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Why aren't you a Warlock, /tg/?
Don't you want to learn all the most inner secrets of the hells.
Don't you want to bang your demon waifu?
Sorcs and Wizards all be jelly of your rad casting skills.

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fuck you captcha, I did not get it wrong 5 times

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>mfw this is a SFW picture

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care to spice it up a bit?

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> futa
Sorry. As nice as whoever that is draws dudes, I'm gonna have to go with no.

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Hot demon dudes thread, then?

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>not liking futa

What are you, gay?

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Well, yes? What does that have to do with anything?

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>caring about gender when it comes to physical pleasure
do you even hedonist?

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Huh. I thought I had more SFW demonboys than that. Oh well.

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More of this.

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Yeah screw this lame demonboy crap.

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>implying Elesh Norn wouldn't get pissed if she found out I had another waifu
I know what's good for me, thank you very much.

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Cancer Mage just sounded like more fun.

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Jace ain't a warlock.

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Liliana or Tibalt would've been much more appropriate, yes.

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not technically warlocks either, but probably more appropriate yah

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This thread needs more heresy.

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Planeswalkers don't have creature types, but Jace is pretty indisputably a wizard, and the one warlock in Magic is also a wizard. So Jace could be a warlock.

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Because I already am a wizard, and I much prefer to bang my changeling companion. There's enough power in the skies and among the woods.

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What kind of changeling? If it's the right kind I'd like to play it. Oh who am I kidding, I'd play your CtL, Eberron or Pathfinder changeling companion.

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I like the concept of getting powers by making a deal with something powerful, whether it's done willingly, unwittingly or forced and then dealing with the horrible consequences. Are there any good systems for that?

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What kind of forced scenario do you have in mind?

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