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Could an adventuring party bring a cow along with them on their adventures and drink milk straight from her utters to sustain themselves?

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They could, but they'd have to let her graze every day as cows need a lot of food themselves. Also, it would easily be killed by any monster they meet.

So its possible, but not very practical.

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I don't see why not.

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Nope, pasteurization, look it up. Also more than just milk comes out of those things.

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just bring female horses like the mongols and other horse people

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Why not simply turn the cleric into a cow?

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They could. But it would probably be animal abuse. Better take a pregnant woman, or create one.

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Why cows?
Just drink horse milk--far more practical.

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Just genocide the bacteria away from your raw milk, it'll be safe to drink.

Might be clumpy due to the milkfat though.

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>Be warrior
>Wake up hungry
>Thank the Gods, our cleric's huge tatas have started leaking again
>Finally, I can eat my cornflakes like they are supposed to be eaten

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>implying you can't drink unpasteurised milk

You silly, silly man. I've had fresh cow's milk for pretty much every breakfast during childhood, it tastes great and city-dwellers' phobia of it really isn't justified.

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Why not ride the cow?

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How much milk does a cow produce? You'd probably need more than one.

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>pregnant woman
Inefficiency. You would have to devote several spell slots to Calm Emotions to make the journey bearable.
Best to just pay a wet nurse or two a few coppers per day.

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Between 15 and 60 litres per day.

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Or acquire preggo fetishes for every party member.

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I believe I have a solution for this problem, :ahem: brown skinned german cow girl warrior, wat do

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You guys aren't taking this far enough.

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>brown skinned


But yeah, it's the most elegant solution. Though maybe game breaking, since it's create food for free.

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Real men suckle on goats, like Odin did.

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Well, I don't know if she's german per se, but Fenoxo, or whoever put her in the game gave her a german accent.

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Correction, 60ft tall goats that eat magic pine nettles and lactate divine mead.

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Well, what is minotaurs' alignment? Just to see how she would react. Then again, I'm sure this isn't the first time she heard that.

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Why use a cow when you can use a PC.

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>Just to see how she would react.


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>Who wants breakfast?

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Oh, okay. Bard critically succeeded his diplomacy check, I guess.

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>all those calories

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He's The Bard, she'll want to sleep with him, have you SEEN his other pictures?
Sidenote:Can someone do a The Bard picture dump? I'll post the few that I have

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>since it's create food for free
Except that's wrong. The cowgirl still has to eat, not only for herself but also to produce all that milk.
And surely you won't make her graze like a common animal.

I don't even want to know what sourcebook that's from.

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>Cow women
>Lactating cow women

God damn it. I shouldn't be in this thread. Fuck, /tg/.

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[insert "roll in the hay" pun here]

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Can someone post that "stop inserting your fetishes into our game" image?
I believe it's needed right now.

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You have made my night.

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Only practical if its a female druid that morphs into a cow.

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Have something else instead.

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The one with the Whizzard and his "magical realm"?

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Have a thing,

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So we're.....we're at that section of /tg/ again?

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What are you, sexist? Can a male druid not produce good enough milk for you?

This clearly isn't a "horrible" fetish, as indicated. A classy fetish such as this has a place at every table.

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When a male druids milk is hit by anti-magic, it has less than desirable results.

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Ooh, thank you.
>every table

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What if instead of druid's milk, you get bear's milk? Bears are pretty strong, it can defend itself, and I'm pretty sure bears can produce milk.

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Can we please stop talking about milk?

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Of course I mean that literally, as the DM provides each player with a tall glass of milk as he introduces the cow npc.

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5th Mirtul, Year of the Blazing Hand
Dear diary,
My sleep was refreshing and I dreamed of milk rivers and big, lush hills. This is disconcerting. As I write these lines, looking over the camp we made hastily during last night's storm, I cannot help but wonder about the auspicious signs that put me together with this circus troupe who calls itself "adventurers".
As every morning, I was awakened by the sounds of eating. That damn halfling cooks so well I will soon be as huge-breasted as Rinna, the cleric. Doesn't she know a flat chest is the sign of nobility? She looks like a cow and her jiggling always confuses me so much I actually make typing errors when copying scrolls into my book. Speaking of cows, apparently she has inherited her grandmother's ability to produce milk. MILK! Is she an animal of some sort? She was never pregnant, as far as I know. Not that I asked.

But anyway. The rest of our merry band is rather grateful for the substantial amounts of drink we get every morning. I think it perverse and have until now, avoided to drink it. The only problem I have is I think too much about it. Last night I couldn't find sleep easily, with all that rain and wind, and caught myself staring at Rinna, who slept to the left of me, watching her bosom rise and fall with every breath she took. Enormous. Gigantic. How horrible her backaches must be, I said to myself, even though I know she is rather strong of body, maybe even stronger than that guy who calls himself a warrior, Pascal.

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It is from Fursona for Pathfinder. And a strict reading is lactating PCs can feed themselves and one other....

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After a while, she must have woken up into a kind of half-sleep, because she smiled at me and asked if I would like to touch "them". The nerve! Embarassingly, I blushed (which she couldn't see, I hope, it was dark in our tent, after all) like a virgin and speedily faked sleeping, while I heard her turning around in her sleep.

And why in the 9 hells am I still thinking about it? But I must close for now, I'm getting told breakfast will be "getting cold" by Herbertius, who seems to be some kind of holy knight (but rather seems like a pretty boy in badly fitting chainmail), and I need some of that damn Halfling's pancakes. I hope Rinna doesn't remember anything.

- Parky, Gnome Wizard extraordinaire

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purification quest when

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>Like a panda adapted to feed specifically on eucalyptus leaves, your diet is restricted to a specific rare family of plants.
>panda adapted to feed specifically on eucalyptus leaves

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Now my campaign is complete!!! all I needed was a way for the party to sustain drink long enough to reach the desert!!!!

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Ha, I didn't even catch that.

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Soon as the guy that originally wrote er gets around to writing it then submitting it to Fenoxo so he can code it. He's certainly taking his sweet fucking time doing it, Marble was the first follower and she has the least amount of content, Kiha has only been a follower for two days and she already has more content than Marble.

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>Could an adventuring party bring a cow along with them on their adventures to sustain themselves?

Wow, we usually call her the cleric. But if you think she's fat go right ahead.

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marble is nice enough but personally I think Isabella is levels above her. Isabella is imo the most attractive bit in CoC. Lottie being a close second, then again I am a sucker for romance and intimacy.

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... .... ........... ..... .. . .. . .. . ....Whhhhy?

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There should be a spell they can cast on a party member to get milk from her.

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Because nobody ever drunk milk before Pasteur, right?

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Yeah but they all died.

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He's got you there.

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I think they tried doing the same kinda arc for Marble, but it was really early on and then she got left behind as the game developed further. Apparently she's getting some kinda purification quest though so eh.

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Everyone who drinks milk AFTER Pastuer dies too.

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If you're using CoC characters, you should bust out the one who lactates beer.

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>milk cow
>use spell to purify milk to remove impurities
>your cleric is now Pasteur

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What game is this? I kinda want to play with it.

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She can eat semen.

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I drank milk after Pasteur, and I'm not dead.

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Can we get a DL? It doesn't seem to be on /rs/.

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Of fucking course it is.

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Oh man are you gonna be in for a surprise

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Sleep well, Anon.

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Or perhaps someone can post it directly to /tg/? That's a thing now.

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>he thinks he won't die

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Yes, they could, if they want to reduce their travelling speed to a crawl since they will have to wait for ti to feed every day.

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It's too big.

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Not that guy, but I'm not gonna die.

I refuse.

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>chest boobs

absolutely disgusting.

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Whattaya mean you want 'milk'?

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>drunk on tea

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Egg layers can also feed two people but that one doesn't cost a point.

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enjoy your death from raw milk op

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death bump

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>raw milk


What cup size would a cleric need to have enough milk for a typical group of adventurers?

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>milk cow
>fire wizard pasturises milk
>You're no using your brain.jpg

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Well even a very large-titted woman only produces enough to feed a couple babies, so I'm guessing it would be pretty substantial.

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Mlik begins as food. There's energy lost in its production. It doesn't come from some perpetual motion engine inside a woman's tits. The amount you'd have to eat to produce enough milk to sustain a number of adults would feed a good deal more adults than the milk itself
Come on.

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Do you have any data or are you just talking out of your ass?

>> No.20875210

Yes, that is why places that take in a lot of milk don't even bother with pasteurization. The only times raw milk is bad is when it is kept for any length of time.

>> No.20875216


Actual inability to produce enough milk is rare, with studies showing that mothers from developing countries experiencing nutritional hardship still produce amounts of milk of similar quality to that of mothers in developed countries.[11] There are many reasons a mother may not produce enough breast milk. Some of the most common are an improper latch (i.e., the baby does not connect efficiently with the nipple), not nursing or pumping enough to meet supply, certain medications (including estrogen-containing hormonal contraceptives), illness, and dehydration. A rarer reason is Sheehan's syndrome, also known as postpartum hypopituitarism, which is associated with prolactin deficiency; this syndrome may require hormone replacement.

The amount of milk produced depends on how often the mother is nursing and/or pumping; the more the mother nurses her baby, or pumps, the more milk is produced.[12][13][14][15][16] It is very helpful to nurse on demand - to nurse when the baby wants to nurse rather than on a schedule. If pumping, it is helpful to have an electric high-grade pump so that all of the milk ducts are stimulated. Some mothers try to increase their milk supply in other ways - by taking the herb fenugreek, used for hundreds of years to increase supply[17] ("Mother's Milk" teas contain fenugreek as well as other supply-increasing herbs); there are also prescription medications that can be used, such as Domperidone (off-label use) and Reglan.[18]


He's talking out of his ass.

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Nothing you excrete has the same volume (even in total) as what you take in. Milk is just another excretion.

>> No.20875228

secrete, it's not a waste product

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It's not a 1:1 conversion ratio from food to milk. This is pretty obvious. Milk is only there to give young mammals the nutrients they need in an easily digestible form. Think about it logically, the food the milk-producer would need to eat to sustain both herself and produce enough milk to feed several adults would be enough to feed those adults and her. Therefore, it is impractical.

>> No.20875234

You honestly think that you can make calorie and fat rich milk from absolutely nothing at all? Breastfeeding women have to increase their caloric intake in order to produce milk or else they'll start dropping weight. If it gets low enough will cause them to stop lactating. You don't have to eat a lot to sustain an infant (doctor said a bagel with cream cheese was enough) - but an infant doesn't require 2,000+ calories a day. The human body isn't 100% efficient in anything it does. 1 food calorie in does not equal 1 calorie of produced milk. I can't tell you what the exact exchange is, but I can tell you that it's impossible for the body to magically add food calories to milk from some magical nonexistent concept of "motherhood".

>> No.20875235

It makes little difference. It all comes from breaking down one thing into another. This uses energy. Now what is important is what is being broken down.

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Oh jesus fuck. Yes, a woman will produce the same amount of breast milk as any other woman, but if she isn't eating properly it will TAKE THE NUTRIENTS FROM HER BODY.

Seriously. This is like 9th grade Biology here.

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Too bad that has nothing to do with anything I said.

>> No.20875244

NOTHING has 100% efficiency. Energy is lost one way. This is inherent in ALL systems.

>> No.20875253

in the case of a lactating woman, it will do so even when at the risk of her own health.

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Precisely why having a milk-producing animal, or lactating woman for "free food" is impractical and a waste of time. It's better to just eat the food they would need to sustain themselves and produce the milk. Now, if there was a large amount of food that was inedible to the humans, but edible to the animal (like grass) then sure. I mean, you could take a few bags of holding or whatever and fill them with grass for the animal....or you could fill them with food.

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Haha, I knew the autists would just eat it up. Pun intended.

>> No.20875288

The only reason why cows are so useful in making milk is that they make it out of absolute shit nutrients, like grass. - which we can't even use as a food source. Since humans can't live on grass, a cow's milk production is essentially for "free." Your fetish cleric, on the other hand, needs to eat biscuits and meat and fruit and whatnot - in massive quantities. So it makes no sense to do that save for omgooololol imma suck some titties, and in which case - please leave your porny shit at home, it's making everyone else at the table really uncomfortable.

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>Hurr. Joke's on you, I was only pretending to be retarded.

>> No.20875300

Yup, confirmed for autism. Dude, it's just fun. Nothing to get mad about.

Also, tell me quick how many calories a woman has to eat (or drink) to make 500 ml of milk. You don't know? Well, there goes your argument. You do know? Tell me.

>> No.20875312

Nevermind. Googled it.

>20/ounce produced

Sounds reasonable.

>> No.20875315

Do you look where you're going when you backpedal, or do you just start spinning your wheels in the other direction heedlessly, shouting whatever insult first comes to mind as a diversionary tactic?

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>> No.20875322

>this thread

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Hold on, bag of holding doesn't take well to organics.
Now, if we were to construct a grass golem, AND imbue him with a regeneration power...

Alternatively, we could teach our cow (or women) to digest the inedibles that we most commonly find. Ork meat, ork bones, human bones, magical skeletons, broken sets of leather armor, dated weapons, etc.
Might seem like a lot of work, but for a high level wizard, the joy of fresh milk might be just worth it (and with polymorph you're also getting a steed!)

>> No.20875334

>Now, if we were to construct a grass golem, AND imbue him with a regeneration power...
Why not make it a meat golem?

>> No.20875342

I see you're not accustomed to people asking questions for fun. It wasn't even trolling... it was... a funny question.

But let's do the math.
Let's say we have 6 adventurers in the party, everyone gets a cup of milk.
That's 48 ounces.
48x20= 960 calories.

So it takes 960 calories to produce that much milk for our cleric. Sure is a lot.

>> No.20875343

it would probably be less effort for a wizard to just make a random-junk-eating chimera/construct that turns the shit it eats on the ground into fresh milk

Like a prototype for his wizard college thesis, or something

>> No.20875347

To be more precise, a bacon golem.

>> No.20875350

I had a fairly burly fighter once who kept a pair of chickens in a cage he wore on his back.

Chickens will continue to produce eggs so long as they're fed and you can simulate a day/night cycle. If you're high enough level get a bigger cage, shove it in a bag of holding along with a bottle of air and some everburning torches and bam. Fresh Eggs every morning.

>> No.20875356

Bu-...but MILK

And with a little patience, CHEESE. And if you have an aging spell, YOGHURT straight out of titties!

>> No.20875372

>one cup of milk is enough to keep a full grown man in fighting shape

Also, that's 400 grams of bread to get those 960 calories. And that's assuming a 1:1 ratio, and not that the woman would also need calories to, y'know, stay alive. So why not just have everyone eat the bread?

>> No.20875376

Oh God yes.
My next wizard is sooo gonna patent the Robocow(tm).

>> No.20875379

>right from the nipple
Uh, no thanks. It'd be like squeezing out an enormous zit

>> No.20875392

>squeezing out an enormous zit
My mouth is already watering

>> No.20875393

That's not even half a loaf of bread, man. Also, we can safely assume that
a) The cleric gained weight because of the curse, and since a pound of bodyfat has 3,500 calories stored in it, she can do the milk marathon for quite a while.
b) It's magic anyway, maybe the calories come out of nowhere.

>> No.20875407

Yes it would be-
this fucking post showed up fuck ew ew ew

Okay, hidden.

Yes, you could take along some kind of-


Yeah, I'm giving up.

>> No.20875420

So now you're just jumping hoops to feed your sexual fantasy.
Which is totally cool, but doesn't beat his argument
>you could be taking those calories straight up

>> No.20875425


Now... this applies >>20875322

>> No.20875426

>That's not even half a loaf of bread, man.
Half a loaf of bread into 6 cups of milk. And remember, calories aren't the only thing that goes into breast milk, there's a lot of other nutrients. And if those nutrients are not supplied by diet, then they are taken directly from the woman's body, to her detriment.

>rest of post
Man, if you're just going to use magic, then why use the magic to make a woman lactate enough to feed a party of adventurers when you could just use it to create enough food to give those adventurers a balanced and non-fetishy diet.

>> No.20875447


Ah I see, you didn't get the original story of lactating cleric. It was a curse made by a perverted wizard which turned her into a lactating faux-cowgirl. I hope you get it now.

>> No.20875463

So, it is a creepy fetish thing?

>> No.20875468

There is an average of 20-26 calories per ouce of breastmilk if you were to drink it. It takes more calories than that to create the milk.

To her detriment until she's unable to make milk any more. That's just not smart, ruining your source of milk like that. It really isn't worth the effort. The cow is much more useful.

>> No.20875478

>I've been proven wrong, so I'll just say magic and act condescending
Been fun talking to you, mate

>> No.20875480

You people sure are fucked up.

>> No.20875493

but you are

>> No.20875496

Man, this is /tg/. That should go without saying. Everything is always at the very least a potentially creepy fetish thing.

>> No.20875502

Naw. I'm just a stranger on the bus.

>> No.20875513

Cows are intended only for trebuchet ammunition.

>> No.20875521

Hwuh? Was this a comic or writefaggotry or something?

>> No.20875524

Fuck you. My ancestors have been cattle farmers for as long as we can trace back.

>> No.20875527

Not everything involves the violation of the body of a female player character in such a way as to mutilate/magnify her secondary sex characteristics. Don't get all false equivalency, there is no need for it. If someone sexualizes being stabbed with a sword (blade is a metal phallus, new orifice, etc) that is because they are fucked up. That scenario is inherently sexless and prosaic; it is sexualized by a depraved mind. A curse that makes a woman need to be milked on a daily basis is the opposite.

>> No.20875535

because this is /tg/ and that is not how things work around here.

>> No.20875544

...so have the ancestor of 90% of humanity?

>> No.20875564

Not really. I meant my dad was a cattle farmer, so was my grandad, and two of my great grandads, so on so forth. Although, we can only find records dating back to ~1850

>> No.20875565

Okay so in 40k, Slaaneshi cultists/marines have a tendency to end up in combat because it's the only thing that gets them off, right?
If a Khornate Berserker is in combat with a Slaaneshi, is he being raped?
>M-my chain-axe, it's moving on its own!

>> No.20875582

I was actually getting at what you said, though in less words and with less accuracy. The base-line perversion here is so high that absolutely any thread has the potential (and a decent liklihood) to become a creepy fetish thread.

>> No.20875595

You're trying to confuse the situation with the grimderp wankfest that is 40k. If you were smarter than you appear to be, you may be trying to imply that fetish is intrinsic to the hobby. My response is the usual: You're in the wrong dungeon. You want the one with fat people in bondage gear, not fat people roleplaying that they are in bondage gear.

>> No.20875596 [DELETED] 

ok, fetishy things that the group would hate you for shoehorning in aside. How about a plane of food contructs.

>> No.20875644

I'm not exactly asexual. I have either experienced, roleplayed, written, or fantasized half the fetishes /tg/ has complained about. But in every instance where one or more other human beings were involved, it was consensual. My baseline is really high; I have had some kind of physical erotic encounter, penetrative or otherwise, with about 100 people. Yes, that is an approximation because I'm not exactly sure anymore. And yet I don't spring "you get raped" on the sole female player, or force her to have giant boobs that need milking, or some other fetish I masturbated furiously to when I was 13.

>> No.20875647

Hey guys, what if we give the female cleric a ring of sustenance? Then use her milk to feed the rest of the party? We would be saving on having to get the entire party ring's of sustenance!

When such a thing is applicable, and plus fetishes.

>> No.20875682

I'm not really sure what you're talking about, I'm sorry.

The cow-girl curse thing was some random writefagging that someone did in the middle of the thread, not anything anyone was claiming to do in their campaign.

As for the rest, fetishy derailment isn't really dependent upon whether or not anyone is actually willing to do or has done what the fetishy derailment is about. It's just what happens here a lot. You have to have seen that on at least a couple of occasions.

>> No.20875685

Well that should work.

>> No.20875688

>You have to have seen that on at least a couple of occasions.
Unless he's really new.

>> No.20875697

You'd have to find one, first. Unless your DM blows and just lets you walk into any hole in the ground with a name town and throw money at a shopkeeper until the magic items you want appear .

>> No.20875717

>unless your DM blows and follows the rules as explicitly laid out for him
A ring of sustenance would be available at any decent-sized city according to the tables in the 3.5 DMG.

>> No.20875740

The fuck. So the PC can survive solely on its own milk? Which is enough for it to produce more milk which makes it able to survive and then produce even more milk?

They should be the ruler of the most powerful kingdom of the world, able to trade 100% of its crops to neighbouring countries.
They would also be the most common slaves, being able to save entire villages from hunger.

The entire setting is fucked. The person who designed that world must have some kind of problem to slip that up.

>> No.20875788


Well imagine there is a huge desert and the party needs or just wants to cross it. And there is a big trade city on their end of it. Somewhere in that city someone would be creating and selling such items to people crossing the desert. I figure that if the party is in such a situation where getting a bunch of rings of sustenance is preferable to actually carrying their food there should be a merchant in the area at least trying to capitalize on this.(maybe a quest to help the merchant get started)

>> No.20875842

Women have a limited supply of milk at a time and it takes one of two conditions to stimulate milk production.

1: Childbirth.
2: A long period of stimulation of the nipples.

PS, a baby can sustain itself on breast milk, but adult humans? I doubt it. You'd sooner puke.

>> No.20875868

Not to mention adults naturally lose the ability to properly digest milk. It is actually rather rare when they keep the ability to do so into adulthood. Now, most people can digest it to some extent, but not very well. Then there are those that we actually dub as lactose intolerant who pretty much just can't.

>> No.20875873

Puke or succumb to crippling intestinal distress followed by "angry anus syndrome". Whichever comes first!

>> No.20875877

Lactose tolerant master race reporting in, we are the future.

>> No.20875926

don't you have a higher chance to be lactose tolerant if you are white?

>> No.20875958

IIRC it's most common in Northern Europeans, Indians (from India) and Middle-Easterners.

>> No.20875966

So Caucasians.

>> No.20875984

If you want to use really outdated tri-race theory, sure. Why not?

>> No.20875986

And the lowest ability to digest dairy is asians.

>> No.20875999

Asians and Native Americans/indigenous Canadians.

Thuough Mongolians still drink the shit out of milk.

>> No.20876000

You really shouldn't clump all those together. Europeans, Caucasians, Indians, and Iranians are all different (and there are sub groups past that as well). Lumping them all together as Caucasian doesn't work well.

>> No.20876016

It does when there's only three "races" to chose from. That's about the only way it works.

Jesus Christ, this is so far beyond the point now,.

>> No.20876034

>oh boy here we go

>> No.20876070

>2: A long period of stimulation of the nipples.
solution; nipple rings of sustenance

>> No.20876106


Well you aren't that likely to puke, its the other end you will have issues with.
Also some women do just lactate without reason, plus fetishes, so nipple stimulation all the way.


Lots of people can handle digesting milk just fine as adults, human milk is easier than cow milk for what I would think are obvious reasons, its more that adults aren't made to subsisted on a liquid diet. Though there are some other things about trying to just subsist on milk, but hey bring along a bit of dried fruit, the milk will make your food reserves last much longer than normal.

>> No.20876204

I did.
I started our LOTR campaign with 10 gooses, 3 goats and a cow. I was a cleric wandering the countryside.
First I had to sell my gooses (hard to carry with me). Then the party made me sell my goats too, which I was not happy with.
Last we played I still had my cow with me for milk and carrying my stuff.

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>> No.20876274

Oh the plural of goose is GEESE! Sorry english is not my main language.

>> No.20876326


Just mentioning that common dairy cows aren't very good for traveling.

You would have to get a species that can travel farther and at a higher speed.

Cowgirls are best for this

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