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Rogue Trader thread, specifically on profit

The rogue trader is losing so much damn funds like crazy, we're now in debt to several other dynasties and planetary governments.

What are some good ways to increase the profit factor?

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Depends, what'cha got for a ship/materials/etc.
Worst case do Freetrader shit. All the other dynasties will laugh at you forever though.

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Sell your debts to the government.

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sack a forgeworld word.

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Look for plot hooks they can be in the strangest of places.

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>The rogue trader is losing so much damn funds like crazy

How? Profit Factor isn't measured in cashmoneys alone, it's measured in Favors, Holdings, and How Many Dicks You've Sucked.

Is the Rogue Trader going around sucking dicks for ice cream or something?

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Part of his family background, and he's been using tons of thrones to purchase palaces" in damn near every Imperial world we visit, constantly needing repairs for the cruiser, etc

And the fact that we've fucked up a couple of economies by not paying for the metric shit ton of shit we buy on a daily basis.

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If you have a cargo hold, then start trading.

If you don't have a hold, but DO have lots of guns, then go privateer for someone, or, go pirate.

Or...Bounty Hunt - take a crack at some of the Battlefleet's most wanted.

Hell, just load up with guns and dudes, engages some pirates, take ships a'prize, and sell them for gelt.

Making money is easy, whether you've got guns or not.

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>he's been using tons of thrones to purchase palaces

But you don't use thrones! You roll to "Acquire."

Unless you've been getting fucked over by upkeep, in which the thing simply goes away.

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The Trader has probably been burning Profit Factor to acquire shit. I know there are rules for that somewhere.

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If that's the case, you shoot him in the head. Just shoot him in the head.

Here's a shotgun. You don't need to load it, I did that shit for you. Just shoot him in the head.

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But first you need an heir. What if they don't have an heir?

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Then you grab the Burger King Menu that their Warrant is written on and you crayon in your own name.

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Then by god, you spike his drink with Obscura and fill the room with whores.

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Leave your Greater Good ideas outside the Imperium, foul Xenos!

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This could take time, I suggest after this we lock him in a stasis field in case we need him for more heirs later, and say we are doing everything on his behalf.

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A guy at my GS did that. He burned something like 40 PF to acquire a cape the Emperor once wore just for giggles. The rest of the group mutinied, sold his ship to pirates, and set up shop running things on a Hive World.

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You don't need an heir - shwack the rogue trader, hijack the ship, turn it toward the expanse, and go pirate.

Give it a month of plunder on the high grav-tides, and then sell your souls to chaos.

yar harr fiddledy dee!

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No, just have him boink every female member of the crew, tie him down, make them mate like dogs.

Then you will have heirs and can freely kill off the Rogue Trader when needed, killing off the undesired hiers, and using the young heirs as a puppet for your work.

Gentlemen, I have just proven my plot.

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>Implying that wouldn't cost 1,00,000,000 profit to burn

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Tau, pls

pls go


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I just mean we need to keep him in stasis or in another applicably safe and secure storage, while we wait until we have an heir, you know, give it a year.

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Guys, you can actually get anything you want in Ascension by burning 1d4 influence
Probably the same in RT

Yes this means you can get a titan

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Quest for the legendary Even Horizon and sell the first ship to cross into the warp to the Admech?

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Burn 1 Profit Factor, get +10 to acquisition test.

Friends don't let friends burn Profit Factor.

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>Friends don't try to burn Profit factor, if they try you should burn them


Well maybe you can allow it in extreme situations, but otherwise burn.

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So, how successful have are your dynasties /tg/?

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>we've only gone up
>throne preserve us

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>Started at zero
>Made a deal with a tau for like 40
>Now at 52
>Strongholds across the sector

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What kind of deal?

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>How would you like to work for me, doing...wetwork?
"I don't know..."
>Do you really have a choice?
"We do really need the money..."
>All you need to do is sign...

And then they signed themselves over to a Tau Dynasty, AFTER signing themselves over to the last Inquisitor of the Ordo Chronus.

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Tau Dynasty?

What now.

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I refuse to believe that the entire Tau empire has more than the equivalent of 400 Profit in their entire Empire. Even if you are the biggest Xenophile Rogue Trader in the world, would you hand over 1/10th of YOUR profit to some alien in the hopes of it taking a few planets in your name? I know I wouldn't. Without any oversight, I couldn't hold it accountable for its actions. Unless I somehow spent the resources of purchasing it an escort to keep it in line.

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I never said he was part of the Tau Empire proper. The Tau they made a deal with was more or less a crime lord.

It's a VERY long story...

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We've got time.

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I don't like to detail the histories of my NPCs, I prefer to let my stories deal with the players in my games. But if you insist, one moment while I organize everything coherently.

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Holy shit, you can simply mention the idea of people non-violently interacting with Tau and people here will get SERIOUSLY pissed. Amazing.

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Pissed? I just don't think that the Tau don't have that kind of cash. Or would give that kind of cash to a human. A player wants to be a xenofucker that's his business.

40 Profit is just like, the amount of profit you'd expect of a Sub-Sector capital's government to have and the Tau Empire is about the size of maybe 1.5 Imperial Sectors? Not exactly huge. I'd think that it would be way too much capital to invest into somebody if that person's balls weren't in a vice grip.

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-Shas'o Korst'la I decides one day bitches and dosh is a great motivation for living, goes renegade.
-Korst'la I tries his hand at organized crime, comes under assault from the established Tau crime families.
-Korst'la I barely escapes Tau Space, reaches the Tiji Sector.
-Korst'la I meets Khodexus, newly minted Archon of the Kabal of the Master Spark, they form a professional business relationship.
-The Black Panthers Spess Mehreens (A custom chapter based partly on old '70's blaxploitation, partly on early '90's gangbangers) dispatches Jamal the Techmarine to ensure Korst'la doesn't get too successful.
-Jamal forgets his mission.
-Korst'la I gets his ship, Studio 69, impounded by the Inquisition because fukken xenos.
>The events of Pimps in Space happen
-Korst'la II formally declares the House of Korst'la in the Tiji Sector
-Korst'la III decides there's good money in selling information and war assets to the Inquisition
-The local Ordo Xenos only mildly hates Korst'la III's guts as a result
>The events of Deffwotch happen
-Korst'la IV determines there's money to be made in merchandising
-The inquisition hunts down most of said merchandising
-Korst'la V heavily upgrades Studio 69, causing money to just roll in.
-Korst'la V begins discretely selling arms and mercenary companies to Imperial interests and crusades, making money in the ensuing carnage
>The events of Squat Crusade: The Musical happen

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I think my group is doing okay. Sure our RT is an ex-commissar and I mean, sure, first session we had a miscommunication which caused our Void Master to enter a meeting late and shoot a rival RT, while the RTs decided to duel due to both having Brook no Insult and the other took our Seneschal's... Seneschaling as an insult.

Then we went to Witchcraft to do a favor for the AdMech (and Psykana for some delicious PF and 10 Vermillion astropathic messages). Found the place nigh empty save for a Genetor and some 'xenos'. On the way back, I may have tech-heresied a noosphere into the RT's cybereye for communication purposes.

Then found out about some abandoned Forge world and got a contract to go 'assist' the RT that had the contract to scout it. (Admiral Hersh(al/et), a guy with a cruiser and a lot of archeotech on it, who was a AdMech nut who pissed my Explorator off cause he wore AdMech robes without being in the brotherhood).

Ended up getting there before we left Footfall by enough of a point that we could have messaged ourselves and were before the Admiral showed up. And I was the only one on bridge when he did, meaning I took the call. Was pretty civil, considering. Ended with us entering a fight with him. We have a Firestorm frigate.

Thank the Omnissiah we took that armored prow. They didn't get a shot off on us and we actually got the Explorators on his ship to mutiny and parley (AdMech got the ship, we got the Admiral and some colonists for the Forgeworld).

Oh, and our Seneschal has come close to having a deck on the ship voided cause he took it over and denied entrance to EVERYONE save the RT.

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Anyone ever crossover other sci-fi verses into your games?

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That series of events encompasses about 105 years. Tau only live 40 years max or so.

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They do?

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But it wasn't just the one Tau, it was him and then his son, grandson, etc.

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For one thing, Profit Factor isn't Gold Pieces. You can donate 20 Profit Factor to 400 Rogue Traders to bring them to 60 each, for far less work and effort than you would, say, increase a Profit Factor 150 Rogue Trader's to 151. Profit Factor ramps up like crazy, til you can just straight up buy hundreds of land raiders and deploy temple assassins as your answer to EVERY PROBLEM EVER.

And that's far lower than 400 profit factor.

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Yeah, and while sudden death can be avoided with a trip to the friendly neighborhood haemonculus, you can't do much for old age.

And thus this dynasty of Tau has bumbled their way through time, history, and multiple campaigns.

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My players have an odd tendency to not do anything that actually gets them Profit Factor, then bitch about how hard it is to acquire stuff. It reached the point where I was specifically making endeavours that were designed to bootstrap them up a shit-ton of PF and they'd do stuff like decide to keep the STC fragment for themselves instead of leasing it to the AdMech or establishing their own manufactorums. The closest they came to a profit-making effort was one day the Seneschal decided he hated living and tried to steal information from the Lathes' data-arks. Wound up with his spine being replaced with a bomb.

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>the friendly neighborhood haemonculus

"Lord Eviltorture, the Tau died again."

"At least he has Frequent Dier Miles."

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40 Profit Factor is equivalent to the personal wealth of a Planetary Noble, Planetary Merchant House, Lesser Rogue Trader or Weak Imperial Governor according to the rulebook.

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So how exactly does that work? I mean, it can't be plug in brain data into clones, or clones inherit soul for some reason, because you could always have clones not be aged back up.

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>decide to keep the STC fragment for themselves instead of leasing it to the AdMech or establishing their own manufactorums.

>The closest they came to a profit-making effort was one day the Seneschal decided he hated living and tried to steal information from the Lathes' data-arks.

Well while dumb your players seem fun, but seriously kill them.

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Well, if a Homunculus can regrow an Archon from a hand, a Tau is like child's play.

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It's a moot point. They decided they wanted to play Black Crusade, I didn't want to GM Chaos Idiocy so someone else ran it, then he got bored when the campaign in the back of the book ended. Now everyone's busy with uni and don't want to play. Shame, because I love GMing.

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A Dark Eldar soul is transferred into that piece of flesh and then is fed the pain and suffering of others until that piece of flesh grows back into a full Dark Eldar.

Lets assume you managed to acquire and transfer the weak soul of a Tau into a piece of its own flesh. What do you feed so that it will grow back into a full Tau? Positive encouraging thoughts or perhaps make it listen to Tau propaganda recording?

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I had tried to make a general joke about doctors, but I guess it didn't pan out.

I suppose the Haemonculus would need some rare stuff.

Maybe blueberries or something.

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>Secret last ditch National socialist space launch of a member of the SS. Intended to land on the moon and find a site for colonization
>Is instead ejected through a wormhole far out into space...And 38,000 years into the future.
>Taken aboard by a inquisitor
>Seems to recognize krieg troops as his own.
>Speaks nothing in common with anyone.
>Is trialed and proven as pure as the emperor.
>Treated as lost primarch by radical inquisitor
>Given translation implant(Verrrry expensive) by inquisitor's techpriest buddy.
>Tries to explain his story, Is not believed.
>Inquisitor sets up a warrant of trade for him to hide him as a tool, Using a long dead-end lineage known as the Valentine clan
>Inquisitor parades him out as Adam Corvinus Valentine, And sets him up with a trusted party and some starting funds.
>Dark angels descendant chapter drops by to honor a old agreement, giving the party a tactical Marine squad based on a ancient deal with the family.
>And off we go into the uncharted territories.

Among other things, He's
>Cautiously spent funds, prefering to exchange favors for favors
>Developed a working agreement with four forgeworlds, Three space marine chapters, and a entire subsector.
>And brought the StG-44 back into life as his prefered autogun design.

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>Noble born assassin in Dark Heresy
>engaged to marry a member of a Rogue Trader dynasty as part of an arranged marriage
>most likely going to become a Vindicare if he reaches Ascension
>Vindicare aspirants are kidnapped and mindwiped
On a scale of 1 to EXTERMINATUS how pissed do you think she'll be once she hears he's been kidnapped. Did I mention she's a member of the Winterscale Dynasty.

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>Been playing for two years, real time.
>Starting PF: 21
>Current PF: 40

Feelsbatman, but we did take over a score of planets. Including the one with the loli gretchin!

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I really don't know what to think of this post.

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Can she find out they did it?
Can she do shit about it?

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And while the tau regenerates, the dark eldar hold a blueberry pie party.

But yeah, it being a soul maniplation thing makes it make more sense why they regen at the same age.

And like doctors, the dark eldar aren't able to keep old people from being too old to live.

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She'll probably find out he got kidnapped but not by who which will cause her to go on a sector wide hunt for who ever did it. She won't take no for an answer and will probably end up being a major NPC ally to the party. I think it will be a hiding in plain sight thing, he won't know who she is since he's been mindwiped and she won't no it's actually him since he won't remove his spymask. Though she might pick up on things he does since I doubt no amount of mind wiping can get rid of muscle memory when holding a rifle.

He's pretty much a 19th century African big game hunter in space who got tired of hunting beasts and wanted to hunt the most dangerous game.

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>rogue trader
>interfering with an assassin temple
Not a chance. Even if they found out who did it, there's no way they could find the temple itself.

>> No.20916432

And if they found it, they'd get buttraped by the Inqusition.

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Gm:ing a DH game and got into a disscusion, does anyone know if navigators have an eyelid over their third eye, though id ask the big boys who play RT

>> No.20917265


I believe that it varies; some navigators have the eyelid (which is useful, for obvious reasons), while some do not. The ones that don't are fitted with bionic iris aperture shutters, so that they can avoid mindfucking everyone they look at.

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Rogue Traders can reach ANY level of power. Like, arbitrary number of ships level of power. Like, arbitrary number of temple assassins level of power. The only thing PF doesn't seem to be able to do is buy spess mehrenes, but you can sure bribe them with ALL THEM LAND RAIDERS.

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You know, Vinidicaires don't have to take the mind wiping transition package.

And imperial mind wiping isn't perfect. Like... at all.

Also, as a noble, you can just refluff it was Petrus. Jeeze, how hard is it to do that?

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