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Whatever happened to that 40k pirate sector that people were writing about?

It came up in some Scraplootas threads and a few other threads, and I was wondering if it came to anything.

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>pirate sector

I really fail to see how that could work.

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Less all out war, more focus on looting shit. Fairly straight forward.

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I was in all the Scraplootas threads and I never saw that come up.

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It definitely was. Called "Krumpus bay" or something. I don't think I'm making it up.

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The Black Locks?

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Was that what it was called?

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>all the threads

yeah, right bro, whatever you say

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1d4chan it

Failing that it could be Pirate Lords of 40k.

They were fun threads.

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These guys?


So they're part of the same sector, but the sector itself never really got fleshed out. That's mostly what I'm asking about; the sector itself.

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hah, that's pretty good

i had no idea there were so many pirate-based OCs this year

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Who gives a fuck about pirates and shit? Just talk about blueberry waifus like any other scraplootas based threads, you faggots.

Blue is better than Xeno, etc.

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Both are inferior to Boone.

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reminds me of the loli that climbed on top of the warboss and became da boss because she was the biggest then

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You've not heard of Blue?


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She's no blueberry.

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>Blue is better than Xeno
But that's a lie, why would you do that?

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For some reason, this picture made me think of how great it would be to have an entire sector of factions that act like Pirates, constantly looting each other and fighting for the sake of loot.

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See pic.

In truth, I find Blue has a lot more character, whereas Xeno is just "look at me, I'm kawaii!"

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So, like Tall Rabbit and Short Rabbit?

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Xeno can be nearly anything, she can be cute in many ways; Blue is just a moƩ tank girl.

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The fact that Xeno can be nearly anything isn't good though, it just means she's shallow. Blue has entire backstory and reason for being how she is, she's not just a pretty face.

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Stop saying things about Xeno when you don't know where she comes from. Her backstory spans across several quests, a truckload of threads, one or two fanfictions and a twitter account.
She only became a pretty face quite late in the process. Her versatility is actually the result of a rich, eclectic backstory.

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Xeno has a backstory.

It explains a lot of what she became.

As I remember its quite tragic in a way.

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i choose to ignore it

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Regardless, it's wrong to say that Blue is nothing more than a moe tank girl. Because she's really not, she has depth in the same way as Xeno.

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Care to expand a bit on that, because I really don't see what there is to say about her that doesn't boil down to "it's Tank Girl, as a moe blueberry".

Xeno's depth doesn't come just from the amount of fluff behind her, it comes from the various roles she assumed, and the shifts of tone her backstory went through.

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Out of interest, would people read it if I expanded upon a story I wrote a while ago about Blue visiting the inside of Boris the Titan?

I started it but never finished, but would happily write more, about the 60 second market and stuff particularly.

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You know, this is the first time I ever heard of Blue honestly, but...

I want to know why when /tg/ gets a female character with any degree of whackiness in a Road Warrior sense the immediate comparison is to say "lol it's just Tank Girl but _____" where typically the "_____" is "40k".

Actually, is it even possible to make a punk female character without getting ANYONE to compare her to fucking Tank Girl?

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Hardly. Tank Girl is the archetype of the female post-apo punk character. And not just her visual design. If a character tries to be a female post-apo punk, she will necessarily be very close to Tank Girl, maybe a bit less this, a bit more that, but overall, a variant of Tank Girl.

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Then why isn't every superhero immediately compared to Superman?

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Because every superhero is compared to Batman.

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Because most superheroes can get shot, even if only in theory

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Because Superman is just a Mary Sue. Superheros are repeatedly compared to those that came before with even marginally similar powers.

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Krumpus Bay was a space station.

There was some toying with the idea of a sector more or less cut off from both the Imperium and the Ruinous Powers, meaning that the people there were left to fend for themselves and more likely to hate each other for materialistic reasons rather than ideological ones.

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Would you stop being that guy? Both have their merits and demerits, but derailing a thread to talk about waifu wars makes you a massive faggot.

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