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In my setting, the civilized lands are ruled by the Thirty Dragon Tyrants. Many years ago, these dragons joined forces and completely destroyed the armies of the land before setting themselves up as the new rulers. The Dragon Tyrants mostly leave men to their own devices, but do demand heavy taxation. The Mage Guild made some sort of agreement with these dragons upon their takeover and now serve them. The details are unknown, but soon after the agreement most mages were willingly castrated--those who did not submit were killed. The mages enact the will of the Dragon Tyrants with the help of mind-wiped dissenters which they can remotely control through a mental link established by means of a magical device. Magic use unapproved by the Mage Guild is illegal under penalty of death.

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You've been visited by the Spooky Skeleton! Repost this in 10 seconds or you will be visited by a Spooky Skeleton tonight! 95% of people will not post this..... and they will become skeleton.....

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You've been visited by the Spooky Skeleton! Repost this in 10 seconds or you will be visited by a Spooky Skeleton tonight! 95% of people will not post this..... and they will become skeleton.....

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you know its hard to fap to that picture with that wrinkled old dude behind her.

>dem cattleya titties

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Either that's a very big figure or a very small man

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Why do you keep mispelling "Dark Sun"?

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Perversion knows no scale limitations.

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The picture is everything wrong with exported Japanese culture and your setting sounds like your own castration and mind-rape fetish.

You are either Terry Goodkind or That DM and I wish you dead either way.

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you do realize that old Japanese men may also collect figures with big exposable breasts

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Ivy pls

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are there more? just curiouse

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Is there more to your setting? It sounded cool for a little bit, but I want to see if it goes anywhere or is just fetish fuel.

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Just one mention of castration and you are thinking it fetish fuel. Children.

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The only information he saw fit to give us of his setting was Castration, Mind-Rape and Gestapo.

The impression that he is That DM is understandable.

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>Is there more to your setting?

The Dragon Tyrants have put a bounty on Dwarven heads. Some think it might have something to do with their partial magic immunity. It could also be related to their hidden wealth. Dwarven terrorists are a thing.

The banks of the world are run by a single dynastic vampire family.

In my setting trolls are fiercly religious. A great troll prophet united the troll clans and preached to them the word of God. The gnome lands have been converted to the troll religion.

Orcs are blind and have translucent skin. They live in a land of total darkness.

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I forgot to mention

The elves are a savage and barbaric race known to practice child sacrifice to appease their cruel gods.

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Whats the name of your world?

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So... your setting is Dark Sun, with autistic hentai?

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I just read the books and never saw the serie but I instantly recognised him

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Everything about this setting is nearly identical to Dark Sun. Dragon kings, magic illegal, feral elves, etc. etc.

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where did you get he porn part from?

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Autism+hentai. Mind control, with castrating all the other potent dudes? It's serious "my universe is just me," serial killer sort of lack of empathy.

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>Everything about this setting is nearly identical to Dark Sun. Dragon kings, magic illegal, feral elves, etc. etc.

Fascinating. I've not read Dark Sun.

My Dragon Tyrant idea is based events in ancient Greece and ancient Persia

My vampire bank idea is based on Jewish stereotypes.

My troll religion idea is based on Sikhism.

My orc idea is based on deep sea fish

My feral elf idea is based on the Mayans

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so all dark settings are made by autists who lack empathy?

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Most aren't nearly as obvious about it.

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its the castrating isnt it

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Also mind-controlling the "dissenters." It's the part where everyone else who is potent (magic users) is made impotent (castration). Then everyone who isn't exactly bending to OP's will is made mindless in a "only my will exists" manner (mind control). Yeah--that's pretty autistic.

Also the fact that it's otherwise just Dark Sun is kinda...something.

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but why can´t you see it simply as a dark setting? the rulers are cold blooded tyrants after all. Castrating potential threats is a powerful way of demonstrating your power and it frankly gives me the shills.

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>My dark tyrants control everyone's sexuality!
>Why do you guys keep bringing sexuality into this?

You're like that guy who thinks he's not That Guy because he thinks it just makes sense that his character rapes every woman he comes across.

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why do you bring sexuality in everything? Its not about sexuality.

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If you don't go into graphic detail about it, they're just fucking eunuchs. If he mentioned a lengthy, in-depth process of how exactly they're castrated then it'd be pushing into fetish territory, but if he just leaves things at "they're castrated, but let's not go there" then that's hardly sexual. That's like saying that including children in your setting is forcing your pregnancy fetish on everyone because you have to have sex to form babby.

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Gotsta disagree. He wrote one paragraph about his setting. Mind controlling the ladies, and cutting off the dudes' nuts, was important enough to be two of the less-than-a-dozen sentence he gave us. ~20% of his setting description is mind control and nut cutting. Come on, now.

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Exactly, its okay to have rape, torture, sex, castrating, mind-rape etc as long as you don´t go into unnecessary detail about them.

People need to become less touchy

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>grandpa likes Cattleya thread
>castration fetish
you guys need to see a shrink

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>Mind controlling the ladies

Shut up and learn to read. he also wrote >>20908026 which brings down the nut crushing to a bare 5.6 %.

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Except that, with is setting so sparkely and new, the first thing he decided to tell us was that dragons mind-rape you and chop your nuts off.

He seemed to consider these aspects of it to be the most defining.

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>He seemed to consider these aspects of it to be the most defining.
You would argue that they aren't?

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Basically dragon tyrants rule the lands harshly through forcing mages to "willingly" become eunuchs or die. Yes, its quite important

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you are so edgy, fucking kid

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Is it sad that I immediately recognized the girl from the thumbnail alone?

I haven't even watched Queen's Blade.

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>civilized lands are ruled by the Thirty Dragon Tyrants

I assume we're going off of "civilized" meaning "populated and government controlled" rather than "civilized" meaning "are happy to coexist with one another and don't get beaten into the road for implying the Glorious Leader isn't as glorious as everybody seems to think"

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Why are you such an ass?

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The castration thing was an afterthought. I may end up writing it out of the setting.

As for the mind slaves, these are mostly male fighters, and there is no obvious sexual dimension to the bondage.

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>It only happens to men so it's okay
Hoo boy.

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You're losing it. 6.5/10.

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