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What is everyone's favourite piece of /tg/ OC?

Mine is the Scraplootas, as I love the whole Titan thing, especially the grot city inside the Titan.

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The porn.

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I think that is my least favourite thing.

Apart from maybe the waifus.

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does blue come under the scraplootas? blue is adorable

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Hey, me too.

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blue is just more shitty waifubait

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Probably shit like sir bearington

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the Scraplootas were created because of her, so she falls under the same umbrella.

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Oh, ok.

Out of interest, who is more popular at this stage, Xeno or Blue?

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Warhammer High

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Xeno is mostly fetish wank from what I gather, Blue is more about humor and antics with the rest of the tribe.

Xeno is only really known on /tg/ and that twitter thing, so there's no telling how many people know about Xeno.

Blue is (I think) a much more interesting character and is know on at least one other board outside of /tg/.

There's no real way of knowing the popularity of a character as obscure as the ones that are considered well known here.
I'd say Blue is held in less contempt.

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I'd say Xeno, even if only for the art.

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Boards outside of /tg/? Which?

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/co/ I think

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Oh. We'll they're sort of related, at least.

That just makes me think of how great a Scraplootas comic book could be.

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I've seen Scraploota related chatter on /co/ and /m/.

Hell, I've seen Xeno threads on /co/ before too.

The Scraplootas aren't really iconic of the board like the Angry Marines or Cultist-chan though. Those have both expanded to places outside of 4chan.

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Can someone explain the whole scraplootas thing? I've seen it around but never worked out what exactly it is

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wiki page:

a convenient resource that saves me a lot of typing.

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A tribe of orks that specialise in looting stuff. They looted a tau girl, and she became one of their Meks named Blue.

(Blue actually started as a joke about the Tau trying out a cultural exchange programme with other races. The orks thought she was a blue grot. Since orks think blue is a lucky colour, she became a lucky charm for the tribe.)

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I'll just give the quick version.
After Blue was created in a "what do" thread, people decided to make an Ork warband for her to be in.(excuse me if my terminology is wrong. I'm not too experienced with 40k). It quickly ended up taking on a life of its own. Instead of just being part of Blue's backstory, she's now just a small part of their backstory.

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yet still one of the main characters.

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Carry on my Wayward Son, that piece on the "loyalist" Thousand Son with the OP-Titan. Ridiculous, but awesome, and surprisingly emotional. And the Reasonable Marines. I know they tone down the GRIMDARKNESS, but every once in a while it's nice to see "human" space marines that don't have a "hat" like the Salamanders of Wolves. They really try to reason with unreasonable and strange things. I want to write something about them connecting with the Tyranid Hive-Mind, but I have horrible self-confidence.

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I've seen it, and know about the characters, but Someone Else has done so much writefaggotry, it's intimidating to start reading it.

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Deffwotch by far.

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Do Quests count?

If not, probably the classic Love Can Bloom.

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If quests count, Abaddon Quest.
If not, the Angry Marines.

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Shit tier on two levels. Impressive.

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Quest threads surely aren't /tg/ OC, it's just a game. I'd class OC as being deliberately created as new content.

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Are you trying to perturb me?

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Eclipsion Terrorguard.

Icelus (not the Nightmares themselves, but the planet).



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IMHO, the best part about most /tg/ OC is that it feels like it could almost be part of the setting.
Seriously, the Scraplootas, the more fleshed-out Marine Chapters, even LCB to an extent, are all designed with a lot of care and don't really feel like they're stepping on the actual setting's toes. And the ones that don't really fit are generally either very minor (a funny-voiced, slightly-attractive cultist girl isn't exactly inconceivable) or clearly comedic, as with most Marines.

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For the Scraplootas at least it seems like a saturday morning cartoon or comic book, with all of its iconic characters, quirks and witticisms.

Stuff like Boris the Titan having a functioning city within him (particularly the 60 second market, which is very Pratchett-esque) is just genius, and opens avenues for so many stories.

I agree with you about /tg/'s OC. It's testament to the fact that a crowd can indeed come up with brilliant, clever ideas, provided the crowd are brilliant and clever to begin with. The good ideas people come up with are supported and carried further, the bad ideas laid by the wayside, and so on.

But then I've been a Scraplootas fan since the outset. So perhaps I'm biased.

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Agreed, Diary of a Wayward Son was awesome. I wish World's Slowest Writefag kept at it (I bet he'd have 2 new chapters by now).

I'm also a huge fan of Heretical Love and PapaN!, and the Necrocomputer was fucking amazing.

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why is /tg/ so good at making OC? and why does it make more than ALL other boards combined?

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It's literally what we do for a hobby: We tell stories and make things that facilitate those stories.

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shi/tg/ets done.
Our board topic is that with the most dedicated and creative fanbase. /v/irgins sit on their ass and get spoonfed their games, /a/ssholes sit on their ass and get spoonfed their cartoons. Hell, even c/lit/s get spoonfed their stories.
fa/tg/uys have to make their own games and stories as part of their preferred hobby.

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Yeah, I see what you mean.

At the same time though, I find stuff like the Scraplootas to be absolutely inspired, to an extent I'd never have expected from an anonymous imageboard.

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who drew that picture of blue?

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best oc is sir bearington

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Well, to be honest, Scraplootas' particular evolution is rare. It started as the usual '/tg/ derails a troll/shitty thread' maneuver, but then the concept of Blue stuck. And then people start adding stuff to it like some kind of mad Katamari of bits and pieces of fluff. The stupid/unpopular bits get shorn off by neglect, and the interesting bits gets fostered by attention. Then /tg/ looks at it, sees some missing parts, adds to complete it... and Scraplootas are made.

It's like that single idea of Blue was an Ork, and it attracted enough Orks to start making a waaagh.

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Deffwotch. The little copycats like the little lootas pale in comparison to those jagged, rusty pretend-champions of The Emperor of Mankind.
Pretty sure half of them had as much dakka on them as the OP's picture anyways.

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Could it also be because the Orks have very little OC made for them?

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Out of interest, what is the "60 second market"?

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something like that.
Orks overall are well loved on /tg/, and around most of the 40k community at large.

Despite having minute amounts of fluff compared to the Astartes, Orks can really grow on you. Those who like stupid gits love'em, those who like the whole "junker" style adore them, swarm-style players like to field them, and the units as a whole have a lot of personality to them, which is jolly good for the imaginative or custom-minis guys. They're actually a very tricky, better-than-they-seem army if used right, and no one's happier in the setting than the race that outright embodies "only war".

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>mostly fetish wank
no, she's mostly either moéblob waifu wank, just like Blue, or, for the very first followers, generic horror-adventure character. Then, on top of that, there's the fact that she's a hot robot girl, just like blue is a hot alien girl.

Actually, she's been recognized on /co/ and /a/ too. As for Blue, I really don't know if anyone knows about her at all beyond /tg/.

Let's say that Xeno has been popular for a much longer time, that those who liked her at first may not like her anymore and vice-versa, and that she's hated about as much as she's loved.

Well, when they're conceived in a comedic manner, they do not, in fact step on the setting's toes; that's LCB's problem: it takes itself too seriously and come off as ridiculous.

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Actually Blue has had cross board support, /co/ drew a picture of /tg/ OC characters that had Blue but not Xeno.

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The inside of Boris is constantly shifting and readjusting whenever he moves. The 60 second market is a bazaar in one of the more volatile regions of Boris, with stalls constantly bustling about and changing locations to account for the movements of Boris. Think this
But much faster with no warnings and multiple trains coming from every possible axis and angle.

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Well, I suppose it makes no difference, since all the people on other boards who know about Blue and Xeno do it because they're actually from /tg/.

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That's pretty great actually. So the hapless grot who spends too much time haggling might end up getting squished, and that sort of thing?

>> No.20875520

>the hapless grot who spends too much time haggling might end up getting squished
They call those “X% off Sales”, where X is the amount of grot that got shorn off by Boris.

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I dont know, I could see the Scraplootas being in 40K proper. If theres room for a time traveling ork who loots his own gun from the corpse of himself that he just murdered, then I could see a tribe of Freebooterz that picked up a tau and a titan along the way.

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I can see why it could be described as Pratchett-esque

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Lets not forget the whole premise of the Grotocracy in the first place.

Chaos taint has effected the grots that live inside the chaos titan that they have been warped and twisted into the only thing more vile than an ork: bureaucrats. Thats about as Pratchett as you get.

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Not choppy enuff boyz.

>> No.20875586

>the waifus
Oh god fucking this. It really is absurd.

The people defending the porn are worse than either the waifus or the porn itself though.

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Hah. I swear to god /tg/ is hilariously witty sometimes.

>> No.20875615 [DELETED] 

everything we do is absurd. and you're worse than us for antagonizing us.

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Mine is Xeno. Because waifu.

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Interestingly, within Boris there are two seperate (religious/political) factions which are in constant disagreement and get in fights all the time. They are the Shootists (in the right arm) and the Choppists (in the left arm). They each believe their own style of fighting is the superior method, and will jump on any chance to prove it.

Out of interest, did the "Swingees" thing get revised? If I remember rightly, the only method of travelling through the arms was via a complicated set of wires, swinging from one to another, required due to the constant changes of angle Boris' arms make. The Swingees are foremen who have mastered the art of swinging around these areas and can travel around blisteringly quickly, krumping any grots who are muckin' about and not working as they should.

>> No.20875654

Oh shit, almost forgot the map.

>> No.20875664

Today is not my day. Here's the not thumbnail version.

>> No.20875711

What is the stuff exchange?

>> No.20875718

Lesbo Jet Fighters is the greatest thing /tg/ has ever produced

>> No.20876001

Danger Room reference in the Krumpin' Room?

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>> No.20876352


>> No.20876980

Lesbo Jet Fighters (aka Dive into the Sky) is a homebrew based on Ace Combat/Strike Witches.

>> No.20877018

Its not a true map per se. Guy who made it just took a titan card and made it orky. some of the stuff has been made “canon” though, like the 60 second market.

>> No.20877033

I think the 60 second market was canon before that map was made. Also, I think the Stuff Exchange is another marketplace of sorts, only based on a stock exchange model, and only for the richer grots.

>> No.20877134

What happened to that "Grotquest" thing?

>> No.20877162

He said he was gonna run the next part this evening.

>> No.20877165

Neat, know what time?

>> No.20877206

I believe he said around the same time as last quest.

>> No.20877262

What time was that? I was in china at that point so I have no idea what time it is in British money, as it were.

>> No.20877294

I wanna say about 5-ish 4chan time, but I can quite remember. You can always check suptg

>> No.20877308

Fuck it, I'll just keep refreshing.

Out of interest, was there any scraplootas development over the last month or so? I was away from the net.

>> No.20877320

scraplootas have been tapped out for a while now. Last attempts at home brew were a tau sept and eldar craftworld, but they never really work out.

>> No.20877356

Really, I doubt that's too bad a thing. They're cemented as OC now, are (at least quite) well known, and never ended up getting too ridiculous. One of the risks with stuff like this is that there are too many ideas, and it ends up getting muddled.

Part of me would like to try an actual RPG campaign (as in, not just a quest thread) set in the grotocracy though, that could be great.

>> No.20877369

Found the old thread. Started at 16:37 4chan time.

The lootas themselves have been done for about the same length of time.
I have to agree. They didn't get run into the ground and just plain old turn terrible Modern Fantasy style and for that Im grateful.
>Part of me would like to try an actual RPG campaign (as in, not just a quest thread) set in the grotocracy though, that could be great.
Run it in Shadowrun.

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As a bunch of people have said before, the Scraplootas are the ork equivalent of a saturday morning cartoon. A wide variety of individual and unusual characters, but with a central theme and cohesion.

They're pretty much successful on characterisation alone. They aren't about the surrounding concept, like with Spess Mehreen chapters OC, they're about the individuals, and any meta-concept just appears naturally as a result.

Perhaps I'm overthinking it.

>> No.20877414

I get what you mean. Boris the Titan and Blue are actual characters that are inherently necessary for the scraplootas to be the scraplootas. Most oc Space Marine chapters don't rely on the characters in and of themselves. Who is a special character of note from the Nightmares/Jaguars/Rising Sons? All their characters are in the end disposable.

>> No.20877426

Candyman C'Tan


>> No.20877455

No, I think you got it about right. Orks will always be orks, so you can fluff them overly unique like you can with SM chapters. Sure, you can give them a general battle strategy and some basic “philosophical” tenets, but thats not what sets orks apart from each other. What sets them apart is their major players within the tribe.

Gorgutz is what makes his WAAAGH so special, not the fact that hes an Evil Sunz or a Bad Moon or any other clan. Bludflagg is who you remember, him being a Freebooter is just a part of that. As such, it was the individuals in the Scraplootas that made them unique, not the fact that they had loadsa grots and kommandos.

And orks are pretty Saturday Morning Cartoon on their own sometimes. See: Bludflagg again

>> No.20877463

I think it's the reason legitimate (read: not jokey stuff like Angry Marines) Space Marine chapters have never really taken off properly. They have an underlying idea there, but they aren't memorable enough, as concepts are never memorable in the same way a character is memorable.

If you look at most of the successful /tg/ OC it's the stuff with one or a few individuals. Commissar Fuklaw, Cultist Chan, Sir Bearington, Old Man Henderson, Crazy Hassan, even (shudder) Xeno, they're all popular and well known because they are individuals and are easily recognisable. A large scale concept doesn't have the same familiarity.

I think it's an interesting topic for discussion actually, the things that set apart successful OC from unsuccessful OC.

>> No.20877480

>so you can fluff them overly unique like you can with SM chapters
cant*, rather. Changes everything that little typo.

>> No.20877489

I don't know man, some of those chapters have been hugely successful. Mostly the Nightmares. It might not focus on or have memorable individual characters, but I wouldn't say it was unsuccessful OC.

>> No.20877499

I wouldn't say ALL the other boards combined.
/co/ has a whole board dedicated to their OCs over on plus4chan.

>> No.20877511

/tg/ has an entire wiki.

>> No.20877560

I'd really not say hugely successful. Perhaps a bit more successful than I'd implied, but still not exactly well known to the same level as other /tg/ OC

>> No.20877640

same thing, concentration point.

actually, the image they were discussing >>20847335 was drawn by someone who was previously unfamiliar with any of the characters.
I consider myself more a /co/mrade than an elegan/tg/entleman, the main reason I come to /tg/ is for the OC.
I found out about the Scraplootas by browsing /tg/, but once I knew what they were I noticed them being discussed in a giant robot crossover thread on /co/ shortly thereafter.

I've seen Boris over on /m/ before too.

>> No.20877661

No Crazy Hassan, no sale.

>> No.20877664

>I've seen Boris over on /m/ before too.

Really? Neat. What were they saying about him?

>> No.20877688

> what the fuck is this 40k shit doing in /m/?

>> No.20877695

Oh, ok, that makes more sense.

I just often find it interesting seeing cross board opinions and things.

>> No.20877713

I always wish there was more warhammer fantasy oc. /tg/ loves it, but we never make anything.

>> No.20877717

InfiniCon, easily. A city-sized convention where your fandom can warp reality? It's just cool.

>> No.20877746


>> No.20877800

on the /co/ thing, were any comics ever made of scraplootas characters/

>> No.20877915

Does that Dungeons the dragoning thing count as OC?

>> No.20878310

Hey guys
GrotQuest will continue tonight at 5:30 EST (GMT -5) when I get home from class.
I will have to break in the middle for dinner, but otherwise I expect no hang ups.

See you there!

>> No.20878328

I don't even know who that is.

mainly seen him in being posted for reference in drawthreads. Nothing ever really comes of it unfortunately...

well, there's da funstikk comic...

>> No.20878340

Yes. By Vectron's vengeful gaze, I'd say it does.

>> No.20878346

Oh, ok, neat.

Shame. I can see why people would balk at the prospect of having to draw a fully orkified chaos titan.

>> No.20878410

>/m/ can't discuss anything except how bad Gundam AGE is

Sounds about right.

>> No.20878500

you know, the best way to find out another board's opinion on something is to ask them.
At worst, it makes them form an opinion by making them aware it exists.

Thus how /co/ became aware of /tg/'s increasing diaper fetish when Xeno showed up one day...

>> No.20878563

stop making it sound like Xeno's only character trait is incontinence.

>> No.20878568

Actually they became aware of it when pictures of diapered tau girls (not Xeno) got spammed in their weekly "wanna party, /co/?" threads.

>> No.20878764

Someone mind posting a link to the Grotquest when it comes up in this thread?

>> No.20879481

all of what I've seen is that though.
The only other thing I can say I know about her is that she's a Tau who's also one of those undead bastards that don't stay dead after they're killed.

She just doesn't seem very appealing since she's basically a bunch of fetishes for the sake of being a bunch of fetishes.

those threads are finally letting up...

>> No.20879551

As a sandnigger, my favourite piece of /tg/ OC definitely has to be pic related.

I've even used him in a few of my games.

>> No.20879571

there are exactly TWO drawings in which she's being incontinent. Out of 300 or something.

>> No.20879588

Only one guy was ever about the fetish shit and he is a massive faggot who everyone hates and I'm pretty sure his uncle forced him to wear a skirt and high heels when he was a kid.

Original Xeno was relatively shrewd but botched nearly every single roll in Tau Quest, making the audience characterize her as a derpy little taucron that tries her best and fails so spectacularly she manages to win.

And then Technomancer happened and suddenly people like you show up and go all DURR DIAPAZ because memes are just oh so goddamn hilarious.

>> No.20879596

>She just doesn't seem very appealing since she's basically a bunch of fetishes for the sake of being a bunch of fetishes.
that's where you're wrong, she's an alien because it sounded different from always rnning imperium-centered quests
she's female because it's reminiscent of many survival horror stories (alien, mostly)
she's a robot because it's pretty much the only way she could survive her environment

then, she's hot because the three things above happened to be the fetishes of fa/tg/uys

>> No.20879624

You're trying hard to defend the undefendable. The xeno "character" is waifubait, pure and simple, and hasn't moved outside of that in any way.

The difference is that Blue, while initially waifubait, ended up taking a back seat to the whole scraplootas thing.

>> No.20879640

being a successful waifu is a good thing.

You sound like the type of guy who would bash Superman because he's a super-powered moralfag.

>> No.20879657

Being a waifu is never a good thing. Ever.

I am indifferent towards Superman, he's not an attempt at waifu fuckery.

>> No.20879660

Nope, dude gave me a bunch of candies the only time I saw him.

Sorry if your own uncle wasn't a nice Polish drunkard.

>> No.20879669


He's not moral, he's psychotically OCD.

>> No.20879679

why is it that nerds now tend to equate having a waifu (not in a completely serious and schizophrenic way, of course) with being a furry?

>> No.20879695

that's Baman, not Supeman.

>> No.20879712

Hey, let me let you in on a little secret.
Just a small one.
Its the rule Rule #1 to the internet, and its comin at ya.

Everything is someones waifu. Everything.

Some mutilated torn up person? Waifu. Mindbreaking mass of tentacles and squelching meat? Waifu. Horrifying amalgamation of skinless flesh and the porcelain white metals? Dats a ding dong waifu.

Call it the Saya Constant, the Elesh Norn Phenomenon, the Law of Thri-Kreen, or whatever the fuck else. If it exists, SOMEONE wants to not only fuck it, but romance the fuck out of it and fall asleep in its arms.

>> No.20879714

Nerds want to feel superior to their fellow nerds. It has always been this way.

>> No.20879741

Baman. Baman Baman Baman.

>> No.20879749

Not that guy, but I have to say that neither of these characters were created as Waifus.

On the other hand, Xeno was created just to be a Waifu. Simple as that.

>> No.20879762


Ba-man Ba-man Ba-man Ba-man!

hey Baman.

>> No.20879772

>On the other hand, Xeno was created just to be a Waifu.

she slowly evolved and was successively redesigned to grow into a waifu over the course of a year or two.

read >>20879596

originally she was Ellen Ripley, but small an blue.

>> No.20879775

>"I once went to Crazy Hassan's for a camel, and he sold me what looked like a very poor fake camel, with two men inside.

So, I unzipped the camel, and as I expected. Two men, pretending to be a camel.

Enraged, I went back to Crazy Hassan, and confronted him about this fuckery. He made no reply. He simply unzipped the men to reveal two camels, pretending to be men pretending to be a camel."


>> No.20879783

But youre wrong and retarded. Xeno was created as the MC of a quest thread and eventually became a robo-tau-lich that people grew attached to. Sure, you could argue that blue aliens becoming robotic blue aliens is someones fetish, but so are bugtits or gory metaltits or anything the fuck else people make. And even if it doesn't have tits, that wont stop people.

>> No.20879797

I find it offense that you would compare a retarded ''FRIENDSHIP YAY'' Waifu trash Character with Ripley.

How dare you?

>> No.20879823

I'm not comparing them, i'm stating that Xeno was NOT created as a snuggle bug waifu, she was created as a Ripley chinese knock-off.

And Xeno is as successful as a cutesy character as Ripley is as a survival horror protagonist.

>> No.20879837


The version widely known here is from the Xeno Adventures draw quest or whatever. That version you are speaking off is dead and forgotten.


>> No.20879855

>That version you are speaking off is dead and forgotten.
good thing, because it was a rather awkward take on its trope.
so, you admit that you simply weren't talking about the same thing, but you still call him a liar?

god, it's incredible how most Xeno-haters are irrational, childish and petty.

>> No.20879859

Stuff like Sir Bearington, OId Man Henderson and general xenophilia, of course.

>> No.20879860

>And Xeno is as successful as a Waifu fetish magnet character as Ripley is as a survival horror protagonist


>> No.20879874 [DELETED] 

>The version widely known here is from the Xeno Adventures draw quest or whatever.
Which was spawned from Tau Quest. See >>20879588 for the evolution of Xeno from plucky engineer-lich to derpy moe-lich. Either way, serious Xeno came first, ergo Xeno was NOT created from the start to be waifubait, proving your whole little thesis fundamentally wrong.
I happen to like both.

>> No.20879885

you're not really contradicting me, though

>> No.20879902

>god, it's incredible how most Xeno-haters are irrational, childish and petty.

Oh..Generalizing? Now who is the childish one?

>so, you admit that you simply weren't talking about the same thing, but you still call him a liar?

Nobody cares about the old Xeno save for the people who will dig her grave up to defend the retarded new Xeno.

>Look at this mutilated corpse it proves that Xeno is not a Waifu character.

Oh please...

>> No.20879923

I'm not generalizing, I said "most". Just informing you that I found out it was the case.

And stop grasping at straws. You said "created", not "is". Xeno is just as much of a waifu as Elesh Norn, no more, no less.

>> No.20879982

it doesn't help that all Tau wearing a diaper pics are now associated with her somehow then.

I'm not doing any of that, I'm simply stating what I see as someone who isn't in on it.

the way I always see her presented is as a bunch of fetishes.
Even if she wasn't originally a ball of fetishes, the first impression now is that she is.
I guess that makes it all kind of sad.

>> No.20880010

You guys are still going on about Xeno?

I like Scraplootas and the Kharn homebrew/fanfics.

>> No.20880045

I get the feeling it's the guy who tried to force Xeno in the first place all asspained because it never took off.

>> No.20880065

Sounds to me more like some assmad anon is buttfrustrated that people like Xeno and is trying to spam hatred for her and turn it into a meme.

>> No.20880089

Nobody has been trying to "spam hatred".

Fact is, Xeno is a one dimensional character, kept around solely because she is seen as cute. Sure, she may have had legitimate origins, but at this point her only reason for existing is for people to find her cute.

>> No.20880095

Nope. I just like Lootas and Khárn.
I really dont care about Xeno, it's all good for me.

>> No.20880127

I like both.

>> No.20880244

that's first pic I've seen of them together.

>> No.20880278


>> No.20880311

Yeah, Twas made a little while ago.
I hardly have any concept of time. It might've been two months ago. Or last week.

>> No.20880423


What is a time?

>> No.20880436

And its absolutely adoraboners.
I'm so glad I requested it.

>> No.20880540

I can't be the only one who thinks cold metal on tits would hurt a little...

>> No.20880565

Cultist, to Xeno, to Blue.

Doesn't matter how serious the character becomes over the period of time that makes up its' existence, it's always going to end up as a shitty little animu "UGGUUUU" thing that causes irrational hatred in the majority of people who remember it.

The problem is when people try to extend it's life, it only ends up making the result worse.

No matter how "badass" and "memorable" you want your fictitious character to be, /tg/ will eventually degrade her (and it's always reserved for the female characters, as the male ones fade into non-existence without a supporting female) and turn her into fetish fuel and a sex-moppit.

Instead of trying to bring her back, just remember the threads for what they were. A little bit of fun.

>> No.20880613

A female character is more enjoyable, more interesting, and simply less incongruous as a waifu than as anything else.
When I see your pic, I see wasted potential.
When I see this pic >>20879874 I see realized potential.

Unless the female character is old and ugly. Then she can be a serious character.

>> No.20880653

Actually, Blue is still pretty badass. Eh blows up spehss marines and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.20880674

Once again, you fucks act like this is

1. Localized to /tg/s OCs; and
2. Localized to /tg/

On the internet, everything gets moe'd down sooner or later.

>> No.20880684


>realized potential.
>waifu shit.

>> No.20880701

waifu shit is better than laughably tryhard pseudo-badass

>> No.20880732


>> No.20880735


>When I see your pic, I see wasted potential.
>When I see this pic >>20879874 I see realized potential.

>> No.20880748

that's pretty much what Xeno is, actually. She's grown into a subversion of the super-powerful angsty and sociopathic Mary Sue she could have become.

>> No.20880754

I concur.

>> No.20880773

She was never even angsty in the original quest. She all sorts of happy and shit just bro-ing it up with Drone and constructing scarabs.

>> No.20880809

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.20880818

>Implying /tg/ gives a fuck about a character a month after it's created and isn't already busy creating shitloads of more forgettable characters.

>> No.20880834


>> No.20880838

Except when she's crying because her friends are dead, because her replica turned evil, because she's "slipping into the cold void of nothingness". And let's not forget about the sequel in which she got robo-raped and became schizophrenic and all cold and emotionless, or about her interactions with Weaver, full of cheap poetry and sentimentalism.

Drone was the only character who took it easy and was happy about Xeno becoming a machine.

>> No.20880873

That isnt angst. Thats a reasonable reaction to finding out robozombies ate everything you know
She got angry, but not WOE IS ME angsty. In fact, she even took the time to cure the damn thing
>cold void of nothingness
That was her getting spaced. As in, she was literally slipping into the cold void of nothingness that is space. Unless you mean her concerns of Necronization, but even those were just reasonable metaphysical concerns, not THESE WOUNDS, THEY WILL HEE-UHLL angst.
She healed a bitch. Healin bitches is the opposite of angst.
Never did get to see that one, so I cant say, but if your track record is any indication, you are blowing things way out of proportion or outright lying..

>> No.20880909

Well, yes, i'm exaggerating the importance of these events, because the ANGST was mostly in the way it was written.

But still, it was full of sad, creepy events, and most of the good things that happened were told in a ridiculously sentimental way (the visit in Weaver's mind, The Lady's suicide, Drone's rebirth) that only adds up to how much of a tear-jerker the whole quest became.

again, the only trace of humor and light mood in that quest was one or two meme references and Drone's behavior.

>> No.20880967

I almost pity the fact that you seem to think the only emotion available aside from humor is angst. Almost.

>> No.20880983

I like Assholetep
I like how ''What's your favourite /tg/ OC?'' turned into an absolutely massive shitstorm about Xeno whether she's a waifu or not.

>> No.20880995

> Ctrl+F "Marcius"
> Zero results found
> Heresy

>> No.20881006

I don't much care for Warhammer High.

Everything I do like has already been mentioned. Including Xeno

>> No.20881021

Well, when happiness is written as melancholic happiness, when relationships between most characters are abusive, when said characters get lobotomized in a creepy way, when main characters have terrible things happen to them all the time, and when everything is written in a flowery style, even the humor, to stress how dark and serious it all is, then yes, I can only see sparks of humor in a blurb of angst.

Shas'O even admitted that she wanted to stress how de-humanizing and horrifying Xeno's condition was as the quest went on. And when it was described in a meliorative way, she made Xeno sound like a vampire/lich megalomaniac villain.

>> No.20881027

Anyone interested in making new content can shuffle over here: >>20878620

It's become pretty lively, but could use some extra idea-fags.

>> No.20881089


>> No.20881106

Flavius, a Space Marine of the Imperial Fists transferred to the Enterprise as part of an exchange programme. Riker ended up on the Litany of Hate.

>> No.20881146

>This whole thread

>> No.20881242

it's happening now. >>20881111

>> No.20881414


I like Warhammer High. It's somewhat silly, and the main writefag isn't very good at referencing the HH stories, but it's a good romp all the same.

>> No.20881444

Tales of the Emprasque, because it has it's own TvTropes page. Does Blue and the Scraplootas have one?


I also like WHH, but I wish there were more references to the Horus Heresy Stories in it.

Honestly, I like all of Someone Else's work

>> No.20881497

Meliorative is a good word for it.

>> No.20881526

Yes. Being a monstrous sociopathic mechanical vampire actually sounds like the best part of xeno's condition in Shas'O's writing.

>> No.20881548

Bag World and Infinicon. Both immensely fun settings.

There was also an Astartes chapter /tg/ made, but I can't remember what they were called.
Their thing was that the WOULD NOT STOP. Ever. Never moving very quickly, but they would walk through a wall to get at their targer.

>> No.20881624

I'm glad you think so, although I don't know that sociopathic is how I would describe it, necessarily. There's definitely some degree of emotional detachment, but I don't think there was ever really the opportunity to really fully explore the consequences of immortality.

>> No.20881758

Not a big fan of the whole premise, personally. That and the writing feels awfully bland. Once again, just personal opinions.

I also noticed Torrasque fursona guy hasn't gotten a mention yet. I liked that thread quite a bit.

>> No.20881956

Obstinate marines are best marines

>> No.20882014

That reminds me of my favorite /tg/ chapter that never got proper love.

The Oblivious Marines. One day I might start another thread and try to fluff them out better.

>> No.20882052

Love Can Bloom.
Lots of great things have come and gone -the Emprasque, Warhammer High, Harem Knights, almost anything by Papa-A, Xeno and Blue, and more, but LCB still holds a special place in my heart.

>> No.20882079

Oh yeah, the Reasonable Marines and their parent sector were a nice shot of different in the Grim Dark. Doubly so for that author's ability to depict that they were _still_ dramatically out of place amidst the rest of the setting.
And Sister Silwen (?) the Eldar woman adopted by the Sisters. Loved that.
Pretty much anything by Mr. C/C.F., too.

>> No.20882116

The Son of the Woodsman,
the story about the 1K Son who adopts a Guardswoman,
The Guard and the Guardian had lots of potential...

>> No.20882118

Something about LCB never sat well with me. It just felt too...I dont even know the word to describe it. Not quite full blown sappy, but still pretty damn over the top on the attempt to tug at your heartstrings. I think I dislike Bakers Daughter and Cutebolds for the same reason.

>> No.20882224

Too melodramatic? Overblown?
I can see that.
Really I like it for Bloodfag's ability to write other perspectives and canon in on the fly. Like that Imperial Artillery Primer on the use of Fire Bombing or the image of the Orks all looking up at LIIVI and Taldeer and the way their heads all turn at once is "like a flower blooming" or whatever the quote was...
And how there was no inherent "goodness" in Taldeer and LIVII. Taldeer's manipulative and caustic, LIVII's little more then a kind of elaborate zombie. They aren't Edward and Bella, or even Mickey and Mallory.
They're two sort of fucked up murderers who struggle past their racial acrimony while desperately trying no to die of exposure.
It's not often in 40K that the very environment is depicted as dangerous as the various players in action. Lip service is given, but L&T spend much of their flight from Kronus trying not to die of exposure.

>> No.20882278

Anyone remember the paranoid marines? From when everything was blox?

Good times

>> No.20882333

>Taldeer's manipulative and caustic, LIVII's little more then a kind of elaborate zombie.
Yeah, pretty much like...
>They aren't Edward and Bella
EXACTLY like Edward and Bella.

but in space

>> No.20882422

Melodrama is oart of it. It just felt like the whole thing was trying too hard to make me feel. Now if you want feels, look no further than Gav and Bob. In roughly two pages that author managed to make a “love” story a thousand times more heartwrenching and touching than LCB could ever be for me. And that's not even the whole story.

>> No.20882578

I don't recall LIIVI ever "glistening" or either of them spending pages declaiming how they must deny their otherwise overpowering passion.
Or the whole Baseball-in-the-rain-thing.
I will posit that Twilight would've greatly benefited from the addition of WRRRYYYYYYY!

Of course! That I forget Gav and Bob. Mea culpa. -1 Fa/tg/uy points to me.
Terrifically evocative, and very relentlessly grimdark, too. None of the sequels really had the quality of the original, but overall it was OC to be proud of.

>> No.20882605

I never knew there were sequels, but I like where the original story ended.

>> No.20884144

maan I remember those threads, they're funny. They kept purging and re-purging their own chapter from time to time due to paranoia.

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