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>likes reasonable armor

So I guess you jumped for joy when GW pretty much near squated SoBs?

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What is this, something 40k related? Why should I give a fuck about whatever you're talking about?

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/tg/ is not a monolithic entity. different people like different things. it is not a crime for someone else to like or enjoy something that you do not. /tg/ would do well to learn this simple lesson.

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Thanksfully, their animu weeboo pedoshit designs just made 40k look awful

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>made 40k look awful
As opposed to, what, how it normally looks? They didn't make it look awful, they made it STILL look awful. It always has been and always will be putting the 'derp' in 'grimderp.'

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You mean the only ones in power armour who can lift their arms?

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40k is one of the most complicated, thougth provoking settings ever invented. Know your place, plebeian.

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Heh, thanks, that was funny. Was it hard keeping a straight face while typing?

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>Fascists fighting fantasy monsters in space
Uh huh.

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I think he might be serious.

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I love over the top settings, and I'm an engineer. I don't look for reasonableness in a game.

Also, "grimderp" is the stupidest word ever. It's ceased to have any meaning, as people apply it to anything remotely dark. Dystopian societies have been in fiction for quite a while, deal with it.

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by your shitty logic then lord of the rings is just "midgets transporting jewelry the trilogy".

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I'm gonna use that description, it's perfect.
Also, do one for Dune.

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To be fair most "grim and dark" settings these days are done for 2 reasons 1) it's being aimed at teenagers and b) the author doesn't know how to write anything else (see Frank Miller, Mark Millar, and Frank Quitely), the end result is cartoonishly dumb.

To be fair, it was still pretty goddamn stupid.

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>Read first few books of Horus Heresy.
>"Father, why have you forsaken me."
>golden son of light, wanted more power in his father's kingdom, goes to hell like place to retrieve power to fight against God (oops, meant the emperor)

Yep, it's the old testement, 40k years on. OOPS HERESY

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>It's ceased to have any meaning
"Bad for the sake of being bad rather than a logically developed scenario".

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>He thinks you can compare 40k to Literary works

Call me when High Schools issue 40k books instead of 1984 or Brave New World

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Actually, considering 40k, We lost the most reasonable designs for carapace armor.

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Everything done by George Orwell is more interestingly done by actual Soviet history.

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Reality is often weirder than fiction, this is a known fact.

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>the only mark of literary value is whether or not high schools issue something
Man, I guess all sci-fi is trash, then.

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Most of it is anyway.

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It's not even about "weirder". Orwell used his fiction to convey how shitty the Soviet Union was in an era when you weren't really allowed to write about how shitty the Soviet Union was. Hence the directly metaphorical nature of Animal Farm, for example.

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Not to be that guy, and I'm really fond of Warhammer, but "thought provoking"? One of the MOST thought provoking?

You can't be serious. Really, you can't.

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And outdated feminist scrawlings like The Scarlet Letter or The Awakening are the apex of literature.

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Turns out he is the Chosen one. And crazed space nuns have an odd philosophy.

Seriously, the faking death only works a few times before your trapper headshots you before trying to take your body.

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>outdated feminist scrawlings
All history is "outdated", dude. Unless you mean that analyzing period pieces about the deprivation of basic human rights is somehow useless because we don't live in that period anymore.

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Well, most of it is. Then again, most of anything is.

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To be fair, underneath all the FUR THE EMPEROR and EPIC BATTLE SCENES, the Imperium is conceptually pretty unique. It's a thousand planets, all with different cultures due to millenia of separation, all united under a single Theocracy that's simultaneously oppressive and necessary to continued human survival. It's possible to take it seriously even if GW doesn't.

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It still doesn't require much thought, they stay together because if they don't, they die, simple as that.

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>It's possible to take it seriously


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...why is Asuka an Inquisitor?

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Here I was thinking it was because the setting has 0 internal consistency.

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> the Imperium is conceptually pretty unique
Stolen from Dune

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Fuck you, eat my stompa!

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>they stay together because if they don't, they die
Except there are plenty of peaceful places in the galaxy who doubt the necessity of this arrangement but go along with it because of threats of force or religious belief. There are plenty of places where the idea that "if you indulge in pleasure you'll summon demons" is seen as a ridiculous superstition, even though it's technically true. There are plenty of planets that are totally isolated from the rest of the universe except for the Ecclesiarchy, who live their entire lives in pre-modern conditions in a setting that features space travel and orbital bombardment.

And really, when you get down to it, 1984 is an implausible bullshit book full of stupid sci-fi crap designed to make Brits afraid of their government.

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What would Brave New World count as if it were an RPG, Grimbright?

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Yeah, remember that part in Dune where there's a human diaspora and consistent outside threats and a legitimate, established theocracy? Oh wait no, "space feudalism" plus "the emperor is a giant psychic worm".

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You're doing it so fucking wrong it hurts.

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You don't get it, if they seperate from the IoM, the IoM WILL come in and stomp their shit, ergo, they stay together because if they don't, their own faction will murder them.

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>Pretty unique

LOL, it can't be a mirror of the Catholic church at all. Nope, no way, no how.

10/10 jesus christ man, you're good.

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In-universe orks are pretty fuckin' scary, dude. They're only "funny" or "goofy" in the meta-sense. It's a lot like those pictures of Nazis petting kittens - yes, it's cute, but those guys still are going to go out and shoot some Russians and murder civilians and all sorts of fucked up shit.

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Yeah, because it's not a setting that is incredibly weeaboo, oh wait.

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it's actually because people who don't take the setting seriously/have really terrible memories are really adamant in their defence of a "whatever goes" policy about canon

So they'll disregard anything that goes against their own opinion, because hey, one guy from black library said something vague that means all my fanfiction is canon!

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>it can't be a mirror of the Catholic church at all
...do you even know what a Catholic is?

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>Hurr if anything has ANY humourous or inconsistent in it WHATSOEVER it should be BANISHED from our great civilization. Never speak of such things in a serious manner AGAIN!

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So what you're saying is that learning about the Soviet Union isn't "thought-provoking" either, because they'd do the same goddamn thing.

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You ruined 40k



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>Yeah, because it's not a setting that is incredibly weeaboo, oh wait.
If you care to show me how I'll happily take that back.

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Have you even read the history of the church for the past thousand years?

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Nothing's "changed", idiot. They're funny to the audience. If you're a fucking guardsman and this giant green dude runs at you screaming at the top of his lungs you're not gonna be like "lol thats wacky as hell"

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Not the other guy, but animu stylings just look plain ol bad with 40K. Maybe its because Im accustomed to the dirty, overwrought Gothic style everything that is 40K, but clean and simplistic animu faces and bodies combined with 40K designs is kinda painful on the eyes.

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I'm pretty sure it didn't involve orbital bombardment or long-separated civilizations.

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Umies, always talk too much if yer ask me

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Fuck, imagine someone saying the same of LotR just because the hobbits like to drink, party and dance around on tables a lot.

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Or any religious institution for that matter...
You have the same shit in Islam and Buddhism.
Not to mention the shit going down in polytheist religions.

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The human diaspora in dune was due to AIs taking control of earth and chasing humans around the galaxy trying to murder them all. They had an established theocracy by means of the Orange Catholic Bible and an Emperor ordained by right of it. The only difference is that 40k took all of that and dialed it up to 11.

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Nah, dude, hes right. And its part of the reason I love orks. They're fucking psychopaths, but they're hilarious psychopaths.

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look, weez got us a new tank!

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No, what I'm saying is that you misunderstood my point about the IoM, (learning about the Soviet Union is mostly just boring and/or horrifying) and that they only stay together because they must or they will die, either because the IoM kills them, or someone else will kill them.

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>The only difference is that 40k took all of that and dialed it up to 11.
By which you mean "40k took all of that and then made an entirely different scenario out of certain component parts".

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Here's a few words from history you may have heard while adventuring 40k years in the future


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>learning about the Soviet Union is mostly just boring
Get out. Get the fuck out of here if you don't think learning about history is cool or interesting. You have absolutely no place in a discussion about what's "serious".

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>a few words
are you trying to troll? 2/10 if so

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Sketchy stuff I can mentally disregard, its more of stuff like this. Its some kind of uncanny valley effect going on, I think.

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>they speak english

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I love how this thread shows why 40k is shittiest game with the shittiest fanbase

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40k is just 50% Dune and 50% Foundation, illustrated in Heavy Metal magazine.

I really like it personally

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>Soviet Union
>Not morbidly fascinating



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It doesn't do it for me, needs less school girl and more haggard psycho bitches.

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Why, because people care enough to discuss it?

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Weeabo 40k is best 40k

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>rucky star
shit taste

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maybe if we get some weeabos to work with the sobs, we'll get some non man faces!

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>designed in Britain in 1987
>Implying Japan had even been invented in 1987

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If you're honestly denying that 40k has any parallels with the crusades and those times in general you're an idiot.

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Let's take a look at just the Imperium of Man.

- Disgrace is Worse Than Death
- Serve the Grorious Emperor
- Cut a Tank in Half With The Elegantly Crafted Sword Of Your Ancestors
- In fact, EVERYTHING is an ancient weapon passed down by your ancestors
- Your special move has been in the Space Marines family for generations
- Gigantic Mechs Who Only Special Snowflakes Can Use
- Triumphing Over Retarded Odds Because Of Gar

and so on. It is the Imperium of Man. It is the most weeaboo faction imaginable. The Horus Heresy was pure, unadulterated shonen.

Then there's the other factions which are also incredibly weeaboo, the Orks power everything they own with sheer hotbloodedness. The Eldar are a few unique weapons away from being Super Sentai, hell they even come with the weird poses. The Tau stole everything they have from the Appleseed franchise. The Tyranids and Chaos demons are basically tentacle rape on legs.

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This is probably stupid to say but this kind of animu drawing (borderline animu really) seems lazy.

>> No.20946783

>non man
The faces drawn by weeaboo are certainly not human, if that's what you mean.

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2 wrongs make a right! Right?

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Anime is the worst medium for conveying darkness, it looks silly. Not that it's bad, after all, anime is good for high adventure. But even stuff that goes for horror, like Junji Ito, ends up looking more silly than scary.

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>40k is one of the most complicated, thougth provoking settings ever invented. Know your place, plebeian.

Go back to your mall cop courses Kanluwen

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Aww yea weeabo time

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>assuming things like emperors, ancestral swords, and overcoming odds are all japanese by default
The Fatherland spits back at you.

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>anime faces
uh, I'll take the man faces over that. Even if they aren't pretty, they're expressive as fuck. Fun to paint, full of personality.

I have no problem with japonaise in 2D, but it does not translate well into 28mm figures.

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SoB art can be good without going full animu. Its the models that kill them.
This. This is what I'm talking about when I call animu 40K visually offensive. Not because of MUH GRIMDARK, it just doesn't look right or very good to me.

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I dotn hate you!

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>- Disgrace is Worse Than Death
Nope, heresy (accepting anything other than the church) is worse than death
>- Serve the Grorious Emperor
The holy father, the all mighty being which once defeated the 'devil' himself
>- Cut a Tank in Half With The Elegantly Crafted Sword Of Your Ancestors
Crafted by future blacksmiths and pulled from a fucking stone
>- In fact, EVERYTHING is an ancient weapon passed down by your ancestors
All are holy relics, such as power armour (knight in space?)
>- Gigantic Mechs Who Only Special Snowflakes Can Use
Holy items reserved for those the lord deems most pure
It's the most Crusade era christian faction imaginable.

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Ahhh Commissar Senpai, we didnt see you there!

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I know this is a pasta, but it's either written by a retard or written for the express purpose to troll this board.
Either way, meh.

>> No.20946831

Individually? No, but it's the details, and the combination of them, that makes them hugely weeaboo. In 40k, only Ciaphas Cain and Shira Calpurnia overcome bad odds with cleverness. No TACTICAL GENIUS isn't cleverness, it's more related with space magic. Everyone else does it through brute "I'm better than you."

Thank you for proving my point.

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Chink was the light in the grim darkness

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>Individually? No, but it's the details,
This is the part where you're just stringing shit together to try to make a coherent point. You had to ignore so many parts of the setting to focus on the few things that could even be ARGUED as being "Japanese", and even in that regard you acknowledge how flimsy your argument is.
>Everyone else does it through brute "I'm better than you."
Yeah, unlike Western heroes, like Hercules, Achilles, Beowulf...

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Am I blind or is love & peace too chickenshit for orks?

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>In 40k, only Ciaphas Cain and Shira Calpurnia overcome bad odds with cleverness
And pretty much everyone who ran the churches was a zealous nutjob
>space magic
More christian than weeaboo
> Everyone else does it through brute "I'm better than you."
Just how the knights fought
Thank you for proving my point.

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Hercules was a pretty clever guy, he used his "I'm better than you" in very unconventional ways to accomplish his missions. Achilles died for not being clever. Beowulf was also pretty fucking clever, he was still just a squishy person, and lived to die in combat at a really old age, if wasn't a lack of cleverness that got him, but old age itself.

Not everyone who ran the churches were zealous nutjobs, most of them were just doing their job, it's just that the nutters and greedy fuckers had all the power back then.

Space magic is definitely not Christian, especially since they waged a war against magic users.

Knights could be clever when they needed to be, but they decided to be clever in a way that kept them from having to dip into it, the knights that weren't clever, didn't last long.

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What ever happened to that guy anyway?

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>Sister of BJs

Finally, a sister who knows what she's good at.

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Its short for Blood Jaguars.
I could never pass up the opportunity to save a brown SoB pic.

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I think all 4 chaos gods blessed him, at once

>> No.20946895


I thought he left to go and fight the Chinese?

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Hes still around, but not on /tg/

Probably got banned for his creepy pedo art

Fap Tau watches all

>> No.20946905

And that's everything wrong with Japanese cartoons. The same recycled shitty dialogue, the same recycled scenes, the same rebranded shows.
>No, its NOT a 40k animu, its "WAHAMMA 40 War For Emperor: You Can Save ZA WARUDO, Inquisitor-sama!"

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Chink reminds me of the 40k of old

when love can bloom was new

those were the days

>> No.20946918

Drafted, killed by the Chineese

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>mfw everyone thinks you're serious

This post was a 10/10, would laugh again. Well done.

>> No.20946921

Because that's not a problem with any other medium, right?

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Thus, he is insane

with brilliance, and creepiness

>> No.20946928

>40k of old
that's not the late eighties/early nineties

get off my lawn

>> No.20946935

>Magic isn't Christian, so it must be Japanese
Oh wow. Ever heard of the Druids? Magic also played a part in Norse myth. A lot of magical/metaphysical concepts form Eastern cultures are absent, there's no Qi, karma, ancestor worship, anything. 40k has the Western concept of a soul. They live in a universe where dualism is true.

>> No.20946936

It's much more dominant in Japanese shit.

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hes not dead, he uploaded content to his pixiv recently

I checked last year when people told me he was dead, and I checked this year too

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Eighties, you say...

>> No.20946946

Nice try, but we all know you were too late to the party.

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Overly brown military shooters say hi.

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Don't even need druids for that, bro. I mean, Merlin had magic. So did Gandalf.

Wizards are western.

>> No.20946957

>overly brown


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File: 1007 KB, 1191x1121, Discofex dancin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, I know, its based off of a thread bitching about 80s era carnifex and he somehow got turned into a bitchin disco dancer.

>> No.20946960

Yeah, look at what happened to the Druids: burned to death by christians. The Norse were consumed by the Christians. Etc. Magic isn't Christian, end of fucking story. Now this doesn't mean it isn't taken from other places, but I never said that Creed's Space Magic was weeaboo, just that it wasn't clever.

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kill yourself

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I'll be taking that

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And romantic comedies
And action movies
And sports movies
And comics
And superhero movies

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Sakuyra decided that pads werent enough

>> No.20946974

>A variety of things are just as repetitive as one thing being repetitive.

>> No.20946981

>There is only one genre of animu.

>> No.20946986

>Implying it isn't all the same

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>there is only one genre of anime worth watching


>> No.20947015
File: 332 KB, 640x480, Bubble Gum Crash - 3 - Melt Down - [Zx](Dub Sub Jap Eng Eng).ogm_snapshot_24.31_[2012.07.03_23.44.59].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>scifi and slice of life is the same

>> No.20947016
File: 664 KB, 1280x1024, 1335463242653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread.

>> No.20947027

Christian's believe in magic, they just call it faith. Old European Christians did belive they do could do miracles by praying, which is similar to how magic works in the Imperium. Look at the Sisters of Battle. Psykers have to pray to the Emperor that the Warp won't destroy them. Astropaths gain powers by being blessed by the Emperor. That's not so different from how it was believed that a priest could gain power from devotion to God.

>> No.20947041

Pure high octane nightmare fuel.

>> No.20947062

Faith is different from most forms of magic, the one exception is magic based on contracts with beings from beyond the mortal world, and they will merrily burn anyone who uses any other kind of magic. Even despite the similarity between the two, they aren't the same.

>> No.20947067


Jesus, some of you are worse than bronies and /v/ at the same time. Far, far worse.

>> No.20947074

40k players ARE the Bronies of the gaming community.

>> No.20947079


>> No.20947085

>all-caps shitpost
You're the worst in this thread. If you have an argument, state your point like a human being.

>> No.20947092


>frank quitely

Nigger you take that back

>> No.20947100

There are a lot of corpses between the start of a Frank Quitely book and the end of a Frank Quitely book, and the message he gives is usually pretty fucking dark, even when it's trying to be optimistic.

>> No.20947109

>defending 40k

Wow. I thought the ponyfaggots were bad.

>> No.20947128
File: 24 KB, 210x240, char likes it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Harder. Hit him harder.

>> No.20947129

Not that guy, but I'll make a question: why does people seem to think that 40k takes inspiration from a single source? Either it copies animu or Christians in space? Really? Such a vast universe reduced to that?

And then there's people who won't stop for a second thinking about the lore, or the ones who either think it's deep or complete bullshit, with no middle ground. And everyone thinks he's the only one right...!

"We're on /tg/", I guess

>> No.20947134

Pretty much right. Anybody who studies magic as it was practiced historically knows it was a divine thing, almost UNIVERSALLY done through contracts with higher powers. Good example. I forget the specific saint, but if you take his statue and bury that upside down facing away or towards a house, it'll make it sell to another person (if you own it) or be bought up by yourself faster respectively. If that isn't a pagan magic ritual turned into a christian one I have no idea what is.

That's a distinction as created by the modern world's view of magic, which has always been a very harry-potterish form. You say some words, wave a wand, shit happens. Historically, magic was complex, it was like science in that. Look up your Key of Solomon or other Renaissance magic texts. They're about summoning angels to do your bidding. Magic in the middle east? You summoned an ifrite or djinn to get shit done. "necromancy" wasn't raising corpses, it was about communing with the dead to tell the future.

Wherever you find magic historically, you find religion and ritual, with very very few exceptions (none that I can recall, but I'm no expert on the subject after all.)

>> No.20947145


Consider that you can have sci-fi slice of life.


>> No.20947146

Taking from other sources, doesn't make you not a weeaboo. Especially when you take as much as 40k has.

>> No.20947147


They're trying to make Jesus out of Emprah in Horus Heresy but that's just part of the Imperium & Marines = Good guys who Always Win think that's lately infected GW's offices and all of 40k fandom.

Originally Imperium is supposed to be the empire of the Beast of Revelations, ruled by a powerful being who received a mortal wound but did not die and is worshipped by men, and whose sacred enforcers the Grey Knights have number 666 as their Chapter designation.

And this empire of the beast is plagued by the angel Abaddon and his horde, because it's the will of God(s).

If teh timeline moved, it would end with Empra being cast into a lake of fire to burn for all eternity. Just ask Justicar Thawn, Chaos gonna win this shit. Should've not worshipped the beast, folks.

>> No.20947148


That just makes you a double Weeaboo. and also other things.

>> No.20947155

But mainly just a weeaboo?

>> No.20947157

That would be both at once, as opposed to both being the same thing.

>> No.20947159


>If that isn't a pagan magic ritual turned into a christian one I have no idea what is.

It isn't.

It's just a regular christian magic ritual.

Kind of like turning your shirt inside out to confuse the earth spirits bedeviling you.

In those days, it wasn't magic that the Church was hunting down. It was WITCHES.

>> No.20947167


Yes, which means that they are not mutually exclusive, and that 'sci-fi' exists on a different generic (as in, genre) tier than slice of life.

>> No.20947175

Which had a very important distinction: witches used their magic to hurt others, other magic users were alright.

>> No.20947195

Every thread

>> No.20947238

Which proves what I was (badly) trying to say, since the guy I was originally replying to seemed to deny the existence of separate genres to begin with.

>> No.20947263

It's more that all magic users were heretical. BUT (and it is a big but), you could ask the divine to intercede on your behalf. No priest or layman of good faith ever performs any magic for themselves - they simply ask God, Jesus or possibly - if your denomination is into that sort of thing - a Saint to bestow upon you a miracle.

Using magic yourself was a bad, bad thing. Because magic is the province of the divine. And anyone who can is a witch/warlock and has made a pact with the dark powers.

>> No.20947274
File: 28 KB, 510x546, 1343790056406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Belial - Nurgle
Leviathan - Khorne
Lucifer - Slaanesh
Satan - Tzeentch

>> No.20947286 [DELETED] 

I understand

>> No.20947291

You guys do realize GW officially said SoBs will be getting a new update sometime they are not squatted. Also the factory-leak listing plastic SoBs in production...

>> No.20947335

Source or you are just shitting

>> No.20947473


natfka.blogspot /2012/08/games-workshop-release-plan-in-2013.html

This list has been verified as a manufacturer's list. Also (cant find it) there was a comment from the rule writers that the sisters were not squatted. Further proof of this is that 6th Ed. still includes them fully.

>> No.20947559


Why do you continue to do this, /tg/?

>> No.20947586

Ok, I laughed

>> No.20947588
File: 220 KB, 508x600, 1298863962725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because its 40k

Its in the fluff that the fluff is everything from propaganda, speculation, lies, and slander

>> No.20947652

So again, remind me why people seem to argue about it so much? I mean, right down to the visual medium it's presented in?

I had a minor in abnormal psychology, so I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.20947669

nerd cultures loves to be fixated to one scrap of a piece of fiction, and defend it to the death

why do you think there are so many different stories on King Arthur

>> No.20947671


teh ass burgers?

>> No.20947709

You pretty much had it nailed at
>Stop liking things I don't like.

Hell, that explains 95% of flamewars on /tg/

>> No.20947738

This thread make me laugh and cry at the same time. Yes, in the strictest sense 40k can be taken seriusly. THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT SHOULD (while the results are amusing at least)

>> No.20947776

See, it actually resembles aspergers to my mind in terms of the interaction aspect of it, but the line between having a condition and just being a jerk on the internet is impossible to see.
Fixation is a symptom, too. Though yet again, I hesitate to consider nerdiness and aspergers linked.

>> No.20947790

>Creed's Space Magic
A sufficiently gifted tactical genius is indistinguishable from magic?

>> No.20947796

Though this is clearly a troll thread, I'll answer OP just to get it off my chest.

You can still be a huge neckbeard over practical armour and like Sisters of Battle armour. This is because anyone who plays 40k accepts the idea that the Imperium's technology sacrifices practical designs for more ornamental and anachronistic ways of thinking. The Imperium is backwards as fuck. That's sort of the point.

This is before we even recognise that originally, before all this 3rd and 4th edition fluff started hurfing it's own derfs, the setting is a black humour parody of science fiction. It wasn't meant to be serious but after a while fans were writing the fluff, and it was all serious as fuck about it.

Being a neckbeard about practical armour itself is pretty bad, but you can see why one would have a blind spot for 40k tech. It's meant to be bad.

>> No.20947907

Can we track down and erase anyone who starts either a

a) M*tt W*rd is the devil


b) The Sisters of Battle have been squatted

Threads? and while we're at it, end anyone who calls a none-40K thread 'viral'

>> No.20948317
File: 257 KB, 775x649, Tau Titan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Talking about weeaboo
>ctrl+f Tau
>2 mentions
>One of them is simply about fap tau

>> No.20948360
File: 68 KB, 643x413, 1315599423573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just starting tabletop WH40K
>Wanted a SoB army
>Metal mini's WD codex didn't do it for me
>Start collecting Chaos and get Dark Vengeance
>New SoB and possibly plastic mini's

>> No.20948538

I am pretty sure that list is fake as it mentions a unit called "Khorne Caedes Engines" which as far as I know are not in the new chaos codex.

>> No.20948576


Yeah, it's probably something done by a troll like ghost21.

It's fun to see how easily a rumourmonger with no record can gain credibility by promising things his audience wants (plastic sisters, Legion rules for Chaos etc etc)

>> No.20948866

Someone just cant take the truth

>> No.20948907

>>This list has been verified as a manufacturer's list.
No it wasn't.
It may be a list for one of the departments not directly tied into production but most the reliable rumor mongers don't recognise half the fucking list, the other half makes little sense, the code system they use isn't recognised by anyone, there is no dates listed anywhere (Note, this is Important) the only idea of a date given is from june 2013 - end 2015.

Tl;dr - Not likely true

>> No.20948985

That's not even going into the fact that GWs new system is EVERYTHING for that army will get released within about three months of the codex, most of it will be in the first wave itself.
There is seven things listed for the Sisters, which is horrifically anemic, all things considered.
And they share the same code frame as the various 'dogs of war' seeming units.

Tl;dr again; if it's true, then it seems GW just found a way to piss off sister fans even more then if they just squatted them.

>> No.20951757

Why can't they just make it that you can choose if your sisters have reasonable or hot armor?

>> No.20954319

Different pieces to add to models can't be that tricky.

>> No.20954350

GW cant even give IG fucking gasmask/hazard environment helms

you except them to give an entire extra torso?

>> No.20954378
File: 159 KB, 900x1161, 1306366326303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't they just make female heads to go on the regular IG bodies, since you wouldn't actually even need a different body?

The answer is that GW won't make a female model unless its tits are visible

>> No.20954391

If this is true, I really have to wonder. Things like Deathwatch and Alpha Psykers -- are we going to see rules or are they just gonna be for various thingies we already will have?

>> No.20954448

Man faces, man faces everywhere

>> No.20954468
File: 66 KB, 411x589, sovietwomen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't look like my kawaii waifu
Get your murder on, idiot.

>> No.20954484


I would like to request the context of your pic. It is intriguing.

>> No.20954530

LCB was never good.
It was the Love and Krieg/Primarch's Daughters/Emprahsque of its time.
Poorly written dreck that's fapped over by /tg/ is still poorly written dreck.

>> No.20954531

Still doesnt mean GW cant sculpt anything other than man faces

>> No.20954547

The context? Uh...someone wanted to draw a female Valhallan. So they did. Done.

>> No.20954597

>thinly disguised Micheal expy is struck down by thinly disguised Lucifer expy, then messiah figure is mortally wounded by thinly disguised Lucifer expy
>all in 1e
Shut up.

>> No.20954624

40k is entirely ripped off of Dune, Foundation, and Nemesis the Warlock (with some other 2000 AD influences).
I guarantee that anime didn't even factor into its creation.

>> No.20954703


I... hmm. I've never looked at it this way before. This merits contemplation.

>> No.20954765

He's completely full of shit.
Chaos was never at any point supposed to be the good guys.

>> No.20954818

stop it, stop this thread

>> No.20954963

This is just like being on /v/, except people are more emotionally (monetarily) invested in 40k.
So its like quadruple asshurt when ever you shitpost.

>> No.20954987


In a better-written setting chaos could be seen as change and creativity fighting decay and stagnation. Make both sides seem reasonable and both sides seem flawed in equal measure.

Instead we get 40K.

>> No.20955671

Old Testament God was a vicious motherfucker.

>> No.20955892

my computer did not like looking at that picture, I think there is something wrong with it.

>> No.20957156


I think some of that stuff is quite good.

If you think it is all drivel, what pray tell is good /tg/ fiction?

>> No.20957287
File: 170 KB, 600x778, spacemarinewithhiseldarwaifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying love can't bloom in the late eighties/early niteties

>> No.20957294

>implying that's not fanart

>> No.20957295

>Want morality discussions in a grimdark setting
Fuck you.
WH40k is meant to be about stupid shit blowing eachother up.
That's what's good about the setting. Stop trying to ruin it.

>> No.20957303

>battle hardened veterans
>looking like kawaii feminine waifs

Pick one. And if you pick the second, WH40k just isn't for you.

>> No.20957321
File: 105 KB, 500x418, lovecanbloomsobheresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20957328
File: 25 KB, 500x386, 1303231061499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't been in /tg/ for weeks and this thread is pretty awful

>> No.20957332

It's usually better than this.

>> No.20957409

don't lie to him.

>> No.20957415

>implying that's also not fanart

>> No.20957468

Wow, it's you again. I've seen your posts before. You're quite the sperg, I take it.

>> No.20961177

>I've seen your posts before
We've got the archive; prove it.

>> No.20962220
File: 30 KB, 231x258, oprah sees kfc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 1, 5 = 6

>280002330140207 Sisters of Battle Canoness with Power Axe RE
>280000211440200 Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad PL
>280000111440201 Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters PL
>280000411840206 Sisters of Battle Exorcist / Catafalque of Sins PL
>280002430140206 Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata RE
>280002230140208 Sisters of Battle Sister Superior Magdalenia RE
>280000330740205 Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad RE


>280000111440201 Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters PL

Mine semblance when.

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