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What's that, Xeno? Somebody summoned daemons to your tomb world?

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Sounds like a job for Boone!

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And not a single fuck was given that day

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One of Culexis' waifus got Xeno into this mess, surely another can get her out of it!

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And then Xeno was banished to the Warp forever the end.

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no big deal. hellblades are ony AP3 now.

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But that means Xeno doesn't get an armor save!

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Let us know when you bite the dust so we can hammer them nice and proper-like.

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Maybe you could hire some mercs to help. I hear there's a particular tribe of orks that just loves to krump them some Chaos boys. They're supposed to be dead lucky, too.

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Daemons? Tomb world? Did I miss a quest thread or something?

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Oh, dark masters, the Tomb World will be ours!

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For five seconds.
Then it'll be ours.

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Didn't it used to be yours? And then some ditzy taucron took it away with a couple of robot bugs?

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So I'm guessing this is some kind of rock paper scissors thing.
Xeno beats IG
KAY-OHSS beats Xeno

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You can never truly defeat KAY-OSS!

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Bitch looks preggo in this gif.

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Christ I forgot that image is animooted.

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Naw. Just babbyfat. This is after she gets respawned as a junior.

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>This is after she gets respawned as a junior.
Uh-oh. You know what that means...

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God dammit, I want someone to .gif that image. It would be terrifying. Because that was from the early part of the creepypasta, when it was still good.

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Well, there is one part that is stille the best

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I can just hear a giant monster voice going "ehhhhhh!"

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I can just hear
Bwow, wow, wow, wow, wowowowowowowWOWOWOWOW DUH-LING!

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Wait, what's the source on this thing?
My google-fu is weak.

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Not too sure if I want to know anymore.

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Don't hold out on me, anon.

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People are still interested in shitty old Xeno?

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No boner.
Not here.

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No boners, only despair.

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that only makes my boner harder sweet bumps.

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Ah, there we go.

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Thats the sequel.

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Google-searching "Zanderfruit" got me there, all the same.

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway

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Just in case you fucked it up

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