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The schism and ancient hatred that tore apart the Eldar Civilization has finally brought both parts of the Eldar race into bitter conflict.

The noble Craftworlders can no longer sit idly by while the Dark Eldar ravage the galaxy.

The sinister Commorrites will finally seek to exact their foul revenge on their fair kindred.

Who will you side with in this terrible Blood Feud?

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I choose...Borealum.

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Eldar are even more stupid than I imagined if they wanted to pick a straight up fight with Commoragh.

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I side with whichever branch of His Divine Majesty's armed forces will allow me to kill as many of these vile xenos as much as possible.

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DEldar and Eldar aren't enemies though...

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You have chosen... baldly.

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Even if the craftworlders have no chance of winning, only a retard would side with the dark Eldar.
Bear in mind that siding with regular Eldar= grunt soldier while siding with DE= rape toy.

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Your with the Craftworlders then.

More Dark Eldar than Craftworlders, Exodites, Croneworlders and Pirates combined.

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They are in DoW, where World Eaters employ Sorcerers to gather blood via magical means rather than going out and spilling it themselves.

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Not even the Chaste Exodites will be spared the vengeance of the Dark Eldar. For they too share the Craftworlders crime of betrayal and abandonment.

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Remember....still canon.

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I go for the Imperium.

Exterminatus all pointy eared vermin.

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Help me out here. If the Eldar are said to be a dying race and the Dark Eldar aren't dying at all and their numbers are increasing, then it can be safely assumed that the Dark Eldar aren't real Eldar.

I mean why would they say the Eldar are dying if a majority of them isn't dying out, unless the Dark Eldar are not Eldar.

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They are dying in a different way.

Numbers has nothing to do with it.

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They are dying out.

They just survive on pure rape and SnM.

It's cannon.

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I guess the out-of-universe explanation would be that the Eldar got their dying race theme long before the Dark Eldar were a thing. Even when the DE were introduced, the codex didn't really say anything about their numbers. It's only the 5th edition fluff that's painted their population as being so huge.

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Do you even lore? Craftworlders have to avoid slaanesh raping their souls. Dark Eldar have him constantly raping them slowly, eating away at their soul.

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the population is huge because of cloning, they still can't breed and if they ever stop being fucked up sadists slaneesh will eat their souls

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They have the means to extend their lives and sustain their numbers. Heck, they are thriving. I think there are more Dark Eldar in the Dark City than all Normal Eldar combined (Craftworlders, Exodites etc etc).

The only dying and struggling Eldar are the Craftworlders. Slowly and yet surely, they are fading into oblivion.

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>Standing a chance against the glory of Commoragh

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It's not cloning. I mean, there probably are clones running around in Commorragh, but their main method of making babby is something else:

>The Eldar gestation cycle takes many laborious years to complete. As such, conventionally born children are rare symbols of status, usually granted their every indulgence and raised to be just as calculating and evil as their parents. Though procreation still occurs, artificially grown Dark Eldar are far more commonplace. Once impregnated, a nascent egg can be removed from the womb and implanted in one of the amniotic tubes that honeycomb the breeding-walls of the Haemonculi. Using a repulsive, insectile science developed many millennia ago, the embryo’s growth can be hyperaccelerated within these tubes, each new specimen drizzling unclean fluids before being taken away by Wrack attendants. These ‘half-born’ are seen with contempt by trueborn Dark Eldar, who believe them inherently inferior.

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>then it can be safely assumed that the Dark Eldar aren't real Eldar

Not quite

Craftworlders are to pre-fall eldars what fat Wiccan goth chicks with a fursona are to Celt druids.

Dark eldars, however, are to pre-fall eldars what, say, the Byzantine Roman Empire was to the classical Roman Empire.

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Yeah, Gal-O Sengen.

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I told you. Dark Eldar aren't real Eldar.

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CEldar have psykers and farseers remember? And they live on fortified world ships while the DEldar are stuck in one place, fighting each other as much as they fight anyone else. They are technologically on an equal level, though CEldar are more mechanized. The DEldar have advantage in numbers and little else, and seeing as how the Exodites are with certainty not going to ally with them they are isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

What the DEldar does have going for them other than numbers is the fact that outside of the warp they are in the most defensible position in existence. They are too big to be invaded by the CEldar successfully and with the exception of Harlequins they are the best there is at navigating the webway.

It's a stalemate

Also, CEldar - Celdar - Cell-dar
I want to see drawfaggotry of Dragonball x 40k

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> they still can't breed
Trueborns say your argument is invalid.

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>Craftworlders are to pre-fall eldars what fat Wiccan goth chicks with a fursona are to Celt druids
I don't agree, but this made me laugh

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Craftworlds can't be all that great. A single Zoanthrope wiped out the population of Malan'tai, the Invaders successfully invaded (ha ha) Idharae, and the Emperor's Children trash Lugganath in the new CSM codex.

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>The wild pleasure that INDRICK BOREALE took in defiling FARSEER CAERYS would unleash horrible forces of SLAANESH.

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Ignorant mon-keigh would not know the difference.

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I'd like to see the Eldar disappear an entire planet in a few days.

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They can do more than that. According to Farseer they have enough WMDs to destroy all of humanity.

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They've done far more impressive things than disappearing planets.

>The Great Exodus
>A strange swirling phenomenon in the Argos system is only a curiosity until the sudden appearance of six Eldar craftworlds. By the time the Imperial Fleet arrives, both the swirling mass and the Eldar are gone, yet in their passing all prime suns within sixty light years are extinguished. The Imperial Fleet and innumerable transports attempt to ferry the countless billions of Imperial citizens to neighbouring systems, in what is the largest exodus ever attempted by the Imperium. It is estimated that nearly 12% of the population and 32% of the heavy industry are safely removed. The ring of dead planets and suns is now known as the Deadhenge, a salvager's paradise and refuge of pirates.

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Silly OP, the Craftworlders will win! They will crush the Dark Eldars and then Biel-Tan will restore the Eldar Empire and then they will kill all the Mon'Keighs and then they will win forever! After all, they have Farseer Macha with them, and she's THE STRONGEST!

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I'm pretty sure that at least in the case of the Invaders the craftworld had already been weakened by a Splinter Fleet. The Invaders got their shit wrecked to the point that they were still rebuilding 50 years later when Alaitoc reduced them to three companies. They have become sort of buttmonkeys since then.

But yeah there are inconsistencies. For example, it is mentioned in the previous 'cron codex that the Imperium doesn't have what it takes to assault a craftworld and succeed and so they just stay the fuck away.

Basically, all eldar habitats that are not one of the main craftworlds or Commorragh are the redshirts of to the CEldar's Spock and the DEldar's Kirk.

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If the Eldar can do something like that, why don't they just obliterate every sun that their enemy's systems rely on?

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Because they consider themselves gardeners of creation and - oh wait, that's Necrons.

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So I can live my dream as a Warp Spider specialist...

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He's probably overselling it like the arrogant not-precognitive dick that all eldar are.

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It's been mentioned numerous times that assaulting a craftworld is not something the Imperium is fully capable of doing without ludicrous loss to itself. Same with Ork-held sectors of space.

However, new fluff likes to portray marines as super-stues who can do anything, so a mere 700 marines can apparently invade a craftworld numbering well into the millions (and possibly even hundreds of millions), and wipe them all out with minimal effort.

This is a glaring problem with what's wrong with 40k currently, as if the new painting of the 'heroic last stand of the Crimson Fists' wasn't an abomination enough on it's own.

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For the same reason Necrons won't use their more ridiculous stuff like Celestial Orrery and Dark Eldar won't do a driveby in the Sol system and drop a boxed black hole as a parting gift. It wouldn't be good for the narrative in an universe which is supposed to just support small-scale miniature battles.

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That's kinda retarded then.

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Enjoy getting your soul eaten.

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They could pretty much destroy the galaxy with their stockpiles of superweapon surprises. The only reason they don't is because they intend to live in there after having exterminated the xenos infesting their old domain.

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It's not good for the narrative of the universe to even HAVE things like that in the story.

Seriously, What the FUCK were they thinking while writing that shit?

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Mat Ward

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Rule of Crazy, it's british sci-fi after all and not even particularly excessive as far as that goes.

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A lot of the shit that's been appearing in 40k lately, is not good for the narrative value of the background.

Mailing Black Holes, having a super artifact that can cause any star to go super nova, ludicrous kill-counts for marines with barely any casualties taken in return...

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My sides, they have fallen to Slaanesh!

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>Kelly: Dork Eldurr r bestest, they could totally destroy the Imperum if they wanted to, good thing the superiror elven master race wants you silly monkeys alive ha ha
>Ward: Oh yeah, well Newcrons r even besterder they cud wipe out the whole galaxy if they wanted too and they broke there gods and can tell the future by looking at stars and have cloaks of CRYSTALLIZED TIME!

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Necrons should invade Commoragh.

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When the next Ork codex comes around, there'll be a mention of Wazzdakka completing his supa' 'eyeway and the entire Segmentum Tempestus being demolished to make way for it.

And Tau will convert the Scarus sector to greater good.

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> ludicrous kill-counts for marines with barely any casualties taken in return...
actually, given the absolutely minuscule number of marines in the galaxy and the massive amount of time it would take to make even one, that's pretty much the only way they could keep existing.

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say what you want, cloaks of crystallized time sounds awesome

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But then there's the occasional story of Blood Angels losing 950 guys in one space hulk expedition.

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This is how the Ward punishes the fools who cheated him of his destiny as a Time Lord.

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[citation needed]
That would literally be 95% of the entire chapter's fighting forces, and would cripple them far beyond the level the Crimson Fists were reduced to, or any of the legions after the Istvaan 4 massacre.

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Space Hulk.

>That would literally be 95% of the entire chapter's fighting forces, and would cripple them far beyond the level the Crimson Fists were reduced to, or any of the legions after the Istvaan 4 massacre.

Yup, but you can rebuild. Especially if you're smart and don't go in wars undermanned.

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Gav Thorpe explains:
>The 'new' Space Hulk story is simply an updated (and slightly expanded) version of the original Space Hulk story. As pointed out by others, this involved the Blood Angels losing 950 Battle Brothers in an ill-fated attack 650 years before the present encounter.

>No dates were ever given as far as I could work out, but there is a sort of Easter Egg clue as to the rough timing of the campaign detailed in the game for those that are paying attention.

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No it wouldn't. It's just shit-tier writing and a constant need to make them even 'more speshul' than before. Instead of full-frontal derp-assaults they effortlessly win, and 1 tac-squad killing tens of thousands of 'bad dudes', the writers could actually remember what Marines exist for in fluff and return them to the surgical-knife objective takers they are.

Bottom line, more people need to just fucking play Epic 40k. If you try to play marines like their current 12yr old fanboy codices portray, you'll get your ass horribly kicked. But if you play them like they have been portrayed for decades now, they do quite well.

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Epic is outdated and does not include things Marines in current fluff would use, such as Terminus Ultra Land Raides, Achilles, Terminator Titanhammer squads etc

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There's probably a good reason it doesn't include them.

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Wow, I didn't think any story could be even more fucking retarded than the retcon to the Crimson Fists Rynn's World story.

Touche, good sirs. Touche. You have showed me levels of derp by the writing staff that I have never thought possible before.

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Yeah, chiefly that it has not received official updates (unlike Apocalypse) for years.

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>No it wouldn't. It's just shit-tier writing and a constant need to make them even 'more speshul' than before.
no, it's been like that for a long time. Specifically since 2nd edition, when marines became what they are today.

>Bottom line, more people need to just fucking play Epic 40k
sure, but that's because it's a fantastic game.

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Dear Britfags, why do you still allow your royals to live?

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Pretty much this.

There's a reason it doesn't include them. And it's because they're called "wankery".

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>Specifically since 2nd edition, when marines became what they are today.

Yes, but at least they actually died in mass for reasons other than Gav saying "because I just don't like Blood Angels."

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Because they bring in the cash from idiot American tourists.

>> No.20881174

Tourism monies. And why ask this now?

>> No.20881175

Because the monarchy does actually have some influence in the British government. Even though a lot of it is formality.

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>implying the royals are what brings in american tourists

>> No.20881247

believe it or not, the queen has the power to dissolve government if she wishes. They have to get her to sign something each year so it stays run by the governement. So the short answer is: because they actually could have all the control if they wanted it.

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Wouldn't anything entering Sol receive the full attention of the insane shit the Imperium has stashed there?
Like you know, the Emperor, all of their DAoT ships, and shit?

Fuck it, you know what?
We need to let the Imperium get their technology back, the necrons to awaken, the nids to arrive, and generally take the story forwards.

It's not like it won't be a perfect excuse for forty-thousand new codex, miniatures, and shit anyway.

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If I'd went there, I'd go there to see the damn place, not fawn over some glorified celebrities.

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Oh boy, it's this thread again.

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But that sounds like it would take hard work. Do you really expect the neckbeards working at GW to do something like that? Even if they did the new codices wouldn't be out in 25 years, give or take a few years if they choose to release more spess muhreen stuff.

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You won't give up, because Eldars made for fighting, and ain't gonna bow your head to no one.

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Eldar are made for fighting and losing.

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Taste the rainbow motherfucker!

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Dark Eldar.

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I bet Phil Kelly watched that show and based her on Wuya.

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With all this discussion on Dark Eldar and the like, would anyone be interested in a Commoragh game?

Set in the Dark City, using the FFG 40k System. Possibly using either Black Crusade or Only War. But taking some notes from the Rogue Trader supplement.

Players wouldn't just be able to play Dark Eldar, but also Harlequins and Corsairs.

Any interest?

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It is heavily implied that Leith, or whatever she is called, is a Chaos Worshiper.

So not only are the Dark Eldar mutant mongrels, they are Chaos servants as well..

>> No.20881870

I'd love to, but it goes against my religion to fraternize with xenos.

>> No.20881874

Jes Goodwin, rather.

Phil Kelly was merely his sock-puppet as far as fluff was concerned. As for miniature design, codex writers don't have a say in it. Nope, Mat Ward didn't design the Dreadknight (I think it's again Goodwin who did) or the terrible newcron miniatures (Dave Thomas did).

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I had an idea for a Dark Eldar campaign where the players are searching for a secret method to save their race.
It's actually the most perverted act in M41, one too grotesque even for Slaanesh.
Consensual heterosexual sex in the missionary position for reproductive purposes.

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Vect & Lelith

>> No.20882134

>> No.20882199

Is it having intercourse with the asteroid field?

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nonsense, Vect has long silky chinese mustache and beard.

>> No.20882254

Dark Eldar
They fear their endless torture of hell after death to die.

>> No.20882268

Eldar don't grow beards or staches.

>> No.20882286

no fluff says that

some of their depictions of Asuryan features an egyptian fake beard. So do some Dire Avengers and Farseers

also Malus Darkblade has facial hair.

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>Malus Darkblade

He is a Dark Elf not an Eldar.

>> No.20884093

No he does not. An archon might, but Vect doesn't.

Stop trying to force this.

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Not going to happen any time soon. the harlequins are improving the relationship between the two, and they like each other a lot more than they like just about everything else in the galaxy

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Blood Feud

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Yeah, but that's original late-80s derp, which is best derp.

Also, the losses aren't the real derp. The fact that there are only a million marines in existence is the origin point for a lot of stupidity.

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>that gif

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But the one time she uses that, they'd probably make it so she can't do that.

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buttered banshees

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