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ITT: Unusual cultures.

I have come up with a unique culture for my campaign. It is a tribal society, and in an exaggeration of extremely painful coming-of-age rituals, all male tribals kill themselves ritually. After seventeen years, a tribal gets a night of lovemaking with whatever woman they fancy to prevent the tribe from dying out. After this, they drink venom, which slowly and painfully kills them. Upon their deaths, their corpses are turned into zombies by the necromancer-shamans known as Lichdoctors. Although feared by other tribes due to their undead resilience, they are the smallest tribe in the region due to most couples having only one child.

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for normal humans, there isnt a 100% chance of conception. let alone the child surviving until birth. so you might want to think about that, or you might not. up to you bro

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Or surviving to 17 in a pre-industrial society.

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if all males kill themselves at 17 does that mean that all lichdoctors are female? or are male lichdoctors are(and trainees as i imagine it takes a few years of apprenticeship) also what age do the females live to? And what is the state of craftmanship? or do women fo all of that since this is sounding like a matriarchal society?

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How aware are the undead? From your post I got the impression they were mindless voodoo zombies, or do they retain their mind?

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>ITT: Reddit hispters trying to be cool and edgy.

Fixed that for ya

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Actually, do they have to be real undead? I like this idea better if they're actual voodoo zombies, and that would solve the plotholes about them maintaining their numbers too.

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Oooh, edgy! Quick, go write a poem about it!

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I have altered your culture, OP. Pray I don't alter it further.

Same tribe, same ritual, only it happens to every male child born beyond the first to a family, including chiefs, shamans, and other 'nobles'. Thusly, they have a fuckhuge army, and are scary, but maintain a breeding population that can support itself, with surviving males getting harems of women (competing for the best, so that the losers still get to breed but with the less valuable/desirable females).

I think this makes more sense personally, since it was common practice to have as many kids as possible to help with farming or whatever anyway, and this adds some interesting, if not sadly fetishy 'inheritance' notions as well.

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What's all this then.
Are people not allowed to discuss on /tg/ unharassed?

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It's the internet. Deal with it.

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Oh dear, no. You're lost, of that I am certain.
This is /tg/.

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Just ignore him. He clearly doesn't even know what edgy means is just using it as a buzzword.

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This sounds good,
but you could have the undead individuals help with whatever tasks or labour there is.

But could we also imply, that the Parent and then the Oldest Child, head of the family in any case be it man or woman, has the most control over the children and sibling undead that fall into their greater concept of a family.
They'd all be trained in necromancy and the maintenance of the Undead.

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Yep, Fetish fuel.

I wish all those guys to leave

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Who said anything about rape?

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Out of curiousity... What do you think would happen if the tribe sans undead died out?
I'm asking because the whole 'cut off the head' strategy seems like a valid murderhobo tactic. Plus, if you do the same world 50 years later, "tribe disbanded, wandering undead" could be cool flavoring.

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I thought that was weird too when I read it, gimme a sec, he's referring to:
>. After seventeen years, a tribal gets a night of lovemaking with whatever woman they fancy to prevent the tribe from dying out.
> a night of lovemaking with whatever woman they fancy

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What this guy said. Take your reddit, edgy faggotry elsewhere. Better yet, get off the computer and go outside for a change.

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>I don't know how grammar works

Good show, good show.

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>Take your reddit, edgy faggotry elsewhere.
You visiting from /v/?

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thanks /v/ro, time to take over this board

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I don't even think this is /v/. I think someone's confused grandpa wandered onto a tab his thirteen year old grandkid left up and decided to use that hip new jargon all them kids are talking about.

Grandpa, you don't need to do this. He loves you just the way you are.

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Just allow the guys to have several women at their coming of age, since pregnancies aren't 100% guarunteed to succeed, especially with medieval tech.

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While its an interesting idea, its a bit unlikely that'll survive. Also I could see males preferring to leave than to die out. From a fluff perspective, how did this come about in their culture ?

You could make it that the males get to continue their love making until they get the woman pregnant. I'm assuming the necromancers are virgins since they aren't dead males or the culture is heavily matriarchal.

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>disposable male theory taken to illogical extreme

Men as warriors works because usually enough of them are still alive to pop out a bunch more kids. Giving them one shot at a single pregnancy and then kill them is fucking stupid.

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Savage tribes are fucking stupid. look at Africa

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>See pic
>Think it's going to be skeleton quest

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if each guy gets one shot, asuming 100% pregnancy rate the your culture will still die out. each time a female is born that is a male line broken, as each male only gets the one shot. So you either need to let the soon to be undead warriors make it with several women, or your tribe needs to have an innanely high rate of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc). That could actualy be realy interseting, what cultural effects would there be if just about everyone having a twin (or triplets whatever).

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