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We are the only species in the galaxy that does not make extensive use of magic in our technology. In fact, it is believed by the rest of the universe that no life can even exist in the Local Bubble, as it is beyond the reach of gods.

What happens when humanity makes first contact?

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Oh I remember this idea.

Human weapons and soldiers become highly sought after, as they are especially suited to fighting within anti-magic fields.

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Dragonstar happens

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Humans become the most powerful fighting force in the universe. Our mere presence on the battle field causes other specie's technology to simply stop functioning. Our ships merely fire small bundles of local earth matter at the enemy to turn all the magic holding the enemy ships together off.

We eventually even go after the gods, seeing as they hold no power over us. Thing of the combined humanity fleet firing directly at the heart of some pan dimensional super being. Anti-mater torpedoes flying through space to impact a creature several hundred thousand feet all, and there is nothing the thing can do about it but sit there and take the punishment.

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Well, I was trying to figure out what my next campaign would be, since my group finished the last d20 future campaign.
Now I know what I want.

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Humans never contact aliens, as FTL doesn't work without a girl in white robes chanting in welsh

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And aliens could never contact humans, because none of them speak Welsh.

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Humanity becomes the Necrons.

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Well technically we can move faster than light without ever actually going faster. We just have to make the distance we have to go smaller.

Oh science, screwy enough that we can basically just apply it like magic.

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Clearly the only solution is to wait for the Welsh Aeronautical and Space Program to launch a shuttle on wear-your-pajamas-to-work day.

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Actually they all do. Wales was colonised by a lost alien generational ship.

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Okay, someone needs to explain the welsh thing to me. I'm lost.

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>Aeronautical and Space Program
Do sheep fly...?

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Maybe humanity harnesses wormhole tech.

Or maybe we're just hardcore enough for STL. Generation ships and cryostasis, motherfuckers! Let's see your magical warp drive out-badass that.

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Does this mean that alien girls are all gingers?

Please let this be real.

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not even the welsh can survive in space with just pajamas

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Same thing that always happens when a race of nothing but martial classes/skill monkeys goes up against a race of wizards.

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The wizards get brutally raped by levels of weapons tech they didn't even know could exist or be wielded without days of rituals, that bypass even the strongest anti-magic field or dispelling spell and which rely on energies they may not even know of?

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Fecal matter everywhere?

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How do you know that? There haven't been any Welsh astronauts yet.

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No, because there are defense mechanisms other than anti-magic fields and humans can't make anti-magic fields because anti-magic fields are magical.

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Humans are regarded as eldritch abominations with totally alien technology and philosophy. We are, basically, Lovecraftian.

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For a similar, but different concept: From a Violent Planet.

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I remember this thread. Mercenaries, mercenaries everywhere.

I preferred the idea of humans never being able to use magic though. There was some cool ideas on the laws of magic in that thread though.

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And so are they. Mutual Lovecraftian mindfuckery.

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Wait, hang on, this thread happened in the past? Goddamn, and here I thought I was being original.

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The idea is still a good one, and who cares about originality? Just depends on if its done well, and its interesting.


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Shit will probably get crazy once we apply the scientific method to magic once we come across it.

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Magic pajamas.

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Ah, but what if its a little bit of both?

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>mfw fighter engages dragon cavalry

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First contact is made not with humans, but with the self-replicating relativistic probes humans are using to lay down an interstellar network of Krasnikov tubes.

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This is basically the setting in Sailor Moon.

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Technically speaking, sheep do not so much "fly" as "plummet". However, they are working on improving themselves.


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>Humans can't use magic, wat do?

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So Roswell is for Redheads?

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OPs setting wasn't that Humans can't use magic, but that they don't because we evolved in the middle of an interstellar scale anti-magic field.

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Exactly. Where would we get Magic Pyjamas?

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Yeah, over the horizon fighting is brutal

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