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You are a grot.

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Not just any grot, spawned and raised in Krumpus Bay, you knew from the very beginning that you were destined for greatness, that you'd rise to the very top of the Grotocracy in Titanopolis.

Or at least, you knew from the time you were pressganged into the service of the Scraplootas by a nob in a robe carrying a large book. Along with about twenty of your compatriots. Okay, so you didn't really know about the Scraplootas or the Grotocracy until you overheard a few other grots talking about it, but those are just minor details.

...Okay so you could be just about any grot. But that's just how it is now, you just haven't made a name for yourself!
No really you need to come up with a name. In the tunnels under Krumpus Bay, identification was never more specific than a "Hey you" or a "Grot, get over here." And more often than not, you pretended you weren't being identified in the first place. Not having a name was advantageous. But no longer. You need a good name. Something that makes you sound bold and adventurous. A strong name, a name that will make all sorts of Orks sit up straight and pay attention because you aren't just any old git!
...You should make one soon, because the grot behind the counter is starting to get annoyed by the way you've been staring into space.

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>mfw I am a grot.
Well, fuck.

I try not to get stepped on.

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Oi, me tinks me name shud be BIG BOZZ 'cuz it sounsz like BOSS.

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Squigslap. S'what we're good at doin', see?

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Oh boy! Today's the day!

How about...Stabgrattle. No one messes with git named Stabgrattle.

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But if i'm a Grot i want to be called Grot. Grot the Grot.

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>destined for greatness
AM DESTEENED FO GRE- .. Gra! ... Gud stuff

I join a janitorial crew of the local Squig Burger

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Not a blue one, though, are we?

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Seconded. Were nothing if not suicidal and destined for grandness, fighting forward inside a big metallic, gear driven monstrosity.

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OI! Me name is Stompa! Ya dont mess with Stompa!

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>Blue being relegated to drudgeries of the Grotocracy
Do you even Scraploota?

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I like either of these two, personally

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Just making sure.

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I desire to eat 6 squigs

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Third one for Big Bozz.

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Gonna hafta third Squigslap. Big Bozz is just asking to turn the whole thing into MGS references and I don't want that. And an ork would smush a grot the first time he tried to call himself the Bigg Bozz.

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Anything but big bozz. That is a title for when we're smoking squigars at the top and rolling in teef. We just got here.

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Just a Bozz, then.

The name needs to be something that sounds like a "A strong name, a name that will make all sorts of Orks sit up straight and pay attention because you aren't just any old git!"

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and then an ork slaped the shit out of you

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To the orks, we are just any old git. A grot.

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Big Bozz Squigslap Stabgrattle Grot Stompa That sounds like a great name. It rolls off the tongue nicely.

You lean against the counter and give the grot in glasses a smile, turn your charm on, give a good first impression.
"Da name iz Bozz Bigslap Squigrattle Stabstompa Grot! 'Ow are you today!"
He might not look very impressed, but you can tell that on the inside, he is totally awed by your awesome name and this amazing first impression.

The other grot looks at you incredulously and even takes off his glasses, clearly unable to cope with your epic name. "Okay, Squigbozz, today's yer lucky day. Yoy get to pick an organization to join 'cuz Fizzgutz got too overze- overzeall- excited an' rounded up too many gits."

Your. Lucky. Day.
Of course it is. Today is the beginning to a glorious career that Orks will sing tales about for generations to come.
If Orks sang of course. Mostly they yelled. Maybe they'd yell about your tales.

"Where would you like to go work, ya git?

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Yes, and?

We just need to stand up and continue forward! What, did you come here to be defeated? To be just a normal grot like any other chump? Have some adventure in your soul, man!

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Actually, the head of the Grotocracy is the 'Ead Kounsellor since his office lies in Boris's head.
I suggest reading these two 1d4chan pages for more info.

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Bibzgiz it is.

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What are our options?

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Do they have any testing wings? Where they test stuff? Hand out stuff to be tested?

If yes, then there.

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"So I'z heard some o' da other grots talkin' about dis casino fing..."

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"...got anything to do with squigs? I'm a powerful gud squighandler."

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He hands you a map of Titanopolis. Perfect. This is exactly what you wanted. How did he know?
"You ken pick from anyfin below da Bridge, includin' da arms. An try ta make up yer mind."
The grot behind the counter puts his glasses back on his head and plays with the string around his neck, clearly irritated. Possibly by how jealous he is of you.

Let's go places.

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60 second market sounds neat!

I wonder if we know what a second is?

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Casino! We roll big or we go home! Or at least we would but we have no home, so logiks stands to reason we can only roll big!

>> No.20841061

60 second market does sound neat...

Kommando sounds dangerous.

>> No.20841063

letz go to da kopta hangar!

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>playing as a grot trying to work the underworld of the grotocracy while riding around with the scraplootas.
i can already tell this thread is gonna go many places.

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I think thats where ork kommandos hang out from time to time. They dont know about the grotocracy and the whole point of the grotocracy is to avoid orks at any cost.

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i dunno, i kind of like the idea of joining the grot tank division actually.

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We gotta come to a cond-de-deee...agreement soon abouts, or else we won't get to pick our job!

I reccomend that we institutde die based decisions to aide! Since this board is blue, all of our rolls will be lucky

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That would circumvent all the Grotocracy muckery though, and I'm ALL about the Grotocracy muckery.

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I think the 60 second market is a great place to start, so I will go ahead and third that.

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Casino and bust!

>> No.20841238

right primary coupling

>> No.20841322

There's one place you really want to go. One thing you've had your heart set on for forever. Or at least for the last hour while you were waiting on line.
The Grotocracy. You want to join the Grotocracy and become the 'Ead 'Oncho or whatever the leader of the Grotocracy is. This is a good idea. You're sure of it.

The grot with the glasses snorts. "What kind o' upstart git do you fink you are? Ya don't join da Grotocracy all willy-nilly, you gots to get invited. And dat only happens if there iz an openin'."

What kind of upstart git? The best kind.

Of course, you might want to settle for something else in the mean time. First choice being the 60-Second Market or maybe the Casino. You point these two places out excitedly.

"Dat seems fine, da 60-Second Market an' Casino are great places to start for a right git like you. Now, dat's in the left leg, an' we're currently in da roight at Grots-Fer-Hire. Now ta get over dere..."

You can imagine it now. Your superior work ethic and profits catch the attention of the Grotocracy, they are so wowed by your abilities that they allow you to join their inner council directly.
Or maybe you'll turn out to be a right sneaky cardshark, and admiring your cunning, the Grotocracy would allow you to join their inner council directly.

Whatever the case, you're sure you won't end up working the rest of your life at the 60-Second Market or the Casino.

"...Now you got alla dat?"

...Of course. You take your map and head off in a confident manner. It's just a matter of following the map right?

>> No.20841335

...No. This map is useless. You follow it anyway.

Soon, you've wandered into a maze of twisty passages, all alike. You may be stepped on by a nob.

There are grots nearby working on piping here.

This current passage continues into the distance.
There is also a spiral stairwell that leads up as well as down.
You could also head back. Not that you're giving up. You'd never give up. Just until you regain your sense of direction.

What do you do?

>Do you guys want to roll for highest to decide, or vote?

>> No.20841379

vote, go downstairs. we need da money

>> No.20841380

It's obvious, ask for directions from the werk crew. They look like they know what they're doing.

>> No.20841407

Rolled 17

Forward. there can't be too much space between this place and 60 second market.

>> No.20841438

I vote for forward as well. It will either lead to the a dead and you turn back around or it will lead to where you need to go. The work crew might want to take out a newbie trying to edge his way up, they are not to be trusted.

>> No.20841536


>Votes it is then. We'll roll for skills I guess.

Ignoring the possibly treacherous grots busy wrenching away at the pipes like an engineer to a sentry, you decide to continue forwards. Well, as close to forwards as you can. These passages seem like they're off center and curve, like they're warped or something. You heard once that you should keep your left hand on the left wall in these cases, prevents you from getting lost.
After figuring out which hand is your left, you scamper along in a determined fashion.

...And wander for about an hour. Passing that same werk krew about three times.
But eventually you make it to somewhere different!
It's a large open space with squigs running around and a few stalls with grot merchants hawking their wares. You even see a nob wandering around, his hands full of squig pies and a few grots behind him collecting the crumbs he's dropping. In the center and around the sides there are large pistons that are currently inactive.

There are no obvious exits here besides the one you came out of.

What do you do?

>> No.20841572

Ask for direction to 60 second market.

>> No.20841585

I vote for this.

>> No.20841606

uh guys i think we may already be in the 60 second market if were unlucky.

>> No.20841671

in that case, ask for the direction to the casino

>> No.20841794

You saunter up to the nearest stall in what you hope is a confidently trustworthy manner. And not a manner that would make a kind stall owner to tense up and think you're a shoplifter. Because you're not one. Not right now. You're just lost. And your fingers are naturally sticky as it is.
"So, where da zog iz dis 60-Second Market?" You say, smiling your widest.
The stall grot's eyes do not leave your hands.
"What are you talking about, you git? Dis iz da Piston Plaza. Yer in da completely wrong leg here."
You look at the map again. That's true. Piston Plaza is in the left leg, and you wanted to get to the right where the 60-Second Market and Casino is. Strange how that first grot got his lefts and rights mixed up. Of course, he may just have been completely flustered by your presence. Or maybe he doesn't know the difference between lefts and rights. Anyway.
You then ask how you would get to the 60-Second Market.

"It's simple. Climb the pistons up past the deliveries into da left gyro. Dere should be a door to da Steelwerks. Run past da choppy bits in the engine room into da armory an' den into Fast Red Repairs. 60-Second should be rioght undaneef."
Yes simple. So simple that your head is spinning with how simple it is. You can definitely remember all of that. You thank the stall owner who still hasn't taken his eyes off your hands and set off towards the nearest piston.

You suppose that it would be easier to climb this thing if it were activated. It's currently half up here. You suppose you could haul your scrawny body up there, it would just take a little pushing. You just better not fall after you get to the top of this thing.

>Roll to climb and how you're doing it.

>> No.20841810

Rolled 8

Roll what? Going with d20 for now.

>> No.20841814

Rolled 14

Climbing comes naturally. Right?

>> No.20841820

Yes, d20s

>> No.20841833

While we are at it, how do rolls work? First come, first serve? Best of 3? Average of the first few? I suppose it doesn't much matter, but I'm just curious.

>> No.20841871

I'm thinking probably best out the first three for now. If we even get three. I might be a little too slow at this...

>> No.20841911

New quests always start out slow, I think. That and many people might not want to be a grot, seeing as you cant have waifus as a grot. I'm rooting for you, though.

>> No.20842091

Of course climbing comes naturally! Just as naturally as running away! Not that you'd have anything to run away from, in fact you're going to be doing a lot of running to. The 60-Second Market and possibly the Casino, and then the Grotocracy.
A few false starts you make it all the way on top of the piston. Yes! Victory! And you've even managed to attract a small crowd, including that squigpie eating Ork. There seems to be one opportunistic grot collecting bets from some of the members of the crowd. You don't know for what though.

The piston's flat head would probably make its way into the next part of the leg if it were active, but currently it doesn't seem to be moving much. Probably because Titanopolis is currently parked inside the Loothavva, traveling through space to its next destination. You can see from how high you are that there's a hidden staircase in the distance behind some of the pistons on the far side of the plaza.

But before you can act on that thought, Titanopolis shifts to scratch its butt, launching the piston upwards.

>Roll to stay on and state how you're doing it.

>> No.20842093

grot climb powers activate?

>> No.20842128

Rolled 12

Surf that piston like a man! Err, like a grot! A zoggin good grot!

>> No.20842197


>> No.20842211

Then roll for it.

>> No.20842236

I fail at making dice rolls work~

>> No.20842251

dice+1d20 in the email field.

>> No.20842253

It's dice+1d20

>> No.20842415

This is your moment to shine. Just like every other shiny moment that will follow.
You aren't going to jump off in sheer terror! No! A lesser grot probably would! But you are Bigsquig Slapstab Stompagrattle BozzGrot and nothing is going to to stop you from kicking ass and taking names! Certainly not a piston moving at breakneck speeds up into the black unknown! You stand your ground and stick your arms out like the bozz you are.
Oh Gork.

... You open your eyes again to see that you've stopped mere inches away from getting smushed into the ceiling. From the dried and collected brown and green on said ceiling, you would hazard to guess this wouldn't be the first time something like that happened.
But you're lucky! It is indeed your lucky day!

Looking out of the opening you've stopped next to, you see a lot of boxes in the way. Not to far away, there is the sound of plodding feet and the squeaks of some grot shouting. The piston underneath you creeks a little.

What do you do?

>> No.20842461

Leg it to those boxes!

>> No.20842508

Rolled 10

This seems like our best option. We dont want to become grot paste

>> No.20842551

Rolled 2

I should probably roll for this, huh.

>> No.20842595

Rolled 6

Aaaaand there goes GrotQuest. The star that burns twice as bright and all that.

>> No.20842685


>Oh god why did I have to start this when there are five other quests going on at the same time.

Scrambling the best you can, you make it through the opening and ram your way through the boxes. Wow! These boxes sure are heavy!
...And the piston drops from underneath you.

You fall to your death.

>> No.20842691

...Opening your eyes again, you see you've managed to grab ahold of the ledge to the opening. You're still lucky! This is still your day! Your time! You don't have the strength to clamber all the way up. But talking is a free action!
Or shouting. Shouting is probably a better idea.

>> No.20842709

Rolled 8



>> No.20842713

Rolled 2

Shout loud enough to make an ork tremble, obviously. Promise great riches to your savior whenever you strike it big! Which you totally will!

>> No.20842721

Damn. I'm done rolling for tonight.

>> No.20842746


>> No.20842759

Rolled 7

God we're bad

>> No.20842779

Rolled 12

Well, we ARE a grot.

One last roll to tempt the dice gods into laughing at me more thoroughly.

>> No.20842791


You call that a shout? Your mother could shout louder than that! And your mother doesn't even exist!
Oh Gork and Mork you can feel your fingers giving way. You shout as many tasty offers as you can manage with your increasingly higher pitched voice.
You think the squeaking from above stopped. Maybe that was a clatter of feet coming over. Maybe that was the sound of boxes being slid over.

Oh who are you kidding. Your left hand slips.

>> No.20842831

Is this the end to the short life of Squigbozz Slapgrattle BigGrot Stapstompa? Is your fate a stain on the ground that will probably be sweeped up and put into a squig pie?
No! This is your moment! This is the time of your life! It doesn't end here! It can't end here! YOU WILL
have your right hand slip too.

>> No.20842875

Rolled 8


(roll for luck)

>> No.20842898

But as you start falling down, someone catches your arm. You dangle for a short moment, trying your best to not wet yourself. You are hauled up slowly. Your saivor grunts with exertion. For a moment it seems like he's not strong enough to pull you up completely, but with one final effort, you're yanked out of the piston canister. You lie in the middle of a clearing in this sea of boxes and packages, surrounded by a bunch of grots who seem to be groaning like they lost a bet. Your savior is breathing as hard as you are.

Who was this grot? Your personal savior? Your lucky break?

...And why was he so blue?

"Now about dose squig legs you were blabberin' about."

>> No.20842925

"Oh, shore, shore, just get me up on solid erf first, roight mate?"

There's no need to mention that we do not have any squig legs at the moment, on hand.

Once we're safely someplace not squishable, detail our naturally affinity for squig herding, and offer a ground floor investement into our start up!

>> No.20842979

Thank god we don't have to roll for this

>> No.20843007

Your savior gets up from the ground and offers you a hand. From what you can tell, he's about as tall as you are, but strangely much wider than you in the hips. His chest is all weird too. His feet end in some kind of hooves, so you're pretty sure this is some exotic grot from some far off place that is beautiful and full of mutagens. Explains the blue coloring and lack of a nose as well. If you didn't know any better, you would probably say this grot is a Tau or something.
He picks up his helmet and a package he seems to have thrown to the side. "Yer a damn git and a lucky one too." He helps you up and you dust yourself off. The gathered crowd of grots seems to have dispersed.

How do you respond to and thank your personal saint, your lucky stars, your savior?

>> No.20843023

"Oi! You're blue!"

No one ever said we're particularly intelligent.

>> No.20843034

Well, do we have anything on person that might be a suitable gift for such a lucky lucky git?

>> No.20843071

Wut da zog! You's blue!

>> No.20843097

This blue grot must be lucky. We should see about making them our partner in our climb to fame.

>> No.20843128

Rolled 16

Try and ally ourselves with this blue grot.

>> No.20843141

Ho damn! No wonder we failed all those other rolls, we're a diplomacy grot!

>> No.20843181

I haven't seen a Scraploota thread in a month.

I thought it was forgotten or something.

that's good since we're trying to become 'Ead Kounsellor.

I wish that other writefag would've finished up that story of Blue's first real dealings with the Grotocracy...

>> No.20843238

By my knowledge, she exists outside of it, but occasionally deals with them for parts, food, squig beer, that sort of thing.

>> No.20843349

"Oi, dat's roight, what of it? An' you're green."
You feel your pockets for something that you could possibly offer the grot in thanks, but you can't seem to find anything. That map you were given fluttered to the ground of Piston Plaza, and some grot is probably trying to figure out how to bake it into a squigpie. You're fresh out of squiglegs. And pockets. Right, the pockets are in your other pants. Which don't exist. Well, it's really lucky that you didn't wet this pair!

Yes luck. This is all your luck. Your lucky day, you meet a clearly lucky grot, you're about to go and work at the 60-Second Market, and you're going to start your climb up the hierarchy of the Grotocracy. A proper career grot you are. The best and the brightest. You'll be Big Cheese Grot before you know it!

Of course, you still need to do something. You give your sincere and enthusiastic thanks to the blue grot, jumping up and down as you shake his hand, and offer a partnership. A full partnership when you control the 60-Second Market. Not a 70-30 split, not 60-40, a full 50-50. He can see the absolute generosity in your eyes that you can hardly believe yourself.

"Well, er--"
Big Bozz Slapsquig Stabgrattle Stompa Grot
Did you just get your own name right?
"Er, right, Bozz. Listen, I kinda already gots myself a sweet gig, so I gotta pass on yer partnership. Sorry."

Crestfallen. Absolutely crestfallen you are, rejected by your savior, your blue saint, your lucky muse. If you were a bird, or if you at least had a mohawk, your crest would be so fallen you wouldn't be able to pick it up.

Oh well, looks like you will just have to--

"If yer feelin' like doin' a favor in return, dere iz sumfin you can do fer me."

She's holding the package aloft.
How do you respond?

>> No.20843413

there was a piece about Blue's first time entering Boris alone (to attach more cables to the fleshy Boris) and the Grots sent her all the way up to the head since they couldn't figure out if she was really there to do what she said she was gonna do.

I can't find the piece right now, but she got all the way up to the head where everything was shiny and clean (with grot guards commenting on how the suits n ties the grots running around carrying papers were wearing weren't propa orky) before it just ended.

>> No.20843419

Yes! Wait no, don't try to be over excited, we don't want him thinking we're desperate.

>> No.20843465

"Well, my time is important but seein' as how you saved my skin, I'll help youz out. What's the job?"

>> No.20843467

Its probably best to not piss off your savior, but like >>20843419 said, we gotta play it smart. Ask for details. You don't want to blindly accept the test of dressing yourself in raw meat to act as squigbait.

>> No.20843501

use the job to your advantage to figure out where you are and how to get were you're going, but still actually DO the job because you never know when you might need help from a lucky grot again.

Plus NOT doing a job given to you be a lucky grot is sure to give you bad luck.

found it.

>> No.20843629

You respond as cooly as you can. He snubbed your offer, but there's no reason to hold that against him. After all, some grots are happy with where they are, and don't care to be up and coming like you are. Mediocracy is good enough for some people.
So you do your best not to go YESYESYESPLZ

"Roight, so I'm supposed to take dis package to da 60-Second Market fer the Zizz 'n' Bitz dere. But I've got better fings ta do den travel all da way over. If you ken get dis to Zizz 'n' Bitz, we'll be even, alright?"

That sounds doable. ...Where are you now?
"Oi, yer in Tuffboyz Delivery in da left leg. Ya still got to climb up to da Steelwerks an' cut across da Engine room before yer even close to da roight leg. Yer not daft an' follow signs, right?"
Of course you're not daft. He points to a far away sign with a wrench and a bent piece of metal crossed on it that reads SCRUNKY'S STEELWERKS. At least, that is what it would say if you could read.

"All good den? Er, Squigbozz?"

>> No.20843707

"Yeah Blu?"

>> No.20843786

Rolled 3, 2 = 5

hopefully rolling to see if we can remember directions this time.

if not just say you got it anyway and continue up.

>> No.20843820

fuck me, wrong die.

just say you got it and figure a way up that doesn't involve too much climbing the machinery.

>> No.20843881

You take the package from the blue grot and wave at him goodbye, heading out for that far away sign that probably has a door underneath it which will lead you through Titanopolis. He shouts at you about something regarding guard squigs, but you can't really hear him so you just give him a thumbs up and go on your way.

...You probably should have gotten his name, him being your personal savior and all, but you have a feeling you'll be seeing that blue grot around anyway.

Anyway, this will be a cinch. A two for one right here. You're so good at this that you're going to fulfill two personal quests at basically the same time. That's money in the bank right there. You weave through the multitude of boxes and packages and end up at the entrance to SCRUNKY'S STEELWERKS. Whatever that means.

There is a deep growl coming from the other side of the door.

What do you do?

>> No.20843904

Obviously it's a squig. This we should know how to deal with. Slap it between the eyes and shout loudly until it accepts you as the boss.

>> No.20843976

it's still our lucky day, ask that suig if it knows who you are and then tell that squig your name since squigs don't talk to answer questions.

if it tries to start something, just punch it in the face.

>> No.20844116

Yeah, this is a piece of squigpie. You can handle squigs. You know squigs, like the back of your hand. You didn't name youself SquigStompa Stabbozz Biggrattle Grot for nothing.
You open the door. And meet a row of teeth.
The row of teeth shifts and you see a few beedy squig eyes.
Maybe you want to rethink tactics a little.
You've opened the door between Tuffboyz Delivery and Scrunky's Steelworks. And are surrounded by boxes and packages.

What do you do? And if applicable, roll.

>> No.20844270

Rolled 7

first keep calm so it knows YOU are in charge, talk to it a little, see if it's trained, pick up the nearest box and toss it (not the package you're carrying) while telling it to fetch.

remember, we're a diplomacy grot.

>> No.20844396

I don't know how to deal with sguiqs. Try to not look edible?

Also, where's everybody?

>> No.20844454

Rolled 5

not here apparently. We'll have to pick up the slack.

if looking not eatable and the fetch thing fails, just walk backwards out the door and close it. Then look for a squig herder.

>> No.20844494

the dice are not favoring up tonight...
I think we're going to get mauled and then sent to be experimented on by Dok Gitstitcha if this keeps up...

>> No.20844506

Rolled 18

Try to talk it into submission.

>> No.20844521

Holy shit wat. Dice gods are bizarre creatures.

>> No.20844635

yeah, I guess we really are a diplomacy grot after all.

we'll probably talk this squig up so good that it'll do anything we want.

>> No.20844645


You know what a squig is? Small little thing. The runt of the Ork litter, next to snotlings. They run around and eat insects. You've dealt with them all your life. You know them.
This... this ain't a squig. You have no idea what the heck this is. Nothing in your short life of tunneling around and smacking squigs has prepared you for--
No. You're better than this. This, this is your lucky day. The day everything changes and goes right. Yeah. No stupid squig the size of an Ork is going to stop you from delivering this package entrusted to you by your own personal savior and going, seeing, and conquering that 60-Second Market. You are going to rise up and be in the Grotocracy. That is what is going to happen.
You stare long and hard at the squig. And then you say the first thing that comes to mind.
"Awww, who's a good squig, who's a good little git. Come here you! You iz da cutest fing I've ever seen."
It looks very confused. Very very confused. It backs off a little.
Stepping into the next room, you keep your praise on, going so far as to pat it tenitavely on the well, jaw. It's all jaw, really, You can't quite reach anything that isn't.
It ends up sitting and panting at you in a happy fashion.
That went better, no, that went EXACTLY how you expected it to. You are a Squigwhisperer after all. It's not a part of your name, but it might as well be.

Walking past the guard squig's (relatively) small room, you enter the Steelworks proper.

>> No.20844674

Hopefully filled with less deadly things then squigs

>> No.20844704

Ride that mofo around like the glorious Squigboss that you are. You have acquired a mount and a glorious new ally, don't let him slip away like you did that blue grot!

>> No.20844712

This seems to be where they craft all of the bitz they need for various parts of koptas and shootas and coppas and trukks and everything. You watch about a dozen grots hammering away at glowing pieces of metal without abandon. To your other side, you hear the hiss and feel the extreme heat of molten metal being poured into molds. This is a pretty cool place. Okay, it's a pretty hot place, but that's besides the point.
Taking care not to set your package on fire, you hurry through the workshop and reach the door on the opposite side before someone calls out to you.
"OI! What do you fink yer doin' here, yah thievin' git? And how did ya get pass me squigs?"
A grot with a large, and possibly fake, beard runs up to you, a grot sized shoota in hand.

What do you do?

>> No.20844748

Tell him you are on a mission from a blue grot that would be mighty unlucky to turn down. Show him proof of the luck boon that Gork and Mork have blessed you with in the form of your mastery of all that is squig.

>> No.20844770

Rolled 3

tell him you ain't no thief, you're a delivery grot/squig herder and if you don't get this package delivered a whole heaping helping of bad luck is gonna descend on everyone since you figure Blue grots can probably do stuff like that.

>> No.20844834

ok, the dice hate me. My rolling is sure to result in death. Someone else roll.

is there an address on the package? If yes, just show him that.

>> No.20844863

He pulls on his beard, you swear it's like steel wool, and shakes his head "So you've been lootin' da Tuffboyz too. An' yer a blood awful liar. 'Ow did some nobody upstart git meet up wid Blue? I otta march you straight back an' have my squig get another go at ya."
Bad news is, you didn't convince him. But there is good news. There is always good news. You've managed to get this door half way open. If you could knock his gun out of his hand, or at least away from your face, you can definitely make it into the other room.
If only you could read. There seem to be scribbles on the package that may be helpful.

What do you do?

>> No.20844886

Rolled 19

Tell him the scribblies on your package say its from this Blue character. You may not be able to read but he probably cant either. Its all about confidence!

>> No.20844909

Pull his beard down! Without it he is powerless!

>> No.20844955

we're a cunning grot, ain't we?

beats summon ally once he takes you back to the squig and riding it all the way to the market I guess.

>> No.20844972

We can still do that. What better way to make a name for yourself as best delivery grot in all the titan than riding a giant squig to your destination after bragging about how you were handpicked by a blue grot to make the delivery?

>> No.20845036

He stares at the scribbles. He stares long and hard at them. He looks at you, looks back at the scribbles, and then strokes his beard, his hand is totally bleeding from this, it can't possibly be actual hair, and nods.
"All right ya git, dat's Blue's personal seal and all. Da only way you coulda stolen dis is from Blue 'erself, an' ya don't simply steal fings from 'er."
He moves the gun away from your face and scratches his head with the muzzle. "I guess she didn't want ta go all da way over da Market. A shame, the squigs love it when she stops by."
The grot, who you assume is Scrunky, opens the door fully and walks into the next room, where another abnormally large squig is lying about. Once it sees Scrunky enter, it gets up and wags its tail. It's not on a chain or anything, probably because it can't fit through the doors of this place. You wonder what unfortunate grot has to clean up after it.

"Alright den, ya git, Next chamber over iz da engine room. Try not to get yerself killed in dere."

He turns to go back into his workshop. Is there any thing else you want to mention or ask?

>> No.20845054

Tell him your name. Make sure everyone knows your name, because soon its going to be plastered over every wall!

>> No.20845063

What exactly do they do at the 60 second market?

>> No.20845067

Rolled 10

rolling for squig riding.

...and we should probably ask the best way through the engine room with out getting chopped/smashed/krumpped.

>> No.20845109

I thought he just said the squigs cant fit through the doors...
If I recall, think this
But with the entire room constantly shifting and adjusting whenever Boris moves.

>> No.20845200

"At da 60-Second Market? Why everyfin dat doesn't go directly to da Orks or to da war effort in Titanopolis goes through da Market first. It would be black if it wasn't so green. I hope you 'ave teef. Nuffin' gets done at the Market wid out teef. An everyfin' moves. To get thru da engine room, stay on da walkways."
You then give him your name, Bozzslap Bigstompa Stabsquig Grotslap, to which he just snorts. Clearly that was a snort of rememberance. So he can go on to tell stories about your amazing-ness.
With the door closed and everything back to normal in the workshop, you look around. This giant squig seems to be at ease with you.

You slide a little closer to it. Still nothing.
You try touching it. It looks away, at the other door.
...If only you could fit it through the door.

...Could you?

>> No.20845240

Rolled 5

>...Could you?
We shall try!

>> No.20845256

Note to self: never do anything physical ever. If at all possible, just talk your legs into going wherever you want to go since that seems to work better than actually doing something.

>> No.20845278

Rolled 15

Might as well try!

>> No.20845338

Rolled 19

>be the giant squig
>a small green thing has gotten on my back
>it keeps motioning for me to go towards the door.

rolling for how motivated I feel to humor him/how un-lazy I'm feeling.

>> No.20845360

Rolled 17



no idea if the green thing was able to hold on.

>> No.20845426

Oh god this is not-- No. You're doing saying no to yourself. This, this could work! You are going to get yourself a giant squig mount, you are going to ride it to market, you are going to awe the zog out of everyone, and they will like it. Not only will they like it, they will make you Big Chief of the Grotocracy right there and then.
You don't have stirrups or anything, but you goad the large squig close to the door regardless. With your willpower!
Oh, and you keep praising it like it's a baby, but REGARDLESS.

It's stuck in the doorframe. You hear the metal groan. The squig doesn't seem much happier either. You can't get out while on the squig's back anyway. You hop down.
The squig is clearly uncomfortable. With a sudden burst of power, it pushes, hard.
Metal rips, just rips like paper. You didn't know that was possible. And your mount is now free to move about in these larger, but still rather tight corridors.
SUCCESS! The squig, clearly following your darling iron willed example, has broken free of its holding room!
The door bursts open and you see Scrunky pointing his shoota wildly around, not sure what just happened.

What do you do?

>> No.20845515

Rolled 14


Give him a hearty farewell and ride forth to your destiny!

>> No.20845567

Rolled 15

Hop on your mount and leg it! Maybe spout a clever one-liner while you're at it.

>> No.20845669

Rolled 12

proceed into the engine room as you don't have to explain yourself for the squig's sudden desire to not be in this room anymore.

>> No.20845676

This is your moment, your time. Look at how glorious everything is! Look at your new personal mount! Old Man Scrunky can't stop you now! Zog da Police! But time is of the essence. You hope on the squig!
You salute smartly with the package in your hand as Scrunky can't decide whether or not to shoot in fear of hitting his beloved squig. You should probably say something too while you run into the horizon.
Something like, "I told ya to remember my name!"
Yeah, that'll work!

The squig dashes off with you on it. This will be great. You should come up with a name for this guy.

>> No.20845693

Or Watson.

>> No.20845725

Rolled 20

Wall Smasha?

>> No.20845749

I didn't even have dice in the e-mail field!

We probably we're going to need that roll for later...

>> No.20845753

Well I cant argue with a 20.

>> No.20845878

Squigsby? Watson?
Wall Smasha? Yesss. Wall Smasha. Very fitting for a squig that breaks the mold. Just like you.
Squigsby Watson Wall Smasha will be the Squig's name. Wall Smasha for short.
"Yer a good boy, Watson Smasha!"
...You should probably do something about names. But that's not important right now!
The important part is that this walkway is far too small for your mount. It can't even pretend to squeeze onto it. Your only other choice is to go down through the machinery.

Even while idling the engines of Titanopolis throb with the pulse of a few thousand revolutions per minute. It will be slow going timing every jump and duck and dodge with your mount, but you are willing to make that sacrifice. Waltson Squigsha is too valuable an asset to ditch so soon! And you're enjoying each other's companies so much? Or at least he hasn't seriously tried to eat you!
Of course Scrunky and his overzealous grots are also on your tail and gaining fast.

What do you do?

If you're about to try to cross through the machinery, give me 5d20 and wish for a miracle.

>> No.20845892

Cross through the machinery quickly, that is. If you're going to try slowly, you only need one.

>> No.20845941

Rolled 3, 17, 11, 12, 18 = 61

Fuck it, are we a grot or are we a snotling? WE DO THIS RIGHT!

>> No.20845988

Rolled 3, 18, 15, 13, 15 = 64

Time to wish for a miracle!

>> No.20846008

Well, we seem to do alright for the most part, minus that first step.

>> No.20846069

That's right! You are a grot! Not a snotling, not some humie! You will look death in the eye and smile and oh god--
The first jet of fire scares the begorkmork out of the Squig, causing it to buck and launch you through it. The jet of fire, that is. The squig then picks you up in its mouth, which at least manages to put out most of the flames, and hightails it through the engine with all of its nasty whirly and zizzy bitz. You two might actually survive!

Scrunky and his boyz have stopped, somewhat flabberghated, on the other side of the machinery. Ha! you showed them!
You are also still slightly on fire. Rolling around the squig's tongue and doing your best to avoid the swallowing reflex, you put yourself out.

>> No.20846092

...Wait a minute.
But what happened to your package? The one your personal savior and blue angel had directly given to you to take care of? To deliver to its very end?

Roll for its fate!

Oh, and Scrunky and his boyz have regained their senses enough to mount the walkway.

It also seems you've only make it half way through the death trap of an engine. But this next bit seems to be a lot easier to travel through.

>> No.20846097

Rolled 11

The package was in our hand the whole time!

>> No.20846122

Rolled 11

No! We will not fail! That package will never leave our hands. Until its time to deliver it, of course. Then it will totally leave our hands because we are the best delivery grot.

>> No.20846135

We have always held onto it of course!

>> No.20846149

Rolled 17

Dam, forgot the dice!

>> No.20846167

Rolled 6

rolling for the package to also be in Smasha's mouth.

>> No.20846223 [DELETED] 

Of course you held onto it! What kind of delivery grot would you be otherwise?
Oh Mork, you passed through the fire and flames though, didn't you? Do you dare look?


...Okay so it looks like the packaging has been charred something bad. That's okay. You've been charred something bad and you'll live. You think. You hope that Squig saliva is sterile. (It's not)

Meanwhile, you have another half of the engine to sprint haphazardly across. You peer from between the teeth of Wall Squigsby. Scrunky and his boyz are rapidly gaining on you! But that's okay. Becuase you're going to make it! This will turn out fine! After all, you are Bigsquig Bozzslap Grattlestab Grotstompa, and you are going to make it in Titanopolis!

>> No.20846236


Of course you held onto it! What kind of delivery grot would you be otherwise?
Oh Mork, you passed through the fire and flames though, didn't you? Do you dare look?


...Okay so it looks like the packaging has been charred something bad. That's okay. You've been charred something bad and you'll live. You think. You hope that Squig saliva is sterile. (It's not)

Meanwhile, you have another half of the engine to sprint haphazardly across. You peer from between the teeth of Wall Squigsby. Scrunky and his boyz are rapidly gaining on you! But that's okay. Becuase you're going to make it! This will turn out fine! After all, you are Bigsquig Bozzslap Grattlestab Grotstompa, and you are going to make it in Titanopolis!

>> No.20846258

And that's it for GrotQuest tonight guys. Holy cow it's midnight. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

>> No.20846279

I certainly did. Want me to archive it on suptg?

>> No.20846304

That would be cool. It's a shame it didn't attract a lot of attention. Should I do it at a different time? Also, comments/critique?

>> No.20846310

leaving us on a cliff hanger, huh?
Well alright then.

Maybe Big Bozz Squigslap Stabgrattle Grot Stompa and his mount, Squigsby Watson Wall Smasha will survive long enough to make it big in Titanopolis.
Or at least long enough to appear in other Scraploota stories.

>> No.20846357

Only for now.
I could probably manage to do a quest once a week. It was a little discouraging due to the lack of people following, but it's definitely my intention to keep the Scraplootas alive and possibly changing through the quest.
I guess I'll never be able to make Blue or Bozz here the next Xeno, but I might as well try!

>> No.20846368

put Scraploota in the thread title or OP post next time, see if that attracts more attention.

The story's good so far, even though we're playing as a totally expendable grot who wouldn't be missed if he got himself killed.

I find it funny how almost all of the die rolls about Smasha are high while all the rolls for Bozz are low.

>> No.20846399

Here it is!
I really liked the tone of the writing, I must say. Keep it up! There seemed to be a lot of quests running today, so a different time might work. Just be sure to announce when you plan to run it next before this thread dies.
Also, what >>20846368 said. Maybe mention the connection to Blue and the Scraplootas in the OP.

>> No.20846413

>I find it funny how almost all of the die rolls about Smasha are high while all the rolls for Bozz are low.
Except for Bozz's diplomacy rolls. Holy fuck talk about a turnaround.

>> No.20846459

Duly noted.
I could try Wednesdays? But the quest will probably not be able to go the 7.5 hours it did today.

>> No.20846502

Thats fine with me. In that case, hopefully we can get to the action a little bit faster.

>> No.20846518

yeah, that was unexpected, but he is a grot, they kinda suck at most physical things, so it makes sense in a way.

I just hope The Grot doesn't come down on him since he seems to be making trouble.

It might also be a good idea to integrate this quest into normal Scraploota threads so people won't just gloss it over as yet another quest thread.

While this thread's still up, we could also use it as a Scraploota thread if anyone's got anything they've been working on.

>> No.20846585

Ah, the beginning was a bit slow, it should be better now that the introduction stuff is over and we have a clear goal and agenda.

I have misgivings about integrating the quest with a regular Scraplootas thread simply because you'd get a lot of cross talk that would be hard to sort through, at least from my perspective as the quest maker. If you could expand on your integrating idea, that would be helpful.

I've actually been working on some Scraplootas fic, but it isn't anywhere near completion.

>> No.20846825

you know how in Scraploota threads some people end up posting their stories at the same time and you have to connect which posts follow up from which post? (they weren't linking them in the example I'm remembering for some reason)

putting a quest into a normal thread would be like that, only with more post linking so that it's about the same as any other piece of writefaggory.
It'd be easy to follow while at the same time contributing to the thread.

with all the new features that come standard now with normal, extensionless, 4chan (quote preview and backlinks in particular), it's easy to see who is doing quest stuff and who isn't.

>> No.20846913

I dont much like it. I would rather he just links the Scraploota thread to his quest thread. That would get really cluttered fast and only serve to annoy both parties, even those who want to participate in both threads.

>> No.20847027

the fact that this is the first Scraploota related thread in a month kinda negates a few things about what you're saying.

Are we going to have enough interest to merit having two threads going at the same time?
Would it be easier to just re-purpose GrotQuest threads into Scraploota threads after the quest portion is over?

I don't get how this all just dropped off the radar so suddenly, we were having weekly Wednesday threads for a while and then Wednesday rolled around and nothing... nothing for a month till now.

>> No.20847185

Scraplootas didn't really have an overarcing plot for people to follow, or waifu bait, or anything polarizing for people to rage and rally around. It was as pure as /tg/ gets. I really think it only lasted as long as it did because me and this other writefag wrote a shitton. And even then, it faltered. That very last Scraplootas thread I started with more writefaggotry petered out and didn't even get archived.

Hopefully we can change things around like this.
Honestly, I don't know how much more about the Scraplootas can be explored without something -happening- instead of just having things set up to happen.

>> No.20847258

This. Lets just stick with GrotQuest for now and see where things go instead of planning ahead to something that might not even happen.

>> No.20847318

well, someone said they were working on a comic at some point, I don't know if that'll ever pan out, but it's something.

Quests are a good way to advance a story on /tg/, but right now quests are kinda polarized.

I really don't want to see this just fade away since, aside from being a good read, it's something noticeable that you can point to and say "this is the kinda thing /tg/ does".
That, and it's one of those projects that even other boards notice.

>> No.20847515

>That, and it's one of those projects that even other boards notice.
Blue apparently got rounded up in some sort of /tg/ group photo over at a drawfag thread on /co/, which was posted at >>20847335 so I cant post it. That was kinda neat.

Anyways, onto the issue of Scraplootas “just fading away”, trying to force them onto the board wont do anyone any favors. Better to just feel things out and go from there. As for how /tg/ feels about quests, seeing as we aren't playing a little girl, the closest thing to the obligatory quest waifu we can get is either a pet squig or becoming bestest friendsies with Blue and its not set in some anime or anime-based setting, I think Writefaggrot is safe from most of the pitfalls much of /tg/ hates about quests.

Like I said, lets just take things slow and test the waters before we try to go overboard with some sort of revival.

>> No.20847763

true, true.

I'm not in any rush, nor do I intend to force this.
This is just one of those projects that I'd miss when it's gone.

>that pic
man, /tg/ was in a shit mood when the request for that drawing was posted in a /tg/ drawthread, that's why it ended up coming from a /co/ drawthread.
I know because I was the requester... though I did see chatter about Blue on /co/ before then.

>> No.20847774

>though I did see chatter about Blue on /co/ before then.
Do tell, I'm a bit of a sucker for cross-board gossip.

>> No.20847871

not much to tell, it was mainly a Boris related thing with some kind of giant robot mash em up idea.
When it was asked what robot /tg/ would bring into the fray, Boris was the first choice.

Blue got brought up as well in the description, but that's about it.

>> No.20848006

Bollocks. I requested a drawIng of Blue from distAnt /f/ sites. It's on my computer at home...

>> No.20851200

thread's not going anywhere for a while.

>> No.20851938

There. I have returned home.
I bring gifts. Gifts from /f/.
The drawfag had never heard of a Tau and based on the description he got, he did a pretty good job.

>> No.20852493

>the nose
Aside from that, not bad I suppose. Odd to see erotic art of Blue, though.

>> No.20852867

Indeed it is.
It's from /f/, /h/'s close cousin whaddaya expect?

>> No.20853584

I didn't know /f/ had drawthreads.

Though to be fair, most boards are not familiar with Tau physiology. In the first version of >>20847335 Blue had a nose and feet for example.

>> No.20853625

Easy enough to fix.

>I don't 40k, pretty sure this is what they look like

>> No.20854133

the feet are supposed to be hoof-like

too many digits: only four on each hand

>> No.20854407

>the next Xeno
that's an incorrect wording, it implies that Xeno will someday stop being. Xeno is immortal.

>> No.20854429

Xeno was the next Cultist-Chan, so to speak and people said the same thing about that snaggletoothed fuck.

>> No.20854468

that's only because Culexus stopped making comics about her, and because most drawfags left

also Xeno is immortal. Blue is squishy.

>> No.20854472

Orks are immortal, too.

>> No.20854505

oh here we go again. Silly Blue.

>> No.20855187

unlike Cultist-chan, Xeno didn't become iconic.

>> No.20855367

I just realised that there's no: Spike on her helmet, no 'swastika' on her chestplate, and hardly any clothing...
That's slaaneshi shit dat right there.
Pic unrelated, I just felt the need to post it.

>> No.20856481

I'd imagine the grot tank division has something like it painted on the sides of some of their tanks.

those other tau would lose their shit if they saw it.

>> No.20859278

I feel like bumping this.

>> No.20859316

Let it die, so we don't have two Scraplootas threads on Wednesday Night, when I will be -hopefully- continuing GrotQuest for a few hours.

>> No.20861120

If you look closely, you'll see that she's wearing pants.

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