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Your emperor is a corpse god.

Why don't you worship a true god, a god of justice and honor.

Khorne is here to give you strength.

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But Slaneesh...

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Can I inspect any axe wounds you have acquired?

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Thank you OP, I definitely want to eat Khorne Flakes now.

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Khorne removes common sense. The Emprah is the only one who strikes a nice balance between each of the absolutes.

>inb4 Chaos Undivided, then you have to deal with all the Chaos Gods vying for your attention at once

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>true god

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>skinny woman holding an inbalanced weapon
>laughing Karn.png

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You never really see any lady-Khorn cultists, do you...

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Totally up for a fluffy Vassal game. My heretic-guard forces will gladly crush any of you loyalist scum...

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>not worshipping Manaan

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>Implying The Emperor isn't sitting on his throne of skulls right now
>Implying The Emperor cares from whence the blood in His Domain flows
>Implying The Emperor isn't the skull-faced Chaos God of War himself

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c..can I have...a..a..k-i-kiss, /tg/-kun?

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...Wait a minute, wait just a minute!
>66, the dubs of Slaanesh
>Slandering the Emprah
You, you double heretic!

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No. You've got cooties, and I liked you better when you were all about ara ara-ing.

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Wait, now -I- am the heretics!

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What are my odds of survival?

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Rolled 5

On a 4+ you're okay... *kiss*

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100% if you give in to Papa Nurgle in your fevered desperation.

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what is that actually?

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Hello gentlemen. I'd like to see if any of you fine chaps would like to join Catyos.

Also I need to get some fluffy-games in on Vassal...for Catyos.

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I'm not sure, but I think it comes from a video game.

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So much heresy in here...

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Pearl Jam clip: do the evolution.

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Its part of the music video for Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam. Its a damn good music video.

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Yay, I live!

Or is this one of those things where I'd be better off having died?

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Because Khorne is a weak little pansy boy compared to the real gods.

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Oh your fine honey.

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On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to 0

But for a nurglette kiss probably somewhere around 2% probability of contracting a disease that does not kill you painfully

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There should be a rule that Khorne personally butchers any of his cultists if he sees them wearing chainmail bikinis or other such impractical shit.
In fact, while he's at it he should slap Kharn across the bitches face for leaving one of his arms exposed.

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>All the chaos gods vying for your attention at once

Worship them all! I'm sure it won't have any adverse effect on your sanity!

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Fuck Manaan. All the kolto in the universe isnt worth dealing with those fishlipped fuckfaces.

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>I worship all the chaos gods
>Bitches love the chaos gods

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>giving a shit about what you wear
loin-clothed barbarians are just as welcome as steel-clad juggernauts

What matters is the killcount. Everything else is secondary.

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Sorry, Manann.


Easy to mix it up when you're a poor Imperial helmsman, y'know?

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This is not orthodox!

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slaneeshi nudist detected!

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Trips has spoken

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The holy trips! Lord Slaanesh has truly blessed this thread.

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So much heresy here...
>modesty ctcomme

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Why would an Overlord such as myself join weak gods that resort to advertising themselves using mortals? If he's really all about justice and honor, though, he might put up a fun fight.

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Ha, the Emperor isn't Sigmar silly northerner!

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Shall we Exterminatus?

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Khorne does not care from whom the blood flows, so long as it flows. If you wish to contribute to the flow yourself by wearing less armor or worse armor, it matters not to him.

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With that in mind, every Khorne worshiper should take solace in the fact that no matter how unskilled they are in matters of war, they will inevitably end up offering one skull and a few liters of blood to their god when they are slain by the servants of the Emperor.

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Malalice, please go.

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Wouldn't asking him to go only encourage him to stay?

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Maybe if he wasn't such a slut about what he considers 'worthy sacrifices' then maybe. Axes aren't my thing, really.

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Doing nothing is less useful.

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>mfw heretics and xenos still insult the God-Emperor by calling him a corpse
>yfw that corpse is still the reason for the most powerful empire in the galaxy that you haven't managed to topple and was likely more than a match for you in his prime

Calling the Emperor a corpse is like a fat neckbeard that can't roll his dice without running out of breath calling Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone old, weak, and out of shape.

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Hey doods, I'm just a nobody, but I think you should listen to this guy! >>20925951

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Remove kebab
Emperor is worst Turk. he is turk psyker and turk corpse.
To our Terran subjects you may come to Eye, you may live in slave pits
imperial fists we will never forgeve you dorn rascal FucK but fuck Snaginus asshole. loyalist genocide best day of my life take bath of dead dead guarsdman
ahahahahah LOYALIST WE WILL GET YOU do not forget Heresy hahahaha psyker turk corpse smell so bad wow I can smell it

>mfw it all makes sense now...

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>average level of literacy and articulation of Chaos follower

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>Hey Loyalists, you're god's dead, so join mine!
Really now, would your god of justice- restraint and fair play- want to hear you shouting that?

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