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So /tg/ what is your favorite spess mahreen chapter?
I've always had a thing for the lamentors

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I hate you and your spelling but I love the Lamenters. So much.

I don't even like Blood Angels all that much. I just think the idea of a penitent chapter that's willing to throw itself at any problem just to save innocents and make up for their past mistakes is a beautiful thing.

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dark angels

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Storm Wardens ...

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White Scars

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Salamanders and Space Wolves (inb4spessyiffs)
Why? Because in a sea of Bureaucracy and bullshit, these two Chapters put their asses on the line for the reason they were created. To protect humanity and quite often tell the Inquisition to go fuck themselves.

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Dark Angels.
The First.
The Sons of the Lion.

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Rising Sons, 2nd Company.

Non-/tg/ chapters?

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Are you... Me?

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Same here OP
They're so damn classsy

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I like Salamanders the most.. but seriously..

Even with their slow process of recruiting why haven't they got back to full power yet?

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Dark Angels, because they're in Dark Vengance, and I have Dark Vengance. Sort of cool, so I'll tolerate them.
Black Templars, because Teutonic Crusaders are awesome.
Raven Guard, because semi-realistic tactics, beakies, and jump packs. Maybe Jump packs with bolters? One can dream....and apocalypse.

And Space Wolves for >>20846028 reason, also, vikings.

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Speaking of Lamenters
I was wondering, since their a successor chapter of the blood angels.Would it be ok to get a blood angels army and paint them as Lamenters? I mean, it's not like there is anything stopping me from doing so, I just want some opinions

Like if you were the opposing player would you be ok with it?

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Iron within! Iron without!
I love the whole pissed off younger brother aspect.
We weren't given credit for out work, while the emperor bestows gift upon gift to the imperial fists, we slaved for years on planets, never fighting unified as an astartes legion, while every other crusading army was given glory and adventure. That is why I play iron warriors

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I think the codex pretty much says go ahead and do that.

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The Blood Ravens.

Of all the Loyalist Chapters, they are the most pure and noble.

None shall find them wanting.

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Lamenters are required to use BA codex if you use their special character.

But considering Lamenters get the same shit BA does (Assault guys, Baals, Death Company), no real reason not to.

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Which canon is it now?

Lamentors dont suffer black rage but have terrible luck?

Or they suffer terrible luck and the black rage has started creeping back in anyway?

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>Or they suffer terrible luck and the black rage has started creeping back in anyway?

This one. They're shitcanned.

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Dark Angels.

My absolute fucking favorite for three reasons:

-Dark green master race

-Trying to restore honor after some bastards went to Chaos. HONOOOOOOR!

-Giant fucking continent spaceship. That is all.

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because of reasons.

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Speaking of the Dark green, can someone confirm something for me?

From /tg/ I've picked up some 'canon' that the Dark Angels current colour scheme actually started appearing around the time of the Crusade.

Jonson never fully trusted the marines created before he actually rejoined the emperor, preferring instead those recruited from Caliban, whom he had paint their armour in the dark green colours to evoke the forests of his homeworld.

Can someone confirm this for me?

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See, I liked Ultramarines for this.

But then Mat Ward splergeberged on them, and I lost interest. But they're kinda alright, sometimes.

This, in the very least, is nice.

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Am I the only one seeing constanza in the last panel?

>I seriously hope you imperial citizens don't think ultramarines care about your shit

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>runners up
-Iron Hands
-Raven Guard
istvaan III loyalists represent

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Exorcists all the way. Chill dudes, the best kind of heretical, and they avoid all the stupid fucking mistakes the GK make.

Also, that one time the Master of the Fleet emergency dropped a battle barge onto an enemy planet in the middle of a fight to pull out Commander Culln because Huron was kicking his ass.

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I like a lot of them, but my first pick would always be the Blood Angels and their successors. My first codex and how I got into 40k in the first place.

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Every member of the chapter is a former daemonhost (even the librarians? I guess?).

They are also one of the few chapters that sticks to the Codex Astartes and still manages to stay cool. Sure they're all tactical and shit, but they've also got their occult orisions. They're a lot of fun, I'm currently painting up a force now.

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That's awesome. I forgave them a little because of "Know No Fear".

What comic is this?

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Been with Blood Angels since 2nd. At first, it was because they were the ones that came with the box. But then they started to grow on me and I can't see myself with any other chapter.

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Mary Sue, the Chapter

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Iron Fists were here, Imperium fucked up Emprah's word.

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A warhammer monthy comic, I think. Called Defenders of Ultramar

it's alright.

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Space Wolves.

Because they're the ''Good Guy'' Marines also because they share my hatred for the Inquisition and the Church.

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Feel ya there, brah. Have some art.

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>>20846562 here. Yeah, it's kinda like your hometown's sport team. Even if you move across the country, you still stick with them.

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Who is it that the lamenters "cherish?" People in general? Or do they form ties to individual people, unlike most MUHREENS?

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Dem Iron Hands. Awwww yeah!

Or my homebrewed Chapters, but those aren't real things so they don't count.

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Overall, out of every existing Astartes, past or present?
>Word Bearers
Out of the current 40k chapters?

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Oh, I don't know about that. They fucked up the blockade during the Badab war, killing loyalists and letting Huron escape. They pretty obviously aren't Grey Knights, no matter what that one short story said. They have to keep two full extra companies of scouts because they manage to kill most of them in the possession ritual. And really, they're about 1 puritan Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor away from being declared Excommunicates and being purged. Again, they don't pull the bullshit the Grey Knights pull to fight the daemon.

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I've been trying to figure this out forever. My decision is somewhat influenced by the fact that I've got like 50 tac marines and dislike vehicles. Since BA is basically codex: assault marines and fast vehicles, it leaves me more than a bit confused. Doesn't help that there isn't much you can do with vanilla tacs either.

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Your opinion is a fairly common one. It also makes you a giant pussoit. Space Marines weren't invented to protect humanity. They were invented to conquer, kill, and subjugate. Space Marines were invented to become the forefront of the Emperor's glorious reclamation of a galaxy fallen to deism and rife with alien warlords dominating human worlds. They were invented to hate. They were invented to kill. And nobody HATES and KILLS like the IRON FUKKEN HANDS.

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mother fucking templars, due to mother fucking

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>nobody HATES and KILLS like the IRON FUKKEN HANDS.
Bullshit. World Eaters both hate AND kill better than the Iron Hands.

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My nigga.

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World Eaters don't know the meaning of hate. They fight because they are slaves - slaves to their Primarch, slaves to the whims of their God, and slaves to their own petty thirst for blood. They kill in battle, but Iron Hands kill so that battles will never even have to be fought.

tl;dr you are scumtime.

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Salamanders. Without a doubt. Especially given I am playing one in a deathwatch game thats been running almost... 2 years now?

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World Eaters can't hate and kill worth shit any more.

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Man, it's all kinds of here-tek up in this bitch. Iron brofist! Pic related: the logo of my Iron Hands successor, the Steel Revenants.

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Lamenters are a Blood Angels successor. They're in codex Blood Angels. They have Blood Angel units. You'd actually be in the wrong if you DIDN'T use codex Blood Angels for them.

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Skum or no, still all about the killing. Anyone, any time, all the time.

Also, Iron Hands be slaves to the emp, and the Admech, so maybe the Dragon too. Its a grimdark future, everyone is slaves.

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I'd agree with you completely if there wasn't considerable debate on whether they have the whole red thirst thing going for them or not.

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But we're slaves to the right master. Humanity's true master. The master who, when the time is right, will rise from his place on the Golden Throne, cast out the filth, the parasites, and the vermin from the hallowed halls of Terra and punish the weaklings of Chaos for their infidelity.

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Since the most up to date information says they do, they do.

This is good, since codex: BA is generally considered better than codex: Ultramarines

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But tac marines still blow goats.

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Considering all Emps did was hide in his palace when the Chaos Space Marines came for him last time until he was 100% sure he had no option but to fight, I don't think the Emperor returning (and he's not) is going to change shit.

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> All the Emperor did was hide in his palace
And also one-shot your biggest baddest boss.

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Dat Raven Guard.
'nuff said.

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What are you talking about? Berserkers got better in the new dex.

>> No.20847219


In terms of fluff.

Battle of Skalthrax fucked them good.

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He reduced himself to a sizzling, charred husk in the process, a fair trade.

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You'll never see sisters of battle using STEHL RIEN.

Oh how I wish...

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He could have been saved. He could have survived. But the weaklings beneath him craved soft, fleshy things. They craved power. They craved ownership over that which he built. They will be the first against the wall when He is reborn in fire and glory.

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And he got replaced with the biggest failure that Chaos has ever seen, yet it rewards him.


More proof that the chaos gods are truly insane.

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You realize that's heresy, right?

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> biggest failure Chaos has ever seen
Roboute Guilliman is the new Warmaster?

>> No.20847306


No, Failbaddon.

>> No.20847308

Heresy requires the sacred. Sanctity is a violation of the Emperor's mission. That you can use such religious terminology without a bitter taste in your mouth merely proves that your dedication to His vision is lacking. Your flesh is as weak as the rest.

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I knew what you meant. I was riffing on the old "alpha legion is loyal, ultrafags is traitor" thing.

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>I'm going to meta this conversation like a motherfucker even though I started it as if I was in-character
Seriously, NOBODY in the setting knows that shit, you moron.

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he's literally the only primarch to actually do anything noteworthy and not have serious issues because of it.

>> No.20847360

I went meta way before that comment, champ.

>> No.20847365


The codex astartes almost caused a second civil war.

>> No.20847371


But who is to say they aren't

all they do is dick around with chaos cults.

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>I went meta way before that comment, champ.
>He could have been saved. He could have survived. But the weaklings beneath him craved soft, fleshy things. They craved power. They craved ownership over that which he built. They will be the first against the wall when He is reborn in fire and glory.
Please, point to the meta here? Because either you were in character, or you take this shit WAY too seriously.

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Are you M,Ward by any chance? Because if you are, go die.

Really, just off yourself.

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I'm not sure what the problem is. We already know the Imperium is going to lose and Chaos is going to win. Nobody actually has to listen to Abbadon, unless, say, you're in the Black Legion.

Given that the defeat of the Imperium is certain and the victory of Chaos is inevitable, what is really important is to just attempt to ascend as a daemon prince before something kills you.

>> No.20847399

>Chaos is going to win
That's a funny way to spell "Tyranids"...

>> No.20847403

But that's objectively false, all CSM Long War veterans do. A small chunk of loyalist dreadnoughts do, too.

>> No.20847411

Do the Adeptus Custodes count?

>> No.20847417

>CSM Long War veterans
Who are not loyalist, which he clearly is, considering his choice of words
>A small chunk of loyalist dreadnoughts
Who aren't exactly in a position to be having conversations with random schmucks

>> No.20847418

it's also been instrumental in stymying the corruption of space marines and the degradation of their geneseed.

Buck up, bro. Provide a counter-point for your Spiritual Liege.

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>> No.20847439


Ha ha, nice.

I guess I should say: the question of the forces of Chaos is basically, are you a bad enough dude to hit daemon princedom and claim a daemon world for yourself (remembering that the Chaos Powers give it to you to rule and dictate reality *as you see fit*) before the tyranids eat everything that's not a daemon world?

>> No.20847471

I think he was trying to imply that he was a Long War veteran who considers himself more Great Crusade-kosher than thou.

I would vaguely wager that a lot of CSM Long War veterans consider themselves to be the real REEL upholders of the ideals of the Great Crusade, and being full of AIDS bees or lobotomizing yourself or having a speaker for a mouth is a perfectly logical extension of the ideals of the Great Crusade.

>> No.20847505

Mentors, hands down. They are smart and love to learn and that makes them super good fight warriors. They are my kind of special snowflake.

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See, this is why I like Ultramarines.

Because in the grimdarkness of the 41st Millennium, they've actually made an empire of worlds that are nice to live on.

>> No.20847563


>that guy with the powerfists
>shit's tyranids yo

>> No.20847584


And self sufficient, too. Kinda admirable.

>> No.20847606


/tg/ would like to like the ultramarines.

The problem is the most prominent fluff about them tends to be really fucking snobby, rendering them insufferable.

>> No.20847632

luna wolves

>> No.20847640

I'm not being ironic with this namefaggotry you know...

>> No.20847654

Iron Warriors.

We're angry, but not the hack and slash angry.
You know that guy in the office who constantly gets shit on by his boss, then comes to work with a rifle and kills everyone in a cool, collected kinda way.

Except for when they see the Imperial Fists, then they kinda turn into bat-shit angry fuckers.

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>The problem is the most prominent fluff about them tends to be really fucking snobby, rendering them insufferable.
how so?

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I've never seen you before, and I can already tell that you're a faggot.

>> No.20847677

The Eldar aren't the 40k version of elves.
The Ultramarines are.

>> No.20847682

Oh, 2nd edition, you crack me up.

>> No.20847692


When Ultramarines were just super SWAT, best of the best because we have to be, Marines they were pretty awesome.

Clean kills, efficiency, logistics, jack of all trades master of jack shit but still going to somehow be better than you marines...yeah those were the days.

Then Ward came out with his blatant favoritism and honor guard that "have killed more enemies single-handedly than entire guard regiments" bullshit. That'st what killed Ultras for me.

At least FFG still does em right.

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File: 43 KB, 324x207, ultras run this shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you think it ends there?

honestly i kinda like this bit of fluff

>> No.20847725

D&D elves: Overwhelmingly more likely to be good aligned than humans are, extremely likely to help anyone who asks for it (yet inexplicably portrayed by bitter /tg/ denizens as arrogant and stuck up), view self sufficiency as a huge deal, have kickass lands and have to deal with looters and polluters.

Ultramarines: Portrayed as some of the few mahrenes that care about people as people (instead of just being for the species but not caring about individuals) and as the ONLY imperial rulers who have their shit together (yet inexplicably portrayed by bitter /tg/ denizens as arrogant and stuck up), view self sufficiency as a huge deal, have kickass lands and have to deal with looters and polluters.

>> No.20847738


The answer to the High Lords of Terra and no-one else.

Guilleman's rules? Fuck'm.
Standard training? Only if you crank the hypnosis/psychosis to 11.
Best and newest equipment? Always.
Hang out with other space marines? What do we look like? Guardsmen? We don't need no goddamn allies, we act without permission or approval of other marine chapters. We only rarely team up with them. Except the ultramarines, they outright refuse to work with us... that god.

Also, thank you based basic paint scheme! We don't need no goddamn frills. Pass the goddamn bronze.

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>not painting minotaurs in their oldskool scheme

shiggydiggy anon.

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didn't the minotaurs almost go to war against the Genesis chapter and it had to be broken up by Calgar himself and the minotaurs were sent on a penance crusade?

oh well. they're still not as sad a chapter as the hammers of dorn.

>> No.20847793

Sons of Medusa.

Even MORE machine like than the iron hands.
I mean one of their chapter heads has 2 servos arms and is so tough that in his fluff most of him has been replaced with machines. He is so cool he gives devesators the feel know pain rule

>> No.20847818

called them out by saying they were the dogs of Gulliaman. They fought them and I think they took their fancy space cruiser as the winners

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The First Generation Space Marines were made for that, as the Great Crusade went on, Some of the Chapters (See everyone else but The Ultrasmurfs and those that went full blown retard((see all the traitor legions)) Began to empathize with their human cousins, not to say they started making babies or shit like that, but continued exposure began to create a link. Which was abruptly shattered, stamped on, raped, lit on fire etc. etc. when the Horus Heresy broke out. (image because this is how i view chaos)

>> No.20847932

You know, these threads are always the same. Not much discussion. How about this. What is your least favorite Space Marine chapter? Be creative. Lets get some good obscure rage over perceived slights.

>> No.20847936

Fury Unrelenting - These vambraces were salvaged from a battle-brother who fought in an engagement against a Tau battlegroup. His claymore shattered, he assaulted the armoured units with his fists. He successfully destroyed two battlesuits before dying. His vambraces were miraculously undamaged and subsequently given to the Deathwatch. What a badass.

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Inb4 Ultramarines, seriously, /tg/ has nothing but hate for these guys, Their old school fluff was glorious and awesome, but now it's just smeared with shit all over the place, used to be glorious SPACE ROMANS! now they're just.... well basically Mary Sue Paladins in space i think is the best description. As for my least favorite Chapter... Blood Angels, Damn near borderline chaos marines, From the descriptions it's like Khorne and Slannesh slathered their dicks all over them. They are pissed off, blood drinking nut jobs (dunno if that last part got retconned) Pretty boys that seem like Khorne and Slannesh slathered their dicks all over them.

>> No.20847981

I'd say "Dark Angels" but I don't hate them. I just don't think they're real loyalists.

I guess Minotaurs or maybe Black Templar.

>> No.20847999

Blood angels, Khornate/Slannesh bastards in disguise. Pretty boy wannabe vampires in space sums them up.

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>Meanwhile on Nocturne

>> No.20848025

I'm a big fan of the SPEHSS WOLVES.

Mostly because they're a chaos legion hiding in Imperial space, and even the members (barring the upper ranks) don't realise it. Oh Tzeentch, you so beyond mortal fathoming.

>> No.20848034

Exception to the rule. or rather exception to the cluster fuck much like the Space Wolves.

>> No.20848162

Charcharadons...Tyberos' power claws...I want them so bad.

>> No.20848186

Sounds like someone is butthurt about the most "noble" and hopeful space marines, whose primarch was the greatest believer in the Emperor's vision for humanity.




>> No.20848191

Word Bearers of course

>> No.20848532

Rolled 4

With all honesty, I wished the Lamenters would be sucked into the warp and land on a planet in another galaxy with the last living human colony of the daot.
Sucked in by the chaos gods residing in Andromeda or an other galaxy.
It would be noblebright.

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