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Inb4 virus or not the chaos codex.
Downloading anyway.

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post from toaster if your pc explodes, let me know what it is.

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Nvm, seems fine.

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was first

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I was sent a ~150mb zip file with individual page scans, I compiled it into a PDF at under half the size for you guys.

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Previous thread hit the bump limit, so I'll repost here for the sake of discussion.

Now that the we have a full scan, and Daemon Princes are pretty much confirmed for Overcosted Shit, its time for a game of BUILD YOUR NEW HQ!

Here's mine:

Chaos Lord (65)
-Chaos Bike (20)
-Sigil of Corruption (25)
-Mark of Nurgle (15)
-Gift of Mutation (10)
-Power Axe (15)

Total: 185
Enemy Warlord, your ass is mine.

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media fire link

>> No.20959554

mediafire Link


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Gee, I sure hopes someone posts a mediafire link instead...

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Not OP, but uploading a bookmarked version for everyone. Everything major that's required for mid-game checking or army list making at your cheese-greased fingertips. Will only take a minute to upload.

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there you go:

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Why are you posting the link of the rar when there was a PDF in the last thread?

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can you post a link to that thread?

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>That feel when your lord gets spawned

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Good work, but what we really need is some kind of link.

A mediafire one, ideally.

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Maybe someone wants the large images?

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>That feel when your cultist champion gets turned into a Daemon Prince

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That thread seems to be autosagin', yo.

This is the pdf version:

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Scanner here, I hope you guys enjoy the scans, sorry for the weird marks on the first couple of pages, but my scanner is older than the god emperor so it can't be helped.

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>that feel when your Terminator Lord/Champion gets the +1 armor save boon

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That's the fucking Iron Kingdoms RPG again

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No 1+ saves I'm afraid.

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So, are possessed finally worth their points now?

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Plague Zombies, Plague Zombies everywhere

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Exactly, which is why

>That feel

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Shiiiiiiiiiit sorry, I copied the wrong one...

is what you want.

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>The Betrayer
>When rolling to hit with Kharn's melee attacks, any unmodified rolls of a 1 are not discareded. Instead, they automatically hit a friendly model...

Kharn has Hatred (Everything), so he supposedly rerolls To Hit rolls on the first round of every combat. What does the Betrayer do in that case?

Does it hit your own guys and not allow rerolls because roll has not been yet modified by hatred?
Does he reroll hits and not hit your own guys even if it is still 1 because it is a "modified" roll?
Does he reroll hits and hit your own guys if the reroll is still 1?

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Someone posted a combo of Daemon Prince with black mace in the other thread, but I'm not sure about it. Checking the entry on the daemon weapons, it seems you lose smash if you choose to use your daemon weapon. Not sure about it, though

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540 points for 15 chaos spawn with mark of nurgle


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Sorc with +2 mastery, terminator armour, MoT, combi-weapon, sigil, spell familiar, gift, and MURDER SWORD = 252

What flavour do you want your FUCK YOUR SHIT in?


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When you re-roll the first roll is discarded.

Thus he would only hit your own guys if the re-roll is also a 1.

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The probable solution is that you re-roll the misses, and if any of the re-rolls are a 1 then they hit your own guys.

Its basically how Gets Hot! works in relation to rerolls. The negative effect only kicks in if the final roll is a 1.

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Rolled 3, 5 = 8

You have pleased the Dark Gods, scandude, and they have seen fit to grant you a boon.

Good luck.

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Definitely. 6th edition is also a bit more kind on their S5, too.

Going to go with my gut and say the last one, but it's something that warrants a FAQ

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It seems to be a unworthy offering, oh well, there's always the next time I scan

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Loyalist here. How can powerfist sergeants deal with Kharn now that he's hitting at I5?

Do you challenge like before (vastly greater chance of dying now that he is not unwieldy)
Do you not challenge and hope Kharn doesn't challenge either, and then kill him at I1?

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>All of the close combat attacks, except
Hammer of Wrath Attacks, of a rnodel
with this special rule are resolved at AP 2
(unless it's attacking with an AP 1 weapon).

It works.

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Actually the first die counts the tens and the second counts the ones, giving you a 35, aka... +1 Armour Save.

You are now more resilient to criticism on 4chan. Always useful.

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So, I've got a Slaaneshi 1850 pt list. I kinda want to bring it up to 2000. Any suggestions on what to do with it?

HQ: 370
Daemon Prince (145), Daemon of Slaanesh (10), Wings (40), Power Armor (20), The Black Mace (45). Total: 260
Chaos Lord (65), Power Sword (15), Aura of Dark Glory (15), Mark of Slaanesh (15). Total: 110

Troops: 968
Noise Marines x9 (165), Sonic Blaster x8 (24), Power Sword (15), Doom Siren (15), Rhino (35). Total: 254
CSM x10 (140), CCW x9 (18), Meltagun (10), Power Weapon (15), Mark of Slaanesh x10 (20), Rhino (35). Total: 238
CSM x10 (140), CCW x9 (18), Meltagun (10), Power Weapon (15), Mark of Slaanesh x10 (20), Rhino (35). Total: 238
CSM x10 (140), CCW x9 (18), Meltagun (10), Power Weapon (15), Mark of Slaanesh x10 (20), Rhino (35). Total: 238

Fast Attack: 170
Helldrake (170), Baleflamer (Free). Total: 170

Heavy Support: 342
Forgefiend (175), Ectoplasm Cannon (25). Total 200
Vindicator (120), Siege Shield (10), Havoc Launcher (12). Total: 142


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Guessing MURDER SWORD is going to be a new /tg/ thing.

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The one with the Mark of Slaanesh wins.

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>Murder Sword

GW does it again with those brilliant names. Inb4 Dark Angels get death guns or hurtblades.

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>any friendly units can deep strike without scattering
>friendly units from this codex
Wut. Did Kelly forget the Chaos Marines' best buddies?

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>taking the mark of slaanesh

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Chaos Lord
- Mark of Khorne
- Terminator Armour
- Gift
- Combat familiar
- Axe of Blind Fury
- Power Maul
- Sigil of Corruption
- Ichor Blood
- Veteran of the Long War
Sure it's 222 points, but 50 MILLION ATTACKS, EAT SHIT LOYALIST SCUM

>Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle
>No blight grenades
Nigger what? It's probably the best 5 point upgrade in the book if you have access to it; you're not rolling with plague marines (unless you want to waste a great deal of the bike's usefulness), so why not?

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Okay, so now I'm at a loss here. I want to field both a chaos lord and a daemon prince with the mark of khorne, but I don't have a powerfist model for the lord (yet), so I was thinking doubling daemon weapons.

Is the axe any good on a lord?

>> No.20959861

Finally got the IW list down, me thinks:

Warpsmith 110
10x CSM w/ Flamer + Melta, Champ with PS 170
5x CSM w/ Plasma, Champ with Combi-plasma 100
Vindicator 120

Wonder if the Maulerfiend will live up to it's rule on Paper, definately looks like a Tank Hunter to me

Once i get to 750/1k enter the 3x Ecto Forgefiend

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The axe is really good, if you have a khorne lord and the points take it.

>> No.20959873

What a sec, you can actually dual-wield daemon weapons? How would that work on the tabletop? Choose one to do your attacks in or split?

>Are you a bad enough dude to MURDER SWORD and BLACK MACE someone in the face simultaneously?

>> No.20959876

>Implying he won't strike at the sergeant anyway
>Implying you'll have anything to strike back with
The squad Kharn and his retinue get into combat with are going to get misted; just shoot him in the dick. He's only got a 3+ armour save and no invul, and it's likely his squad will be similar.

>> No.20959880

Warpflame Gargoyles+Havoc Launchers

Napalm rockets!

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>> No.20959921

Okay, gimme you opinion, /tg/:

Should I go:
Chaos Lord with mark of khorne, terminator armor and black mace;
Daemon prince with mark of khorne, wings, power armor and axe of blindfury?

or should I swap the daemon weapons?

Also thinking about giving the daemon prince Kharn's flamer so he can torch stuff as he flies around.

>> No.20959922

Thats only one daemon weapon. He's pairing it with a vanilla powermaul.

Also you can buy 2 daemon weapons, but you have to choose which one to use.

>> No.20959926

I'm I reading this right?

The wording under terminators sounds like you can either exchange your CC weapon, your combi-bolter you both for a pair of lightning claws, but no mixing.

So if you take a combi-melta, no chainfist for you, etc.?

>> No.20959929

Oh the old days of ridiculous deathstar units, I missed you. Reminds me of the first game I ever played, starring my friends 500 point chosen unit.

>> No.20959938

I prefer the Mace on the DP. Firstly, MoK isn't exactly the best Mark for the DP, Secondly, the DP can smash with the Black Mace for AP2.

>> No.20959947

>hit him with Initiative 7+ force weapons
>hope he fails a 2+/4++
Kharn is more dangerous in combat, to be honest

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>> No.20959959

No. Replace the PW with a Chainfist instead of the bolter.

>> No.20959961

It says "Replace a weapon" so I can just up and replace the Apostle's bolt pistol for The Black Mace and his powermaul for the MURDER SWORD.

Risky but wicked for casual games. Mark a special dude with the sword, slap everyone else's shit with the mace.

>> No.20959964

Oh, my mistake; he has a 5++ invulnerable save.
Still doesn't change anything, shooting is the best bet with kharn - Unless you've got a character with the balls to challenge a WS7, S7, 7 Attack, hit on 2+ with hatred, AP2 rape machine with I5.
Of course, you could always let him kill the sarge and hope he turns into a spawn. That would be hilarious.

>> No.20959977

ah, right

>> No.20959981

A generic TH/SS Biker Captain should deal with him fine.

>> No.20959986


But there's that damn Look Out Sir.

>> No.20960001


+1 Initiative is huge in this edition.

>> No.20960013

Nice work, anon. This geek is pleased

>> No.20960016

I'm really worried about the Chaos Lord turning WS 5. This could make all his challenges a lot harder...
Plus, rage is a moot point on the Lord but not on the DP.

And yeah, Khorne DPs suck, yadda yadda. I used him when he was way worse than now, so I don't really care if he could be made better by being dedicated to other gods.

>> No.20960022

Guys, steed of Slaanesh gives outflank and acute senses. Give a lord MoS that and MURDER SWORD. And have him sneak in for the kill from the back lines

>> No.20960024

Holy shit are chaos spawns not only usable but good now?

>> No.20960035


WS5 and WS6 have little difference.

Sergeants and most other characters are WS4 and still hit you on 4+ and get hit on 3+.

Archons, hive tyrants and such will still hit you on 3+ and get hit on 4+.

It only makes a slight difference against WS5 and WS6.

>> No.20960045

Yeah but mostly for Nurgle only though.

>> No.20960050

They're decent and definitely better, but they still aren't the best use of the points and slot.

>> No.20960055

>Lords of Tzeentch
>The Changer of Ways grants his followers access to an almost limitless supply of arcane power.
>+1 to Invulnerable save

>> No.20960066


It's unfair that Tzeentch is only way to get 3++ lords.


>> No.20960067

I'm making a 500 point list to test out the codex tell me how it looks

Dark Apostle, VotLW, Combat minion, MoN

Troops - 236
Cultist, Stubber, MoN - 75
Cultist, Autogun, Stubber, MoN - 84
Cultist, Flamer, Shotgun, MoK - 77

Heavy Support - 125

Total - 496

>> No.20960098

>Have to choose between AP2 and Str 8 rerollable

Why does GW refuse to make Abadabadoo worth his points?

>> No.20960117

So, has anyone delivered a pdf yet? Or should I make one?

>> No.20960125

>5 attacks base
>Daemon weapons are better
>Rage and Counterattack

He's better then before.

>> No.20960134


>> No.20960135

Did I not link to a PDF in the OP?

>> No.20960136

Two PDFs have been posted in the thread. The second which is optimized.

>> No.20960147

>Dark Apostle

My Inner Word Bearer rages.

>> No.20960150

I sure hope when I take these printed out scans into my GW they won't get mad

>> No.20960157


He's 10 points cheaper than before, has a Preferred Enemy bubble against the most common armies in the game, makes Chosen troops and is actually more powerful in CC than before.

Abaddon vs Eldar and Guard using drachnyen now does more wounds than in the old book.

Abaddon against any form of spess mareen or terminator using drach'nyen, does even more damage. On charge he's 40% better against MEQ and TEQ. Getting charged, he's still 40% better than before. Using Talon of Horus on charge or getting charged he's over 20% better against 3+ saves than before, and no risk to harm himself.

In second or later rounds of combat with drach'nyen he's still over 10% better than before.

And in 4e he was the most powerful beatstick character that was not a monstrous creature.

>> No.20960164

>going to gw

>> No.20960166


Still not remotely worth his points

At least Ahriman got a point discount, A good warlord trait, 3 Beams of fuckyou every turn and a better invuln save

>> No.20960167

Does anyone have that chaos up in this motherfucker image?

>> No.20960187

Derp, I thought I was still in a former thread were the OP posted a image set, same pic and all. Whatever.

>> No.20960188


Abadoo is more worth his points than any 275 point character in the game, including Draigo and Logan.

Which says a lot since he's himself just a 265 point character. He's better than Mephiston too.

>> No.20960202

So is a Death Guard force viable in the new book?

>> No.20960212


>> No.20960216

Very. Sport nothing but plague marines, terminators, typhus, and some non-zombified cultists along with zombified cultists. Bring Epi and some plague bearers as allies.

>> No.20960239

>hit squad with ordinance
>shoot kharn once his meatshields die

Murder swords. Undivided only.

>> No.20960254

>explain your pic plz

>> No.20960264

Thanks for that. Time to cry at how light my wallet will get in the next week or so

>> No.20960274

Murder Sword doesn't have any restrictions Mark-wise.

>> No.20960279

No items, final destination... a smash brothers reference.

>> No.20960281

it's a parody of smash-brothers tournament players

No items, Fox only, Final Destination.

>> No.20960291


No items, fox only, Final Destination.

>> No.20960315

so saaneshi dp rules are already Superior to others and they go and make it five fucking points cheaper than the other marks for dp? what is the incentive to take a non slaanesh dp again?

>> No.20960329


How are they superior?

rending is worthless for a monstrous creature, and other abilities are just a slight speed boost.

>> No.20960331

Dark Apostle with:

Mark of Tzeentch, MURDER SWORD, Black Mace, Combat Familiar, Ichor Blood, Gift, Veteran. Attached to maxed-out Cultist squad. Independent Characters pass Look Out, Sir! rolls on a 2+

3++ 2-Wound beatstick with an extra 35 potential wounds. Replace with Chaos Lord for even more pain.

>> No.20960365

Furious Charge Mark of Khorne Berzerkers are neat

>> No.20960374

with chainaxes, no less

they only got better.

>> No.20960399

we are talking about a flying close combat monster. speed is everything. combined with it being cheeper, theres not really a reason to take the other marks.
Im not saying the other marks are bad (not sure what the fuck slow and purposeful is suposed to do for a nurgle dp sense he cant tote heavy wepons) but they dont have an advantage worth the five point increase over slaanesh. so speed and 5 points cheeper is better than what the other marks offer.

>> No.20960409


Fleet does nothing to flying speed. If you want to fly a DP for real benefit, take Nurgle. 3+ dive saves and Slow & Purposeful does not hinder flying.

Tzeentch is also better than slaanesh, especially if you take power armour, because DP needs survivability.

>> No.20960410

what do chainaxes do again
the reference page doesnt correlate to the dl link so Im like what

>> No.20960413

Okay /tg/ check this out with me, but I think the DPs don't get the benefit of the marks.

I mean, a nurgle DP gets shrouded and slow and purposeful, but does not get +1 toughness.

or am I reading this wrong?

>> No.20960423

No, you're right, they cannot have marks.

>> No.20960426

you are correct, they dont get the standard mark

>> No.20960434

AP 4.

And I'm going to fucking rage if GW doesn't give Choppas AP 4 as well, considering that's where Khornate Chainaxes stole their old 3.5e rule from.

>> No.20960435


DP only get the benefit of (daemon of x). If they are ascended DP's that had mark before, the mark disappears and they become daemons of the god whose mark they used to have.

>> No.20960439


You can expect 8-9 point boyz too in that case.

>> No.20960447

That makes the axe prince a viable choice again, as he doesn't waste the rage he gets for it. And WS 8 is still fucking scary.

Plus, I keep getting the feeling they are going to FAQ it so that you cannot smash with daemon weapons.

>> No.20960451

ap4 in close combat

>> No.20960458


DP's are WS9.

That's important because marines and orks need 5's to hit them.

>> No.20960462

daemon axe gives -1WS

>> No.20960474

Not if they remain at 'Always Strikes Last', in which case they will most likely be 7pts... and it will make choppa/sluggas worth fielding once again. Besides, Shootas are undercosted anyways at 6pts a model.

>> No.20960526

Terminator chaos lord

roll on boon table

get mechanoid

armor save improves by 1


>> No.20960533

I know that's increased armor pen
but like
what was it before?
sorry im not sober and I've only played like 15 games

>> No.20960545

I've a feeling that they'll be borrowing the choppa rules from fantasy.

>> No.20960548

Slaanesh doesn't increase your speed very much if you take Wings, and it doesn't help you avoid the inevitable cloud of Missiles/Autocannons/Plasma that is going to be flying at the 200+ point rape monster.

>> No.20960550

>Implying you can get a 1+ save

>> No.20960556

Doesn't stack.

>> No.20960557


>> No.20960559

Saves can't be improved past 2+, sorry.

>> No.20960563

say what

>> No.20960574

No, in that case it's a wasted gift.

Consider it your patron god having a giggle at your expense.

>> No.20960591

Rolled 5, 1 = 6

Everyone in this thread is worthy of a boon of chaos roll 2d6 and she how you've been blessed by the dark gods

>> No.20960601

Hey guys, have I missed something or do Icons no longer help with Deep Striking?

>> No.20960610

So, here's a fun thing.
15 Chaos Space Marines (trade boltgun for bolt pistol) with Mark of Nurgle and 3 meltaguns - 235 points. That unit takes 203 bolters to kill. In that time, it can and will march across the board, meltagunning what it can and assaulting the remains. On the charge, they have 3 attacks each. Now take it 4 times. Not saying it's the best but holy fuck, 60 marines for 945 points which kill almost anything? That's amazingly good. Fuck plague marines, I can run loads of normal Nurgle devoted marines and make monster units.

>> No.20960616

They don't, because lol Chaos, who gives a shit right?

>> No.20960618

Come on Dark Apotheosis!

>> No.20960622

Were does it say that? because i've been looking all over the rules and cant find it


>> No.20960630

Rolled 5, 3 = 8

Fucked it up, woops. ROLLAN FOR DEEPEE

>> No.20960640

Nurgle loves his children.

>> No.20960641


>> No.20960644

Rolled 4, 1 = 5

Come on Dark Apotheosis!

You can only take 2 meltaguns in a squad.

>> No.20960646

Kind of boring, and you make it sound like people are just going to take bolters.

>> No.20960649

Rolled 5, 5 = 10


>> No.20960655


>I guess it's working.

>> No.20960664

spawndom get

>> No.20960666

The same unit can shrug off 10 psycannons. My point was to show how worthless bolters would become against such an army. Also I fucked the math anyway.

>> No.20960667

Rolled 1, 3 = 4

I'm such a retard

>> No.20960668

Give a Dark Apostle MURDER SWORD to make him king of challenges, then use his ability to re-roll the boons. Might as well stick Dimensional Key on him too.

>> No.20960677

Rolled 5, 6 = 11

Come on Nurgle, I need something good here, not just rot.

>> No.20960681

Rolled 6, 5 = 11


Surely that was a failure worth spawning?

>> No.20960682


Now shut up.

>> No.20960688


Take Fabius, make one unit Enhanced Warriors. Now they're S5, T5, and Fearless.

>> No.20960689

Rolled 1, 3 = 4


>> No.20960701

Rolled 2, 4 = 6



>> No.20960703

Bullshit, their entry says they MUST HAVE marks, and their Daemon of *Mr. Sponsor* does not say that it overrules their mark's effect. Which means a Tzeentchian DP should have a 4++ and rerolls of 1s on all saves. Because fuck you, he's almost a Lord of Change.

>> No.20960712

Rolled 5, 1 = 6

Wow, XTREME UNWORTHY. Try again, you might get spawned for bothering the Gods a third time in a row.


also fuck it, rollan again.

>> No.20960717

My Tzeentchian Obliterators with 2+/4++, for instance. And my Chaos Daemons too.

>> No.20960723


It'll be in the FAQ, I don't doubt it.

>> No.20960724

Rolled 2, 1 = 3


>> No.20960734

Rolled 1, 2 = 3

I had feeling today would be the leak day :3

Lets get MUTATING!

>> No.20960741

So do I see this right, a chaos lord can't get a daemon weapon anymore? Except for that special axe and the mace?
I'm sad, I was really looking for to my new chaos lord with a daemon weapon.

>> No.20960748


Oh lawd.

>> No.20960758



But did you listen? lolnope, enjoy your six limp tentacle limbs and your fat amorphous body, failed champion.

>> No.20960768


Oh god, my sides have just entered the Warp.
This codex ain't for you, bro.

>> No.20960770

Rolled 6, 4 = 10


>> No.20960778

Today truly is a glorious day for the Ruinous powers.

>> No.20960780


What's the problem? The new weapons will get different new powers from the boon table during the game anyway.

>> No.20960789

Rolled 2, 1 = 3

Why didnt my sacrifice please you lord!

>> No.20960793


>> No.20960794

Anyone got a PDF?

>> No.20960795

Actually nowhere does it say that a DP gets to take a mark (unlike all the other HQs). The entry just says that it has to be upgraded to a daemon of X. I'm sorry.

>> No.20960801


>> No.20960803



>> No.20960804

They have no option for marks.
And Dark Apothesis says;
>If the Champion had a Mark of Chaos, the Daemon Prince is instead a Daemon of the same Chaos God.

>> No.20960805


There's links all over the thread, you fuck.

>> No.20960809

The Chaos Gods are probably shitting themselves laughing right now.

>> No.20960816

Rolled 3, 6 = 9


>> No.20960822

so how bout them points increases mr demon prince?

>> No.20960825


>> No.20960827

Codex seems awfully boring. Not bad (looks like some really strong choices even) but... boring. A watered down attempt at trying to represent so many different ideas and armies that nothing particularly clicks.

And Kelly thinks Soulblaze and fear are worth 15 points each, hahaha.

>> No.20960829

Such is the way of chaos.

>> No.20960836

Rolled 6, 5 = 11

Pathetic Tzeentch, Nurgle loves all.

>> No.20960847

Jesus christ..

>> No.20960862

I was just looking forward to having my lord swing a daemon weapon, that is all.
And the way I see it, there isn't even one special daemon weapon for each god, only the axe and the mace.

>> No.20960863


>Points increase
>no marks(unless FAQ gives it marks)
>no Eternal Warrior

Yeah, that kinda sucks that they did that. I hope they give it some love in the FAQ.

>> No.20960880

Rolled 1, 2 = 3

And to proof your statement.
Give it to me daddy.
Cover me in your glory. All the glory!

>> No.20960881

Why would they be given marks? They're clearly not designed to have them.

>> No.20960884


Nurgle favors you today, champion. Tzeentch is on the run. Immortality is yours.

>> No.20960895

Oh dear. It seems he loves you not at all.

>> No.20960898

Rolled 5, 1 = 6

Go fuck yourself you fat bastard.

>> No.20960901


They aren't. But it's the Toughness 6, man. Do you really want your DP to get one shotted by a Railgun?

>> No.20960911

Rolled 1, 1 = 2

I feel the warp overtaking me.

>> No.20960924


>> No.20960926

Or not.

>> No.20960928

Sure you do.

>> No.20960929


That doesn't matter much, the scroll of magnus fits Tzeentch more than some gun.

Personally I think the S4 AP3 Torrent Soulfire flamer is the best chaos artefact.

>> No.20960941

Rolled 5, 3 = 8


No, you're feeling something alright, but it's not the warp.

Watch this. This is how you do it.

>> No.20960945

Rolled 6, 4 = 10

Come on Daemonhood!

>> No.20960952

Rolled 1, 3 = 4


>> No.20960961

Rolled 4, 4 = 8

What the fuck man, Tzeentch, I thought you were a cool guy. Give me something man, don't be an asshole.

>> No.20960966

Rolled 6, 4 = 10

Lord Tzeentch rewards those of wit and cunning.

>> No.20960968

Rolled 3, 4 = 7

Let's see what Khorne grants.

>> No.20960971

I recommend you do not tempt the gods any further.

>> No.20960980

Honestly I play TS as i'm a TS fanboy but even I think the Scroll of Magnus is shit. I'd rather pay the points to get Mastery Level 3 and stick with those than risk those fucking hits for extra powers. It's not very worthwhile.

>> No.20960986

Rolled 4, 6 = 10


>> No.20960993

Rolled 3

You see? Now behold my D3.

>> No.20961003

Rolled 1, 1 = 2


>> No.20961005


It only has a 1 in 6 chance to wound you if you have aura, and 1 in 9 if you have the sigil.

It's about as dangerous to user as a daemon weapon, which fits.

>> No.20961009

That reminds me actually, how does the Multiple Gifts thing work?

>> No.20961019

Rolled 4, 3 = 7


>> No.20961020

Rolled 3, 3 = 6

I'm sorry, where's your Daemonhood?

>> No.20961022

Rolled 4, 6, 1, 5, 3, 4, 1, 5 = 29


>> No.20961037

Rolled 4, 6 = 10


>> No.20961042

Chaos Lord with Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, The Murder Sword, Sigil of Corruption and Veterans of the Long War is a rape-missile. Better yet with a squad of bikers.

>> No.20961044

Hm, well I have Sigil + MoT so a 3+ invuln. Good odds?

But CSM don't get access to two of the schools yet they're included in the scrolls table. Does that mean I can bypass that? In that case maybe it's not too bad a choice. Turns my Sorc HQ into a living bomb.

>> No.20961056

Rolled 2, 4 = 6


>> No.20961057

>4, 6
>3, 4


Roll a D3. Add one to the result and roll that many more times on the table. Rerolling any Spawn of Daemonhood rolls.

>> No.20961063

GW can't be that dumb, even a Horror has a 4++. Surely you jest.

>> No.20961065


Scroll of Magnus can get anything its entry says.

Huron can also get divination spells with the Hamadrya.

>> No.20961066


Just give it to a winged Daemon Prince. That way, the drawback will need a 6 to wound, and you'll have a buffer of wounds to protect you.

>> No.20961081

Sweet. That's actually fucking amazing. I'd have thought they wouldn't let you re-roll spawnhood due to the inherent risk of having so many gifts that you're a mess of a blob. Would be volatile and capricious much like the nature of Chaos itself.

>> No.20961083


Yeah, that's the other option: you really won't be taking the wound that often, and getting access to more powers is invaluable.

>> No.20961095

>Surely you jest.

Nope. I think you might be able to take a seal of corruption for a 4++ though.

>> No.20961098

no....read it for yourself. Nowhere in the codex does it so much as reference Daemon Princes and Marks in the same sentence, except once when they tell you that a newly-ascended Prince LOSES his mark.

They are T5, 5++, with no way to improve either.

>> No.20961100

Rolled 3, 4 = 7

Fuck that. MORE BOONS

>> No.20961102




>> No.20961106

Rolled 2, 4 = 6

Yeah, by the way, spawns are rapey now, especially Nurgle ones.

Which reminds me, if you turn into a DP, what happens to your wargear? Do you need to pick a dedication?

Rollan for Nurgle again.

>> No.20961118

Just read the damn Chaos Boon table, it fucking explains how it works. It even has bullet points.

>> No.20961122


You keep your power armor, but ditch your other stuff. You gain the dedication for a god if you had that god's mark.

>> No.20961128

You lose your gear. If you have a mark you become a daemon of the god your marked by. You get power armour at least.

>> No.20961131

Well fuck. So much for DPs, then...
However, with close combat becoming even worse than it ever was, a full Thousand Sons shooty army will surely work. All that warpy dakka...

>> No.20961135

I'm pretty sure that Tzeentch Daemons are going back to a 5++ generic save from the Daemon rule. See new screamers and flamers.

>> No.20961144


Actually, come to think of it, that kinda sucks. Because you can give a Daemon Prince or a Chaos Lord a Daemon Weapon, but if the Lord becomes a Daemon Prince, he has to ditch the weapon? And consequently have a potentially worse profile? That really doesn't make sense.

>> No.20961151

If you get spawned or princed, you lose ALL wargear and boons. Spawns lose warlord trait, prince keeps them. Prince also gains free power armour.

Both keep the mark they chose if they were marked before the change but the effect is replaced for that particular unit's entry (DP doesn't get +1 Invuln, he gets the Daemon of Tzeentch rule with save fails of 1 being re-rollable)

>> No.20961154

Rolled 6, 1 = 7


>> No.20961156

Rolled 2, 4 = 6


Cheers, I'm a moron. Let's see what stupidity rolls on the table then.

>> No.20961159


And good riddance.

Remember that as recently as in 3.5e they all had the same invulnerable saves.

Tzeentch daemons getting better saves was a gav invention.

>> No.20961164

Rolled 5, 5 = 10

Blood for the Blood Blood!

>> No.20961165

Think of it this way: if your Chaos Lord had only 1 Wound left, he'll get the new statline, meaning a fresh 4 Wounds!

>> No.20961166

Such is the nature of Chaos, I guess.

It's pretty cool, I think. you can potentially get so many buffs that turning into a super-unit is a fucking NERF.

>> No.20961170

And ti was the only thing to come close to justifying these damn point costs.

>> No.20961173

Rolled 4, 2 = 6

Now I ask thee Tzeentch, grant me your boon so that I may dedicate the last breaths of my foes to you!

>> No.20961178

awe yea

instant death

>> No.20961183

Boon...boon. That just sounds silly. Boon.

>> No.20961189

Rolled 1, 3 = 4

I call upon Nurgle! Blessed Plaguefather! Grant me your boon for I shall dedicate the poisoned worlds that I conquer to you!

>> No.20961205


Well, I wonder if they'll FAQ it. I dunno though.

Abaddon turning into a Daemon Prince will be interesting: he'll get Furious Charge, reroll failed saves of 1, Slow and Purposeful, Shrouded, Fleet, Rending, +3" run distance? The Slaanesh and Nurgle rules don't even work with each other properly, lol.

>> No.20961209

anons, I had a dream of fielding a zombie horde on the tabletop; but with 6th ed being all about the shooting, is this a stupid plan doomed to failure? or is there some way i can still have it?

>> No.20961213

Rolled 4, 1 = 5

Fine then, if Nurgle shall not grant me a boon then I will at last call upon Slaanesh! In your name we shall create whole worlds dedicated to the cultivation of mountains of drugs!

>> No.20961219

So, I'm not good at codex analysis: How well does this codex work for the newly turned/lightly chaotic? I had the idea of making an Ultramarines Successor whose chapter master has been listening to whispers in his dreams for more and greater tactical wisdom and guiding his whole chapter towards perfection who's on the road to being Slaaneshi. Could an army of mostly neutral folks with the Lord and his Chosen having marks of slaanesh work?

>> No.20961224

Rolled 3, 2 = 5

Eh, why not

>> No.20961227

Rolled 3, 5 = 8

Now by the names of all the Dark Gods, grant me life everlasting!

>> No.20961230


With the removal of No Retreat, 6th ed. is also about Fearless tarpits. That's where the zombie horde comes in. Take Typhus, a mass of zombies as troops to tie up their shooty units, and then Plague Marines and Noise Marines to give fire support.

>> No.20961231


You can get 35 zombies for 150 points, it's a good tarpit and in cover really hard to kill.

>> No.20961237

Rolled 6, 6 = 12

> the champion's flesh bulges out in clammy rolls

> implying I'm not already superfat

>> No.20961242

Guise, how does this sound for my Iron Warriors chaos lord?

Chaos Lord (65)
-Terminator Armour (40)
-Mark of Nurgle (15)
-Blight Grenades (5)
-Gift of Mutation (10)
-Power Axe (15)
-The Black Mace (45)

Total: 195

>> No.20961247

hwelp, brb, daemon prince.

>> No.20961252


It works. Don't give troops Veteran of The Long War or marks, take Lords and Chosen with marks of slaanesh, and take rhinos and such vehicles without tentacles or more chaosy upgrades in general.

>> No.20961256

Rolled 1, 4 = 5

No it cannot be! A great unclean one! Why dark ones?! Am I not yet worthy enough to receive such a boon? After all I have done in your names?!

>> No.20961257


For an Ultramarines successor, use the basic Chaos Space Marine profile: 13 points, Bolter+Bolt Pistol, solid statline, nothing more nothing less. Those can represent renegade marines still retaining Codex Astartes tactics and not yet corrupted by Chaos. If take Icons of Vengeance, you can model them as chapter and company banners.

Then the Lord and the Chosen can be given the Mark of Slaanesh, to show that they are being turned towards Chaos.

>> No.20961272

The Dark Gods find your appeals pathetic. You are not worthy of their dark glory!

>> No.20961277


Don't see a problem, is the mark of nurgle counts-as thing for bionics or something?

>> No.20961280

Rolled 4, 3 = 7

I refuse to accept this! If you will not grant me power then I shall dedicate my life to serving Malal. I will see your daemon worlds BURN beneath my boot, your daemonic servants shall be crushed by my hand, and all your champions shall be made my slaves.

>> No.20961286

130 points for five T5 Havocs with 4 Autocannons. Holy shit.

>> No.20961287

Rolled 4, 1 = 5

A momentary delay!

>> No.20961289

Rolled 4, 4 = 8

This is how I Dark Apostate.

>> No.20961297

Rolled 6, 3 = 9

Now Malal hear my call, grant me... UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

>> No.20961315

> Masochism
What you have for trying to call on Malal! Hweh heh heh!

>> No.20961319

Rolled 4, 3 = 7

Nice try but no.

>> No.20961332

Rolled 4, 2 = 6

One last try, I shall at last find the power I seek.

>> No.20961337

Can you mix ghost cannon mouth with autocannon armor on the forgefiend?

>> No.20961343

I have a member of my gaming group whose like 35 years old and incredibly immature. The guy doesn't make a list so much as plonk down every painted model he has and excepts them to work. He's a Nurgle fanboy, hates counts-as and unpainted models and gets really offended when you give him any criticism or offer help.

Anytime one of his units dies, he lets out this big drawn-out sigh and when he inevitably loses he claims the other army is overpowered.

I play mono-god tzeentch and I will remain so due to my fluff and preferences but I swear to god if he says "you're overpowered" because my 2 HQs have a 3+ invuln and a few more spells when he has access to ALL of Nurgle's love I'm going to TEAR HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!

>> No.20961366

Benedictus pls go

>> No.20961389

Rolled 1

>Multiple boons
>Re-roll Spawnhood and Dark Apotheosis
>Don't re-roll Multiple Boons
>Unlimited boons with luck

>> No.20961402



>> No.20961408

Yeah, the chances of that happening are pretty fucking low but shit, if you manage to roll those, you deserve them!

That would be glorious.

>> No.20961421

>All 10 Stat Line Rerollable +2 Armor save with shit tons of special rules

I have acceded even the Greater Daemons!

>> No.20961437

I swear if that happened to me, I'd give that model some kind of trophy on his person and record it in my hand-made Book of Magnus.

>> No.20961444

That's what happened to Horus I guess.

>> No.20961448

>paste sergeant in next challenge
>roll dark apotheosis
>lose all your rolls

>> No.20961475

Yeah that'd be fucking awful but hilarious too. Though by the time you probably get spawned or princed, you would've cut a bloody swathe through half the opposing army.

Christ. A cultist Champion could possibly become a fucking Primarch. THANK YOU BASED KELLY.

>> No.20961477

*Roll* AHH IT SEEMS YOU'RE QUITE BLESSED INDEAD, JUST WAIT...*Rolls* *Rolls* WHAT THE...THAT CAN'T BE...*Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* DAMNIT! *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* *Rolls* OH FUCK IT, DAEMON PRINCE IT IS!"

>> No.20961484

Rolled 4, 1 = 5

What does the soul blaze rule actually do? Is it in this codex or in the rulebook?

>> No.20961491

Rule book.

>> No.20961505

It's a piece of shit, you can safely ignore it.

>> No.20961512

If you cause an unsaved wound to a model in a unit, the unit is set on fire. On the enemy's turn, roll a D6. 3 or less, fire dies and nothing happens. On a 4+, the fire blazes and stays for that turn, doing D3 S4 AP5 hits.

You usually pay 15 points for this shitty DoT as an icon whose bearer can be sniped. It's a decent upgrade for tanks though cause it's only 5 points (Havoc Launcher become NAPALM MISSILE LAUNCHER)

>> No.20961520

Rolled 6, 3 = 9

Cheers anon. My Vindicators just got even scarier.

>> No.20961549

Daemon Princes have Veteran of the Long War?
What if my Daemon Prince it from a time long before the Imperium? Huh? What if he's from a planet, unknown to the imperium, where he conquered the eintire planet in the name of the dark gods, huh?

>> No.20961555


>> No.20961559


Now we know Abadabadoo keeps giving the Chaos Gods the finger and staying as a human.

>> No.20961568


In those cases it represents experience, or perhaps the Dark Gods simply cram your mind full of Horus Heresy fluff during ascension.

>> No.20961582

>All 4 Chaos Gods take turns into beating the Daemon Prince upside the head with Graham McNeill and ADB novels

>> No.20961669

Rolled 5, 1 = 6

I wonder what boon will be bestowed upon a humble Tau?

>> No.20961681

Mwahahahahaha! No more Ethereals bossing me around!

>> No.20961724

>Kharn has Hatred (Everything), so he supposedly rerolls To Hit rolls on the first round of every combat. What does the Betrayer do in that case?

He hits your guys because he rolled a 1. Then he re-rolls.

>> No.20961768

How about this "I piss at close combat" Thousand Sons list?

Ahriman - 230

Warpsmith; Gift of Mutation, Combi-Melta, Veteran - 135

10xThousand Sons - 265
(Ahriman goes here ; is the first to Infiltrate)

5xChosen; 3xFlamer, 1xMelta, PW - 130 (Secondary Infiltrating unit)

10xCSM; 2xFlamer, Rhino - 185

9xHavocs; 2xAutocannon, 2xLascannon - 187

9xHavocs; 2xAutocannon, 2xLascannon - 187

9xHavocs; 2xAutocannon, 2xLascannon - 187

Total: 1500

>> No.20961774

Dumbfuck anon that accidentally posted the IKRPG link in the previous thread here. To make up for it, have a Chaos Codex with bookmarks (don't think one has been posted yet). I've had sleep and most likely haven't fucked it up this time.


>> No.20961775

Meanwhile in the warp.

>> No.20961791

With everything I was expecting to see in this thread, fanart was not among it.

>> No.20961802

>Khorne's face when

>> No.20961838

So...using this codex, what's the best way to make an effective AND fluffy 1Ksons force? I can imagine easily making a squad of shooty "rubric" terminators led by a Sorcerer lord. Is Ahriman himself worth taking, or is it better to just build a mastery-level 3 tzn sorcerer?

The defiler...seems overcosted, and I still hate that it's trying to do too many things. As a weapons platform, it has to choose between battlecannon and the other weapons, or just being a melee-monster (that STILL has a battlecannon).

And the new chaos dinobots...I just can't see myself making them properly tzeentchy. I think I'll stick with my Daemons attatchment for more ranged fire support rather than tons of heavy vehicles and walkers.

>> No.20961842


"And so, Bob the Disgruntled Baker swept forth and brought an entire star system to its knees by his lonesome"

>> No.20961851

1) Level 3 Sorcerer.
2) Don't take any Thousand Sons
3) Havocs.

>> No.20961871

>Fluff is so bland and totally inoffensive

I miss Ward.

>> No.20961875

I play Fluffy TS.

My Obliterators are mind-controlled slaves, my Maulerfiend is a Tomb King Warsphinx, my cultists are the ghosts of ancient terran warriors yanked from the warp, my Warpsmith is a sorc possessed by the souls of many long-dead Pyrae Cult members (fire+technomancy!) and my Apostle is a sorceror possessed by the physical will of Tzeentch.

You can fluff it up as you wish, provided you're good with your hands for converting as much as you are with the mind for fluff.

Have faith, brother.

>> No.20961878

But...I have, like 15 rubric marines...there's no way to make them any good? What do you use for troops?

And since when did Havocs become good? They look exactly the same as they used to...wait, because Autocannons are now cheaper? They're still not troops.

>> No.20961906

>missile spam and nothing else
>welcome to a kelly codex

To all those "but.. but.. but Ward writes bad fluff" niggers: fuck you.

>> No.20961907

Decent IW list?

>Warpsmith 110
>10x CSM w/ Flamer + Melta, Champ with PS 170
>5x CSM w/ Plasma, Champ with Combi-plasma 100
>Vindicator 120

>> No.20961930

It says "Long War" doesn't say which war. Never really says, which war specifically just implies that the Horus heresy was the long war. So as long as the war took a long time is the only real requirement. Hell your demon prince could have been forged from world war 2.

>> No.20961934

Yeah, I already sank enough cash in this bloody game. I already have an army, and while your conversion ideas are sweet, I don't want to rebuild from the ground up for what's essentially a beer and pretzels ruleset.

>> No.20961935

TS troops are fine and dandy bro, feel free to use them.

>> No.20961938

Missiles ain't cheap longfang though.

>> No.20961954

Thanks to the guy who posted the images (mediafire link), now I can read something till I buy the codex saturday.
Where is the pdf though? Don't want to watch all the images on my tablet.

>> No.20961964

The Long War has always referred to as the War the Chaos Marine wage against the Imperium.
Even if that wasn't the case, it wouldn't make any sense for Daemon Princes that weren't former Traitor Legionnaires to generally hate Space Marines.

>> No.20961969


Ahridude can be good in a foot list thanks to his infiltration power.

Don't take more than two 1ksons, they can be good but also expensive. Havocs and Oblits can both be dedicated to Tzeentch.

5 Terminators of Tzeentch with Veterans of Long War, 1 guy power sword/Heavy Flamer, 2 guys with Lightning Claw/combi-bolter, 1 guy with powersword/combi-melta, and 1 guy with powerfist/combi-bolter cost 225 points. That should be decent and affordable enough.

>> No.20961990


Doombreed was never a marine, and led the only Black Crusade that specifically targeted Space Marines.

Because Space Marines are the greatest defenders of Mankind they are most often the ones to thwart the evil plots of daemons and draw their ire. Thus Hatred (Space Marines).

>> No.20961994

>play Word Bearers
>cool a Dark Apostle
>useless statline, only boosts ld and a single reroll on the table IF he is in a unit with the character

thanks for something useless again

>> No.20962015

Oh, well, of course not on the 1Ksons. 2 is quite enough.

I'm kind of bummed that you can't give your Champions a mastery level for normal CSM or Cultists.

aw, the Reaper Autocannon still isn't good on termies?

>> No.20962026

Doesn't matter, Doombreed might not like them, but Doombreed isn't every Prince.
There's no reason that they should have it as a standard.

>> No.20962027

>>Kharn has Hatred (Everything), so he supposedly rerolls To Hit rolls on the first round of every combat. What does the Betrayer do in that case?
He hasn't missed. He has hit one of your guys. It isn't who you wanted to hit but it is a hit so no re-roll.

>> No.20962030

Yeah he's not a very good support unit, but at the very least he's a useful Cultist leader and CC beatstick.

It's a bit fluffy at least, a Dark Apostle leading a horde of newly-converted Chaos worshippers and using them as a meatshield while he smacks loyalist while screaming "THE POWER OF CHAOS COMPELS YOU!"

Remember, he can be given daemon weapons and a 3+ invuln.

>> No.20962034

anyone has the pdf?

>> No.20962037

Rolled 5, 6 = 11

I guess this is a good time to put on hold my Eldar and return to Chaos.

>> No.20962040

Consider: >>20961768

Ahriman is fuckawesome, because unless I missed something, you can use the same psychic power as many times as you like as long as you have enough Warp Charges. And he can shoot 3 witchfire spells thanks to his staff... That's Tzeentchian-speak for cumming buckets I think. There's a reason their sacred numbers match so well...

>> No.20962051


Reaper Autocannon is pretty much as before, that was just an example for close range, hence melta+flamer.

>> No.20962058

You don't even get to re-roll the Boon roll if you pay for Boon on the character as that happens before deployment and the Dark Apostle rule says that it works only after deployment.

>> No.20962060


>> No.20962065


Yes there is, the Space Marines are the heroes of the Imperium and most commonly thwart the daemons plans.

It makes no sense for daemons to hate Eldar or something like that as much as Marines. Even the galaxy's foremost daemon hunters are Marines.

>> No.20962077

>The same as many times as you like
What? Where does it say that.

>> No.20962081


But the Gift of Mutation roll can't turn you into a spawn or a prince, so it doesn't matter that much.

>> No.20962091

Fresh out of the printer and it needs an FAQ. Sounds like GW to me.

>> No.20962097

Daemon Princes don't need to give a shit about Marines or even the Imperium.

>> No.20962106

That's my problem, I can't find where it says that you can't.

>> No.20962115

In fantasy the elves are keeping the magic level in the world low, do daemons have Hatred Elves? No.

>> No.20962116


The few foolish daemons that do not soon will, as the mighty Space Marines thwart their plans and banish them to languish in the Warp.

>> No.20962126


>> No.20962135

You can only use the same weapon once per turn.
It's the same for normal guns and witch fire.

>> No.20962138


In Fantasy the Elves are not nearly as big a nuisance to daemons as Space Marines are for 40k daemons.

They just keep up a vortex somewhere, they don't come to slap your shit and laugh.

>> No.20962159

The Dark Apostle has the best chances of going infinite on the Boon chart and having his power become maximum, especially if you pair him with a Sorcerer to juice him up with Boon of Mutation every turn

>> No.20962160

Thank you, now I can work on my csm battlescribe template to build some army lists.

>> No.20962163

It's obvious if you just read both rules.

>> No.20962184


>> No.20962188

40k rulebook;

>> No.20962191

But the Black Staff's description has the following: "It allows Ahriman to manifest up to three witchfire powers in the same Shooting phase, provided he has enough Warp Charge points."
I was talking about casting the same spell more than once. I haven't found it in the rulebook where it said you couldn't do it.

>> No.20962208

This guy here:>>20962191
Well fuck. But then he's lvl4, he doesn't give a shit.

>> No.20962223

The "re-roll on the boon chart" thing isn't a one shot deal, it's every time you roll.

>> No.20962261

So, Noise Marines.
Excellent? Useable? Shit?
What do you think?

>> No.20962268

I just want to play undivided and have a chance of winning.

>> No.20962284

You have the easiest fucking job in the entire codex, mate.

Field what you want, mark them how you want. Everything goes for Chaos Undivided.

>> No.20962307

I don't know why, but I was hoping I could put 20 cultists in a land raider.
Would be funny with a mark of khorne.

>> No.20962320

Well if I mean undivided I mean no chaos god specific marks.

>> No.20962328

Regular CSMs are 13pts. For only 2pts extra you can give them a ccw (or exchange your bolter with one for free).
Bikes are cheap enough to be actually worthwhile (dropped 13pts in price).
Havocs can still take special weapons instead of heavy weapons.
Possessed and Warp Talon champs can take TWO gifts of mutation.
Regular raptors can still take 2 special weapons in a 5 man squad.

I think you'll do alright

>> No.20962332

Great objective grabbers/holders with their awesome and cheap dakka. Paired with Thousand Sons they're a tough nut to crack.

Our Land Raider is made of shit. But no matter, we don't need those silly things, we can field Cultist bodies to shield us from ranged nuisances.

>> No.20962342

Still viable bro, it's not like they're MANDATORY, seriously.

>> No.20962393

Yeah, and if you take Abby boy, he'll make your Chosen Troops, if you're into that sort of thing.

If you're a Word Bearer type like I used to be, then you can make good use of the few decent things in the Chaos Demons Codex. Then add some Cultists, Possessed (which are awesome, especially with MoT (consider it FAITH)), regular CSM, Chosen, Havocs, and forget those silly METAL BAWKSES - our life and death are both in the hand of the Gods.

In case of Iron Warriors it's the same deal, except you focus on dakka and drop the mutations and all that.

>> No.20962416

>Land Raider actually became more expensive
>Possession isn't even guaranteed to ignore shaken/stunned
>Possessed vehicles have a 1/6 chance of just eating a random dude on your first turn and whenever you're foolish enough to put guys back into the thing

>> No.20962437

Now the slaaneshi rhino with the vagina doors don't look so pleasent no more, huh?

>> No.20962441


Fuck transports, this isn't 5e.

Footslog your CSM and Cultists in huge throngs of 20+ dudes. When you can give them all 6++ saves, FNP, or T5 its totally fucking worth it. Chaos variants of loyalist vehicles look dumb anyway. Field more Hellbrutes/Helldrakes/Fiends/Defilers/Bikes/Obliterators/Terminators.

>> No.20962463

I want to see the heldrake sprues already.
I want to know if I can build something worthwhile out of this piece of shit model.

>> No.20962464

So, the people over at Whineseer and Heresy online seems to have gotten their grubby hands on the codex now aswell and they seem quite buttblasted about it, saying its "worse than 4th edition".

Wait, how is that even possible?

>> No.20962470


Speaking of footslogging;

Two 20 CSM units with Mark of Tzeentch accompanied by two 35 Cultist units with Mark of Tzeentch


My other choices were going to be CSM with Nurgle marks, or Slaanesh icon.

>> No.20962472

>mfw I just finished painting and magnetizing my chaos land raider

>> No.20962474

>jumping into possessed vehicles
that's your own damn fault, son.

>> No.20962495


What about Dreadclaws? FW models are legit now after all.

>> No.20962499



Cheap as fuck CSM and Cultists who are super resilient with marks (with the horde meta in full swing), and they get super cheap access to Hatred (Space Marines.) which make up the majority of armies played, esp. in tournaments.

>> No.20962502

Let's see:
Obliterators still have power fists
Plague Marines have poisoned weapons
Basic CSMs are 13pts
20pt bikers
Traditional Wargear list/Armoury is back with a vengeance
Fabius costs too much, but doesn't kill his own guys (though he can only upgrade 1 unit)
Chosen lost Infiltrate (ALL of my rage), but are cheaper
Possessed DON'T suck ass, though they're still probably too expensive
Cultists look like fun
Spawn suck, but less so than before (seriously, why aren't they daemons?)
All of that looks fine.

I think we made out alright.

>> No.20962503

it's objectively superior to the 4th edition book

online forums are the worst for everything except maybe painting/modelling threads

>> No.20962511

Me too bro. I've also got some converted TS predators and Vindicators on my table i'm working on.

Oh well, still fieldable and powerful. More shit to field = Funner apocalypse games.

>> No.20962517


Field it anyway, bro. Take whatever the fuck you want. Fiends and Hellbrutes look like garbage but I'm still gonna have two of each in my army.

>> No.20962528


Are they? That'd be awesome. I just don't like Rhinos or Predators, myself. Especially now when fielding more than ten CSM in a unit is viable.

>> No.20962535

tee gee , help me come up with a good nurgle list for 1500 points

>> No.20962545


all the nurgles


>> No.20962568


No joke?


Take a unit of 35 Cultists and make them his Plague Zombie retinue. This is unfluffy as fuck, but give them Marks of Tzeentch to make them resilient meat-wall for Typhus.

Grab two more units of Plague Marines for your Troops. You might also consider taking another cultist unit or two as well for more meat-fodder.

??? the rest is up to you, I love Chaos Bikers with Marks of Nurgle, and Hellbrutes could look nice if you green-stuffed on boils, dangling intestines, pot-bellies and so on to them.

>> No.20962569

What this guy said.

2x Plague marine squads

Enjoy taking everyone's lunch money, innocence and anal virginity.

>> No.20962571

>Possessed DON'T suck ass, though they're still probably too expensive
10 Possessed with MoT cost 310 points, with no more necessary investments. This gives you a unit of 3+/4++, Fleeting S5 monsters who reliably fuck shit up in combat. Oh, and they cause Fear. Suddenly, even TH/SS Termies with Ld9 at I1 don't look so frightening.

>> No.20962587


I forgot to add, you can take Chaos Daemons as allies now. SOOO...

Consider getting a Great Unclean One or the Nurgle Herald as your second HQ choice, and take Plaguebearers or other Nurgle daemons of your choice.

>> No.20962601

MoT? No need for that, it just gives a bloody 6++ you don't even need, that +1T is much more useful.

>> No.20962602

Zombies can't take options.

>> No.20962606

I quote:
"Well, with the codex in hand, I can say I was definitely wrong about havoks. They are much worse than I expected.

I don't know what to think really. I think that noise marines may be the most legitimate troop. The price of the defiler blew my mind, lol. It's like 65 points over costed, incredible. They basically put a sticker on it that says fuck you everyone who ever bought a defiler. I'm very disappointed the predator didn't get the option for the ecto cannon, or the hades auto. forge fiend seems overcosted to me. Lots of stuff overcosted. All in all, I don't know what to think. After a few weeks of playing with it we will know, but I just feel that overall it's a big letdown. The sorcerer is the only thing that strikes me as special in the whole codex."

Also I believe Oblits got cheaper, gained access to marks to get either T5 or 4++ and gained assault cannons.

Also we can FINALLY field 3++ characters, and Huron Blackheart isnt infinite horseshit anymore. Defilers are now shit though, for 195 points base you best be 13/13/10 at the very least.

>> No.20962618


They can't? well shit. They're still good. 35 models with FNP and Fearless is a nice brick to escort Typhus in. I'm sure you could use WHFB models for this, too.

>> No.20962622

>Space Marines

>> No.20962625

You can't buy upgrade for Plague Zombies. So no, you can't mark them in any form and they don't get T4.

>> No.20962649


Depends on your LGS and what is fielded a lot. I like MoT to deal with pie-plates and other weapons that will still wound you on a 2+ and deny armour saves, no matter if you're T4 or T5. If people start switching to more hordes of dudes with Bolter-equivalents then I'll probably use MoN more.

>> No.20962663


yeah, the Defiler is disheartening. At least its not as bad as the Daemon Prince......

>> No.20962672

They have 5++ already and MoT gives them 4++ then. Or am I missing something?

>> No.20962690

the cultists cant take marks if they are zombies

>> No.20962692

They have Feel no Pain.
ALso they can't get any mark at all, nothing nada.

>> No.20962702

Forgot about that bit. But you know what I'm saying.
Also, Bloodletters and Daemonettes fight, both succumb to fear.

Zombies? Nah. What he said: >>20962692

>> No.20962732


Sorry, for whatever reason I thought this was a response to the possessed with 3+/4++ from

>> No.20962751

Can't say I'm exited for the new codex.
It doesn't seem bad, but there's nothing in it to actually make me jump either.
It#s okay, I guess. They changed some stuff here and there, put some new models in it, okay.
It's okay. And that's disappointing.

>> No.20962755

Would a Soul Grinder benefit a CSM list at all? Seems fluffy enough to be in an Undivided army.

>> No.20962762

Unrelated to most of this thread, I gotta say the new Chaos codex has fantastic fluff and art.
Here's hoping it's contents bring the Warriors of The Long War years of terrorizing the False Emperor!

>> No.20962783

just finished him too. Now I'm a sad panda

>> No.20962794

That guy is full of shit, but at least he's right about Defilers.

>> No.20962800

Epidemius all the way. ALL friendly Nurgle units benefit from his tally (the FAQs did NOT take this away)

>> No.20962810

You're too used to Mat Ward's OMGWTF codex-writing style. This is just a "simply cool" 'dex.


Could get worse, but what were you expecting with all the new Walkers coming out for the army? Of course the old stuff would suck and the new stuff would be awesome. But then again, hordes are the new vehicles. Nice way to milk people for their money, GW, well done.

>> No.20962850

Why not? Right now, it's probably better than a defiler. You could maybe rip off the top part of an existing defiler and stick a daemon torso on, or...something.

It deepstrikes down wherever you want.

>> No.20962883

On the other side, Vindicator is still pretty cheap and now it can finally take a Siege Shield aswell.

Also Daemon Princes can roll on the very powerful Biomancy table. With some luck, you could end up with T8 princes. If youre lucky on the Boon table, T9 is reachable. Who needs Eternal Warrior when only heavy ordnance can scratch you?

Also how good are Dreadclaws anyways? Bit expensive, but they can drop whatever theyre carrying as soon as they arrive in the new rules. Only way I can think of to make the Helbrutes decent.

>> No.20962905

Am disappoint. It feels so bland, Chaos would be the perfect army for cuhraaazy rules, but the only one really fitting that description is the boon table, and that just seems bad for campaigns.

>> No.20962946


I must admit I wanted Chaos shrines and shit like in WHFB, but I'm still digging it. My patience in waiting for a new codex since the last one has rewarded me handsomely.

>> No.20962954

Between Tyhphus, zombies, nurgle obliterators, Plague Marines w/ poison (4+), and Epidemius I foresee Nurgle Chaos Marine/Daemon lists being extremely brutal.

Chaos Bikers with Marks of Nurgle are 7 points cheaper than regular bikers were in the last codex.
I take this as a sign of Grandfather's approval.

>> No.20962957

A cultist champion having the potential to become more powerful than a Primarch not crazy enough for you?

Seriously. I know, I'm spoiled by Ward's bombastic codex style and even I think the CSM codex is kinda boring but it's growing on me. Give it time.

>> No.20962964


Nurgle , Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Undivided all made out really well.

Khornate armies might suffer a bit given the meta shift and things like Overwatch. Feel sorry for any World Eaters players.

>> No.20962970

Plague Zombies don't have the Mark of Nurgle or Nurgle in their name. This means the Tally doesn't work with them, sorry.

>> No.20962980


That on its own is pretty damn cool. I'd like to see more ascended champions of chaos and Daemon Princes that were not taken from Chaos Space Marine stock. The VAST majority of traitors in the galaxy are normal humans anyway.

>> No.20962986

It's a huge target that will be easily dealt with, especially since it doesn't have the "It Won't Die!" USR, which is very useful when you've just spend roughly 150ish points on a walker as big as a 75 point fortification. Also, it competes with Obliterators, Havocs, and Vindicators for the Heavy Support choices (I'm unsure about the robosaurs).

You need to shut your ungrateful whore mouth and be thankful that it's a DECENT codex not Grey "Nobody Plays With Me" Knights shit.

>> No.20962991


They don't, but you'll only have that one unit of them for Typhus. Everyone else is fair game!

>> No.20963000

Good point. They probably did that on purpose.

If we're lucky they might FAQs it, though.

>> No.20963009


Fiends are a bit overcosted but imo the best walkers in the new codex. Hellbrutes get by because, unless you wants Lots and Lots of Cult troops/Terminators/Chosen, they're a cheapish alternative for Elites slots.

>> No.20963023

Technically you can take as many zombie units as you want (limited by force org, of course), but I can see how someone would be resistant to taking too many.

>> No.20963025

Maulerfiends are pretty nice actually. I imagine 3 of them + 3 units of Spawns with MoK would be quite scary.

>> No.20963034

Don't count on it. Having huge blobs of extremely weak and cheap units capable of powering the Tally would be stupid.

>> No.20963047

I actually like those guys, especially if there's a Warpsmith around. They're actually useful when they go nuts, just make sure you're not too close when it happens.

Painting them, for starters. Then, they're not on trays like in Fantasy, so you'll have to move them one by one... doesn't sound like a pleasant game to me.

>> No.20963058

how does this look?

*Typhus 230

*Nurgle Lord 130
-blight grenades

*2x Plague Marines 438
-2 metla
-ventrans of the long war
*plague zombies 150

*chaos cultists 210
-mark of nurgle

*Bikers 197
-Power Fist
-2 Meltaguns
-mark of nurgle

*2x Havocks 380
-Mark of Nurgle

*Epidemius 115

*Plaguebearers 150

>> No.20963082

But that CAN happen. You have to nominate them yourself, so you can field typhus and cultists and not have any plague zombies at all. you can buy Mark of Nurgle for 2 points per model, making them expensive but T4.

field blobs of them with autoguns and saturate units with lead and you'll find the tally racking up pretty fucking fast.

>> No.20963093


Yeah. I'm doing Iron Warriors, so I want 2+ of them in my army. Shame they are competing with Obliterators for Heavy Support. Ectoplasma Forgefiends look good as a ranged option, though I could squeeze in Obliterators for ranged support and let the Maulers go to town as you described.

I dunno how I would fit Spawns in this army though. Maybe convert some mechanical bits onto them. Or maybe I could use Arcoflagellents for them...

>> No.20963106

Rolled 1, 2 = 3


>> No.20963114

Rolled 2, 3 = 5

I bet your offering wasn't even a virgin.

>> No.20963120



>> No.20963134

So why even bother with Typhus? He's nice and all, but so many points.

>> No.20963135

I'd stick a meltabomb in her rear armour.

>> No.20963154


You might consider Obliterators with MoN over Havocs.

>> No.20963155

Cause he's still a beast of a unit, for starters.

>> No.20963159

I'm not sure if I'd invest into CC specialists if I were rolling IWs. Use Cultists to tarpit anything remotely problematic, shoot up the rest.

Hell, you can even make use of Traitor Guard stuff and get some Heavy Weapon Teams for Troops, a couple Hydras, and suddenly, you're the Lord of Dakka.

>> No.20963174


This. Its fluffy and he's still amazingly good. Daemon weapon that's also a Force weapon at +2S and AP2, Destroyer Hive is great for annihilating a tarpit your enemy throws at him, still has access to Nurgle powers, and otherwise just a tough son of a bitch. An equivalently costed Chaos Lord is about as much anyway and doesn't get you a 35-man unit of Cultists with FNP and Fearless.

>> No.20963196


Doesn't feel Right running Iron Warriors without warmachines and siege engines. Also a matter of not wanting to paint dozens of Cultists. I'm all ready backlogged with; 40 CSM, 10 Chaos Terminators and a Chaos Lord right now.

>> No.20963203

Slow down and listen.

Nurgle has a special Holocaust power that hits friends and foes around him.

Take Typhus. Stick Typhus in a huge blob of cultists with the Mark of Nurgle. Typhus farts and kills most of them. Tally is now at full power or close to full power.

>> No.20963224

Typhus farted, Cultists died.

>> No.20963254

Rolled 3, 2 = 5

Plague zombies are immune.

>> No.20963273

I'm not talking about Plague Zombies. The Zombies don't activate the fucking Tally. So you take normal cultists with the Mark and kill them in your first turn.

>> No.20963294

I wasn't talking about dozens of Guardsmen, just enough to get you some cheap heavy weapons. Who can, you know, take orders, sit on your objective, and shoot up shit for you. Also, don't tell me that you wouldn't like some Hydras or Basilisks rolling up with your Vindicators and Havocs. Think of all the dakka...

>> No.20963306

Rolled 3, 6 = 9

Ah, I misunderstood.

>> No.20963322


Plague zombies can't take options.

...but you know what they still have, oddly enough? A Champion.

>> No.20963331


True. That is very... tempting.

>> No.20963334

What do ya'll think of Daemon Princes?
145pts base. 5+ invulnerable save. Power armour is +25pts. Wings are 40pts. Can't take regular Marks (or any Icons).

I can only see them being useful with wings (flying instead of jump) and psychic powers, but then they'll cost over 200pts.
I just don't think they're worth taking, anymore.

>> No.20963344


.. so

What kind of daemon does the Plague Zombie Champion turn into when he gnaws a Character to death and ascends to Daemon Princehood on the Boons table?

>> No.20963365


Worth having one in case you roll up Daemon Prince on the Boons table. They are over costed now but still a functional, flying MC for the army, if you need such a thing.

>> No.20963370

So Thousand Sons have Mark of Tzeentch and Aura of Darkness giving them a 4+ invuln, right?
But it also means that the Aspiring Sorceror HAS to take his psychic power from Discipline of Tzeentch where on a 5 or 6 he needs warp charge of 2 to cast the power but doesn't he only ever have Warp Charge 1??????
So you will only ever actually be able to use Doombolt, Boon of Mutation or Firestorm with an Aspiring Sorceror.

>> No.20963387

vanilla deamon prince

>> No.20963394

Rolled 3, 2 = 5

>So you will only ever actually be able to use Doombolt, Boon of Mutation or Firestorm with an Aspiring Sorceror.


>> No.20963450

This guy

>> No.20963460

where does it say that

>> No.20963513

can anyone recomend a good undivided list?

preferably with abbadon and lots of chosen

>> No.20963540

You just got half of it covered in a 1500 pts list. The rest should be something shooty. Your choice/preferance

>> No.20963547


Yeah this. Abaddon, Chosen, fill in the rest with CSM, Terminators, Obliterators, maybe some Cultists.

>> No.20963656

>No vanilla Daemon Weapons
Shit. Axe of Blind Fury has -1 WS and BS as well as the automatic wound on a 1.

Black Mace not only automatically wounds the user on a roll of one but they also have to take a Toughness test or be removed because the rules specify "any model" not any enemy model.

>> No.20963718

They're not immune to Destroyer Hive and they're not immune to Nurgle's Rot dumbass

>> No.20963733

Rate mah TS army, bros:

HQ: Sorc, +2 mastery, terminator, MoT, combi-weapon, Sigil, Spell familiar, scrolls of magnus, gift = 252
HQ: Dark Apostle, veteran, black mace, MURDER SWORD, MoT, Ichor blood, combat familiar, gift = 230

Troops: 8+1 rubrics/sorc, gift = 252
Troops: 8+1 rubrics/sorc, gift = 252
Troops: 19+1 Cultists/champ, MoT = 110

Elite: 4+1 Termies/champ, 2 chainfists, 1 powerfist, 4 combi-weapons, 1 Reaper AC, MoT, vets, gift = 283

Heavy Support: Land Raider, Havoc launcher, combi-weapon, dirge caster, warpflame gargoyles = 262
Heavy Suppost: 3x Obliterators, MoT = 234
Heavy Support: Maulerfiend = 125

Total: 2000

Apostle would be attached to Cultists to provide potential ablative wounds while he runs around braining squads with the black mace and hunting down the marked target like patrick bateman with a chainsaw. Lay down obscene amounts of dakka while maulferfiend bull-rushes the meanest enemy vehicle on the board and I shoot spells out of every orifice.

>> No.20963742

Rolled 5, 6 = 11

Looks good to me.
But, I'm fairly sure you can't give terminators two special weapons anymore. I.e. you can only replace one of their weapons now. Sucks.

>> No.20963790

Oh man you're right, what the fuck?!

So I have to choose between having a good melee weapon or having a good shooty weapon. Well that fucking ruins any versatility chaos termies had over their brethren..

>> No.20963816

At the very least, I can still use my old R.AC/chainfist terminator as that's counted as another option. Whom you give the R.AC to is up to you.

>> No.20963983

Right, changed the terminators.

4+1 Termies/champ, 2 chainfists, 3 combi-weapons, 1 R.AC, MoT, vets, gift = 271

With the 12 points free, I just slapped extra armour on my Land Raider, giving me 1998 total points. Close enough ey.

The heavy weapon termie can still take both special weapons as it's up to you and the champion can freely change, just the rest of the termies are apparently now either CC or shooty. Fortunately you can have both in 1 squad.

>> No.20964154

Thread dead then?

Was great fun discussing everything new today!

>> No.20964342

Dirge Casters now prevent enemies from using Overwatch. Stealth boost to Chaos Warhounds since they get free Dirge Casters that extend 6" around them?

Not that this will ever come up outside of the rare apoc game.

>> No.20964374

Fuck you all, this chaos codex lets you (finally) make the 13th company again - BA/SW don't let you get troops with suitable gear to show gre yslayers (you can sorta get close with wolfguard).

Now that chosen CAN represent grey slayers take a "totally not abaddon honest guv'na" model, chosen are grey slayers *and* storm claws, possessed are wulfen and havocs with CCW and MoK are long fangs.

best way to go about it.

When the chaos hype dies down i'll pull ym terribly paitned 13th co. army out of the warp and let them loose (they'll lose every game because such a list is shit, but fuck you).

The only downside is you *have* to roll on the chaos boon table, which with spawndom and becoming a DP make that hard to handwave away.

>> No.20964395


>> No.20964577

I just realiced that.

>> No.20964694

Yeah, it really sucks that you have to take 5 termies just to get a special weapon.

I'm more pissed that Chosen lost Infiltrate and that there is no way to buy that ability. Seriously, my Alpha Legion lord only has a 1 in 6 chance of letting only d3 units use my army's signature ability?
Fuck off.

>> No.20964747


>3.5 was baby's first codex

>> No.20964799

Chosen had infiltrate before 3.5.

>> No.20964861


One of the Warlord traits allows you to select squads, such as Chosen, and give them Infiltrate. Up to d3 squads even.

Too bad its randomly rolled.

>> No.20964937

Take Huron Blackheart. He has the "Master of Deception" warlord trait as standard and can generally be a beast given his low points cost. Even has access to psychic powers to boot. Just make an Alpha Legion lord and inform your opponent that he counts-as Huron.

>> No.20965027

Yes, I know. That's what my "1 in 6 chance" comment was about.

I didn't notice that, thank you very much. That works out nicely.

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