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Last thread is AutoSaging

Chaos Space Marines 6th edition


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Gargoyle Upgrades on everything that can take it


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>new Noise Marine art

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>76 points for Oblits that are only instagibbed by str 10

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>Daemon Weapons gone for normal Lords
>Slaanesh boosted
>Noise Marines are 20 points per model with sonic blaster

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>20 point Bikers

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>Give a ton of cultists mark of Nurgle

Typhus's Zombie cultist thing is neat. Two full squads of cultists with fearless and FnP could be a cheap tarpit and camp objectives well.

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>20 point bikers
>70 point oblits
>17 pts raptors
>60 pts lord
>plague zombies

but Prince and daemon engines cost fucking lot

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I laughed at the Mark of Slaanesh being one point for oblits.

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For the amount of rape they throw out, i think the Forgefiend and Helldrake are fairly priced. Forgefiends is affordable if you think about how damn fast it moves, but a WS3 melee-only walker will just be a fire magnet more times than not.

Defiler is overcosted as shit though.

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>Move as beasts, aren't slowed by cover, at all, ever
>mfw 3 of these things come steaming into combat on turn 2
>and they're cheap enough that the CSM player can still pick up a pile of infantry to advance behind them

Still, it's not like Chaos Marine players don't deserve some fun toys to play with after all this time.

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Defiler has 4 HP and "It will not die" which makes it durable as fuck. It also strikes at initiative with its powerfists if I remember correctly. It's a bit pricy but can output a lot of damage and is very durable in comparison to the fiends.

What role does the Heldrake fill? Troop harassment with the S6 AP3? The S7 Vector strikes aren't strong enough to fight too many vehicles.

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> Abbadon makes Chosen troops

How few models can chaos put out at 1500 points, /tg/?

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dark apostle
3 squads of 30 cultists with autoguns and three heavy stubbers
3 squads of 30 cultists with pistols and close combat weapons with three flamers
anti-tank pred,
9 chosen with a rhino, with two combi-weapons, two power weapons, a power fist and a pair of lightning claws.
1500 on the nose

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Rolled 4, 2 = 6

A mere 190 men? And I thought Grey Knights had small lists!

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Shit, utterly misread your post bro.

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By my calculations...23 models.

Abaddon. 265 points.
Typhus. 230 points.

10 Chosen w/4 Pairs of Lightning Claws, Lascannon. Champion w/2 Powerfists, Plasma Pistol, Gift of Mutation, Meltabombs, Mark of Slaanehs, Icon of Excess, Veterans of the Long War. 475 points.
--Rhino w/Daemonic Possesion, Warpflame Gargoyles. 55 points.

10 Chosen w/4 Pairs of Lightning Claws, Lascannon. Champion w/2 Powerfists, Plasma Pistol, Gift of Mutation, Meltabombs, Mark of Slaanehs, Icon of Excess, Veterans of the Long War. 475 points.

1500 points on the nose.

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Heldrake hunts vehicles and enemy fliers with its Hades Autocannon and Vector Strikes.
Keep in mind that a S7 Vector Strike is equivalent to d3+1 automatic Autocannon hits, against side armor. Thats pretty damn dangerous to most of the common vehicles out there.

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>Champion w/2 Powerfists

This is glorious.

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You could cut down a few models by repalcing Typhus with a tricked out Daemon Prince. They can get over 300 points if you go bonkers with the wargear.

>> No.20965242

Actually, no, we can get this down to 22 models.

Drop Typhus and the Rhino, that gives you enough points for a:

Daemon Prince w/Daemon of Tzeentch, 3 Mastery Levels, Wings, Power Armour, the Black Mace, Ichor Blood, Gift of Mutation, Combat Familiar, Spell Familiar. Weighing in at an impressive 385 points.

And it'll still get its face kicked in by a stock Hive Tyrant.

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>dat fucking Heldrake Art

Mommy, I dont want to fly in a vendetta anymore

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How does the Decimator stack up to the new Daemon Engines?

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That picture makes the Heldrake look bad ass. I hope the model could be posed to look like it is sweeping down with that pose.
Too bad the stock pose looks bizarrely out of proportion.

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Not sure if furious about absurdly cheap bikers, or ridiculously excited because my Ravenwing ought to be getting the same treatment in a couple months...

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what about we keep Chosen units only 5 strong and invest into some Heavy Support instead? Land Riders were always stable star of "minimal models" lists.

>> No.20965333

Princes are side table plays now, since they can come in if a Sgt wins a challenge via transformation

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Posted in last thread but at the end, so only got 1 rate. My TS list:

HQ: Sorc, +2 mastery, terminator, MoT, combi-weapon, Sigil, Spell familiar, scrolls of magnus, gift = 252
HQ: Dark Apostle, veteran, black mace, MURDER SWORD, MoT, Ichor blood, combat familiar, gift = 230

Troops: 8+1 rubrics/sorc, gift = 252
Troops: 8+1 rubrics/sorc, gift = 252
Troops: 19+1 Cultists/champ, MoT = 110

Elite: 4+1 Termies/champ, 2 chainfists, 3 combi-weapons, 1 R.AC, MoT, vets, gift = 271

Heavy Support: Land Raider, Havoc launcher, combi-weapon, dirge caster, warpflame gargoyles, extra armour = 272
Heavy Suppost: 3x Obliterators, MoT = 234
Heavy Support: Maulerfiend = 125

Total: 1998

Apostle would be attached to Cultists to provide potential ablative wounds while he runs around braining squads with the black mace and hunting down the marked target like patrick bateman with a chainsaw. Lay down obscene amounts of dakka while the maulerfiend bull-rushes the meanest enemy vehicle on the board and I shoot spells out of every orifice.

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Well hes a shit ton more expensive than a mauler, but with MoN he'll be damn hard to kill off.

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Possibly...we can get two Land Raiders with all the upgrades for 624 points.

Abaddon. 265.
Prince with all upgrades: 385

5 Chosen w/Meltagun, Combi-bolter. 113 points.
5 Chosen w/Meltagun, Combi-bolter. 113 points.

Land Raider w/all upgrades. 312 points.
Land Raider w/all upgrades. 312 points.

14 models, ladies and gentlemen. The codex isn't even out yet and we've already dragged it down to the level of pure farce.

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It's like a Dragowing, but even more annoying!

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I don't play the minis, so...how's the fluff this time? I always read the codex because of the flavor text.

>> No.20965502

starting chaos up, do I go nurgle, undivided or tzeentch? all three would have demon allies

>> No.20965518

>how's the fluff this time?

Pretty good. It isn't rediculous and over the top like a few books we've had recently, but still manages to get a few cool moments and anecdotes here and there. A lot of it is rehashed from earlier codexes, though, and it's very focussed on the war between Chaos and the Imperium, with only a few cursory mentions of the Eldar, and Orks and Tyranids cropping up once each.

I think one of the best bits is an account of the Abyssal Crusade, an incident where several Loyalist chapters were judged to have been tainted by Chaos and sent on a suicide mission into the Eye of Terror. The descriptions of the Daemon Worlds and the ways in which most of the chapters were corrupted are very, very cool. There's also a bit more detail on what Abaddon's tactics for the 13th Black Crusade are.

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why not ahriman?

>inb4 whynotzoidberg.jpeg

>> No.20965535


Friend is making a 20 man unit of Vanilla Marines with 2 flamers and ccw for all

Power fist champ gift of mutation

All mark of Slannesh with icon Excess

Fabulous Bile gives them Fearless and +1 Strength

450 points for the unit

what do

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>My face when Warp Talons have no real purpose because Deepstriking Termies do the job better
I guess you could slap on MoS and carve through a squad of Space Marines or MoK and try to take out a blob but that warpfire descent thing isn't going to do shit and at 30 points each, they'll probably just get wasted. The 5+ save is nice against power weapons, but these guys will die regardless. A squad of 5 Terminators with power claws would deal more damage, take less damage, and only run you up about 40 points more.

>> No.20965559

> 9-man rubric marine squads

I don't know shit about making a good list, but I just want to say that you're a good person for doing this.

>> No.20965566

so is tzeentch competitive or should I pack up the thousand sons?

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>Plague Zombies cant have MoN

Awww too OP Geedub?

Then again Typhus does give it for FREE. Such are the gifts of nurgle!

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For CSM? Slaanesh and any. Tzeentch has cool sorcery, AP3 bullets and invluns everywhere (expensive but funny on cultists). Nurgle has zombies, plague marines, and durable as fuck obliterators/bikes.
Slaanesh is rocking FnP this edition, is relatively cheap on most units, and has the best sorceries.
So Undivided unless you just want the "Two god" army thing

>> No.20965580


Pick one

>> No.20965585

> bikers
> 20 points
> get bp and ccw
> Can get amazing marks
Fuck this gay earth.

>> No.20965591

I think they do have a use. A small squad of 5 will be easy enough to hide out of LoS - whether that's behind transports or terrain - as they move down the table, and can quickly pop out and gut an infantry squad. They're very fragile, yes, and deep striking them is a total waste of time, but the ability to quickly redeploy an impressive amount of CC punch on the fly could come in handy.

They're obviously not going to be rocking any Tournaments any time soon, but should be fairly playable otherwise.

>> No.20965602

You get FnP and Fearless on a 4 point model. Adding mark of Nurgle for that extra 2 points per is probably not worth it as you could just take MORE zombies.

>> No.20965625

Before we go any further, have you read the Horus Heresy at all?

>> No.20965634

wouldnt been nice for epidimius lists having giant mobs of 35 zombies all with 3+ FNP and their attacks that ignore armor . . . i think this is why they don't get MoN and IoN doesn't give Fnp

>> No.20965643

aww its a damn shame. tzeentch is my favorite. guess ill have to stick with nurgle.

>> No.20965648

I dunno, I prefer my own personal sorc I guess. Gave him pre-heresy shoulderpads with an embossed scarab on one to signify his rank in my army's heirarchy and I got feels for him. I will try ahriman at some point though, he seems to be rather great now.

Well, I did that due to the boxes coming in 8+1 but thanks! I do try to do it whenever my wallet allows me to.

>> No.20965668

>Well, I did that due to the boxes coming in 8+1
Do you understand why it's a good thing to do?

>> No.20965678

I'm pretty much dead-set on running a Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut with the Blinding Blade attached to a group of 5 Chaos Spawn (they're crazy cheap now)
Can't wait to figure out how to make that with squats...

>> No.20965683

Hey man, Tzeentch is fine. Play what you want, unless you're the kinda person who wants to win at all costs and steamroll tournaments, in which case just roll a beardy Nurgle list all day erryday.

>> No.20965689

It just seems weird to take a 160 point 5 man squad to gut infantry when something like the Heldrake could drop an equal amount of hurt with the template weapon and would attract a significant amount of firepower (which would probably miss because fliers) from the rest of your units.

I guess it would be more of an aesthetic look. I like the look of the models but I can't fit it in to my noise marines + magic list.

>> No.20965701

Becase Tzeentch's scared number is 9, yeah.

>> No.20965731

I just imagined how awesome that would look. A really pissed off Berzerker riding what amounts to a daemon robot rhino while being trailed by a mass of tentacles and eyes.
Shit would be cool.

>> No.20965749

Wait, Berzerkers, Plague Marines et al are elites now? Well this shafts my army good and proper.

>> No.20965755


Said friend here. Here's my list. Tell me how bad it is--but damn if it don't look fun as hell.

Lucius the Eternal, 165 points
Fabius Bile, 165 points


Chaos Space Marines, 75
+15 marines, 195 points
Mark of Slaanesh, 40 points
Icon of Excess, 30 points
Close Combat Weapons, 40 points
Flamer, 5 points
Flamer, 5 points
Gift of Mutation, 10 points
Melta Bombs, 5 points
AC Power Fist, 25 points
Veterans of the Long War, 20 points
Total: 450

Noise Marines, 95 points
+15 marines, 255 points
18x Sonic Blaster, 54 points
2x Blastmaster, 60 points
Gift of Mutation, 10 points
Doom Siren, 15 points
Icon of Excess, 30 points
Veterans of the Long War, 20 points
Power Weapon, 15 points
Total: 549

Noise Marines, 95 points
+15 marines, 255 points
18x Sonic Blaster, 54 points
2x Blastmaster, 60 points
Gift of Mutation, 10 points
Doom Siren, 15 points
Icon of Excess, 30 points
Veterans of the Long War, 20 points
Power Weapon, 15 points
Total: 549


Mutilator, 55 points
Mark of Slaanesh, 6 points
Total: 61

Mutilator, 55 points
Mark of Slaanesh, 6 points
Total: 61

Total: 2000

>> No.20965761

The problem with the Heldrake, like all fliers, is they can be problematic to manuver. You can't always guarantee being able to shoot what you want to shoot, unless you switch to Hover mode - and if you do, you can all but guarantee it won't live to see the next turn. A small squad of Warp Talons could either lurk around the middle of your line and quickly move to intercept any enemy attacks, or advance by hopping from cover to cover and pick off a squad or two before going down.

>> No.20965765

Marked Lords/sorcs and the special god-centric characters make the corresponding god's cult troop a troop choice, you don't have to worry.

>> No.20965777


Lords with appropriate mark unlock as troops

>> No.20965788

Except for tzeentch, where you need a sorc.

>> No.20965792


+10 internets

>> No.20965804

Damn, we a heavy metal album cover now

>> No.20965821

Wait, so can Plague Zombies take the Mark of Nurgle? It feels like they should, but if they can there's nothing stopping them from taking any other Mark - Tzeentch would be nice, ironically.

I assume it's all prohibited, under "cannot take options"? Sad.

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File: 522 KB, 546x489, Anathame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the MURDER SWORD wasn't your first clue?

I really like this thing, fluffwise. It's nice to see the Anathame come back.

>> No.20965855

This is your army's themesong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiESgYr35gA

And this is yours: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8ZqFlw6hYg

>> No.20965861

zombies cant take any upgrades ever never ever. they are stark naked cultists with fnp

>> No.20965885

They lose their guns as well as being barred from taking any upgrades.

>> No.20965886

Khorne Biker Army ahoy!

Chaos Lord 155pts
Mark of Khorne
Black mace

Khorne berserkers 245pts
Icon of Wrath

Rhino 35pts

Khorne berserkers 245pts
Icon of Wrath

Rhino 35pts

Cultists 75pts

Khorne Bikers 270pts
Icon of Wrath
Mark of Khorne
2 Meltas

Khorne Bikers 270pts
Icon of Wrath
Mark of Khorne
2 Meltas

Helldrake 170pts

the cultists are mostly filler and I am pretty sure I'll get tabled by any horde army or anything with decent tanks, but fuck if I don't find the choice of fielding tons of bikers hurling themselves into combat fucking awesome.

>> No.20965907

The Dark Apostle artwork is so damn cool...

>> No.20965920

So I'm a fairly new CSM player, how's everything looking?
Cheaper units are always nice, but I play Word Bearers and I like fluffy units. I won't discount the fun in using Typhus+zombiespam, but as far as "undivided/standard" units go, what's looking good?
Also any thoughts on the Chosen? I really don't want the gorgeous DV models to be reduced to Achamps.

>> No.20965922

Still kinda does. I have a mostly vanilla Night Lords force. Trying to stay true to the fluff by not including any marked models apart from a small contingent of World Eaters. I already have a Lord and a Sorcerer. Gonna have to do some thinking and reading this weekend I think...

>> No.20965932

Replacing everything with close combat oriented Slaanesh might also be an option!

I should bust out my Doomrider model.

>> No.20965954

Has anyone done calculations for how many points you can extract out of the DV set mixing both armies FOR CHAOS?

>> No.20965963

Possessed are actually good now.
Dark Apostles and Cultists are great for fluffy Word Bearers.

>> No.20965969

Oh god I love it.

Phil Kelly, I love you

>> No.20966017

And remember, we'll be getting Horus rules soon in the Horus Heresy forgeworld books.

>> No.20966030

have read through the book.. no deepstrike icons/homers that work for chaos daemons to home in to... sad day for me...

>> No.20966037

were are these plague zombies exactly? am confused

>> No.20966050

Nice. That's good to hear, might actually buy the Battleforce now if Bikers are finally worth taking.
Can't say I'm the fondest about GW's Dark Apostle model, nor am I really like DAs becoming universal characters rather than Word Bearer exclusive, but whatever, such is life.
If anything, I'll just make sure to make an extra-unique Apostle to distinguish him from the inevitable AL/IW/NL Apostles (all of whom are much less Chaos-centric than WBs.)

>> No.20966051

Fluffy siege of Istvaan III battles. Yes Please

>> No.20966052

Check Typhus' rules.

>> No.20966057

look at typhus rule entry before the model section

>> No.20966060


I just posted a few excel list makers (based on alice40k design), 6E CSM included, here: >>20965845

Be sure to check it out and Glory to Chaos!

>> No.20966065

Typhus's special rules bro.

Lucius is looking as lackluster as ever. 165 points for a guy who does the same shit as a Chaos Lord with a Power Sword and MoS (which only run about 85). Why run him?

>> No.20966073

/tg/ convince me to pick thousand sons over plague marines

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File: 99 KB, 900x612, 1296507640962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I can't find it because I'm blind but where is the daemon weapon options for lords with a mark? I can't seem to locate it.

I also find it funny how my 2500 pt list is now getting a few freed up points, maybe I'll drop the land raider and include somthing else.

>> No.20966085

He kicks ass in single combat and he has a doom siren.

>> No.20966090


>> No.20966092

Space Egyptian Wizards with Magic Flaming Bullets are pretty fucking neat.

>> No.20966097

Run him at things with high WS

>> No.20966100

Considering the price of eldar units that list of costs makes me cry a little bit inside.

I think thats standard for eldar players these days, we need a new dex so badly.

>> No.20966121

because everytime you save he has the possibility of wounding the opponent in combat.

>> No.20966122

He only kicks ass against Non-terminators. Doom Siren is cool as fuck but not enough to warrant that cost.

>> No.20966124


>> No.20966135



>> No.20966137


Dubs have spoken

Next Dex release is Eldar

>> No.20966154

Chaos Lord w/Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Sigil of Corruption. 120 points.
Sorcerer w/2 additional Mastery Levels. 110 points.

6 Chosen w/Pair of Lightning Claws, 2 Power Weapons, Powerfist. 193 points.
5 Chaos Terminators w/3 Powefists, Chainfist, Reaper Autocannon. 224 points.
Helbrute. 105 points.

10 Chaos Marines w/Additional Close Combat Weapons, 2 Plasma Guns, Champion w/Plasma Pistol. 205 points.
10 Cultsts w/Flamer. Champion w/Shotgun. 57 points.
10 Cultists w/Autoguns, Heavy Stubber. 65 points.

3 Chaos Bikers w/Plasma Gun. 85 points.

Total: 1164 points.

That's being fairly conservative. You could hike it up by going nuts on upgrades for the Lord and throwing Marks on everything.

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File: 119 KB, 1280x720, Binbougami_ga!_03_Momiji_4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but we have no reason to hate you and wish to bring you misfortune... at least as far as I know

>> No.20966174

how many armies do you know that have more than 2 units of termis running around?

>> No.20966177
File: 32 KB, 257x276, ABIDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20966187

Being sick sucks?

>> No.20966217

well there was that McDonalds i'm no longer allowed in...

so thousand sons are lackluster, what about generic csm with MoT? or was tzeentch fucked again?

>> No.20966228

The rape train has no breaks

>> No.20966246

He still gives you an invul save.
Running a thousand sons list is more viable than people will make out, just don't go 100% rubrics as you'll be outnumbered by pretty much anyone. Take some CSMs too.

>> No.20966256
File: 270 KB, 996x1000, 1296511540555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daemon weapons? Is Abbadon the only one with one this time around? Or have they just hidden the entry?

>> No.20966258
File: 213 KB, 360x237, SpaceDorfs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That really means squat when you think about it

>> No.20966275

Geez, what's with people's hate-on for Tzeentch and anything that isn't streamlined to curbstomped everything? Yes, Nurgle is king like always but that doesn't mean everything else is meh.

Why don't you try your TS and playtest for a bit and make up your own mind?

>> No.20966276


There is a Axe and a Mace lords can take that are Daemon Weapons

>> No.20966284

2x generic weapons in armory, and Abadoo&Typhus.

>> No.20966288

MoT will be hot on things that already have some sort of ward save, not so much on generic chsm

>> No.20966299

Typhus also has one, and there are two in the Chaos Artifacts section that other characters can purchase.

>> No.20966307


The Black Mace and Axe of Blind Fury Respectively

>> No.20966318

There isn't a generic 'Daemon Weapon' option, just a few unique bits of wargear with the 'Daemon Weapon' rule. Unfortunately there's only one that you don't need a Mark to use, so your options are a bit limited.

>> No.20966325
File: 35 KB, 487x386, feel_sunset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no one was interested in thte listmaker

>> No.20966363

I was mostly curious if there was a reason to take thousand sons over just taking CSM giving them mark of tzeentch and just converting them to look like thousand sons for the hell of it?

>> No.20966374

My new list!

Typhus - 230

30 Plague Zombies - 120
30 Plague Zombies - 120
30 Plague Zombies - 120
30 Plague Zombies - 120
30 Plague Zombies - 120
30 Plague Zombies - 120

5 Nurgle Spawn - 180
5 Nurgle Spawn - 180
5 Nurgle Spawn - 180

1490 Points

>> No.20966375

MoT is crappy on normal CSM.

>> No.20966382

I kept hearing rumours about Chaos Termies being able to be upgraded to 2 wounds.

I can't find this anywhere... is it bull?

>> No.20966392

AP3 bolters, psychic power on the Sorceror, 4+ invulnerable save. They come with Veterans of the Long War as standard, and can pick up an Icon of Flame fairly cheaply.

>> No.20966395

Yeah, it's bull. They're thinking of the 3.5e codex.

>> No.20966396


Id say go for vanilla marines with Mark of Tzeentch

more weapon options and cheaper

>> No.20966399

man, like I like a bunch of the new stuff but when I keep looking at some of the stuff we lost, this codex really is beginning to lose points.

>> No.20966400


>> No.20966407

Its bull, although Maulers serve 2-wound-2+ role since they can get Marks and ride in Land Raiders.

>> No.20966408

Yes, it's bull.

>> No.20966411
File: 119 KB, 645x410, 1348073204085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not interested, but I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings.

>> No.20966417


Fund it

>> No.20966424

Oh, sorry! Yeah Rubrics are damn good compared CSM with MoT. You get a better invuln, AP3 bolters and a really nice sorceror.

I'll suck your dick if you model Typhus as Nemesis and the spawn as Lickers from Resident Evil.

>> No.20966428

You gave me feelings, it's a little different.

>> No.20966429
File: 111 KB, 555x690, 1329683271789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20966431



Just give marks and Veterans to Obliterators and mutilators, and there's your supertermies.

>> No.20966445

So what's the verdict?

>> No.20966457
File: 101 KB, 700x945, 1339090548984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever I did, I apologize.
Have another nicely painted/converted traitor.

>> No.20966463


With the exception of how anally raped Daemon princes got

I like it

>> No.20966480
File: 71 KB, 400x283, 134745776472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most heretical! I like it.

>> No.20966488


They still get a champion, though!

>> No.20966508

No need. Got an old Guard army I'd be selling off otherwise, plus a Ghoul box, some leftover zombies, and some greenstuff.

Kitbashing Spawns, making Typhus out of a bulked-up Marine. No money spent.

Although I've been out of the game since 4th Edition, so I've no idea how competitive it'd be. I need to get caught up.

>> No.20966532
File: 4 KB, 210x229, 1322883536679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

c..can the champion still take upgrades anon-kun?

>> No.20966533


Sounds like a fun list

Unless the opponent has alot of templates

But who uses templates?

>> No.20966538

Kelly should just write everything.

>> No.20966541
File: 25 KB, 542x124, why worship chaos when you can be chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20966553


You're just jealous because someone else thought it first.

>> No.20966555


Awesome! Who doesn't want to blast/hack zombies back to death proper.

>> No.20966558


>they told me I could be anything
>so I became a weapon

>> No.20966575

Actually, it's not a new idea at all - in each Bloodthirsters axe is locked soul of another Bloodthirster
>inb4: yo dawg...

>> No.20966577

Why the fuck does Huron still have a power axe?

It has no use at all.

>> No.20966592


If 2+ save guys appear it might be of use.

>> No.20966594



>> No.20966599

I don't know. As I said, out of the game since 4th Ed. Have templates become extremely popular/unpopular in 6th Edition?

...I wonder how I'm actually going to hurt anyone with this list. I mean, sure, Typhus can mix it up in CC, and the Spawns can dish out up to 5D6 S5 attacks each round, but that'll probably bounce off power armour while the zombies paw ineffectually at anything tougher than a guardsman. And I'm fucked against vehicles.

oh well

Any recommendations for what I'd have to do to actually make this list playable, rather than an amusing gimmick, before I start turning innocent infantry into zombies?

>> No.20966612
File: 2.62 MB, 360x176, 1346187525352.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20966617


He has a powerfist.

>> No.20966637

I was reading today about this list with 33 chaos spawn, 2 or 3 barebones CSM squads, a winged DP and how its creator beat a SoB army with it.

You could pull it off with at least one anti-armor/flyer capable unit.

>> No.20966639

Sure you don't want to invest in some Plague Marines? They're easy as shit to convert.

>> No.20966641

> I've no idea how competitive it'd be

You'll probably get a lot of draws. The army has next to no way of getting enemy units out of transports...but they have to disembark in order to claim objectives. So I imagine most games will consist of your opponent driving around in circles for 5 turns, then rushing objectives, hopping out, and hoping to avoid being swamped until the random game length kicks in and the game ends.

I don't think we're looking at a Grey Knights-beater, but it looks like a solid book, probably on par with the Dark Eldar codex. Most units look pretty playable, and there's lots of interesting options and fun units to play around and experiment with. There are a few goofs here and there - Daemon Princes got hosed hard - but all in all I think it's a good example of what a Codex should be.

>> No.20966659

>its creator beat a SoB army with it.
Punching a small child is nothing to be proud of.

>> No.20966663


This is why I like the new book. It's Codex Space Marines again.

ie: not blatantly overpowered codex creep.

>> No.20966667


Tyrant's Claw is now a S6 AP3 Shred Armourbane Specialist Weapon

>> No.20966668

No. Give me Ward everyday.

>> No.20966675


Yea template weapons everywhere

Add in 3 Squads of oblits/havoks for can openers in bigger point games

And make sure the opponent doesn't get any objectives

All i got

>> No.20966680

if you have aura of dark glory and MoT do the invuln saves stack?

>> No.20966688

6E SoB aren't that pathetic anymore. Low-tier, sure. Joke army, not so much (with the few effective units).

>> No.20966693


yes becomes 4+

>> No.20966696

Havocs might be the next Long Fangs.

130 points for four BS4 autocannons on T5 marines.

>> No.20966698


Nope. But if he wins a challenge, he could turn into a daemon prince.

Which would be baller as FUCK.

>> No.20966715
File: 81 KB, 624x600, zombies21[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dang. How do you even fit 33 Chaos Spawn into a list? As far as I can see, I've got the max with 15, before you start getting your Champions mutated into them with rolls on the table.

Problem is, unless I throw some Havocs in there (and I'm currently considering a lab-experiments theme that they'd be hard to fit into) my best bet for anti-vehicle that I can see would be another vehicle - which means that it'd get targeted by ALL the opponent's anti-vehicle at once, since everything else is just zombies.

How does screening work in 6th Ed, anyway?

>> No.20966720

Yup, 4++. Though it's better to take a Sigil of Corruption and MoT, that way you get a 3++

>> No.20966724
File: 437 KB, 834x1600, daemonette1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is what I got so far /tg/, gonna go for minimal changes to my list, Considering dropping my Land Raider however. Want opinions on what I should add in for 2000 pts and 2500 pts, trying not to deviate from slaaneshi themed.

Lord+MoS,jumppack,gift of mutation,sigil,power weapon=145
Lord+MoS,jumppack,gift of mutation,sigil,power weapon=145
Noise marines 9+ champ=8x sonic blasters,1x blast master,CCW,Doom siren,Power weapon =273
Noise marines 9+ champ=8x sonic blasters,1x blast master,CCW,Doom siren,Power weapon =273
Noise marines 9+ champ=8x sonic blasters,1x blast master,CCW,Doom siren,Power weapon =273
raptors 13+champ=Icon of excess,mark of slaanesh,gift of mutation=333
raptors 13+champ=Icon of excess,mark of slaanesh,gift of mutation=333

>> No.20966729

>Zombie bites guardsmen in the face
>Chaos gods smile upon said zombie
>Zombie becomes a fucking daemon prince in power armour
That would be the funniest shit.

>> No.20966730

The Heldrake looks cool when it's on fire.

>> No.20966732

11 squads of 3 spawn. No limits to how many you can field, really.

>> No.20966738
File: 66 KB, 480x480, aleksi_zombies_boxcover_600_600[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha, probably should just get to reading the 6th Ed corebook, before I start making zombie lists. Sounding like a moron over here.

>> No.20966752

Is that Huron on page 21 standing over a fallen smurf?

>> No.20966754

you should totally give your raptors meltas/flamers. That way they can either dish the hurt out harder or pop tanks, and they keep ther pistols and chainswords so you lose nothing.

>> No.20966760

> anti-vehicle
Obliterators. It's the obvious choice, it worked in 4e, and it'll work now. They certainly look lab-experiment as all fuck, too.

>> No.20966762

They still have a couple of nasty army builds and are helped by the fact that they can take allies.

Two SoB players made it to the 16 of Nova, so that says something.

>> No.20966764

Noise Marines take Icon of Excess
Throw in a Heldrake. You've got a bunch of jump packs. the Heldrake could fly around in there too.
Take some Elites and Heavy support. Oblits?

>> No.20966791
File: 134 KB, 441x496, zombies[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, this'd be the old book, then?

Chaos Spawn don't seem to have any special interaction with the FOC in this edition.

This is now my anti-vehicle strategy.

>> No.20966797
File: 89 KB, 800x439, 1297782267654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

true enough, last edition I never took them because I didn't need to pop tanks, all I had to do was lash troops giving me trouble and then shoot/gangbang them with my fuck-off large units of raptors.

>> No.20966831

One thing that annoys me is that there's no section with dozens of warband colours.

The painting section has a few models, but one of the things that makes Space Maroons so successful is how they're designed to be accessible in every way. The codexes are always chock full of galleries displaying loads and loads of chapters with a small blurb about their backstory that can inspire new players to pick up one of these other chapters or make their own.

This codex has a few descriptions of about half a dozen warbands, but doesn't even so much as provide an image to accompany it.

>> No.20966835

Same for all new Mech units. Sad they really can't represent that billowing smoke/flame in plastic.

>> No.20966836

Lascannon Havocs are cool too.

>> No.20966842

Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph.

Based Kelly not only gave us a pretty cool codex, he gave us the means to wage a zombie apocalypse on the Imperium.

Nurgle gets all the fucking love, I jelly as hell.

>> No.20966843

Indeed, it seems Spawn count towards FoC now, which sucks major balls.

>> No.20966858

On the other hand, they're actually relevant and useful this time around.

>> No.20966864
File: 82 KB, 500x326, 1320731430663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Icons are a point sink on anything that I'm not intending to take into the fray, 9 points for CCW I can deal with in case someone decides to take the fight to them, but I can't burn 120 points if I never take them further into the fight than their sonic weapons will allow.
I'm not a huge fan of the dragon, but I'll take it under consideration, what do you guys think of the forgefiend?

>> No.20966880


When you go up against an opponent fielding multiple heldrakes douse them in petrol and set them on fire.

Your opponent will thank you sincerely for the serious contribution to the swag multiplier of his army.

>> No.20966888

What? No! You pay for Marks on a per-model basis. ICONS on the other hand are 1 per squad.

>> No.20966899
File: 914 KB, 1088x535, noise marines.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to tear sonic blasters from champions then?

>> No.20966939
File: 244 KB, 597x822, 1279383867288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, I'm running 3 units of noise marnies, I dun goofed on the math it's 90 pts, but still that's 90 points that I can spend elsewhere as I'm not planning to take more than one of those units to the fight, they can sit on their ass and throw their sonic weapons around the field.

>> No.20966943

Forgefiend is fucking great if you have proper target saturation to divert anti-vehicle fire away from it (Land Raiders, Oblits, and MORE FORGEFIENDS are all good ideas). If its the only large major threat in your army, it WILL be shot to death by the end of turn 2.

8 S8 shots mean that it has excellent chances to kill whatever vehicle you point it at, and it can batter through Marine fairly well squads by virtue of wound saturation.

>> No.20966961
File: 303 KB, 1500x1237, 1336517156711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

list I ran earlier tonight:
sorc, bike, mark of tzeentch, veteran of the long war, 2 extra mastery levels, scrolls of magus, sigil of corruption, the murder sword, spell familiar, gift of mutation-275
8+1 thousand sons, gift of mutation-252
10 cultists, shotgun, heavy stubber, 8 autoguns, mark of tzeentch-75
3 bikers, lightning claw, gift of mutation, mark of tzeentch, 2 plasma guns, icon of flame-149

that single thousand son squad managed to wipe out 600~ points of space marines while the murder sword insta-killed a tricked out warboss and the cultist champ got turned into a daemon prince after killing a basic nob. ended up losing because both the ork player and the space marine player ganged up on me.

>> No.20966986



Go cultist champ go!

>> No.20966995

Sounds like a lot of blings. Why not save a bit and bring more boys to the table?

Sounds about ri-- nevermind, can't think of anything after that picture.

>> No.20967030

>Rubrics curbstomp loyalists
>Champ got the ultimate reward

You honour me, fellow Prosperine.

>> No.20967032

had to make the list out of what I had on hand, so my bike sorc, my thousand sons, and part of dark vengeance, will be dropping the scrolls and changing the plasma guns to something else

>> No.20967042

Expect an errata
Given that the same wording also prevents the champion having a blastmaster, when he was the ONLY model in a noise squad that could take one last 'dex, just write it off as poor wording and give the champ the sonic blaster anyway.
If a neckbeard goes full anal and points out it's not allowed in a casual (Fuck, even a tournament) setting, tell them to fuck off and suck a slaaneshi dick, and then play with someone different.

>> No.20967066

>champion having a blastmaster, when he was the ONLY model in a noise squad that could take one last 'dex

Not true pal. Only one Blastmaster was allowed but any Noise Marine could take it.

>> No.20967087
File: 232 KB, 914x1200, 1317692734586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

k cool, he looks like he would fit in well with a noise marine army as well, (dem pipe organs)
But I also think a Land raider might still be warranted for this army, Still need at least one troop to head into the thick of it in case it's a capture point game.

Given all the Traitor guard I'm painting as well I'm half tempted to run some full squads of cultists, but I'm not sure if I want to go that route just yet.

>> No.20967091

Huh, very true. I always put it on my champ for god only knows reason.

>> No.20967105

nice, howd they wipe out the marines? just shooting?

>> No.20967108
File: 75 KB, 640x480, for the blog 016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I still like mine.

>> No.20967147

>30 plague zombies
It says that plague zombies "cannot purchase options", on Typhus' page

My interpretation is that zombie cultists are capped at 10

>> No.20967164

New Predator prices make me extremely happy. Love me some Predators.

Same with Havocs. Preds/Havocs were always my favorite Heavy Support choices and they're finally moderately viable.

>> No.20967170

They do provide it, you just have to dig for the images / back story as they arent in the same place in the codex.

>> No.20967186

that would be...unfortunate.

>> No.20967192

What. No, that's dumb. "More mans" isn't an option, it's just "more mans". Options are stuff like upgrades and equipment.

>> No.20967203

That's the stupidest interpretation I've ever ehard

>> No.20967205

Going full Nurgle on everything plus VotLW and Mutation pushed the whole thing just north of 1500 points. It seems like it'd get even more expensive if you went Slaanesh instead.

>> No.20967222

That is a really dumb interpretation

>> No.20967226
File: 265 KB, 1000x1333, 1346700244641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think this interpretation is correct, though an FAQ is already in order.

>> No.20967239

It is dumb, I agree. Unless it's errata'd then that's how it's worded

>> No.20967245

except in the entry it is written that extra man's are under options.

>> No.20967246

Thank you based /tg/, that is all.

>> No.20967254

Do we know what sort of poison the Venomous boon (#43) grants?

>> No.20967257

I'm inclined to agree, as that's what the wording implies. We'll have to wait for the errata.

>> No.20967268

From BRB:
It's 4+ unless otherwise stated.

>> No.20967273

>...how's the fluff this time?
From my brief look... nothing nearly as interesting as the original Realms of Chaos books. But then, it was never going to be.

>> No.20967275

I wish there was DOOM RIDER who would unlock Bike Troops

>> No.20967280

Damn sight better than the 4e book, though. I'd say around the 3.5 book's level.

>> No.20967293
File: 28 KB, 510x546, 1322222324505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep wishing, Doom rider will probably never return.

>> No.20967310

This does upset me. I want zombie HORDES, goddamnit

I think I could get away with it in my gaming group

>> No.20967318

There isn't but at least you can easily make a Slaaneshi Bike Lord to unlock noise marine troops and give him a MURDER SWORD to ...MURDER!

>> No.20967324

I'm sure you could, and I'm sure they will rule in your favor with the errata. I'd just be careful until then.

>> No.20967331

>13 point Havoks
>5 point Autocannons


>> No.20967347

It's 10 points each, nigger.

>> No.20967351


Autos are 10 points ya dumb

>> No.20967360

>4 missile launchers with flakk=100 points


>> No.20967389

Its actually 152 points. You have to buy the missile launcher first.

>> No.20967399

Rolled 3, 6 = 9

Considering that you will wreck any flyer, yes.

>> No.20967402

He's not including the Havoc's cost, nigga

>> No.20967424


I must make a Khorne unit just so a can make a twin axe wielding champ and name him Shagga. "Shagga is very fond of axes."

>> No.20967444

I'm glad to see possessed finally being good again.

Hopefully the Forsaken will be lifted out of uselessness come the WoC army book.

>> No.20967470

>Not taking a LC/PF combo so that you still get the same amount of attacks for cheaper, and get to choose the best weapon for the job.

>> No.20967476
File: 155 KB, 640x632, zombies[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hm. Do I swap out the Nurgle Spawns for three Forgefiends to serve as my anti-vehicle? Or for two Forgefiends, and keep one squad?

Or do I strip the Spawns down to two squads of three, then add two squads of two Long War Nurglobliterators to serve as anti-vehicle?


>> No.20967488

yeah I was quite happy the possessed got better.

>> No.20967497

I'd rule against Forgefiends. S8 is not reliable anti-vehicle. You'll have trouble with AV13/14.

>> No.20967517

Better then the old codex for sure, possibly even worth its points.

But good? I doubt so. Its still a 3+ save marine.

>> No.20967518

What? No, don't be a cunt. That's clearly not the intent.

If someone plonks down a squad of 20-odd zombies in their plaguemarine army, are you going to pull out the rulebook and point to a poor formatting-choice while mouth-farting into your neckbeard, or are you going to have a fun game?

>> No.20967550

Wat. Grey Knight psyflemen are the best anti-tank in the game, and the forgefiend has the same firepower. Just pop your daemonforge when you're taking on AV13, and leave AV14 for melta like you should.

>> No.20967564

So...are Summoned Daemons gone?
Do you have to just use Daemons as allies?

>> No.20967570

>not reliable Anti Vehicle

Long Fangs would like a word with you.
By an overwhelming margin, AV 10/11/12 is what people actually put on the table.

>> No.20967575

I've never implied such a thing. It'd be 100% okay to fight against such an army. I'm just saying The -wording suggests otherwise-, which is also the case for squad Champions not being able to take weapons which are meant for non-champion units. I'd let my opponent do it, but the wording suggests otherwise and a FAQ should address those issues ASAP.

I hope that's not being too much of a cunt for you.

>> No.20967584

That is correct, although with the Allies rules no sane person would pay for Summoned Daemons anyway, so no real loss.

>> No.20967597

besides assault after DS, I find Daemon Codex Daemons to be far superior anyways

Except the fact that you cant use CSM icons to DS in the new book....

>> No.20967606

Yes, that's the idea. And lets face it, allied daemons are vastly better than Summoned Daemons. Fucking summoned daemons.

I will always reserve a special loathing for the period of time in 40k history where daemonhunters could ally with all sorts of imperial forces, but you, absurdly, couldn't run a mixture of say, CSM daemon princes, possessed marines, and chaos daemons.

>> No.20967608

Melta weapons are good against heavy vehicles thanks to their Melta rule. S8 isn't spectacular without it. I'm just saying it's not reliable - while you can destroy AV13 or 14 with it, it may take a bit of luck.

And yes, 10/11/12 is most common, but it's good to be prepared against everything.

>> No.20967614


They're 3+/5++ and cause fear to being daemons.

They're also fearless, S5 and have fleet.

>> No.20967625

In that case why not run 2 forgefiends and a maulerfiend? The magmacutters slice'n'dice any kind of armour.

>> No.20967644

Sounds good too. Beast movement is a... beast. You'll reach those metal boxes in no time.

>> No.20967653

Are Warp Talons any good?

They kind of remind me of Sang Guard, albeit a tad cheaper

>> No.20967681


They're better than Sang guard against AP2 due to being Daemons and thus getting 5++.

Other than that they're kinda lackluster due to lacking any worthwhile anti-vehicle power.

>> No.20967683

5++ is pretty rubbish, cover gives you the same against range, and in close combat almost any unit with PW's will beat the possesed despite the invul. Heck Grey Hunters will rip through possesed, pfp. The fact is almost every other time they'll be relying on a 3+ armor save.

Also fear? Half the armys in the game have LD10, ATSKNF, or fearless.

>> No.20967700
File: 78 KB, 444x319, 1294798705611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That feeling when a 125pt Maulerfiend rips a Land Raider to shreds

>> No.20967709

I'm thinking about using my Terminator Armored "Dark Apostle" as counts as Abbadon. Then you could do super LEET chosen as troops with cultists meatshields led by his "first acolyte" aka the codex Dark Apostle.

>> No.20967736

Well holy damn I think I might be getting a nurgle biker squad going.

Or zombies, lots and lots of zombies. I'm lovin this already!

>> No.20967749

Can chaos lords take two artifacts as long as they're different artifacts?

>> No.20967751


I fail to see how GH will rip through Possessed squads.

>> No.20967758

I got some bad news bro...

>> No.20967765


You should model your nurgle bikers to look like mountains of corpulent flesh and armour melded into the structure of the bike.

>> No.20967768

fear gets rid of fearless and gets full effect
hurr durr

>> No.20967776

Correct and polite. I like it!

>> No.20967782
File: 293 KB, 806x544, TK_Sphinx_7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's what i'm hoping will happen, at least. Especially when my Maulerfiend for my TS is gonna look like this.

>> No.20967792

Units that contain one
or more models with the And They Shall
Know No Fear or Fearless special rules
automatically pass Fear tests

>hurr durr how do I read codex

>> No.20967807

30 attacks will do that. Like I said, a 3+ save is exactly the same as every other marine.

>> No.20967812

Yessss. I also had an idea that could be used for a Maulerfiend, but this would be great too. Just have a plague biker zooming along with a nurgling using his guts as a lasso or just the nurgling's own would work too.

>> No.20967818
File: 43 KB, 600x492, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fucking everything can get Preferred Enemy (Spess Marines)
>like 75% of the armies people actually play are Spess Marines
>It applies to all units from all loyalist marine codices, which means vehicles too

>> No.20967825

The Necrosphinx fits much better.

>> No.20967830

CSM: The Anti-Spehss Mehreen codex
(Grey Knights will still fuck CSM to death though)

>> No.20967836

Its Hatred not PE, bro.

>> No.20967851

Not really. SW's are still way better then GK.

>> No.20967852

I don't personally think so, since they ARE animal-like bots. Necrosphinx is more human-animal hybrid. Plus i'm using the Necrosphinx top for my TS Daemon Prince.

Need to find a way to stick the arm blades on the beast and have it make sense.. Maybe attach them to the face so he looks like he's got a giant bladed jaw he slams into things?

>> No.20967855

I'd just use Kharn against Grey Knights.

>> No.20967871

>The Plague of Pertuabo
Good to see that some Daemon Primarchs still get shit done occasionally other than Angron.

>> No.20967874

I think the true melee units of the book will still do just fine against Grey Knights, I mean mutilators should tear through anything they can bring to bear and you're forced to choose on the chance of them failing an armor save for ID or wounding more with hammer hand.

>> No.20967875


Rapeulous the Grand rides forth to war!

Chaos Lord (65)
-Mark of Nurgle (15)
-Blight Grenades (5)
-Melta Bombs (5)
-Chaos Bike (20)
-Gift of Mutation (10)
-Sigil of Corruption (25)
-Power Axe (15)

Total: 195 points

>> No.20967878

Oh shit, he's right. Taking additional cultists is under "options."
Until they FAQs it, zombies DO cap at 10.


>> No.20967885
File: 188 KB, 1473x702, cultist options.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I forgot my pic.

>> No.20967894

page number pls

>> No.20967897

I think min sized Slaanesh Warp Talons are decent

They'll murder MEQs like no ones business

>> No.20967903

Are Mutilators any good? If it's close combat anti-vehicle I'm looking for, I can get two Marked Long War dudes with double-chainfists for about the same cost as a single Maulerfiend...

They deepstrike, but the Maulerfiend's much faster.
They have twice as many attacks, but the Maulerfiend has magma cutters.
They have armourbane on all their attacks, but the Maulerfiend has +4S to begin with.
They have 2+/5+ before marks, but the Maulerfiend's a vehicle with It Will Not Die.

Argh. This is actually fairly difficult, considering I don't have much competition for FO slots in my list.

>> No.20967905

I love how everyone's yelling MURDER SWORD cause it's so fucking awesome.

>> No.20967917
File: 151 KB, 632x452, pertuabos plague.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20967920
File: 91 KB, 520x329, desperate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pardon me if I'm interrupting anything.

>> No.20967927

How many MoN bikers should i run with this guy? and what options 2 meltas? 2 plasmaguns?

>> No.20967930

Mutilators don't have armourbane on ALL their attacks, remember they have to pick a different weapon each turn. Can't use the same weapons in a row.

Honestly, Maulerfiend wins cause he's already punching shit with 2 S10 AP2 powerfists. Any landed hit results in a subsequent GUARANTEED S8 AP1 Armourbane hit.

>> No.20967938

Since its very close, I would personally go with whoever's fluff and appearance you find more fun.

>> No.20967971
File: 1.99 MB, 403x234, 1349061900981.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have powerfist (initiative 1 ALWAYS)
>can't sweeping advance
>mark of slaanesh option 1 point
>1 point
>not free
>1 point

>> No.20967976

Depends on the point level obviously, but i would say 3 to 5. Double Melta or Plasma are good choices if you have spare points.

And of course, the standard Power Weapon or Lightning Claw + Mutation on the champ.

>> No.20968001

I tests bro.

>> No.20968021

You'd feel pretty silly for not paying that one point, wouldn't you?

>> No.20968025

uhhhh.... lets see.

It helps them with running away from Sweeping Advances since they aren't Fearless anymore. It helps against JoTWW. And against Blind tests. And maybe some other jank i'm forgetting about.

So all in all....not really worth the 1 pt.

>> No.20968035

Wouldnt it be awesome if Heldrakes were FMC instead

Then when it lands to assault my Space Wolf Librarian, I have an excuse to shout FUS RO DAH!

>> No.20968070


>spouting skyrim phrases.

I hope any players in the vicinity immediately proceed to punch you in the gut.

>> No.20968090

die in a fire

>> No.20968117
File: 183 KB, 800x505, 1346349676819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20968133
File: 42 KB, 453x576, 1348777241532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems silly since 90% of the chaos players
keep them on the 4th floor of a ruin/building.

>> No.20968170

>Read the fluff

So Abaddon still has no arms?

>Deletes the PDF

See you guys after 5 years.

>> No.20968212
File: 2.17 MB, 286x210, 1349119250504.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd feel even sillier for keeping them on level ground in the
first place where they can get outflanked by things like kroot.
Yeah...never again.

>> No.20968225

>"Want to play a godless army? Well FUCK YOU

Thanks. As if going godless in 4e wasn't bad enough.

Only one daemon weapon to choose from, and Princes have to choose a god(which goes against fluff).

Time to make a new list for my Malalites.
>Icon of Vengeance everywhere

>> No.20968252

/tg/ im so conflicted

I have ~4000 points of csm

none are painted, really.

i have a few 'zerkers, a few raptors, a few tanks, a few guys with iron warrior heads, a few bikes, etc. etc.

i cant decide what to theme my army after.
iron warriors?
night lords?
blood gorgons?
black legion?
death guard?
world eaters?

help please /tg/ convince me for one of them

>> No.20968278


imho Undivided should be able to take any icon.

>> No.20968283
File: 350 KB, 517x330, Alpharius, who remains forever shrouded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and Alpharius of the Alpha Legion, whose part in the heresy remains forever shrouded
Phil Kelly gets it.

>> No.20968284

Just make a custom warband. That way you don't get neckbeards breathing down your neck about what you should or shouldn't take.

>> No.20968337


Use this


Personally I'm going with Dragon Warriors, there's been some threads on them lately and they look kinda neat.

Chaos Salamanders.

>> No.20968343

i guess, thats why i considered blood gorgons and BL.

I just like the theming. I may just make my own and split my guys in half, some as zombie death guard or whatever. maybe zombified BL so i can have chosen as troops and so i can take zombies. and the other half to put all my odds and ends into.

>> No.20968363


oh, wait chaos salamanders jesus christ screw everything im doing that

>> No.20968393
File: 51 KB, 316x521, Dragon Warriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They've got a pretty plain colour scheme, but considering that they do the whole scale cloak look I'm planning to liven them up by giving them multi-coloured hides of all different shades.

Chaos beasts come in an assortment of vivid colours so that's my personal justification.

They're apparently antagonists in the Salamander book series and one of them breathes fire.

>> No.20968462

If I take a chaos lord in terminator armour can I swap his power weapon out for a chainaxe for -7 points?

>> No.20968479

that sounds pretty awesome actually and gives me a reason to take my other units, considering they dont seem very mono-role or mono-god

>> No.20968515

Wait, why is Huron a veteran of the long war?

Did he travel back in time to the HH?

>> No.20968556

No, because Termie Lords can't take weapons from the non-terminator weapons list.

>> No.20968583


So I can't have a termie lord with a whoppin' great chainaxe?


I guess it could just be a counts as chainfist or something.

>> No.20968586

Kelly kept the rhinos in this codexs.

>> No.20968617

So I just did a doublecheck on the Boon Table, and apparently you CAN get a goddless Prince if you roll Dark Apotheosis.

Too bad a champion with a jumppack doesn't become a winged prince.

>> No.20968680

Lucius should have been given the Warlord trait Exalted champion.

Would have made his status as a 'duelist' actually make sense.

>> No.20968713

This says it all.

>> No.20968734


What the hell is your problem?

>> No.20968799

Is the strength bonus from Gorechild already added to Kharn's profile?

If it isn't... does that mean he's S7 on the charge?

>> No.20968816

It isn't, so yes he is S6 normally, S7 on charge.

>> No.20968864
File: 231 KB, 707x900, 20120803154437!Nemesis[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, /tg/, I familiarized myself somewhat with 6th Ed, took another look at my zombie apocalypse list, and realized where I was going wrong with my revisions. Namely, I had a Shooting Phase. That was disgraceful. Zombies don't shoot. To claim otherwise is madness.

So instead, the following:

30 Zombies (x6)
4 Nurgle Spawn (x2)
Maulerfiend (x2)

1488 points total. I could fit in two more zombies, but I like the symmetry.

Zombies are zombies, Typhus is their Nemesis-esque Cyborg Mutant Zombie Marine King, Spawn are horrid bio-experiments, Maulerfiends are heavily borged-up horrid bio-experiments. 'S theming.

>> No.20968881

Typhus chills amongst the zombies, tossing out whatever magic bullshit he has available to him at the time. Weapon Virus would be especially nice. I'll try to maneuver his shamble (as in "a shamble of zombies") toward a target in need of a can-opener, so he can use his Large Blast hive - zombies don't care if it's AP2, and they get FnP against it anyway.

The zombies can just shuffle forward 6" every turn until they bump into an objective or charge range. They're essentially six fearless tarpits/cover-blobs with 30 FnP wounds each, I don't have to care much about them. Obviously I'll try to avoid stuff that will go through them in CC like they're not there, but the board's only so big. If they get into combat with Guardsmen or something and start chowing down, more power to them.

Maulerfiends and Spawn fulfill similar roles, except for anti-vehicle and anti-infantry, and the Maulerfiends (being essentially my /only/ anti-vehicle) are far more important, so I'll be more careful with them. The MF's job is to stay behind cover/zombieflesh until there's a tasty piece of vehicle within their 12+2D6" effective charge range, then gallop out to rip it to shreds. Spawn I can afford to be more cavalier with, if only because there's more of them - if necessary, they'll serve as a distraction for the MFs. I'll take what I can get from them.

I figure that's more than enough strategy for a zombie horde to be getting by with. Thoughts?

>> No.20968908

Plus you can do up your Maulerfiends/Forgefiends/Heldrakes as actual dragon-cyborgs. Use some models from the Fantasy lines (or Warhammer Forge, if you've got the cash) and borg them up with Defiler bits and the Chaos vehicle sprues.

>> No.20968960
File: 208 KB, 500x340, 1347474088112.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A bad army gets a good codex update
Afraid your grey knights might have competition?

>> No.20969053

I'm about to run a game of DH set in the confines of a cruiser suffering a gellar field malfunction... now I has an awesome warband to troll my players with!

>> No.20969129

I have bought;

Terminator Chaos Lord/Sorcerer
4 x 10 Chaos Space Marines
2 x 5 Chaos Terminators

For my Iron Warriors army. My Chaos Lord is assembled. I have been using pig disgusting loyalists to test the paint scheme and primer I picked up in advance. Painting the Chaos Lord begins tomorrow, and then the rest of the week is dedicated to assembling all of those glorious warriors.

Good start y/n?

>> No.20969225


Did you pick up the iron warriors conversion pack?

Also the iron warriors warsmith model (that's warsmith not warpsmith.

Also consider getting some guard units like a Basilisk to use for your allies.

>> No.20969296

Can we get some pictures of non-Legion paint schemes? I did some searching on B&C and WarSeer, but it seems 90% of the painting logs cover one of the big names.

A good look for Chaos is the only thing really holding me back from taking the plunge on a new army.

>> No.20969306


There's not really that many, and most of them look like arse.

>> No.20969332


I don't buy that, CSM players are just as capable of creating interesting, new Warband schemes as Loyalists are with their latter foundings.

>> No.20969361


Well sure, that's true. I'm talking about the few canon warbands with known colours. Many of them have weird colour schemes with shit like lava lines all over them which will be an absolute nightmare to paint.

>> No.20969371


So my question stands - where does one go to get good inspiration for Chaos? WarSeer and B&C are apparently not the answer?

>> No.20969412


>going to forums

lel. Lexicanum has a list of all chapters loyalist and non loyalist. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Space_Marine_Forces_(List)

Alternatively go here and try making a warband of your own. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Chaos_Warband_Creation_Tables

>> No.20969434

I still wish plague zombies had the rule the old ones did in that any successful CC kills had a chance to make more zombies

>> No.20969452


That's great and all, but I'm talking visual inspiration.

>> No.20969471


I dunno, use your imagination.

Try this thing out. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/csmp.php

>> No.20969497

A tzeentch army and a nurgle army from some amazing painters/modellers

>> No.20969523

have we figured out how to best represent a Sons of Malice army?

>> No.20969536


Just play undivided. It's not like the sons of Malice have anything particularly characterful about their combat doctrine.

>> No.20969742

Same as 4e book for the most part. Godless style took a bit of a hit this time.

Don't take marks or cult units. Cult units now compete with Chosen and Terminators anyway.
Squads numbering in multiples of eleven.
Labyrinth implied more choppy than shooty fighting in general.
Icon of Chaos Glory has been renamed to Icon of Vengeance now. Take that hint.

The rest depends on how you interpret the situation. Pure 40k Sons of Malice-only fluff, retconned-Malal influence, whatever.

>> No.20969774


I'm definitely partial to the sort of nihilistic view that I read about so long ago. Good spot on the Icon of Vengeance!

>> No.20970235


>> No.20971103


No offense, but bitching that you ONLY get to buy the Black Mace is pretty dumb, since it's spectacular.

The Khorne Axe is lolretarded. Trade -1WS and -1BS for Rage? Great!

...except that you have to have the Mark of Khorne to purchase it, which gives you Rage, meaning it's not so much a "trade" as it is "giving away 1 BS and 1 WS"

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