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An Ulthwean female farseer and a member of the Craftworld's ruling council was lecturing on the tactical implications of the alliances between various Eldar kindreds.

”Before the next engagement begins, you must study the new Allies rules and write an essay on applying various Divination powers of allied Eldar psykers into the units of Dark Eldar primary detachment”

At this moment, a cruel, agile, old-school kabalite warrior who had played 1500 hours of Dawn of War and fully understood the necessity of boycotting the wardian revisions of recent editions stood up and held up a book.

”What is this book, my cowardly cousin?”

The arrogant farseer smirked quite elvishly and smugly replied “A background-molesting novelization of the adventures of Space Marines by C.S.Goto, pity the fool who wasted money on it”

”Wrong. It’s the new Kill Squad collection of Deathwatch books and a bonus comic. If it was non-canonical and the blood feud, as you say, is forgotten...it should not be on print now”

The farseer was visibly shaken, and dropped her spirit stone and copy of 6th edition rulebook. She stormed out of the room crying.

The commorites applauded and all joined the Black Heart Cabal that day and purchased a copy of Soulstorm. Third edition metal Scourges performed multiple, simultaneous deep strikes, impaling themselves on the flag of Commoragh. The Dawn of War omnibus was read several times, and Ahriman himself showed up to be taken for a tour in the Black Library.

The Farseer's vision had failed and she was exiled from her Craftworld. She was captured by Archon Tahril and made his personal plaything for all eternity.

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I loled heartily

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despite what some new dark eldar fapfiction may state, the rule book still requires that you ally with us if so desired.

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Sorry OP, but I think you forgot a line there
>She was captured by Archon Tahril and made his personal plaything for all eternity. Just as planned.

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They're better as enemies anyway, Kelly only made Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar buddies in the new codex so he could put both his armies on the table at the same time and masturbate all over them.

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She was a trap.
Delicious, delicious trap.

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DE science can make a trap out of anyone though, one would think they might suffer inflation.

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But why did he not make them battle brothers with Marines but did with Tau? Or was it Ward?

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