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Do you, GMs of /tg/, prefer to use premades/modules, or plan out your own scenarios? Do your players lead where the story goes, or do you prefer a bit of railroading?

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I use premades because I'm not good at story making.
Granted I'll improve like a motherfucker when I have to, but it's nice having the hard part done for you.

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I let my players lead the campaign. I build the campaign off of what I see being a constant goal for the players. If the players are looking to buy a ship and decide to become pirates, I build the campaign to where they become the most renowned pirates in the land.

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i don't think i'd want to run a full campaign or adventure path type thing, where it's all premades and kinda rialroady, but plugging in some premade modules, locations, adventures, or whatever that fit the campaign, or even stringing together several unrelated ones is a fine way to work.

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I fucking LOVE letting players lead. I make shit up on the spot, and my players like having me as a GM, since I make it feel more like a world that they're exploring, not being forced to go down the yellow brick road.
Also helps to keep tabs on EVERYTHING that happens.
For example, "Dunois" has a tendency to take lead, and be the general main character, so...I made a reoccuring bad guy that not only counters the character, but grinds the personality of the player. He REALLY doesn't like this guy, and sometimes loses his head because of it. People have died because of him losing his head, and over time, he's become more level-headed.

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i find it depends on your play group. if they all are a bunch of extremely passive people then railroading is what you have to do. but if you have a group of strong willed players that know that they want to fuck shit up here, there and that bar. letting them guide is what you have to do so they have a ton of fun. and they will have tons of fun. as for the premades go, o what you're comfortable with.

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I know my friends very well, so I made a campaign based around their interests. It's gone much better than a premade I ran. Can't say it would work the same for a group I randomly join, though.

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I tend to like premades mostly due to how busy I am, but I'm also good at changing and adapting them on the fly. The biggest thing they do is take a lot of the stat-making labor out of it. And I can certainly adapt if they go off the rails. They're primarily a labor-saving device for me, I guess.

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>Do you, GMs of /tg/, prefer to use premades/modules, or plan out your own scenarios? Do your players lead where the story goes, or do you prefer a bit of railroading?

See you're not actually asking a question. Premade by someone else or premade by you is still premade. Now in ANY give RP session you need to be flexible in case things go off course or it will feel like you are rail roading your players even if your not. The real question is, do you go with the follow? Or do you try and steer them back on track?
Because honestly it never really matters, you ploop "The problem" in front of the PCs and they'll eventually make their way to it. Like a carrot on a stick.

Your players always and at the same time never really lead the story. You give your players choices, they make the decisions, but the thing is... You make all the options in the first place.

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