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>an iconic depiction of /tg/ and it's resident factions

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Which kid is Warhammer?

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Is this a dig at us for white-knighting or fighting over the one token girl gamer at the table..?

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the one suckling the teat

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The one wrestling with the other naked male baby, who is MtG.

Biggest fags on the board.

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>naked boys

Wow, AG really learned to paint eh?

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i find this to be more apt

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All the kids are naked except for the girl in furs.
What does it all mean?

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>Those two chaps on the bottom right
Are they fighting or kissing?

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Isn't the Sir Bearington story just a rehash of the Chicken Boo joke from Animaniacs? Right down to the one guy who flips out and is screaming "he is a giant chicken!"

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No Crazy Hassan?

No Noh?

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and your point being?

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I know the guy who played the Sir Bearington character (he wasn't the one who posted the story, it was a fellow party member).

It's the same joke, but I can assure you that the player played very many other "creative" characters. He's just a cool guy who plays cool characters.

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/tg/ loves rehashing jokes ad nauseum

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No, the two wrestling are the 3rd and 4th editions of DnD

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i too would like to see them added into that drawing.

and maybe one other...

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Kid right next to the face of /tg/ is 1st edition.

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post the finished version next time

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It still amuses me that Blue got into that picture before Xeno.

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ok. will do next time.

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And Secundus, don't forget that loveable serial deficator.

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Please tell.

That story was the original reason I got interested in /tg/

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Because Xeno is terrible, the result of one drawfag forcing a meme, and has no story behind it besides a twitter feed and that drawfag samefagging his thread.

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That's not the worst rendition of Cultist-chan I've ever seen, but... No. No, I think that IS the worst rendition of Cultist-chan I've ever seen now that I think about it. It's WAY too Disney princess for Cultist.

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I like Xenos Adventure. I find it cute, innocent little fun.

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>It's WAY too Disney princess for Cultist.
Well, it WAS done by /co/. It also explains how Blue went from this to >>20847335. I still like the picture, though.

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There's not much to tell. Besides, if I told you the rest of the story it would probably ruin the mystique.

The group liked the character too much, so he ended up becoming a nobleman questgiver NPC. The guy playing the character made a new character to play as.

I should track him down and get him to tell the story of Mechano-Horse and a couple other ones I've forgotten.

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You should.

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Needs more Falero, the metal album cover artist of the 19th century

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Look for the story of Mechano-horse coming soon to a storytime thread near you, then! I can't do it justice now since it's been months since he told me about it.

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And the teat is Mat Ward, eternal wellspring of discourse.

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I submit the following image for the consideration of the collective as being a better representation of /tg/

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Any rule34 of the girl in the back?

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the /tg/ drawthread I originally requested it in told me to go die, that's why I took it to /co/.

that drawfag was a total bro too. Went back and modified the pic twice till it is what you see posted.

when it came to really notable /tg/ characters, those were the ones I could find references to.

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I submit the following as an alternative.

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The girl should be Historical/Sci-fi wargames and the one hugging homebrew indie RPGs. Put MtG where 1st stands.

That way, the ones who don't get attention are rightly placed.

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The girl on the left is /tg/ who wants to be the little girl. She's looking jealously at the woman and thinking "I didn't mean this little, why can't I be like her?"

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I note the fruit on the ground.

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Iconic, you said?

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What's so bad about it? Seeing her panties is normal.

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Confirmed for shit, and please die.

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None of them are black?

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>someone else thinks it's bizarre how much /tg/ likes Old Man Henderson

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Actually, theres a huge camp of OMH hate out there. I enjoy the stories, but I would hate to actually play with someone like WHM, provided the stories are real they aren't.

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I should run a game with those 5 people as the PCs.

>> No.20856234

6 people*

>> No.20856245

Why do you hate the fun of others so?

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>An artists impression of the ultimate fate of all threads on /tg/

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saging for meta

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>Cultist-chan tries to convert Blue
>Blue starts krumping Cultist-chan
>Fuklaw tries to purge them both
>OMH strikes up a conversation with Sir Bearington, fully understanding him despite his bearspeak due to all the drugs
>/tg/-tan pisses his pants in fear in a corner as all this goes on

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Like I said, I enjoyed the stories, but I don't necessarily believe they happened. And if they did, WHM is one seriously petty passive-aggressive asshole. I would hate to DM for him.

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I make the setting for this game 4chan itself. The players start in the relative peacefulness of /tg, fighting there way past the goombas and elites of /vg, through the overpowered sues of /a, up the the unholy mountain of /mlp, before finally ascending to the hell-heaven of /b and fighting the endless hordes of Anonymous and the trolls, finally ending in a fight against all the main memes, and the great King of Trolls.

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And of course it would get derailed to hell as OMH accidentally recursively invents himself, Cultist founds Reddit to spread Kay-Ohss, and Blue just LOICs goddamn everything in sight.

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Way to ignore why he made OMH: because the GM was a passive-agressive asshole. I guess he would also hate that you DMed for him.

And so would I.

>> No.20856400

You can't derail the plot if there are are no rails to begin with.

>> No.20856427

Because the best cure for passive aggressiveness is more passive aggressiveness.

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just make them fight the Cancer Lord, he IS the king of /b/.

the idea of the board-tans and other board characters playing a game has been discussed in-depth before, but actually finding people obsessed enough to RP them properly would be the biggest challenge.

though there's a ridiculous amount of fluff already, so a game based in 4chan could actually work.

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>that pic
Never has /tg/-tan's angry t-shirt been more apt.

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What the hell happened to /co/nrad? He's normally not so easily shaken.

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Maybe his character died or something.

>> No.20859661

Death really shouldn't bother him.

>> No.20859670

But RPGs aren't like comics. In RPGs, people die when they're killed.

>> No.20859682

D&D's heaven has a revolving door.

>> No.20861845

I-I'm not sure th-that's right.

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/toy/ and /m/ brought their robo fetishes into the game... a flesh character didn't stand a chance.

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They were being Those Guys?

>> No.20869861

a That Couple I guess...

Is that even a thing?

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Literally, in OotS.

>> No.20872822

Maybe that's not what's the matter.

>> No.20876114

I've seen stories of it here on /tg/. In an MtG group, oddly enough, not roleplaying.

>> No.20877653

not role playing?

So they were either meta gaming or being intentionally overly affectionate to distract the other player?

>> No.20880671

I probably haven't heard it in roleplaying due to not reading enough /tg/ stories.

There was definite metagaming going on, but that was far far from the worst of it. It was That Guy and That Girl working together, just with MtG as the setting, and a bit of GM's girlfriend throne in, despite the lack of GM.

Hopefully it's on foolz.

"Do you Catan?" was a That Couple too.

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