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Who is the best /tg/ waifu?

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blue is not a waifu she's just an offshoot from the scraplootas

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Huge Tau, since she's the biggest

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Is she /tg/ enough?

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She's not really a waifu, just a fetish thing.

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call me a traditionalist, but cultist chan

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>/tg/ get asked about waifus
>No monstergirls

/tg/, i am disappoint

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The only choice

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The real question is this:

Xeno or Blue?

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She better be.
Failing that, I'd pick Ra'alman.
Fishvore tentacle hue everywhere.

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Eric is best waifu

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I have 461 pictures of Cultist.
Not a single one of Blue, and the only Xeno pictures I have are ones that feature other characters I like.

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Those aren't waifus, just overly friendly people we like to hang with.

Actually, we've already come to the conclusion that there is no singular /tg/ waifu, mascot, or singular board representative, because we have our own entire MYTHOLOGY to work with.

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>No pictures of Blue

Why not change that?

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It sure isn't Blue, since she isn't even a waifu. If it had to be anyone, it's probably Xeno.

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>Deviantart knows about cultist chan
>Ridiculous amount of art of her
>Implying the amount of art makes her better

How is Blue not a waifu? Not a fan, just curious.

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>monster girls
>not waifus
Dude, the harem knights threads have been going non-stop for more then two weeks now, and that's their entire point.

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- Primarch's daughters (ALL OF THEM!)
- Cultist
- Blue
- Xeno

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Primarch's daughters?

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You forgot Derosa, Macha, Taldeer and probably many more

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High School WH40K.
Is on 1d4chan

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What if Emps decided to give all his Primarchs a family.
Making them FAMILY MEN and more down to earth. Horus heresy didnt happen and now it's a teenage adventure where boys have to try for their girlfriends father's approval.

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Damn, every time I think I've heard all of /tg/'s OC.

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People like to argue that because Blue isn't typical waifu bait, isn't inherently cute, doesn't do things because they are cute or fit any fetishes, has an actual defined character beyond what a typical waifufag likes to project onto her, and has basically no porn written or drawn of her despite being surrounded by the equivalent of football hooligans in space, she isn't a waifu.

Personally, I don't have a waifu, so your mileage may vary.

What happened to all of the Xeno drawfags? Why can't we get them to draw Blue?

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i dont know shit about who that is but that picture as kawaii as fuck

is there more?

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I think EVERYTHING you just said is wrong, and you don't know what a waifu is.

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I was very fond of the time when /tg/ was going through its Phyrexian waifu phase.

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Because if they can draw Blue, they might as well be drawing Xeno, since she's the cutest.

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>Blue isn't typical waifu bait
>isn't inherently cute
>doesn't do things because they are cute
>has an actual defined character beyond what a typical waifufag likes to project onto her
>has basically no porn written or drawn of her

So people who have never heard of Blue claim that she's not a waifu? Okay.

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>Blue isn't typical waifu bait, isn't inherently cute, doesn't do things because they are cute or fit any fetishes, has an actual defined character beyond what a typical waifufag likes to project onto her, and has basically no porn written or drawn of her despite being surrounded by the equivalent of football hooligans in space, she isn't a waifu.
But that's utterly wrong, the only reason why she exists in the first place is that some people thought a tau girl would be even more adorable if she adopted the ork Kultur. She exists to be cute.

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Blue fixes things and has a pet she cuddles. Also, orkz aren't rapists in general, and she manage to get confused for a grot for a bit, and then was lucky and good enough that she avoided major injury as a pretend orkiod, and when it became obvious she ain't orky, they didn't bother.

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Then please, enlighten me about what a waifu is, since I seem to be talking out of my ass.

I'm talking about the formerly-prolific drawfags (like Technomancer) who haven't drawn any new Xeno stuff in months. Where are they at now?

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Well, maybe none of us are using the term "waifu" correctly, but what we both mean is "moé character", which a waifu almost inherently is. And Blue is Totally a moé character.

>I'm talking about the formerly-prolific drawfags (like Technomancer) who haven't drawn any new Xeno stuff in months. Where are they at now?

Who do you think runs Xeno's Adventure?
Who do you think drew Blue's basic design?

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As far as 40k is concerned:
Blue is terrible.
Hugetau is terrible.
Xeno is terrible.
Macha is best.

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Not quite sure how to define it, but Blue follows many of the waifu traits you give.

Hell, being good with animals is general waifu/husbando bait. I figure because being maternal/paternal for
something is a turn on.

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There's going to be a thread on it on the fifth.

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>As far as 40k is concerned:
>everything is terrible because it's 40k

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>I'm talking about the formerly-prolific drawfags (like Technomancer) who haven't drawn any new Xeno stuff in months. Where are they at now?

I don't know about the rest of them, but Technomancer made enough diaper porn already and I would be quite content if he never drew anything ever again.

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But soulless craftworkd eldar make no sense!

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He does good enough non-diaper art that I can deal with it. Also, Xeno's adventure.

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Nurse Verity

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habeeb it

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It depends on who you ask. Well, no, that's certainly not the case, for ask any of the Harem Knights of TeeGee and the answer will be the same. Who is the best waifu?

"My Waifu"

And thus, every man who opens his lips speaks the truth, for it resides in each and every one of their burning hearts.

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I can't waifu /tg/ characters because I've created so many /tg/ characters.

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Itty bitty beetles.
Itty bitty bugs.

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The writefag's burden is a harsh one, no?

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Got to be honest, my favourite parts of these are the silly parts with the Primarchs Going Home To Be Family Men. Like, giant Gods of War in suburban settings doing normal, everyday Dad stuff but with exactly the same outlook and attitudes with which they conquered the galaxy. Like, imagine them baking, say Angron attempting to make a soufflé. Or Perturabo and Dorn getting into an escalating Tree-house building rivalry. That sort of thing.

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If your waifu doesn't have DEM TEEF, your opinion is wrong.

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I know, right?

But here, if anyone's on the fence, here's a very waifu-able picture of one of the characters I didn't create, but am very fond of writing.

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Obviously the only /tg/ waifu worth anyone's time is Flare

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She has a pet squig. How can anyone claim she is not cute?

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Blue is to orks as Xeno is to necrons. Next there'll be a tau girl (with DEM HIPS) that thinks she's a howling banshee or a space marine.

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I only know cultist-chan and sharktits from these 2 pictures.
Who are the other 3? ANd why doesn' the hyena have a massive bulge for her dickclit?

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Sarharduin, Cuddles, Cultist...drawing a blank on the others.

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Because you touch yourself at night.

What makes you think there aren't, already?

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>not knowing Cuddles

The other two are the Gnoll and Human versions of Nurse Verity. A huge furfaggot. And I wonder how you don't know of her yet still insist she have a bulge for her pseudodick.

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Krieg-chan. Always.


Terranis holds

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That uniform is not regulation, soldier. Lace up those boots, button that greatcoat and Emperor's teeth, where is your blouse?

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>no Sandwich

/tg/, I am disappoint.

Her waifu purity is guaranteed by her paladin status.

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'Cause I know hyenas, and hyena chicks got pseudodicks.

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Loli Lady of Pain.

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I find you highly suspicious.

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Loli Lady of Blades.

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Only spotted hyenas.

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Xeno is best, obviously.

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polite sage since I just came to this thread to point out how wrong this opinion is.

>> No.20932275

Nurse Verity is a spotted hyena though, so in this case it's apt.

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>Lady of Blades

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Hyenas are weird.

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You win

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What do you have against tentacle monsters, man? Deep beneath that cold, rubbery skin beats the tender heart of a woman.
No, deeper then that. Those are just more tentacles.
No, keep going, you'll know it when you see it.

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Blue is Orkified

Orks cannot be cute or waifus.

Therefore, Blue cannot be a waifu.

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Weird, but cool.

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>Orks cannot be cute or waifus.
>Blue is Orkified, but not an Ork.
>Therefore, Blue can be a waifu.

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I'd argue the opposite.

She's the perfect waifu as she fills an otherwise unacknowledged hole: The tomboy.

Orks are probably one of the most male stereotypes you'll find. So to put a female into that environment leads to them becoming more masculine and tomboyish, while still keeping the inherent physical female side.

TL;DR: Blue is the perfect waifu for those of us who like tomboys and not cutesy styled stuff like Xeno.

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Your conclusion does not follow and your premises are both unsupported and entirely false.
Next argument, please.

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You're lucky you don't actually believe that.

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Except it's right.

If X=Y, and Y=Z, Z=X

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Except everything about Blue is fucking cutified. Even her ork-talk is supposed to be fucking cute. Blue is a waifu, and you know it.

>> No.20932478

>trying to use logical arguments to justify waifus

Never change, /tg/

>> No.20932479

>Blue is Orkified
>Orks cannot be cute or waifus
False and unsupported
>Therefore, Blue cannot be cute or a waifu
Does not follow, as even were premice 2 true, Blue is not an ork, only ork-like.

>> No.20932482

But your error was to think that "orkified" meant "turned into an ork". Blue merely adopted a few superficial elements of Ork Kultur, which doesn't turn her into an ork. On the contrary, they make her cuteness all the move visible by using contrasting elements.

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Blue wins because she comes with proppa orky accessories.

Pun unintended but fitting nonetheless

>> No.20932506

>Even her ork-talk is supposed to be fucking cute

It's just generic ork-speak.

>> No.20932515

Oh shit. Blue Schism incoming.

>> No.20932517

BUT spoken by an adorable blueberry, it becomes babytalk.

>> No.20932534

No, it's lolcat speak with the excuse DAT DATZ 'OW ORKZ TALKZEZ

>> No.20932542

Assumption on the reader's side.

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However it is not babytalk, as she is the most intelligent member of the scraplootas (aside from maybe the 'Ead Councillor and senior civil servants in the Grotocracy.

>> No.20932555

Elesh Norn. There, we're done with this topic. Now break out the heresy or move on!

>> No.20932560

These guys know what's up.

>> No.20932578

>If X=Y, and Y=Z, Z=X

Except his is more like
If X=O and Q=Z, then X=Z because O kinda looks like Q.

>> No.20932579

Hardly. She has been a part of Ork Society for almost all of her life, it will have rubbed off on her.

>> No.20932601

Not her speaking like an ork; the former sounding like adorable babby talk is a mere assumption.

>> No.20932612 [DELETED] 

Isn't have her shtick that she's a proper Ork now?

>> No.20932621

I see what you mean. I would assume the people who think it would sound like baby talk haven't heard women with an actual strong regional accent before.

Living in the UK, I can say for absolute certain that an ork-style accent on a woman is not automatically adorable. The opposite, in fact.

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I see no problem with this. If O didn't want to be like Q, then it would have gotten plastic surgery by now.

>> No.20932635

Isn't half her shtick that she's a proper Ork now?

>> No.20932655

This nigga is correct, if Blue was almost all of her life with orks she is more likely to sound like the WoW female orcs than anything, not a pretty thought.

>> No.20932675

How is she a proper Ork? She's blue. And smaller than all the Orks. And not an Ork. Just someone who lives with them.

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As a non-native I have little reference.
So, would Jackie Tyler qualify as an example?
I found her fairly unnerving.

>> No.20932686

Her thing is that the other orks think of her as a proper ork, because damn, she puts some serious dakka on shit.

>> No.20932691

Suppose I'm a faggot and want to see more pictures of Blue. Who would I see about that?

It's just because I like her character. Honestly guys.

>> No.20932694

No, her schtick is that she's a blueberry pretending to be an ork. Which is super-moé.

>> No.20932696


>> No.20932704

See? When a little blue girl is saying it, it's adorable.

>> No.20932709

The correct answer is High School WH40k.

Blue's just annoying with the accent.

>> No.20932728

She's not pretending. As far as she's concerned, she IS. It's not like she's a spy deep undercover, she genuinely believes she's just another Ork (or grot, I suppose), as that's all she's ever known.

There was an amusing bit of writefaggotry when the Tau try to steal her back, thinking she wants to be normal again, but she basically tells them to go zog themselves.

>> No.20932745

I chuckled

>> No.20932752

>Implying anything about High School could be Waifu

Bad memories ;_;

>> No.20932775

Does anyone saved that one comic where this thing shows up and it's animated? gets me everytime.

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1 of 2

>> No.20932806

I bet she can dig a good trench.

Nothing hurts.

>> No.20932817

The one that has the widest hips.

>> No.20932821

Not all of us were as butthurt as you

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File: 2.32 MB, 1600x3000, 1344461093490.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 of 2

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Why so little Xeno?

>> No.20932840

See >>20931765

>> No.20932847

Next time you guys drop by the Basilisk, drinks are on me.

>> No.20932866

Style's all wrong for it to be Technomancer. Also, nobody's wearing a diaper.

>> No.20932877

Because it's such an obvious answer that we don't even bother mentioning her.
Like: "who is the best /tg/ Waifu?"
"Xeno. Goes without saying. Now let me take a closer look at Macha and Blue..."

>> No.20932882

which drawing are you talking about?

>> No.20932905

Which is obviously Technomaner

>> No.20932909

Because she's very one dimensional. At least characters like Blue have character as well as waifu-bait aspects.

>> No.20932910

>Ihmplaying yuu are ciuter than kayohs.

[Spoiler] I have a bad feeling Cultist is channeling Boxxy on some level [/spoiler]

>> No.20932924 [DELETED] 

One, no, she's the mek's lucky grot, and two, leave your diaper fetish out of it.

>> No.20932933

Uh, what about everything she did prior to Xeno's Adventure?
And really, Blue's character is entirely geared towards making her a waifu. Many things about Xeno have a completely different origin, and are simply not mentioned too often.

>> No.20932939

The one with the voluptuous bosom and child bearing hips.

>> No.20932946


>> No.20932957

>no mention of Cuddles

>> No.20932969

Those are tau racial characteristics.

>> No.20932973
File: 1.58 MB, 800x1020, Borisawesome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Uh, what about everything she did prior to Xeno's Adventure?

Act like a cutesy comic relief waifu bait nonentity? Sure, that's depth. At least Blue has the Scraplootas going along with her.

Truth be told, I actually think Boris, the Grotocracy, and the Scraplootas as a whole are a lot better OC than Blue, Blue is just more easily recognisable.

>> No.20932979

>so little Xeno
>little Xeno
Because she is not HUGE. She is our little Xeno.

>> No.20932995


You : Xeno is a deep character. Really guys she's like deep and stuff, seriously.

The depths of self delusion that people would go to defend their waifu.

>> No.20933003

It's incredible how few people who spit on Xeno know about her.

Xeno, originally, was the serious character of a serious quest, in which her clumsiness, psychological issues and enthusiasm were defined. As well as her basic concept and some of her quirks, but all in a non-waifu way.

Then, they were expanded upon so as to make her a waifu.

>> No.20933005

>The depths of self delusion that people would go to defend their waifu.

Heh, you're damn right about that.

>> No.20933012

>I have never read Tau Quest.

You could just say so, you know.

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>mfw I got myself involved and even threw in a couple of drawings for Tau Quest

I feel so dirty and disgusted with myself.

>> No.20933021
File: 580 KB, 559x427, 1337331294154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>clumsiness, psychological issues and enthusiasm were defined
>non-waifu way


>> No.20933046

Don't feel bad, even Shas is so ashamed of what he's done that he doesn't trip anymore.

>> No.20933052

Before she became a full-blown waifu, her author tried to make her sound "deep" and "tragic". Really. It was terrible, and came out as angstiness and generic cyberpunk existentialism.

So, everything was taken and reversed into cuteness through irony. Which is precisely a process that creates depth. She's all nice and adorable, but only because she's an abomination that went through several existential crises and suffers from misconceptions.

Not deep enough for you? Still think that being a tomboy with wide hips is deeper than that?

>> No.20933054

Seriously though, who is the better blueberry waifu? Blue or Xeno?

>> No.20933065

Blue. For a number of reasons, not least the lack of Diapers.

>> No.20933066

And how does the picture contradict your statements?
Like it or not, Technomancer has with this picture drawn Blue for the first time and thus set the standard for all following drawings.

>> No.20933085

So what you're saying is "Xeno was very deep, and then people didn't like it so they took away all her depth, but she's still really deep guys".


>> No.20933094

Xeno, at first glance, has a more generic personality, but has much more potential because of that, and because of many many quirks: she's versatile.

Blue is a more spicy type of character, more original as a concept, but essentially limited by her defining concept.

I'd say Xeno.

>> No.20933106

What is it that leads men to become uncontrollably angry when there are two waifus in competition?

>> No.20933120

"No, Fluttershy!"

ITT the height of civil discourse.

>> No.20933124

actually it's the second drawing of Blue. But the first one wasn't taken into account.

>> No.20933140

In that case, it's just a matter of storytelling and characterisation preference. I prefer Blue because of her existing character. She is more interesting and well defined, and while it's true that there is a little bit more of a limit on freedom, I prefer it that way. I'd rather have an interesting, limited character than a generic but versatile one.

But hey, opinions.

>> No.20933141

No, I'm saying,
>they tried to make Xeno deep by your standards
>it didn't work well
>by subverting it into a seemingly non-deep character, they made her deep.

here you go.

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Sorry guys, thread's over. Far too much heresy to keep it going.

>> No.20933152

Seriously guys, any suggestions for this?

>> No.20933153

We judge a product not by its prototype, but by its final incarnation.

And I deemed the Xeno product to be lacking and wanting. So I'll invest in a more lucrative product with much more potential, The Blue Grot.

>> No.20933164

Actually it's Applejack vs Derpy Hooves.

>> No.20933166


Jesus dude, use your brain.

>> No.20933172
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I don't think I can forgive Shas for what she had wrought upon /tg/.

>> No.20933182

Maybe Gregmustache, if you have several reference pics
he doesn't know about 40k but draws great tau girls

I asked greenmarine, who knows about 40k waifus AND tau girls, he didn't feel like doing it, but maybe if you insist...

>> No.20933193

It's okay, we fixed her mistakes, now Xeno is awwright.

>> No.20933194

That doesn't make her deep though. It makes her deep in a meta sense, sure, but the meta side to backstory is irrelevant.

Suppose a book had a shitload of changes and drama behind the scenes while the guy was writing it. If I was to read the book with no knowledge of the author, would that drama make a difference to me at all? No. I'd judge the characters and story on their basic merit alone.

And that's how I'm judging Xeno. On basic merit, ignoring any of the things that happened in the background. And in that, she is sorely lacking.

>> No.20933202
File: 27 KB, 320x412, 1211043397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20933205

The things in her background are still part of her current personality, it's just that she overcame her angstiness.

>> No.20933211

Xeno IS Derpy Hooves.

>> No.20933231

But... does that make Blue, Applejack?

>> No.20933234

Amount of creepy, fetishistic and stupid shit created about Blue: Zero

I don't even think I need to say anything more.

>> No.20933241

Does that pony not have a proper name?

More like Marceline, I would reckon.

>> No.20933242

She has a gas-powered dildo. I'd say that qualifies as all three.

>> No.20933246

As I said, she's versatile.
She's Derpy Hooves when she's derpin'
She's Fluttershy when she's being pacific and nice and sweet
She's Rainbow dash when she's kicking Assholetep's ass and going all Kamen Rider
She's Rarity when she's tidying up her tomb world and picking a fancy pair of royal pauldrons to go to a cocktail party
She's Applejack when she's having none of the other grimdark characters' bullshit
She's Pinkie Pie when she's breaking the 4th wall and being quirky.

Blue is just Applejack. Kinda.

>> No.20933252

That only suggests that she's a poor, uninspiring waifu.

>> No.20933254

Wouldn't Xeno be Marceline, since they're both undead?

>> No.20933259

>Doesn't know about da funstikk
>Or Fanseer's sessions

Do you even Blue?

>> No.20933260

Still....no diapers or any disgusting stuff.

Blue > Xeno.

>> No.20933270

And that's where similarities end.

>> No.20933274

That's amusing more than anything else. It's nowhere near diaper fetish tier.

Plus, it should be noted there is no ACTUAL porn of Blue, just jokey hints.

>> No.20933276

When they're not full of crap, diapers are just a cute accessory, I'd say.

>> No.20933286

...And that bonerific fap-fic.

>> No.20933287

Well, I wouldn't know, since I don't watch children's cartoon shows. I had to Google this Marceline chick to even find out she's a vampire.

>> No.20933290

Hardly. It's not that she COULDN'T have stuff like that done, it's just that people with Blue as a waifu are more grounded and sane.

>> No.20933294

Which is terrible. How can a physically attractive character like her generate so little pornographic content (none)?
Because she's not inspiring enough.

>> No.20933295

>no diapers
This is something I can agree on. But something tells me she won't be safe forever.

>> No.20933298

Fanseer sessions?

I'm aware of the Fanseer, but I've not heard of these "sessions".

>> No.20933305

Technomancer is the only person who ever drew Xeno in a diaper.

>> No.20933310

Wrong, they're simply unassuming and in massive denial.

that's why they claim she's not a waifu.

>> No.20933312

A higher tier of fans.

Part of me is very glad there's no porn, as I find her adorable in a daughter sort of way.

>> No.20933316

Wasn't the Farseer thing out of canon anyway? I remember two versions of that. One that was neat in an Inception way, and the other was... lewd.

>> No.20933318

Nobody claims she's not a waifu. The OP posted her pic in a thread dedicated to waifus.

>> No.20933324

I also find Xeno adorable in a little sister sort of way (especially since she's even more childish) but that doesn't prevent me from lusting for her.

On the contrary

>> No.20933326

Bah...I bet you're one of the guys who freak out when R34 of Clem.

>> No.20933332

I',m talking about the one that made use of the funstikk from a very intimate perspective.

>> No.20933335

I think the Fanseer was canon sort of. The porn stuff wasn't, but the character herself was.

The real character was jealous of Blue for being so integrated into the Scraplootas, as she wanted to be there instead.

>> No.20933338

It amuses me that so many are unaware of Blue's porn. The funstikk didn't just randomly appear. And Fanseer has tapped that.

>> No.20933342

Oh they wouldn't dare.

>> No.20933343
File: 30 KB, 466x413, 142534667251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's rule 34 of Clem?

Jesus. There really is nothing sacred.

>> No.20933366

Actually I've got sketches and drawing of nearly every /tg/ waifu in diapers in my harddrive.
Not Blue yet because I haven't found the time, but really, Xeno is not the only one at all. Maybe it works a bit better with her personality, but being the target of diaper fetishes is not exclusive to Xeno.

All of your waifus are.

>> No.20933378

You're forgetting the golden rule of 40k fluff.
Everything is canon.

>> No.20933391

I hate you in every way.

>> No.20933435

A bit of random writefaggotry isn't classed as porn, bro. It's only porn if it's a picture.

>> No.20933445

Not really one for waifus, just mystified by the diaper fetish. What is the appeal, really?

>> No.20933461
File: 84 KB, 675x720, 1327000211385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you look at this guy! CoC isn't porn at all, huh? By the gods...

>> No.20933465

It's the same shit as feet. The people with a fetish for it are a very vocal minority.

>> No.20933471

That's different. I mean porn of a character.

>> No.20933475

It's mostly Femdom comedy.

>> No.20933482

It's a degradation tool. Like gags in BDSM.

Other than that, the shape and texture is kinda reminiscent of boobs and butt cheeks.

>> No.20933483
File: 204 KB, 679x571, 1348199578450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd commit sweet Heresy with Macha all day erry day. Except it could never be. I'd probably get blam'd before I could do anything, or Exterminatus'd, or a meteor would land on my head, or the entire planet would spontaneously burst into flames for no readily apparent reason.

Commissar Raege is a close and less heretical second.

>> No.20933490

It reduces women into helpless infantile creatures that need to be regulated and controlled with a firm, masculine hand, incapable of the simplest biological functions.

>> No.20933500

Way late, but I think people like to say she isn't a waifu because
1) The appeal of Blue is not a sexual one
2) She acts as a part of a bigger group. Even though she came into existence first, she is a member of the Scraplootas rather than the Scraplootas existing around her.
3) Shes cute as the dickens, but in a little sister sort of way, not in a “I want my dick in that” sort of way. For most folks, anyways
And finally 4) No one has tried to roleplay as her. Yet.

>> No.20933502

But both bits of writing were definitely pornographic. How can you say otherwise?

>> No.20933507

That too.

>> No.20933516

what's with all this Blue shit lately? did I miss something?

>> No.20933544
File: 564 KB, 617x422, Smugdolphin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too bad none of them are good

>> No.20933558

What this guy said.

Blue isn't sexual. At all. Silly "funstikk" stuff aside, she's not sexual, and she's not sexy. She's a lot more like an adorable family member.

And the Scraplootas comment is bang on the money. Blue on her own is nowhere near as interesting as Blue in the Scraplootas, she exists within their crazy world rather than merely as an individual. Plus, there are so many interesting, unusual, and quirky characters in the Scraplootas that she becomes almost augmented in how adorable and unique she is.

>> No.20933578

>she's not sexy
are you even remotely heterosexual?

>She's a lot more like an adorable family member.
how is that supposed to make her any less sexy?

>> No.20933585

They weren't out and out porn though, they weren't CUM IN MY BLUEBERRY PUSSY I WANT IT stories, they were just little sort of erotic things.

Besides, who can get a boner over Blue? Maybe if you've never had a little sister, I suppose.

>> No.20933608
File: 65 KB, 1084x708, raised-hand-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an annoying little sister, but still...

>> No.20933610

As said in >>20933585 you've clearly never had a little sister.

>> No.20933612

I can.
I've never had a little sister, fortunately. As far as I know they're atrocious to live with and similar to fluffy ponies.

>> No.20933625

>Blue skin
>Naive in an orky way

I...I can't be the only one...right?

>> No.20933686

But don't those things just make you want to give her a hug and help her along in life? That's what I feel about it. Not that I want to insert myself into her.

Captcha: Seven Orknomc

>> No.20933698
File: 77 KB, 424x599, 424px-ComRaege.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mmmm. Blamming. Blamming all night long.

>> No.20933723

Not really, They make me want to plow through that large tough butt meat while making up a lame excuse for it that she'll gobble up.
Then maybe a hug.

>> No.20933729
File: 659 KB, 900x1200, Mr. Squig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its all in the execution. Had she been a few years older, maybe, but as it stands shes too adorable to be sexy. That blue nigga dances with a squig for fucks sake.
>help her along
Do you really think you can give her anything she doesn't already have? Shes got gubbins to fix, gits to krump, and the best zoggin squig ever. And a semi-lesbian proxy-stalker. Shit, I would be paying her teef to get my shit fixed, because apparently she knows how to live it up.

>> No.20933735
File: 55 KB, 400x660, Heresy_City__Scouts_Story_by_Mr_Culexus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20933739

Nope, feels like a proper erection.
She's strong, she kills without doubt and loves the rush of battle.
Not the kind of girl I would want to help along.
More the kind that jumps my bones on account of being the only cock in a 50miles radius.

>> No.20933752

>no thri-kreen waifus

/tg/ I am disappoint

>> No.20933762

>Had she been a few years older, maybe, but as it stands shes too adorable to be sexy.

How old IS she though?

You wouldn't be scared of getting krumped during it?

>> No.20933773

Go away, /co/

>> No.20933780

That's the appeal of it.

>> No.20933799

Scared? Challenged at most. But what does the reasonable evaluation of risks have to do with wanting to tap dat ass?

>> No.20933800

I see the problem. Some anons think of Blue as a little sister. I'm not sure why, but hey, that's their thing.

To me, Blue is like the mechanic chick with not much people-experience. Instead of socializing, she escapes into more dakka. Added to this is the fact that she has spent the majority of her life around orks, believing herself to be one. As most know, orks lack sexual organs and desires. I may not know much of true Tau biology, but they're another personified alien race, so I'll assume they're as capable of getting horny as anyone else.

Being taken from her people at a young age, and growing among literally asexual beings, she has no idea about what's going with her body. She's had no 'talk', no greater-good sanctioned sex ed. Things like this led her to an orky spin on relieving these stresses, a la the funstikk.

That's how I see it.

>> No.20933829

>How old IS she though?
She has been portrayed as the equivalent of a young child, roughly 12 years oldish. Basically, young enough to make comments like >>20933723 and >>20933739 creepy as fuck. And I say that as a guy with a kink for blue musclegirls with scars who are rough around the edges.

>> No.20933840



>> No.20933853

I'd say she's older than that, she just appears to be younger because she's naive, having been kept away from normal tau society.

I'd put her down as more like 16 to 18.

>> No.20933863

All tau waifus have the mind of a child in an incredibly hot body
it's creepy and attractive because of it. Like, it's as if my dick had a sense of humor.

>> No.20933875

A tau ages twice faster than a human.

>> No.20933878

>blue is, by body mass, MOSTLY tits and ass

Quite fucking sexualized

>> No.20933884

We've had this argument so many times. For a change of pace, who is /tg/'s husbando?

>> No.20933895
File: 101 KB, 680x680, vomit-tan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>turning Blue into yet another nerdy mechanic stereotype
Absolutely disgusting.
Maybe its just me, but the largest part of the appeal of her character was how perfectly happy and at home she was in ork society. She fit in so well that she was convinced she had been an ork all along and just never realized it yet. Not to mention shes been shown to be very good with people, or at least other orks.

>> No.20933897

She may be 12 Terran Years old but she is a fully mature Tau wit the equivalent biological age of 18ish.

Dem wide child bearing hips and full breasts.

>> No.20933930

There's another minor aspect of Scraplootas canon which I found quite interesting here.

Because of the Ork's very slight reality bending powers, it was explained that Blue lives a lot longer than most Tau, as neither the Orks nor her even consider that people age. And since they believe it doesn't happen, it doesn't (or is, at the very least, slowed down a lot).

Plus, living in a completely alien society means she avoids illnesses and the like.

>> No.20933931

Kane and Commissar Holt. We have dual husbandoship.

>> No.20933967
File: 89 KB, 388x664, 1342108627163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dat xeno ass. You cannot abhor it.

>> No.20933969


>> No.20933978

All tau girls wear diapers anyway, now. It's canon. I don't know why you guys are still upset about old pics.

>> No.20933990

Good thing Blue isn't a regular tau girl then.

>> No.20933991


>> No.20934002
File: 46 KB, 499x504, Tauron~n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20934009

Yes, she is special.

For very special people like you!

>> No.20934032

Well you can be sure she'd be very happy to stumble upon a pack of diapers during a raid. She'd custom her ass up with them. Protective padding.

>> No.20934036

Would Blue be dominant or submissive?

>> No.20934047
File: 58 KB, 500x669, 1325663109880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leman Russ

>> No.20934050

Dominantly submissive. Like, she encourages you to dominate her and gets mad if you don't.

>> No.20934060 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.24 MB, 2500x2000, Hug protocols engaged.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go. Its spoiled because its 3lewd5me

>> No.20934072

Nono, she's submissively dominant.

>> No.20934083
File: 9 KB, 399x399, 1343743323992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like you guys

>> No.20934094

Exactly what I mean about Blue not being a R34. She's too adorable, she's for hugging, not fucking.

>> No.20934098



>> No.20934109


Nonono. She's domissively subinant.

>> No.20934112
File: 106 KB, 1704x1296, TIDFVisual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20934114

Then how do you feel about Xeno? She's even sweeter, and nearly as hot (well, if you like big tits) as Blue.

>> No.20934122
File: 245 KB, 1000x700, socks_and_some_bitch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20934123


Somebody forgot FUNSTIKK.

>> No.20934126 [SPOILER] 
File: 50 KB, 300x300, Xeno smackdown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, if a little rough play is more your thing...

>> No.20934145
File: 137 KB, 509x435, Wheres me mug ya lanky grot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>taking jokes too seriously, thus ruining them

>> No.20934171

Doesn't he spend all his time having sex with his wolves?

>> No.20934187
File: 392 KB, 600x600, shtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, a piece of Blue art I missed. Saved.

Yeah, it amazes me that some people don't understand the funstikk was a joke.

>> No.20934191

It may've been a joke for a few seconds. Then the drawfags came. There were even tabletop rules suggested.

It may've been a joke for a few seconds. But not anymore.

>> No.20934202
File: 147 KB, 918x672, End of logic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It may have been a joke, but then people joked about it
>Now its not a joke anymore

>> No.20934215
File: 58 KB, 300x300, Hugsquig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess who showed up in Xeno Adventure?

>> No.20934218
File: 222 KB, 600x600, fizzgutz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since this appears to be a "Who is your favourite" thread, who is your favourite Scraplootas character? Barring Blue of course.


For me, I find it hard to choose. I think at a push I'd go for Fizzgutz Da Clerik though, as he has the funniest backstory.

>> No.20934251

Isn't like Fanseer in this >>20934126 one?

>> No.20934259

Oh. I did not realise this.

IS there a link to an archived thread of it?

>> No.20934263


>> No.20934270
File: 10 KB, 251x200, shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20934272
File: 176 KB, 237x313, Waggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, thats a harlequin based off of that not-an-elf elf chick from Wafku.

>> No.20934278

>Waifu Thread
>Not enough Warhammer High

I am Dissapoint.

Anyway, rank them in tit size

>> No.20934282
File: 335 KB, 600x600, threegrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I really want to make a model for him for use on the tabletop, but it's going to be difficult as fuck.

>> No.20934285 [SPOILER] 
File: 809 KB, 783x1403, Ass the Game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heres more ass than you can handle.

>> No.20934300
File: 365 KB, 900x987, Snekkit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Threegrot as well, second only maybe to Snekkit. Snekkit is the best kommando.

>> No.20934306
File: 208 KB, 728x766, 1348349949824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give them a few more years. They can't all be Freya and bloom early.

>> No.20934319


>> No.20934328

shesh, just commission some porn, then

>> No.20934335


Okay, who's Freya? I can't find anything about her on 1d4chan.

>> No.20934337

having never read this before, I had no idea how many characters there were in this. I thought the scraplootas were just a joke clan with a titan. can someone explain the grotocracy though. I don't really get that.

>> No.20934364
File: 527 KB, 1009x782, 1347054775423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's Leman Russ' daughter. The one she's squeezing in that pic is Magnus' daughter (although the drawfag changed some parts of her).

Here's Vulkan's daughter and her boyfriend, Freya and her boyfriend, and I think Remilia (Dorn's kid) and some guy who wasn't actually in that scene, talking to a Salamander.

>> No.20934368

>Commissioning porn

People do that? Shit. I thought it was all just done by weird artists.

>> No.20934394

it's a bit of both.

>> No.20934399

>I had no idea how many characters there were in this.
Scraploota threads were great.
>can someone explain the grotocracy though. I don't really get that.
Boris is really big and needs a lot of grots to function properly. So long as Boris is functioning properly, orks dont sneak around the nooks and crannies grots can hide in to get them to stop mucking about. Without ork supervision, the grots set up an entire bureaucracy within Boris to keep him moving faster. So now there is an entire cutthroat society of Borisian grots who are constantly trying to climb their way to the rank of Ead Kounsellor of the Grotocracy, all within an Imperator Class titan, all unbeknownst to the Scraplootas.

>> No.20934403

Daughter of Leman Russ

>> No.20934416

Well, some people are so desperate for such specific porn that they pay people for it. Or type in allcaps at strangers on the internet.

>> No.20934420


>> No.20934447
File: 440 KB, 800x1200, 857111 - Cleophee Cra Elaine Technomancer Wakfu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, gives weird results

>> No.20934450
File: 47 KB, 641x848, Miranda_the_red_greenmarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's another one of Magnus' kid.

Also http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_High

also >>20931792

>> No.20934451


Victoria's go the biggest, don't know about the others

>> No.20934465
File: 473 KB, 1221x666, in_her_fondest_dreams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Farah and Venus got nothing to be ashamed of either.

>> No.20934478

>Boris is really big and needs a lot of grots to function properly. So long as Boris is functioning properly, orks dont sneak around the nooks and crannies grots can hide in to get them to stop mucking about. Without ork supervision, the grots set up an entire bureaucracy within Boris to keep him moving faster. So now there is an entire cutthroat society of Borisian grots who are constantly trying to climb their way to the rank of Ead Kounsellor of the Grotocracy, all within an Imperator Class titan, all unbeknownst to the Scraplootas.

that's pretty cool.

is all of this stuff based on something? outside of 40k I mean.

>> No.20934488

Fuuuuuuucking hell her hand still pisses me off. Still can't manage to understand how it turned out that bad. Oh well, live and learn.
This is a mixed feeling.

>> No.20934506

If you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed.

>> No.20934519

Am I the only one who finds the Primarchs daughters as the least interesting premise /tg/ has come up with yet. Even things as silly as a taucron, an orktau, or Sandwich are far more interesting than “high school girls being high school girls, but sometimes they mention how their dad ripped a giant spacebug in half”

>> No.20934535

Clearly you haven't actualy read any of Someone Else's stories.

>> No.20934541

As opposed to 'Marines who are always mean assholes' and 'Commissar getting a stiffy scratching an Eldar's ear' and 'an island of fa/tg/uys'? Because those are pretty stale.

At least WHH produces some occasional gems of humor. And Someone else. and AA and Darkmage love making it.

>> No.20934548


Plus, "take a setting and set it in high school" is horribly overdone to the point it has almost no value whatsoever.

>> No.20934551
File: 441 KB, 600x600, 1343890539047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Tap and Spigot.
They're most likely the highest standing grots not politicaly involved in the Grotocracy.

>> No.20934560

I don't think its too bad.
You could always draw more

>> No.20934574

Who are they again? The ones in charge of coffee and tea?

>> No.20934583

Wait, has this thread hit bumplimit? Or is it 500 posts here?

>> No.20934592

I also do, as far as 40k's concerned. Even LCB, in a very failtastic way, is more incongruous and thus more noteworthy than that.

>> No.20934604

It's probably the only drawfagging I've done that gets regularly posted, so it always jumps at me. I can see it from thumbnail and imagine it in my mind.

>> No.20934607
File: 184 KB, 500x500, Fanseer Vaedrisa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, I love Urtylug's whole getup, including his creepy Eldar stalker. And T&S are probably higher than the Grotocracy, technically speaking.
Nope, all /tg/ OC. A few things started off as references to other things and you can still see it in their names if you squint, but all straight up imports got cast out or reworked into something more orky.

>> No.20934609

Well, I think it's good.

>> No.20934622
File: 1.12 MB, 1283x994, 6695945f84fb44fa2ed8370f3162f5fc0f7142ea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He spends his time whoring around the galaxy. Bedding hot dames and fiery women. Like this Guardswoman here.

>> No.20934628

I take it neither of you have actualy read Road Trip or Bleeding Out?

>> No.20934630

Coffee, Squigg Tea, Fungus Beer.
Flamethrowers on Urtylug's back.

>> No.20934633

I never liked the Warhammer High setting and premise at all.
Overprivileged girls are about the last thing I want to read a novel about.

>> No.20934639

Technically it's not a character, but my favourite scraplootas thing is the whole concept behind the grotocracy.

The chaos taint of the Titan did the most evil thing it could think of, given the circumstances: It created politicians.

So very Pratchett-esque.

>> No.20934653

Started reading Bleeding Out. Sucked balls, dropped.
Too bad, I enjoyed the Emperasque a lot.

>> No.20934667
File: 105 KB, 806x1200, venus_WIP2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about superhuman teenagers putting on war paint and kicking the shit out of each other?

Because here's Vulkan's kid doing just that. (props MUJU)

>> No.20934671

Yeah, that.

I get enough vapid shit in real life, I don't want my /tg/ OC to be flavoured like that as well.

>> No.20934680

Well, at least you read some of it before judging. Carry on, then.

>> No.20934683

I hate teenagers. Especially such with superpowers.

>> No.20934701

they're girls
it's less badass than with boys
it's less badass than average 40k stories about marines.

>> No.20934705
File: 111 KB, 491x583, 1347610137374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're doing me a disservice if you think anything I write is vapid.

Well, can't win them all.

>> No.20934709

I skimmed a few. Terribly generic and bland for the most part.
>Marines who are always mean assholes
/tg/ hardly has any control over what GW writes.
>Commissar getting a stiffy scratching an Eldar's ear
Still a better story than “Generic high school setting but I will occasionally yell out ‘Emprah preserve me’”. Not to mention it was only one story, not three metric fucktons of volumes of a Commissar scratching an eldar's ears in slightly different ways.
>an island of fa/tg/uys'
Once again a one-off.
So much this, especially since they are all speshul snowflakes with superpowers on top of that with little to no repercussions.

>> No.20934721

Variety isn't a bad thing, you know.

>> No.20934759


I feel that Someone Else overwhealms the efforts of the other two writefags because of how much he produces.

No-one talks about what they think of Darkmage's or Ahriman's Aide's contributions.

>> No.20934760

>So much this, especially since they are all speshul snowflakes with superpowers on top of that with little to no repercussions.
>no repercussions.

There are nineteen girls, and four have anything that resemble superpowers. I suspect you didn't actually read any of the stories I wrote.

I made Remillia a cutter and Furia a drug abuser and you say there's no repercussions? I write Angela losing her virginity at fourteen and you say there's no repercussions? You apparently haven't read them at all.

>> No.20934761

I'm not here to be nice to you. I think it's vapid, pointless, and unoriginal. Perhaps you could think of something actually unique next time.

>> No.20934769

It is when it's at the expense of a badass setting's badassery.
Be careful with the "variety" argument, I could use it to justify infecting you with AIDS because that way you'd have more types of microbes in your body.

Fortunately, that stuff isn't canon.

>> No.20934773

Yeah, this whole artificial suburb thing and the naive idea there could be anything resembling a "normal" privileged 21st century life for the children of the fucking Primarchs is so far from Imperial dimensions of power, I'm getting sick, the more I think about it.

>> No.20934779
File: 132 KB, 503x497, 1340153065128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could use it to justify infecting you with AIDS because that way you'd have more types of microbes in your body.
You're an infant.

>> No.20934781

>I made Remillia a cutter and Furia a drug abuser and you say there's no repercussions? I write Angela losing her virginity at fourteen and you say there's no repercussions?

Oh, just fuck off. You're not doing yourself any favours.

If you're going to make a joke setting, make a joke setting. If you're going to make a serious setting, make a serious setting.

All you're doing right now is making a fucking stupid high school drama but adding in LOL 40k references every so often.

>> No.20934782

those aren't the repercussions of superpowers, they're the repercussions of listening to MCM and hanging out with frat boys.

>> No.20934801

Is this thread going to 404 soon?

>> No.20934809

Actually it's a metaphor for what you're suggesting to do to the fluff.

High-school romance is essentially a genre that doesn't go with badassery. The very existence in 40k of a normal, modern high school tends to cheapen it.

>> No.20934813

>"normal lives"
That's funny, since they aren't, for any of them, at all.
Most teenage girls don't get assassination attempts while they're eating lunch.

>> No.20934819

Thats generic teen stuff. None of them are being preened to be the next generation of warlords who can shatter worlds with but a whim, none of them are having to balance the fact that they are basically demigods with their own attempts at humanity and mingling with the common folk, none of these stories have anything definitively 40K about them. All of these stories could just as easily take place in a present day setting about a bunch of rich bitches with too much time on their hands and mostly absentee parents, as its essentially the same deal

>> No.20934839

That's absurd. It's a fucking alternate universe. The existence of Twilight doesn't cheapen Soul Reaver and Blood Omen.

>> No.20934847

In animes they do. Not in 40k.

>> No.20934848

Proper repercussions would be growing up in a fortress!
No firends, no outside, no visitors. Custodes on every corner and politics above anything.

What I'm saying is, that with the joke of a security set up, five attempts per hour would be in order.

>> No.20934860

> none of them are having to balance the fact that they are basically demigods with their own attempts at humanity and mingling with the common folk
But...that's the ENTIRE FUCKING PLOT of Bleeding Out! You haven't read it at all!

This is waste of time. You clearly haven't read the story we're arguing about and we're forty posts over the bump limit.

>> No.20934876
File: 525 KB, 1680x1050, 1324497635664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I enjoyed it.

>> No.20934877

He didn't just fling those traits on for the hell of it, asswipe. There are perfectly valid reasons for both, drawn from the setting. It's becoming more and more clear that you've not read more then a dozen words of any story in the setting. Go back to your generic, endlessly repeated grimdark stories, if you like, but quit shitting on quality writing just because you don't like the premice.

>> No.20934882


>Proper repercussions would be growing up in a fortress!
>No firends, no outside, no visitors. Custodes on every corner and politics above anything.

But that's boring and not worth writing about.

>What I'm saying is, that with the joke of a security set up, five attempts per hour would be in order.

What the hell impact does an event have on the reader if it happens constantly?

>> No.20934892

Fair enough.
But your approach of it is serious. You're stating, by adopting this approach, that your take on the fluff is just as serious as the canon fluff. It's not.

>> No.20934903

Can we not just agree that the OC creations which don't take themselves seriously are good, and the OC creations which do are fucking dreadful?

Because that's how it's always seemed to me.

>> No.20934918

>five an hour
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that assassination attempts were so common in peacetime. Forgive my error, oh wise lord of the internet, I beseech you.

>> No.20934927

This. Saturday morning cartoon orks with tau girl mascot? Fucking fund it.

CRAWWWWLING IN MY SKIN 40K high school? Fuck the fuck no.

>> No.20934933

you shouldn't be trying to impact the reader this way. You should be trying to make him feel how silly and comical the premise is. Because it inherently is. Any attempt to make it seem serious will be at the expense of the high-school part, or at the expense of the 40k part.

>> No.20934942

>Saturday morning cartoon orks

Oh god I'd watch that so hard.

>> No.20934950

Uh, there can totally be serious OC. BUT only if the premise isn't completely retarded on a thematic level.

>> No.20934952

See, now you're projecting.
>But your approach of it is serious. You're stating, by adopting this approach, that your take on the fluff is just as serious as the canon fluff. It's not.

Not true at all. I enjoyed Space Marine and the Cain books and the Tome of Fire. But when I want something a bit more light-hearted, I read about Venus falling asleep under a hologram of Nocturne and dreaming of going home, or Angela using her psychic power to ease her boyfriend to sleep, or Horus watching his daughter win a swim race with a proud smile.

To say outright that I can not take them both at face value is to insult my intelligence. I am perfectly capable of telling the difference between them, so there's no reason not to enjoy them both for what they are.

>> No.20934964

Why, is there need for agreement? Because I'm not willing to do the scientific research on the subject.

>> No.20934980

You have never read the works of Terry Pratchett if you think that serious and funny are mutually exclusive. This is to your detriment.

>> No.20934985

>peace time
Yet another thing about WHH that misses quite literally the most basic premise of 40K.
>In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war

You can do a peacetime 40K story just fine, but it only really works if you set it against the backdrop of eternal war. Hell, trying to do a generic high school story with the threat of orks ripping shit at any given moment or of that kinda creepy kid in the corner exploding into a daemon hanging over everyone's heads could be pretty good, but by removing war nearly entirely, you remove a significant chunk of 40K with it.

>> No.20934987
File: 16 KB, 200x302, 200px-Silencelamp7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So hard

>> No.20934989

>I read about Venus falling asleep under a hologram of Nocturne and dreaming of going home, or Angela using her psychic power to ease her boyfriend to sleep, or Horus watching his daughter win a swim race with a proud smile.

I can't be the only one reading this and thinking it's utterly retarded on so many levels, right?

>> No.20934991

But if you don't write these things in a humorous tone, their potential will be underused, and it will come off as a very weird fantastical high school drama, or as a very retarded 40k fanfic.

>> No.20935011
File: 583 KB, 862x768, Stormhammer00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...In stark contrast to canon 40K, which isn't retarded at all?

>> No.20935020

No you aren't. This sounds like the kind of shit that's on par with My Immortal. And not the Phaeron Phausset version, either.

>> No.20935021

It's not even all that silly a premice. Emp catches chaos before Lorgar gets corrupted, means Horus never falls, means the Heresy never happened and Emps stayed in control the whole time, and pulled off the second great crusade as was intended. Then, he whips up families for his sons to help them settle down and get out of the warrior mindset they've been in for millenia.
I fail to see just what's so inherently silly about it.

>> No.20935028

Fuck you and your grimdark cousins. I want back my beanies and fucking hairmetal. But I can't, now can I?

>> No.20935031

And that is the point. By any semblance of a normal interpretation of the 40k universe, the events in these stories should not be possible.
It's a little soap bubble that is bound to pop when colliding with the mass of intrigue, murder and madness that is the Adeptus Terra.
We are not talking about something as ridiculous as control over the US or a puny planet but reign over the Imperium.
There is always war in the Imperium and assassins travel wide. And there are the lords and nobles as well. What do you think would those do when they see a dozen of girls running about Terra with a lineage like that?
They would kill each other over their hands.
Joe Everyman would not come near them. Under no circumstances.

>> No.20935037

I feel I must ask.

Are you 13?

>> No.20935046

I've always judged good fan fiction on whether or not it can have the source material removed.

As in, if the story can remain completely coherent and understandable with all traces of the source material removed, it is a bad piece of fan fiction. The source material is not providing an important part of the story, it's just tacked on to something separate.

On that basis, the "high school" shit is dreadful, whereas the Scraplootas and even Xeno stuff is fine.

>> No.20935049

I have. It's a bunch of seriously good ideas, all treated in a comical way.
There's a limit to how retarded your premises can be compared to how serious you make it sound.

>> No.20935052
File: 263 KB, 600x600, Blue and one confused Snekkit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't miss Blue and Da Scraplootas! Coming to Cartoon Network this Fall!

>> No.20935068

Joe everyman doesn't even get to see them. The entirety of WHH takes place in a walled city on Terra where the families of war heroes and Primarchs and Rogue Traders live. The filthy, ludicrously rich and powerful. There's only...what, seven characters in a cast of over a hundred who have ever even been in the hives.

>> No.20935075
File: 356 KB, 600x600, Boris.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god, I can already imagine their adventures

>> No.20935084

40k makes up for it by making it either comical or epic

this fanfic adds a layer of retardation, and pretends to make it serious

>> No.20935087

>Emp catches chaos before Lorgar gets corrupted, means Horus never falls, means the Heresy never happened and suddenly any and all culture reverts back to 21st century high school, complete with the colloquialisms and social and cultural norms of the era for no fucking reason.
And thats why its so retarded.

>> No.20935101

Now, if you made a story about how that tank took anger management pills because THESE WOOOOUNDS, THEY WILL NOT HEEEEEAL, then it would be twice as retarded.

>> No.20935104

Are you perhaps the same man who is trying to uphold "Eternal war" and "grim darkness in the far future" as some kind of reference points for mature subjects that have nothing inherently silly in them?

Because 40k is silly.

>> No.20935109

It's not removed entirely, it's just not the grimdark "hundreds of worlds getting fucked a day" nonsense of the canon setting either. One girl gets shot, another has her boyfriend almost murdered when they visit Nocturne, several mentions of ongoing wars against the Orks, and so forth. This way there's actualy some impact when shit happens, instead of the reader shrugging and saying "welp, they're all dead, again. Big suprise."

>> No.20935114

>Joe everyman doesn't even get to see them.
And yet half the chicks have hiver boyfriends.

>> No.20935132

>One girl gets shot, another has her boyfriend almost murdered when they visit Nocturne

Explain how this is 40k related though, and not just a high school drama written by someone with edgy-tourettes.

>> No.20935136


>> No.20935145

That's just an outright lie. Of the nineteen, ONE has a hiver boyfriend, and even he spends most of his time in the city. He's no Stu, either, he's got his own issues.

>> No.20935156

In Carpe Jugulum. The idea is stupid. A world on the back of elephants and turtles. A castle with a servent called Igor and a Frankenstein dog called scraps. Witches of the broomsticks and crystal balls variety.

Vampires bite witch and start carving cups of tea with three sugars and a ginger biscuit.

Totally fucking retarded.

But that showdown between Granny Weatherwax and Count Magpyr was all manner of ungodly awesome.

Witches Abroad was even more absered and with the exception of Sorcery and Light Fantastic was the darkest Pratchett book until the Amazing Maurice came along.

>> No.20935157

Actually, that was me, and I never called those features mature, I just said that they were exactly that: features. Features that make up a significant portion of the setting and its flavor. Making a 40K story without war would be like making a VtM story without vampires, a Shadowrun story with Cyberpunk, or a DnD story without the rampant slaughter of anyone and everyone for no reason by a traveling band of homeless people.

>> No.20935170

>the darkest Pratchett book until the Amazing Maurice came along.

I loved the way The Amazing Maurice was meant to be one of his kids books, and ended up being one of the most horrifying ones.

>> No.20935176


The shooter of Morticia is a secret Emperor-Worshipper. He was aiming for someone else in the cafe, because he thought killing random rich people in the chosen city of the Emperor would make people more sympathetic to the people stuck in the hives below. Instead, he shot Morticia totally by accident.

Tell me an innocent child getting shot in the back by a man who worshipped her as a goddess isn't dark. And there are no Emperor-worshippers in real life, now are there?

>> No.20935204

Awesomeness is another way to make an incongruous premise sound acceptable.

High school drama is not adapted to this. Everyday, boring events happen in it. When exceptional awesome events happen in it, on a regular basis, it's ridiculous all over again.

>> No.20935221

>The shooter of Morticia is a right wing extremist. He was aiming for someone else in the cafe, because he thought killing random politicians in the chosen capital city would make people more sympathetic to his concerns over immigration and multiculturalism. Instead, he shot Morticia totally by accident.

Bam. See >>20935046

It's easily switched to something different because it, in truth, has fuck all to do with 40k. It's just yet another high school drama, just a bit edgier.

>> No.20935228

The girl who was shot was shot by a man who worshiped the emperor (which was illegal under the Imerial Truth), who was attempting to promote and call attention to the conditions of all the billions of hivers who live in shit day to day. He was just out to shoot some random rich people. When he realized that he had just shoot, effectivly, a member of the Emperor's family, he flipped his shit. Then he flipped it even harder then the Emperor spoke against him during the trial.

>> No.20935279

Oh, I see, you're just going to completely re-write every single thing I wrote to prove yourself right. Bravo, you've made me actually feel disgust towards someone on the internet.

>> No.20935281

She's not even the focus of the story, really. Hell, she's in a coma for 90% of it.
Most of it is a comentary on just how shitty the conditions are in 40k's hives and how that tends to breed crazies.

>> No.20935321

If I might weigh in.

I try to ensure in my stories that some trace of the grimdark remains, even if it’s not evident on the surface. Trip into Hell reminds us there are still Orks and Daemons about and distant wars raging.

Even in Lost Chapters, I mention the organised crime of the Babu Dhkal and the dark underbelly of Terra. WHH has the Grimdark in it, just less evidently.

>> No.20935330

40k is an over-the-top setting with extremes beyond reasons.
So you must either play it big to the full extent and look at it from a distance so you don't see the gaping holes or you must play it light and do some "Running with the Doctor", racing through the manifold dangers of the setting with a joke on your lips.

That's why the Emperasque worked. This on the other hand tries to shove something into the setting that cannot be by the laws of the setting and then claims this was the perfectly normal and how it should have ever been.

Also these dumb first-world problems just pale before the fate of the average human in the setting.

>> No.20935364

>This on the other hand tries to shove something into the setting that cannot be by the laws of the setting and then claims this was the perfectly normal and how it should have ever been.

You're so full of shit, your eyes are brown.

Not only is this NOT the canon 40K AT ALL, and therefore not bound by any sort of 'laws', but neither Someone else. nor Ahriman's Aide nor DarkMage nor Jormundgr nor any other WHH writer has EVER claimed that this is how it SHOULD BE.

You are a fucking liar.

>> No.20935404

So why call it 40k?

If you're going to remove all aspects of the source material, why not just call it your own pointless hyper-edgy high school drama, instead of trying to shoehorn 40k in?

I don't even know why I'm arguing this shit any more. It's just the writer of it samefagging the thread to fuck.

>> No.20935410

You do realize it's perfectly possable to write all of those, and just as possable to make them good?
Removing a central feature of a setting allows you to take a better look at the remainder. If that setting lives and dies on a single facet, then it's a poor setting to begin with.
Even in canon 40k, while there are certainly a shitload of wars going on at any given moment, there are still also many worlds at peace. Some don't even know about the Imperium as a whole, and haven't been attacked in centuries, if at all. There's plenty of room for some nongrimdark stories and spinoffs.
Don't get so pissed that people like the setting for more then just the fighting.

>> No.20935426

Not all the 40K was removed. Hell, the current arc of Someone else.'s story is on FENRIS. And they have to take great care not to be seen by the locals because it's not a civilized world, and they wouldn't understand what was going on.

>> No.20935429

I'm trying to write up something about a pair of Blanks working for the Inquisition, but I can't seem to make it work without them coming across as SPESHUL SNOWFLAKES. Is it just the starting concept, or can it be un-borked?

Also, Macha might end up in it because there needs to be a Farseer involved anyway.

>> No.20935439

>Holy fuck! Opinions!
>Must be the samefag

Grow up.

>> No.20935445
File: 27 KB, 475x272, sam_neill_event_horizon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People are arguing that Super Human Deathmachines settling down and raising families is stupid.

In a universe where:

Red one may or may mot go faster
Inquisitors fight deamons from beyond time and space with light sabers
The technicians prey to gods in the machine
Orks travel back in time and kill themselves so they can loot their own body.
Inter-dimensional cities are destroyed when some one opened a box full of Black Hole
pic related

>> No.20935449

Perhaps...make them Culexis candidates who washed out? They'd have a reason to be with the Inquisiton anyway.

>> No.20935467

>If that setting lives and dies on a single facet, then it's a poor setting to begin with.
But thats completely wrong. The most basic underlying premise of Shadowrun is Cyberpunk meets Fantasy. You cant have Cyberpunk meets Fantasy without fucking Cyberpunk. There are some facets to a setting that are so essential to its foundation that to remove them would just be plain retarded, like having Mass Effect without Mass Effect fields and Mass Relay Technology or removing the Halos from Halo.

>> No.20935480

Could someone even survive washing out of the Assassinorum?

>> No.20935483

Why not call it 40k?

It came from the idea of "what if Horus heresy never happened and primarch were to have families?"

That's the whole premise of the thing.

>> No.20935494

Notice the consistency in the things you listed though. They're all either ludicrously over the top, or comical, or both.

The idea of a fucking high school in the future with the same fucking social system as 2012 is fucking retarded on every fucking level. It's not that it's ridiculous. It's that it's incongruous.

>> No.20935503

Maybe they were strong enough to pass the test, but their bodies rejected the cybernetic implants.

Maybe they were JUST too high on the Assignment scale. Omega instead of Omega Minus.

Or maybe they were from obscenely wealthy families and their power bought them a reprieve?

Who knows. It's a big universe.

>> No.20935507

premise =/= execution.

No one is saying musclelords cannot form babby, just that high school drama shit is fucking retarded, regardless of how you flavor it. And it only gets worse when you make all the MCs supar speshul snowflakes.

>> No.20935520

Yeah, a fine concept for a light hearted, jokey piece of OC.

Not a serious business saga of first world problems IN SPACE.

Blue originated from the idea "what if a Tau girl was integrated into Ork society", but she didn't become a depressing circlejerk of misery and death.

>> No.20935526

Not everyone her is the same person.

I think you're a fucktard.

So does at least 2 other people.

>> No.20935545

UNLESS the author specifically makes that change.
That was my idea (though I should say I didn't create Warhammer High). Don't replace the entire setting and don't make it fall in lockstep, create an Elseworld, a What-If. That's Warhammer High. Ahriman's Aide write stories in the same universe as me and his stories are much grimmer.

You don't have to like it, but don't knock it without exerting any effort to read it, either.

>> No.20935557
File: 199 KB, 488x652, Blue flash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, have you read some of the Scraploota stories?
And just try and tell me they wouldn't make great little 5-15 minute shorts.

>> No.20935565

>This person is different to that person

OMG! Special Snowflakes!

>> No.20935573

>removing the Halos from Halo
You realize that you could totaly do that, and in fact any story written before the events of the first game is basicly that?
Yes, some things can't be removed from a setting without destroying it. But that doesn't mean that every setting is so delicate. Taking mass effects out of Mass Effect would destroy the setting, yes, because it enabled the setting to develop as it is.
It's like saying you can't have a story in Middle Earth without Sauron and the ring. Taking those out would ruin the story (well, the trilogy anyway), sure. But it wouldn't destroy the setting itself.

>> No.20935576

And the logical conclusion of that premise shouldn't be 21st century high school melodrama. Thats just retarded.

>> No.20935583

I may have not made myself clear.
I don't say anyone of the authors claimed anything.
What I say is merely that the setting acts like highschool life was an option, if not THE option in 40k.
That all the problems in the world for the heirs of the Imperium was their personal relationships.
They are the children of the innermost circle of power in the galaxy.
Why are politics not the most important thing here?
Why is anyone surprised someone comes to shoot them?
Why is this the story of self-absorbed teenagers and not of the up and coming ladies who will one day decide the fate of billions with their every breath?
Why is this not aSoIaF x100,000,000,000 ?

>> No.20935585

Well, I was thinking the backstory would have them as orphans, where the negative reactions caused by the Pariah condition could be mistaken for just plain abuse. One would have gone into the Guard and survived against a bloodletter, and the other would have become a Techpriesess, where the other Adeptus Mechanicus members just ignore the weird feelings as "Weakness of the Flesh".

So yeah. That's as far as I've gotten.

>> No.20935588

What super special snowflakes? Julius, who spent the last month trapped in a sewer? Felix, who got dumped and nearly punched by Lyra? Jake and Alex, who are dirt poor and disowned by his father respectively?

You're just outright lying, now.

>> No.20935618

>Why are politics not the most important thing here?

It is. For the Emperor and Primarchs. The story isn't about them. You know, like the name implies.

>Why is anyone surprised someone comes to shoot them?

Oh, it happened before. It was that fact that this was a complete accident that shook them up. You'd know if you had actually read the story.

>Why is this the story of self-absorbed teenagers and not of the up and coming ladies who will one day decide the fate of billions with their every breath?

You have to be a teenager before you can be a lady. How do you not know that? It's pretty basic biology.

Why is this not aSoIaF x100,000,000,000 ?

I've never read Song of Ice and Fire. I tried. I got bored.
See how unfair it is to insist that everyone's taste and interest conform to yours? I didn't like Song of Ice and Fire, and I didn't finish it. I don't feel qualified to comment on how it was BAD, because I didn't finish it, and don't know if it was bad. You're not qualified to say my stories are bad, because you clearly haven't read them.

>> No.20935629

>What super special snowflakes? Julius, who spent the last month trapped in a sewer? Felix, who got dumped and nearly punched by Lyra? Jake and Alex, who are dirt poor and disowned by his father respectively?

Heh, this is hilarious.

>> No.20935633

Once again, they aren't, even slightly. Road Trip, for example, is largly about the cultures of Fenris and Nocturne and the dangers of living on/visiting/ruling over each. You have no idea what you're talking about at this point.

>> No.20935634

>Why is this the story of self-absorbed teenagers and not of the up and coming ladies who will one day decide the fate of billions with their every breath?

Because their fathers are immortal and they don't need successors?

>> No.20935643

Would you all leay of Someone Else for just a moment?
Hell, rip ME to shreads instead, what do all you opinion-fags think of my efforts to blend the HH stories with WHH?

>> No.20935655

>UNLESS the author specifically makes that change.
And then its no longer part of that setting. Shadowrun without Cyberpunk may as well be called something else entirely since its so far removed from the original premise.

I say the same thing when people try to homebrew unique elves. Why call your treepeople elves if they are brachiating gibbonfolk and act nothing like elves? Just remove yourself from the moniker and the expectations and limitations that come with it.

>> No.20935672

Yes, actualy, they do. The primarchs are largly passing off their homewords to the kids, since they have enough to deal with just running their own legions, never mind a planet on top.

>> No.20935677

>You're not qualified to say my stories are bad, because you clearly haven't read them.

We're definitely qualified to call you an egotistical moron though, after reading these posts.

>> No.20935728

I won't be, though.

>> No.20935732

You mean the guys who exist solely to show how supar speshul the girls are?

>> No.20935739

Oh lord, the elves. I remember that thread, and how they were made so strange because THAT WAS THE RESULT OF KEEPING TO THE STEROTYPE.
Do you just hate origional thought? Do you think that fanfic should always keep perfectly to canon, all the time? Are you enraged when someone, *gasp*, adds their own ideas to a setting?!

>> No.20935775

Right, because its not like the Covenant was formed on the basis of finding and activating the Halos or anything. Nope, there's no way in hell the entire purpose of the Covenant was to ascend to godhood the way the Forerunner had before them via the Divine Wind of the Halos. That whole fundamental vertebrae in the backbone of the lore simply doesn't exist.

>> No.20935782
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Egotisticality is not derivative of accuracy. I made an accurate claim you couldn't refute, you started calling names.


We're shitting up a perfectly good waifu thread and we're a hundred and thirty posts over the bump limit.

For those who actually are still reading the thread for waifus, have one of the cutest female characters we've ever produced as a board. Who doesn't want a Sister of Cleaning?

>> No.20935787

And yet they still toss around 21st century colloquialisms and act like tourists from a different time entirely.

>> No.20935799

>Are you enraged when someone, *gasp*, adds their own ideas to a setting?!

Not that guy, but in almost EVERY situation any "additions" made are stupid, incongruous and badly thought out. They're also in most cases the sign of a bad writer, as they're unable to stick to source material.

>> No.20935801

You could not be more retarded if you tried.
Those are the viewpoint characters for several of the stories. Of course, the character that's narrating and putting a personal spin on the entire story can't add anything to the plot, right?

>> No.20935851

Before this thread dies, will one of these WHH haters damn well tell me why they hate my stories?

>> No.20935853

>Do you just hate origional thought?
Not at all. I love original thought. I love it so much that I wish people would try to make it strong enough to stand on its own instead of copping off the name of another brand and then removing all the flavor that gave that brand its name in the first place.

I loved the brachiating gibbonfolk and thought they were a neat as fuck idea, I just didnt see the need to pigeonhole them into the category of elf with all the implications and tropes that category comes with.
>Are you enraged when someone, *gasp*, adds their own ideas to a setting?!
Funny how you immediately go to trying to belittle me on a personal level. I never said WHH got me angry, just that it is very bad literature on several levels for many reasons. As for the whole adding something to a setting, WHH isn't adding anything. In fact, its removing uniqueness and personality from a setting in order to better make it fit into the tired and cliche setting of a high school melodrama.

>> No.20935856

Well, first off I don't really recall what the recruitment process is like for the Mechanicus. I also can't recall how the Assignment works, though I guess it's conceivable that a Psi or an Omega level psyker might go unnoticed under those circumstances.

Where do you think it's going to go from there, or do you know?

>> No.20935859

I'd like to see you finish aSoIaF before the author does.
Anyway, I never said, your writing was bad, just that it does not conform with my views of how galaxy-wide politics should work.
I jsut can't wrap my head around how those girls can not feel like nobles at all.
How everything around them is Smalltown USA, not Imperial Palace Terra.
If it were my story, being teenagers would be exactly what they would not get.
They'd get a sector to rule over, all the riches of the worlds they ruled.
Power beyond believe and the education to use it.
The sons the High Lords courting them, a king's court thousandfold and private life only in a little chamber away from it all.

Your lack dynastic thinking disturbs me.


>> No.20935869

No, actualy, they weren't. They didn't even know they exsisted prior to the first game. They woshiped forerunner tech, and paid more attention to the rings only because they were the biggest forerunner artfacts around. Leave the rings out, and they keep on worshipping their ship and the AI in it like they had before.
The entire "acend to godhood" bit was cooked up in Truth's head between games 1 and 2.

>> No.20935884

Nope, never read them. In fact, who the hell are you?
Not offense, but who are you and what have you written?

>> No.20935898

Because High School settings are the worst "original content" what will ever be made, and I would rather they were never created.

At least do something that's not been done before. Or that's in some way related to the setting. Not just shoehorning 21st century melodrama into everything.

>> No.20935907

I don't think anyone really hates yours, honestly. It's got enough grimdark in it for them to consider it acceptable.

>> No.20935924

He writes "Trip Into Hell"
They usualy post in the same threads, but they're all archived under Road Trip

>> No.20935938

>They didn't even know they exsisted prior to the first game.
False. The Covenant had long had mistranslated Forerunner archives that detailed their leaving of this mortal plane via their technology. They were actively seeking the halos. In fact, thats the only reason the Pillar of Autumn ended up near the first one, Cortana yanked some coordinates from a Covvie ship and made a blind jump away from Reach.
>The entire "acend to godhood" bit was cooked up in Truth's head between games 1 and 2.
Wrong again. Truth knew about the Halos and what they truly did since before he became a High Prophet. He took the name Truth in a fit of irony because he was lying to the entire Covenant about the nature of their religion. He knew what the Halos were and what Humans were in relation to them since their first contact, but he lied to keep the Covenant intact.

>> No.20935955

He brought it on himself. If he wants to try and tell us why his little high school waifus are the end-all be-all of literature and 40K, we have a right to slap his shit.

>> No.20935985

I suffer a lack of dynamic thinking because I don't write them the way they would be if they existed in canon 40K...when I write the way I do specifically BECAUSE I want to show them in a light they could never be shown in in the canon 40K?

You think I can't write filthy rich royal brats? Of course I could. But I don't WANT to. Because that's boring and trite, and more realistic.

>> No.20936000

> If he wants to try and tell us why his little high school waifus are the end-all be-all of literature and 40K, we have a right to slap his shit.

Except I'm not doing that. If you were projecting any harder, you'd be lighting the room.

>> No.20936031

You've been doing that in every single fucking post you've made.

Fine. You have a few fans who seem quite dedicated. The problem is you've clearly let it go to your head.

Lines like >You think I can't write filthy rich royal brats? Of course I could. really don't make people think you're reasonable and modest.

>> No.20936048

I was considering a crazy, over-the-top mission form the Inquisition to kidnap a Farseer (maybe Macha, since Macha is mai fortykay waifu) and have said Farseer help get them into the Black Library to study the Stern Codex.

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