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Elegen/tg/entlemen. A moment, If you please.

I just got my new tablet! It's been some years since i used one, so...Wanna help me get my eye back in?

Send some suggestions, or your own work, and we can...I dunno...

Friggen ART!

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I just painted these, maybe you could draw them doing some firewarrior stuff. Will not be upset if they are killing marines or having gay tau buttsex.

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A very slender man (late 20's/early 30's) in a black suit with an angular face, light stubble and white hair shaped like pic related.

Bonus happiness points if he's smoking, giving a "Are you fucking serious...?" face and sitting on a coffin.

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One second...Pizza just got here. Yum.

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Everything but the coffin. Could not be fucked.

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Awesome! thanks man.

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A group of orks after conquering a human settlement. Lounging around, being orky, leering at the enslaved locals, and slacking.

An adventuring party set up for the night. Campfire for cooking, tents, drinks, horses, etc.

Squad of imperial guard taking cover under prolonged fire, hiding behind a wall or a wreck or something. They've been there a while, they're drinking caffeine, handing out lho-sticks, maybe snacking on ration bars.

Elysian/catachan jungle drop troops doing their thang.

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Requests, mind, not demands or anything. Just little scenes that I thought up that might look good.

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Young man with short hair. He have an eye-patch on his left eye (not pirate-like one, a bigger, on a strap). Give him loose Hawaiian shirt with some other shirt underneath. I only need him from shoulder's up, but do as you please.

Oh and give him cocky grin.

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Oh shit guys. Sorry, this was hours ago.

Just got on now for a last minute /tg/ before bed. (Australia, lol.)

I'll see what i can do in the morning though. In the meantime...

Just drew this!

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Yay, Ausfag pride...

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contributing my own most recent art.

As an addendum: I REALLY need a scanner of my own.

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Antipaladin awakened clay golem wielding bow.

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Cthulhu high fiving a Bloodsucker

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Why do I have a feeling, that the last sentence contains a story?

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Hey there! I'd love your take on any one of the Daughters.

We do biweekly thread on them, every other Friday, but the drawfags of old have all but vanished.

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• I would like to request a picture of Terriermon (the long-eared green rabbit looking thing in picture) in the purple and yellow coloration of that sprite, in a pose similar to what Jiraiya is doing there at the bottom.

Hate to go on a t/a/ngent/t g/uys but I found out there is a digimon homebrew and I intend to use it.

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This pic as a reference, just make her wear a t-shirt and jeans?

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An elf dressed in a 20th-century style female naval uniform with a pair of old-style headphones on.

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I would like a bunny-eared person in business casual if that is okay. Sleeveless and a tie are a must.

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Could a fellow draw friend help me out with my dark heresy PC?

Milky skin, hairless, 32, skeletal body, 1.75m tall, 100lbs, malformed hands (elephantitis), imperial psyker with a tattered robe, carries a great axe + staff + stub revolver

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I want a Reaper, fallen to chaos

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This is a Dark Heresy character request. He has a badly damaged left leg, and old wound. Because of it, he walks with a cane and a leg brace. He has a dark cloak held by a jewelled broach, glasses, short-cropped hair, and a effeminate or childish face. His clothing is loose robes and pants, which hides a buff body. You can see this through a tear in his robe, along with a bleeding cut. He is shooting at someone with a pistol.

Basically, he's an upper-class Administratum clerk with a badass streak.

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He mean Reisen Udongein Inaba who is a character from Touhou. Just google it!

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What is a reaper?

>> No.20933659

The thing in the picture

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I'd love to see more art done of Blue.

Or any of the Scraplootas, for that matter.


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Might I request the NCR flag with an owlbear instead of a two-headed grizzly?

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theres already plenty

>> No.20933745

no more

>> No.20933766


are you saying there should be more?

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Shut up, all of you. There's still plenty of potential in the characters.

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It is a race of alien-robot-space ship-war machine-things from Mass Effect.

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I'd really love to see a young man (19), with medium brown hair, looking down the barrel of a flintlock pistol, looking dead behind the eyes. Just the shoulders up would be great, but if you want to draw more. He wears a buckler on his left arm, a small necklace in the shape of a hammer, and a tunic overtop a chainmail shirt. He's quite slim, and stands at about 5'11.

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This is sort of a /co/-/tg/ thing, but a pic of my Supers game hero would be nice.

He's basically an 8-foot tall, hunched, hairless, gaunt but muscular and leather-skinned cross between a man and a gorilla, with claws, sort of reptilian-like musculature (Fallout deathclaw-esque maybe) and a slightly oversized, skull-looking head and sunken, black, empty-looking eyesockets. If color is an issue, he's chalky white.

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Sorry for the poor quality photo. Camera phone.

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You could try drawing me a 40k tattoo for my upper arm or chest.

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A Floating Flying telekinetic flat round space polar bear. Please.

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>I whip my hair back and forth

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Oooh, cool. Could you give her the bionic hands she has in the pic, though? They're a major part of her backstory.

>> No.20935572

My apologies.

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Fucking radical.

I reciprocate generosity. Want me to do some writefaggotry for you as payment? A poem or a backstory for a DnD campaign, maybe?

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I would like to request a version of a character I play. I drew her myself, but I'm not much of an artist. She's a bard who uses a heavy sickle (I mention it because my picture makes it look like a scimitar) and performs by dancing.

>> No.20935838

Consider it a gift.I thank you for the offer though.

>> No.20936496

does she play any instrument in particular, at least one? Any of your preference.

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A Vagabundo and an ork high-fiving each other whilst looting something massive. If the words Fiesta Time! can be included, that would be fucking excellent.

Vagabundo for reference.

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If anyone's still around, I wonder if you could draw up a female Kitsune rogue (in her human form)? Preferably wielding a rapier, and bonus points if there is a drunken man (or group of men) in the background swooning over her.

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Not the OR but if she plays by dancing I could see her having a bunch of beaded bracelets; my step mom recently took belly dancing lessons and bought this really annoying bracelet that jingles all the fucking time with each movement.

>> No.20937204

Hope it's to your satisfatciont anon.

FUCK! Just realized you said sickle not scythe.

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Gonna have to second this, preferably some kind of interaction between Urtylug and his Fanseer stalker.

>> No.20937240 [DELETED] 

And Urtylug for reference.

>> No.20937299

rogue anon drawfag here

if anybody has a techpriest request I'll fill that

or maybe some slaanesh content, daemons, monsters, rococo and/or glam bullshit, whatever

>> No.20937301

Could I get a pic of a pair of my cockroach minions? Or just one, if you'd like.

>> No.20937370

anyone still drawing?

>> No.20937389

I requested this in a previous drawthread but he didn't feel up to it.

i request pic related but in full fantasy battle armor and weapons

>> No.20937404

Could somebody please draw a lamia samurai police girl with big boobs?

>> No.20937491

Well I would like to see Slaaneshi Eldar; being all Glam Metal and so on.Maybe two, like a boy and a girl? Whatever. Just some chaos Eldar.

>> No.20937495

waiting for a request that inspires, yeah

>> No.20937518

Requesting a Cleric of Asmodeus dressed in 18th-century aristocratic attire, complete with a powdered wig (pic related.) If using color, clothing should be primarily red and black, with some diabolic symbols subtly sewn in. He's in his thirties, with pale skin, icy blue eyes, and a smug grin on his face. He has a cane with a silver grip shaped like a ram's skull in one hand, and a decorated pistol (flintlock or revolver) in the other.

>> No.20937544

I would like to see a techpriest getting a piggyback ride from a SoB.

>> No.20937636

I'd like to see an angry female thri-kreen from Dark Sun blowing things up with her mind.

>> No.20937674

Oy, I have a request of some crazy ass creature I dreamt a few nights ago. It was this weird slug monster that was like 7-10 ft tall, was green with 3 yellow stripes from its head to back. It was incredibly obese, its skin was covered with sores, blisters, pimples and other such blemishes, and ooze slime all over. It had a trunk/proboscis instread of a mouth which would expand and widen to swallow people whole, and inside it contained thousands of tiny shark like teeth. It also had no eyes and two pairs of decaying bull horns on its head, and had short yet very fat human like arms.

>> No.20937739

Requesting this police officer, in a normal police uniform instead of her pilot suit, sat at her desk incredibly frustrated by all the paperwork she's having to file.

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Oh, and...I'm back gang! Let's see what I can do about some of these...


>> No.20937988

I miss greenmarine

>> No.20938005


Yay for quick sketches!

>> No.20938038

I like it! Its kinda hard to see whats going on and the SoB doesn't really look all that distinctive as a SoB, but I like it all the same.

>> No.20938058

can i get a mercury dragon being awesome like in the middle of something epic would be cool.

>> No.20938122


Requester here. I don't mind, that's very good, and the DM lets us fluff weapons as anything we want, so I'll fluff my sickle as a scythe to match the picture.

>> No.20938183

if a drawfag is still taking requests, can you draw a man in his late twenties who used to be a future marine but was chosen as the host for the latest neural implant and it fried him so he spends his days lazing about his apartment in a constant haze of THC to abate the chronic migraines he has. He still vaguely clings to the glory of his past that he can no longer hope to reach because jacking into the net shuts everything down, including him.

So he spent his days before the call to adventure becoming obsessively good at whatever caught his interest, and hiring exotic prostitutes, such as the one standing in his doorway failing to seduce him.

>> No.20938202

OP, can you redraw these characters in b/w?

>> No.20938241


Shitty drawings of Magic Lighthouses are cool, right?

>> No.20938291

I have never drawn an eldar before lol

>> No.20938402

Are you outrageous? Truly truly outrageous monkeigh?

>> No.20938403


I did what I could. Not the best photo's to go by.

>> No.20938415



>> No.20938435

May I get a picture of a Pangolin peeping out from a backpack?

>> No.20938503

Odd request here. Can someone draw a sexy female version of Orko for me?

>> No.20938533

A male elf in plate armour wielding a longsword in one hand and a shortsword in the other?

>> No.20938628



>> No.20938705

what kind of greedy bastard are you?

>> No.20938736

I'd like to request an 7'5" goliath male with a fullblade (ridiculously gigantic sword, think something that Cloud would call too impractical), and a huge collar that obscures the entire bottom half of his face. Gray skin, bald.

>> No.20938780

bumpin this

>> No.20938791

Do you do full body drawings?

>> No.20938941


generally no. I'm slow enough as it is.

>> No.20938945



Barring that, could you take a shot at the character in the pic related pulling this Adam Jenson pose.


>> No.20938991

wasn't me, that was Muju from a couple days ago

I posted it because that anon made the exact same post and got that piece, yet he's still clogging drawfriends with his request

>> No.20939005

Didn't see that there already was one.

>> No.20939056


Ah, now your post makes more sense...

>> No.20939062

bumping for this, the bodies don't have to be detailed at all, I actually really like detail focus fade

>> No.20939073

Weremole, you are always my favorite drawfag. I love seeing the stuff you make.

>> No.20939109

Bumpin/re-requesting for this

>> No.20939147

I need a one eyed Dark Eldar Corsair cap who looks like I slapped, Artorias and an Archon together.

>> No.20939299


I'm either an opportunist or a capitalizing whore. Either way, I like your style quite a lot. Think you could tackle the request I made earlier to different party.


Or ignore it... It's really up to you.

>> No.20939462


Awesome, can you draw them separated, because that's what I need them for.

Also, do you have an e-mail, in case I need to contact you for more?

>> No.20939478

Guy who requested this. Pic very related.

>> No.20939504

Take a shot at this character, except she's wearing jeans and a shirt?

>> No.20939522


Damn, forgot to add a reference pic

>> No.20939816

are artists still active in this thread or should I let it die?

>> No.20939907

Requesting my country bumpkin knight.

Wearing armor like pictured. He's also wearing a kettle hat and bevor, like pictured. The bevor should be lowered, so you can see his goofy expression. His shield and surcoat should be black with a pumpkin sigil (not a jack-o-lantern, mind you).

>> No.20939931

A brown elf in ornate armor, with a longsword and a round metal shield. This can be a reference.

>> No.20939974

not requester but when you post I get all tingly and shit

>> No.20939988

Kitten mage extrodinare and the yarn balls of doom

>> No.20940306 [DELETED] 

Googleing stuff is fun and productive!

>> No.20941863

Working on this. All slows like. I have never drawn armor before.

>> No.20942274

Kinda bored and need practice (srs).

>> No.20942294

Forgot the picture. duh
Someday I might actually be able to draw properly.

>> No.20942448

I suppose I could give this a try aswell.

>> No.20942583

On another note any specific colors beyond "brown elf"?

>> No.20942619


Request here, this is great, thank you.

>> No.20942657

Always great to see another drawthread.

I'd like to request a grey-skinned soldier with clothing to pic related, but with a thinner vest. Nix the patch, these are special forces and do not adorn unit specific unit markings. Extend the coat, and have it come down to a point.

The Night Vision goggles are a little tricky. They're based on old "dudka" devices. Have the two wires go back over the head instead of hanging down, and nix the tanker helm; itt should be held on with straps. The two pictures hsow the different configurations, I prefer the top but you could draw them at any angle in between. They're pariscopic lenses, and should reflect a dark purple (night vision goggles don't glow but they do reflect light like cat eyes).

The gun is optional, but if you draw it add a large straight box magazine behind the grip.

Much appreciated to homever undertakes this admittidly detailed request...

>> No.20942784


>> No.20942888

Can I get a lady with a black nurse outfit and a similar spine-injection thingy? She is not an elf and I'd like her looking back with a smile.

>> No.20943072

re-requesting this :3

>> No.20943172

This, but with gritty realism and fewer belts. I always loved this guy's design, so I made a race based on it.

>> No.20943221

Not guy, but looks gorgeous so far.

>> No.20943740


>> No.20943776

Could i get a picture of character. from my Song of ice and fire game. A young man of 15, Mild features with Grown Devilish Goatee, he uses a ball and chain, as well as a double recurve bow. HE wears ring mail armor. Would be cool if can put the family sigil on his ser coat.

>> No.20943805

Dunno if this is still up, but I would like a ghostly King Arthur surrounded by Sirs Lucan, Bedivere, and Gawain (who have bodies) at the remains of the round table. Thanks!

>> No.20944029

thread and request bump

>> No.20945292

That feeling of dread when you know you're going to fuck it up on the legs.

>implying I haven't already fucked it up

>> No.20945347

Needs to be browner
Not the OR and just my opinion, though.

>> No.20945708

This guy just woke up. Re bumping for your awesome skills!

>> No.20945729


Any preferences when it comes to hair?

>> No.20945979

Another bump from this guy

>> No.20946044

I don't think there are any drawfags

>> No.20946085


>> No.20946092

Request: a centaur, except the upper half is a halfling or gnome, and the lower half is a riding dog. Preferably the half-pint-taur has a joyous expression. Perhaps you could add a human giving the 'taur a WTF look for perspective?

>> No.20946128

Does no one read? There is no art

>> No.20946204 [DELETED] 


>> No.20946222 [DELETED] 

So if she is in human form... why not ask for a human rogue being hit on?

>> No.20946255

He is crippled by vidya addiction. He hardly ever updates his thread on tgchan.

>> No.20946439

Make it abit long, i guess. Brown mainly

>> No.20946444

Requesting a gentleman in a top hat and a gas mask looking very mad about something.

>> No.20946452


>> No.20946461

Oh shit, where did this awesome drawfag come from!?

>> No.20946483

another bump on the off chance someone will do this

>> No.20946526


If you'd like a quick coloring job let me know.

I'm actually also a part of the same game but I couldn't make it last session. Small board.

>> No.20946908


>> No.20946931

Ok, i'm begging here

>> No.20947218 [DELETED] 

I would help ya, but something of that scope I won't touch. I would not do it justice. That scene sounds like perfect material for book cover or some other professional work.

>> No.20947312

It's for the Dark Ages: Vampire game I'm running. I always post too specific stuff in draw threads, sorry. Just ghost Arthur without excalibur would be nice?

>> No.20947338

I'm going to bump my request, since it seems a drawfriend is around and the thread is still here.


I really would like it done.

>> No.20947546

It's perfect! Thank you so much!

>> No.20947594

It's hard to look mad when you have a gas mask on your face.
Glad you like it!

>> No.20947822

Bumping request. I'm sorry.

>> No.20947987


>> No.20948020

not requester but I have never ever seen another drawfag do colours and lighting so deliciously

>> No.20948151

I will try this, but Hitler was a much better artist than I am.
I need the practice in any case, lest I become a worse dictator, and you seem desperate enough.

>> No.20948469

Note to self:
Huge, broken tables are bad.
Also, bump. Is there anyone else drawing?
I can't sustain a draw thread on my own.
I can hardly draw.

>> No.20948529

Awesome~ Thanks!

>> No.20948536

You gotta give the drawfriends a chance to come home from school/work, monday is generally the slowest for drawthreads.

>> No.20949332

Bump and a wip.

Knights of the Pretty-Much-Busted-Up Table.
Vainly they try to give back Excalibur to Ghostly Arthur;
Their minds as unable to grasp as Arthurs ghostly hands.

They're all kinda ghostly still, as are the chairs.
They have a nice door, tho.

I wonder whether Arthurs ghost chilling on the table is a good idea.
Also, no real idea what to do with Excalibur or what to put on the banners? A grail?
It will be a while.

>> No.20949358

I also feel the urge to add dead bodies.
The picture kinda lacks them.

>> No.20949438

Could someone draw a finely dressed Tau gentlemen standing over one of his human slaves on his plantation and beating him while his slave screams: "Oh Massa Please Dont Beat Me!"

>> No.20949802

shame this was skipped over, then again, it is kind of boring compared to some of the other ones

how about a silhouette of a man sitting on an asteroid, sipping tea as he overlooks Jupiter?

Or a man in a trench coat and scarf. He's wearing large sensor goggles to conceal his face while riding an electromagnetic hoverboard upside down down a maglev train rail through a cyberpunk downtown. He is flipping the camera off.

>> No.20950045

I really spun away on this.

>> No.20950056


Why does everything you make look so sexy

>> No.20950114

could someone do an overweight dwarven-druid-elementarist? 1) fun to see 2) would help me out 3) i maybe could make one of my players happy

>> No.20950921

Love it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeDqb1Y4bys

You're the best around; and no one will eva keep you down.

>> No.20951349

Damn, thats some fine coloring and shading.

>> No.20951606

I need a simple sketch of a woman with black hair with bangs framing her face, and a ponytail bound by a ribbon. Mechanical parts replacing right eye optional.

Thanks to all the awesome drawfags, you guys make the artistically challenged look cool with neat pics.

>> No.20952171

Could you draw an Imperial Guardsman looking down the barrel of a lasgun, with his thumb on the trigger? I WOULD BE DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE.

>> No.20953806


>> No.20954167

well, I'm bumping, but I'm also leaving

I lurk /tg/ enough that I don't need to refresh this thread individually

>> No.20954753

Kanye West (among others) didn't let me finish.
Glad it didn't 404, tho, because I'm working on it again. Pic related.
Still waaaaaaays to go.

>> No.20954998


Hey, uh, MNM, I don't know if you're still around, but is there a chance I could get you to edit this picture to her with a sickle? I can't do it myself, and my DM disallowed the fluff.

S'cool if not.

>> No.20955185 [DELETED] 

not MNM but I should be able to handle that for yah

>> No.20955203 [DELETED] 

oops nvm, just realized how bad the quality is of the pic with the grains.

>> No.20955303

Woke up a few hours ago after a 24 hour awake stint. Took a break from from armor elf to do something else.

Cyber eye soon, Stalker. Maybe colours?

I've always been around in a non drawfag capacity. Redundancy and the poverty that has followed has left me with either playing through my stack of vidya or work on drawing. Video games often win out. I'm also still terrible.

>> No.20955395

What I ask is a picture using both characters as base with differences:
The girl's pose and appearance is more or less the same, but instead of armor, she wears a yellow sleeveless dress that reaches just as low as the original one, green gloves that open slightly at the end, and a classic white shield with a faded red cross held at her left (free) hand. The sword in her hand also looks more like the sword at the far right included in the picture instead, with less wind surrounding it.
As for the guy, he keeps the same shape and face, but looks just as tense as the girl, wears a blue cloak instead of armor with hood down. Instead of his sword, he is holding up both his arms holding daggers looking like what's also included in the picture. If his art appearance could look more or less the same as the girl's, that would be appreciated.

>> No.20955655


Well, thanks anyway.

>> No.20955987

I hope this thread is still here when I get back from school.

>> No.20956560

A bump for a slow but productive drawthread.

>> No.20956593

Just gonna toss this onto the pile

An Atlas hanging off of a cliff, telling a motley assortment of lights to "Fly, you fools"

>> No.20956660

Bro that is a sexy paint job.
Love that show.

>> No.20956828

Drawfag reporting in...

>> No.20957135


>> No.20957286


Chance of getting a tall man dressed in something that looks like a mix between a plague doctors garb and a jesters outfit while wearing a "cute" smiling skull mask.

More Bonus happiness points if he's holding a lollipop in one hand and waving at the viewer with the other

>> No.20957376

There's not much more I can do about it without major changes, so I suppose this is finally done.
Now let's hope what I learned sinks in.

>> No.20957442

Could you draw a cloaked, humanoid(male), figure, whose head is completely covered by the hood, surrounded by swarms of insects and arachnids(i.e. spiders, centipedes, scorpions etc) in a dark visual style? If thats too intensive just a few spiders would be cool. It's my vermin druid in D&D. Thank you!

>> No.20957473


>> No.20957861

Nice job man, here is a suggestion. You need to make the ghost look at the very LEAST kingly. Maybe not immediately identifiable as Arthur, that's the job of the table, but at least needs to come off as a king and not some random knight dude with a boyish face.

Throw on a crown, be it a regular crown or a crown on a helmet. Then give the dude a beard. definitely a beard.

Also am not original requester

>> No.20959943

Procrastination is kicking in. I'll just leave it at this.

>> No.20959974

Hey. Good point. I spent 2 minutes or so touching up Arthur a bit and adding a crown. That worked rather well (altho the ghost still doesn't look great, it will do).

>> No.20960122

...Holy shit.

>> No.20960751

Who are you?

>> No.20960791


>> No.20960817


got a tumblr/deviantart/etc

>> No.20960859

looks kinda like Ribbonfag's sketchy, limp stuff.

>> No.20961204

I doubt you really want to do much more with the pic but here are a few more suggestions from me to really give the picture some more depth and 'tlc'

Make several backup copies of the file and/or layers and try experimenting with fading out the legs. Make the fade very gradual from the waist downwards, till you can barely see the feet. This will do several things at once, not only will mere fading on it's own give a more ghostly and ethereal appearance, but you got SO much line work and details in the legs compared to the torso, that they look almost solid. The fading will balance things out and remove that contrast. Do NOT take this to mean the detail in the legs is a bad thing, just be aware of tricks to counter unnecessary contrasting.

I will say this again, BEARD! He needs a beard, experiment with different lineworks to get the right look for him, nothing massive but he needs facial hair. That will really make who he is shine out in the picture imo. Aragorn of Lord of the Rings is a good example of the amount of facial hair you should aim for, certainly nothing that could make a dwarf jealous, but something that shows age, nobility, and wisdom.

Otherwise you really went above what I ever expect to see from a typical draw-thread when it comes to the environment. A lot of good attention to the various lighting effects in the scene just made it really shine.

Once again not the requester, just another dude who likes to draw.

>> No.20961560

Thanks, I appreciate your suggestions. I might toy a bit more with it later.
I'll certainly draw more today, but whether it will be this picture or another I'm not sure yet.
It hit a bit of a dead end due to some mistakes I made (the low resolution mostly, now that I'm more comfortable with thin brushes) and there's a lot of errors showing that I believe I can avoid next time but can't easily fix without redoing most of the image.
It also is a mess of layers, since I stopped paying attention to that when I started highlighting, but that might actually help with editing it.

>> No.20961561

If it is she has gotten better.

>> No.20962113

You're fucking awesome. I was sure it would go unnoticed. Could you perhaps add an image of a pumpkin on his surcoat? It's central to his image. If not, thanks anyway; it looks aweesome!

>> No.20962487

I'd like to see some of you ar/tg/uys do a little thing for me.

I'd like you to draw up your interpretations of the various nightmares of Don't Rest Your Head. Especially Paper Boys, Officer Tock, PinHeads.

>> No.20963321


>> No.20963565

Here's hoping.

Character portait of a tan barbarian woman with messy blonde hair and a smile that reveales a knocked out tooth.

>> No.20964430

A suave, somewhat magical pirate prince!

Black boots that end just below the knee.
Tight white pants.
A black sash for a belt.
A lavender shirt with the sleeves rolled up below the elbow and enough buttons undone to show a bit of the chest.
A white vest over that.
Black leather bracers.
A closely trimmed black beard and wavy black hair tied back.
A scimitar in the right hand and the spell forming in the left.


>> No.20966884

>that feel when you want to request just as a drawthread dies.

>> No.20966968

i know that feel, brother. it just hit me just now

>> No.20967045

this isn't the guy that fulfilled your request, but i thought i'd do this for you.. hope the artist doesn't mind

>> No.20967181

Thanks a ton, man.

>> No.20968920

It is slowly coming together... But I just can't get the tooth missing grin right. Shit just ain't moe, man.
A man with nothing to lose.
One day, when I'm hip enough to hang out with the illustrator guys, drinking wine from a pint glass.
Ribbon'll be back one day. You just have to belive.

>> No.20969461

I recognize that shirt!

>> No.20969475

Is the similarity to real xxiii's dark skinned girl intentional?

>> No.20969487

Freddie Mercury smashing through the planet Mercury

>> No.20969519

Can I get mym Celtic Bard

Tall burly man with thick mutton chops
Small harp and shortsword
Link-style lyre-pipe hat

If you could get him next to a fearfull looking sheep

>> No.20969538 [DELETED] 

Can I get an elfish warrior maid?
In chain with Short dark androgynous hair cute mutton chops are a must

>> No.20969562

If anyone's up for it, could I get a tengu dervish? Instead of being a crow, the tengu is a toucan, and wearing middle-eastern nomad clothing. Attached and linked pics for reference.



>> No.20969573

*No shortsword, I meant dagger sorry

>> No.20969588

may I please have a picture of
a lady of Indian desent
with a bindi (dot on forehead)
in a pin stripe suit
wearing a crown
holding a tommy gun
and floating above her a servo-skull that is a cat skull

>> No.20969609

cat skull for reference

>> No.20969703

Float bump in hopes my request get's noticed

>> No.20969733

I would like to request a techno-teutonic knight style drawing, similar to the Grey Knights, akin to something from EYE.

>> No.20969825

Could I have a technomancer-type guy wearing green robes with a raised collar over tau-inspired body armour and clouds of nanites springing from his fingertips?

Think of the body armour being similar to this pic, complete with helmet but with the robes over it?

>> No.20969932

I think OP when off line

>> No.20969986

I don't recognize this one. Is this a new piece?

>> No.20970652

Here's one from me; hope it's applicable to the thread.

>> No.20970672

I see a chaos cultist star!

>> No.20972459

Well, shit, it is now!

Well this is probably completly not what you're looking for, but I had fun and that's what matters, right? No?...Oh.

>> No.20972470

lrn2count - chaos star has 8 points

>> No.20972508

I love you. I'm not even the requester and I saved the fuck out of this.

>> No.20972641

Looking for someone sausageroll, if they're still in the thread to draw my Rogue Trader.

She's a small, thin young woman, born of Imperial nobility, and usually has a mean sneer, and a cigar between her lips.

She's dressed in a stylized outfit based off naval uniforms with a billowy skirt that comes to just over the knees, the sleeves stop and flare out mid-forearm, and the seams of the sleeves, skirt, and collar have lace - over that, she wearing an ACTUAL Imperial Navy jacket that much too large, which she draped over herself like a cloak, it reaching down to the backs of her calves.

On the left side of her belt is a revolver, on the right a captains sabre.

If you decide to colour it - the hair is strawberry blonde, the eyes are brown, and the main colour scheme of the outfit is purple and grey.


My dickass GM posted this story (without my knowledge) if it gives you any inspiriation. It's the very last story.

>> No.20972653

This thread refuses to die, it's amazing

A guy in future armor punching anything of your choice, but the back of his gauntlet has bullets built into it that trigger on impact. So he's punching them, AND shooting them!

>> No.20972660

Ah, here's a reference for the hairstyle.

>> No.20972951

It wasn't quite how I imagined it in my minds eye, no. Hair was perfect though and the -4 strenght was a nice touch. Barbarian-chan is born.

Thank you.

>> No.20972958

Looking for a simple portrait of a woman in her early 40's. Romani descent; brunette, slightly curled hair that falls past her shoulders, dusty skin, and (if colored) blue eyes. She's dressed like the attached image, though feel free to play with the details. Something about her just seems ominous despite her smile...which is marred by the rather gruesome glasgow smile, and all her teeth seem a bit too long and sharpened.

>> No.20973736


>> No.20973896

bumping with terrible artwork done by me

>> No.20974056

>> No.20974087

I maek art

>> No.20976400

Bumping for great justice since this thread is awesome

>> No.20978047

Like to bump this

>> No.20981257

fuck legs

>> No.20981378 [DELETED] 

whoops got deleted

Tall strong builded, strong jawed Welsh bard with mutton chops
Wears plaid and a link style cap
Uses a harp and Greatsword

bonus points if you have a frighten looking sheep in the pic

Thanks if you can do it

>> No.20981407

I would like to request something.

A native american man, mid 30's, wearing cowboy attire (leather chaps, holster, belt, etc.) in the action of throwing a tomahawk at a target off screen. His right hand is slightly mangled, and missing the ring finger, hair shaved.
Please and thank you /tg/

>> No.20981428


bumpin this request

>> No.20981514

Yay, he's back!

>> No.20981616

Holy shit my request got done. Love you! Sorry I didn't get back in for the thread, I completely lost it in the sea of quest craziness.

>> No.20981679


>> No.20982023

If I may be so bold as to make a request...

May I ask for someone to draw a male, human, 27-33 year old mage-knight in full plate, with a cowboy's duster and hat over top of the armor?
If possible, could he be wielding a grossmesser in one hand, and conjuring a arcane shield in the other?

Forgive me for the trite request, and thank you to anyone in advance.

>> No.20982059

what the hell is with this immortal thread

also bumping because I have suggestions upthread

>> No.20982166

Female character for a near-future Scion campaign. Being the daughter of the goddess Kali and a Tibetan man, she looks kinda like a significantly more athletic version of pic related. Her hair is straight and black, and she tends to keep it shoulder length. She is generally dressed like a revolutionary militant, generally tailoring her image to look good on propaganda posters for whatever rebellion she’s stoking. This often involves mismatched elements, but generally involves combat boots and some manner of headwear (sometimes a beret, sometimes a hijab, sometimes a bandanna, sometimes a more Western-styled head scarf and sunglasses thing like Jackie O – whatever makes the outfit work for the region and the people she’s trying to motivate).

She mainly uses a five-bladed urumi (basically a ribbon sword used kinda like a whip with a cutting edge - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumi) and buckler, both made of the same black iron as the Pillar of Delhi. She also carries a Ka-Bar knife somewhere at all times as a weapon of last resort, most often tucked into a boot sheath.

>> No.20982183

And a reference pic for an urumi

>> No.20982459

please sir

>> No.20982600

>Being the daughter of the goddess Kali and a Tibetan man,
I am a hindu indian incidentally from Kerala where the Urumi originated. And I have to say, i kind of raged when you said the thing abnour being born of Kali. You should try the Apsaras instead, that is more believable.

>> No.20982650

Pic for you

>> No.20983000

Player characters in Scion are children of gods. Playing the child of an Apsara is no more an option than playing the child of a naiad rather than Poseidon.

If it's any consolation, I did to a bit of research while building the character and her background (admittedly, the more I researched the less it felt sufficient) and found that there are some traditions that regard Kali as a maternal goddess as well as a goddess of empowerment which were appropriate for the "freedom fighter" concept I was working with for the character. As the character was replacing a character I had to retire mid-campaign with the antagonists being the Chinese Celestial Bureaucracy, I went with the daughter of a Tibetan refugee and the goddess (who had manifested as an avatar of Troma Nagmo) to help explain a fierce hatred of China. I'm sure I got huge chunks of that fucked up, but I did at least make the attempt to be respectful.

Also, it could be worse. In Scion, Christianity is a sham created to enslave the gods and the Judeo-Christian God is actually Aten, the titanic avatar of Akhenaten and a being of such great egotism that he killed the realm's other avatars so that there'd be no threat to his power over the Sun.

Damn, if it weren't for the bow and arrow (and the fact that my previous character was an archer) this would be perfect.

>> No.20983134

>I am a hindu indian > i kind of raged
> Scion

That's par for the course, really. The Indian pantheon has it worse because it's, as far as i can recall, the only pantheon that's still worshiped. Kali, in that came, is presented like a revolutionary more than anything else.

I wouldn't expect respectful portrayals of anything from White Wolf.

>> No.20983384

Try Durga and her Seven Goddesses then, they embody feminine strength and authority more than Kali. Kali is more of a manifestation of death and destruction than a stable deity.

>> No.20983405

Jesus is OP trolling?
Can some other drawfags join in?

>> No.20983409

Also not worried about other being respectful and stuff, I just raged because i am a cunt like that. I just point out shit that is wrong even though i know it is imagination of another person anyway.

>> No.20983443

I really, really want a cute girl with goat legs and short hair. Bonus points if she's short, too.

Go wild.

>> No.20983462

Give me your take on this fella.

>> No.20983472

In fairness, in Tibetan Buddhism, Kali's embodiment of death and destruction is interpreted as being an embodiment of time (via the impermanence of all things) and change (via being a mechanism of clearing the way for new things).

>> No.20983536


Preferably in one of pic related/

>> No.20983956

This is how Kali is in Scion. She's not really "death and destruction". She's "change" and "clearing the way".
That change just usually involves death and destruction.

>> No.20985200


>> No.20985207

Have a quickie.

>> No.20985850

Bumping this.

>> No.20986132

bumping this~

>> No.20986997

Bumping to keep this alive for any drawfags that might show up.

>> No.20987046

Could i get a sharply dressed vampire, with a cowlick hairstyle holding a glass of wine? :)

>> No.20987234

bumpan epic bread

>> No.20989198


bumping my request too.

>> No.20990177


>> No.20990955


Oh my god

>> No.20991032

A creature that resembles a malnourished human, with it's arms at it's sides close to it's hips, it's eyes are sunken in and dark as night aswell as it's mouth, the mouth has several needle like teeth, almost like that of a Fangtooth.
When thinking of the mouth thing 'The Scream' painting.

>> No.20992574

I 'made' it for my first campaign, a Lovecraftian homebrew... With a twist.

>> No.20993740


>> No.20993784

A wild draw-friend appears!

>> No.20993846

Hello, drawfag.

I used to draw a lot, but since the depression hit a couple years ago, I just can't get my heart back into it.

Do any drawfags have suggestions on how to deal with this? I still have the manic itch to produce something, but I sit down and stare at a blank sheet for hours sometimes and nothing feels right.

>> No.20993873

Hey man It may be 3 days late but could you tackle >>20981378

>> No.20993890

Same here, that's partially why I started taking an art class, so now I /have/ to draw or else I fail.

But drawing on my own is hard these days, it's just like "Ugh, I could do this or I could sit here and do nothing. I guess I'll do that."

>> No.20995602

>"Ugh, I could do this or I could sit here and do nothing. I guess I'll do that."

Sounds like me and my writing.

>> No.20997232


>> No.21000951 [SPOILER] 

Come oooon buuuump

>> No.21000995

Probably the same thing as my father tends to do. "Sit down and draw."
"You don't know what to draw? Doesn't matter, put the pen down to the paper and start moving it."

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