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You Decide!

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>inb4 thri-kreens

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Thri-kreens all the way.

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>in after thri-kreens

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Obviously "insert elven subrace of your choice" or just elves, anything else is /tg/ lying to itself.

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You called, dahling?

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inafter thri-kreens

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I agree, OP, butterflies are the sexiest race.

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Demons that exist specifically to fuck and create new life. Of course, they generally don't create new life via fucking.

Don't ask how they create new life.

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Humans, because I am one.

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Also, am I the only one who finds the picture that the OP used to be very unattractive?

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Naga or Lamia.
>Dem scales

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There is ONE elf subrace /tg/ doesn't hide its lust for.

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>dat feel when i can tell its a burlap sack

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Lizardfolk or kobolds

dem scales yo

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How can you compete with that figure?

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my niggas

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Well, since /tg/ constantly scremas "FUCK KENDER!" it can count too.

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I was going to argue, but I guess orcs are an elven subrace if we go by Tolkien rules, so I can't.

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They are also elves in Elder Scrolls.

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Loses a few point for the feet

But omg *spurt*

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damn son, do you even sticky?

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Good god OP, you've brought all the furries and scalies of /tg/ into one place.

You are a monster, sir, an absolute monster.

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Chicks with goat legs.

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my bad, didn't even see the second post

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The Master will see you now!

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Yeah, but that means the rest of the board is furry-free. Go forth and partake of the threads, my brothers!

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Thri-kreens are fucking casual.

There's only one type of sexy "bug" and that's Xenos!

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Take care not to make the same mistake twice.

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S and M races?

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Drow have never done a single thing for me

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drow are the dom, you're the sub, you're supposed to do things for them

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look, it's babby's first fapfile

Drow r 4 casuals

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Reciprocating has always been my thing

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mermaids anyone?

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I have the weirdest fetish
consensual sex in the missionary position with someone you love for the purposes of procreation

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while holding hands?

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Seconded. Hard.

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and looking them in the eye.

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>implying you can't have both

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>Halflings if you're into that sorta thing

>Catfolk/Shifters if you want a little kink

>Elves/Elven sub-type if you just want a good time.

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Do you see any fur? Do you see any scales?

All I see is delicious flat thorax and DAT ABDOMEN.

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See Tentacles can be romantic!

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It's not about origin, it's about personality.

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Did someone summon a Succubus?

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>Walks in
>Sees Thread

....did I walk into /d/?

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if only more girls were seeing things that way...

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/d/ = dickgirls
/tg/ = real weirdos

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I do still have a back up though.

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I love you, guys

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Vampires of course.

Date rape monsters have to be sexy.

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It is logical that we should be the sexiest race.

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Red martians of Barsoom.

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fuck off whofag

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Screw Your Logic! I have emotion!

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Screw both of you, I have an exoskeleton.

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Yeah, well I can just assimilate you. Resistance is useless

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Why are you so mad? Did a Dalek touch you in a naughty place? Show on the doll where he put his suction cup

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>resistance is useless

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Incubus can be sexy too

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No. I'm not a fan of it either. It just doesn't work for me, from the weird grimace on her face right down to her rather poorly done feet.

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I think the Borg Queen may be to blame for my oddly sexual attraction to all things technological.

Saw that movie in the theater when I was 8. So many unfamiliar but welcome feels.

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you mispelled mind flayer

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You'll have to understand if I still prefer succubi.

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What's the name of them there half-demon or whatevers, with the knurled horns, usually featuring reddish skin? I don't know, but I think horns are sexy. Also, tasteful dresses. Do they have a racial ability to be classicly feminine? Lettuce be cereal, this is of dire import ants.

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There is FAR too little love for dwarves in this thread.

>I was actually hoping to snag a few dwarf women pics when I stumbled across this thread...

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PFFT. I can find a better succubus!!!

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She'll mongle your brain!

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Might be because they really exist... In a way.
We're interested in the crazy and impossible.

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Instant Boner

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How are we forgetting dragon girls, /tg/?

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oh fuck why'd you have to post a NWS image?

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Because why settle for a half-breed when you can get the real deal?

>> No.20955807

like this?

>> No.20955815

because that is pretty disgusting.

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>Posting in this thread
>See This


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>implying half-dragons just appear out of thin air

It's just nature.

If the gods didn't want humans and dragons to interbreed then why are they the two species that can fuck anything and produce offspring out of it?

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>having sex with anything that feels like snakes or lizards
oh god that is fucking... why.

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Dragons can use polymorph, you know.

>> No.20955866

why not?

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D and D is full of various odd races....have fun fapping to this!

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I don't know about you but to me, that mental image speaks of something slimy, smooth, and slightly ridged. I couldn't possibly imagine what could feel BETTER.

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>no Marilith

They're like a Lamia+

>> No.20955900

Actually reptiles aren't slimy despite what they may appear to be.

>> No.20955901

because it combines the worst parts of both oily and dry wrinkly skin into one terror-filled texture. and if you rub it backwards, it gets SHARP bits.
what the fuck

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Hora hora, you've never had sex with a monster?

>> No.20955910

>I've never held a reptile before.
You have no idea what you're talkin 'bout son. Reptiles do not work that way.

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Have you ever even felt a snake? Feels like lubed rubber.

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I was more thinking of snakes when I said the oily bit, and the rubbing it backwards bit. Although to be fair, snakes don't get wrinkly.

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They feel slimy, or at least snakes do.

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I don't like Mariliths because they're like a lamia+.
I like them because they're psychotic murderlords, they've got extra arms, and their great stonking tits are physically made of evil.
Advespa are great, too.

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Holy lord I love Paranoia Beholder.

I lost all of my old files - can someone start dumping their Beholder images?

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Snakes don't feel slimy. You guys must be feelin up some newts or somethin.

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Sexy snake ladies, like gorgons?

>> No.20955934

But snakes aren't oily and they have scales underneath a skin that gets shed periodically. They don't have dermal denticles.

Also it's worth noting that the relevant parts on a reptile don't have scales on them because they're internal/intromittent.

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Are you new here or something?

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My room mate freshman year of college kept a pet snake, and that nigga was always getting out of its cage and slithering on me.

Felt smooth and slimy as fuck.

>> No.20955961

I'm so hard right now.

>> No.20955971

I think maybe we just have a different definition of what constitutes slimy.
Slugs are slimy
Frogs are slimy
Snakes are not slimy, snakes are smooth.

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Maybe Medusa was so angry at everybody because adventurers were always trying to kill her. What if somebody tried to seduce her?

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Maybe the problem is that people are using 'slime' interchangeably with 'moist'.

>> No.20955991

Slimy = covered in slime

Slime is a thick, slick, sticky substance usually comprised primarily of mucus.

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Centaurs, except instead of horse parts, they have entirely girl parts.

>> No.20956008

>I have never held a garter snake before
shit, son. I thought everyone has done this.

>> No.20956011

thats some weird shit man

>> No.20956014

Snakes are also dry.
People think snakes are slimy/wet because of the way their muscles move beneath the scales.

>> No.20956016

you never held a one eyed snake? i am dissapoint man

>> No.20956020

If you think that's weird, you've not been on 4chan very long.

>> No.20956022

>shitting out tail-hair
oh god it's like a play-doh fun factory back there eugh.

>> No.20956024


Downright puritan compared to most of the thread.

Unless that's the joke

>> No.20956030

No I'm fairly certain that it was the fact that her looks were fucked up so bad that anyone who looks directly at her would be turned to stone, and on top of that she was banished to live with the other gorgans. All because Poseidon(?) decided that it would be cool to fuck inside Athena's temple (Protip: it's not).

>> No.20956061

Most of the old pagan gods had anthropomorphic qualities.

>> No.20956065

>mfw people think snakes are slimy

>> No.20956069

I have a pet snake. It's actually rather large (Nerodia Fasciata), and I can confirm that the best way to describe the sensation is:
Very smooth,
not slimy but moist,
ridged, smooth bumps along with the scales.

If there was some reptilian fantasy creature big enough to sex... I don't think I'd hesitate. Sorry.
I have no interest whatsoever towards anything that actually exists (at the moment) though.

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When you're done with your lizardgirl flings and your insectwhores, the delicious chocolate elves will still be waiting for you.

>> No.20956079

To be specific, Poseidon decided it would be cool to rape celibate priests in Athena's temple.
And then Athena was a total bitch and blamed the rape victim.

>> No.20956086

Sounds like modern right-wing politicians.

>> No.20956099

>Implying pig-disgusting skin-covered fae will ever compete with Phyrexians
Do you even revile the flesh?

>> No.20956102

Does /tg/ like draenei?

>> No.20956119

To be most accurate, this is only one telling of the story. As with many a famous myth, there are a large amount of different versions that agree on almost nothing as a whole.

>> No.20956120

They fall below my personal "furry line" so yeah, sure.

>> No.20956121

No, I would rather revel in it than revile it.

I know I'm messed up.

>> No.20956131


I prefer original Draenei.

>> No.20956177

Jesus why is this pic so fucking hot?!


>> No.20956179

Anyways, from what I've heard, all the New Phyrexian Praetors were originally female, and the "Brides of Yawgmoth".
My source is 4chan, though, so take it with a bowl of salt.
Captcha is nercepr gathering, hah.

>> No.20956202

There really isn't any sort of contest about this

>> No.20956218

They're basically candy-colored satyrs with no fur

Of course we do

>> No.20956222

I find the idea of a mind flayer girl so god damn hot. I can't even contain...

Some poor Illithid girl who ran away from her group to be with you, but she fights her urges to eat your brain, so you have to find creatures to feed her with every day. So romantic...

>> No.20956263


No, quite a lot of the thread is pretty sexy. I'm telling you, that shit is weird. Fair enough not wanting to fuck a horse, but that thing is just creepy.

>> No.20956266

Tree Hippies!!! Literally!

>> No.20956290

It's just the way it's drawn. Really, that's some sucky art.. But I do like the concept.

>> No.20956291

>tfw I would actually rather fuck the horse parts than this near-human abomination

>> No.20956301

She HULK! Rowr!

>> No.20956303

Sometimes I don't get why people like centaurs and then sometimes it just makes perfect sense, even with horse parts.

>> No.20956320


I'm trying to imagine real human legs walking like that, and my mind is stopping short a little. Though I think I'm more partial to bipeds. And monopeds (shit that slithers) (?)

I agree with this anon though.

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>> No.20956347


>> No.20956357


It's hard to find pics that are work-safe, not a photoshop, and well-drawn.

>> No.20956364


Woo! Beholder on a bed of roses!

>> No.20956367

>No, quite a lot of the thread is pretty sexy. I'm telling you, that shit is weird. Fair enough not wanting to fuck a horse, but that thing is just creepy.
You think that's bad?

You should check out Boytaurs.

>> No.20956373

Wait, FUCK. That's some silent hill shit. I just glanced over it and thought I saw something entirely different. Nevermind that. I'd much rather horse bits.

>> No.20956385


>my face after looking it up

>> No.20956386

I feel sorry for my loins, but it just might be worth it.

>> No.20956393

>arms growing out of your neck

it's more likely then you think....

>> No.20956397


That anthro-682 looks familiar, though.

>> No.20956401


>> No.20956403

>> No.20956410

Is it odd that I was most confounded by the left boytaur's third arm?

>> No.20956412

Wah, what we gonna do hovering over the bed?

>> No.20956418

I used to hate Beholders until I found out they were incredibly intelligent.

Now I see them as all having severe Asperger's and just wanting to be left alone, only finding others to relieve sexual tension.

>> No.20956427

And if a relationship with SCP-682 doesn't work out, I guess I'ma go look into bigger girls.

"ideutio moment", yes captcha, I agree, but can you honestly blame a man who thinks with his loins?

>> No.20956428



>> No.20956432

>you will never have a little beholder sister to ride around on and protect

fuckin hurts, bro

>> No.20956442


>> No.20956446

You can thank me, if you can defeat the final boss of the internet.

>> No.20956449

I find this picture only semi-arousing, but mostly endearing.
I mean, is this mind flayer wearing a bra, trying to remember what it was like before ceremorphosis?

>> No.20956451

>posting anthing from that SotC set
>not posting Agro
I'm only mildly disappointed.

>> No.20956453

Or reformed borg!

>> No.20956454

At least there's plenty to get your hands on.

>> No.20956472

Rolled 12 + 9

Captcha: pgrowyo porcelains
If I'd hit Elesh Norn, I can handle some betentacled chitinous multiboob.

>> No.20956489

oh god please tell me someone has more squid/illithid girls...

>> No.20956494


I realize his mouth is supposed to be drawn in shock but for a second there I thought it was a giant mustache. The fact that he isn't wearing a shirt helped a bit.

>> No.20956503 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Don't ban me mods it's for science

>> No.20956506


>> No.20956513

Did someone say Squidgirl? Because I'm pretty sure someone said fucking Squidgirl.

>> No.20956516

Too wobbly for my tastes, I need something more firm.

>> No.20956519

Are you a bad enough dude to feel the greatest of all pains for a few weeks?

>> No.20956521

Now I'm depressed.

The likelihood of me fucking a squid girl before I die is slim to none...

>> No.20956526


>> No.20956529

Ever since reading Book of the New Sun, I've nourished an instinctive distrust of giant mermaids.

>> No.20956532


>> No.20956534

guys, really?

>> No.20956549

>Book of the New Sun


>> No.20956550

In an attempt to cleanse the thread.

>> No.20956556

>endoskeleton pig disgusting

get out

>> No.20956564

So, does... uh... anyone have that picture-story someone on /d/ wrote for the STALKER bloodsucker?

>> No.20956566


>> No.20956588

It is almost halloween

>> No.20956610


Present for you

source is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blackheartspiral/. Check the Scraps page if you can't find more in his gallery.

>> No.20956627

Not I, but while we're making requests:
Anyone know where I can find the fem-predator fapfic that was posted here several weeks back?

>> No.20956629

here's another one

>> No.20956634

And which one would that be?

>> No.20956642

For the "ladies"

>> No.20956656

Give it Boobs and they will come

>> No.20956661


>> No.20956663 [DELETED] 

I believe the approximate plot was:
>female predator lands her ship in some guy's backyard
>forces herself on him, carries him off back to her ship
>drops him off on some jungle death-world, leaves him to fend for himself
>guy survives, predator comes back, fucks him again
>drops him off on some ice world this time
>guy realizes that the predator is training him to be the ideal mate

And I remember there was supposed to be a sequel to it as well, but I never got a chance to read it.

>> No.20956683

God fucking damn this thread.

>> No.20956686

I thought it might be that one.


I hope you enjoy my story

>> No.20956706

Seriously, SOMEONE has to have this bloodsucker story. It was about some guy that gets kidnapped, tied to a table, and ends up having sex with multiple bloodsuckers. Aside from the tentacle stuff, it was pretty awesome erotica in its own right.

>> No.20956710


There is so much one can do with a bikini!

>> No.20956719

>You are not allowed to view this image.

>> No.20956733

>not having an FA account

But fine have this


>> No.20956750

>> No.20956754

Much obliged, anon.
Keep up the good work.

>> No.20956756

I know which one I'd sleep with.

>> No.20956769

>I know which one I'd sleep with.
>>It's Garak Every time

>> No.20956776

Do you really want to go where Reggie Bush has been?

He hasn't been in Garak.

>> No.20956777

1,000 times Garak
Dukat can shove it up his ass.

>> No.20956793

But your less likely to get diseases with Garak

>> No.20956809


>> No.20956824

>>0 Results

You disappoint me, /tg/.

>> No.20956841

Do we look like /vg/ ?

>> No.20956844

Minotaurs or orcs.

Yeah, I'm one of those kinds of faggots.

>> No.20956846

2/10, not monstrous enough, would only pityfuck.

>> No.20956858

The only correct answer.

>> No.20956862

Oh, the creature's a shapeshifter.

Don't worry, it's *just* an after action report and containment procedures of a unkillable being from another universe, that finds humans, and possibly everything else in our world, too revolting to let live.

>> No.20956864

>implying Quarians aren't better

>> No.20956869

>bland blue chicks from a bland space game

Get out of here /v/

We don't appreciate casuals like you

>> No.20956892


this looks like a vicious piece of ass!

>> No.20956903


>> No.20956911

This is extremely relevant to my interests.

>> No.20956931

Honestly, Asari are the special snowflake of all alien races. They rub me off as so sexually perfect that it's actually a turnoff.

>> No.20956941

She's got man arms that look a little detached from her body.

And this is coming from the biggest snake people fetishist ever

>> No.20956942

3 pairs of arms, 1 pair of tits?
screw biology, we have magicks.

>> No.20956947


>> No.20956956


>> No.20956961

While we're on the topic of /v/, what does /tg/ think about Yordels?

>> No.20956969

>what does /tg/ think of blue elf chicks

What we thought of blue elf chicks with hooves and horns

>> No.20956974


> Bit too young looking, IMO.

>> No.20956975

Blue goblins

>> No.20956997

No love for blueberries? shame

>> No.20957002


>> No.20957004

She looks, like, 12. No thanks, bro.

>> No.20957009

You know you play too much Oppy when you recognize her immediately.

>> No.20957017


I don't even know what that is.

>> No.20957079

Get on my level.

>> No.20957090

I'm sorry, the answer was Mithra.

>> No.20957148

Blue Kender. Please.

>> No.20957151

She was hotter as full borg.

>> No.20957195

Not one of them is a thief and some even use magic...gnomes if anything.
I will agree that both of them are a cancer though

>> No.20957204

I normally hate catfolk, but dem Mithra...

>> No.20957304

more mithra?

>> No.20957333

Fish girls.

>> No.20957360

Scifi not shitty science fantasy.

>> No.20957371

I only like the one that poisons everyone.

>> No.20957372


Oh god, I remember when they added minotaurs to a swedish rpg(EON, I'm looking at you); basically minotaurs were only conceived because of rape of the mothers :-/

>> No.20957373

Honestly, I wouldn't touch Kim with a 10 foot pole for fear of catching the dumb, so I'm a bit torn between being gay and being dumb. On the one hand, I had sex with a dude, on the other, I suddenly lost the ability to perform any intellectual ability beyond the 5th grade.

>> No.20957386

Thank [whatever you consider sacred] stupidity isn't an STD.

>> No.20957389

I think it might be airborn though, because I've seen the people around her suddenly become incredibly stupid when she gets near.

>> No.20957403

Then get a hazmat-quality respirator. Duct tape her mouth shut for good measure. (hell, duct tape her mouth shut anyway)

>> No.20957408

Is there a no-sex option? I'll take that.

>> No.20957417

screw scifi, screw it with a screwdriver
trough the urethra
a long, thick, rusty, jagged old screwdriver...

>implying you dont want to lick dat cranium

>> No.20957440

For some damn reason I cannot read this, says I aint allowed to see the image.
Is there anywhere else this story is stored?

>> No.20957451


>> No.20957472

>> No.20957504

Now that is just silly, she'd obviously experience back-pain from those weighing her down, and with her leg length she would have horrible balance, a horrible candidate for a barmaid, she's spill drinks all the time and then knock some more off the tables and bar with her... knockers!

Imagine all the ale wasted... Imagine the anger of the dwarves with this woman. Do you want that for her?

>> No.20957518

lol that is what my wife looks like

>> No.20957531

Why must you give me a new fetish for my list? Why?

>> No.20957569


This is /tg/. Giving people new fetishes is what we do.

>> No.20957583


Why is her skull exposed?

>> No.20957916


>> No.20958022

ITT: people confuse the definitions of "slippery" and "moist".

>> No.20959644

>> No.20959710

>Japanese steel

Great so it's going to snap in half?

>> No.20959765


>> No.20959802

Roll for fetishes once a week, 1d20. Nat 20 and you get a new fetish.

>> No.20959833

What is this from. I must know.

>> No.20959851


AHahaha that gets a reply EVERY time.

You will notice that it is made of MODERN japanese steel, which is some of the highest quality in the world.


Incredible Hercules, easily the best Marvel comic in recent years.

>> No.20959862

I'm gonna need all your female Orc pictures, /tg/

>> No.20959863


Is there an image of the reverse being done to complete the test? Just playing devil's advocate, but the European sword being held in two places might give it more stability or such.

>> No.20959933

It doesn't go much better for the katana. I'm looking for the image but I can't find it

>> No.20959952

There is and the european sword gets a few mm deep cut in its blade.

But to be fair neither sword would be held so securely in a combat situation, so yes for a destruction test it might show the katana as weaker but in terms of actual use it is a flawed test.

Not to mention that a single sword can hardly be held up as representative of all swords of that type based on a single test.

>> No.20959957


As long as the test was performed I'm satisfied.


>> No.20959965



What a real sword does to another sword

>> No.20959968

Smek smek!

Never did find out why delphyne was yellow here, not sure if it was just a fuckup on the part of the scanner or if it was a printing error.

>> No.20960073


No love for Orcs?

>> No.20960237

>Katana can't cut through a real sword
>Katana becomes useless upon striking, bending and breaking

>Broadsword can cut through another real sword
>Broadsword has a nick, but is still usable


>> No.20960277

One's not made for hacking, the other is. Katanas are good at what they do (slicing) while broadswords are good at what they do (hacking).

Katanas are better compared to sabres, scimitars and shamshirs, as they actually have the same functions in mind.

>> No.20960299

Man, have Cho and Delphyne had any recent appearances? They were awesome.

It's a shame that there'll never been an Incredible Hercules film.

>> No.20960300

That doesn't look like a death scrunchie!

>> No.20960307

>Katanas are better compared to sabres, scimitars and shamshirs, as they actually have the same functions in mind.
Except this isn't true at all.

>> No.20960308

Different arc. Some few months earlier than the first pic.

>> No.20960322

I guess you didn't understand what was being said there.

Sabres are slicing weapons. Shamshirs are slicing weapons. Katanas are slicing weapons. It is better to compare weapons in the same rough category than ones that have completely different functions.

>> No.20960350

So I can compare a Kitchen Knife to a Katana because they are both used for slicing, right?

And a food processor and a katana, since they both slice.

>> No.20960373

+3 food processor of frost burst.
Make your party smoothies to die for!

>> No.20960392

If you want.

You can stop being a retard, too, of course.

Fact of the matter is that pretty much any weapon designed to slice rather than to put greater weight into a cleave will bend, shatter, or otherwise break when encountering the kind of impact demonstrated in that video. This doesn't mean they're an inferior product - it means they don't do what they weren't designed to do.

>> No.20960446

You mean a blade as opposed to a cudgel.

>> No.20960670

I never understood the appeal of twileks

>> No.20960673


I'd like to see this when the boardsword ISN'T reinforced by a block of concrete underneath it.

>> No.20960686

I got a ton of mithra. Anyone intradasted?

>> No.20960773

Let it be known Orcs are not unloved on /tg/

>> No.20960785


>> No.20960808

>> No.20960866

Commencing SFW mithra dump

>> No.20960907


>> No.20960917


>> No.20960935


>> No.20960947

Delicious brown catgirls? In MY /tg/?

>> No.20960956


>> No.20960963


>> No.20960972


>> No.20960977

Uhä, 'nuff. Time to try out the new CS maps.

>> No.20961310


Dont think they've had any real continuation no.

Hell even Herc got totally messed up after Incredible Herc ended.

They tried to depower him and make him like a "street level hero" and it was just all kinds of shit after the epic fun and adventures of the Incredible Hercules run.

>> No.20961535

you lucky bastard

>> No.20961623


>believing someone on the internet

>> No.20963200

>uvuudaum with tits.

>> No.20963422

>Incredible Hercules, easily the best Marvel comic in recent years.

Really? I tried Googling it and everything I found points to a comic set in mythological times. Where are my death scrunchies?

>> No.20964182

Any kind of snakegirl.

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