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So, /tg/, 6th Edition Chaos Marines?
Which cult troops are looking good?
Personally, I think Noise Marines have strengthened a lot, since I'm guessing they can take the Mark of Excess (grants Feel No Pain, Slaanesh only), and their guns now ignore cover. Combined with the fact the conversion pack comes with 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster, they appear to come with Sonic weapons as standard.

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so you have a scan?

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> they appear to come with Sonic weapons as standard.
They don't. Berserkers have to buy Chainaxes (AP4) and Plague Marines haves to buy Plague Knives (Poison 4+). I'm not sure if 1k Sons have any special gear to buy, I just hope they don't have to pay extra for their AP3 bolter rounds.

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go on

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It was 3 pages sorry.

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>playing chaos with the new codex


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They don't, but if they want the extra for tzeentch (Soul Blaze, given by the Icon), they have to buy it.

Rubric Marines just got their sorcerors fixed which made them more viable. Not bad considered they're pretty solid to begin with.

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> I just hope they don't have to pay extra for their AP3 bolter rounds.

If it meant they weren't automatically a "stupidly overpriced 'spess muhreen killer' unit", then I'd be all for that. Shit like AP 3 1k Sons, Vespid, Stormtroopers, Flash-Gitz, etc. all need to stop. Giving entire units AP 3 and making them cost retarded amounts is stupid. It worked for Dark Reapers in 3rd, but they were still retardedly expensive and Eldar players had a habit in those days of making anti-marine lists that died horribly to nids, orks, dark eldar, guard, etc.

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Now, it's Sloonoosh all day erryday.

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Noise marines got FNP with mark and a decrease in points, which is good

Their sonic blasters on the other hand are now salvo

That means that even with ignore cover, it's now a shitty weapon that makes your +1I completely useless unless you park them in the middle of the map and hope to god you get assaulted

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I don't know what this vespid thing is, but it sounds really disappointing.


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From what I've heard, Chaos Bikers can upgrade their bikes to chaos mounts, like Juggernauts or Discs of Tzeentch.
THAT sounds fucking awesome.

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Wait sorry. I ain't OP

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oooooh booooyyyy!

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this codex looks fun

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..Goddamnit Technomancer.

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>Nominated for epic win

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This was my intention. And once you see how strong Slaanesh is, hopefully you'll want to play the master race that spawned it.

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seriously? I would guess this cost a shitton of point if it's true but if it IS true
>Mount of tzeentch
>Count as jetbike
>Buy forgeworld dickbikes
>Night lord bikes army baby

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I like the sound of this.
Looks like Slaanesh is shaping up to be a viable choice now.

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The only thing you'll get from this treachery is eldar diaper porn.

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But Eldar have a lower power level than a Thousand Son list.

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Sorry, but i dont see any of that on the reference chart.

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But soon, they'll have a new codex! One where Eldrad outsmarts Tzeentch!

One where Howling Banshess all strike at I10, ignoring Initiative modifiers at S6!
One where Dark Reapers lay waste to entire squads in a but a single turn!

A return to the days of Eldar dominance on the Tabletop!
times two

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Eldar players have no reason to trust you to hold onto those promises, after all it was you who made the current codex where banshees and dark reapers are singularly bad.

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>all dose shitty, stale CGI illustrations and cheap recolors

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please tell me I wasn't the only one amused by the spoiler tagged "times two"

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Anyone got the armoury page?

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The last edition I played was the third.
is this a good moment t jump back in, or better wait five more years? from what I can understand, seems that some cool stuff finally popped out.
nb: I fucking hate slaanesh.

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Reading the 1d4chan CSM 6th edition tactics page, i'm seriously excited to see the Chosen and Terminator entires as well as the Wargear they can take. Apparently they're now dangerously good but equally expensive.

Now my lovingly-converted TS Terminator squad has rules to back up their badassery.

I was very disappointed with the new models but this codex is giving me a stiffy.

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This is a good edition I find for casual beer and pretzel for fun games.

If you like to play to win... Not so much. 6th edition has not been kind on tournament players.

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Wait 'til the grogs have had a little more time to pass judgement.

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do you have more?

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Not of the armoury.

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I meant of the codex in general

Glory to you good sir

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Play to win as exploit killer combos, or optimize at your best an army you like?
right. too early

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I just saved them from somewhere.

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Chaos muhreens of Khorne vs BA assault squad:

10 BA assault marines with jump packs removed 2 meltaguns in a rhino (35 point discount): 225 points.

-2 attacks, 3 on charge
-And They Shall Know No Fear

10 Chaos Marines with Mark of Khorne, Bolter swapped for CCW, Veterans of the Long War, 2x Meltagun, Rhino: 225 points

-2 attacks, 4 on charge
-Hatred (Space Marines)

The Blood Angels are worse off in this comparison. With additional CC punch against everything plus extra boost against the most popular armies in the game and higher Leadership the Chaos Marines are in a position of winning their fights instead of just surviving like with ATSKNF. Fast rhinos don't matter much at all now that you can't disembark and charge ever, and for moving and disembarking Fast offers no benefit.

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You can easily make a horribly powerful army by fielding lots of cultists, Typhus and Epidemius. Bring in 2 or 3 Plague Marine squads and as many Nurgle Daemons as you can fit and you've practically won the game already. It's an insane combo.

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Got some new art.

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>that awful digital coloring

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For the love of nurgle! Get your bloated belly out of the shot!

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how much points is 1 cultist? and how many points cultist leader and heavy stubber

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Cult Champion + 9 Cultists = 50 points.

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Babby arms. Babby arms everywhere

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The problem was that Cruddace was on permanent guard duty next to the CSM codex display over the entire Games Day. So pictures had to be taken in secret and quality suffered as a result.

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according too white dwarf 19 cultists, 2 flamers and one leader costs 100 pts

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It's a chair.

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It saddens me to no end to see that GW is STILL maintaining the "Not loyalist marines? Your sub-factions are all demoted to color-scheme ideas" bullshit.

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Extra cultists are 3 points, or 4 if the swap their pistol for a rifle.

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Jesus now the dragon looks like a giant butterfly.

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I want to try and run a Typhus zombie horde.

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Somebody needs to do a pic-caption on that dragon in that image that says "Follow your dreams! That's what I do."

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The Chaos Marine codex represents nine first foundings and countless latecomer have five different FoC change possibilities, Space Marine codex is also supposed to represent six First Foundings and countless late comers and has one.

I'd say CSM is an improvement.

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It's better than arbitrarily restricting the codex options.

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I miss when you could do a make-your-own Chapter with traits in the SM Codex. It does suck that there's such a limited palette for customization beyond color schemes.

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The dragon looks realy good in that picture with the fiery smoke behind it.
Guess it was not possible to reproduce this in a plastic kit.

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>first nine founding
>doesn't know about the traitorous tenth

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Ah! My sincerest apologies and things

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So, I've been looking over the leaked pages.
Do TSons still have 4++ saves?

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>Chaos Lord rolls a 21
>Beseech the Dark Gods
"Uh, hey. Jonas here, uh. Could you please not turn our leader into a spawn, please? We sorta kinda need him here? I know you guys find that very funny and I would really laugh with you, but uhm, we got like, 200 loyal servants down here and they really, really depend on this guy. Would be a big shock for them if you turned him into a spawn right now."
"Not helping guys, not helping."

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Yes, see the entry here>>20865575

Aura of Dark Glory (5++) and MoT (+1 to invuls).

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The fact that they get Veteran of the Long war is going to make my fluffy TSons army a lot stronger, as I planned on buying it for them anyways.

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Clearly he guard quality is up there with his tyranid rules writing quality.

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Not when you've got 1 faction that has every minor chapter being represented with it's own book or set modifier to the army's faction-rules! Having a vanilla-list "hurr one size fits none" codex like we do now for... well... everything but loyalist marines, is really fucking gay. Every chaos legion shouldn't be identical to Black Legion, just like every IG regiment shouldn't be Cadiatachans. We're talking about sub-factions that have volumes of information about their history, themes, warfare ideals, etc. If codices didn't waste pages upon pages of lengthy descriptions for every fucking unit entry, they'd have the space to actually have multiple themed faction army lists within the book, or at least the trait-customization to make them all.

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>Mark of Tzeentch benefits psykers in no way

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When several thousand people are milling around, you are not 100% aware of whether each person with a phone is texting, or discreetly taking a picture.

>> No.20866015

>Not when you've got 1 faction that has every minor chapter being represented with it's own book or set modifier to the army's faction-rules!

Especially then. Space Marines can do with less freedom per codex because they've got so many, but legion rules are retarded when you've only got a single codex.

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fucking plastodactyl, you look shit even in the illustrations

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The trait-customizations in 4e sm codex were mostly pointless.

Take for example FoC restrictions that you can choose to take without Codex holding your hand if you are of the arbitrary opinion that, for example, none of the gazillion scattered Night Lord warbands would use three heavy support choices ever.

It's better just to give players a bigger toolbox and let them make lists they want.

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I don't think it'll matter much for the TSons, hatred is for combat, and they only have bolters, besides their sorcerer.

>> No.20866046

The model just needs a tail and it's fine.

>> No.20866049

Doe's anybody have a full scan with out a nurgle belly covering half the picture?

>> No.20866051

It makes them die slower. isn't that a benefit?

>> No.20866054

Thank you brother! Anymore?

>> No.20866058


Thanks to SNP (that now only prevents them from running and does not slow them down otherwise) can fire their bolters and charge afterwards, and hatred does make them better against marine opponents than tactical marines are.

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I think is ugly as hell. really, really ugly.

>> No.20866074

Its Slaanesh bulge dude.

>> No.20866077

It's not a benefit to psykers in particular.

>> No.20866083

thats not the emps children logo

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>Eldar players have no reason to trust you to hold onto those promises, after all it was you who made the current codex where banshees and dark reapers are singularly bad.
Actually, Banshees and Dark Reapers were two units that did not need a buff in the previous 3rd ed codex. Indeed, little to nothing was done to those units other than to give their exarchs a few new weapon options. The current Banshees and Dark Reapers are a hold over from the Gav codex.

What's more interesting, is that Banshees and Reapers were both still widely popular in Eldar armies up to and well into 4th. It wasn't until 5th that their popularity began to dwindle, and a lot of that was because of the move to mech-heavy army lists. Banshees began suffering as an anti-MEQ/TEQ combat unit as soon as 3++ storm shields became prevalent, and units like Grey Hunters and Sternguard started appearing, where killing the 3 to 4 marines doesn't mean shit when they turn around and kill 5 of your banshees afterwards.

>> No.20866110


Banshees and Reapers in 4e were strictly "fluffy" choices and had no value whatsoever in competitive games. Instead heavy support slot was used by skimmers (that could only be glanced when moving under 4e rules, and were hit on 6's in CC) and elite was for Harlequins (To Hit rolls of 6 autowounded, ignored armour saves and rolled 2d6 armor pen against vehicles).

>> No.20866122

It is now. See they know that Slaanesh, Chaos God born of the Eldar Master race is the ultimate chaos god. So they changed their symbol to glorify Slaanesh. What other Chaos God can boast such devotion from their first founding traitor followers than Slaanesh?

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Nurgle, Tzeentch?

>> No.20866144

They benefit from getting Tzeentch's domain
Primaris : hey, let's murder hordes with D6+1 templates that generate more hits everytime some dude dies

1-2 : Free rolls of the Table of Godly Rape
3-4 : 18" line of death
5-6 : Good old Breath of Chaos

The Primaris alone is worth it. Also, 2+/3++ on a sorcerer

>> No.20866155


Aspiring sorcerers get to reroll Breath of Chaos, since that's Warp Charge 2.

The 18'' S8 AP1 line is pretty nice though.

>> No.20866160

>The trait-customizations in 4e sm codex were mostly pointless.
That was largely the fault of the writer, who added in really silly 'disadvantages'. IG regiment customization on the other hand, was a lot of fun and though-out reasonably. Sure going to tournaments resulted in seeing a lot of IG armies taking the Mordian 'drill-order' for +1 Initiative and Weapons Skill if they were all b2b. But it still made for some really awesome custom IG regiments, and allowed them to quickly and easily say "-X- Regiment uses these Doctrines".

I'll take customization and the ability to add my own personality to my army, over bland/generic "one list to rule them all, unless you're loyalist muhreens".

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goddamnit, when I see Bob the Editor again I'm going to slap his shit

>> No.20866198

>Still no cult terminators

I guess I might try again in another five years.

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The 'flying circus' competitive eldar army of unkillable skimmers only really appeared in competitive tournament play. And even then, it was because the vast majority of tournament players were marines, and trying to min-max in as much plasma/lascannons they could. The Holo-Field Skimmer spam didn't do so well against mass-autocannon IG, or even Orks. In fact, the only people who REALLY complained about Eldar being 'broken and OP' during 3rd, 3.5, and 4th ed, were MEQ players.

>> No.20866270


Muhreens took care of 4e IG and Orks so flying circus was still the best 4e eldar build.

Certainly better against Orks and Guard too than taking banshees and reapers, also anti-marine but worse than harlies and skimmers.

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>> No.20866548

Wait wait wait... So Marines on Juggers is cavelry BUT in the Daemons book they make it a point to point out they are too slow to be it?
How does that work?

>> No.20866558

Different authors.

>> No.20866569


Gav and Alessio who wrote 40k daemons think juggers are slow fatties.

Mat Ward who wrote Fantasy daemons thinks they're cavalry.

Kelly is apparently siding with Mat on this one.

>> No.20866581

Keep in mind though that the Harlies didn't even show up until the latter half of 4e. The most widely seen Eldar armies in competitive play tended to be Biel-Tan aspect-heavy lists, and the Alaitoc "disruption table abuse" lists. The latter was really just a colossal annoyance, while the former was the real power-house terror against Marines.

Marines themselves fared decently against IG, due mostly to min/max plasma-las spam. But Orks remained a bizarre wild-card in Tournaments, because nobody ever expected to face them. And they typically still put up a decent showing, too. When the clan listing became tournament legal, you began seeing more than just Kult of Speed and instead began seeing stuff like mass-battlewagon 'Ardboy armies (Bad Moons), the 5+ Cover Loota Firebase from hell, and the "beats the fucking snot out of you in close combat" Goff army. Orks were still a rare 'GOTCHA' army to face in competitive play after that, but it was a lot more difficult to predict what kind of an Ork army it would be (instead of just KoS all day, erry day).

>> No.20866606

New codex, written after Yiff-riding spess yiffs were brought into the game. Basically put, Thunderwolves broke the stereotype of Cavalry being a 'fast, mobile, light' thing, and turned it into 'fast, mobile beatdown'.

Expect to see Daemon Juggernaught Cavalry treated as Cavalry in their next book.

>> No.20866618


Biel-tan and Alatoic lists were from 3e and this thread was about Kelly's supposed eldar favouritism, he nerfed those options heavily.

>> No.20866737

>Harlies didn't even show up until the latter half of 4e.

>> No.20866774

So how the Boon table works... Only your HQ, when killing Characters (not even ICs), get a roll?

Makes it a bit too restrictive considering it's just a nice and fat table don't you think? Although it does give Tzeentch an edge due to being able to cast Boon of Mutation on ANY character you have.

>> No.20866793

There's also an upgrade for characters/champions that that let's you roll on the table once before the game begins. Can't remember what it was called, but it's 10pts.

>> No.20866800

If it has Champion of Chaos, it rolls.

>> No.20866813

Rolled 6, 6 = 12

I am pretty sure all of the various Champs have the rule that let you roll on the boon chart for killing other characters

>> No.20866818

even cultist champions have champion of chaos, see >>20865609

>> No.20866842

Daemon princes get no marks but are dedicated to a god

All these can be given a mark:
Dark apostle
Warp Talons

Chaos Spawn are cheaper than before, rules:
Fear, fearless, rage, random attacks (D6), mutated beyond reason (every assault phase roll d3 to see which ability spawn uses, 1=4+save, 2=reroll number of attacks, 3=4+ poison) and very bulky.

no random movement

All vehicles can take from vehicle wargear list, tentacled vindicators are allowed

>> No.20866866

>Tentacled Vindicators
Feels good to support Slaanesh.

>> No.20866895

Oooooooh, ok that makes much more sense. Sweet! Can't wait!

If any fa/tg/uy has the codex and is willing to upload a good pdf scan of the entire thing, i'll suck their dick on command for a week.

>> No.20866903

So spawns actually may be of some use now?

>> No.20866927


Spawn of Tzeentch or Nurgle seem to have potential, with W3 backed by T6 or an invulnerable save.

>> No.20866978

do plague marines have poisoned bolters?

>> No.20867011

No, but they have plague knives for 4+ poison in CC.

>> No.20867013

Nope, just plague knives which gives them cc poisoned.

>> No.20867017

No. But they can buy poison 4+ close combat weapons.

>> No.20867063

uhhm, what is overwatch? >>20865333
can't find it in my rulebook, translating rules is a pain

>> No.20867065

Dumbass, it's Nurgle's primaris power that gets d6+1 blasts. Tzeentch's is the hilarious d6+1 Strength.

>> No.20867132

It's the thing where you shoot at the guy charging you.

>> No.20867212

ah, thank you. that makes sense.

>> No.20867239

You must be retarded. Yes Harlies were around prior to 3rd. However, Harlies were NOT legal additions to an Eldar army until the 4e Eldar codex. Hence it was not until the late-4e era that Harlies were even fielded without your opponent's permission. And even then, your opponent had to be pants-on-head retarded to allow it.

Keep in mind that Kelly (who IS an Ulthwe fanboy, and has been since he worked for WD), wrote the 4e Eldar codex in the time when GW was on it's "less = more" kick. As such, ALL (not just Eldar) sub-factions were removed from the game, hence Biel-Tank and Alaitoc went the way of the Chaos Legions and Ork Clans. Unlike his work on the Ork 'dex, or Gav's work on the Chaos one, Kelly did try to keep it possible to still field a craftworld-themed list. However nobody bothers to theme an army like that, because they're all color-schemes now anyways and you're just shooting yourself in the foot by limiting yourself on what units you are fielding.

>> No.20867266

Defiler gets Daemonforge (once per game reroll failed to wound and armor pen rolls in a shooting or assault phase), Daemon (5++ and Fear) and It Will Not Die (Regens one hull point on 5+ at the end of turn).

Since it's also 4 hull points instead of 3 like the forge/maulerfiend the rumoured price increase starts to make sense.

>> No.20867284

>Kelly did try to keep it possible to still field a craftworld-themed list.

Yeah, Iyanden which sucks. That's like saying Orks have themed lists because Wazdakka and warbosses/meks.

>> No.20867304

And Saim-Hann and Alaitoc.

>> No.20867329


Rangers were troops even before Craftworld codex.

>> No.20867342

Did you not fucking read what you are replying to? He made it so you can theme a list on the craftworlds, but guess what... They suck! because you're ultimately just limiting yourself down to certain units without any compensation for doing so.

You *CAN* make a themed list off any craftworld by focusing on their core units (all aspects for Biel-Tan, guardians+seers for Ulthwe, Wraiths for Iyanden, Rangers/Pathfinders+Harlies for Alaitoc, Jetbikes for Saim-Han), but you end up with a weak list.

>> No.20867350

Mirage were not.

>> No.20867355

But Pathfinders didn't exist prior to Craftworld codex, and are now upgrades to Rangers. Rangers were Alaitoc's core troops, while Pathfinders were their elite rangers.

>> No.20867370

>Ran Emperor's Children warband through end of 4th and all of 5th edition
>Oh god why am I paying 25 points per noise marine
>Oh god why do I have to convert all of my noise marines because there is a horribly overpriced upgrade set
>See that Slaanesh is now the best god
Yes. Thank you 6th edition. Necrons will still fuck me up, but it'll be a much more fun battle.
Although I want to field some 'zerkers, plague marines, or 1ksons but I can't find a way for them to thematically fit. The only one I could think of would be fluffing my berzerkers as:
"Slaaneshi marines that went under the apothecaries knife, accidently became angry, kept around as expendably military asset"

>> No.20867378


I will never pay 200+? pts for a AV12 vehicle, unless its a flyer.

>> No.20867384

>Although I want to field some 'zerkers, plague marines, or 1ksons but I can't find a way for them to thematically fit.
>Implying theme actually matters, and Emperor's Children aren't just 'Chaos painted Pink/Purple+Black.

>> No.20867406

I like to keep my shit consistent and fluffy. There's a bit of fun in it and it makes it interesting.

>> No.20867427

Berserkers are your CC-oriented Slaaneshi Marines. They long to feel the thrill of battle, to take part in the sublime dance of kill-or-be-killed.

Plague Marines are so cracked out on them drugs that they can't even feel any more.

Thousand Sons are protected by Warp forcefields, and they shoot incendiary bolts.

It's not a huge stretch to fluff other cults as modifications on the standard cult.

>> No.20867437

I'm wondering what would be better in this codex:
Warp Talons vs. Terminators with Lightning Claws

Warp Talons would move around faster and take up the less-contested FA portion, but Terminators have that delicious 2+ save and could have a powerfist/chainfist thrown in for good measure.

Also, I want to see Lucius's rules. There has been no information about him what so ever.

>> No.20867441

It still doesn't fucking matter. Legions, Craftworlds, Regiments, and Clans are all dead. You don't need to make up stupid reasons for why there are khorne units in your pink/black chaos army. Hell most players now don't even know or care about the sub-factions of non-loyalist marine armies anyways! You could paint up a collage of all types of Cult-Troops as Alpha Legion and not field a single goddamned cultist, and I guarantee you that 90% of GW staff and 40k players won't even bat an eye or think it out of the norm.

>> No.20867454

Well, if you want actual Berserkers, you're gonna make fluff fags cry (what with Khorne and Slaanesh not being best bro).

If you just want angry slaaneshi marines aboard the CC rapewagon, you have the basic marines (16 points get you I5, CCW+pistol and hatred of mureens), possessed, warp talons and about half the codex in fact.

>> No.20867503

> most people I know don't care
Cool anecdote. Since the guy you're responding to clearly does care, why the fuck are you on your rag about this?

>> No.20867511

Because who the hell cares. Making a cult army is your own decision. The rest of us are here to play a dice rolling game

>> No.20867515

Can anybody post the page for the points costs for everything, especially the chaos lord?

I need to know how to equip my chaos lord for MAXIMUM SWAG.

>> No.20867516

Rolled 5, 5 = 10


>> No.20867537

Oooh, Instagib!

>> No.20867540


Deamon prince upgrades.
Their hate for eachother is represented in rules, so go suck your mothers dick.

>> No.20867551

I guarantee you that most people do not care 2 shits as to whether or not your Thousand Sons themed army has Plague Marines or Berzerkers in it, and whether or not they're allied Tzeentch or Nurgle daemons.

In fact, if they do care you should hug them! Seriously. Because they actually care, when so many won't.

>> No.20867579

>souped-up chaos lord rolls 65-66 and becomes a deamon princes
>loses all upgrades, wargear and abilities in favor of being a naked prince
>it's a "reward"

>> No.20867583

Rolled 1, 2 = 3

Alright, lets see what else this Aspiring Champ can get.

>> No.20867587

They really need a editor to get the damn cases straightened out.

Why is "Gifts of Mutation" have a capitalization on the Mutation when stuff like "Jump pack" does not.

Or "Spell Familiar" vs "Power armour"

>> No.20867595

Rolled 5, 6 = 11

The Gods did not see that offering as fitting, perhaps it was a Ratling or a small child.

>> No.20867602

>Hurr daemon prince dedication makes them hate the other type

So fucking what!? It's not like it's stopping you from running noise marines in a World Eater army. And most players won't even see anything out of the ordinary when you've got a bunch of deep-red and bronze painted noise-marines with khorne iconography on them.

Legions do not matter worth shit anymore. They are 2 wasted pages of miniscule paragraphs that summarize what each could be it's own book of fluff and background.

>> No.20867619

Will he beat Warlord Rendcry, Khorne's personnal chainknives thrower?

>> No.20867620

Rolled 5, 1 = 6

Sisters of Battle tear are what Chaos Gods really like as sacrifices.

>> No.20867631

Happy my Word Bearers get Dark Apostles and Cultists to play with...but I don't like how we don't get any neat marks or anything, despite being THE chosen legion.

Figure I'll just run a shit-ton of cultists, pimped out elite choices, and an Apostle and a Lord (as the Coryphaus.)

Loving the rest of the codex, though.

>> No.20867634

Rolled 2, 6 = 8

Hitting on 3s and instakills. Marines beware.

>> No.20867636

Hey, in Realm of Chaos book a Khorne worshiper could roll on a random table and be "gifted" with sorcery levels.

Anyway, it's a bit like in Storm of Iron, where during the final push, as the Imperial defences fell, the IW lord turned into a prince and just vanished from the battlefield.

So it wasn't much of a gift when it comes to the battle itself, but hey, he's an immortal daemon now. The problems of his mortal underlings is no longer his concern and neither is the outcome of the battle.

>> No.20867639

What's the new prince statline and special rules?

>> No.20867640

Chaos guy here.

I have 2.5k of chaos imperial guard.

I can either ally Chaos Marines (and have a crap ton of cultists for throw-aways...or focus on cult marines.)

Or ally Chaos Demons (Already bought a small demon army to ally...)

Should I just convert my IG army into cultists and ally demons?
Or leave it as is and swap up allies for variety play?

I play for fun, no tourny.

>> No.20867644

I know this is a chaos thread, but I figured I'll ask here - is the new codex for Orkz out or will be in any near future?

>> No.20867655

No, and no.

>> No.20867668

>that face

>> No.20867669


Okay, thanks.

>> No.20867679

Rolled 2, 5 = 7

Shooting improved!


>> No.20867680

Huh oh. I just realised that you could roll on the table for headshotting a character at range.

Beware of Khorne's Vindicare. Even in the grim future, heads can boom.

>> No.20867682

Why you so mad, bro?

>> No.20867683

use your guard as guard, take Chaos Daemon and Marine allies

>> No.20867686

Soon they said.

>> No.20867696

what, "lol"? I wasn't being sarcastic, I was pointing out it was awesome.

>> No.20867698

>Or leave it as is and swap up allies for variety play?
This, Variety is the spice of life.

>> No.20867700

Can't have both at the same time, though.

>> No.20867720

When you want to CSM + Daemons, just field some guardsmen as cultists.
TA DA. You can play with all your guys.

>> No.20867730

Rolled 6, 1 = 7

haha, yeah i agree it is.

>> No.20867733


Any leaks or it's just conjecture?

>> No.20867751

Warp Talons: opinions?

>> No.20867762

Nothing on the horizon matey. only hopes.

>> No.20867772

Fragile and expensive, but lethal if you can get them into combat intact. It's probably not worth Deep Striking them though - a small squad should be able to hop down the board, keeping mostly out of sight of the enemy army, and get a charge on turn 2/3.

>> No.20867779

Rolled 5, 5 = 10

Voice of Horus: Stubborn
Won't know until we see the cost. I don't hold lightning claws in high opinion, especially in 6th, but they have a deepstriking attack that can blind and hav invos.

>> No.20867796

There is a gibbering retard in this thread. I just quoted him.

>> No.20867805

>Won't know until we see the cost.

They're 30 points each, I think. There was a small squad of 5 with a few upgrades in the new WD's battle report, and IIRC they clocked in at about 170 points.

>> No.20867810

Rolled 1, 2 = 3

sure, il play why not. I offer up a wolf lord to the true gods

>> No.20867821


Will probably be nice with a Mark of Nurgle/Tzeentch, at least better than vanguard vets.

Hard to decide whether additional protection against small arms or 4++ is better.

>> No.20867822

Rolled 3, 4 = 7


Doesn't seem like they cared too much for the wolf lord...

>> No.20867823

Rolled 3, 2 = 5


>> No.20867824

they're probably better than vanguard, but with much less utility.

No dropping in with meltabombs and wrecking a bunch of Russes for them.

>> No.20867827

What are peoples opinions on the Forgefiend? I dont like the looks of the Mauler, but standard Forgefiends with the dual Autocannons seem pretty neat.

>> No.20867841

Protection against small arms would probably be more useful. You can get a save against heavier weapons by sticking near cover, but what I think will really undo Warp Talons is small arms fire. It's not hard to kill five MEQ's with basic infantry shots, and hiking their Toughness up to 5 will give them a little more staying power.

>> No.20867843

khârn officially has 4 wounds, again!

>> No.20867856

Hm. Looks like I need some 28mm electric guitars.

>> No.20867860

Rolled 2, 1 = 3

Popping smoke apparently
Nice roll bro, an extra wound on a sarg from the 10 point upgrade would be amazing.

>> No.20867867

Chaos rough riders
Chaos siege artillery
Chaos leman rus tanks

Things you cant get with CSM

>> No.20867887

Provides excellent Dakka and doesn't have to rely on cover. Fairly easy for the enemy to focus them down, but they will most likely kill whatever they shoot at short of a Land Raider.

>> No.20867903

Rolled 2, 3 = 5

>just as planned

>> No.20867905

and having a gun called an ectoplasma cannon is fucking awesome

>> No.20867906

How do Iron Warriors fair fluff-wise with Death Guard and Alpha Legion? As temporary/sector-side alliances.

>> No.20867925

However you want it to.
Pro-tip: It doesn't matter.

>> No.20867938

All true warbands of Chaos answer the call of the Warmaster when a Black Crusade is initiated.

>> No.20867944

Rolled 1, 6 = 7

roast some paladins with s8 plasma cannons

>> No.20867950

"soon" is their standard answer to when anyone asks anything about an army getting a new codex. Unless of course that codex just came out a year or two ago, and then they say "they just got a new codex!"

>> No.20867953


Yeah, exactly my thoughts about it too. Ooh, think a whole battery of them with a Warpsmith nearby.

Also daemonforge is pretty good too. One time use pre-nerf Warptime? Dont mind if I do!

>> No.20867956

24" plasma cannons... Also, three weapons with Gets Hot! on a 3HP vehicles doesn't strike me as a particularly good idea.

>> No.20867957

Anyone got the point costs for Noise Marines? Moap wants to see very badly to see if she should take Standard troops or Noise marines.

>> No.20867967

regenerating hit points and actually having a purpose for your warpsmith makes that not so bad

but you can just take the gatling-skull-blasters and be left with only one plasma weapon

>> No.20867969

Iron Warriors strike me as pragmatic enough to make whatever deals they need to, though it wouldn't surprise me if their allies wound up being accidentally struck by some off-target artillery shells towards the end of the campaign. I do know that the only Chaos God they lean towards is Khorne, though. You're unlikely to find Plague Marines drawn from the ranks of the Iron Warriors, but small numbers of Berserkers would likely be present.

>> No.20867970

Rolled 3, 5 = 8

true, even if it has it will not die, also, it costs 200 pts

>> No.20868032

>actually having a purpose for your warpsmith
I don't know, the Warpsmith can be a little motherfucker with a BS5 Melta, a flamer, a curse and up to 7 S5 AP2 attacks (power axe, pistol, mechadendrites, Mark of Khorne, charge). Plus Shatter Defenses, of course.

Doesn't look like the kind of guy i'm letting chill on the back line.

>> No.20868037

It costs 175 points and can switch between two Hades and two Ectoplasm Cannons for free. For +25 points it can buy a third Ectoplasm Cannon.

You don't have to take three of the guns.

>> No.20868077

I know this isnt the new CSM dex...but I thought I'd share this for those who missed it.

Angron in the new Horus Heresy FW books has...
Hatred (Everything) as a rule.

I just chuckled to myself over that.

>> No.20868088

True, but I'd be a little careful with allies.

Who knows how long they'll last. God knows GW has made more drastic alterations than that to the game over the years. Can't wait for the butthurt in a few editions, when everyone with 2 half armies are left holding their dicks. Then GW can go "how about you buy some more models and make 2 full armies?"

So far all I've done is got some cultists as IG allies (lord commissar "task-master" and a platoon of infantry) for my Chaos Space Marines (using Codex: SM).

I've thought of a squad of Marines for my Guard since Apocalypse, but so far I haven't felt the urge to do it.

>> No.20868136

Necron Destroyer Lords have Hatred (Everything). Sorry Angron, you're second rate.

>> No.20868166

Nope, they have Prefferred Ennemy (Everything).

>> No.20868197

Question for rumour buffs or codex owners, I'm planning on making a Slaaneshi and Tzeentch list when the codex comes out. Which would be better on a slaaneshi chaos lord, a daemon weapon or a power sword? Daemon weapon can spam attacks but you won't hit yourself in the balls with a power sword. Are Damon weapons AP2 or AP3?

Also are Hellbrutes dreadnoughts with a name change? As in could i use a dreadnought model without anyone getting hilariously ass pained?

>> No.20868201

Anyone have an idea on where I can find a shitload of zombie miniatures for a good price? Right now I'm thinking the vampire counts zombies but I'm not sure if they'd fit for 40k cultists, still just regular looking zombies could work too I think.

>> No.20868213

talking about that, I had to go before the end, was there drawfaggotery to contemplate?

>> No.20868219

Skarbrand basically makes everyone 24" away from him (friend of foe) hate everyone.

>> No.20868220


Order of releases according to the most reliable rumour sources:

Chaos space marines
Dark Angels
Chaos Daemons

Which takes us up to about this time next year.

>> No.20868228

>are Hellbrutes dreadnoughts with a name change?

Yes. I believe it was stated that their fluff specifically mentions that some of them don't look as twisted and gnarly as the others, though they're all just as insane. So you'll almost certainly have no issue using a Dreadnought model to represent one.

>> No.20868229

We do not know the stats on Daemon Weapons in the new codex. Hold off on making the choice until someone scans the relevant pages.

We DO know that if you roll a 1 on your extra attacks, you take a wound and become WS1 for the turn, but you still get to attack as normal.

>> No.20868250

I know that a guy at my GW are using Skaven Plague Monks for his Nurgle Cultists. Nurgle Hrud.

Pic related.

>> No.20868278

When you look at the image of a Chaos Dreadnought in the rulebook and then at the DV Hellbrute, you can see the different stages of the development there.

I doubt the final Hellbrute kit will be anything more than a spiky dread with possibly some fleshy bits. I'll eagerly wait when GW changes the name back and all the kids that got in during 6th edition will whine about fluff rape, just like when hellgun went back to being a hot-shot lasgun, like it always was.

>> No.20868299

Nope, the topic went to rules question and ravings about Daemon Princes riding giant juggernauts.

Warlord Rendcry
WS5 BS7 S5 T4 W1 I4 A4 Ld10 Svg 3+ rerollable
Fleet, Crusader, Witch-eater, Stubborn, Hatred (All)
Warlord Trait : Master of deception (infiltrate D3 units)

A pretty cool guy.

>> No.20868303

So......hellbrutes are actually worth taking now right?

>> No.20868328

Hellgun is a cool name though, hot-shot sounds like something from Top Gun. 3rd ed 5ever!

>> No.20868336

I get shit like disks and wotnot being a solo act

But come on! No Juggernaut Berserker Cavalry? I want one that doesnt require DS!

>> No.20868362

Cheers, I'm modelling it the same anyway, was just wondering how many points I have to spread around.

Yeah I figured the hellbrutes were just super mutated dreads, it would just be like GW to drastically change the rules for it though.

>> No.20868373

Yes, Hell is exactly the word to describe a lasgun with AP5.

It has always been a lasgun with a hot-shot power pack. If you and your toy boys like to call it a "hellgun", you still can, Codex: IG even calls them that in passing, but otherwise it's about the same as calling bolters with kraken bolts "Banespitters" or something equally silly.

>> No.20868375

It's extremely rare that a mortal ever get a demonic mount. Much rarer than for daemons. I wouldn't bet on mounted berserkers anytime soon, especially since these guys seems too retarded for jump packs and bikes.

>> No.20868381


Forgefiend/Maulerfiend durability compared to monstrous creatures:

S5 or less usually cannot harm it unlike all MC's in the game, also total immunity to poison.

Against S6 AP3-6 it's a bit more durable than a C'tan shard (T7 W4 4++ or a Lord of Change (T6 W4 3++)

S7 AP3-6 (Autocannons, Tesla Destructors) need 11+ successful hits to have a >50% chance of destroying it. Against these weapons it's about as durable as a Keeper of Secrets (T6 W4 4++)

S8 AP3-6 need 7+ successful hits for > 50% chance, against these it's a bit more durable than a Daemon Prince (T5-6, W4 5++)

S8 AP2 needs 6+ successful hits for >50% chance, comparable to Talos with FNP (T7 W3 5+FNP save)

S9 AP2 needs 4+ hits for >50% chance, comparable to a Carnifex or Hive Tyrant standing in the open (T6 W4)

S10 AP1 needs 3+ hits for >50% chance, comparable to Talos with no FNP in the open (T7 W3)

This assumes destruction happens in one turn, if it doesn't there's a chance that it regens HP giving it an edge against MC's.

I'd say it fares pretty well against MC's in the durability contest.

>> No.20868408

Hellguns and hot-shot packs are two different technologies IIRC. One is a specific power source and gun that needs careful attention, the other is little more than an overcharged lasgun. The effects are the same though.

>> No.20868413

And Krieg still calls them that. It doesn't matter if it doesn't describe an ap5 lasgun, it sounds grimdark and that's what's important.

>> No.20868419


Not exactly, hot-shots are AP3 while hellguns are AP5.

>> No.20868429


I've heard that bikers can upgrade to daemonic steeds, not seen any codex pages that confirm it though.

>> No.20868447

Wasn't Hellgun a malapropism of High Energy Laser gun?

>> No.20868478

>> No.20868567


....... dat............. math.......... is......... off

>> No.20868579

The Berzerkers have grudgingly agreed to work with the Children if it means there's Imperials to kill. The Slaaneshi Lord has decided to let them tag along in hopes that they'll die at the enemy's hands instead of having to deal with them himself.

>> No.20868598


I'm pretty sure its not. By comparable I mean less than 5% differences. DP against S8 is about 10% less durable than the fiends I grant.

>> No.20868616

In Necromunda Hot-Shot laspacks boosted lasgun's strength by one. Hellguns were Ap5 lasguns. And Necromunda and 3rd edition were in existence at the same time.

>> No.20868639


Hellgun=Badass Lasgun
Hot Shot=Badass Hellgun?

>> No.20868664

Hellgun = High Quality/Energy Lasgun

Hot Shot = High Energy Ammunition

>> No.20868713

Necromunda is based on the 2nd edition ruleset for 40k, however. And that was back when weapons didn't have 'AP values' but instead had armor-save modifiers. A weapon that was Strength 4, added an additional -1 modifier to armor saves, added even more modifiers for each point of strength it had above Str 3. Hence, Str 7 attacks modified armor saves by -4 (giving 2+ a 6+ to save against it). Terminators had a 2+ save on 2d6 at the time, making them highly likely to pass any saving throw not inflicted by something like plasma.

In any case, IMHO all Hotshots needed was Str 4, not stupdily expensive AP3, -6" shorter range lasguns. If they had made Stormtroopers have Str 4, AP - Lasguns for 10 points a model (base), then people would actually still use them.

>> No.20868730


Some weapons in 2e had fixed modifiers though.

>> No.20868748

True. But most did not. And a CC attack made at Str 4 still gave you a -1 to your armor save.

>> No.20868770

>A weapon that was Strength 4, added an additional -1 modifier to armor saves, added even more modifiers for each point of strength it had above Str 3.

You're incorrect, only Fantasy has a system like that. In 2nd edition armour save modifiers were weapon specific, for example multilaser had S6 but only -1 armour save modifier, shuriken shrieker cannon had S5 but -3 armour save modifier and heavy plasma gun at low power was S7 but -2 armour save modifier. And Necromunda came before Codex Imperial Guard.

>> No.20868819

Not to mention hotshot laser had the same armour save modifier as standard lasgun (-1).

>> No.20870691

Same with bolters

Hotshot lasguns were the exact same profile as bolters. The only difference between the two being that Space Marines could rapid fire their bolters (of all kinds), and guardsmen could not.

>> No.20874306

Except Hot-Shot lasgun = Hellgun, Hellgun = Host-Shot lasgun. It says so right in the quote.

Also, at least in IA vol. 7 Krieg grenadiers got hot-shot lasguns as well.

>> No.20874437

Is Kharn Initiative 1 still?

>> No.20874447


> no lash of submission

dammit, there goes the best spell in the game

>> No.20874455


They're fucking sound waves, they better ignore cover.

>> No.20874466


They do.

>> No.20874480



why? I guess you could rush them up with khorne and powerfist but it seems kind of useless

>> No.20874541


Obliterators would benefit from MoT.

>> No.20876053

And here I was thinking sound didn't go through solid objects.

>> No.20876116


>> No.20876150

I'm keen on mechanical dragons. Just need to kit bash the beast to look not so fucking retarded.
A dynamic pose would be good.

>> No.20876193


I don't.


>> No.20876236

Who would buy all that shit is that a portable fucking warhammer shop?

Thing I hate about warhammer cases is they advertise they are warhammer.
It is exactly what you don't want in a case. You want a discrete featureless case.

>> No.20876421


It's their painting station. It's molded to allow you to paint on your lab. Which is fucking stupid. I might actually have bought the thing if it were just for normal, flat, table use so I have a nice portable area to unclutter my workstation.

>> No.20877270

So are there any good 3rd party Noise Marine conversion kit? Because fuck having wobbly plastic models with metal arms!

>> No.20878537

No...Wait...So you mean...That this will be the first book that Spawn are actually viable? Thats...Uuuh, I find that very hard to accept.

>> No.20878958

it does sit flat on a table. stop crying.

>> No.20879146

Maxmini has some heads and shoulder pads. No sonic blasters though.

>> No.20879259

Autocannon Forgefiend is 29,6% more expensive than a GK psyfleman dread.

For that you get
-12,5% average increase in basic firepower
-safer defence against shakes and stuns (simple roll of 2+ instead of a psychic test vulnerable to perils and space woof/eldar tricks)
-5++, so no need to care about cover
-hull point regeneration
-once per game reroll for wound/armor pen

I think the autocannon variant will be worth it. The plasma variant might see use depending on how the metagame shapes.

>> No.20879597

>Vehicles can eat passengers to recover hull points.
I know it's probably impractical unless you're running cultists, but that sounds really funny.

>> No.20879844

In Daemon World a Word Bearer ship liked to murder its own crew. It was twisted and dangerous, having blades growing out of the walls and some sections open to space. Only the bridge, engine room and some other sections were safe. The ship would report problems in dangerous areas and then enjoy as the poor crew go to investigate, only to get killed by traps, sucked into space, etc.

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