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>Woman in armor
>Absolutely no skin visible
>Designed by japan

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uh, hooray I guess?

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>Exposing your skin
>In Dark Souls

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thats a man

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Uh, no, that's not.

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Yes it is.

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Flame keepers are all female bro.

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Dark Souls has quite fappable weapons and armour.

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>Her armor description say it's a "She" and "Her"
It's a woman. An ugly one, but a woman nontheless.

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But how can her tits fit inside than non-curved plate?!

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>Woman in armor
>Absolutely no skin visible
>Designed by japan

well, I suppose it had to happen eventually...

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>Woman in a good looking armour
I can't believe you.

Not without a proof.

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Her soul's description also mentions breasts.

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Maybe she actually has reasonable proportions and doesn't look like they taped two watermelons to a broomhandle

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She's undead, her tits probably rotted off by then. Though I'm not sure if she's reversed hollow or not.
From her armor description:
>After becoming undead, she visited the Dark Sun Gwyndolin at the Mausoleum of the Spiral Depths, became a Blade of the Darkmoon, and assumed the flame-keeping duty. She received this armor, which hides her hideous form and helps her hunt the guilty.

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Should I read if I'm considering buying the game in near future for PC and wouldn't like spoilers?

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She's just an NPC in a later part of the game. The page itself have almost no spoilers except names of important characters.

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>"Soul of the Darkmoon Knightess, Fire Keeper of Anor Londo. A Fire Keeper's soul is a draw for humanity, and held within their bosoms, below just a thin layer of skin, are swarms of humanity that writhe and squirm. Her brass armor serves to disguise this ghastly form."

the armour is nice, but the real draw is dat accent.

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What about this one?

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Unless you're gonna put a lot of time and effort into it, most of the fluff won't be covered in your first playthrough, so you might as well read it online. It's not like there are big surprises or anything, just background.

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Sieglinde is my waifu. Poor girl.

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You can beat the game without finishing his quest you know, it's not like he HAS to go to the Ash Lake.

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Too moe for me :<

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That armor is impractical as fuck. Can't see shit captain.

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She sees with her heart.

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I've heard that you can stop him from turning hollow by killing all the chaos thing before talking to him. Haven't tried it yet even though I bought the game on PC. Can't really get off my arse and redo the entire thing on PC.

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You need to kill all but one of the Chaos Eaters. Talk to him and he jumps down. Once you defeated the last Chaos Eater, talk to him and QUIT OUT OF THE GAME IMMEDIATELY. He will have relocated after reloading your safe. If you don't quit out, he won't relocate and the poisonous muck will slowly kill him. Not even kidding.

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What the hell, Dark Souls. Thanks for the information, I'll saved it and save Siegmeyer on my next playthrough.

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yes it is.

The first rule of roleplaying is that women are required to show as much skin as possible so they can be judged by the likes of men if they are sufficient for the adventuring party

the second rule of role playing is that the bigger their boobs are the better they are at dodging

the third rule of role playing is that any monster that messes up their makeup must be killed immediately without a saving throw, in time for a cheesy one liner ripped off from baywatch

the fourth rule is that all female party members are required to have at least 3 orgasms for every instance of combat.

pic related. it's a real female warrior.

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Not killing all, kill two out of three (or was it three out of four? well whatever, just leave one, maybe wounded), then you talk to him until he jumps. If you go ahead on his quest he then dies in the Ash Lake; ironically, that should have been his last adventure.

The thing is, you only need to get to the end of their family quest if you want a Titanite Slab, if you don't care for that, you can stop before that and he survives. Happy end I'd say.

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>maneater midlred.jpg

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But she doesn't fight, she keeps the flame.
I don't remember the poison hurting him, didn't have problems in my playthrough. Don't know if something changed with a patch though.

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Yeah, keeps it lit from the horrors of the night. Anor Londo isn't exactly a friendly place.

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I'd take Anor Londo over the Tomb of Giants any day.

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A single slab, no matter how useful for my weapon upgrade, is not worth the life of a great warrior! I'll make a run where I save as many people as I can one of these day!
I'll take anywhere over New Londo. Though It's probably just my fear talking.

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Post of the fucking century right there

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What about Samus from Metroid?
I didn't even know that was a chick first time I played it.

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>didnt get the bikini samus first time

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With a name like Samus Aran I thought she was a british/scottish hooligan

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Unfortunately for most NPCs the way to save them is just to not finish their quest, so they just sit on their asses at Firelink instead of doing anything interesting. People who do interesting things in Dark Souls die.

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>People who do interesting things in Dark Souls die.
So the bored guy at Firelink was right afterall. Sitting on your arse and doing nothing is the best way to prevent being a hollow. Also,
>Kill all the chaos bug
>Yes! I finally save Solaire!
>Found him sitting in despair over not finding his sun

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This isn't completely true. Conditions for meeting certain requirements are a little fuzzy in Dark Souls but what you actually need to do is enter the Chaos Servant covenant at Quelaag's Domain, give her I think 30 Humanity, and it'll open the shortcut to the right of the Demon Firesage boss room, that leads to Lost Izalith. Then kill all the Sunlight Maggots. Voila, you have saved Solaire. Unfortunately, it appears that saving Solaire leaves his story pretty much unfinished in that you don't see him after the non-shortcut beginning of Izalith. You can summon him for the Gwyn fight though, which seems significant.

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>Lady of the Darkling scolding me for dispelling Gwyndolin's illusion

My penis has never been so harder.

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> it appears that saving Solaire leaves his story pretty much unfinished
Ah right, it does seem rather off. I was ready to help him find his own sun but he just went missing after that until you summon him. Oh well. These are some new informations, thanks.

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Apparently, the one bug you have to kill is the one with the glowing red eyes. That one drops the sunlight maggot to boot.

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Yeah, that's the one. Though I just kill everything I see.

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>not teaching Solarie Cast Light after buying it off Dusk

God damn, do you even secret quests?

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Whenever someone tells you that WRPGs are gritty and realistic while JRPGs are ridiculous, show them this image.

Then have them look at Dragon Age's designs.

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The brass set is curved at the chest.

Though not boob plate, just an outward curve.

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Japan's designs tend to go off the deep end more often, and to a greater extent though. WRPGs are on the whole saner, but by no means are they all gritty and realistic.

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Y-You can do that? I really need to do a re-run now.
>There is no sun
Great, now I have to re-listen to Protomen aswell.

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I remember first seeing this image. I was under the impression that deprived meant you got a bonus for playing without clothing and using "crappy" weapons.

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In Dragon Age's defence, the first games armour made sense.

>> No.20892465


it was the only game that made sense

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Did anyone else feel really bad about Priscilla? I have only killed her one time and I cannot bring myself to do it ever again. She didn't do anything to me. ;_;

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>WRPGs are on the whole saner
Project Eternity's concept art literally has heavy armor with an exposed midriff.


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>Dark Souls
>on /tg/

Yes! I have a request for you guys. /tg/, how can I make a Dark Souls themed RPG?

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>the first games armour made sense
No, it didn't. It didn't at all. It only looked more like the armor you were used to.

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Because Dragon Age and PE are the only two WRPGs ever made, right?

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Just leave her alone then. She lie, but that's about it.
Also, I've heard rumor that you were suppose to be able to make convenant with her or something. Would've been good. Then again, I also want to be able to gather non-hostile NPCs to Firelink Shrine.

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> This land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind, but thou dost not belong
>horrific crow-demons capable of killing you with one hit if you're not prepared
>bloated undead that can make you sick with toxin
>Black phantoms appearing for not fucking reason what so ever in OFFLINE MODE

Fuck you, you fucking dirty ass half-breed bitch. Hope you enjoy the taste of my Sunlight Claymore.

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Please try to name some WRPGs with sensible armor design.

Unless you say "Darklands", you're wrong.

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His story doesn't have a happy ending.

He Links the Fire in his world, and BURNS FOREVER.

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Oh dear god those graphics. Why aren't you using the fix? WHY?

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>> This land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind, but thou dost not belong

> This land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind,
> but thou dost not belong

Clearly she's saying it's peaceful and kind to anyong who fits in, which is not the chosen undead


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See, this is exactly what I mean when I said she lie.
Shining sun how horrifying.

>> No.20892535


>strong independent woman who needs no man

Slutblaming CIS scum.

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Well hello.

Also, remember Havel's armor? Yeah, Dark Souls has good armor design and silly armor design both. But it all looks really good so who the hell cares.

>> No.20892537

The people of that land are peaceful.

The wheel skeletons are really peaceful chaps. You're a Chosen Undead, you can do whatever you want.

>> No.20892552


You mean, for like 30-45 seconds, like your character does? It just consumes him and his soul, no "UNENDING TORMENT" tacked on.

>> No.20892554

Mount&Blade, Arcanum, Fallout 1/2, Arx Fatalis, TES armours that are made out of actual materials.

Tell me of this Darklands though, I am looking for a new vidya to play

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I'm not, that's some screenshot of a dude who summoned Solaire. Solaire literally walked out of the fight with the Belfry Gargoyles.

Kindling the flame is chosen out of one's own volition, regardless of what Kaathe or Frampt tells you. That and if Solaire did link the flame within his own world, then he would be living his dream, having become a burning flame that brings warmth and light to Lordran.

>> No.20892561

Maybe the inhabitants are kind to her, but not to you?

>> No.20892562

I am failure.
Meant to quote: >>20892510

>> No.20892565

This and the Black Knight armors are my favorite.

>> No.20892567

What if it's all true and you are just some fucking crazy undead and are roaming around killing random people because you think they are monsters? Think about it, It's like the movie Brazil, your brain is just pan-seared and you think you are the "chosen" undead.

>> No.20892568

>Well hello.
What game is that, even?

>remember Havel's armor
You mean the armor specifically associated with a ring that lets you carry a huge amount more than you normally could? HRMMMM LET'S THINK ABOUT THIS

>> No.20892576

We doing this?

>> No.20892578

>What game is that, even?
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

I try to pretend it doesn't exist as well

>> No.20892581

Barely counts as a WRPG - it's made by Turks, after all.

>Arcanum, Fallout 1/2, Arx Fatalis

>TES armours

>Tell me of this Darklands
It's a DOS game based on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - you assemble a party of regular guys and gals and tramp around 15th-century Germany looking for wrongs to right.

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>> No.20892587

I was going to say it was Oblivion but it doesn't look like it at all. Especially considering the female version of plate armor in that game...

>> No.20892588

>Arx Fatalis

>"Hmmm...don't have a name? How about Am Shaegar? It means: He Who Has No Name."

>> No.20892591


TES IV: Oblivion. You might remember it as a massive disappointment.

Havel's armor is made of Rock. ROCK. Aka. Brittle as fuck. Hell, look at Balder armor and the exposed midriffs. Look at the Onion armor and think about how much that would actually restrict movement. Think about Smough's armor.

>> No.20892593

>Think that Havel's armor looks awesome as fuck
>Can't wear it because of the association with bad players


>> No.20892597

They look like monsters to you?

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>look at Balder armor and the exposed midriffs
Balder armor is not exactly meant to be in a functional state when you're wearing it.

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>playing offline
>just running through Painted to get stuff before I go online
>jump into the well
>immediately attacked by BP skeleton wheels

HOW AND WHY? OH WAIT, PAINTED WORLD OF ARAMIS. Fuck this gay world and that dumb bitch of a half-breed. I don't even bother with turning your shitty soul into a weapon or going for your dragon-tail weapon.

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Dragon scales are made of stone as well, that's just how it works in Lordran.

Hornstein's armour is badass anyway.

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I prefer Elite Knight and Silver Knight set.
That's probably what happen. They're nice to her, but completely fucked your shit up. This game make me roll around like I'm one of the skeleton wheel.

>> No.20892628

>>Arcanum, Fallout 1/2, Arx Fatalis
Arcanum had straight up real world armour in it. Oh sure, the steam powered armour was ridiculous, but I feel it is justified by the setting, same with Fallout's armour. Arx Fatalis had pretty bland armour IMO.

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The way the legs are drawn kill me.

>> No.20892632

Also, moveset determined by weapon, no thrust attack for two handers, no parry with twohanders, balder armor on females, SHIELDS, etc. etc.
Dark Souls isnt o be.as realistic as fanboys claim it t

>> No.20892633

>I don't even bother with turning your shitty soul into a weapon

Not using the Lifehunter Scythe?
Too bad.

>> No.20892637


Say what ever you want, but claiming that gravelorded skeleton wheels are peaceful gets you killed.

>> No.20892643

who the fuck is hornstein?

>> No.20892644


I'd be kind too, to a 10m tall crossbreed monster who has the Lifehunt ability which even the gods feared.

>> No.20892648

Good shield and enough stamina, problem solved.

>> No.20892658


Pikachu's armor has enormous metal plates on the legs that are just added weight. And then there's the helmet, which I have no idea how it's supposed to work. Eyeholes? Not at eye level.

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>> No.20892660


Just go Giant's/Smough's/Guardian's dude. The reason Havel's is considered annoying is because it's got damn near the highest poise in the game. Smough's is lighter and has better defense, you just look HILARIOUS.

>> No.20892662


implement some kind of respawn/bonfire/checkpoint/soul system (you could probably steal it straight from the game)

up the lethality a bit

change the setting specific names to something a bit more generic


looks like Oblivion

TES usually has pretty tame armour designs.

>> No.20892664


>the only armour in whole game that makes some sense
>shitty starting armour anyway

I hope you like all the neoncolored spiky monstrosities.

>> No.20892665

Plus she is tall and polite. Which is a plus.

>> No.20892677

Can you block attacks when on a ladder? I was literally attacked by BP skeleie wheels when going down the ladder in the well. Granted, I was playing on an unpatched game due to lack of internet at the time. Shit was crazy.

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>> No.20892682

Mini-me's armor is also super light compared to other full armors and most of it is obviously just pure swag.

>> No.20892687

>Dat Solaire
Oh god my sides. It ran off.

>> No.20892688

Well the lord of cinder willingly linked the flame too and he was quite mad by the time you got to him.

Then again Solaire IS the kind of guy who'd be happy burning to death

>> No.20892692

>> No.20892694

When worn by the player, the mouth of the lion for Ornstein's helm is the visor.

>> No.20892698

>> No.20892702

Did I ever say it made sense? I said it's badass.

Dark Souls realistic? Who the hell is saying that?

>> No.20892705

Ebony armour doesn't look shit. Thus, I roll around in Ebony, even in Skyrim. In Morrowind there's just no point to coordinating for looks, you'll always end up looking like a crazy legendary hobo

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>> No.20892714

>My first encounter with Priscilla
>When you summon him, you get a burning ball of fire that kill everything.
>Yes, it even kill you.

>> No.20892716

This guy, who I am going to assume is not you: >>20892413

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>> No.20892731

I should go to sleep.

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>> No.20892755


People arguing about realism in armors in JRPGs and WRPGs.

No matter how you look at it there's not a single sliver of consistency. Dark souls has the elite knight set, a longsword and a crest shield, but on the other hand it also has Smough's armor, Havel's greatshield and the demon greataxe.

The thing about Dark Souls armor design is that it at least looks protective, and generally doesn't have massive "stab here for massive damage" stomach openings.

And holy shit the freedom it gives you. You want to fence, parry and riposte? Fine. You want to smack the shit out of demons with a hammer that weighs more than you while wearing nothing at all? Go for it.

>> No.20892758

>invade player in blight town
>sit at top of mountain to queelag's
>snipe him across the map with my dragonslayer, since his health bar is visible from all dat poison
he wasn't happy

>> No.20892760


None of those armour/clothing sets are ridiculous, atleast when compared to most other RPGs.

>> No.20892766

>> No.20892775

>> No.20892784

Oh hydra, thou art crazy. Look scary but can't really do much.

>> No.20892786

>> No.20892789


That's evil.

I once went dragonbowing with the Silver Knight archers at Anor Londo.

>> No.20892806


I tend to let hosts get near the fog-gate where I proceed to backstab them with a Hornet ring on.

>> No.20892814

>disguise self as pot
>hide near mimic
>wait for them to be surprised
>surprise them again

>> No.20892821

It's the best of both worlds! Most JRPGs only go for no armour, or crazy as fuck armour that can only be explained by lolmagic. WRPGs tend to be on the side of not-totally-insane

>> No.20892823

Welcome to Anor Londo.

>> No.20892834

So, I want to make a dark souls character that's an evil, occult whip wielding witch. On a scale of one to ten, how silly is this idea? Also, when the hell will we get loli, or big titty or fucking any mods that make the female characters look less like shit?

>> No.20892840


>> No.20892846

>> No.20892851

Oh fuck.

>> No.20892857

>Also, when the hell will we get loli, or big titty or fucking any mods that make the female characters look less like shit?

fuck off

>> No.20892863

And all is right in the world.

>> No.20892864


Please keep that shit confined to Oblivion/Skyrim, will you?

>> No.20892867

>> No.20892871

You'll need an actual weapon.

>> No.20892874

Dragonbowing is the most entertaining passtime. A true gentlemen's sport.

>get invaded
>phantom walks by
>wait a little bit
>make some noise
>slightly change position
fucking with phantoms is the second best thing there is.

>> No.20892876

>> No.20892881


At least you didn't put a wheel on there. I'd be unable to ever sleep again.

>> No.20892883

And yet, this is still someone's fetish.

>> No.20892884

>> No.20892886

Whips and spells. It's fine, it's fine.


>> No.20892892

Oh christ, have you seen some of those mods? It's like people don't understand that skin isn't one colour across the whole body. That or they fap to barbie dolls. And the fucking eyes. Dear god the fucking eyes.

>> No.20892893

>> No.20892895

I know the one in Anor Londo is an illusion, but is the real Gwynevere alive somewhere?
How about mimic on wheel? Or Mimic that release wheel skeleton when open.

>> No.20892906

Get your shit in order, Dark Souls!

>> No.20892908


I'm >>20891903

I need two hands when playing with halberd.

>> No.20892910


Yes, she's alive and married off to some Fire God called Flann. Most of the gods are alive and well, they're just not in Anor Londo anymore. Think of AL as Olympus. It's not that easy to reach.

>> No.20892915

Contrary to popular belief, whips are not actually weapons, and spells are limited, unless you go pew pew sorcerer. 360 casts of offensive spells in two slots would be more than enough in that case.

>> No.20892919

she fled and married some fire god, or something

given the trend in NPC survival rates, she's probably dead.. or insane

>> No.20892921

>> No.20892924


Mimic with wheel arms. It retracts its legs and comes at you like one of those drone things in Star Wars Episode 2.

>> No.20892937

the spiked whip with the blade of darkmoon spell on it is actually pretty dangerous, for a whip

>> No.20892938

>> No.20892939

>Chilling around, trying out my different armours (DaS really tickles my hoarding habits)
>Damn, Havel's armour is swag as fuck
>"Invading another world"
>Invade some guy in the big building in Anor Londo
>We're both wearing Havel's, but his axe is huge and lightning and shit
>Accidentally roll into his blow head-on
>Die in one hit

I still have no idea what happened

>> No.20892953

>> No.20892957

Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation.
Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.

>> No.20892959

>> No.20892961

>whips are not actually weapons
What is this bullshit you speak? Video games have taught me otherwise.

>> No.20892970

>> No.20892974

I still maintain he should be backstabbing

fucking latency

my first invasion was actually pretty awesome. Dapper darkmoon dude with the exact same gear as me (elite knight). We had a sporting swordfight, and killed three lightning zweihander black phantom cuntlickers before finishing our duel

>> No.20892976

How lewd.

>> No.20892981

>> No.20892987

>> No.20892988

One thing that Dark Souls was missin was Mimic Bonfires.

>> No.20893000

The horror

>> No.20893001

And now time for some gifs.

>> No.20893010

>Oh finally a resting point, I was sure that I wasn't going to ma-
>Touched the bonfire
>Mimic burst from the ground and eat you

>> No.20893023

I remember Blighttown, and those FUCKING ARROW KNIGHTS IN ANDOR LONDO.

But Blighttown was the WORST WORST WORST. I had to restart as a Pyromancer, just so I wouldn't keep getting my as kicked.

>> No.20893024

Mimic NPCs

>> No.20893025

>> No.20893035

Mimic Everything

>> No.20893040

>> No.20893055

>> No.20893059

>dat gillie suit

>> No.20893065

>First time in Darkroot Garden
>Alright, this area is pretty dark. Nothing I couldn't handle.
>What the fuck, is that tree moving?
>Wait, is it coming closer or-

>> No.20893069

>> No.20893070

>Travel down to go see Queelag's sister
>Offer Humanity to her
>She's a mimic
>The Humanity is a mimic
>Raise shield to defend self from mimics
>Realize I am a mimic
>We all laugh it off and go back to waiting

>> No.20893079

It also needed a place where the only option is to run.

Aside from the beginning and maybe Blighttown there isn't many places where the best choice is to bolt.

I'm picturing getting dropped into the Abyss and you have to run towards a light. And the entire time mini-4Kings, Black Knights, or Wheel Skeletons spawn. You can kill them but you'll get no souls and they're infinite like the mosquitoes or skeleton babies.

And if you run and look back there will be like 20 of them chasing you.

And just to top it off at the end through the light some guy will be waiting there and he'll be saying, "Oh, someone made it through".

>> No.20893086


Mimic souls, eh?

>> No.20893088

>> No.20893098

>> No.20893101


I remember fighting the Gaping Dragon in the Sewers. Now, I know in hindsight that he's a giant fucking pussy - Just hit him after he's on all fours, and after he charges.

But the first time I fought him, I remember watching the cutscene - Then going 'JESUS CHRIST *FUCK*' as he utterly wrecked me, Solaire and the heavy armor knight.

I tend to get stuck at the weirdest points. Like the goddamn swinging blades in Sen's Fortress...You know, the final ones that are REALLY close together?

>> No.20893109

Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.
Well, I'm going to sleep. Have fun mimicking, Mimics.
inb4 my bed is a Mimic.

>> No.20893121

Last one I have.

And I have the video for it:


>> No.20893127

Dear god those swinging blades I swear took me almost an hour of frustration and falling to my death to pass.

>> No.20893128

>only option
the thing I like about the Souls games is that they'll never really "force" you to do things one way

Like killing fatso in the beginning of Demon's. Or tackling red-eyes way too early.

The one thing Dark Souls was missing were mind-flayers. Dat bell. Dat fighting them MANO-A-MANO without any girly magic like my wussy friends.

>> No.20893135


Would you believe that I murdered her by accident? I went down there after fighting Quelag to death in a horrific battle with neither honor nor humanity, and then after I hacked the egg guy, I thought...


and gave her the chop, too.

>> No.20893143

>> No.20893147

>radical larry

>> No.20893152


Yeah, you have to pass them two at a time. I remember screaming out loud at my screen.


It's especially frustrating since you NEED to arrow the Serpent Mage to death, and any mistake means you're dead.

>> No.20893157

>try holding with both hands

>> No.20893196

It fits that one of the few nice things in Lordran is an illusion, as she's not even there.

>> No.20893268

You don't need to. I've done a melee only run of Dark Souls and you can get past her without arrows or magic.

It's hard as fuck and you need to rush it, but it's doable.

>> No.20893296

it's not that bad. The only time I had much trouble was when fighting Lautrec and his butt-buddies. 3v1 is tough when you're using shitty armour and only armed with your trusty silver-knight straight sword.

>> No.20893464

I thought she was only ugly in that she has undead monster face like the PC does most of the time.

>> No.20893471

First time I did it I just ran, roll, and made it past the blade in a single, fluid-motion. I then tought ''Well, that was easy''

I then made other character and second playtrough, get to this point, try it again...

And died so many time that the bottom of Sen's Fortress should probably be filled with corpses up to the last floor by now.

To this day, I still have no idea how I did it the first time. Goddamn beginners luck

>> No.20893511

>Woman in armor
>Absolutely no skin visible
>Designed by japan

203 posts and 96 image replies omitted. Click here to view.

...Does anyone here know how you correctly spell "oi hivae"?

>> No.20893537

אױ װײ or "Oy vey"

Shit, man, you weren't even close.

>> No.20893569

It's easy with magic, but then, that's not really surprising. I just spammed Chaos Fireball and then Fireorb and they all basically melted.

>> No.20896293

Looks more like a medusa than a mind flayer.

>> No.20896429


Were you talking about "Aye, siwmae" that Dornhall says?

>> No.20896650

because boobs are soft and squash-able, surely you'd know this if you ever handled some. Unless you've got truly massive ones you'll fit in a normal shaped breast plate.

>> No.20896675

I thought he was trying to say Oh hai, /v/.

>> No.20896713

Here, I'll translate
Solaire: Let's pray in front of the sun!
Thief: Hey, we should go soon..
Lautrec: Oh well

>> No.20896936

>Crow Demons
somebody didn't read the art book.
They aren't demons, They are the crow people of Velka. Her most devout servants mutated into raven people.
funny, the "good" gods such as Gwyn's family are the cowards, afraid of change. While the "Evil" people like the Darkwraith's are ready to embrace it and move on with natures natural order

>> No.20897326

hey normal fag if you're so happy about handling IRL breasts why don't you go do that right now and GTFO?

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