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Do you purposely make your characters sexy?

Why/Why not?

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I purposely make my characters of average attractiveness, often with a slight defect.

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Sexy and with scars. Especially female characters.

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If my characters are attractive then it's either a backstory point or I don't mention it. Volunteering that information readily before people ask is a good way of drawing attention to the fact that you're a creeper.

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Yes, but not all the time. Some people are sexy.

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I don't go out of my way to make my characters sexy. I should try it out sometime.

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It really depends on the character. I've had ugly characters and I have had attractive characters.

My last character was actually considered extremely ugly, he had lots of scars all one this face and a lot of wrinkles. When he ended the campaign he was over seventy five years old, and let me tell you he showed the signs of aging. I have no idea how I managed to make him competitive as our DM decayed his strength over time due to his age.

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Most of them are fucking ugly actually or so decked out in armor you can't really tell.

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Unless my characters are specifically intended to use sex appeal or charisma as a weapon, then I tend to make them rather ugly and unappealing.

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Running a pick up game from /d/, so...

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The OP's pic isn't really relevant, since generic animes aren't really that sexy.

Here, you can have this one for free.

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If being attractive is part of their character, then yes. Pic related, Muju got her more or less perfect (except the eyes and legs obviously.)

If not, then no.

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She is pretty, but I wouldn't say sexy.

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One of my friends made an extremely sexy female character that would do pretty much anything except regular sex or anal with most characters, because she had a code of conduct about not sleeping with anyone who couldn't survive three of her unprotected, unarmed hits.

She killed a player character. Dices are trolls like that.

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While I agree, I think that is totally subjective, and you shouldn't say it like it's a fact.

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>friend made Powerslut Atalanta
Will steal this idea

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It's just another aspect of the character to me. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes they're somewhere in between.

I've played an immortal so aged and decrepit that he was nauseating just to imagine.
I've played a fae so heart breathtakingly beautiful she literally made a man weep.
I've played a man so physically nondescript and average looking that it was worth noting as a feature.
I've played an older gentleman so intriguing a female player at the table asked me to write fanfiction about him for her.
Also I played a bear once based heavily on the Sir Bearington copypasta.

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Is this thread just an excuse to post the browns, because I got a lot of browns.

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Meant to say heart-breakingly there but it got autocorrected.

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Powerslut Atalanta?

>> No.20914369

She looked like Rua from Mabinogi if it suits you.

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Ugly people have more character, they don't live off society by looks only and need to use skill in life if they expect to get anywhere.

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Ha! You have the same fetish as me! Thrown in a cybernetic limb or two and you enter maximum HNNNG territory.

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>I think that is totally subjective
I objectively refuse to perceive a world where the OP's pic is considered sexy.

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>I've played an older gentleman so intriguing a female player at the table asked me to write fanfiction about him for her.


>about your own character

Well, aren't we self-absorbed?

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Hey, look at you with all your 2edgy opinions.

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What, a well tanned athletic looking girl with huge tits sweating all over the place? I can respect your opinion sir, but surely you must admit that such a thing is considered standard in attractiveness.

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I honestly rarely go beyond the bare basics when it comes to what my character looks like. I just don't care most of the time, it's who they are and what they can do that matters to me, not what they look like.

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All the time. Square jaw, washboard abs, coarse but not hard stubble, broad shoulders, gentle heart...

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That's not really edgy, alot of people don't like the anime look.

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go kill yourself then

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Its not just the opinion that makes it edgy, but also how it is presented.

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No, not really.

What's the point? I mean I can see that being nice for a seducer bard archetype character, but I generally do not play those since I do not find them very exciting.

I don't go out of the way to make my characters ugly, I just think of what would look most fitting for a character and go with that.

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Well, that's just what she called it.

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What being an arrogant prick about it?
This is /tg/, every other people is an arrogant prick. He's just one of them, big whoop.

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When appropriate, _absolutely_.

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Well, it is fiction commissioned by a fan, so I can see how the term could be bruteforced to fit.

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i always picture characters i make as being attractive

never been really a looker, might as well be one in a game of pretend

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And I decided to call him out on it and post delicious brown girls for shits and giggles, big whoop.

>> No.20914494

Cling to your delusion; it'll do you no good. The world you fantasize about is as flat and empty as those images are.

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If there's an attractiveness mechanic that buffs social rolls I'll take it, but I find it hard to bring up. How does one say "my character is so hot you'll do whatever she wants" in a way that is not so obnoxious you want to slink away in shame? I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to mention it at all.

1) While seducing a Toreador. While seducing another Toreador. While being seduced by a third Toreador.

2) When the ST asks "Don't you have attractiveness 5? Because if so there's no way people are going to forget your face. You better run, squirrel."

3) Informing the ST the character I'd like to play is one of the Fairest. It's implied because mechanically they get that merit for free.

4) We had a schizophrenic mage running amok whose delusion was that he was playing a wizard in D&D. We came up with a plan that played into his delusion: We set up a "save the princess" dungeon crawl, and my character was the princess/bait.

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If it adds to the character. A manipulative seducter/seductress would kinda need it, and it often helps with "face"-type characters; or I'll do it if I think it would make the character more fun to play, but I generally don't.

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And I forgot my image.
>The world you fantasize about
Whoa now, I think we don't quite know each other well enough for you to be asking me my fantasies. Though you've got the deepNedgy prose down pretty good there.

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>Do you purposely make your characters sexy?
Yes, but I give solid reasoning about it.

For instance, wouldn't you expect a lady who is more about the mental pursuits rather than the physical ones to have a curvier, less muscular body? After all, biology states that the more muscle you have, the less chest you have. Plus, wouldn't a psion want to be sexier, especially if they don't specialise in telepathy?

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>The world you fantasize about
You're on /tg/, fantasizing is basically the whole board.
Christ, talk about a bad troll.

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>I think we don't quite know each other well enough for you to be asking me my fantasies
I'll dumb it down for you, then: finding anime sexy is a useless act and acting proud of it is like acting proud of playing Call of Duty. It's nothing.

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>The world you fantasize about is as flat and empty as those images are.

"Mankind ill needs a fetishist such as you"?

>> No.20914537

>fantasizing is basically the whole board
Yeah, because nobody plays games to explore new concepts or anything. No, it's all power fantasies all the time.

>> No.20914540

I get that, I was just saying he isn't really being "edgy"

Though you sir, are infact a dumbass
Yes it's a drawn image, it can still be attractive. Do I prefer real women? Of course, but ya know, sometimes ya just can't get pictures of a real woman in the same situations you can get of a drawn one.

>> No.20914555

>Yes it's a drawn image, it can still be attractive.
It can, but this one isn't.

>> No.20914558


>Yes it's a drawn image, it can still be attractive

I think he takes issue not with its drawn nature, but the style. Seriously though, you have to have undergone some hardcore rewiring to find anime style THINGS sexy.

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Power fantasy =/= every fantasy ever

>> No.20914563

IDK what that guy's talking about, I've got a huge boner right now. Check out that giant baby skull.

>> No.20914566

Those concepts are fantasies. More than that, he never said 'power fantasies', that is something very specific. Your mind works in odd ways my good fellow.
I mean, I'm trying to play Devil's Advocate and defend you, even when I disagree with you, but you're making it rather difficult

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>was just saying he isn't really being "edgy"
see >>20914494
That shit is edgier than a dodecahedron.
It looks visually appealing. As does realistic art as does psychedelic art as does any art. Thinking you know the entire spectrum of my imaginings and desires based on a coupla brown babes is downright precious, though.

>> No.20914580

>More than that, he never said 'power fantasies'
He's arguing about his right to find an anime babe sexy, it's pretttttttty much implied in the concept. I don't think he's like "well look it's interesting to establish alternate concepts of beauty, like what if we had a world where people were hydrocephalic, what would they think", I think he's like DAMN GURL U GOT A BIG HEAD LEMME WHIP OUT MY DILZ

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Simple an modest..
not overy sexy not overly prudish or wrapped up

>> No.20914591

>It looks visually appealing.
See, but this is where you're wrong. And if you're gonna get all "subjective" about this I got two words for you: Rob Liefeld.

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I don't play female characters. As such, the topic of sexiness rarely comes up. Many of my characters are young, so I suppose they would be moderately attractive. When choosing their appearance I'm more concerned with reflecting their lifestyle than plain sexiness though.

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I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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I'm actually not arguing about the anime at all, I'm just saying "fantasizing is dumb" on a board based around a lot of roleplaying is kinda pointless.

>> No.20914604

Yes, but only when it fits. It sort of makes sense that a young person with magical healing available to them at the height of physical fitness would be attractive, doesn't it?

I've played older characters, monstrous characters, and characters with some sort of irrecoverable physical damage, though.

>> No.20914606


>Many of my characters are young

>> No.20914611

This has been done to fucking death, guys. Humans are capable of being emotionally moved by representations, up to and including sexual arousal. This does not make one weird in of itself. Stop being such fags.

>> No.20914612

When you say you're fantasizing about a co-worker, are you like "I'm imagining a scenario where we're poor souls in a fantasy world and we have to fight for survival" or are you like "I'm imagining her naked"

If your answer is the former then you are men of class and taste and I bid you a good evening.

>> No.20914614

Well if you must know, I find Real 23's work more expressive and adorable than I do out and out sexy to the point where fapping to it just seems rude. I don't think I have fapped to much of my brown girls folder in general, especially since a good 90% of it is just softcore stuff.

>> No.20914617

Let me say this, it won't end the argument but it will make me feel better.
Opinions are like assholes, we all got one.

Personally I find the style appealing, though as I've said before, I would prefer real women.

>> No.20914619

>demands acknowledgment of the legitimacy of alternative sexuality
>Stop being such fags.
[audience laughter]

>> No.20914623

Ignoring the faces, many anime style can be very sexy. The face is rarely a visual cue for arousal in men, at least compared to big honking tits

>> No.20914624


>It sort of makes sense that a young person with magical healing available to them at the height of physical fitness would be attractive, doesn't it?

What? No, magical healing isn't construction, it's reconstruction. If there's a privation, then the magic repairs the privation and restores the being to its rightful whole state. If your face is torn off by a claw attack, healing will restore it.

If you're just lucky, you're shit out of luck.

>> No.20914629


>If you're just lucky, you're shit out of luck.

I mean "If you're just ugly"

>> No.20914631


I do not think you know as much about biology as you think you do.

>> No.20914633

Also, I for one appreciate the thread image. Nothing wrong with a little sweating, and Black Cat/White Cat as I think that image series is called.

>> No.20914636

>alternative sexuality
A representation is not an alternative sexuality. Allow me to amend my previous statement. Stop being such dumb fags.

>> No.20914637


>big honking tits

>> No.20914642

Oddly enough, I was just in a thread on /d/ that touched on this subject...

Simply put, if I'm going to play a girl, I want her to be pretty because why be something plain or insecure or unpleasant?

Of course, this depends largely on what sort of game is being played and how my character is going to be interacting with the world. If it doesn't matter how my character looks, then I can describe them in other terms that don't have to directly relate to having huge tits and wide, child-bearing hips.

>> No.20914643


imagining both, AT THE SAME TIME

>> No.20914645

Well starting your adventurer carrier in your late forties can seem a bit unusual

>> No.20914647


So, you're Edgar Rice Burroughs?

>> No.20914652

Now THAT is a matter of opinion, undoubtedly.
Men all like different sized breasts.
Me? I like them all, flat, huge, in the middle. They're all good

>> No.20914653

>A representation is not an alternative sexuality.
If you think God Hates Fags, ask yourself how he feels about how cute your little sister can't be. This.

>> No.20914656


Uh, yeah, I know. It's pretty rare to find someone so abhorrent that they cannot be attractive at all.

>> No.20914661

Also, some Do Not Want..?
Courtesy of Greenmarine.

>> No.20914667

It gets a lot more porn site hits than "flat chested bitches" so yes, I'd have to say big honking tits are considered sexy

>> No.20914669

Probably because people expect better anatomy for most of the body, but also expect those horrifying Betty Boop features on the head.

Look up some of Jace's stuff and you'll see exactly what I mean - normal body, big gross melting eyes.

>> No.20914670


Yeah, but the healing doesn't have much to do with it.

>> No.20914671


>Edgar Rice Burroughs

not naked enough

>> No.20914672

It depends on how young he means.
I tend to make my characters 16-20, as that's around the time people reach Adulthood in several different cultures.
Hell some consider you an adult the second you hit puberty. But I don't like being quite THAT young

>> No.20914674

>Why not?

You answered your own question. Congratulation.

>> No.20914675

>Implying I don't want that.

>> No.20914678


>A word can be interpreted in one way

>ergo, that is it's only possible interpretation

You fail at language

>> No.20914695

You might want to recheck your definition of DNW. I don't even have any SFW pictures that I would consider DNW for /tg/

>> No.20914697


>> No.20914700

Our language is an illusory construct created by mass societal agreement. Common Usage Is Truth, you stupid cunt.

>> No.20914702



That's way too old.

In a medieval fantasy pastiche, adulthood should start at 12. That's how they did it in the 14th century - for nobles at least.

>> No.20914706


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>It's pretty rare to find someone so abhorrent that they cannot be attractive at all.
We live in a modern society with all sorts of medical care and we still have ugly people.

>> No.20914717

>>Do you purposely make your characters sexy?
>>Why/Why not?
Deep down everyone wants to be desirable both males and females this is natural part of living, not many people want to look ugly deliberately. Of course "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder" so this is a strange topic.

If it is an idealized fantasy world, why shouldn't everyone look idealized? Then again if the world is not an idealized fantasy world but a dark and ugly place then not, it depends on the situation.

posting more nijuusan artwork!

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>> No.20914725

They'd be pages at that point. Wouldn't be squires for a few years.

>> No.20914726

True enough. But I don't feel comfortable playing characters that young. So 16-20 for my 'young' characters is my norm.

>> No.20914731

>If it is an idealized fantasy world, why shouldn't everyone look idealized?
In an idealized fantasy world, why would you bother rolling dice?

>> No.20914737

Buncha racists. Go ahead and try to tell me this isn't the purest of loves. Go ahead, I can wait.

>> No.20914739

>common usage
if we're talking about common usage, "fantasizing" is not really used for that purpose at all.

>> No.20914745


>> No.20914749

t-that is the most stupid argument I have ever heard.
Well done, you have blown my mind with your utter stupidity.
I'm done. I tried playing Devil's Advocate, but I'm done. Good Day Sir.

>> No.20914757


I dunno, it's a good question. In an idealized fantasy world, chance doesn't exist and everything works by narrativium, rather than randomness.

>> No.20914760

As the one who posted it, I did it because it was relevant and I had the pic. Like I said above, I love breasts of all sizes, from flat to very large.

>> No.20914761


>Common Usage Is Truth

False, context is everything.

>> No.20914768


>> No.20914769

Enough talk! Fap at you!

>> No.20914778

>t-that is the most stupid argument I have ever heard.
It's a perfect jackoff fantasy world and you're going to interrupt your own power fantasy by having the potential for failure? Why bother?

>> No.20914783

Because you have to balance Idealized Fantasy with Fun. Would games REALLY be as Fun if there was no chance of loss? Would it REALLY be as Fun if we just curb-stomped everything without challenge?
We use dice because the chance makes it fun. That's it.

>> No.20914784

>Buncha racists.
Anime's not a race.

>> No.20914785

Women cannot engage in pure love, as the are not equipped with the necessary amounts of testosterone to feel true passion. All "love" they feel is a neutered imitation at best.

Also, there are no dicks. Love means sticking a dick in something.

>> No.20914787


>> No.20914789

>Would games REALLY be as Fun if there was no chance of loss? Would it REALLY be as Fun if we just curb-stomped everything without challenge?
You could apply the same logic to "everyone's really attractive". Does that attractiveness even mean anything if everyone is for no reason? Wouldn't it just get...you know, boring?

>> No.20914794

Dude, he was replying to the pic about Flat Chests being better than Large Chests. Nothing to do with the anime argument.
Now Large Chests aren't a race, but get your facts straight.

>> No.20914797

Technically, it would be “big tits are not a race”, but you'd still be right.
Thats why their love is so pure. It must overcome these hurdles.

>> No.20914799

Then I guess it's not totally Idealized fantasy, is it?

>> No.20914801

Sweden. Yes.

>> No.20914805

Its a totally idealized fantasy GAME world. That makes a big difference.

>> No.20914808

Really I was getting to the root of the problem and ignoring the minor quibbles of anatomy.

>> No.20914811

Hurdles they cannot overcome. It's more a tragedy than pure love.

>> No.20914812

>> No.20914813

Back then you'd probably be dead if you had any kind of serious malformation. So healthy people lived, and they probably have better odds of being attractive.

>> No.20914816

But the pic about Flat Chests had anime chicks in it. All lolis

>> No.20914821

All of my characters have been barbarians and fighters: this usually means they are athletic and fit, if not huge and musclebound.

All of them have been male. All of them have been homosexuals, confused and alone, since the only male contact they have is deathly erotic, as they stab and penetrate into other men's bellies, watching the life escape their eyes.

They are usually grim faced but would be more attractive if they smiled. If they had a reason to smile.

>> No.20914825

But it doesn't really work since both pictures in question were anime and anime had nothing to do with the argument at hand.

Do you even roots?
They look pretty happy to me.

>> No.20914826

Honestly, I'm in favor of /tg/ posters being entirely into 2d people.

Because it keeps them away from the real women, who don't deserve those kinds of people creeping all over them.

>> No.20914829

>But it doesn't really work since both pictures in question were anime and anime had nothing to do with the argument at hand.
Anime is the argument at hand.

>> No.20914831


nothing aphrodisiacs and a double ended dildo won't fix

>> No.20914833

Thanks /tg/, I couldn't find anything that appealed to me on /d/ tonight but you came through for me, like always. This thread was a blast...

>> No.20914843

But it isn't. Not between those two posts, anyways.

>> No.20914850

I found a monstrous girlie thread on /d/, if you're into those kinds of things.

>> No.20914851

It is the only argument. Everything else is meaningless.

>> No.20914854

>implying ANYONE into /tg/ stuff is creepy
That's like anyone ANYONE into sports is an utter moron
Or that ANYONE into art is a pompous asshole
Not everyone into the same hobby is exactly the same jackass
Though I'm probably one on the kinds of /tg/ people you're talking about

>> No.20914865

I just realized it would have been clearer if I had used "everyone" over "anyone", hope this correction helps clear that up if people are confused

>> No.20914875

They look awkward. One member of the pairing even seems confused and startled by the other's advances. One is clearly the dominant, over compensating for her lack of passion with excessive playfulness, while the other lacks both the passion and the dominance to reciprocate properly. Truly, pure love is a man's game.

>> No.20914878

the ones who would be into 2d women are also the ones who would be creepy

>> No.20914893

Good job, ugly-redheaded-knight-loving-troll, you've succeeded in bringing out droves of sexy brown anime women pictures.

>yfw he actually likes that shit and was fishing for them

>> No.20914898

Except for brown girls. Brown girls are always relevant.
>implying you wouldn't be pleasantly startled by your busty waifu hugging your back as you cook eggs, and then playfully pushing you to the ground in a bout of overwhelming love

>> No.20914902


it's like i'm really on /v/!

>> No.20914911

>implying people don't play up the creep factor on the internet just because they're fucking around with a bunch of strangers
Seriously, man, don't be so sensitive.

>> No.20914916

You've revealed yourself as the real troll.

>you've succeeded in bringing out droves of sexy brown anime women pictures
Yeah because it's SUPER hard to find them even though it's all the same artist and they're all in the same place.

>> No.20914917

>Seriously man, let me give you a backrub


>> No.20914923


and those who are into both?

>> No.20914927


What is this shit? Where can i get more?!!

>> No.20914928

Eh, just don't look at me during. We wouldn't want this to get awkward.

>> No.20914931

This is a statement made by a man who doesn't believe he is creepy in real life. Forgive me if I don't exactly trust you on gauging yourself.

>> No.20914935


>> No.20914936

Apparently we don't exist.

>> No.20914937

Maybe he just dislikes delicious redheads?

>> No.20914939

Kill 'em first, they're the dangerous ones.

>> No.20914945

A man who attacks redheads and defends animes...

...can such a person exist?

>> No.20914954

Well its not like I get out enough to be creepy anyways
I'm decent enough in a crowd, though. Do enough to not stand out as either a wallflower or a sperglord.

>> No.20914958



>> No.20914961

Bakers daughter is shit.

>> No.20914967


>> No.20914970

>military gear

Just when I thought this character couldn't get any more perfect.

>> No.20914974

Yes, lots of people dislike redheads.
I actually like brown/black skinned redheads for some reason. But that's rarely found outside of anime stuff, so I go to anime stuff looking for it

>> No.20914976

"That guy who never goes out" is also creepy, sorry to say.

>> No.20914981

Sexiest character I made was a female barbarian that had a mask permanently nailed to her face (think articulated mask, one part covers her jaw, the other part covers cheeks, nose and up). Tattoos and ritual scars all over, and had no concept of self preservation.

>> No.20914983

>Yes, lots of people dislike redheads.
There's people who value illustrations over real people based on the color of their hair and nothing else.


>> No.20914996

Daaaaaw + Hggggggn = ?

>> No.20915000

In all fairness, ginger is a fucking ugly color.

>> No.20915001

Its not that I don't go out, its that I rarely get a chance to since I'm busy most of the days these days. Hell, right now is the first time Ive gotten to myself this whole damn week so I'm just unwinding with some Borderlands and 4chan before I go work a double shift tomorrow.

>> No.20915007

>ginger is a fucking ugly color
You mean "blonde"?

>> No.20915009


Hey, a least 2d art is designed to do that.

A type of Beetle will hump bottlecaps before it will sex females to procreate.

>> No.20915015


>> No.20915020

Do you blame them? Dem ridgey bits, mang...

>> No.20915022


Maybe because the illustrations are designed to be depictions of flawless beauties with bodies and facial representations (I'm not going to call them faces because anime faces IRL is creepy) while there are very few truly attractive/perfect redheads.

Case in point, posting your flat butterface knight sans the butter.

>> No.20915039

And oh, you've already hit a snag.

>> No.20915043

That seems to be the constant state of their relationship from the pictures you've shown. And brown girl has yet to reciprocate in any meaningful way. She doesn't seem to "love" her partner, and that is likely because she cannot love. It seems the two regularly engages in what would be marital rape in any other scenario, while the brown one merely gives a weak resistance before the inevitable happens. This is not love. This is a game of dominance/submission, one the brown girl continually loses.

>> No.20915044

>there are very few truly attractive/perfect redheads
...no more so than any other group, I'd wager. Are you trying to be some weird kind of racist or something?

>> No.20915056


Naw, dude it's all about the light.

Granted my storyt could be about some other arthopod and a human food packaging problem, if someone wants to look it up, but insects are a common case of simple bio-computers that can be given a fatal error of sorts and kill an individual or damn the species.

>> No.20915064

In all fairness, most "gingers" aren't actually ginger coloured. I've met a number of people called "ginger" even though the were just redheads with no freckles.
I've met people with ginger hair and ginger freckles too, and redheads with freckles, blondes with freckles, strawberry blondes with freckles, and a cherry haired girl with freckles. All of which were referred to as being "gingers" by one person or another.

The term is too vague in order to make any claims based on it, like "gingers are ugly".

Personally, I think red hair is the best hair. Top fucking tier. Though, freckles really aren't my thing.
>inb4 tier faggotry

>> No.20915066

western style any better?

>> No.20915067

"They're not real and you'll never fuck one" sounds pretty solid as flaws go.

>> No.20915069

>implying toned, ample-bosomed anime women are more flawed than some ugly redhead with frizzy hair

At least post a redhead that's closer to flawless. Look, she even has that nappy ass hair you seem to like.

Wait a minute- is this a /r/ for gingers cleverly disguised as a troll?

>> No.20915073


That's it.

Ash ketchup is dead after the events of the first episode.

>> No.20915074

>toned, ample-bosomed
I think you'll find they fall flat on both counts.

>> No.20915082


Isn't that true of 99.5% people you will meet?

>> No.20915084


It's like you were born yesterday.

>> No.20915085


The flowers are red, I know this is weird it took me forever to find out exactly why redheads are called gingers.

>> No.20915090

>And brown girl has yet to reciprocate in any meaningful way.
Boom, reciprocation. Its all in the little things.

>> No.20915094


Post an attractive redhead and I will match each one with an equally or more attractive blonde or brunette (choose one and I'll stick to the color of your choice).

The fact that redheads are a minority in terms of global population doesn't seem to deter you or anything. Neither does the fact that you're an idiot.

>> No.20915095

Through self-improvement and relationship building it's possible to find an attractive member of your preferred sex and have pleasant consensual relations with them.

But you'll never have an anime who loves you. Because they're incapable of love, and they're incapable of making choices, and they're incapable of rejection. And that's why they make you feel safe.

>> No.20915099

>your chance
Speak for yourself. Some of us work out.

Also, the lady in that pic is cute and all, but she's not exactly unattainable. That's setting the bar pretty low as-is.

>> No.20915105

On a more serious note, legit waifushit is creepy. Just posting a few pics of delicious brown girls being deliciously brown, not so much.

>> No.20915106

She's smiling because the Blonde one is finally dead. Get out of your sappy fantasy world.

>> No.20915107


I think you'll find that your argument falls flat on all accounts.


>> No.20915113

So, really, you're legitimately carrying a grudge against redheads or something.


>> No.20915114

>Some of us work out
>implying you're the only lifter on the board
>implying you WON'T meet 99% of the females on this planet
>implying you work out for women and not for yourself

Do you even lift?

>> No.20915117

I tend to, yes.

As trade off I tend to make them suffer alot.

>> No.20915119


You can't just make us agree that your fanfics are canon. We can see the titty hug for our eyes.

>> No.20915120


You live in Japan, bro?

>> No.20915121

Is this thread an excuse to post whatever we find sexy?

>> No.20915122

>implying you're the only lifter on the board
I did say "some of us".

>implying you work out for women and not for yourself
Working out fucking sucks, dude. Appearance is all that matters.

>> No.20915124

So she married a zombie?

>> No.20915125

>there's no asians outside of asia

>> No.20915127


If you weren't such a drama queen, you could interpret it as beautiful redheads (and redheads in general) are rare than standard hair colors, making them all the more desirable.

You know, if you weren't a faggot, that is.

>> No.20915130

>implying rare

The town in which I live is mostly Scottish / Irish by heritage. So many redheads. So many gingers. And you know what? The ratio of pretty : average : below average girls is about the same as it is anywhere else on the planet

>except mongolians
>dunno why, probably a horrible thing for me to say, but I've never met a physically attractive mongolian

>> No.20915131

Yeah, look at that face. That is a dead lady.

>> No.20915136

>If you weren't such a drama queen
lol whatever dude this thread just got shat up for an hour because people didn't want to be made fun of for liking anime

>> No.20915137

Wait a minute....
Theres people in this thread who legitimately believe that other people in this thread are legitimately in love with animes.

I think we found the real creepy motherfuckers.

>> No.20915138


Maybe that's all she wanted before she could fully reciprocate.

For her girlfriend to become the undead waifu she had always dreamed of.

>> No.20915139

It depends on the character; I've made one "sexy" female character, but it was sort of a byproduct rather than a focus. She was a bard in 4E when we were trying it out, and she was a battle-princess, she was a badass with a singing sword that would sing like an angel about how she was kicking your ass, she was bold and brave, awesome at improvising, and I happen to think of those things as sexy. She was a total bro, but she was also good looking, has a high cha score, and was not shy about her desires. In other words, me as a girl.

She could tone down the armor and the mail and the warrior-chick bit to do some classier, dressed-up performances, and she would do crooning type singing; like a lounge singer. Was pretty fun. That was the only "sexy" she really had to her, but I made sure she was a complete person, and had the softer side.

tl;dr Made a character that had *some* sexy, as a minor of many good traits, cause when I make a character, I try to make them amazing, but still real.

>> No.20915142

This is still not a display of passion, merely basic affection, which could easily be attributed to the stockholm syndrome she is no doubt developing.

Still the brown girl proves incapable of love, and the other seeks nothing more than the tits of her preferred sex toy.

>> No.20915144

But they're still happy, making your point moot.

>> No.20915148

>Appearance is all that matters

Working out won't fix that. Plastic surgery will. Coincidentally, plastic surgery also fixes what working out does via liposuction and body sculpting, because most women prefer Brad Pitt bodies over Alexander Federov bodies. Something about being intimidating or unnatural looking. Fuck those bitches.

>> No.20915153

>same sex marriage


>> No.20915155

>Still the girl proves incapable of love, and the other seeks nothing more than the tits of her preferred sex toy.
So its a standard heterosexual couple except the guy has a vagina and tits?

>> No.20915161


That specific Asian lives in Asia.

>> No.20915162

This face is not happy.

meaning the happiness in the wedding pic is a sham, a parlour show for friends, family & acquaintances.

Something every woman in an abusive relationship learns to share with the world.

>> No.20915170

>infers/implicates racism in the posts of others
>is a racist

Wow. So you get all pissy about me because you imply that I said redheads were ugly when I never did, and you just straight up come out and shit on Mongolians?

>> No.20915171

>Theres people in this thread who legitimately believe that other people in this thread are legitimately in love with animes.
And now there's a person who believes that even though we're on fucking 4chan, there AREN'T people who are literally in love with animes.

Actually, if you're not in love with them...isn't it worse? You're just using them for their bodies, you weird voyeurs.

>> No.20915176

And STILL, even after their marriage, the brown one shows hesitation during the act of love making. All this time and she's still uncertain of her ability to convey passion. I attest that this is because she simply cannot feel it.

>> No.20915180

>being on /tg/
>making fun of people for their interests

You do know what /tg/ is for, right? Like literally every /tg/-related topic is the subject of societal ridicule.

>> No.20915182

>Working out won't fix that. Plastic surgery will.
My face is fine, I just need to stay toned. Why, are you talking from your own life or something?

>> No.20915183

But the Codex Astartes approves of lesbosexings (which is why Ultramarines have so much support) and its practically a requirement of the Adepta Sororitas.

>> No.20915192

>implying I don't get bad ends for clicking the wrong choice in h-games all the fucking time

Nuh uh bro, I'm a veteran on the battlefield of love too, and I've got the emotional scars to prove it.

>> No.20915193

That was a different person, dude.

>You do know what /tg/ is for, right?
mmmmmmaking fun of people?

>> No.20915196

You're fucking retarded, its clearly a pleasure face.

>> No.20915198

whatever floats your boat is my motto

>> No.20915199

>infinite retries
Fucking Casual.

>> No.20915203


You are creepy, she is a sub, so what? You are applying some weird shit to what is portrayed as a loving relationship.

>> No.20915204

>other seeks nothing more than the tits of her preferred sex toy.

A powerfully compelling argument.

>> No.20915205

Look at the eyebrow positioning, the shape of the mouth and the fucking TEAR ROLLING DOWN HER CHEEK.

>> No.20915207

You can clearly tell that they are both so overwhelmed with emotions that they feel trepidation on finally consummating the marriage they have dreamed about for so long. Quit being so racist towards big titted lesbian animus.

>> No.20915210


You didn't learn the lesson from when you assumed I didn't work out yet?

>> No.20915217

In other news their eyes are fucking radioactive.

>> No.20915220

>mmmmmmaking fun of people?


>> No.20915221

More like constructive criticism on how to not make faces sad when they're supposed to be happy.

>> No.20915223



the site went mainstream years ago buddy.

>> No.20915224

What lesson? The lesson that "plastic surgery fixes everything"? Attractive people don't believe that, dude.

>> No.20915225

They are just glowing with love.

>> No.20915227

Shut up fag, they're crying because theres people like you in the world that can't accept us lesbians i fucking hate men.

>> No.20915228

Which is why it's full of people angrily defending their delicious brown waifus.

>so normal

>> No.20915229

Maybe you just suck at picking up on subtleties, like the difference between sadness and nervousness.

>> No.20915230


I'd face palm but then I'd ruin the fabulous plastic surgery I had done on my face.

>> No.20915233

>Working out won't fix that. Plastic surgery will.

When you exercise, it keeps your body's hormones in check. This means healthier skin, hair, and sleep cycle. Healthier sleep cycles are also associated with hormones, and your body's ability to perform "upkeep".

So, in reality, exercise does make you more "handsome". It won't change your face structure, beyond gaining or losing cheek gaunt, but it will reduce acne, clamminess, flushed colour, and make your hair shinier. All of which are associated with attractiveness A great deal of human aesthetics is based on how healthy you look. If you see a guy who's pale, has sparse hair, and has acne, he's probably not the most physically healthy, and probably isn't a "hottie with a body" (do people still say that? I don't, but I though it was funny)

>> No.20915234

I think that's sweat. Or a single tear of joy.

>> No.20915236


Check your privilege, lesbo-scum!

>> No.20915239


That's how you know they're meant to be. Those crazy kids both found the only other person who can be found in the dark by the glow of their eyes and make geiger counters pop just by crying.

>> No.20915240


oh god i've just realized the submissive brown girl is bigger than the blonde

>> No.20915241

Oh, I didn't say you had plastic surgery done. I just said you needed it.

>> No.20915246

You double-niggering fucktard I am a lesbian and I fuckign complain when people can't even portray us in an actual loving light.

Not even cheescake fetish art.

>> No.20915247

>hormones require working out

Can't you just get injections.

>> No.20915252

I prefer my ladies on the fit side.

>> No.20915254

>If you see a guy who's pale, has sparse hair, and has acne

This is my fetish. Also Sunabouzu sucks.

>> No.20915255

Thats what makes it so adorable. The big ol brown musclewaifu is the one who ISN'T wearing the pants in the relationship.

>> No.20915256



>> No.20915258


Nah, they are just magic girls, you know, because anime.


Maybe you aren't that good at faces, maybe you have the autism, or maybe you just suck at anime faces. Whatever the case, most of these depict surprise or embarrassment fairly well.

>> No.20915259


Yeah, I sure did need it. My already more-handsome-than-yours face wasn't NEARLY sexy enough.

>> No.20915265

The light skinned one shows no trepidation, only the cool confidence she has always displayed while dominating her partner. She even tries to be less aggressive as demonstrated by the locked fingers. But still, the brown one reacts with only confusion.

She does not love. She is merely blank inside, and the other is not disturbed by this, in fact she seems aroused by it. This is a dysfunctional relationship.

Also, lesbians are not a race.

>> No.20915266


Because real lesbians are fucking ugly.

>> No.20915270

>Yeah, I sure did need it.
You just said you did. To wit:
>Working out won't fix that. Plastic surgery will.

>> No.20915275


Anonymity is one hell of a drug.

>> No.20915276

I am not talking about the attractiveness, just about how the couple does not look like they are in love you dipshit!

>> No.20915277


I can't. The last time I tried I knocked over all my sheets and dice while reaching for a dumbbell, which I then dropped because of all the Cheeto dust and grease on my hands, and then the dumbbell fell on my enormous gut, which caused all the spaghetti to burst out of my pockets, and then everyone laughed at me until I ran away crying.

>> No.20915287


I wasn't being sarcastic, bro. I had work done to become even sexier. But I was already better looking than you were even before the procedure. Maybe you should give it a try. I know you said you already get lots of chicks, but a real baller isn't satisfied with that level of game. I can hook you up with my doctor.

>> No.20915299

I think you might be projecting a tad. I just like to dump pictures I know other people will like.

>> No.20915302


Don't worry. According to Captain Pussy Wrecker here, you just need to do some squats and you'll be rolling in vagina.

>> No.20915303

Well, it wouldn't hurt...

>> No.20915304


Why can you see the sky through her head. I don't like this at all.

>> No.20915311

My characters are as exactly attractive as I am.

That is to say, a solid 7/10.

>> No.20915316

Thats the gloss of her hair. Either that or her head is made of sky.

>> No.20915319

>implying that what anon said was "be sexy = fuck bitches"

>> No.20915321


Wow bro, you didn't even register as a whole number on the 1 to 10 scale? Ouch.

>> No.20915322

Real XXIII, you can find his work all over Danbooru.

>> No.20915323


Having spent 5+ years in the field, I have yet to collect data that strings disproved the null hypothesis that lesbians are more or less arractive as a group then any other group defined by sex or sexual preferance.

There is a really cute lesbian or something couple who buy stuff at my work, and everytime I see them it gives me the attack of the sexy cute moe shit feeling.

>> No.20915325

We should. /tg/s own /fit/!

>> No.20915326

>> No.20915329


Fuck you that gif made me dizzy.

>> No.20915331


So I...don't be sexy? While fucking bitches? Or do I proceed being sexy but stop fucking bitches? Because clearly, I'm doing it wrong, according to this stranger who knows nothing about me.

>> No.20915336


How about this, you dumbass: the attractiveness of lesbians as a group compared to the attractiveness of attractive people as a group.

>> No.20915344

...So you're expecting all lesbians to be attractive, and then you're confused when that doesn't hold water?

Never into science again.

>> No.20915345


But anon, attractive people aren't defined as a group by sex or sexual preference.

>> No.20915347


If I cannot have attractive lesbians, then SCIENCE HAS FAILED ME!

>> No.20915349


That's just fucking stupid.

Also, I think it's just sweat in the picture.

I'd be sweating too, if I was getting ready to have sex while in a dress.

>> No.20915351


"Attractive is a gender".

>> No.20915359


Its working as fast as it can anon Trust me people are working on this.


That only apply to how I think of what to put my dick in, in practice it does not actually relate.

>> No.20915364

Occasionally, why does it matter?

>> No.20915366

Yes please.

>> No.20915369

>this thread

>> No.20915370

Then why arent those two on your pic are guys?

>> No.20915372


Here's the best tip on getting fit I ever got:
"I could give you write you everything you need to know on a piece of index paper. It wouldn't help since you wouldn't follow it. Instead, write everything down yourself. What you eat, when you eat, how far did you walk, how long did you walk. Every exercise you do. Everything you eat. Take pictures while you're at it. Pictures of yourself naked. Pictures of your food. Pictures of your exercises. That way you have a channel to watch yourself from distance."

>> No.20915376

oh my fucking god.
Mouth is dry, pants are tight.
What a body.

>> No.20915377


If by have, you mean, encounter irl, then you just aren't trying hard enough or don't have the population to find attractive lesbians to be fairly common.

If by having sex with them, then you don't understand how homosexuality works, and 95%+ of the time, you are a terrible person foe wanting that, due to rape being the vector for sex you will choose.

>> No.20915383

Because Real XXIII has a thing for lesbians and futa.

>> No.20915389

>not wanting rape
but rape is the purest form of love

>> No.20915390


What about own as slaves? or in an actual moral sense while maintaining the possessiveness of the statement, "have as friends"?

>> No.20915398

I have, but i don't always.

Usually because it's appropriate to the character or not. One was a fighter from a noble family trying to prove himself, but considering his family wasn't attractive I never thought any reason to make him that way. Another was a cripple, vaguely inspired by House, and not sexy at all. Another was a Romancer, of Changeling the Lost, and since he was made to be a romantic ideal I thought it appropriate for him to look and act sexy.

Of course since sexiness is in the eye of the beholder it doesn't entirely matter how you make your characters.

>> No.20915400

Best piece of advice I ever got too
Everything makes so much more sense when you write it down

>> No.20915407


>> No.20915408


The fact that you would infer sexuality from the word "have" speaks volumes.

>> No.20915412


Damned if I know.

Don't got control of either of those things.

>> No.20915413


>> No.20915414

>tfw you can't read your own handwriting


>> No.20915417


any better?

>> No.20915421


forgot pick

>> No.20915428


But I didn't use that many words.

Seriously, sex as possession is part of the cultral lexicon, and makes a lot more sense that to own or have work for you for the median tg poster.

>> No.20915434


>> No.20915443

I wouldn't RP with her, she would probably punch you, call you a nerd, then make you do push ups until your arms feel like someone set them on fire.

>> No.20915444


>> No.20915447

>more veins!.jpg

>> No.20915453



>> No.20915460


too much vein for my taste.

>> No.20915466

that's hot

>> No.20915472

Look what you 3Dfags did with your stupid trolling. Now instead of cute animu girls we have disgusting veiny fembeasts.

>> No.20915481


My nigga.
And everyone else in this thread is my niggas!

>> No.20915486


I'm sorry, its hard to sort through and find things that haven't been posted and are work safe.

>> No.20915492

hey kid, wanna arm wrestle?

>> No.20915514

For the NSFW stuff.

>> No.20915520


Bring it on, onee-chan.

>> No.20915525

The cutest thing about this pairing is how the strong brown one is the beta and the other one is the alpha in their relationship.

>> No.20915527


Don't wanna. plus I would then have to sort through what is /e/ and what is /d/

>> No.20915535

>that brown chick's hairstyle is my fetish

Multi-fetish images are great.

>> No.20915562


hey, if you squint, you can see a torso attached to those arms!

don't they have coaches in those gyms to prevent stuff like this?

>> No.20915575


>> No.20915586


She keeps working out to try and get more confident and assertive, but it never works out and she remains forever shy and submissive. SO MOE~

>> No.20915601

damn /tg/, how come your bump limit is still 300?

>> No.20915605

Not really. I don't go out of my way to make them sexy, for the most part, but make them attractive because I don't want to play an unattractive character that nobody likes.

Also, brown girls = brown elves?

>> No.20915610


I don't know that she is trying to get more confident and assertive, but I do know that she is very much less comfortable with overt affection.

>> No.20915636

Nigga please, Blondie just likes her some fit girls and Busty Brown likes to be the bottom, even if the affection she receives is too much for her from time to time.

>> No.20915732

When playing Exalted 2E, all characters have the highest Appearance score I can fiddle the system into giving me.

Other games, it depends on the character concept.

>> No.20917419

Yes, helps make it so it's not apparent im an inquisitor.
Or in a more general sense, makes it easier for npcs to trust me, and as such easier to take down my target.

>> No.20917435

I made one purposefully gorgeous as it was the point of the character. That and completely maxing out all the social-related skills and stats.

I also made one that was supposed to be average but apparently nobody got the memo so she ended being seen as cuter than intended IC. Then a drawfag made a picture and that more or less cemented her as cute. That and she made me realize that stuff some people might find not their cup of tea is someone else's fetish. Hint: high physical stats, but she was a combat class so no reason not to have those stats high. You can guess where this is going.

Otherwise, I've played characters all over the scale.

>> No.20918456

Appearance is a very important stat in Exalted. How else will you get invited to all those Terrestrial orgies?

>> No.20918676

Depends, but I prefer my dudes ugly.
Because I like to RP as my opposite and I can't do that if they're sexy like me.

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