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Hi /tg/.

So I was at a con today. My first time as a merchant and it went surprisingly well.

I want to hear more convention stories now. Good stories, bad stories, unbelievable stories, tell me!

PnP, Tabletop, LARP, anything goes.

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I went to a pretty terrible local convention for gaming. The only upside was reuniting with some kids I lost touch with. Everything else was outrageously bothersome. This kid with severe autism kept trying to interject himself in my conversations and touch my kindle.

How'd the merchant deal go?

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Dat EshBooth.

Tell us how it went?

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Merchant deal went great. Better than expected.

What was so bad about that con, other than that one autism guy? Just generally lots of derps around, or...?

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I hate when people get grabby at cons and stuff.

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Esh-Esh is now officially a booth babe.
May not be wearing the skimpy attention getting cloths,
but you know she looked good doing it

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fuck yeah, Esh-Esh thread!
beverage for everyone!

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HLF, you must have some amazing stories. Tell us you awesome guy, you.

ALSO! Strangely, the only thing that didnt sell AT ALL were the link hats. Like literally NONE sold.

So you know what that means! Giveaway tomorrow. Link hat for the winner

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She did really well at the con HGLF : 3

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where can I purchase your fine wares, Esh-Esh?

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Where did you set up your stuff?
The way I know you, probably Nassauer Heimattreffen.

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Post More Con Stories


OH SHIT, Give away tomorrow!

>Picture is mfw EshEsh giveaway.
>I must alert the other fa/tg/uys... but how..
>I know.

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Just do a google search for RawringPlushies.

This is a con stories thread, not an Esh-crafts thread :3

The only story I have from today other than it going well, was that one guy who bought a dice squig and ten minutes later managed to rip out the cord from it... I did a field repairt and tied knots in it to make it fool proof

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I went to Pax 12 on Labor Day Weekend. The circus (expo-hall) itself was a mess, but a friend won one of the Alienware computers being given away each day at 5pm. Otherwise, it was a lot of fun. A lot of cosplayers too. If I go next year, I'm considering trying to scrounge up a Rance costume for shits and grins.

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Nope. I never even heard of that one

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>HLF, you must have some amazing stories. Tell us you awesome guy, you.
I have HUNDREDS if not thousands of awesome stories.

But if we talking about con stories than I have only one that is worth to mention.
This happened at the end of the first and so far only anime con where I went.
Some random kid at the end sat near to a vending machine and tried to acquire a little money so they can purchase something from the vending machine.
As I walked past by them I realized that while they do it in a pathetic way people still gave them money.
So I just made a "ninja mask" from my sweater, acquired a piece of paper and wrote down "WILL KILL FOR FOOD" and sat literally next to them.

Long story short: I was the one who get soda from the vending machine first.

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Make sure you search for it as One word, RawringPlushies

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My daughter will be so happy!

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Ah, I keep forgetting this term is only known around Hannover.
Because of HISTORY, Nassauer is synonymous with freeloader or sponger 'round here.
Meaning Nassauer Heimattreffen would be a gathering of such individuals.
Because you keep giving away stuff.
Excuse me now, I need to go over here and cry out my provincial eyes.

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A story from a con WAY back, when I was a wee little kitten:

It was summer and we were playing a wacky, tongue-in-cheek campaign of WFRP over the course of two days.
We played outside on a big wooden table next to a big fire the con people set up. But there also was a oWoD Vampire LARP going on at the same con.
In the middle of the night, a scrawny looking goth dude slowly and awkwardly crept up to our table and once he got close to us went all "BLARGH BLARGH I AM A MONSTER, TREMBLE MORTALS A-BLOO-BLOO-BLOO".
We all stared at him in utter silence for like half a minute, before he shyly asked "You... you are not NPCs?" And we ALL replied in one voice "NO".

Seeing him blush and scuffle away was both heartbreaking and hilarious.

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Your daughter is lucky to have a parent like you.

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also one day I will put together a Rance costume and go to an AnimeCon just for giggles and shit.

This will be somewhen after I win the lottery and before I organize my image folder

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What time with the give away be tomorrow Esh-Esh?

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Ok... Lets see... Link Hat, Bracer of Light, Wizards Pouch, Nyancat scarf... $144. I can do that.

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around 6pm EST

oh my... You'd definately get an extra present for an order that size

That's hilarious

so... it's a copn consisting of nothing but freeloaders?

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actually it's not that hilarious. I mean I usually have better stories. But I was younger and everything, so I have pretty good excuses.
Also I realized at that anime con that it's really not my thing. At least not in Hungary, as we have shit tier anime cons.

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I think you have to be a special kind of person to enjoy anime cons, good, or not.

When I visited my little brother a few weeks ago, we decided to go to a local mini-con and yeah.... it was derpy

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No... it's just a figure of speech.

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Yeah, I think a Rance costume would be hilarious to take to Pax, Gencon, or an anime convention. For the most part, you'd just look like a dude in green wearing armor. Then you'd get those occasional people who recognize it, and you can knowingly grin and say "heh, pervert!" Of course it'd be even more awesome to have the outfit fall off you at the click of a single button. Would make picture-taking hilarious!

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it's not really the derby thing that makes me dislike animecons. It's the fact that nearly nothing happens at them. There are vendors and a few people in costumes and... well some other things in a few rooms. But that's all. Everyone wanders around and do nothing.
Or as I said, that's the case here, on the other hand when I saw this video I knew that it could be awesome

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that and an mp3 player playing this music every time I enter a room

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PAX is pretty cool if you can get out here to Seattle. Though there's PAX East now, if you only want to go to the East Coast (West Coast is Best Coast). PAX is cool if 1) you like gaming of any kind, or anything remotely related to the internet, and 2) if you like Penny Arcade.

Each night me and my friends would check out board games from the library, and stay up to 1am playing anything from Resistance to Powergrid, to 7Wonders, etc.

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>Everyone wanders around and do nothing.

Yeah that was my experience, too

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While I love both of those things sadly the US is pretty far from me. Also I'm a poorfag...

yep, and I hate to go somewhere just to do nothing. I can do way better nothing at home. I'm kind of an expert at doing nothing

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Ahh, that's too bad. If you ever get out this way, I'll buy you a drink.

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I agree entirely. Unless you've got a good party crew to get you through the weekend, most Anime cons are going to be total shit or just an excuse to go shopping for obscure swag.
>Go to anime cons for years
>Have more fun making huge costumes and having people ooh and ahh at me rather than bother going to any events or panels.
>The one year I try to enter the costume contest and it's a total fucking mess. 3 hours behind schedule. Poorly organized. Awards handed out at fucking random.. And this was a con that's been going for 13 years at the time.

>Next year. Friend invites me to PAX East..
>Go to more panels in a single day at PAX than I have in nearly a decade of going to Anime Cons.
>Do way more shit.
>Spend LESS money and leave with MORE swag
>Make all sorts of memories, can't wait to go back next year.

Also, I fucking swear.. I'm going to get back to work on InfiniCon soon.. I promise!

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If I ever go there I will put up a thread beforehand so more people can buy me a drink.
But in reality I don't have plans to ever go to the US

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>Also, I fucking swear.. I'm going to get back to work on InfiniCon soon.. I promise!
I should do that too...

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>I don't have plans to ever go to the US
but but

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>dose fucking lesbilinks
Every goddamn time.

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>Implying Europe does not have superior sausages.
>Including Danish Hot Dogs.

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>but but
well maybe if I win the lottery or something. Right now I don't know If I will have enough money to go to the 2013 Drachenfest

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When is the giveaway Esh-Esh?

I want to make sure I make it on "Time"

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Tell me about it.

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here is a guaranteedreplies.jpg just for you

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dem bound tits.

I am amazed what kinds of pain some girls will go through to cosplay sexy gay girly-boys

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Just like the good ol' days, huh?

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Also the makeup she used to shade in her chest.... HHHHHNNNNNG

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My first con pnp game ever was a simulation of finnish socialistic hell.

Take a system that works quite well, and take away empathy. Then add a young punk with attitude. The game was weird as hell, but I liked it. 2 male characters made suicide, one woman character tried but failed and my punk with attitude became mad and was put to the closed ward.

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Oh Shit, Giveaway tomorrow?

fuck yeah, I'll be there!

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Hell yeah! I live in Atlanta and have been able to attend for the last three years. It's an incredible experience.

My only complaint from DCon is that people grab at your costume. Somebody broke the ion knob off my proton pack in 2010.

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so who is ready for two short stories while we wait for other people to share theirs?

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the end

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And just as I was thinking about fapping...

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and this next one is a true story told by anon

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I threw up a little

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the end^2

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>my sides are moving on their own

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just as planzz'd

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My sides are currently leaving my stomach in a biblical emesis.

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I got stripped and handcuffed by a dominatrix in a hotel bathroom. We then fucked in the stall for a few hours.

I somehow made my way back to my room, but since I had left my key in my bag (I was drunk and horny, keys could wait) I ended up crashing on my friend's floor in another room.

Then I broke my hand

Best. Con. Ever.

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Sounds like an experience I had at a convention once...

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I have seen a hambeast dressed as a greater daemon of Nurgle before.

It was so oddly appropriate that I had to thank her for realizing the only role she fit.

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>We then fucked in the stall for a few hours.
Did she lube you up first?

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See, I keep thinking "Man, I wish I could go to things like this." Then I remember that a large portion by mass of our fellow nerds are scary. Very scary.

>> No.20922913

not biblical enough

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I went to several cons now and I always wondered how many of the people I saw there would fuck a random person that night...

Never been one of them

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I have a folder dedicated to things that still disturb me, even after four years of this site. Bravo, for I have saved them all.

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Went to a con once.
Then I came home.

Everything in between was a mix of too many anime nerds, chainsaw, boffing, nailing stuff to other stuff with a nailgun, booze, burning books, swimming in the ocean, hangover, and cat ears.

I only went because I had a boring summer that year. Don't think I'll be going again. I've noticed that if you don't have some purpose there and you just go to see if you can kill a few hours (or days), then you won't get the most out of it.

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Alright, I'll put on a name for this and tell the story.
I have a few friends who browse /tg/ so if they're on they can fill in parts my drunken haze forgot.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ballad of Bojo...

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oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....

>> No.20922967

Only convention I've been to ended for me after I had to get a friend home when he started getting panic attacks from claustrophobia.

Which was surprising, because Ottawa's first year of Comiccon seems like it was one of the less crowded ones, based on what other friends said about it.

>> No.20922994

>panic attacks from claustrophobia.

Oh boy, your friend wouldn't have been happy at the con I was at today.
Not all that many people, but it is held in an old WW2 bunker. Tiny rooms, bad lighting and low ceilings everywhere

>> No.20922998

Write it out in advance, y'hear?

>> No.20923010


That is absolutly horrifying. Why did you make me picture that?

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It was the summer of 2010, near the urban heart of Minnesota, CONvergeance '10 was taking place; a few friends of mine had gone to this Con a few times before and knew the scene, however I was a virgin to such wonders and knew not what to expect.

After trolling around Rosedale Mall for a few hours to looking for a purple sweatshirt (which are next to impossible to find mid-July), I was able to thrown on my Pokewalker in an attempt to cosplay Gary Motherfucking Oak. I had never cosplayed before so I was going casual mode: blue jeans, purple shirt, prop, and a little hair gel for a faux-anime look.

I walked into the Sherridan Hotel ready for all sorts of wonderful nerdy delights, but I was not prepared for the events that took place once the sun went down.

I learned what drunk nerds in costumes do 4th of July weekend when packed into a consequence free environment.

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I kind of larped in a soviet bunker a few weeks ago.
That and burned a few tires before the event so it would be properly smoky and everything.
and set up a few booby trap too

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Fuck, sorry I never put finger to key before tonight for all this
We'll have to make due
As I had said before, my friends were no freshmen to this particular Con, in fact, I learned that they ran on of the more successful themed rooms during the event: The Bearded Gnome. During most of the day, the Bearded Gnome was a simple room where we kept a kettlecorn machine, soda, and low level D&D adventured provided by my friend, who is honestly one of the best DMs I know and would fight to the death to defend that. But I digress, during the night, our little room was known as the best place to pick up a solid game of beer pong and trading tales with other gamers from around the country.

Before I continue I must introduce a character very important to the next bit of this story, The Barbarian.

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Moral dilemmas for him would ensue, likely. The historical-nerd side of him would probably try to strangle his mental issues just long enough to get in.

Still, he'd be hating himself and recovering for days afterwards, yeah.

>> No.20923149

The Barbarian, as I will call him in this adventure, is one of the most fascinating people I know, always playing the most interesting, but not That Guy, characters in every RPG. I call him the Barbarian due to the fact that he is over 6'2" and easily over 210lbs., in addition to his love of death metal he also participated in foam fighting leagues across the midwest and was no stranger to a bar brawl. Oh, and he wrote "Barbarian" on his name tag.

During the first night of the Con, we were all on the porch of our party room enjoying some beers, when two delightfully pleasant females entered our room, after carding them (we ran a tight room), we passed out drinks and got to talking. During this talking a certain member of our group began flirting with one of the girls, running quite a bit of "mad game" as the youth today call it.
After roughly ten minutes of this, Barbarian was growing disgusted by this (as it turns out, this man was engaged) and in a flight of fancy (and alcohol) offers me five dollars to cock block the poor sod.

I happily agreed

>> No.20923218

Approaching our Romeo (we'll call him Guy for simplicity), I asked him how we was and asked (loudly) why couldn't his fiance make it to the festivities. Several times. Noticing the game I was playing with Guy, our lovely lass decided to start up a conversation with a female friend dressed as Black Lantern Wonder Woman.
"That was gay, dude."
I apologize, asking him what I had done to offend him; but the situation quickly switched as Barbarian came over and started chatting up Guy. Not one to miss an opportunity I relocated myself amongst the women and apologized for interrupting their conversation earlier.

After a few hours, we decided to head up to the hotel rooms and relax there, inviting our friend our new friend with us.

>> No.20923256

Meh, 3 AM, no point in sleeping anyway

>> No.20923279

that'S the spirit

>> No.20923288

sleeping is overrated when you can just simply read /tg/

>> No.20923296

how many fingers do you masturbate with?

>> No.20923311

We sat around the room (having switched from domestic beers to mixed drinks), and began talking about various things that had happened during the day, and learning more about the new girl, especially Wonder Woman (that will come back to bite me).

After a while, Guy decided to approach me and begin again his issue with my cock blocking. I won't bore /tg/ with the details, but it reached a point where Guy wanted to resort to violence. Barbarian was having none of this, calling Guy and his second out for general douchebaggery, while Barbarian, mayself and Clockwork (on account of being dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange), told him that any acts of violence would be answered with disproportionally large retribution.

Leaving in a huff, Guy and his buddy leave the hotel for the night, while New Girl and Wonder Woman left the room to avoid drunk men fighting.

Being the up most example of gentleman roguishness, I followed the ladies to offer my apologies for our behavior and to take them back to their rooms.

>> No.20923317

wait, what?

>> No.20923345

seemed like a clear question to me

>> No.20923349

Abort! Abort! She's one of them!

>> No.20923365

Just as I was gonna hit the sack, this thread took an interesting turn of events.

>> No.20923422

>Double doubles

Like I said, we had all been drinking that evening and ideas of maturity were not a high priority. Walking the women to their room had become an adventure of exploring the hotel at night.
Wandering around the various floors, checking out different party rooms, trying various drinks, heading out to the parking lot to converse with the smokers outside, many exciting moments were had. None, however matched the importance of taking a service elevator to the top floor and entering a very swanky washroom. Finding that this had one of the nicest views in the entire hotel we stayed there for quite sometime, reaching 2 am before Wonder Woman (in normal clothes by this point) had suggested she take her leave, either tired from the adventures of the day, or more probably, uncomfortable since New Girl had drunkenly requested that I take off my shirt and give it to her. To which I complied.

>> No.20923474

That was way more amusing than it should be, and now I woke up the entire house.

>> No.20923499


Remember when I mentioned that new girl was a dominatrix? This is how I found out.
While taking the elevator upstairs, New Girl simply turned to me and asked that I gave her my shirt. Since sobriety had long retired for the night, I found nothing wrong with this request and promptly gave her my Power Rangers t-shirt.

After giving her my shirt, she reached into her purse to show me something. A pair of red, leather-bound, handcuffs.
>oh my
I won't lie, this got me far more interested in the night than anything previous.
After putting the handcuffs on me she threw me against the bathroom stall and asked Wonder Woman if she should whip me with my shirt.
To my surprise, Wonder Woman said yes.

>> No.20923549

Hate to say it Esh, but whenever I'm in one of your threads I'm just counting down the time until something like this happens.

>> No.20923553

this thread is going to places

>> No.20923564

Well after giving me a few good whips, New Girl asked WW i f she would like a turn (whether she meant to whip or BE whipped I'm still not sure about to this day). Realizing that simple voyeurism was child's play to New Girl, WW decided that it was getting too real and that is when she decided to leave with a semblance of innocence.

She gave me a look while leaving, a look I misinterpreted as "you crazy bastard", which I should have read as "She's cray and you will regret this".

Well after she let, the whipping turned into other activities that I shall leave to the creative minds of /tg/ (I will say it involved a DC 15 Balance check)

>> No.20923618

I do not believe you are allowed to leave this to the creative minds. Though the thread is getting off focus a bit with bugging esh esh, I'd like to know what that entailed. I could use some notes.

>> No.20923628


>> No.20923645

The fun lasted until sun rise, and with our sobriety retuning, decided we should head back to our rooms and call it a night (morning?). She took back the handcuffs, and I want back to my room.
>Oh fuck
I had left the key in my bag, and I was locked out of my room. (Did I mention my shirt was missing? Because it was missing). Frantically, I banged on the door, hoping Barbarian and Clockwork would wake up. No such luck.
Moving to WW's room, I frantically began knocking on their door, hoping a hotel worker wouldn't find me and try to have me removed.
Relief washed over me as the door opened, WW asked me what happened and gave me back my shirt (turns out she took it from New Girl, but left without giving it back [again too drunk and horny to notice]).

Thanking her, I grabbed a pillow and slept on her floor.

>> No.20923650

could we please go back to con stories?

I don't care if they have masturbation with 1-X fingers in them, but let's keep it on topic, please

>> No.20923671

This could make the thread better or worse, I can't tell

>> No.20923672

You're too good for /tg/, Esh Esh. I hope you know that.

>> No.20923692

Esh Esh, Tell us about what you sold at the con, what didn't sell?

>> No.20923696


DC 15. Now, going by the SRD, this implies one of the following situations took place:
1. You attempted to balance on a severely obstructed or slippery surface between 7 and 12 inches wide.
2. You attempted to travel at your normal running speed across a surface between 7 and 12 inches wide.
3. You attempted to balance on a surface between 2 and 6 inches wide.

I will discount the possibility that you were wearing any armour heavier than studded leather pants.

4. You attempted to balance on a lightly obstructed and lightly slippery surface between 7 and 12 inches wide while wearing leather pants.


>> No.20923711

This story would be better if there were details

>> No.20923713

or both

>> No.20923729

I sold 6 dicesupials, 5.5 ork heads (I gave one away for free), 2 nyan cat scarfs, 2 glowing bracers, a bandolier, a d'awblin, 2 wizard pouches, the GM belt...

But not a single link hat, so giveaway tomorrow

>> No.20923746

Do you have a site where I can browse your stuff?

>> No.20923753

Link hats didn't sell.
You know what that means for tomorrow.

Oh, wait a second, there's someone by the door.
Nobody outs- You guys. Okay, i'll sign alright.
But you go tell your boss I cannot you in catnip, no matter how good you are at delivering protein products.

>> No.20923762

sooooooo.... do you have enough money for a larp now?

>> No.20923764

please look here:

>> No.20923778

Can't contribute much in the way of stories, and the only con-images I have easy access to are pictures of a friend I'd rather not throw up online, for reasons.

So, instead, I guess... time to offer up an inspirational video?


>> No.20923806

>I'd rather not throw up online
It can't be that bad

>> No.20923819

I have a story from Games Day US this year:

It sucked.

The end!

>> No.20923825

It was about 9 am when Clockwork woke me up to let me back into our room to crash (he and Barbarian ended up sharing a bed, because they wanted to make sure I had a place to sleep, true bros).
I slept well /tg/ if nothing else, I slept well.
But this sleep, like this story and all good things, had to end.
I awoke with damn my entire group in my room, I tried to hide my shit eating grin, but they already knew what had happened. A friend of WW's asked "You didn't actually sleep with her did you?", "Dude, you NEVER fuck at con..." Clockwork chimed in. It was true, that was one of the few things my veteran friends had told me; keep it in my pants and everything will be fine. They were right.
Wonder Woman looked pale when I told them my dirty details, "Bojo, New Girl didn't ditch Guy because he was engaged, she didn't want to fool around with him because she has the clap."
I died on the inside.
"You're....you're joking...right? Guys?"
The looks of seriousness on my friends face's cut through me like a laser. They were serious. It then hit me, all the shit WW and New Girl were talking about, the look of disbelief when she left the bathroom.
"Why didn't you warn me!" I shouted
"I didn't think you would fuck her!"
I was taken aback by that, "She had me handcuffed and was whipping me, why WOULDN'T I FUCK HER?"
"Did you at least wear a condom?"
>Oh shit
"Oh shit."
"You fucking moron."
The group around me began clapping, to applaud my idiocy and signal a new form of reminding me of the Blessing of Nurgle I had recieved.

Barbarian approached me, "Well dude, at least you made 5 bucks."

>> No.20923840

k, boughts me a link hat. Perfect christmas gift for a friend of mine, thank you very much!

>> No.20923841


Sorry, meant as in I'd rather not post them here. They're decent enough, I'm just not giving the perverts in the thread the satisfaction.

>> No.20923844

this went bad quickly

>> No.20923858

heh, like anyone could satisfy them. But I understand your concerns

>> No.20923860

Whatever the width of a toilet seat is
And that my friends marks the end of part one of the Ballad of Bojo, perhaps I shall regale you with part two later today. But or now, I must rest, work starts early tomorrow and I can't miss it.

>> No.20923874

I just saw it, thank you very much.
You just forgot to tell me what size you want ;3

>> No.20923875


Hmm, that passes. Congratulations for knowing your balance DCs. You have this neckbeard's approval.

>> No.20923883

FFFFF. A medium one I guess, I don't know the size of the person's head

>> No.20923884

thx a lot for the story time!

>> No.20923900

Alright, I'll make it a bit on the big side to make sure it fits

>> No.20923922

>Implying nudity even pings on my deviance radar anymore.

>> No.20923939

My Professional Dungeon Master Utility Belt Idea sold at the Con Esh-Esh? ^_______^

>> No.20923960

it did

>> No.20923974


Okay, double-checked this one wouldn't show up on google or tineye, so she should be fine identity-wise.

Not sure why she went to Anime North as a SoB for that year, seeing as she doesn't even like 40K anyways...

>> No.20923983

That is amazing. Two questions, though:
Is that a gun holster?
And right next to it, what are the loops for?

>> No.20923998

You didn't say anything about SoB cosplay. Any previous promises are now off the table.

Yes my angels....yes.

>> No.20924002

it's a pencil quiver. And the loops are for random stuff to jam in.

Anyone else have more stories, btw?

>> No.20924014

I'm glad my Minnesotan friends got me into conventions. Getting drunk in a hotel with a bunch of freaks for a weekend is fun as hell, and I always take a story or two home with me. This one is from anime detour, I think it was 2009.

My friend (Doc) drove up from Milwaukee the night before and crashed at a friends place in the cities. The next day we left early for the hotel so my friends could get their badges (I think the first time I actually got a badge was last year.) The first thing we'd do after getting to our room was unload all of our liquor onto a table. Each person would usually bring a handle or two, so we had about ten bottles of booze for six people. After getting unpacked, we'd all get together and take a couple 'start of the con' shots. But on this particular occasion, we started playing a drinking game.

>> No.20924026

We started drinking in the early afternoon, and before I know it, I'm drunk off my ass. Since there's no smoking in the hotel rooms, Doc and I decide to go outside to catch our breath. We make it down to the lobby, and are about to exit to the parking lot when a cute girl approaches us. We talk a little bit, and she asks if she can bum a smoke, but before I can give it to her, she gets real close and asks if I want to buy some extacy. I'm pretty drunk, so instead of just saying no, I ask how much it would cost to get some. She says 20 bucks a pill.

>> No.20924029


Ah, that is a mini leg quiver for Dry Erase Markers, the hoops and hoops next to it are for Pens and Pencils, or whatever you want to shove there.

The Six pockets across the top are for the major dice types, and the big pouch on the far left has sections inside of it, 3 of them so you can store mini figs in there, or whatever else, ALSO in the middle, is a pocket where you can keep Charactersheets! Folded twice, an normal 8x11 will fit in there, a bunch of them...

Is every thing a professional DM needs, Robe and Wizard hat not included.

>> No.20924035

Now, I've never purchased extacy before, and have no idea what a good price would be, but for some reason I thought 20 dollars was highway robbery. I call her a name and tell her to take her overpriced wares elsewhere. She got a little upset, and pushed me back a little bit. When she did this, I don't know what came over me. I put both my arms up and shoved her back, but I put a lot more force behind it than she did, and she wound up falling on her ass. Before I even think about what I did, she gets up and starts shouting at me. Now we're in the lobby of this hotel, and there's a crowd circling around us. She says something like, "Oh yeah? Wanna go asshole" To which I nod, take a step foreward, and rear back for a haymaker. I'm taking this bitch down. Before I get any closer, my friend Doc grabs me from behind and holds me in place. She started coming at me, and Doc thinks this girl is going to take some free shots on me, so he gets in the middle of us. He starts yelling for both of us to stop this, and we both say, "No, it's cool" The girl and I link arms, go out to the parking lot, and I bum her that cigarette.

>> No.20924050


I think it was only these two, plus a couple of 'lightning claw' images, which showed up. So, sorry, I can't indulge you much further.

>> No.20924089

This is why I don't go to anime detour

>> No.20924112

what a weird encounter.

Did you part ways after getting a smoke?

>> No.20924117

Her hair makes her look like a bulldyke. So... actually fits the costume perfectly.

>> No.20924123

I stopped because there were too many kids. Convergence is more fun. Fuckin party rooms.

>> No.20924143

Yep. Never saw her again.

>> No.20924177

in situations like that I am always torn between my curiosity about those weird people and the better knowledge that associating with them in any way is a bad idea.

>> No.20924257


>> No.20924275

I like how it took a fel-brony showing up for the janitor to clean the thread.

>> No.20924305

was already cleaned up once

>> No.20924332

oh hey, I didn't even notice that. Thx, janitor.

>> No.20924342

Don't think because the post is missing that we forgot about the true debauchery of your masturbatory techniques.

>> No.20924354

Gans schön spät geworden.
Time to catch some sleep.

>> No.20924369

I went to a local board games con a while ago. Took a ca/tg/irl with me. We kinda hurp derped around because it was all pen and paper stuff. Wound up playing robo rally with some dude and his kid because why the fuck not. That game doesn't even make sense when you're high.

>> No.20924383


Im looking forward to the Give Away tomorrow Esh-Esh!

Thanks again for being so nice to /tg/.

>> No.20924403

>robo rally
That game is hilarious.

>> No.20924437

If you respected /tg/ even one tenth as much as that namefag you wouldnt post shit images with 9fag watermarks.

If you insist on posting unrelated but cute tripe atleast have the common decency to spend a second and crop that shit in paint.

Lazy assclown.

>> No.20924448

You play many board games? I usually don't mention them on /tg/ as nobody here generaly gives a fuck.

>> No.20924453

I will greentext because I've been writing a philosophy paper all day.

>be long practicing GM
>friend asks if I could GM at a con, wizards of the oats fucked up or something, and there aren't enough GMs for all the games they sold for (they call them "judges" for some incomprehensible reason)
>I'm all like "paying? To play dnd? What is this heresy?"
>never the less, go to GM
>GM 32 hours over five days, prepackaged thing they called LFR
>no idea what that is, apparently it's a big deal
>last game is both the best and worst
>the group requested me at the admin table, since they liked me so much
>there is one random that got assigned to our table - didn't come with a group
>everybody is enjoying themselves but him
>I roleplay orcs like the orks in 40k, everybody laughs, he scowls
>I engage each player at least once in terms of roleplaying, when it comes to be his turn, he is awkward, and doesn't know how to engage
>ends conversation as quickly as possible, goes back to scowling
>briefly criticizes other player's builds
>in every combat he criticizes my GMing and stratergies
>outside of combat, refuses to talk to npcs, rarely converses with PCs
>sits there jiggling his enourmous stomach
>no, seriously, it was gross, he must have weighed at least 300 pounds
>endgame monster is some daemon or whatever
>beef it to counter the problematic player's character (a death machine)
>he gets very frustrated
>I ask him "If you build a powerful character, isn't it more fun to do battle with something on equal grounds rather than to wade through weak squishy enemies?"
>Suddenly he lights up and is engaged and cheerful
>after the game "thank you for GMing, it was a fantastic time"

Leaving out a lot, but that's why it was both the best and worst game I had there.

>> No.20924477

not exactly many, but in the gaming club I go to, the guys always bring lots of different games to try out.
Robo Rally is one of the most liked classics.
I have never seen such a random game convey such spite and malice before

>> No.20924501

Oh so much spite and malice.
At the club I attend its pretty much -just- board games. Very high level players. Lots of wood won at WBC and euroquest.

One of the regs calls robo-rally "fuck-anon" because the second his piece goes on the board its time to fuck with me.

>> No.20924568

chill the fuck out you too. Look at this badass person and try to be more like him.

Failing that you can do what I will in the next few minutes: go to sleep

>> No.20924641

ok, bedtime for me.

Thx, everyone for all the stories.
See you tomorrow in the raffle.

oh, and also: usually 3

>> No.20924644

Once at a Con i played a Shadowrun con-game with, iirc, the guy who wrote it as the DM. Like, the official con-game scenario for that year, something like that.

Anyhow, it was neat. First time playing SR.

>> No.20925299

Wait your friend doc,Did that friend play a weird ass Dragon Warrior fan game on Byond?

>> No.20925367

that is the best pic in the world

>> No.20926956


>> No.20930022

And good morning, everyone!

More stories?

>> No.20930079

there was this time when a few of my friends went to a con in kilts. Well actually it's not THAT interesting or funny but whatever

>> No.20930100

did they wear anything underneath?
If not, did they flash someone?

>> No.20930113

I will leave that to your fantasy

>> No.20930128

Why hello there.

>> No.20930140


>> No.20930149

I once went to a con.

Never again.

>> No.20930152

Not him, the poster in the back.

>> No.20930159


Tell us your tale!

>> No.20930189

I will spare you the details but it involves a naked obese man, several half-naked women with whips and a lot of bodily fluids.

Also a lot of alcohol.

>> No.20930195

oh come on, now you have to give us specifics

>> No.20930201

You leave your hands and feet where I can see them.

>> No.20930208

>want to go to a smalltime fallout con

>have to help family unload a truck before going

>no time to switch clothes

>get dirty and sweaty like hell

>at con everyone swoons at me for being authentic

>all those fake armors either beautifully cleaned or some random splotches of carefully added mud

>I look like the dirtiest rugged cowboy west `o Pecos

Everything went better than expected. And yes, i was dressed as a cowboy with a flak jacket and stood out as a sore thumb amongst the sea of NCR troopers and papermache BOS armors.

>> No.20930214


y halo thar

>> No.20930249

>I will spare you the details but it involves a naked obese man

>> No.20930272


>> No.20930277

that reminds me that before the fallout larps we always search for proper dirt on the ground so we can lie down in it and rub it in. with more or less success

>> No.20930281


>> No.20930284



>> No.20930330

>in my day, we had proper dirt! Not like this shitty dirt you kids have these days!

>> No.20930342


>clean clothes

Fuck, thats immersion breaking as fuck

>> No.20930401

yeah I know. As I said, more or less luck. Some people put more effort into became dirty than others.
Then again it's not like you have to be completely dirty or that people in a post apocalyptic setting would lack all kinds of hygiene

>> No.20930428


Pig disgusting capitalist belt detected on the left bourgeois scum.


Is that from some kind of homebrewed fallout campaign?

>> No.20930478

>Is that from some kind of homebrewed fallout campaign?
Pretty much. Because there is no or just very little canon in the fallout universe about what happened in Europe we made up our own version, and obviously with communists in it, among other things

>> No.20930508


Care to share? I`m quite interested in it because I want to run some fallout set in hungary in the near future, with period music of course.


>> No.20930530

here is the website of the larp

If you have questions ask, or I could even get you a contact for the organizer

>> No.20930554


Remember this story back when I browsed /cgl/

God that place is quite the cesspit now.

>> No.20930568


Nah, I`m not into LARP that much plus I`m a poorfag. i was just interested in the general gist of the story and the factions.

Love these old commieruins since I saw the bunker system under Miskolc.

>> No.20930575

>Nah, I`m not into LARP that much plus I`m a poorfag. i was just interested in the general gist of the story and the factions.
well you can read that too in the website that's why I showed the link. It's all there

>> No.20930628


Yeah, I read it all. Its similar to the story I made up, especially the commie parts.

>> No.20930657

you can find stories from the games in the forum section too. That and an occasionally shitstorm/flamewar

>> No.20931476


>> No.20932952

Best and Worst Con times?

Worst Times
> Gen Con Indy - bro warns me that some of the neckbeards can not into Hygiene.
> Think he's over exaggerating. Oh how wrong I was...
> Someone in the auction line *Literally* smelled like they had rotting animal carcases hidden on them.
> One of the THE MOST VILE smells ever.
> My bro looks at me and gagged out "I told you so!"

Other time
> At PAX East last year. Have great time with bro who lives in Boston
> Last night start to come down with nasty head cold.
> Bro's wife makes very nice dinner which I barely eat any of... (Feels bad man, she put a lot of effort into it.)
> Have miserable flight home, feel bad for everyone stuck next to me.

Favorite Con to date - PAX East in Boston.
> Go to restaurant a couple nights before Con starts with Bro and his friends from PA Forums.
> Whole roasted pig and damn near every flavor of Scotch know to mankind. Does NOT suck!
> Con - do damn near 3 days of straight board-gaming...
> 7-Wonders, Stone Age, Miskatonic School for Girls, and a butt-load more.

It was a damn good weekend and I look forward to doing it again.

>> No.20932993

My best con time was PAX East. I was hungover the first day from dawn till dusk (how the fuck does a hangover last that long) and it was the most horrifying experience ever.

I thrive on adversity

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