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MEANWHILE in the Black Library...

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Meanwhile, on Terra.

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MEANWHILE, back at the convent...

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you can't heresy if you orgasm for the Emperor

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MEANWHILE in Zendikar...

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MEANWHILE in the Mens' Barracks.

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MEANWHILE in the home of the parents of a newly born Pyrokinesist...

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Show me where it says SoBs cant have sweet, sweet lesbian BDSM orgies. Go on, show me.

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I liked this thread better when you posted it on /co/


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Meanwhile in Five-Minutes-in-the-Future Tokyo...

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meanwhile in the lower stratosphere

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Meanwhile in low-earth orbit...

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Meanwhile, in Carl's living room!

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Meanwhile in an alley next to a battlefield...

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Meanwhile, on Cadia?

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They can. Because they orgasm for the Emperor.

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Meanwhile, on a planetside Tau/Imperium border

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I shall purify this heretic by cleansing her with holy ointments! ...from my tongue!

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Meanwhile, aboard the Emperor's Children's Battle Barge

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so long as it's done for the emperor sisters can suck off slaanesh herself and it's not heresy

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Truly, they are the Imperium's bravest heroes!

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in the grim darkness of the far future there is nothing stronger than the power of love

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Anyone have Tau/SOB pics?

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It's because of the SoB that I have a fetish for scars and pageboy haircuts.

Oh well.

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Dawww. SoB love is best love.

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ever seen asian guys with white girls? no? well then. same reason.

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I had that fetish before they appeared, back in 199X.
blame catholic education.

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...I've seen a lot of asian guys with white girls.

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god damn flood detection.

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Its cause black people have claimed most white women

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Its because of my fetish for muscles, scars, fire, and short hair that I have a fetish for SoBs.

Ah well.

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There's actually some asian guy/white girl interracial porn on the video web sites somewhere. I forgot where I saw it, though.

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didn't know that was a fetish.

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>video web sites

you know there's literally hundreds of those right?

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asian girl/white guy is the 2nd most popular type of interracial porn after black guy/white girl, whereas asian guy/white girl is rare enough I have never actually seen it

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Holy shot, it's a picture with dark eldar and craftworld eldar interacting!

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Meanwhile in the warp

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is that what the cool kids are calling it these days

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I'm part asian, so I guess I've been around that kind of atmosphere/interaction a lot more.
Weeaboo women in particular though. -shudder-
Scary women.

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Right now they're just interacting. Later, they'll be...“interacting”.

After all, it takes a lot of fluff to have two factions interact so heavily, so they have to break open a lot of pillows.

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Meanwhile, on Manhattanius IV.

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Crossing the beams is Tech-Heresy.

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My anecdote: Being a white navy guy in Sasebo, I walked into town to get some gifts for friends back home. Walked into one store run by an old Japanese couple, who promptly asked me to marry their daughter. Complimented me in engrish, brought out pictures, gave me her phone number. My nubile androgynous face when.

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No eligible men in Japan?

Also meanwhile in the trenches

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>No eligible men in Japan?
For a given definition of eligible, the asnwer to you question is "Yes, that's correct."

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I love this

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I think weaboo chicks scare everyone. I am truly sorry for your lots if you attract them, though.

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Simple solution then, we round up all the male weaboos in America, put them on a ship, and send them to Japan. Done deal.

Meanwhile in Westeros...

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I attract gay weeaboo men like poop attract flies. you should feel sorry for people like me...

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Meanwhile, on Mars.

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I attract fat chicks and crazies, I have very little pity left to spare and I already gave it to the other anon.

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I attract...


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Japanese women are picky, and she was tall, nontraditional (artist), and 30. They're so picky the country's birthrate is half replacement levels. They're basically all holding out to marry a rich Japanese man or a non-poor white man who looks like a girl. Like me. Apparently I am a fetish in Japan. As for the weeaboo white men and neckbeards, no one wants them. Pic related.

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Look, its better that way. there's nothing more annoying than attracting people you hate. it makes you paranoid.

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>non-poor white man who looks like a girl

Very interesting, could you tell more?

(I see you trappin', I'm pretty trappin' myself.)

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A Japanese chick told me I looked like a movie star once. I think they have white fever the same way we get yellow fever where you might bump a 5/10 Asian chick up a few points solely based on the fact that shes Asian.

Meanwhile, in the UK.

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Great, now the attention whores are coming out of the woodwork. Fuck off back to /soc/, would you.

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I've been continually here for the past 3-4 years.

What the fuck is /soc/ anyway

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A place for traps and fatties to camwhore to their faggy little hearts content.

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Wahaha! good pic, havent seen it before

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MEANWHILE in the Kaurava system.

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Well that is just sad, they are a haven for space conserving civil engineering, crazy public cultural perversions and robotics. It will be a sad day when they are out-bred by other cultures that consider dry-humping a form of dancing. Oh well

Meanwhile on some besieged low-tech planet of the Imperium

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Reminds me of when there were regular fatguy threads here.

Hey what happened to that fat hairy guy who never had a shirt on? I havent seen him in ages.

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yeah... started therapy a few months later, and then HRT...

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>inb4 and then they were both blammed

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Yeah, nah, fuck off.

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(Good luck)
And you were in the navy?

This is contrary to my image of soldier people...

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Trans women gravitate to the military to prove to themselves and others they are manly. Most of those I know are former military, and of them they're almost all former navy. The village people didn't write a song about the army. That said, they fit right in, as the military is full of men doing homosexual things to prove they aren't homosexual. I was shaving my legs and arms and no one noticed because the body builders did that too.

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I prefer to think that the Krieger accepted the flower and put in on his uniform, during the next few years, every day the village would hear the explosions, screaming, and shooting coming from the front lines. New soldiers being conscripted by scared farmboys never to be seen again, she thinks of them all as that one soldier guarding them, and all the while, somewhere in the trenches was a krieger with a dead flower pinned to his uniform, not quite knowing why it brought him comfort. And when the day comes that he lies in the muck with his lifes blood running from him he reaches for that little dead plant just out of his reach, dying before he can get to it. When the carnage is over, one man will notice that his comrade had fought for his life to reach this keepsake, never knowing why, but burying it alongside of him. And in those moments humanity proves that it can survive in hell.

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MEANWHILE, on tumblr.

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Meanwhile in an underhive

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I could go on some rant about how that wouldn't be grimderp enough for the setting and try to poke holes in your story.

But I'm not going to. Because I like your story. And I think there should be more like it. Just little pockets of humanity in the great big ball of fuck that is WH40K.

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>Japanese women are picky

Let's be fair: The majority of Japanese men are not stellar picks, what with the misogyny and the traditional family roles.

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meanwhile on /tg/

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Why do I think 40K needs more of this

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All true. Add to that the walking fetish that is a preop transsexual and you get my misadventure in Sasebo.

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Because it seems that far too many are forgetting something.

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because it's good writing

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This is why I love Aaron W Dembski-Bowden's books, they are full of stuff Iike that.

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I learn something new every day!

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/tg/ loves stories. /tg/ also loves (good) love stories. Most of all, /tg/ loves 40K. Combine these three and you've got yourself a stew.

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I learned that trannies cant help but drag their neurotic bullshit into literally every single conversation.

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Because 40k needs more of anything except boring pathos.

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>Let's be fair: The majority of Japanese men are not stellar picks, what with the misogyny and the traditional family roles.

Lemme just clarify my racism here: I don't mean that there's something wrong with their genes, I'm sure if a japanese couple back in the early eighties had adopted a white boy and raised him, he'd be just as terrible because it is not japanse DNA that's weird, it's their culture.

(Blah blah cultural relativism, blah blah we hang people for wife-burning.)

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>tg loves 40k
It's just pretty much all they know. Every new 40k thread makes me cringe a little.

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Must you keep dragging this on?

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Must you keep shitposting in this thread?

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