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How do you live with yourself, knowing you will never become an Ultramarine?

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By becoming a Rogue Trader.

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>>How do you live with yourself

Quite comfortably, thank you.

The fact that I'll never be a rogue trader in command of my own ship, now that's something that saddens me.

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Praising Chaos everyday for my luck.
Chaos have a lot of chairs.

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By becoming an Ultramarine.

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40k is a shitty universe to live in, so I'm more than okay with this.

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>You will never rub an eldar's ears

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This is what happens after the cruel realisation

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The God-Emperor said I could be anything I wanted...

...so I became a Tyranid.

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I'm more sad I'll never be a member of the GGs

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>hey guys I suck privateer press' tiny dicks
>hey guys I pay $135 for one unit of infantry
>hey guys I pay $135 for one large based model
Wow, you sound retarded.

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Hah! I'll just worship Chaos enough to gain power the level of an Ultramarine!

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He was pointing out that living in the 40k universe would be pretty shit

You know, because of all the Grimdark

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Pretty sure he meant it as in "I would probably die" there cham p.

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>hey guys I suck games workshops' tiny dicks
>hey guys I pay $28 per trooper model
>hey guys I'm okay with a company raising prices every week, knowingly charging more for cheaper materials than they did for more expensive ones

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That wouldn't be so bad if they weren't charging $83 for a codex

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You know... as someone who actually owns the book in OP's pic, and has an Ultramarines army... I really miss those days.
Back when Ward was an unknown name, back when Guilliman was simply one of the Primarchs, back when weren't hated because of the fapfiction of a drooling neckbeard simpleton.

Those were happier times. No Tau, silent (and mostly undeveloped) Necrons, only 3 Space Marine Codexes, no LotR game shitting up the pages of White Dwarf.

Fuck you /tg/. Fuck you for hurting us like this. We kept the faith, we looked to the Primarch and the Codex, we were humble and stoic in the face of the scorn the Betrayer caused. Yet still you hurt us.

My challenge is twofold /tg/.

Firstly, I challenge you to get your hands on copies of Codex: Angels of Death (2nd Ed Dark/Blood Angels) or Codex: Space Wolves (2nd Ed), or hell, any 2nd Ed Codex, read through them, and find the same type of 'greatest of all' writing.

Secondly... Look to the future /tg/. What kinds of heresy wait in the wings, now the Betrayer Ward has opened the gates? What fapfiction-writing, no-fun-allowed grognard awaits the removal of Ward? How well would you hold the line if they descended upon your own favoured army and spray their acidic fanboy-spunk all over you, to the mockery of all? What then /tg/... what then?

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Well said anon, well said.
I offer you this reward for your loyalty.

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>LotR game shitting up the pages of White Dwarf.
>Not the best game out of all the systems

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Dunno, when are they doing the new Eldar Codex?

Though the drama around the 3rd edition one was pretty bad.

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You make me sad that I didn't get into it that early and have only experienced "ULTRA40K IS BEST 40K"

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By the by, anyone got their hands on the new chaos space marines codex pdf?

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Is the Emperor sentient?

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>Guilliman was simply one of the Primarchs

He was known as the Great Primarch back then for a reason.

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Can he communicate with people?

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Damm right, LotR is the only gw game that I play apart from Necromunda that I enjoy every time I play it. Every time I play 40k is a nightmare.

And as a player who had all the 2ED codexe's I can say that the fluff really wasn't that great.

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>Not the best game out of all the systems

You're right. It's not.

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I think 3rd edition was probably the best era in terms of fluff.

I never really got into LotR though, our group all bought it but we quickly dropped it. Just didn't click with us.

Mordhiem and Battlefleet Gothic are my two favorites from GW.

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I praise the Emperor for the ease in my heart in knowing I could never become one of those mutants.

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Awh yeah, sisters of battle.

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I do not, I plan to end myself later this evening.

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3rd fluff was pretty good, it expanded a lot of the already established fluff. I always wanted to play Battlefleet Gothic but no one in my area carried or ever played it.

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I think that I'm in the only person in the Boston gaming scene that still plays the LoTR game.

The scale isn't silly, the models are mad detailed for a shitload per box, and the rules are great.

It's an actual skirmish game vs. Fantasy, which is some weird Renaissance block-combat game

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I hear you anon. I've always preferred the portrayal of Ultramarines as orthodox to a fault. They're organized and tactically adept and work together like the cogs in a well-oiled machine. When things go as planned, that is. When posed with a threat that challenges them in new ways not covered in the Codex Astartes things will go bad. They're fanatic adherence to their codex is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. Ward being Ward however...

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And that I don't become a hat. Or get melted down into a Draigo.

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They are indeed the best humanity has to offer.

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Me and a friend are the only players which I know of in my section of the city. The price to figure ratio was great when I started playing it. I still have my use the first uruk scouts I bought every game. The price now days is acceptable but nothing to write home about. The game itself looks like an actual snapshot of a fight which lets be honest fantasy rarely appears as.

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I need your advice /tg/.

I do really like 40k fluff, and I think that I could enjoy playing. I curretly already have some troops and I wanted to do a Thousand Sons related army - but -, after looking at the new Codex and units they seem to be a little bit dissapointing, and I'm not sure about what to do.

Also, I've no friend to play with, altough there is a GW store near were games are played. (Near = 25 minutes, train).

I enjoy mounting the miniatures, altough I suck at painting.

What should I do? I'm not sure about playing, about continuing the army, doing a new one... Could you help me out?

Thanks /tg/

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Check around your area, you should be able to find painters online with a quick google search.

I'm lucky in the fact that I know a guy who can paint the models cheaply.

If there's a store near you, there should be regular tournaments/match play.

Also, check comics stores near you, they generally support tabletop gaming.

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I started LotR too, bought myself a huge ass Rohan army, took it home painted it, ecause LotR, fuck yeah. Then I took a look at the rules. I never cried so much. Seriously how the fuck do I build a decent Rohan list without resorting to Outrider/Royal Standard exploit? Why does my cavalry suck so hard? CAvalry rules are so goddamn shitty, If I play to have fun/ make a cinematic impression, I get horribly slaughtered, If I play to win, noone has any fun because I circle the enemy for hours waiting for the right initiative/positioning. Help me /tg/

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It's a pretty cool game, can take a while to get your head around the rules but it's always fun when we play.

Shame they don't sell the starter box anymore, it would be pretty expensive to get into these days.

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