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Necrons. Necrons everywhere in the sky. How do we deal with this?!

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You turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Works at many major tournaments!

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Kill the shit on the table turn 1 with barrage weapons/alpha strike.

Win game before any necrons get on the table

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So you walk back to the table?

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So...you spin around and walk right into the table. Odd solution.

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That's enough croissants to put a bed and breakfast to shame.

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sure is new to 4chan in here

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Not just 4chan. These two gems must've just been born.

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saw the thumbnail and thought it was a BSG thread, fucking misleading gw

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I've only been here a year and I know this one. I believe it was a youtube or somesuch comment where a PS3 fanboy said the only reaction to the new XBox was to turn 360 degrees and walk away.

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I've never really went up against cron air, how do vendettas and hydras do against them?

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Rape them out of the sky.

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>/v/ related jokes
get back to /v/

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They make shit of them. Hydras less so than Vendettas but when teamed up with Officer of the Fleet (so you dick his reserves) you mangle what shows up first then they struggle to hurt you (bar Doom Scythes) and if you are forced to jink then go off the board and return to paste stuff the following turn.

Hydras want to arrive *after* the Crons have shown up or they'll be Target No. 1. Guard do just fine against Cron Air.

The other option is to ignore it with Hordes which is the approach I'm taking with SW and Chaos (not allied obviously).

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The best counter to the croissant rodeo is IG Vendetta spam, Vendettas being hideously under-cost.

When we start getting more codex updates, we'll start seeing more options for weapons with Skyfire special rules (looking at you, Flakk missiles). This will swing the pendulum back away from Flyer heavy armies, though this could take a very long time thanks to GW's baffling decision to update one army every few months.

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>Turn 360 degrees and walk straight into table.

This is a standard air-superiority tactic. The unexpected 360-degree "barrel roll" should keep the enemy air assets from drawing a bead on you. Spin into your sudden turn as fast and as hard as you can, and come out of it burning at full speed. Your opponent will be too confused by your first action to predict your next action: CRASHING DIRECTLY INTO THE TABLE, SCATTERING MODELS EVERYWHERE. The table overturned, the game continues on the floor. Roll an Invulnerability Save for every figure that failed to land upright on the floor; all figures failing this save and those not squarely on their bases are treated as if having suffered a Deep Strike Mishap, and are removed from play. Your new battlefield is the entire floor of the room you are in. Figures exiting the room somehow (through doorways, windows, HVAC vents, etc) leave the engagement zone. The overturned table counts as an Objective. Objects such as furniture count as terrain. Figures physically damaged or destroyed under the merciless feet of stumbling neckbeards are counted as destroyed by hellish environmental conditions, but their kill-points are not tallied. There is no longer a turn limit. The entire collection of WH40K figures of each participant now counts as their reserves. Continue your game as normal with these changes to the battlefield and engagement rules in effect.

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Fun fact. They are updating a codex every other month now. Already confirmed as their 'new approach.' Was only off-set by the new amazing release of starter set.

>demon update
>csm codex
>hobbit month
>chaos warriors
>dark angels


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What my Vector Strike; D3+1 auto hit, S6 attacks dont bring down, my skyfire twin-linked assault 6 devourer will.

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Heat them up, put some butter and jam on that shit, enjoy your delicious breakfast.

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Ignore them, flyers can't capture objectives.

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my sides = out of orbit nigga

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This, while also shooting them out of the sky with Hordes and Hydras/Vendettas and their ilk. Transports and flyers got their balls ripped off and it feels ssssoooooo good.

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That sounds like an Apocalypse game, actually.

The same way we deal with anything else that's in the air; WE BLOW IT OUT THE EMPEROR'S SKY WITH BULLETS.
And missiles.
And anything else that can aim for the sky.

Because hydras, that's why. DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA.

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Stay out of their firing arc, and blast away with volume of fire.

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This was great, totally deserved a screencap

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>implying jokes that predate /tg/ aren't considered traditional.

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>what my 3 STR 6 attacks don't bring down, my 3 STR 6 attacks will bring down


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You take a cup of hot chocolate and dip them then eat them.

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flak missile spam

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No. It wasn't just "a youtube comment from a PS3 fanboy".
It was from the great landwhale himself, CWC, creator of all that is unholy.

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you 'accidentally' trip and fall mr magoo style onto the table and break all his models

corny fuck deserves it.

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>walk in
>see this
>wat do

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Salute the bastard.

Gotta /r/ that pic of the spruecrons, to go along with that.

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not OP but how do the necrons play in general with the new codex and what not?

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they fly around and shoot things

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REALLY new to 4chan here.

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