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Hello /tg/ I wish to discuss a hypothetical with you.
You know that one theory that Warhammer Fantasy takes place on a feudal world in the 40k verse? Ok so assuming that is true what would happen if the Tyranids found this planet? Could the forces of Fantasy hold off the Hive Fleet? If not how long could they even last?

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I'll play.

The tyranids would eat everything, quite quickly. Just because of their weapons that do well against non-feudal shit in the universe.

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I want to see lizardmen fighting nids now.

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>I want to see lizardmen fighting nids now.
Lizardmen are nids, have been all along...

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Yeah, at the end of the day, Gun beats spear. Even if the spear is magic and the gun shoots flesh worms.

Gun beats spear.

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The dwarves would hold out for a while, and chaos would give the 'nids some trouble. Skaven might pull some of their magi-tech bullshit.

Maybe the armies of the undead could do something. Also mages, lots of mages.

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>Could the forces of Fantasy hold off the Hive Fleet?
Fuck no.

>If not how long could they even last?
Less than a week.

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To be honest if I ever started Fantasy I would so play Lizard men. Probably use the same paint scheme as my nids seeing as its based on Godzilla so its appropriate for both.

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magic beats guns. how? I dunno, it's fucking magic.
The vampires alone would be enough to beat the shit out of the fucking bugs.
>make a really huge fucking army of SKELETONS
>make huge fucking balls of SKELETONS
>set them on fire
>giant burning SKELETONBALLS
>shoot them at the nid-fleet

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forgot my face when

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>all dat delicious biomass

Good plan? Great plan.

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Tyranids have beaten larger armies of Orks than your skeletons.

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Don't forget now, nids have magic too. So magic auto-win shouldn't be so hastily embraced.

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Break all the pylons that holds the mists of Chaos away and the daemons would destroy the invaders.

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Not to mention the limitless bodies of the Imperial Guard, which happen to include skeletons, but also flesh and a gun.

Skeletons would not go well.

Daemons are about the only thing that would be worth trying, as their dissipation back into the Warp upon death is the only thing that wouldn't directly feed the Tyranids, but obviously that doesn't exactly result in a spectacular place to live either.

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Restore Nagash to his godlike powers and he might be able to fend them off. Everyone is now undead slaves, though.

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This doesn't result in defeating the Tyranids, it just results in the races getting to CHOOSE how they get ass-fucked to death. They'd basically be opting for a 50/50 Tyranid/Daemon death rather than a Tyranid death, and all things considered, they probably wouldn't even take that bet.

They'd just hold out for as long as they could (likely <a week) before being devoured rather than turning their planet over to Chaos, not only because they hate Chaos more but also because having your soul devoured is probably worse than having your face devoured.

In the end, Tyranids win either way--in the Nuclear Daemon Scenario, it just means they split the kills with Daemons for a while, until all the indigenous races are dead, at which point Daemons have no interest in the planet whatsoever and leave of their own free will. Basically it takes a little longer, but in the end they get all the tasty biomass anyway (because it's not like Daemons want it) and probably come away a little stronger from their skirmishes with the Daemons.

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Well if you accept the "orcs = spores in fantasy" thing (which I don't) then greenskins would get the same massive boost in numbers that their 40k counterparts do when the ecosystem goes into overdrive.

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Just saying that turning the planet in to a daemon-world would fend the Tyranids off. Being in orbit could be dangerous as well with one of the moons being made out of pure warpstone.

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Magic heavy forces would hold out the longest. But eventually they will fall as the planets atmosphere is turned into a toxic disease laden mess by Tyranoforming.

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Do nid and ork spores interact like that?

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no. Tyranid spores engineer plants to go into hypergrowth. They're a fungus like killer disease to everything else.

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I feel like magic is being overplayed.

Even if you assume there's NO connection between magic and 40k Psykers (which is necessary to prevent the Tyranids turning it off with Shadow in the Warp), 90% of what your magic does is rather directly emulated by technology in 40k.

You don't need to shoot a fireball when you have a Plasma Cannon, y'know? But having those things hardly makes the universe immune to Tyranids.

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That's actually quite true.I think GW played with the idea of Tyranids being servants of Old Ones. There was one issue of White Dwarf with follower of Sotek who were very similar to Tyranids-eat and consume all enemies, swarms of snakes.

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Not to mention that if you use the magic as frequently as you'd need to to deal with the nid swarm, you're likely to miscast sooner rather than later. And a miscast in fantasy is not at all good for the caster.

Not to mention that wizards aren't anywhere near as common as implied by the TT game.

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Dwarves would die as quickly as anyone else. Tyranids have many species that can burrow and some even leave tunnels for other species to use.

They can inject say genestealers directly into the lower levels of a dwarf hold.

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plus I doubt many would make it to the battlefield. Once Tyranids learn of them (so just after the first peasant gets his brain eaten) Wizards can expected to become targets of priority for Lictors.

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You guys are stupid.

Of course the WHFB races could hold out forever, since them dying off would make GW less money.

Therefore, magitech bs would immediately manifest. Perhaps Imperial Navy sector Fleets just happen to show up to stop them.
And then the Necrons showed up, because they like watching that planet. And killing nids is fun.

And then when all the 'nids have been killed by GW fiat, things go back to normal.

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Would the shadow affect fantasy magic? I know the chaos gods have something to do with fantasy, so is the warp...the warp? Do daemons in fantasy use the same magic that wizards do?

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magic in fantasy comes from the warp. So its liely just psychic powers by a different name, in which case yes the shadow would effect wizards.

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Wait since lictors get the knowledge of whoevers brain they eat, if one ate a wizards brain could it then use its new knowledge of magic to be a Wizard?

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Since we have to assume things are working similar to Psykers if it's all the same universe, then no, because Lictors aren't Psykers, and you can't just 'learn' to be one.

If the Wizard was using magic/the warp in a way previously unknown to the Tyranids, though, the information could probably be used in subsequent generations of Zoanthropes and other Psyker-bugs.

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Tyranids have spaceships. Doesn't that kind of win the battle for them?

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usually yes, though tyranid ships specifically tend to not attack planet side forces with their main weapons. They want to eat everything not annihilate it.

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>Not to mention the limitless bodies of the Imperial Guard, which happen to include skeletons, but also flesh and a gun.

I am now imagining an imperial guard regiment composed entirely of skeletons.

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Time to give skelecopters lasguns?

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>The 51st Armageleton Skelecopters ride to war

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Not gonna lie, this could be fun for chaos.

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wouldn't daemons sort of have a personal interest in not letting tyranids overtake the whfb world?

because daemons need humans to play with

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Perhaps the daemons are stranded in the however-locations-work-in-the-warp of this planet, as unknowing of the galaxy as the others? And nids might set them free.

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thats true, but if the deamons could muster a big enough threat to stop the nids they'd be able to take over the whole fantasy world. Tyranids are just so much larger a force than any single planet can hope to deal with.

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The old fluff was that the Warhammer Fantasy world was surrounded by some kind of warp storm or some other silly anomaly that kept it secluded from the galaxy at large.

So the 'Nids simply never find the place.

>Captcha: sesists would
But apparently the sesists would find them. But I don't know who they are.

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Hive fleets have been known to successfully navigate warp rifts.

Also since the don't use the warp for FTL warps storms could reasonably not effect them.

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There was that one Hive Fleet that was caught by Warp currents and dragged into the Eye of Terror.

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The storm ceased just as nids entered the system. Fantasy is just that unlucky.

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Since we're allowed to just assume things happen:

All four Chaos Gods buttfuck the 'Nids into oblivion.

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Tough call.
It takes the 'nids about 1-3 months to completely digest most imperial worlds. most imperial worlds having Millions if not billions of people on it.
Since i doubt WHF has a total population in the billions. And no unified system of defense, that means they probably go down in a month or less.

The odds of them fighting off the buggs... possible, but not so go. Warp
stone may be one of the few sources thats actually poison to the little buggers. And fighting the Skaven and the Dwarfs will defiantly be bitch considering the terrain.
The undead not so much.
More importantly, Genestealers. They normally arrive before the fleet and weaken human defenses beforehand. (either by disarmament or bloody civil war normally.) This is what fucks over most worlds.
WHF however is already divided. So unless all the factions come running to one anthers aid, which I doubt, The the Tyranids will pick them off one by one. By the time the remaining factions realized whats going on, it will already be to late.
If By some miracle, they all do work together. Their still out numbered 50 to 1 against a foe with chitin like full plate and bio-poison-acid guns for arms, some of which can in theory, chew threw tank armor.

Their tech just cant compare, their to baddy out numbers, to divided, and don't have enough mages to just magic the problem away.
Think The nids take this one.

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>Speculative scenario
>GW would never do that, they'd lose money!
>No, Anon, you are the stupids

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Warpstone and the undead may be the deciding factor. If Nagash can be restored to power, and raise each fallen soldier, whether undead, living WHFB soldier, or living Tyranid, to turn against the Hive Fleet, then there *may* be a chance- if the Skaven can work with the undead, using their warpstone magitech to maximum effect, then they may be able to fight off the fleet. Still a toss-up, though, and those aren't likely to happen.

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The Elder Slann (Let's say spawnings 1-4) resurrect or wake. They realise that "oh, SHIT, we are supposed to be running the big universe", drain the Tyranids into the webway, destroy it, recreate it, stuff whatever eldar are left into a massive breeding tank in the new webway and shit on the cooling transdimensional splinters of Comorragh and then do bad bad things to the diminished Necrons.

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I want to do a 40k lizardmen conversion, what ruleset would be good, and what do you recomend for conversion fodder, I was thinking of space wolf rules (Lots of melee and mounts) and chaos dinobots for parts

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Given they will fight at equal points, and the nids will need to rank up, my money is on the WFB lists.

>> No.20943492

Oh, it might happen, but GW would never allow all of WHFB to be exterminated.

So we know that all kinds of bullshit would happen to neuter the nids, and introduce a new WHFB race along with all the others.

>> No.20943544

I think people are underplaying skeletons.

They render all fleshborer ammo pretty much useless and require brute force, which gaunts don't really possess, to render non functional.

A fuckhueg army of skeletons, with necromancers to reanimate the fallen, would do well.
Until they start bringing out the heavy shit to counteract it of course.

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Nids wouldn't rank up. That's just not how they fight. Also Tyranids shooting is really undercosted for fantasy.

>> No.20943691

Flesh borers can destroy non living stuff as well. They work on Necrons and tanks.

>> No.20943719

depends if we're going off the fluff or crunch really.

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fantasy wins
and then fantasy rises to become the new threat to the galaxy that GW always wanted

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also the skeletons we are speaking of are burning. also we shoot all the Wights we can get at the hive-fleet
>wight-blades vs biomass
>pic related

also we use that necromacy spell that lets creatures age really really fast to turn all the biomass that the nids want to consume into dust. then we turn this dust on fire

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I think the chaos wastes are kinda like a mini eye of terror so, yes, the planet can technically hold them off forever.

>> No.20944038

I see hormagaunts slicing up skeletons pretty easily unless they are really old skeletons that have dried out and started to fossilize.

>> No.20944052

If you're going to go by crunch, then Empire fields AS1 knights as Core choices.

Think about that.

>> No.20944148

Heavy armour is a 6+ save when converted to 40k, going by older rules editions. Shields get ignored, you might get another pip for cavalry, unsure on barding, 4-5+ save versus 40k weaponry at best I'd say.

>> No.20944165

Emp knights don't use heavy armour.

>> No.20944167

I know, I was using it as a baseline for comparison.

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The Maelstrom that sucks all the excess magic away from the world traps the Hive Mind, the Tyranids fall into disarray and fail to make true planetfall and die.

Some land on the planet, Forest goblins worship the remains while the rest are slowly wiped out by maruading bands of Chaos and Orcs wishing to prove themselves against the giant insects.

>> No.20944216

But 40k has the Slann, a race of lizardmen. What's their WHFB equivalent then?

I always thought the Ogres to have tyranidic tendencies. There's the Maw, the eternal hunger, etc.

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That's as silly as me saying this entire speculative scenario is silly.

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After the Old Ones lost the battle against the Necrons they left the galaxy buttdevestated.
In another galalxy far away from the Necrons reach they engineered a race that would avenge their fallen brothers.
The Tyranids.
In order to control this army over a great distance the Old Ones put themselves into a stasis so that only their minds were still operating, forming a collective mind to control the Tyranids from afar.
Blinded by their hate, they uinderestimated the dangers that come with such a monumental task.
One by one they fell into the shadow, until they became, what we know as the Hive Mind.

>> No.20945162

yeah no thats lame. It also makes no sense. Necrons are the one faction nids fight the least and that they're the least suited to fighting. Also why would the Old ones send them after 12 other galaxies before this one if they wanted revenge?

>> No.20945207


>But 40k has the Slann, a race of lizardmen. What's their WHFB equivalent then?

uh. The Slann?
and Lizardmen?

>> No.20945217

>MFW skaven hijack the bioships.

>> No.20945296

How would they? Hiveships don't come down from orbit (even then only the small ships land on the surface) until the end of the consumption phase. When all the potential hijackers are dead.

>> No.20945318


Skaven rockets. You telling me none of them have tried to get to Morrselib before now? Pft.

>> No.20945323

Operative word being TRIED

>> No.20945325

That actually wouldn't work. Shadow in the warp. After enough 'nids show up, it gets hard for daemons to get through to the mortal plane.

>> No.20945335

Fantasy clearly wins. Like Korn is going to let his waifu get eaten.

>> No.20945341


That has never stopped them before. Skryre is pretty good at all that crazy shit when half baked subordinates aren't sabotaging their glorious plans.

>> No.20945356


The Shadow is psychic interference, it's a metric wiggleton of squeaks and pops flitting between each creature in communication. Psykers draw power from the warp. In fantasy mages cast by drawing certain 'winds' of chaos that blow from the polar gates. The winds have various colours of energy all intermixes as strands, mages draw specific strands and weave them into spells. The shadow wouldn't interfere with this. Well. Actually maybe scrying and sendings would become a garble static mess.

>> No.20945361

Well as the old saying goes; "It is better to die than be killed!"

>> No.20945439

Whomever wins, I think it would be pretty awesome to see Archaon taking on the Swarmlord.

Or a Vampire Lord fight a

Or that one High Elf mega-wizard fight the Doom of Malantai

>> No.20945458

Vampire Lord fight a Trygon, rather.

Also, everyone forgets that the Pld World is chock-full of almost godlike mortals. Imagine if all the Special Characters in 40k were in the same place.

Also, how would Dark Elves or Bretonnia fare?

Whoah, I just pictured the siege of Montfort with Tyranids.
Imagine Helm's Deep with xenomorphs.

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>Tyranids vs Warhammer Fantasy

Tyranids win. Boring. Let's discuss something more interesting instead.

>Tyranids vs Blood Bowl

>> No.20945506

>bio plasma
I'm going to give that to the tyranids

>> No.20945643

Do they have to follow the rules?

>> No.20945661

whats the ref gonna do, redcard the Carnifex?

>> No.20945666



>> No.20945667

That is my questions, since they can do that to ogres, trolls and even skaven.

>> No.20945700

thats a good point. The kind of ref with the balls to redcard a living tree is gonna stare down anything.

>> No.20945701

I want to buy spore mines for my starting line...

>> No.20945702


I love how Tyranids are so easy to defeat when you consider letting them just eat a few planets.

I mean, you can just keep camping the same planet. Let a Hiveship try to absorb all the biomass on the planet, cut its eating straw, let it just die of starvation. Rince, repeat.

>> No.20945717

This image stopped my scrolling and made me shudder in fear.

>> No.20945745

>cut its eating straw

...and it just grows another one. A Hive Ship has enough stored biomass to produce millions of Tyranid creatures. It's going to have enough to sustain itself and grow a replacement tube.

>> No.20945747

Or you know they'll just connect to another capillary tower. While the rest of the fleet murders you.

>> No.20945755

It is a fucking hilarious scenario though. Hive Fleet Potato was annihilated by this tactic.

>> No.20945763

Shudder in fear?
It should have made you salute to the glory of the undead.
All hail Sandro!
Brb playing H3.

>> No.20945790

>immediately grows a new one
>cut it
>grows a million more

>what the fuck am i doing with these enormous scizzors?

>> No.20945791


If I'm correct, a Space Marine chapter already used that tactic with much success.

Remember, when a Hiveship attacks a world, it doesn't just make those Tyranids... it gave up all of its energy... and it needs it back.

If you stall the transfer of biomass long enough, the ship will weaken, grow sick. Even if it gets its biomass back, it'll be weakened anyway.

The Hiveship IS the weakest link in the Tyranid warmachine.

>> No.20945795

You cut it at the Hiveship, you dummie.

>> No.20945811

> a Space Marine chapter already used that tactic with much success.

Not quite. Biomass denial involves letting the Tyranids expend energy and biomass conquering a planet, then quickly dropping a ship in and hitting it with Exterminatus to prevent them from devouring the planet and the dead. It's effective at starving a Hive Fleet of resources, but very costly in the long run.

>> No.20945816

I'm talking about cutting the straw, starving the Hiveship, cutting the Hiveship off the Tyranids. Not burning the planet along with all the biomass.

>> No.20945843

Yes, and I'm saying that no, as far as I'm aware, that tactic hasn't been tried, either by Space Marines or anyone else. Because it's pretty useless - there are multiple Hive Ships in a Fleet. You damage the feeding tubes on one, another will simply connect and resume harvesting while the first regenerates. And they'll probably make sure that they're better protected in future.

Starving a Hive Fleet by cutting it off from biomass *does* work, but involves destroying the food source itself.

>> No.20945890

>there are multiple Hive Ships in a Fleet. You damage the feeding tubes on one, another will simply connect and resume harvesting while the first regenerates.

Which is an excellent moment to hit all of them. So you don't just starve one hiveship... you starve the whole fleet.

>And they'll probably make sure that they're better protected in future.

Can't evolve new aspects when you're dead.

Given that all you need to do is blast a tiny cord... it shouldn't be that hard.

Hell, just attack it from space and the ground.

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File: 192 KB, 500x900, tyranid_invasion_by_columbussage-d4ujc4k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seem to be working under the flawed assumption that if a Hive Fleet is temporarily cut off from Biomass, it almost immediately withers away and dies.

Even if by some miracle you were somehow able to damage to feeding tubes of every Hive Ship in the fleet, without having been destroyed by those Hive Ships while trying to do so, they are fully capable of healing themselves. If they lack for biomass, Tyranid creatures already on board the hive ship can be broken down and the bio-resources used to promote healing effects. If need be, smaller bio-ships like Kraken escorts can be cannibalised for more biomass.

It's also worth pointing out that the feeding tubes are not 'tiny'. You're looking at something on-par with a great redwood tree or a small building.

>> No.20945929

consider this, the hiveships have travelled from another galaxy with FTL thats slower than the imperiums slow by conventional sci-fi standards FTL. Not even a journey thats easily taken tens of thousans of years at least could starve them to death..
They'll be able to heal themselves long before they starve to death. You have to destroy the food itself to deprive them of access to it.

>> No.20945999

Oh fuck. Yeah, the slower than light travel.

Who the fuck invented that, that's just retarded.

>> No.20946011

No, it's still FTL. Just slower than conventional warp travel.

>> No.20946096

That must have been fun for everyone

>> No.20946122

Maybe refs are the most powerful beings in the warhammer universe

>> No.20946166


SOME refs are, some aren't.

The ones who aren't die very very quickly.

>> No.20946229


Nids would get crushed by combat resolution if that is the case.

All their fancy shooting will need to be ultra effective they are going to get their points back in a six turn game.

>> No.20949679

Nids eat everything like always. Next.

>> No.20951075

Not as fearless units.

the shooting will be. Anything armed with devourers is gonna be brutal, 10 points gets you a gaunt with 3 Range 18 S4 (which is probably S5 or even 6 in fantasy) shots (you can also put them of a mycetic spore to deepstrike). Barbed stranglers and biovores let you drop large blasts left and right. A Tyranofex can drop two flame templates and a large blast on a unit in one turn.

>> No.20951136

>Bretonnians Heroic Killing Blow-ing Hive Tyrants
>The power of all 4 chaos gods
>Necromancers reviving Undead Tyranids

They'd probably last a week. And by they, I mean the Tyranids

>> No.20951336

I think you're really over estimating the value of magic against an enemy who also has magic and can deploy literally trillions of ground troops anywhere they want.

Theres no time to muster the armies, the tyranids are landing on you're capital (and everywhere else) right now.

>> No.20951641
File: 722 KB, 2560x2370, 1347199392780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure are underestimating the Tyranids here. The 4 chaos gods haven't teamed up to kill the Tyranids yet so why would they do it now for this one world? No idea what Heroic Killings Blows are but I'm pretty sure Knights are going to have a much harder time killing Hive Tyrants than Space Marines, who already have a pretty hard time killing one. And shadow in the warp so magic isn't nearly as good. And lastly Tyranids eat their dead so Necromancers wouldn't have bodies to resurrect.

>> No.20951708

KIlling blow is a special rule thats rending + it also causes instant death on a 6 to wound, it only works on normal infantry though. Heroic killing blow is the same but it works on anything.

Of course the Brettonian is going to have to survive the Hive Tyrants own attacks which ignore his armour and can also cause instant death (if it has the right weapons)

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