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What happens when a Chapter is destroyed? What happens when it is reduced to a single marine, with all others and their geneseed lost?

Where does that last survivor go, from who does he receive his mission objectives? How does he function without the hearth and home of his brothers and home world?

Would he destroy himself, throw himself away into the night, or pursue a stranger, more twisting path?

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I guess that Deathwatch is always a good choice.

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depends on the mehrine; maybe work with another chapter, solo crusade against chaos? i assume his mission would be the same as ever: kill things for the emprah.

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Chaos is the only true answer.

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>What happens when a Chapter is destroyed?
It's logged as extinct, destroyed, and perhaps one day the stored geneseed on Mars might be reused for a new Chapter.

> What happens when it is reduced to a single marine, with all others and their geneseed lost?
Multiple paths.

First, is becoming the first of many new Marines.

Usually, when a new Chapter is created, and the parent chapter can't provide mentors, Space Marines from dead chapters are assigned as mentors and such to the chapter.

Second, by becoming part of the Black Shields. Basically, Black Shields are specialised Death Watch Space Marines.
They lose their chapter, either due to the chapter being dead, them having shamed the chapter beyond redemption, them being repenting Chaos Space Marines, or something like that. The files about their past before their Black Shield work are destroyed, and they stop being Space Marines.

They are now simply genetic engineered power armoured Inquisitorial henchmen.

And a lone Space Marine can always join Chaos, or space pirates.

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But now he is without resources and without transport. He stands alone in the ruins of his glorious chapter. Perhaps he could join the Death Watch in time, if he could ever reach there. Maybe he could break atmo and find a new planet to continue his eternal crusade on.

But the question becomes, once he is alone and lost everything, how does he get there?

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> Usually, when a new Chapter is created, and the parent chapter can't provide mentors, Space Marines from dead chapters are assigned as mentors and such to the chapter.

This is news to me.

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I have a similar question.

Who trains brand new space marines chapters? Where do they recruit from and who set's up the chapter fortress and armoury etc.?

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If he's standing alone on the ruins of his former Chapter Fortress, I'd think AN IMPERIAL EVAC FORCE WOULD HELP HIM GET OUT OF THERE!

Leaving a Space Marine who survived a fucking massacre on some planet is like FUCKING LEAVING a F-22 Raptor just in the middle of the Afghan desert.

>Oh look at that, fucking i dunno how many millions of dollars is wasted on that thing but just leave it right where it is!

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That's because usually, Ultramarines are quick to provide mentors to non-Ultramarine chapters.

And usually, those chapters accept. Unless they're from REALLY stubborn stock.

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From wat I understand its overseen by the parent chapter. A hero is usually given the honour of founding a new chapter, perhaps with a selection of his brothers, and Mars provides the cultivated geneseed usually of the same stock as the parent company. I assume the Administratum organises the locating of a suitable world/ and gives them the resources to build a new fortress monastery.

The chosen 'hero' and his brothers would most likely form a new first company, and are then left to over see the recruitment and training of chosen locals to be the first in their new breed.

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Well, we had an Astartes from an extinct Chapter found in stasis in our Rogue Trader game.

He swithered over joining the Deathwatch for a while, before becoming the RT's personal bodyguard.

He didn't join the Inquisition because he found out that his old Chapter became the World Eaters after the Horus Heresy...

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And let's not forget

Because sometimes, some Space Marines are just too good to be wasted on the Black Shields.

Black Shields are traitor-traitors. Loyalist Chaos Space Marines.

They have no honour. Heroes of the Imperium shouldn't fight among those animals.

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Hm, there's a lot more than powered armoured angry dudes in a marine chapter. Artifacts, ships, prospectives, serfs, recruiting worlds, (if they maintain a presence)homeworlds...
What realistic circumstances could there be for a single marine to have survived?

But my guess, OP, is that he'd join up with the nearest other marine chapter he knows about, and ask if it's okay to paint their colours on his armour, and if it's no harm, can I have some ammo, a new chainsword, and a bed?
Deathwatch also seems like a good option.

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Assuming any other Imperial forces remain/are aware of the calamity. Some home world locations are a closely guarded secret, and fall outside the usual Imperial jurisdiction. If a surprise attack came, something like a powerful band of chaos marines or necrons, and they took the monastery out quickly without alarm being raised, it could be some time before the wider Imperium becomes aware of the massacre.

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>World Eaters
>World Eaters became the World Eaters

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Most citizens of the Imperium will let a space marine bum a ride. I mean, he's one of the Emperor's angels of death, they're hugely feared and respected. So, he asks a civilian to drive him to a spaceport, then asks a free captain to give him a lift to a world where he can contact the Inquisition and join the Black Shields. Of course, the Inquisition, being the Inquisition, have someone meet him in the spaceport, offer their condolences, and give him directions from there.

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That's actually a perfect reason to join the Inquisition.

If you were a World Eater, and you become a Black Shield, you suddenly ALWAYS have been a Black Shield.

You never were a World Eater before.

Like the CIA and operation Paperclip.

>you never were a nazi intelligence officer
>you were never part of the nazi party

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Do you even War Hounds

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> with the nearest other marine chapter he knows about, and ask if it's okay to paint their colours on his armour,

I actually find this to be the least likely. Marines are intensely proud of their lineage. If he saw himself as the last of the chapter, the idea of abandoning it for another chapter might be the worst form of betrayal outside going full traitor.

With him the chapter lives, with him the chapter dies.

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Maybe his chapter is not first founding, but a newer chapter that decided to be chaos and because their isn't really a rights holder To the name in universe decided that they would pretend to be world eaters

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>Talkin' shit about the Black Shields

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>is like FUCKING LEAVING a F-22 Raptor just in the middle of the Afghan desert.
Sand ain't gonna harm it. It's half armor,really. We'll just mark down its coords and give it a hosedown when the war's over.

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> Of course, the Inquisition, being the Inquisition, have someone meet him in the spaceport, offer their condolences, and give him directions from there.

A particularly unscrupulous Inquisitor would probably see this as the best opportunity to pick up his very own Astartes attack dog. Lead him on through the Imperium, say you'll take him to the Death Watch 'soon', but there is trouble along the way. Use him to kill your enemies and get your name placed higher in the ranks of his ordo.

Inquisitors aren't a dime a dozen, the Marine would potentially be beholden to this guy for some time.

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World Eaters were the War Hounds previously. Possibly a pre finding of Angron marine. It's not totally weird.

He's wrong with the chapter/legion thing but big deal.

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He Obviously means legion, and the guy was obviously pre-heresy. Stop being Ass-tarded

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Meant Legion. I think. I can never get that shit straight.

That's the one!

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Sand + Wind + Pot Aluminum Panels = Decimated Jet

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Yeah, that's what Ghaddaffi thought.

And then he had to hire fucking mercenary aircraft because his MIGs were rusted shut.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the eye of terror, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire imperial armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this galaxy, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the sector and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Adeptus Mechanicus and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

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Well, I thought it was funny.

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Come at me Double Traitor Iron Warriors scum.

Imperial Fists fo lyfe nigga.

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>29,000,000 years later


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>repenting Chaos Space Marines

I was always under the impression that once you turn to Chaos there's no going back.

>Sundered from the Imperium, having turned their backs on the Emperor, these super-warriors know that there can be no peace for them, no forgiveness nor absolution. They are wholly committed to the path they now tread, for good or ill.

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>Only 300 kills

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>Most citizens of the Imperium will let a space marine bum a ride.
I'm picturing a Marine space-hitch hiking with the equivalent of a family on vacation, out in their Winnebago, a big ol' placard reading 'Talasa Prime or Bust!' in hand.

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Well, technically, there's no going back.

When you become a Black Shield, you abandon the brotherhood of Space Marines, whether that means abandoning your Loyalist brothers, or your Traitor brothers.

A Black Shield stands alone. Only death can end his service to the Emperor.

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I guess it's only possible fore them to join the blackshields when they come into direct contact with an Inquisitor

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I am currently playing a (night lord) black shield. Beacuse Night Lords are not into Chaos it was not a real problem. He joined the Inquisition because of internal struggles inside his company and wanted retribution. Even though he has been in the Deathwatch for +50 years he is still not trusted (only the apothecarian knows his past)

You mean like...telling him you come from a traitor legion. That would be funny.

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> Beacuse Night Lords are not into Chaos it was not a real problem

For fuck's sake. It's one band in one book series that acts like that. The rest are knee deep in Chaos. They have Daemon Princes amongst their ranks.

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>abandoning it for another chapter
Deathwatch is an organization apart from the Space Marine chapters; an arm of the Inquisition.

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Yeah, and the guy wasn't talking about the Deathwatch.

> the nearest other marine chapter and ask them for a bed
> Deathwatch also seems like a good option.

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I'm not saying that there are no chaos followers... but check the codex. At least the new one states directly that they are not chaos followers.

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I guess it highly depends on the guy and the situation.

Deathwatch / Inquisition / Mentor is for lucky dudes who got an easy way of going back to the Imperium and no way to stalk their nemesis. Most of them would probably go on a half-crazed personnal crusade against whoever killed their brethrens, and die that way.

If the guy's faith isn't strong and he gets to survive for a long time, going renegade is extremely likely. Being a jaded bio-engineered killing machine is kind of a strong argument for becoming a pirate captain.

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He looks so sassy.

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does that pic remind anyone else of Griffith from Berserk

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>No mention of the Chapel of Fallen Heroes on Holy Terra
I am disappoint /tg/

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>I am trained in gorilla warfare
>gorilla warfare

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>I'm picturing a Marine space-hitch hiking with the equivalent of a family on vacation
"We're goin' to see what we can see.
Just you and me and baby makes three.
We're going to see all the sights
and we promise not to get in any fights."

"You promise not to get into any fights? Children, do you fear dying in the name of the Glorious and Benevolent God-Emperor? Such thoughts are heresy. There is no greater glory than dying in battle against the enemies of man! Glory that was hard fought and hard won by my chapter. Such heretical promises should never be made!"

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>the awkward silence that inevitably follows
Mommy, why does the Emperor's Angel of Death have to tear apart all our songs?

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"My creedo is go for it!"

"Indeed Friend Griswold, my creedo is death to the heretic, the alien, the witch. Now step back while I deal with this foul seductress through application of the holy bolter."

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> Deathwatch / Inquisition / Mentor is for lucky dudes who got an easy way of going back to the Imperium and no way to stalk their nemesis. Most of them would probably go on a half-crazed personnal crusade against whoever killed their brethrens, and die that way.

Also, if the threat that took his Chapter bretheren's life has been ended it's just as likely he will choose to forge his own path of serving the Emperor just as Space Marine's always have.

He could serve as a bodyguard for some RT or =][=. Might guard a pilgrim ship. Guard his home world from further threats to honor his chapter's oath to protect and keep it in the name of Emprah. Or if he's forced to abandon his oath to protect his homeworld for some reason he can serve with the Deathwatch, IG or SoB.

I kinda picture this song playing in the wind as our lone brother makes his own resolute way in an uncaring universe.


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Even better.

A guy from a stealthy chapter.


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So, who's writing a Space Marine Griswold story?

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"Well gee kids, he might not be fun, but he sure helped deal with those funny lookin' blue men back on Piraci 5. Now unless you plan to fight the unwashed hordes of the universe, I suggest you be grateful we've got that Angel of Death riding shotgun."

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Nation Lampoon's Imperium Pilgrimage?

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Question about Space Hulks.

How big are they?

Could Imperial Guard dock and roll ranks around in them?

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Depends on the Space Hulk,
some are the size of planets

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>Space Marine ends up joining the family
"See this man children? This man is a heretic. Now watch what Uncle Davian Victus the Purger of a Thousand Worlds does to heretics" BLAM "Don't be a heretic children. Uncle Davian wouldn't want to do that to you."

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I always liked the idea of a lone space marine who lost his chapter settling down on an undeveloped agriworld in the middle of fuck nowhere and acting like a pillar for some community of plebians who don't even know what space is.

I can't find it, but I recall a picture of a BT terminator holding a childs hand and promising that he would find her family.

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"Why children, when I was your age living in the jungles of Karkatta Prime, we used to have a game we played on long journeys like this. Karka ball! Now as played by local rules it required the severed head of a rival tribesman, and there aren't any filthy Carpolians nearby. But you are in luck, I saved one from the cultists back on Septimbre! Now remember the goal is to cripple your sibling, not kill them, so they might continue to serve as your slave in bondage. But before that, remember to just have fun!'

"Cestus, I don't think this is an appropria-"

"Now, the Karka ball is loose! I bet ten thrones on the girl!"

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Well, shit.

>> No.20879337

>I can't find it, but I recall a picture of a BT terminator holding a childs hand and promising that he would find her family.
Errr, something like the post just above yours?

>> No.20879344

it was literaly the post right before yours
well i think it is i just got on this board

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I hate it when people without a grasp of comedy try to be funny.

>> No.20879393

Not the guy you're quoting, but instead of bitching you could try producing something instead.

>> No.20879479

The Karka ball broke?
Yeah, that happens occasionally when the game really gets going.
Don't worry children, Uncle Cestus will go down into the Underhive and find you a new one.

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The last survivor of his chapter, the Wanderer seeks out the hidden fortress monastery of the Ordo Xenos so that he might join its hallowed ranks. But he has a problem, a powerfully bad sense of direction, and a universe that seems to actively seek out ways to frustrate his quest.

Having travelled with pilgrims to holy battle sites, only to be redirected through a war zone engaged with hated orks, all his path has been crowded with adventures that take his feet off the dedicated path. Be it plumbing the depths of a space hulk to salvage ancient astro-maps, to assisting a Rogue Trader in return for a ferry through the Segmentum Obscurus, he has been used, abused and misdirected by powerful forces that seek to exploit him for their own gain. From corrupt planetary governors who have tried to entice him to build a new home amongst them only to use him as a personal bodyguard, to manipulative Inquisitors who have used him to murder their rivals, all his deeds and adventures have brought him no closer to the Halls of the Deathwatch.

In fact he often wonders if it is the hand of the Emperor that misguides his steps, steering him off course to help the helpless, to rescue those for whom no other saviour is available. Certainly he has found such pilgrims in his time, and done much good for the small folk.

The Knight-Errant, the Living Remnant, the Chapter-Of-One, by many names is his tale told. Still the Lone Wanderer walks on, never stopping to rest, and never looking back. Forever alone in his crusade.

No one has the heart, no one wants to tell him the bitter, laughable truth.

He'd have made it there already if he'd taken the left back at Alberkirk.

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Fucking Tzeentch.

>> No.20879648

"Old Jeraldo? He's been in these parts for years. Since my pa was a little boy at least. Never said a word personally to me, or anyone I know, really. I used to hear stories from Grandpappy about how he came out of the sky in a metal coffin in a roar of smoke and fire. Burst out in armor, yelling and screaming about needing to contact his brothers, a religious order or something. They never really trusted the man, the giant, even though people have said he's a messenger from the Emperor Himself. People today still don't fully trust him.

"But in his own way, he's become a pillar of this community. Always helps out without a word, and with how large he is, he can do a lot of helping. He has never asked for anything from us, and we've always given him food and water, just in case.

"If you're looking for him, I think he lives in the forest across the valley. Rumor has it, he spends a lot of time, running around in that strange armor of his. Training maybe, keeping his skills honed. No one's ever approached him when he's running around like that, so I'd be careful if I were you. But then again, with your retinue, I guess you aren't the type that heeds a common man's warnings."

>> No.20879691

See that man, lil' boy? People call him Eagle. He scares you, I know. What with him being so HUGE. And those scars, impressive aren't they. But he's actually a really nice man, you know?

Everyone likes and respects him around there. Even those stupid rabbles from the other side of the valley. He was even chosen as the village elder once but,would you believe it, he declined the offer. What, he looks too young for that? Yeah, he does, but he was already there when my late grand-father was a newborn.

You gotta see him cut some wood or lift a boar when coming back from hunting, he's impressive. Hahahaha, that time when that dumb preacher and his fanclub came and started blabbing about how their bitch idol of whatever was better than the almighty God-Emperor. Now that's what I call getting pissed off!

People says that, sometime yet rarely, you can hear him mumbles something about some Guardians Unbound or see him fiddle with what he calls his "Crux", a big cross with a skull and a scripture about some "Brother-Sergeant". Don't ask him about that though, it makes him sad.

>> No.20879754

Holy shit, writefags, get on this. It's practically dripping with potential.

>> No.20880043

I concur...amazing potential least to say to well...

>The Lone Wanderer

>The Pillar of Society

>Nation Lampoon's Imperium Pilgrimage

>> No.20880218

Im loving the pillar of the community idea.

I picture the lonely marine hitching rides on each passing ship, warp jumping from planet to planet striving to put right what once went wrong, each time hoping that the next jump... would be the jump home.

>> No.20880377

> shitty writefaggin' incoming
I am Miguel Cestus Jeraldo. My brothers called me Eagle-On-The-Wind. I am the last of my Chapter, the last of my home world.

It had started an inauspicious day. My master Hernandez Nero, the Tiger-In-The-Water, instructed me to train on the cliffs, correcting my mistakes with the jump pack and perfecting the art of air assault. He said I was an adept student. Would that I had less potential, to remain grounded on that day that I might fight and die with my brothers.

They came from beneath us, hidden in the world itself, a secret rot. What they were I am still unsure, but one thing was certain, they brought death.

It was the Festival of the Honoured Primarchs, a worldwide feast day, the one day in the cycle given over to rest and festivity instead of training. My brothers chided me for choosing to continue with my practice. The Chapter was gathered for the first time in a century. Every company, and our chapter master in attendants. Even those serving outside our ranks had returned for the feast day. In a way it feels like fate had gathered us all together that day. Fate, or some fell power.

The local women were presented. Not all of them, but the high born girls. It was tradition that the master of the fortress blessed the coming unions of the young ones on this day. A simple ceremony, but a cherished on for our people. A renewal of old oaths of fealty and over lordship, a binding between astartes and man.

>> No.20880382

Adventures of Cyrus the Fallen Angel?

>> No.20880383

It was when the quintillion had reached its zenith, the girls were in the course of the mating dance, that the creatures struck. Foul xeno or heretic, I cannot say. I was not there, and when I returned there was only death. I received a vox, my master and I, so far from the celebration all the way out in the cloud cliffs.
It was scrambled, confused, filled with screams.

From the earth. Hell was vomiting out of the earth.

I raced back, fast as my machine wings could take me, bursting faster than the packs could handle.

I came too late.

All were dead, ripped open as if feasted upon. The Marines, and the girls too. A force of almost six hundred cut down in hours.

I had thought my mind gone fully astartes, all emotion locked out. But the sight bore out a...weakness. A human grief. The brothers I had fought beside, lived beside, had been slaughtered like cattle. The girls, little doll faces screwed up in misery and terror, not comprehending what was happening.
The grief gave way to anger, I searched for clues.

I found my teacher.

>> No.20880405

He held one of the beasts in his hands, strangled it to death even as it had devoured his innards beyond repair. A long, black worm, all made of teeth and jutting thorns. He smiled a blood toothed smile.

"This world is lost Miguel," he told me, "We are all lost. These creatures, I can tell. they are boiling up out of the earth, eating man and beast. Nothing will remain. Nothing, nothing but you." He laughed. "A thunderhawk. You must leave this place for now. You must flee, before they eat you. Find the Ordo Xenos, find the Death watch. Return, and reclaim this world." He gave a thundering cough, bile and other stuff spilling from his throat. "The chapter lives in you. The chapter dies with you. Live, so we might all be reborn."

The last of the chapter. It burned in my mind. The last of a three thousand year legacy.
I did as my master instructed. But first I fetched the holiest relics. The jump pack of our founder, the Ultramarine Martellus Vultur, the Bull-In-The-Reeds. The crozius of our High Chaplain, Miguel Sanchez, the Monkey-On-The-Rock. And the power blade of my master, Nero, the Tiger-In-The-Water. A thunderhawk, a ship barely equipped to make atmosphere. A hibernation chamber. And a distress beacon. I took my shuttle out into the reaches, slept, and waited. Drifting through space, ashamed of my survival, waiting.

I learned it had been fifty years.

She woke me, a captain of a chartered ship. I had drifted long and far in those years, far beyond my home system. With no local maps to orient me, the captain helped me on my way, giving me quarter and sustenance. We were on our way to the Liefsson system, somewhere near the Devil Horn. All names I did not recognise, though she tried to teach me.

>> No.20880432

We never reached it.

Eldar pirates struck the convoy. Lives were lost, the captain's amongst them. I made a terrible ruin amongst the pirates, with sword and bolter. Too terrible, my bolter was near spent with few avenues for replenishing ammunition. The ship was scuttled, we had to take refuge in a space hulk, to cloak us from further danger until rescue could arrive. How naive that measure was.

They crept from the Hulk, those beasts from beyond the stars. Infiltrated the crew, stole them out into the night. They would return later, possessed creatures of the foul monsters. The crew organised a resistance. I spear headed the assault. It was a phyric victory. From a crew several thousand strong only a handful of brave warriors survived.

They did not survive the Inquisitor that found us.

I railed against the measure to no avail. They were herded into backrooms and put down like diseased rodents. I struck one of the storm troopers so forcefully his head disconnected from his body. This earned the disapproval of the Inquisitor.

He claimed no particular allegiance in the major Orders, some obscure sect that went diving through old ruins for trinkets. He was inspecting this Hulk for lost maps, hoping to find hidden colonies to bring back into Imperial fold.

A righteous undertaking, underhandedly executed.

I escorted the Inquisitor into the bowels of the Hulk, fought beside him and his troopers. We uncovered his data, at great cost.

>> No.20880447

His ship took us to a pleasure world, the first I had ever encountered. The people there found me a delight, an Inquisitors curio. Like an exhibit he paraded me for the local governor and his coterie, twittering fools who marvelled over my scars and physique. The governor tried to purchase my master's sword. I told him it would cost his neck to ask again.

It was called a pleasure world but I found it unpleasant. Perfumes choked the air and the structures were garish. Not the simple stone buildings of my land, with its deep jungles and broad oceans. Everything was given over to manufactured decadence and vice. The Inquisitor said it had no corruption, but I had my doubts. A pair of ladies, augmented in ways to make them more aesthetically pleasing for the eye, attempted to embroil me in some business involving silly court functions. I had no time for such nonsense.

The Inquisitor claimed he would take me to the Deathwatch, but I doubted his sincerity. When he wasn't plumbing lost ruins for trinkets he was wasting time with girls in this pleasure world. My only respite was his forays, killing those creatures we would run up against, occasionally battling other rival treasure hunters. But it all grew too mercenary, too disgusting.

In time I found transport in a pilgrimage.

Though they were headed to Ophelia Seven instead of Talasa Prime it was my understanding it was in a similar direction, and any place was better than that 'pleasure' world and its loathsome court. I made the acquaintance of many fine men and women of the cloth, as well as laymen of devotion. Not since the first days with the Captain on the charter vessel had I felt so at ease, listening to their chanting through the warp. I attempted to teach the children Karka Ball. It did not go well.

>> No.20880484

It was some place past Alberkirk that we were struck by further calamity. Not pirates nor xeno or any mortal danger. Our astropath exploded. I understood it to be a common problem.

Stranded above an alien sphere, I elected to head down, to judge it suitable for human life so that we might wait out our rescue in more enjoyable climes.

That had been two hundred years ago.

Some of the pilgrims remained in the ship, others descended once I gave them the all clear. It was a passive land. The sort that would have made a fine agriworld, and curiously uninhabited.

Though I could have done as I had in abandoning my homeworld, jettisoned out into the dark in deep hibernation.

I remained instead amongst the pilgrims for those years. Waiting for rescue, watching over my friends. Watching them grow old and die and a strange frontier culture emerge amongst their descendants.

They would have starved the first few winters without me, but thanks to a hardy effort they were soon established.

Two hundred years waiting amongst, waiting to return to the stars. To find my place amongst the Deathwatch. Perhaps to one day rebuild my chapter, and return to my home world in reconquest. One day, far from now...

>> No.20880592

There was an old short story, possibly from Inferno, about a marine who got left behind on a world. His Chapter had been fighting nids, he had gone down and they hadn't found him, leaving him for dead. Locals found him and took him to their village, where he woke up with amnesia. He worked in the village until he heard that a monster (one last tryanid) was terrorising the countryside. So the villagers give him back his wargear and he goes off to hunt it down.
Of course, he isn't the last of his chapter, being an ultra.

>> No.20880729


Amazingly good work!

>> No.20880817

He goes to Deathwatch after the Inquisition interrogated him properly, because lets be honest, it's kinda shady the fact that only one survived

>> No.20880841

It's a big galaxy, all kind of crazy shit can happen.

>> No.20881056

My lord, what a sweet story. Go on, writefag, write with the force of 1,000 astartes!

>> No.20881889

Is there anywhere to get a helmet like the one Jeraldo is wearing in OP's pic? I now desperately want to make a Jeraldo mini.

>> No.20882205


What an unlucky guy. I'll bet in a few centuries he changes his name to Malakim Phoros and founds the Lamenters.

>> No.20882229


I always thought (for the Black Shields at least) you don't have to go through the Inquisition, but simply have a short one on one talk with the Watch Commander, who decides whether or not to let them in.

>> No.20883436

This is goddamn good.
You have some real talent, Anon.

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