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Dark Eldar Thread anyone?

Because psychic vampire elfs in space are awesome, particularly when they have flying heavy weapons teams.

Unless Soulstorm butchered that part of dark eldar fluff.

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no then?

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This is /tg/, not one of the super fast boards like /v/ or /a/; you need to wait longer than 5 minutes.

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>Unless Soulstorm butchered that part of dark eldar fluff.

Pretty much everything within the DoW games has to be taken with a pinch of salt, to be honest. It's best not to put too much faith in them.

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I made a Lord based on this dude. Anyone want to see pics?

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Not even just, that they fly and shot big guns?
... DoW1 'nilla jump infantry amuses me, because jet packs on for just marching and off while chasing someone down to sword them is funny. This only applies to Orkz, Chaos and SM, and mostly to the non-orkz, because the stormboy model works.

Oh, wait, SoB seraphem(sic).

Duel sidearms as a military unit type... just bothers me.

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>Not even just, that they fly and shot big guns?

Ah - sorry, yes, they got that part right, at least. Though these days, Scourges are better off with special, rather than heavy, weapons.

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Forget DoW. They didn't even have any fluff to butcher at that point in time. They've had a complete overhaul with the new codex. They still feed off pain, and have flying heavy weapons.
Except they have legit wings and not jump packs.


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I demand more Scourge pics!

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Sigh I miss the DE Rumors

Scourges were rumored to be Jetpacks. Would make TOO MUCH SENSE I suppose

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Not the best pictures, I know, but it gets the details across.

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I'm not the only one who thinks that New DEldar are far superior to the old ones, right? I mean the fluff is so awesome. Holy shit, Commoragh is literally the size of multiple solar systems and screws with the laws of physics. Fuck yes!

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I don't think there's anyone who really prefers the old Dark Eldar as a whole. I know there were a few people who really took against the new Incubi design, but that's about it.

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That's not half bad, actually. The reposing work on the arm is pretty good.

Also, that's all my Scourges, sadly.

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That Dark Eldar novel was actually surprisingly good too. I liked how there are parts of Commoragh that are just fucking closed off all the time because crazy shit that you can't even UNDERSTAND has wormed it's way in there.

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Thank you very much, most of them were new to me at least!

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Actually, his entire body (save his head and left arm) are made entirely of greenstuff. The only reason I used a Kabalite arm was because I tried and failed at sculpting the whole "victoriously suck your competitors soul through a pyramid" arm pose. I feel it worked out quite well. The head looks a bit off when you view it from the front, but from the side, it looks quite well.

Also, the pictures are kind of shitty, it looks a lot better in the light.

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Psychic vampire, to be exact.

Yes, I am aware that deldar kill most of their practicing psykers, but the way that they steal souls is psychic vampire-like.

To say otherwise us to claim alchemy in full metal is a science and not magic.

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>Implying that the DE actually have any psykers beyond relics of the race who are pretty much only alive because of crazy webway and daemonic pahooey
>Implying they steal souls

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...Our cowardly cousins.

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I've always wondered why the evil factions of 40k (Chaos, DEldar, Orks and Necrons) don't even try to team up.

This would greatly increase their chances of toppling Cadia, Armageddon and the meddlesome Imperium and Craftworld Eldar once and for all.

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How do you customize Dark Eldar if you wanted to make an army of them? They all seem fluffed out.

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You fool, you blew it all.

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Just because your mother got killed by a guardian, doesn't mean all dark kin have a feud with those of the craftworld.

Trueblood jerk, you are.

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Because the DE and Eldar don't hate each other as much as dislike.

You know. Mormons and goths.

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Just like Marines are divided to Chapters and Eldar to Craftworlds, DE have countless Cabals, Wych Cults and Haemonculi covens. There's differences between what units they use and what kind of operations they do.

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Well, first of all, because the Dark Eldar hate Chaos and Necrons, and are on passable ground with the Craftworlders. They're evil, self-serving bastards, but they gain absolutely nothing by siding with the other bad guys and trying to tear down the galaxy they need for hunting in.

Orks are too anarchic to actually ally with anyone or anything for long periods of time. They're able pawns and mercenaries, but that's about it.

Necrons are too proud to accept the idea that another race is worth treating as an ally, rather than an lesser to be ruled or an obstacle to be destroyed.

Chaos is...well, Chaos. No-one really wants to side with Chaos for long.

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>implying anyone is evil in 40k

Plus Tzeentch will screw everyone over, even his own guys

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Because the Orks, Necrons, DEldar, and Chaos all hate eachother.

One is omnicidal fungus that will turn on you the moment the fighting stops being good. They are designed to fight Necrons.

One is omnicidal robots that view the Orks as little more than a bad cold that just won't go away, and Eldar as cockroaches playing with their parents toys. Oh, also, they are anathema to Chaos.

DEldar never fight fair, and never take planets. Oh, also, they are horrified of Chaos, because their souls are very, very, very woosy.

Chaos wants to kill all of the above, and destroy reality.

Uh...Is that a question? Kabalites, Covens, and Cults are fully customizable as far as you like.

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There are thousands of different Kabals, Cults, and Covens, and they'll all have their own ideologies and motivations. All you need to really do is decide what you want the hook of your fluff to be, then add a name and colour scheme.

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Are exodites ever gonna come out

I want to make a Grand Eldar Army with bitz from everyone

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A lot of my friends played 40k for years but i never really got into it because i couldn't find an army that i liked. Then the new DE came out and i bought them like they were candy. Crack whore gladiators? check. Poison that can kill robots? check. Assult units that have swords bigger than they are? check. GrimDark with a bit of insane thrown in for good fun? check.

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Tahril is the new leader of the Black Heart Cabal. Making him the Supreme Ruler of the Dark City.

Whatever he says goes. If he says there is a Blood Feud between the Craftworlders and the Dark Eldar, then there IS a BLOOD FEUD.

Got it? Good.

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Exodites are pretty much locked to their worlds thanks to their lifestyle choices.

They wouldn't make a reasonable army in the main game, though they might get an IA list some day.

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As an army to themselves? Very unlikely. It's possible that there might be some Exodite units in the next Craftworld Eldar codex, I guess. Or Forge World might give them a go when they're not cranking out new IG and SM variants.

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>Dark Eldar
>hate Necrons

I'm pretty sure this is something that's only been explored in Soulstorm actually, though it does make sense. I don't know of any other sources with DE-Necron interaction, besides Nightbringer, where Archon Kesharq of the Sundered Blade thought it would be a good idea to team up with a human and release a C'tan.

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did you say dark eldar thread? just finished of a starter size force
going for full archon court

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The Necrons now are among the few forces in the galaxy that can assault the Dark City on a whim.

I heard that Commorragh is filled with great exotic treasures and ancient relics. Well, this means that they will eventually get a visit from this guy.

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The 6e ally chart says that Necrons cannot ally with any kind of Eldar though they are allies of convenience with Orks and Chaos Marines.

That's a bit strange considering the new more varied agendas of various dynasties and kabals. DE can ally with daemons and Chaos marines, so why not Necrons?

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It makes sense to me. Wouldn't you hate a being that you can't torture (at least most of them) when you thrive on suffering?

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Sweet man! I'd use the mandrakes as wracks though. You're a braver man than I to try taking a full court. I just stick the big man with a group of 9 incubi and go to town.

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he already did
he napped this really bespoke armoured guy

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>are among the few forces in the galaxy that can assault the Dark City on a whim.

No, they aren't. The dolmen gates give them access to a limited area of the webway that's been sealed off from the main structure. Now, *IF* they were able to find a juntion which would lead to Commoragh, then it's possible they'd be able to breach the wards and try gaining access that way. But considering how well hidden and protected Commoragh is, that's a very big if.

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Wait a second.

The Normal Eldar, who keep records and the legends of their race, can barely recall the Necrons. What makes you think the Dark Eldar would remember them?

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Remember, the Eldar are (one of) the reasons that the Necrons went to sleep in the first place. The Eldar and the Necrons were SWORN enemies. Hell, the Eldar were pretty much designed solely to defeat the Necrons.

The Necrons won't forget thousands of years of warfare just because some of those knife-eared frog slaves like S&M and paint themselves dark colors.

The Dark Eldar won't forget all those horrible legends about the weak former gods and the War in Heaven.

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Presumably to represent the small groups of Dark Eldar stupid, arrogant, or desperate enough to cut a deal with Chaos. There's been examples of it happening in the past.

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Alas, Comissar Yarrick, I knew him well!

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Good luck with that man. There are probably hundreds of billions of DE in the dark city. If there is any invading force that would make them unite it would be the necrons.

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The Necrons are conquering parts of the Webway and are moving their massive fleets inside.

It is only a matter of time.

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That and the whole ancient enemies thing. I like the idea that even the Dark Eldar, depraved as they are, would fight against Necrons simply because they're abominations that shouldn't exist.

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Die monster! You don't belong in this world!

>> No.20869793

Unite them?

It will be a backstab extravaganza among the Dark Eldar.

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>The Necrons are conquering parts of the Webway and are moving their massive fleets inside.

Do you have a source for that? Because I don't recall reading anything like that in the Necron codex.

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The aftermath of the War in Heaven where "the Eldar were totes keeping track of the Necrons, guys, but uh... then they forgot" is something that was added in the 5th edition codex.

>> No.20869826

Also something that people seem to overlook. Necrons all have souls. Robots can't make babies. There for there are no new necrons. They can make new canoptek units but there will never be new necron. The necrons maybe powerful now, but they have entered a game of attrition that they can not win.

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It was not by my hand that I was once again given flesh.

I was called here by huuuumans who wished to pay ME tribute!

>> No.20869839

Dark Eldar are quick to remind everyone that they are more closely connected to the True Eldar than the craftworlders and exodites. There's an entire craftworld that hunts Necrons, I'd imagine that out of all the crazy shit compiled in Commoragh, someone knows the history of the Necrons.

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>Necrons all have souls.
The Necrontyr lost their souls during biotransference. The codex is pretty clear about it. The Necrons had occasionally been described as possessing souls before, even in GW fluff, but that's all in the past.

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Plus, if you assault Commorragh, you'd have all Eldar of all persuasions fighting to defend it. Craftworld, Dark, Exodite, Outcast, Corsair, Harlequin. Because all of the Eldar know, that if anyone succeeds in taking the webway paths of one group, then the rest will fall too. If Commorragh

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It is stated in the codex that there are necrons older than the fall. Even though the fall took place long after the war in heaven I'm sure some of the more ancient archons still remember the ancient enemy.

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And even if they don't actually remember fighting them (the only Eldar who could remember that would be Chaos Eldar), they remember being told to eat their Crystal-Waffles or else Overlord Boogymanetep would steal them away in the night.

And these assholes floating on a barge screaming about being superior looke JUST like Overlord Boogymanetep.

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>Necrons all have souls

This annoys me so much.

Why do idiots always make conclusions based on something that was NEVER part of necron fluff?



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This is true but it also never says anything about new necrons being made after the great biotransference.

>> No.20869960

That's because there aren't new necrons.

When they get destroyed, their bodies are repaired, or transferred into a new body.

>battle of attrition?

Yeah, the necrons win that everytime

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In the original codex it was holms. But souls are over rated anyways in the the warhammer 40k universe. Unless you're an eldar your after life consists of you getting nommed by the chaos gods.

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Until you set up a bomb in their tomb world

>> No.20870034

That does not imply a battle of attrition.

Also, i'm sure they can teleport to a different tomb from the same dynasty to get repaired

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If then don't have souls, then where did they go? The C'tan ate them?

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Wouldn't make sense for the C'tan to have eaten them. More likely neither Szeras nor the C'tan knew how to anchor a soul to a new body, and the spirits of the Necrontyr were just consumed by daemons.

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Yup, and shat them out.

Most have possessed orks, making mad boys.

This information is swpressed by orkish psychols pshi ... Shrinks.

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Possibly so, assuming the teleportation matrix hasn't already been destroyed by whatever cataclysmic event is destroying the tomb in question.

Possibly. Alternatively, the process of biotransferrance may simply have killed the Necrontyr - their soul vanished into the warp, while their personality and memories are copied onto a blank Necron.

Either way, the fact that the Necrons have lost their souls is, IIRC, mentioned a couple of times in the codex.

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I need to figure out an orky name for LRH.

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That's from Old Codex. It must be outdated.

If the C'tan can access the Webway, It can be assumed they can control, manipulate, and perhaps eat souls.

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*shrugs* they are all going to go insane eventually and become either flayers or destroyers. This is stated very clearly in the new codex and is the reason the silent king wants the necrons to get their souls back. Just wait them out till they all go nuts and clean up the mess.

>> No.20870340

How? The C'tan and the warp don't get along too well. Meanwhile, the webway is completely separate from the warp.

>> No.20870353

Just imagine what will happen when the Necrons keeping the Artifact that governs the Galaxy's stars succumb to the Destroyer Curse.

It won't end well.

>> No.20870377

Nothing in the new Codex says the C'tan are particularly weak or allergic to the Warp.

So why not?

>> No.20870409

No, you're saying that they could directly dabble in the warp ie. mess with souls.

That just doesn't work. That means the C'tan are no longer star gods, just more warp beings.

>> No.20870426

Then everyone would lose except for the dark eldar since their stars aren't in the galexy. But then they would all kill each other so they would lose too.... but hell! Last man standing wins right?

>> No.20870466

Legions of Destroyers and Flayed Ones will flood the Webway searching for the Last remnants of flesh and the living.

They won't rest until the Dark Eldar are found and destroyed.

>> No.20870481

Honestly, the less god-modding done by the Necron and Eldar codexes to each other, the better.

>> No.20870532

Lets go by the Old Fluff then. If the C'tan couldn't mess with the Warp, then why did the Outsider try to devour Cegorach? Or how was it possible for the Nightbringer to corrupt Khaine with his essence.

They shows that they can intact with the Warp and screw with it.

>> No.20870550

Yeah.... the dark city has NEVER been found unless the dark eldar wanted it to be found.
The eldar know how to put out stars too. Stop you codex fluff Dick waving. It was written by the ward, the great destroyer of fluff himself so it doesn't count.

>> No.20870586

The Bloody Nightbringer put a stop to the Eldar Reincarnation Cycle. This process happens in the Warp.

How does a Physical God screw with something utterly Warp related? Because he can and he's dickish enough to do it.

>> No.20870593


>Necrons: hide inside alternate dimensions and all that funky SCIENCE! stuff until everything's settled down
>Eldar: all die or are trapped inside webway with no way out
>DE: dodge the explosions but die off because there's no one left to torture/eat souls/Slaanesh's thirst thing
>Imps: All die
>Orks: All die, not even ork spores can survive a supernova
>Tau: All die
>Chaos: Survive in the warp, but since there is no galaxy to plunder/spread chaos in, the gods wither and die slowly, followed by daemons and the rest.
>Nids: Rest of nids arrive to find no food left and starve.

Necrons emerge from their SCIENCE! things, look around and say:

>Well, isn't this nice

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Thing is, the necrons literally only have to press a button to explode a star.

>> No.20870626

First of all, changing which set of fluff you use to back up your points makes your goals utterly transparent.

Secondly, the old fluff is very clear on what happened. The Nightbringer infected the physical body of Khaine. That caused him to produce a psychic shriek, that echoed through the warp, putting the fear of death into the Eldar, locking out the regen cycle.

Also, if you're going by the old fluff, it's pretty explicit that the warp was anathema to the C'Tan.

>> No.20870637

>The eldar know how to put out stars too. Stop you codex fluff Dick waving. It was written by the ward, the great destroyer of fluff himself so it doesn't count.

The Eldar used to snuff out Stars in the past, but the Necrons with a single wave of their hand can kill hundreds of stars and obliterate the galaxy.

In terms of power, the Necrons beat all.

>Hating Ward

You just jelly that he didn't write your Codex.

>> No.20870698

>DE make new babies. New babies have new souls. Use souls to feed thirst.

>Chaos: Dark Eldar Souls continue to feed Slannesh

>Necrons: Go insane as they are slowly being consumed by Destroyer Cures/Flayer Curse

Physical world: full of insane Necrons trying to destroy life and not finding it.
Webway: Full of DE
Eye of Chaos: Full of She Who Thirsts

>> No.20870742

It has a story of craftworlds putting out stars in the fluff section of the new rule book.
I picked my codex because it wasn't written by him. Ward writes codexs for 12 year old.

>> No.20870753

Not really, Dark Eldar can put aside their power struggles for something important, like raids or city defense. Though there will be quite a bit of "political maneuvering"

>> No.20870763


>> No.20870785

It's almost as though... the whole point of the 40k fluff is that it could go anyway! That no faction is the ultimate winner! That there is only agony and grimdark from here till eternity... only war.

>> No.20870843

The thing is, a Craftworld can snuff out one or two nearby stars...maybe.

The Necrons? They can kill all the stars in the galaxy, If they wish it.

>Ward writes codexs for 12 year old

Which makes it absolutely awesome. Who wants to read about the Plight of the Space Elves, when you can read about the marvels and glories of a Civilization of ancient undead robots?

>> No.20870867

Necrons...have Webway access.

The Flayed Ones are dumb. The Destroyers are intelligent enough to use the Webway gates and the Flayed Ones will follow them.

>> No.20870921


That novel was complete shit, even for Black Library.

>> No.20870945

access to part of the webway. As other anons have said, no where is it established that Necrons can access the Dark City.

Even if they could, it would be fight between a reduced number of insane necrons, against the whole Dark City.

>> No.20870990

and reduced numbers of Dark Eldar. Without slaves and prey, the Dark Eldar will turn on each other.

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i do NOT want ward to write the next eldar codex. drom what i hear the guy who did DE did a fine job of making a not shitty codex and didn't do shit like saying GK are uncoruptable and then saying SoB hats so they donMt get corrupted. becuase SoBs, with their penince squads are more pure than GKs...

shitty spelling because phone.

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