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I warned them time and time again. They would not listen. I begin to get impatient when others were even complaining. Saying they got banned for reporting non related to the board threads, just because the spam threads were made by mods. 4chan has gone batshit insane... more then usual... and I really do want to take this shit to the supreme court.

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... moderators are real terrorists. And we should be at war with them, not "Radical Muslims" We should be at war with these fuckers on the internet that think they can censor people, harass people, y'know... tyrannize people and get away with it.

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meta, sage in all, etc.

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Go Ahead Sage the Truth, Try and keep me from spreading my gospel, you and the rest of the pleb's filled with you autism will rot, But those of you who know the truth will once again follow me, we will not be told what to do on the internet, we are free here and no amount of saging, or mods will stop this truth from being told.

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you know Avatarfags are part of the cancer too.

oh and you know the standard Sage for being in a shit thread.

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I'm quite disturbed by your audacity
Thinking you can stop my sagacity
Your posts are shitty, not even witty
Tryin to act tough cuz your balls are itty-bitty

Armchair psychologists up in this shit
Like to pretend that they're the real anarchists
Postin bout their e-peen on 4chan
Yo we need a mod in here, gotta issue a ban

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I must applaud you anon, it's been long since I've seen someone roleplay a flailing retard so amusingly.

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How sad a place my kingdom as become, the peasants no longer remember their king, oh how terrible it is, you ask for bans you ask for censorship I have been gone far to long this place has become stale and full of autismal asspie's, but fear not fair citizens i am here to save you all.

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You should work on your grammer.
It is not stellar.

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>fair citizens
You should talk to a man named Chris-chan, I think you two would find a lot in common.

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You say you bring salvation
but you give nothing but damnation
Everything you touch turns to shit
As that is the subject in for which you're fit
Your heart is black as pitch
And you love to whine and bitch

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Damnit Septus, I TOLD you not to switch on your new toy until we were back on Mars.
Look what you did!

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You people are all hypocrites and liars. You want OC and Fun my ass. You want to be special Snowflakes, that is what you want. And you're all fucktard Newfags living in the past. Wanting to preserve the way things are. And the way things are suck.

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brb, going to bug other board mods to come.

I never thought I'd want Nazi Mod back.

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Please leave and take your opinion with you.

Thank you, have a nice day.

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Nigga just went full retard
Didn't really have to try that hard
Two-bit trolls up on /tg/
To soak up his remains we gonna need a squeegee

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That's all you've got?
Weak, boring.

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Don't Get me started on you welfare Gulping niggers, you people don't even understand how to work, Most of the time you are sucking obama's dick so you wouldn't understand what Real humans need to do to survive.

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I'm curious, what kind of job do you have if you're trolling 4chan at 2:30 in the morning with grammar as bad as Chris-chan Sonichu's?

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Ahh Jim Profit returns
Proclaims to be our king returned
tries to win out hearts as he shoots for the stars
Alas all he is doing is talking from his arse

Wants us to return to the days of old
rose tinted glasses are a sight to behold
for wanting teegee to return to ways now gone
Is to speak in a heretical tone

Nazi mod was bad but so was the old
when everythread was derailed by trolls
and we had more dick girls than /d/
If you ask me Teegee I say our current days are gold.

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My job is to open the eyes of all you poor conceded souls. I spend countless hours on my Blog and Vlogs, Here is some of my eye opening Content from my Older Blog http://jimprofitanon.livejournal.com/

View it and weep plebians

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I thought this thread would be entertaining.
I was wrong.
Sage because of no entertainment value.

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>breaking character

Yeah, you're not JP.

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Ahhh. So you're an unemployedfag who lives on the government's good graces. Makes sense.

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Preventing yourself from seeing one thread you ought to just hide is worth ruining /tg/ for everyone?

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Sometimes, I wonder whether this is what you, 'Jim Profit' actually believe as a person, or whether this is some elaborate internet cool/troll guy act that you put on just for us.

I mean if it's the latter, feel free to stop and contribute, because, well, it feels like you're a child throwing a tantrum in the corner of the game store. Some of us are trying to talk you down, others are ignoring you, some are trying to contact your mum so she can stop bringing you here again.

>I don't want to take this shit to the supreme court.
>Moderators are real terrorists
>Moderators tyrannize people and get away with it.
>My kingdom
>the peasants (I assume that's us) no longer remember their king.
That's not normal thoughts.
These are thoughts filled with ego, as if you think that you're some kind of salvation or hero. You're that guy that comes in, announces loudly he's arrived and everyone.. well, barely even glances at you. It's like you feed off our approval and to some, but seemingly lesser extent, our hatred. I mean, this is behaviour you can find in /b/ really easily.

Out of anything, I just find this behaviour amusing. Like a little dog, yapping away. Why use so much effort in the vain hope of gaining our approval? I assume that's what you're here for. Perhaps you're just that socially inept.
Of course, this could all be just one massive act. Which I find even more amusing. It's so much more effort in an attempt to troll.

But ultimately. You bore me.

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I don't know... rhyming anon is pretty amusing.

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Jim Profit isn't a person, he's a myth. A story with great symbolism, that people assume the mantle of to enforce a point. Profit isn't an individual, he's a demon of /tg/.

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Meh. I've heard better rhymes from a five year old. It's bad, I thought, "this guy makes me wish I had a cold" right after I typed that. A cliche rhyme, but it gets my point across. I find having a cold more amusing.
>captcha: resomac salvation
No captcha, this guy is not our resomac salvation.

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He's not trying to troll; he's just trying to explain the world as he sees it, and see if any of us share his point of view.

I agree with him on some things, disagree on others, but I do both calmly and with opinion, not with a contentless dismissal.

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Really? I find his personality far too obnoxious to listen to someone like him for too long.
What, the symbolism of THAT GUY? I don't need an allegory. In fact, I barely understand the point of doing such a thing. I mean, I know some people get flashbacks, but to me, the image of Jim Profit is just a lonely man.

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Im Glad to see at least one thinking Person is left here on /tg/ please join me in Opening the eyes of these poor souls who have lost there way, who are ok being led by the collar that moot and his mod's have placed upon their necks, I am Jim Profit and I am the chemo curing 4chan

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I don't agree with him on everything, like I said, but when I hear his message, nodding of the head is involved.

What can be done? There's no better /tg/, and it's not like one hasn't been suggested when there were polls for a new board.

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Yeah. This is why we kicked you out. If you want to present your view in some kind coherent and not egoistic manner, sure. I know this is an ad-hominem, but I expect some kind of standard from the people I debate with. Also, this is the completely wrong platform for this kind of discussion.

/q/ exists for a reason.

I also don't care to listen to someone who speaks like a 16 year old child. If you wish to speak with people who share the same behaviour as you, go back to /pol/.

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>This is why we kicked you out
You didn't do anything, much less /tg/ collectively. The mods did, and them kicked him out alongside the drawfags and half the other creative people of /tg/.

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Surely you Escapist Can roleplay as if you gave a fuck, because as it is now you are all just following the leader, Maybe if i stoop down and make a quest thread of this you will try a bit harder to realize the terrible condition your beloved home is in,
You are a true fa/tg/uy sitting in front of a computer your quest is to save 4chan from cancer. What do you do?

(The equipment you are carrying: A computer, A sense of justice, A hot pocket, and some preperation H hemroid cream)

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There is no god but Shikamaru and Jim is his Profit!

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I make a thread about or mentioning /tg/ on /meta/, to try to gauge and encourage support for a new /tg/.

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He responds to his thread
it was too soon for it to be dead
for he is still an idiot and not right in the head

This one seeks to call us the meek
and that we all must pay him heed
to listen to his words and shake free of our shackles
wishes us to follow his decree
to get a better teegee
his blog is edgy and dare say dark
So full of bad anime that would cause /co/ a calamity

Such a shitty thread on the front page
there are a few but this is the only one I sage
wishes to be our Sheppard into a new age
Somehow has a notion
of us being of one Nation
Claims of the Chemo of our plight
but chemo leaves you without a hair in sight
Now I have gone off on a tangent
the balldness comment has made me Irate
and now
Must Sage...

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Why isn't this fake banned yet?

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Why 'we' collectively emailed and bothered moot to ban him and why 'we' collectively cheered when he was banned.

If you really want to listen to his ramblings, he post a link to a livejournal. feel free to read it.

I mean, what plan do you think he has to make /tg/ 'better'? Install him as the moderator? He'd be worse than the one we had. We can't go back in time and live out the days where there was spambots posting the same image of the same suicide girl, where flare was constantly posted, where Jim was constantly parading his ego.

Creativity was always a problem with /tg/, we've always had outbursts and dry spells, and you believing that those halcyon days were better than now provides no solution.

If you want /tg/ to be more creative, you have to incite that creativity. It's not just 'someone else's burden, it's your burden as part of /tg/. And posting as Jim Profit is no way to do that.

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You Gain Moderate Support From the people, But unbeknownst you The evil moot, and his nefarious mods are planning woe and disaster for your noble quest.
Remember you still have the hot pocket and hemmroid cream.

~Jim profit the Chemo Curing 4chan

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When creative threads get deleted, things changing so that they no longer are will incite creativity.

>> No.20850019

Wait. I have an idea. Why don't you make your own 4chan, with no moderation?
And then everyone who agrees with you would go there?

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>feeding trolls

>> No.20850049

Hrm, it's like these impersonators don't even try anymore. Last years Profit Reenactment was much more tasteful.

>> No.20850063

welcome back based profit

>> No.20850094

Please take your gospel to /b/ over here since you will reach a greater audience without fear of mods.

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Hm. We probably need a new director.
Someone who has some fresher ideas for the role of Jim.
The actors do what they can but you can clearly see they have nothing to work with.
I have this guy in Vienna on hand, should I call him?

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Sir, I Come From /pol/ and im Here to stay, i shall save your wretched kind. I have found us a Golden place, YTMND.com It shall be our new kingdom, come with me i shall return daily to recruit more souls

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For all tho's who wish to know the truth here is my Vlog


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What exactly is that great and important idea you claim to fight for with so many empty words?
I mean, no moderation can't be the only goal.
What then? What when there is no moderation and we have to live with any bullshit flung up onto this board?

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Ok, that's it.

I'm disappointed at you, /tg/. You're a loose cannon and we can't take this anymore. You're going off the case!

Turn in your derailing badge! You can only post on-topic stuff, and cry mods to help from now on. You will not be allowed to any scene ever again!

"Saged, reported etc." Really? Come on, at least the rhyming anon had the right idea. Do not fight the troll. Say "Yes, and?" and continue with fun. Fun is mandatory for derailing. You're too serious.

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How do you derail Navi Profit and his quest for attention?
If he actally had anything to say we could run off with the idea but there really is no substance.
Not even an analogy or metaphor to hop on.

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I believe they are mad because they are playing the part of the butthurt neckbeards and they re doing a bang up job of this role, at least /tg/ is still good at one thing, ableit they can only play this one role, but they play it well.

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Excuse me, sir?

Which line do we stand in if we prefer what you call cancer?

This place is a website. People go and people stay and the population changes by the minute. Nothing is preserved except the memories of the the people that visit; the people that were there for whatever happened. Re-posts, archives, copypasta; all that shit goes against what this website is supposed to be for. The faults and positives of /tg/ or any other board lie with the people that use the board, not some boogeyman moderator with a hatred for original content.

There will always be new content, there will always be people remembering the past nostalgically. I've seen people continuously argue that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and frankly, it just isn't. All that is happening is people talking about what they want to talk about. The exception to this is when what people want to talk about is against the rules of the website. When that happens, people get banned sometimes or they get ignored because a mod wasn't on (or he wasn't doing his job).

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You know what this thread needs? Kittens. Give me a minute to hope on my computer and we shall commence the fluffy bombing.

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It's their prerogative. They are the "kings" of this website, not you or me. We are all "peasants" using someone else's land here. There is no real tax or toll. The only difference is our lord never really calls on us to do anything really. He just leaves us to ourselves to do whatever we want and is within the rules.

The internet is not free. Someone owns the severs. Someone owns the electricity. Someone owns the cables in the ground; and it's not us. We're all just renting. We all just use this place for what we can get away with, no more; no less.

Maybe there is a place somewhere for the uncensored free speech, anarchy and whatever it is you seem to desire; but this isn't it. And it never will be. And if that was truly what more people wanted, this website would not be as popular as it is. They would go elsewhere. There are other communities, online and in real life that cater to all the shit that is on here.

We just like it here. Or at least I do.

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If you're going to spam images, spam interesting ones. There's nothing interesting about cat pictures, we've all seen those. Instead, post something exciting that not too many people are familiar with. For example, perhaps some exotic forms of Middle Eastern food that a few denizens of /tg/ might be unfamiliar with...

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Oh! Oh! We totally need a debate mode!
I'm thinking something like an ad-hoc arena where only two anons can post and everyone else gets to vote which side they are on.
Who gets most votes wins.

Don't go easy on the corgis.

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Well, fuck me, I know what I'm doing for lunch.

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sage goes in every field

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But I already had iskender kebab for two days straight...

>> No.20850466

I was actually going to suggest animal pictures in general with a bit of "unkown" information about the animal but food Guy makes you fucking hungry while combating trolls and that is awesome.

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That is not enough.

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You see, this is the kind of stuff that doesn't work.

Sage doesn't work like that. It's not a bloody downvote. You sage politely because you don't have anything to add to the conversation. Sage doesn't derail, it doesn't spark interest, it doesn't make the thread better.

This on the other hand... I need receipt for this. It sits right into the theme of my game and fuck it, I'm going to cook this thing for our next games food.

>> No.20850499

Lamb is better. Sorry.

>> No.20850500

Have any of you elegan/tg/gentlemen every tried making piri piri shishkebabs? Delicious, filling, and relatively healthy to boot.

>> No.20850503

Are we just posting Shwarma or can other foods be posted?

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>> No.20850529

I'm going to break from my usual line of images to post this.

This is doner kebab, or shawarma, or gyros. Different names for what's effectively the same thing.

You get a long, metal skewer and you place a slice of your chosen meat upon it. Lamb works best.
Atop that carving of meat you place a small layer of fat - lamb's fat is best for this, again.
Atop that, you place another carving of meat.
You must keep on alternating and occasionally compact it. Roast the kebab evenly until it's a solid pillar of delicious meat and proceed to carve off as much as you desire.

>> No.20850535

You guys would love sand nigger food, Derail my thread all you like, it simply puts me at the top, letting my message be heard through out the day.

>> No.20850541

I'm moving on to another dish next. Shawarma can get a bit boring.

>> No.20850554

Moving on to some delicious falafel.

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What bread you use with that is another science on its own and often tied to the country you're from.

Remove Profit from premises.

When making Falafel yourself, you will need relazively large quantities of spices.
Mechanically it's quite easy to do but you need to get the spices right. Otherwise you end up with pretty tasteless lumbs.

>> No.20850622

>Doesn't know about image limits

>> No.20850630

Now, doesn't this make you feel all good inside, /tg/?

Well done. Back to food.

That's actually something I can get from a store nearby. The place is run by a turkish bro who does wicked food.

>> No.20850638

Regarding the bread, there was one curry shop in Coventry that served doner kebab with this most delicious naan bread. Never seen any other place that serves it like that but it was amazing. Soft, doughy and absolutely fresh - although it was likely extremely unhealthy and full of fat.

Usually, pita bread is what you use with falafel or shawarma. It's firm and makes a very handy little pocket for your food of choice.

>> No.20850639

What is Falafel? It looks similar to a Gyro.

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>> No.20850646

This really sums it up.

>> No.20850650


If it's delicious, I don't see why not.

Also, Piri Piri kebabs, the quick version;

serves 4

you need two limes, piri piri seasoning, about 800g of chicken breast, assorted vegetables (courgette/zucchini, cherry tomato and mushrooms are good, shut up I know shrooms aren't veg), and some salt and pepper. Also kebab skewers

1) Juice the limes, add in a tablespoon of the piri piri seasoning. Mix it all up, season with salt and pepper as you see fit.

2) Dice the chicken into bite size cubes, and mix it with the sauce.

3) Thread the chicken and assorted veg onto the skewers as you see fit; if you like, you can use leftover sauce to glaze the vegetables with.

4) You can grill them, but I ended up putting them in the oven at gas 6 for about 45 minutes. Whatever works for you really.

5) Consume your spicy chicken

>> No.20850655

As for falafel, I forget the precise spices you're supposed to shove into it. Coriander, garlic, maybe some parsley? There's got to be some onion in there too.

>> No.20850661


I still hate you from spamming my anthropomorphic characters thread. Nice to see you use your kabob collection for good.

>> No.20850666

Don't forget your pictures guys.

>> No.20850668

Dozens of recipes online, anon.

>> No.20850669

>> No.20850670

It's a vegetarian meal. You make a ball out of crushed chickpeas, onion, garlic and your spices of choice - then you proceed to fry it.

It's a very healthy and hearty meal but it's not slimming.

>> No.20850671

Awww, look at him go. Don't worry, it's now about delicious meat based products that you should do to your gaming group when playing anything ever.
Things look delicious.

Naan bread, kebab, gotcha. I'm just going to head out now and get everything I need.

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