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It recently struck me that there isn't really a Space Pirate esque faction in Warhammer 40k. I guess there's the Ork Boyz who scavenge things from the battlefield, but there doesn't seem to be anyone in the 40k universe who's just in it for the swag and adventure, rather than for some super duper ancient archaic goal (Orks kind of excluded, seeing as they're only in it for the fights, but they're hardwired to do that anyway). So, basically, I'm just going to be dumping random ideas for a 40k pirate faction. I know shit all about stats, but I'm alright on fluff, so some feedback on this stuff from you elegen/tg/entlemen would be nice.

Obviously, one of the problems with space pirates is that most combat in the 40k universe takes place on planets rather than in space, and pirates are typically seen as people who just stand on the ship and then fire weapons at anything near them. A way to counter this might be to make it so this pirate faction had a far higher amount of vehicle units than almost any other faction, allowing almost any pirate army to have atleast a handful of transports. Perhaps even basic, non-vehicle units could be decorated with small vehicles, like some sort of heavy set, grimdark segway. In terms of pirating, I guess this would be members of the faction swooping down onto an unsuspecting planet via dropship or something, diving out in their vehicles, blitzing and looting everything in sight, and then running back to the dropship before the populace of the planet can comprehend what the fuck just happened.


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I'd say technology for this pirate army would be rather grimy and Ork-esque, but not as haphazard as the equipment used by boyz. Emblems and pirate symbols would be applied as liberally as Ork symbols, but perhaps more tastefully; i.e. while there's lots of symbols painted onto their vehicles, they follow a pattern and are relevant to the pirate faction, rather than just being a bunch of money symbols, scowling faces and red paint splashed on like fuck (also, lack of WAAAAGH, so even if the pirate faction did splash red paint on all their vehicles, it wouldn't make them go faster).

The species making up the pirate faction could be interesting; what would cause an entire species to turn to pirating rather than forming a strong millitary, assuming they're not dumb fucks? As I feel the "my home planet was destroyed" trope is pretty overplayed, perhaps in the fluff, the members of this pirate army do not represent the entirety of the species, it's just that a large proportion of said species has turned to priating, but there's still a bunch of perfectly normal guys somewhere else. While the Orks have been preprogrammed for war, perhaps a large amount of this species has inherited a HIGH ADVENTURE! gene? I think it would also be interesting if the lower ranks of the pirate army was made up of a mish-mash of other species alongside the main pirate race. In addition to the pirates, maybe squats who have not vanished into the Imperium, individuals of races who have been sucked into the Tau Empire, maybe even humans from feral worlds or pissed off Imperial Guards who are seeking a life where the glory goes to them rather than the EMPRAH?


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The pirate species itself could fill any of the niches left open by the current 40k. Ones which immediately spring to mind are a reptillian species, a 40k Ogre species, an insect species and an aquatic species. However, old ones, slann and dog soldiers are all reptillian, and so could be argued to fill that gap, even though none are major armies. You could also argue that the Ogryn are the obvious successors of the WFB Ogres in the 40k setting, and even if they weren't, big fat oriental mercenaries doesn't really fit pirates. That leaves insects and aquatic species; a very small minority might say that Tyranids are insects, but I think they're more body-horror-what-the-fuckery rather than true insects.

Man sized, bug eyed, super strong ant and fly people, backed up by slow, humanoid slugs. An insect species would open up all sorts of ideas for natural weaponry, like stings and pincers, and perhaps some interesting ideas for technology.
However, an aquatic species could also be pretty cool, and it seems pretty fitting for pirates, seeing as they rule the seven seas. So, I think I'll expand on this aquatic idea more. It would probably be a good idea to make an aquatic species something more than walking fish, because then they'd just end up looking like tau. I'm thinking something like a bizzare mish-mash of crabs/lobsters and squids/octopuses. Twisted, ridgey exoskeletons protecting flailing tentacles, ending in bizzare limbs which seem to be a mix of suckercups and pincers. Perhaps this aquatic species cannot breathe air, so almost all units are complete with a handful of water tanks and special breathing masks strapped to their person.

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Red Corsairs, Freebootaz, Dark Eldar.

Class dismissed.

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We're pretty much done here.

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Beat me to it.

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Pretty sure there's a /tg/made Chapter of Pirate marines too.

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Rogue Traders can also be Imperial Space Pirates

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We're not done yet. We don't have Ninjas yet- oh wait we do.

What about the Robot zombi- nevermind

What about robot zombie pirate- we have those too, don't we?

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OP is a moron.

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Yeah there's a necron pirate lord floating about somewhere

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I want to make fun of him, but I cant. He tried so hard on this and even wrote three posts worth of text that I didn't read on the idea without ever realizing how many pirate factions there are out there. Its just too danged adorable to hate on.

pic is how I envision op.

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>It recently struck me that there isn't really a Space Pirate esque faction in Warhammer 40k.
Stopped reading here. Eldar Corsairs.

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Well, some necrontyr were pirates before they got by the c'tan. And those pirate necrons totally use the more ninja-like of the necrons.

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More like privateers.

>"...private person or ship authorized by a government by letters of marque to attack foreign shipping during wartime."

Doesn't BGF mentions many of the smaller Chaos ships raiding and pillaging merchant routes and outpost worlds? In Farseer there's a small Chaos destroyer, run by a lone Noise Marine (with a grudge against Kharn), who seems to be living the pirate life somewhat.

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Lurker and potential future hobbyist here, I was wondering about something about 40k thats somewhat related. I've seen the homebrew chapter and regiment threads and I really wanted to know, is there like a guide for this? Is there one for making your own for an inquisition order?

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>some sort of heavy set, grimdark segway

Confirmed for downs syndrome. Kill yourself.

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I remember we did something like this a couple years ago on /tg/, meaning to produce a spin-off for BFG. Not sure what came of it, but it had some cool fluff worked out.

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Claws of Lorek, Rogue Traders, Kroot...

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There is one image with tables for randombly generating an IG regiment that I can think of right now, but I don't have it(check on 1d4chan, you might get it there), but I don't see why you need a guide.

Just take something cool and run with it, then cross reference it with the books (and/or lexicanum) to check for fluff inconsistencies. Then ignore those and make whatever you feel like making anyway.

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Thanks! I'll check those out!

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Also one of the necron lords is basically a pirate, and then there's Yriel and rogue traders as well.

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You do know the primary Eldar fleet (aka not Forge World) in Battlefleet Gothic is Eldar Corsairs right? That's the actual fleet list name.

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Still in 40k we dont have Dogs of war faction.
They could be pirates. Just take pirate related troops from each faction and use them as mercenary for you main force.
Still i would like to see moar pirate fluff for 40k. A story between a dark elf captain and a Demonette?
A lot of freedom for funny crossovers.
waht about the race of Shellfish gods (that were very selfish) that was proposed before?

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There are pirates mentioned here and there in fluff, but they aren't organized into a full blown faction.
/tg/ was working on an entire sector that was basically the Caribbean in the Scraplootas threads. They even had their own Tortuga filled with all sorts of factions and races.

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could someone link me the suptg or 1d4chan link on this?
Ok lets expand 40k caribbean setting.
We have a giant turtle that floats in space and pirates rides on top of it.

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Space Pirates, you say?

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also we should add a rrace of small integalactical birds that sit on captain shoulders and have psyonic powers. Th servo sculls are too mainstream.
also picrelated

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It was mainly focused around the Scraplootas, so the other stuff was only mentioned in passing. Like Imperium and Chaos alike have a reduced influence in the sector, pirates are everywhere, and theres a giant space station called Krumpus Bay, some of whose highlights include the Green Mile, Little Commoraugh, and the Litany of Folly.

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that article is fucking full of win.http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scraplootas
Still any more ideas for pirates?

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so we have
Orks: scraplootas
eldars: the scraplootas allies
Tau: Need mmore work.
Necrons: the shoudl ride a black Pearl
Mahreens: Blood Jaguars?
imperial guard: Random rogue traders/pirates?
normal eldars: i think they doesnt fucking fit the setting
Who else im forgetting about?

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Pirate bump
for people who says eldar are shit

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Farsight Enclaves, Eldritch Raiders..

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Rogue Traders are more privateers than anything

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Can't forget Ork Rokkas
Freebootas with the power of METAAAAAAAAAAAL

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DOWII Retribution even had Freebootaz with pirate hats and everything.

OP doesn't have an excuse

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Oh boy, what was I banned for?

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