the new Blissgiver and being a challenge-oriented option for a codex designed for making challenges.

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It might be too early to call.

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Alright, I don't get this. Why the fuck does she/ do you type like that?

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I think Dark Apostles with Cultists may do well, since there's at least SOME sort of chance of the Cultist Champ turning into something more useful (like a spawn, or a daemon prince)

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Essentially? The Dawn of War Cultists sounded like that.

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Dammit. So there's a legitimate reason for the bullshit.

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Ees ohkay hwee uhndeerstahnd hyuu ees hnyuu fahg.

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Cultist aside, there are three things that needs addressing. Flyers, Tough Vehicles and Infantry.

Infantry can be numerous or tough or have both. We all know volume of fire holds supreme over paying that extra bit to eat up tough troops. So volume of fire fits here.

Tanks can be melee'd and so can troops, but everyone has invincibullshit melee/anti melee now, so it's your call to ruin both.

Fliers are dealt with helfaggot or skyfire missiles. Helfaggot is better for the same cost as a squad of 5 havocs with AA missiles so the Helfaggot must be taken now.

So helfaggot, volume of fire with some raider popping ability mixed in. Good place to start?

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Lahv for Kayoss?

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>expecting to know this before people have digested the codex

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Hwee wahnt eet.

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>>Complains Chaos Codex hasn't been processed yet
>>Posts 13th in a thread full of people doing just that


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Dammit, OP, Cultist-Chan isn't supposed to look fuckable.

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Slaanesh is mysterious in his ways

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Isn't that how she always looks, you double heretic?

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>>Damn it, op, cultist-chan always makes my dick hard and your pic just made my bell-end explode.

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>implying they're 'processing' it well
>implying any of the wild speculation in those threads is based on playing games
>implying anyone here actually plays 40k instead of just pretending they do

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She's usually all derpy and childish looking.

OP's pic looks like Cultist finally managed to survive into her 20s for once.

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actually, she isn't always like that, she looks like that right now because she was killed and brought back by the chaos gods

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I know of one instance where she actually becomes a child. Besides that, she's been a derpy adult.

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Slaanesh was the big winner. Despite the bitching about Salvo, Sonic Weapons are now spectacular. They also got the best Psychic Powers by far, including one that gives further synergy to Sonic Weapons. Giving them FNP on top of all that is just crazy.

It doesn't make them inherently the best, but it does bring them up to at least equal with Plagues. In an edition that's all about flooding the board with dudes, Sonic Blasters will go a long way.

Basically, a Slaanesh Lord/Lucius (probably the cheaper Lord) to bring Noise Marines into Troops for your core. You still need a functional forward element with Melta so that you don't auto-lose to the rare Land Raider list strolling up to your Noise Marines unopposed, which is either filled by Plague Marines--who have the survivability to excel at it--if you want to go into a second HQ for Nurgle to make them scoring, otherwise a much cheaper unit or two of Havocs would do it better.

Heldrakes being single-model compressed anti-Flyer are outrageously convenient, so a couple of those tie up most of the loose ends, if you can avoid falling into The Baleflamer Trap and rendering your anti-Flyer purchase completely awful at killing Flyers.

Baleflamers are amazing, but don't be an idiot and buy a Heldrake for anti-Flyer and then switch to the Baleflamer thinking you'll get by with the Vector Strikes. You won't, you'll lose to Flyers, and it will be funny.

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so how long do you guys think it'll take for someone to make a cultist chan mini?

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I've seen minis of her posted here a few times in the past.

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Officially? My bet would be never.

Fan made? As long as it takes someone to carve one up. The prevalence of art would give plenty of reference, so you would just have to be artistically inclined enough to make it.

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The wording on the Noise Marines entry sucks though.

eg. Can a Noise Champion take a Sonic Blaster? (does he count as a Noise Marine for this purpose?)

Do you need to have at least a ten man squad to take a blastmaster, or do you take the alternate reading that you can take one with less, but no more than one in ten are allowed to have one?

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I still like the idea of running a list with Lucious and FABULOUS bile, bringing a death star unit of 20 CSM pimped for close combat to slap FABULOUS' special rule on, couple of 20-strong 'sit on objectives and/or advance as needed' Noise Marines, back up with like a forgefiend or maulerfiend or something.

Probably a terrible list, but I think it'd be fun and not TO terrible.

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No offense, anon, but that's not a bad entry, that's you being completely unfamiliar with how the Codexes are written. They're identical to the equivalent options in every other Codex for the past however many years.

A separately named Sergeant (such as a Noise Champion) cannot purchase an upgrade for "Noise Marines." If they intended that, it would be an "any model" upgrade (see the Icon of Excess) rather than a "Noise Marine" upgrade.

One per ten means one per ten. If you don't have ten, you can't buy it.

So...in essence, they're both exactly what they say they are, as opposed to "what they might kinda say if you read them this way and haven't ever played 40k or learned the english language"

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Hwee cahn haahz feenecaahst?

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now just douse it in bacon grease and it will be PERFECT

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why would he want to ruin a perfectly good mini by doing that?

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>that's not bacon grease, anon

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>cultist-chan mini
>not knowing why bacon

do you even 1d4chan?

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Rolled 4

Hi Welcome to /tg/ newfriend!

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This is in fact how I read them, but I wanted to get an answer before my next point, and I also remain adamant that the wording could be far clearer than it is, because the word "per" can mean multiple things, and you're just taking it as meaning one of these.

This hurts Slaanesh badly in small points games where taking large squads isn't practical.

Taking sacred number sized squads is now not viable at all. Also, the packs that they sell on the site are stupidly sized (they come with 5 SBs and 1 BM), so you'd always end up with more blastmasters than you can ever use unless you end up with squads that have several bolters in them.

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I know /tg/ cannot into competitive 40k, but I've been spending more and more time around here trying to dispense actual high-tier competitive advice, so here's my take on these 20-man Khorne or 20-man Fabius etc CSM squads people keep thinking up:

The primary problem is that you've created a 400-500 point Deathstar that consists of normal MEQ, which isn't inherently bad (though it does mean they'll fail at killing virtually anything with a 2+ or higher Initiative and AP3), except that they're normal MEQ without ATSKNF.

That's kinda the main dividing line: It's really hard to kill 20 Marines at a time, IF you actually have to kill all 20 Marines, which is what we're all accustomed to...due to ATSKNF. You don't get any freebies with loyalists, and that's just not the same for CSMs. Anything that can beat them in combat--either by overwhelming violence or just sheer survivability--can remove the rest of them via Sweeping Advance.

Now there's obviously a couple answers to this, namely a Fearless IC to lead them (which most of these combat units would likely have anyhow, in either Kharn or Lucius) or an Icon of Vengeance.

The problem is that neither of these are permanent answers, and in the reality of a game, they're actually rather easily removed answers.

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>>20982657 cont.

The IC situation is crippled by Champion of Chaos. Anyone else can rely on an IC's special rules to hold them in combat all day by just declining challenges, but CSM do not have that luxury. You'd basically get one turn of letting the Aspiring Champion take one for the team, then your Lucius/Kharn is likely getting punked by something scarier than they are, followed by the whole unit breaking.

Icons of Vengeance obviously are even easier to deal with via just Precision sniping them out, on top of the fact that you're usually going to want an Icon of Excess or Wrath for these units in the first place.

So basically, you end up with a big blob of Marines that can threaten a lot of things with their sheer survivability, and maybe even overwhelm some middle-tier combat units, but have to avoid any high-tier assault units like the plague because you risk the loss of 500+ points instantly.

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Ah pretty good. Now if only we gave her stats and such. Wonder if she should have psyker powers as well. She'd only use them if she really had to because she loves Khorne but hey, she loves all the chaos gods and Tzeentch gets very, very happy when you unleash the power of the warp (and hell, they all like her so there's a chance he made her a psyker when they resurrected her)... If it gets a few skulls then hey, Mighty Khorne might forgive her a bit and The Architect of Fate is still more than pleased.

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ffs its not "feenecaahst"

it's "fhinechast"

goddamn it do the fucking accent RIGHT


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I made a Cultist-chan out of a Daemonette. Greenstuffed on an extra tit, added a little extra hair on the head, and replaced the feet with guardsman boots and the arms with old dark eldar forearms holding a knife and a laspistol. chaos star on back. Not artistically accurate, but conveyed the general theme.

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"In-Game Stats

Cultist Cost: 35 points - WS: 3 BS: 3 S: 3 T: 4 W: 1 I: 4 A: 2 Ld: 7 Sv: 6+/6+
Unit type: Infantry - Number/Squad: 1


Septis Spike : Poisoned CC weapon & Chaos Icon

Cultist Special Rules:

Special Character
Independent Character
FHOR CHAOOOOOS! : Cultist is always fearless
Hwee Kaptoored Eet Fhor Kay-oss! : Any unit Cultist joins counts as a scoring unit.
Insignificant : Cultist takes up no room in transports, or on the FoC.

Cultist may take her pet Chaos Spawn, Kay-oss, for an additional 50 points.
Kay-oss Cost: 50 points - WS: 3 BS: 0 S: 5 T: 5 W: 3 I: 3 A: D6+2 Ld: 10 Sv: -

Kay-oss Special Rules:

Feel No Pain
Devotion : When Cultist is slain, Kay-oss gains the Fearless and Mindless special rules.
Detonation : When killed in close combat, Kay-oss immediately inflicts 1D6+2 Strength 6 hits on his opponent.
"Look Out, Mistress!" Any wounds inflicted against Cultist may always be shifted to Kay-oss.

Cultist and Kay-oss may be included in any Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Daemon, or Traitor Guard army. "

from 1d4chan article.

also >>20982616
according to /tg/ fluff, Cultist-chan smells like bacon to those tainted by chaos.

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Got a pic?

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She's worth 4 points. WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 Ld7 Sv6+. Autopistol and Close Combat Weapon.

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No, and the paint job was horrible anyways; it was years ago, I've gotten better since. I'm not even sure where the mini is. Point is, the bits aren't hard to come by. Someone more skilled could easily pull it off.

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>35 points for a 6+ save.

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Really, her main ability is to give whatever squad she's in Stubborn and make it a scoring unit. Everything else is secondary.

For the new dex, you could probably manage some cool new rules, perhaps to do with changing the way in which your Lords get Boons, or whatever.

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I've seen a few, but none of them were particularly good.

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here's an image of one i made. spoiler ed cuz of potential plastic tits.


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Ponies plz go

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Indeed, so would I, with Earthshaker shells just to be sure it met the end our Holy Emperor intended for it.

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Well, what about Fearless, then? Fearless wounds are still a thing, right, but better than getting sweeping advanced, and FABULOUS gives his enhanced unit fearless.

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>fearless wounds
>still a thing

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>dat last owl head circle
"bitch oh no you di'nt"

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I assumed they were because I'm stuck unable to read .pdfs and borrowing a friend's rulebook, and it hasn't come up in a game yet, so I don't have a fucking clue, man.

Judge me all you will.

I'm not ashamed.

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the cultists from Dawn of War 1 talk like that. Look on youtube

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>Heldrake for anti-flyer
>not just running Forgefiends and mowing everything off the table

>> No.20983831

>gets killed like a deadnut

>> No.20983878

I think a lot of people are grossly underestimating the durability of Fiends. Particularly if you can park them on a skypad with Warpsmith support.

>> No.20983936

Rolled 2, 5, 2 = 9

I roll to hit on 3+.
I roll to pen, str 10.
I roll on the damage table, AP1.

>> No.20983945

Rolled 6, 2, 3 = 11

Reroll to hit (twin linked)
Bet you can guess what's aimed at it.

>> No.20983959

Rolled 2, 1, 5 = 8

Try that again with a marine's meltagun. Within 6".

>> No.20983968

Rolled 5, 2, 4, 5 = 16

Derp, forgot 2D6, add the second two.

>> No.20983988

Rolled 4, 1, 1, 5, 5, 3, 1, 1, 4, 4 = 29

>middle two

Ok lets hit it with some missile launchers. 5 Missiles from a longfang group. First 5 dice from 1-5, second 5 dice 1-5 alligned.
If I make two pens, just consider it dead/weapons gone to shit. Just one gun and that BS3 really shows.

>> No.20984016

Think you get my point. People don't half-ass anti tank units unless it's a small game. That machine has neither range (lol thunderfire cannon) or durability (lol cant sit a rhino in front of it to give it hull down like a defiler can have +battle cannon range).

So as a flyer, with a ranged weapon beyond 24" and has str8 to hit aircraft is a better deal. 5-ish turns of an aircraft is better then one, maybe two turns with a "dreadnought".

>> No.20984031

>Hey, look, using either 200 points of heavy weapons or dedicated anti-tank firepower that would destroy a Land Raider anyways, I can kill this 175 point model if it is in the open.

>> No.20984092

High terrain board, low terrain board. Smart opponent and a shitty situation for him or a dumb opponent with a good situation for him. They will still put something out there that can see that fat monstrous creature sized model and pick it off.

You may be used to meltalists where strategic movements keep that dangerous 12" or 6" off your dakka-dreads... But if it's not AV13 or better and all it does is shoot. It's going to be shot. Blobs of infantry that block fire is very common, leaving it pointless aside from kicking around a model or two a turn. Or it has to move around that blob and surprise! You are now staring down the barrels of the rest of his army.

Saying it goes perfect for you is less realistic then the situation of the opponent having some guile to get his guns on the huge model.

>> No.20984093

Anybody else impressed by just the basic Chaos Space marine troop? 13 points per model, and at +3 points each, they get +1 toughness. Crazy good.

>> No.20984125

So the fuck what? SOMETHING is going to drop first turn to that kind of anti-tank fire. Who gives a fuck if it's your fiend (which can actually recover, if you're lucky) or a Predator?

>> No.20984133

Very, I am wondering what sort of armies come out of it.

>> No.20984153

Idea of AV12 is that it should be cheap. Therefore the numerous factor comes into play. 105 points for AV12. Or 175 points for a AV12 flier.

It Will Not Die - only affects things if it lost hull points. There will be str8 in the opposing army or you're lucky he didn't expect land raiders, monoliths, leman russes or special characters he wants to insta-kill.

>> No.20984205

>Idea of AV12 is that it should be cheap.
Like all the non-Space Marine armies out there with dirt cheap AV 12? I'm not contesting the thing has better choices (dat BS 3), but saying the age old, "Look it can die first turn so it's useless!" Is pointless. Anything can die first turn, and for an AV 12 walker it's pretty durable with as many Hull Points as a Land Raider.

>> No.20984220

>AV12 should be cheap
Somebody plays guard, I take it.

Fiends will shrug off 1 in 3 glances or pens that come at them just by virtue of being a Daemon. S8 vs AV12 often isn't enough to guarantee a wreck. And if you don't wreck it, it can regenerate hull points or get patched up by a Warpsmith.

>> No.20984251

Not to mention the placement of the guns makes it fairly easy to gain a Cover Save if you have any form of building(s) on the table, and still keep shooting.

>> No.20984277

>cover save
It already has 5+ invuln from being a Daemon. 5+ cover won't get you anything you don't have already. Putting them behind an Aegis Line on a short hill or on top of a closed Skyshield, however...

>> No.20984299

My point. You can get that 4+ out of a lot of stuff.

>> No.20984321

>that daemon rule

I stand corrected. Sorry.

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So since were stuck with the schizo-piece of shit Raider, are there any good Land Raider variants Chaos can get off Forge World?

>> No.20984471


You can try the Spartan, though that TECHNICALLY isn't a Land Raider.

>> No.20984514


Hear a lot of complaints about the spartan though. Seems a bit too powerful. You can stuff several squads in that hunka junk right?

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>according to /tg/ fluff, Cultist-chan smells like bacon to those tainted by chaos.

Wrong. Pic related.

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